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tv   Aschenberg  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 6:30am-7:00am CEST

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the 30 minutes on d, w, please. places in europe are smashing the record. dip into a ball, but sure is the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of us a record breaking on you too. and now also in book form the the news me this take scanning to a home will let the cross over long, for example,
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we will show you more moves later in the so with that will come to a new addition of euro max. and here our stories today can test because a new was the point is dangerous, right? so a 110 pictures drawn with the by, by the risk but 1st to the film festival in can where for the 1st time in a long time the food industry has gathered. again, the french video on the court. that does, you will be hosting the festival guess until july 17. among them is the american film director spike lee, who is head of this year's cam jury. and the 1st black men chosen for this prestigious position this year, a total of $24.00 firms competing for the time. no. which is the same name
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as the favorite restaurant in can still sing coffee has been had shift at the pine door for almost 15 years. we met him and got a very special tour off his kitchen. it's been a busy few weeks in the kitchen of can only to miss lynde star restaurant. christiane sunni who p and his team have been preparing for the 74th can film festival martinez and it's fine dining restaurant, not by those are favorites among those working in the film industry. and it's not only because of the restaurants excellent french cuisine is to know the, our guests are very our people and when they're used to traveling the world to be to the way we have exacting taste. not enough. i know the amount when steven spielberg was, you know, he's impressed by the see the music,
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the whole setting. i regularly don't. aging is seen scenario, no center can to fuel since school started the file goes in 1989 is a kitchen assistant before training under european star shifts a lover and defender of classic cars. on dishes you returned in 2001 and became head shift in 2007 veterans of all the recipe with young pigeon is used to which is briefly i was always and then based of again and again she said with a little vegetarian joe with them made with margery tissue. this here is artichoke, are combined with, i mean pickled and mitigate in pureed lemons. without the restrooms parent offers a panoramic view of the cotton deal in the course of the festival palace is also
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conveniently close. inside the restaurants, the car isn't a march to the cities world famous film festival. traditionally, can jury members gather here for an exclusive dinner? as many of them are filmmakers, they appreciate the showmanship with which the dishes are served. as i'm able to do, i've never had any complicated request. i don't people, stars are high maintenance, but i think all are complicated. it was good local, so people don't just come here for food and they come for the experience, just know, sit down, you can call this place the restaurant, but it's more than that. it's an experience. i know it's like when you go to see
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a movie in the cinema. well, yeah, yes. if you thing the see you then was your whoever takes on the coveted pine and all the word as this years can film festival year. she is likely to stop by and that kind of restaurant for some of the finest cuisine under caught us, you know, can good while dancing and not falling down while skating long. what dancing requires level of creativity and coordination, which i definitely don't have. i can only dream of moving as fluidly as do i feel along what dancing pro from germany who travels across europe, teaching the cross over schools. we caught up with the long board dancer in portugal. the sprawling scene throw caution.
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natural park near portugal capital isn't as much luck, tourist attraction and popular longboarding venue. it's also ideal for long boards dancing. and our firm that combines freestyle skating surfing and dance. hi, i'm do, and my pronoun to them. and i'm a long way down to 27 year old. do i'll fail. has a background in figure skating. and contemporary dan both influence their long board dancing style was passionate about language dancing as i can few freedom and i can express myself. and that's something i want to share, that people can share their personalities and show with, with a reading long or dancing was inspired by surfing surface performance series of wealth,
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time to fluid movement to right waves. not unlike a choreography, the jew has created their own unique loan for dancing style. and it's one of the long board dancer, numerous championships and international sponsorship deals. if you want to start longer dancing, actually you have to start with long boarding, which is very accessible, in my opinion. everyone can just stand on the board and try to cruise on it. and once you're feeling comfortable with cruising carving pushing, then you can. everyone can actually learn you is kings, get more people interested in this crossover sport and offers long board dancing lessons all over europe. the very 1st thing that you can, if he wants to start with lung, but dancing a very simple step for the beginning. so what you basically do with your feet is
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taking the front foot to the right edge, left to the left edge, and then you just lift one heel and then you switch to the other one. so basically you do a weight shift between both feet. now i'm going to show the same step, why writing what we do again stepping into the right position s, explain this to here and do it maybe to abuse. and maybe you even want to move a food and give it your own size while you're writing the lessons focus more on the dancing than on long board interests. andrea loses from lisbon and one of the jews pupils. andrea fell in love with one guard dancing ever since she 1st saw the video of it online. i feel like flying. i love them where they think because they feel like flying. it gives me confidence and
