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the who's this is the w news life in berlin, a life saving compromise for syria. the un security council votes unanimously to keep us here in a court or open after last minute deal. over comes russian. objections pays the way for another year. supplies for civilians in the rebel control. also on the program, katie's interim government asked for international troops to help stabilize the country. after the assassination of president, 17 members of a hit squad or in custody. and a man hunt is under way to catch others on the run. ah,
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i'm mike. look welcome to the program. the un security council has voted unanimously to continue humanitarian a treatments to turkey and to rebel held territory in syria. that's despite initial opposition from russia. aid will continue to pass through the border crossing a chill the goose. bob, how afford the lease for at least the next 6 months? moscow is an ally to the syrian government and claim the 8 operation violate serious sovereignty. by going through a back door border crossing rather than passing through the capital damascus. it took a last minute compromise with the us to keep the corridor open. aid organizations say the delivery sir vital for display syringe. the bible, however,
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border crossing a lifeline for 3400000 people can stay open, at least for now. for another 12 months. trucks can continue to deliver food medicines and corona virus. vaccines from turkey into northwestern, syria. it's a region as war, almost daily islamist insurgence and government forces fight russian jets dropped bombs and people have to flee more than one and a half 1000000 people living crowded camps here. many have been displaced multiple times. they lack jobs and don't have prospects for the future. they're dependent on you and aid for survival. the now of the and i say everything we have to endure in this camp and sometimes a harder than living under a tree. if these deliveries didn't come, every month, we would die and the un security council reached the compromise after tough negotiations. russia was opposed,
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but eventually agreed to the extension. the price for doing so is still unclear. united nations coordinator mark cuts was hoping for more. and we need to make sure that we just about food security. it's also about the health situation. it's about clean water, it's about shelter. what we really want to be doing in that area is we want to scale up this aid operation. a sigh of relief in the camps of lib. food emergency has been averted. but the last thing solution to the conflict, or even peace in northwestern syria, are still out of reach. i'm joined by my cuts. she's a un deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for syria. and he was in the report you just saw, of course, he joins us now from re huntley in turkey, close to that border crossing where aid is going into syria. welcome, more cuts. can you explain to viewers what the decision by the un security cancel
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will mean to people on the ground in syria? well, it means that millions of people who are trapped warden are going to continue to receive the vital humanitarian aid that they depend on. i mean, we're talking about almost 2000000 displaced people who are living in tents and make shift show says in heretic condition, many of them do not have enough food or they don't have enough clean water and medical supplies and other support. they're entirely reliant on this 8 operation. it would have been a catastrophe if we were not able to kinda continue that. but the fact that the security council has renewed this resolution means that we can continue this aid. operational now, would have been a catastrophe. you say it strikes me mark that some at home might be scratching their heads wondering why it was so difficult for countries to agree to send
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desperately needed food and humanitarian supplies, the civilians in a war torn region. well, it is a void. a lot of tensions, there's a lot of disagreement amongst members of the security council about, you know, the best way forward for syria and that is affected the humanitarian operation. it's great though that the security council really came together and there was a unanimous decision from all 15 members of the security council. this is exactly the kind of unity we need on critical humanitarian issues. i only hope that they show the same kind of resolve in addressing other humanitarian med emergencies around the world, new places like and me, and mar, and t grey and elsewhere. this is a good sign. ultimately, what people in syria want is a solution to the crisis. that's what they want more than anything else. and of
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course, we hope that they will also be progress on that in the coming period. mark, i know your humanitarian aid coordinator and not a politician or diplomat, but geo politics surely play a role in how you function. so i have to ask whether you believe as some do that this deal is a real breakthrough. that might signal a turning point in serious conflict. well, i think it's too early to say that, you know what, what this is going to mean and the overall political situation. but, you know, i think it's certainly a step in the right direction. we need security council members to be putting the needs of civilians we need. we need more political will to resolve this crisis to ensure that the billions are protected and we need more funding. so, you know, we still have a long way to go there. it's still a big price in there yet,
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but yet hopefully we are going to see something changes resolute. martin cuts from united nations many, many thanks, mark. thank you. let's take a look at some more stories from around the world. dozens of parents have held a visual for them more than 129 jury and students kidnapped from their school earlier this week. armed men rated to school and nigeria for stage 2 security guards were killed in the sol. it's the latest and a wave of mass school abduction in nigeria. us president joe biden has signed an executive order aimed at creating more competition across us industries. parts of the new law target technology companies and gives the government greater power to scrutinize mergers, monitor their use of consumer data, and respond to unfair competition in online shopping. venezuela, security forces have entered for caracas. neighborhoods controlled by heavily armed
