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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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the double use crime fighters are back africa. most of the home radio drama theories continues. all episodes are available online. course you can share and discuss on the w africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters to noon. now i use this in how to i was i was say, the perfect roman legion, their new castles, steegal is maximus. i think you already know what the topic will be on this trip.
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exactly. i'm following the footsteps of the romans through germany and you get to come along ah, i starting cologne, which was an important city even the roman time. i also follow the roman border fortifications, believing. 5 and i'll show you the reconstructed book roman port. ah, ah, in ancient times, cologne was called colonial claudia lindsey on the dens houses, monumental buildings and couples, st shape, the cityscape. the
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news today, the cologne cathedral towers above the metropolis as its principal landmark aah. remains from the roman era has been preserved in many places. right next to the cathedral is a part of the old city gate for over 4 centuries cologne plate, a vital part of the frontier of the roman empire. the leemis major empire state roads converged here from the south west and north. they carried goods, people at news from the whole world to the capital of the province of germania, inferior and today wrote to run where they were the 1st laid out an ancient cologne . 2000 years ago,
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this was one of the main axis of roman cologne. well, and today it's one of the most important shopping streets in the city. she, like i said, are traces of the romans has also been found on the ryans opposite bank in the long diets. the outlines of afford the roman empire with huge and the romans made it very clear where the fear of insolence begins. so they both forts and watch towers, and also used obvious natural landmarks such as the rhine. the news around 2000 years ago, the roman empire stretched from the atlantic ocean to asia minor. and from africa to the north sea. part of the border ran along the river right up to $30000.00 soldiers was stationed on it, facing the germanic, tried the west limits as the frontier is known. began in rhineland palatinate
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crossed north. ryan west trading in the netherlands and ended at the north sea coast in 2021. but the miss germanic coast was named a world heritage site. in january 2020, the netherlands, and the german states, nor try and west failure and rhineland palatinate submitted a joint application to you and ask as the wet lemurs has been added to, to frontier sections already named as well, heritage one is adrian war, and the anti war in britain, the other, the upper germanic, and raphael limits. it begins south bomb and runs 550 kilometers. starting in right and book as follows. another river, the danube, from the barrier through austria and finally to bulgaria. this section 2 is now on the list of applicants, d n. a. r
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g in cologne, i dropped by the romano germanic museum, exhibits the archaeological heritage of the city and its environs with an emphasis on the roman iran staff member caffeine. jessica shows me around me. what hold on play cologne was in fact, the capital of the province manya inferior. so it was the administrator sent out the governor who administered the entire providence resided here, which is why cologne was so important. and this is where the very earliest romans came to live on the rhine. people came from all over the roman empire to live in this vibrant city on the rhine. for example,
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this man from spain. why was it so important to him to have on the tombstone if he is or was a citizen of cologne? what about and often vaguely had is a huge deal with apparently he felt very much easier and crime was in fact and attractive city and roman times. it had a flourishing economy. commerce was burgeoning, they were craftsman. you could make really good money here. you can see that he was a roman citizen by the ciocca in the typical roman robes he's wearing here. but not all of us. citizens of cologne ran around like fish. they looked a bit different here on the frontier, far away from rome. via we can have a look at that over here. what do you notice? maybe a special have a turban. it can also be the halo ending signs. i'm eating disk into our system. yes, it does look a bit like that. but the idea about the hat was better. this is what's known as an
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indian phone, it part of the cost of the native b and in particular married women. and in fact, the people of this area, including the romans, who moved here, adapt to the local climate in winter, it was cold and wet, so they didn't wear linen tunics excellent, kindly, but thick will load and coats and maybe even trousers, even if they were seen as barbaric by bias, but they kept you warmer than you would be wearing a tunic to nika. has that mean that this is a mix of cultures the germanic and the roman going to other the precisely, the revenue was very pragmatic. when they came across something they thought was a good idea, they adopted it or not our tour, at least on past or late the crafted glasses. i can hardly believe they are 2000 years old. this special cup is the most precious piece in the collection. hello was a may just center of glass production. you got the materials they needed to make
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long so found near by. and that's what the romans did in abundance and then traded very, very saw 100 with us. here are the last for kits plots for kinda like a little past. oh no, not the sandals, but you can't. whether not these with packing flag and flagpole apparently when it came to creativity, the romans were well ahead of their time. cologne is over 2000 years old, but there are even older cities here, for example, tree or captain or warrens, and they all claim the title of german. nice all the city. well. but who is right? the chair captain, they'd all love to lay cleans the title, germany's oldest city,