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i don't know if it makes me enjoy myself and i love myself more. you know, i do is originally from other housing in western germany. they are a long board dancing pro. but take their skill lightly. i'm trying to communicate it to other people and that they can also learn how to use language art. not only longwood dance, but actually dance on the board and have fun. basically with out there is raising the bar using enviable onboarding skills with food stamps in for generation kids all over the world have been
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growing up with house coast. and i'm the fairy to many of the danish writers. stories have been turned into films like disney is re telling of his tail, the little mermaid, or the snow queen the wild swans, and some believe that now under the whole town in denmark is paying tribute to the writer with a new review. it's not quite ready yet. in fact, from the outside, a lot of it still looks to be under construction, but the opening was already celebrated. anyway. the very center of a very special place is being created to honor the city's most famous son, hans christiana, under the new museum ships might on regions both above and below ground in the famous rider and poets world. here museum goers can immerse themselves and his fairy tales with all of their senses. this is the moment i come in and you can lie
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down on the rocks and you can look up into the sky. and you can hear the other moments talking about how beautiful it is of that. and you can hear some beautiful moments singing. and then the sky is kind of like your canvas for, for your longing. as you look up into the sky, what are you longing for? just as the little mermaid was longing for life off. ah, my glad 2nd denmark reached the expedition. hans kristian understands very tales, themes and characters such as the nightingale, the precision, the p, and the little match girls are still popular with readers of all ages the world over the we want to see this new place. i'm usually very exciting,
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very tells that didn't always end up and have a sad ending and make the reader think, i think the museum here it's, it gave you the freedom to feel the story in a very unique and different way creative director has eclipse, has been working to make the project a reality for some 10 years. his vision is a space that synthesizes with the works of hands, kristian, and then you use the in the former green space and historical old town homes. christian anderson was born in 18. 05 in this yellow corner house. the main idea is that we wanted to create a museum that, that was more in tune with the way anderson told his story. so, so we work from what is the values in his universe? what is his literary strategies?
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how does he actually tell the story and how can we transform that from being literature and to be in being a special experience architectural firms from around the world submitted ideas for the new museum. the contract went to the renowned japanese firm can go coma and associates. the proposal was thought to correspond most closely to hans christy and understand open ended narrative styles. yuki gucci was behind the concept, an oversized implementation. we have tried to design in this particular case or focus is this a circular elements that connects and organized like in a chain. so that would form the mentoring johnny through from the background to the ground. so the head choose that act, these representations of the reality and fantasy the
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complex, there's some 5600 square meters implies mainly underground overhead. a fairy tale garden is planned. circular holes of steel, glass and wood, are clustered around the venue where architecture and nature used to create a world full of imaginations. what i'm very happy about is the scale and sequence of the architecture experience. so when i fun in a certain point, it's always comes to me as a surprising series of surprises. even i know i knew that the planning suggests many focused quality spaces. but something in between those faces appears us an unexpected and quality, which i'm very happy about. a spiraling corridor, it connects the upper and lower world. the ramp is like
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a metaphor on end of this life. as you travel down, as you traveled through his life, every now and then you fall into a space devoted to a certain scene, and you travel further away from your own world and into the world. in late october, the new museum for denmark's most famous writer is set to receive. the finishing touches, one story that is headed for a happy and i looking for more dual match we've got you covered had to our youtube channel. so we know reporters on their mobile, i've been working for this uniquely german habit. don't miss out and subscribe to d,
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w 0 net these days. it's hard to imagine our lives without gps. wherever we are. we can find our way at the top of the screen. apps design for at least make use of detect to track activity. but there are also those who use these apps to make arts like anthony hoyde from the u. k. he draws pictures with his bike, and i've actually cycled simula dark shape my cell, but not really on purpose. here is how he does it. anthony voice from england makes his street art with streets in 2016, aided by the stronger gps after he started. peddling our faces and figures on britain's road systems and maps. the app was originally designed to help athletes keep track of their activity. any hoyt uses
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a bicycle to draw here his canvas is the streets of manchester in northern england has an idea. it's been around for a while. there are people all over the world doing them to, to varying so standards. and i've seen a few of these. i did my 1st 15 years ago, i suppose, and so i can go and see what i can find. and i found a door in the much where i live, i'm looking but couldn't out bit rather surely. but i still figured out what to do . more to look for and just sort of been doing them have a sense. anthony hoyt generally covers 80 to 120 kilometers to make one image. in manchester, he's trying for a more complex motif. it usually takes him between 4 to 6 hours to write the distance, but it can take up to 3 months to plan and i plan to draw a picture of ducks across manchester, driven by the st. patton. really. i tend to look at maps and see what jumps out and they started looking at clouds saying, what could i see a picture in them?