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guard gangs. it comes after several people were killed in 2 days of fighting with again, that is wheeler, once a wealthy oil producing nation is in a deep economic crisis that has like hyper inflation in high levels of klein. haiti's interim government has as washington in the united nations to send hundreds of troops to protect its key infrastructure. following the assassination of president drover known moiz, the us and columbia have already agreed to send intelligence officials to help the investigation. haitian police say they've captured 17 suspects and killed 3. the man hunt for 8. others continues. where he says, killing has created a power vacuum. and the turmoil has left many haitians wondering whether they still have a future in their country. seems outside the u. s. embassy in puerto prince,
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dozens of people have come here desperate to find a way out of the country. the president's assassination has left haitians shocked and fearing for their safety sums they know other solution to flee. when and i haven't been able to close my eyes, i can't sleep at night. i came here because i'm scared. there are so many gunshots . you don't even know where they're coming from. i've abandoned my home. i can't go back. i don't know about my family. the investigation into president yup. and l movie. this murder is underway, patient police have detained a group of former soldiers from columbia and to do haitian american citizens. columbia police said then national, imitated in the net, were recruited by 4 companies, and travelled to haiti by the dominican republic. in from government, has asked us to send troops to help sites got it's key emphasis, thought for the time being, the u. s. has no plans to do so. both washington and budget to have pledged to sent
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officials to support the investigation. i have a couple of items for all of you will be sending senior s t i n t h s. officials to port a prince as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we may be able to assist . the assassination has also exposed political false lines as different factions via to lead the country to men as taking claims to become a prime minister. while the senate has nominated a 3rd to take charge at provisional president, the poorest nation in latin america has struggled to achieve political stability for decades. i made a series of cruise and brides and gang violence. the assassination of president, my ways is plunging it into even deeper chaos. pavilion, peering though bad cost. early we spoke to democratic congressman and 11. he is
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coach here of the haiti caucus in the us house of representatives and has long been pushing for reassessment of us policy toward haiti. we asked him what he thinks needs to change in order for international support to be more fruitful. well, i think that what we have to do is work with patients. civil society, broadly speaking, the legal community, the bar association, the human rights groups, the catholic church, the protestant church, the political parties, the unions in the business community. and i think they are working right now as we speak to come up with a plan for a consensus plan for a caretaker government that would take power, calm things down, restore order, and build a pathway to restore democracy. you can't just say have elections, have elections, have elections when there is no legitimate government,
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when there is no security for the people to go to the polls. when there is no electoral council capable of registering the whole population, we need to build up the conditions for the 1st 2 f canister. and now where the departure of foreign troops in recent days has led to fierce fighting for control taliban rebels have seized control of much of the country driving out government for shits. many african citizens were also on the run, both from the conflict and from the taliban. strict interpretation of islamic law. so sort of a vehicle has lost everything and her husband was killed by the telephone just a few days ago. and then she was forced to flee from her home in north afghan, instead, at least here in refugee camp to law about she sinks for now. all of us mission situation here has gotten much more since the foreign troops left me,
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the number of women can't go in the streets alone, around the extreme are making the rules that and there's fighting everywhere. i tell her all the fear that the taliban is gaining ground daily. at present, they control around half of the country and clean to have captured up to 85 percent . and the fighting has only intensified in recent weeks. but parts of afghan stands armed forces capitulated without a fight lean to neighboring to jesus. then the african government then had to secure their safe passage back to afghanistan. and those that went to the subjects on are coming back in are ones again, going to be in the service of their people in defense of phase about their they being brought back. people are standing, it's water, there is pressure. sometimes things work in our way and sometimes they don't cold comfort for the golden or family. they hope peace will come soon. but for now, there's little sign that the conflict will end european football as governing body
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you way for has ordered hungry to play 3 games behind closed doors, as punishment for the behavior of their fans during euro 2020 on gary and fans had been investigated for racism and homophobia during the countries group stage matters in budapest and unit hungry football association was also find a 100000 euros and must show a banner with the slogan will gain during future nations. and europe may be gearing up for the euro. 2020 final on sunday, but south america is also awaiting its own football battle. huge rifles, argentina, and brazil face off in the copper america final later today or june. tina lino messy has never won a major international title. his hometown of resario has lit up the national flag memorial with his image. you know, bit this for him on game will be held at rios mark kinda where just under 8000 fans
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will be allowed in due to current virus concerns. your law up to date at this point. next up. sports. why follows the rocky road to the tokyo olympics? a michael ok, thanks so much for joining me. will be back more news at the top of the next tower . g mm the mm mm mm.


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