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the trick claims the longest history as a roman city. as opposed to a military camp or a settlement the true was called a booster trivia road and for about a century with a population of around 70000. it was the biggest city north of the ups. it was even briefly one of the capitals of the roman empire during the reign of emperor constantine. the number of structures remain to be a witness to this golden age. the points of negroes are black gate. for instance. when was the city actually founded? most sources mentioned italian around 1816 b. c. eat ah,
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with this to the coveted title of germany is oldest city on volumes. the council douglas, the settlements on the spot around $5000.00 to be later the romans are thought to have built 14 kenton, on the other hand is the 1st town in germany to be mentioned in writing in a book written by jug or 1st struggle in 18 si come about. the romans called it was the administrative center unseat of the governor of the roman province of racier. a couple of other german cities are quite old. for example, in the book both roman settlements as well. the question of germany's oldest city has yet to be answered. the conflicting opinions are often cleared by local patriotism and different criteria. but they all have their long
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histories in common, posted by archaeological evidence. ah, i left cologne and trebled south for an hour to void points where the leemis branches off from the rights. my destination is the roman world living museum. how heavy is a chain meal shirt, where it's selling and trading done. here the visitors are invited to touch, take part and try things out. of course, i can't resist. visitors to the roman world can learn more about the location, origins and function of the ancient leemis in rhineland. the latter made a reconstructive section of the wall trench and the telephone fence makes it easier
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to visualize. why was the leemis actually built? well, the romans tried to expand their empire to the north, but there were the students and instead of waging endless battles against them, they drew a line. the leemis, the romans suffered enormous losses and what became known as the various disaster in the year 9 back then. 20000 soldiers died in the universe forest. and you can still find traces of these battles today. ah, ah, the the me,
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me continuous vars give me back. my legions, emperor augustus is said to have cried out when he was told his general virus had lost 3 entire legions along with 6 auxiliary cohorts in the battle of toil, book forrest, the attackers were germanic. rebels commanded by our minis. according to ancient historians, the slaughter went on for several days on a field, many kilometers long. but where exactly did this fateful battle take place? the most likely site is one town near cake, caesar, north of us no. research on the battle known as the varian disaster has been going on here for 30 years. not only as cake, fascinating an excavation site, but an archaeological monument, and museum the
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several markers in the open air give a broad overview of the course of the battle. the park is over 20 hector's in area field plates. mark the romans march along a narrow path between the woods and the more its still unknown. what took place here? what is known is that after losing this battle, the roman forces withdrew to the western banks of the rise. sporadic forays were made into germania for another 7 years. but the romans lacked the infrastructure and the germanic tribes. realists style attacks more them down. eventually the romans gave up and fortified their existing boarders. ah ah, germany salinas wrote one of the countries many holiday ruth fixed up in bold. it
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traces the former roman frontier for 700 kilometers dragons for on the danube. i followed a stretch of it round science like this point is the way as an app with either an interactive map or a brochure is helpful for quickly locating the archaeological digs. the reconstruction, such as the lateness tower and over the over, i always look a stig might not offer you today. i would use antonio. antonio closed the door, it was wonderful of the li, misty wholeness, as they are called, gift tourists at the various li miss sights monthly global has been showing
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visitors around in his shop for over 10 years. now. what was the exact function of the dollar and tor movies and anybody to him from the towers? they kept walking on the leemis with the border between the roman empire and jamalia laughed. they always had the towers surroundings in view. if someone approached with hostile intent, i could give a signal from the tower than from tom, although he couldn't have done it with a mirror. if the sun was on, the polished brass would have done the job to put it as missing. that's why didn't you buzz hanging here? that is a tool bar here. if it was full gave, they could have given the signal with this on atlanta at night with a torn with fire bitten for ya shine. can i try down a little try another honda? honda, me i couldn't do it,
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but didn't love us until new minutes. oh, now we have it sounds a bit like an elephant and clothes. antonio's had another surprise in store for me. a little more. they told me this is the more i told you. it's a cheese bass made from shapes, cheese mixed with hard sugar intended. okay, click the good. it will try are gonna load up properly. of delicious glowed. it's super delicious all difficult. now comes to move some wine beverage. the romans enjoined. montgomery, we take an aperitif today, an apple, the teeth thing comes in it is you make this dinner that this might take
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a liter riesling wine sling at 200 grams of honey to it at a knife tip of pepper. and then i let that steep for a while on the y fi poison. tony with us was a and also delicious. next to the tower, a roman garden has been recreated. this is a roman sundial. also the romans like to drink wine. and this is what a roman herb garden could have looked like. i pressed on to the hill side, leemis passed. it leads to a little forward with earthworks and the palisades face. the foundations have been reconstructed to show the room. can you imagine how it used to look here?