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and it happened to be duck. well, i saw the big duck festival and, but i like to sort of try and do something a bit complex. he traces out a wide variety of subjects, elephants in birmingham faces in sheffield, chilton, ham and carter of the yorkshire terrier and leaves in a flock of birds in bristol. anthony's creativity can best be seen on the app. it was his christmas to get to that 1st drew international attention. certainly seems to become a tradition. the 1st one i did was the snowman. and that was just go really all the christmas one, but it went down so well. i had so much major attention and people messaging me small as well. it was really so gratifying. so i thought we would actually try and do something else and then yes, it's become solutions. now the pressure is on and i think some of the 53 year old travels all over britain, making this gps drive here. and there even runs into the hands
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of his work. ah, it just makes you feel really gotten. i think that's why we don't generally they so it's just a really nice story. base and pictures really well thought out what really meticulous . and i'm just look for them all just makes you feel good. what is all that anthony has acquired the epithet pedaling. picasso, by profession, he works as an appraiser of historic buildings. but he originally studied product design, detail planning and implementation of his drawings, provides a creative balance to daily routine. there's always obstacles. am. i look at the, the map and i find what i want to find, but then i have to, to go into google straight the same right into particular junction. i find the nice clear line that i've got on an aerial view. i do not use
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a railway round about the same notarized, so i have to, jamie, right unit junctions work and how i'm going to cross that busy bit, whether i feel safe riding on that particular bitter road. his latest piece requires him to pebble 76 kilometers around manchester for about 5 and a half hours each and use the real live gps tracking app to follow his ducks as they hatch in the form of a video. i'm very sorry for that has come up as i planned is coming shortly. right . so yeah, it's good. it's really nice coming back and how much the prices change and there's some pretty new architecture around and some pretty good cycling infrastructure to great. like a path in some places. anthony hoyt plans to also cycle outside of britain and paris, france, for example, where he's got a drawing in mind. and for a challenge, he'd like to go to the united states and figure out ways to make drawings in the
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grid patterns, city streets over their robots. we already know them as waiters and cleaning stuff, and now they are also musician gym multimedia. auto mall have the wrong guys write songs where every single instrument is played by a robot. and that sounds like this. he has been building his music robots for more than 15 years, and he even released the tech. the. every single track was played by robots. we caught up with the artist and his little helpers in please you choose dig sounds played by robots. more fema guys from placed in the eastern germany makes music with the help of little machines. he built himself
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to have my carrot instrument, which is the robotic. the tar, it's basically a motor which is applied here and then it just triggers the tree stream so that they are basically constantly in motion to control the robots by a computer. the sounds are picked up by microphones and sent to an amplifier. i don't want to make music which comes out of the computer. i mean, i'm controlling some of the stuff with a computer, but actually i want to grab things. i want to get my hands on things i want to like make noises like objects and that's why i'm making robot robots, which actually play the mall. that's the guys built his 1st installation, the m r 8 away in 2013. it took him 3 years to build the 4 by 2 meter drums
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robots. his mission is to make electronic music visible. these days, rhythms and drum phones are often produced digitally. he has this little robot, physically play them. when i 1st performed with the 8 and i was playing it, i saw that a lot of people who were just like going close and watching all the different parts moving. and there was a bit interest in how this robot works, because that's actually the call part of my robotic work that people can actually get where this town is coming from. and so i thought ok, it would be a really good idea to let the people, the audience control the instrument as well, and not just like to let them watch. so that's, i made it more. this is intrigues by the relationship between sound and music and between music and technology. this is what urges him to seek out new solutions. a trained electrical engineer, the 40 year old place several instruments and has known as
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a pioneer of body music. he builds the machines in his own workshop. every robotic instrument has its own, precisely defined humber and sequence of motion. i've been trying to find my way through random objects. i found random ideas and through planning, which means that i basically try to think of his tone and then try to think ok, how can this be accomplished with a motor car always like an electronic parts and in the end then the bill is finished and i'm trying to make music was that up to us in 2018 moses released attack. no album, which may well have been the 1st in the world to feature music, played entirely by home made robots. his work is regularly featured in exhibitions and he appears internationally at the festival
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low, but it's only the physical body. what comes next is basically the brain which and not with me because i'm playing most of the robots am. but like the next step of causes to have like the physicals have like the actual robot. and then an artificial brain which controls and composes the music. popcorn can be used in the sound producing robot. in the one of a kind, musical world created by more than the mon guys. and we that we have reached the end of our show today. don't forget to check out our website for this week's draw. and the chance to win this d, w back tag filled with goodies. and if you aren't following us on facebook already come find us there and let us know your thoughts. and that's all from me for today
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news . news. news, the news ah films that touch on hearts made with courage, perseverance and talent. by young filmmakers, years ago. what are they doing now?
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all barely knowledge talents. revisit, learn to use on the 77 percent. are calling times in new colonialism, pure and simple in st debate. yeah. why is it still a thing in africa and who is to blame? so it was white people stealing from black african probably new legs on somebody, harvey, the 77 percent, 30 minutes on the w. o. the news. the secret my id is, was discover new adventures in 360 degree the
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and explore fascinating world heritage sites. the v w a world heritage 360 pm. now the rules in the news because that's cool. but it just me know, i know frank food
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