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well, i can, in any case, many reconstructions have been made and not only along the limits. there are traces of the roman in many places in germany, for example, in sar land a whole villa with reconstructed there and turned into an archaeological open air museum. well, take a look at that. ah ah, this is how the privileged romans of the provinces once lived in the country, dinners with well manicured gardens, mosaic floors, and all the amenities the ancient world had to offer the best place to get an impression as this knife is the villain bog, a roman country estate near passed in silence. most of the valley. it was meticulously reconstructed, a top the original ruins,
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the only one of its kinds in the worlds in the flea, the head of the house. the dominance receives his guests. characteristic are the coffin ceilings, frescoes and house columns. decorating rooms at one time the entire hall most likely had most dates, flows ah, of course the villa also had a roman boss with the dressing, when cold and hot boss and a kind of sitting room kept darian everything together would have been quite effective at impressing friends and business partners good food was every bit as essential to the roman lifestyle. as many as 30 courses might be served up as a banquet, prepared and kitchen like this one. thing to do,
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such eccentric dishes flamingos hands, and hazel mice. ah, normally in none pandemic times, the roman days would have been held at the village, august complete with market and gladiator battle ah, check out some of our favorite travel picks on instagram. follow us on dw, travel. the know back to the li miss wrote me a site to see is the reconstructed romans. i booked for new frankfurt. mm archeologist and gardner
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shows me around the premises. i've seen that, you know, look pretty much the way we see it right now. isn't it roughly i this is sean baton is not on. it's very close to it, but we're dealing with 2 different time periods for the reconstruction. a large part of the buildings were put up around 1900 and then another 2 complexes went up after 2000. but i wasn't and of course the state of research from 190-0100 was very different from 2013. and so the proposal for reconstruction are also different because in the course of time, we've simply made new discoveries more than 100. in ancient times, 600 men were stationed here as a border patrol. they lived in these barracks, the men, the company quarters are secured with a roman lock, well known as a lock and sliding bolt. and now you see, if you can get it open of my song.
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don't use your patience, long and lightning bolt. i can't do it, i give up as you hold it like this is true and s light is 1st in here than you turn in. so the bit points in this direction site then you lift it up and you pull it over. you go out a little long catches a little vegas. this is hot on and then it's open still. all right, and you go to an 8 men ones. share it this little 2 room apartment. i was asked to put it video and now we're entering the basilica, the great hall, that's the part of the print, keep the staff building in the center before i know it's
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a large open hall where the entire company could assemble for celebrations. it's been a real events handle or just for drill on wet, rainy days, talking 2nd on the subject of drills, it's about time i had to look at the arms and learn some roman combat techniques. first, fear throwing then archery. so to the other, the must. the 1st thing we do is threat the bowstring onto the boat. this isn't him, and this is how we do it. often it takes a little strength and then we use a little tray in climb into the bow fun and profit behind our legs. so we can slip the bowstring onto the limited in our guy and feeding it looks easier than it is, but after several attempts, i've got it and we can get started. does that look legionary and don't hold it too long? you'll get cramps the booth.
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and what would the legionnaires training be without sword fighting capitalization? corruption, in fact, they would train using wicker shields instead of the proper one read and wouldn't sort this be their heavier than the real ones. so they made for wonderful training because of course, you'd build up more muscles strength and enduring. and you'd last longer and battle thing came from congressman for that age. you don't get hurt. now exactly. the thing like it gives me up on a oh damage damaged. yes. yeah, the here at the sauber, my search for traces is over and i would say mission accomplished, i learned a lot and i hope you they to so sir,
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next time and as the room and say value to goodbye. ah ah ah, ah ah, the news,
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the news, the the freedom this the success story behind coffee from guatemala and to deal with the social emancipation of the my power of an old idea and enduring strength. how in dizziness most, coffee farmers, which are the most difficult circumstances 15 d, w. everybody.
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news . this is the w news of life in berlin, a life saving compromise for syria. the un security council vote unanimously to keep assyrian aid corridor opened after a last minute deal overcomes russian objections. they paved the way for another year, supplies for civilians in the revel controlled nor also on the program. tedious.


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