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tv   ZDF Reportage  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2021 4:45am-5:15am CEST

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in the united states, the price of drugs is completely unregulated. as soon as the f d, a approved the drug, the pharmaceutical companies are free to impose their prices. elected officials, democrats and republicans alike persist in trying to force manufacturers to lower the cost of new treatments in vain. one recent medication has changed the health economy, an overpriced treatment that has launched a new scramble for profit between the biggest pharmaceutical companies. this is a major american discovery, a new treatment against hepatitis c. it helps cure the often deadly chronic liver disease by eradicating the virus.
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civility made by juliet the world. the 10th largest pharmaceutical company was launched on the u. s. market. in 2014. the price of the 3 month treatment, $84000.00. a $1000.00 a tablet to volley is the 1st of the drugs that actually cures have the time to see in 3 months. the virus is that is manufactured by what is now a very big company called gillian sciences. but gillian had nothing to do with the research that that discovered civility, gillian sciences bought pharmacy and they bought it because that they could get their hands. and so they are concentrating more on diseases for that don't affect that many people by their life and death diseases,
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so they can charge whatever they want. so they charged $84000.00. the sales gilliard sciences came to $32500000000.00 of which 55 percent. this is, according to the annual reports, was pure profit with the american drug then hit the european market at half the price. the price of treatment for a course of survosity was $42000.00 euros. the still exorbitant cost aroused a great deal of outrage among patients. the n g o mid sound who mourned launched an awareness campaign in france. 230000 patients were effected at 42000 euros a pop in terms of health insurance. the hepatitis c treatment was one of the most
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expensive around and you need to get in the welcome a survey, the best good. we can thank gillian for marketing civility because they showed the wider public that today drugs are not sold for the price. they should be sold that you can do read one cell set and eat, reflects the necessity for gillian to recover the huge costs involved. and having spent 10000000000, they had to fix a high price. this is a poker. and if i heard that have a title, me could be treated against the treatment now available was extensive with the disease in 12 weeks. and then it's patients who had for the most part until then been condemned by hepatitis when they need to. gimme it within the position of relative strength or having a unique treatment that offered a key all getting really good negotiations that were rather robust and
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then got under wayne voc, the price today has come down by more than half prelim which you know under pressure the american pharmaceutical lab, lower the price of the 3 months of all the treatment in france, from 42224000 euros. a u. s. senate commission revealed the company's confidential marketing strategy. and the need to do more. i'm telling you they had, we had access to thousands of pages of internal galia documents. so we could see that in gillian meetings. marketing ideas were ed in particular ideas for pricing. but no mention was ever made of the actual outlay for r and d, manufacture and marketing on the tail that we have to develop loan to put a trunk of official in this internal presentation, the gillian sales team recommends an introductory price between $8085000.00
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dismissing concerns about any potential scandal in the press. let's focus joseph sole concern with how to maximize profits, achieve strong financial margins and cover costs. then move on. public health considerations were never an issue. to recap, maurice or to n is now director of unit aid, a body operating within the world health organization charged with negotiating significant price reductions with large pharma companies to treat patients in the southern hemisphere. 71000000 people worldwide carry the hepatitis c virus p. it's ex, can drop in price was considerable and was a stablished by introducing generic drug and giving the farm lab assurances that we would open major market rather than sell a little at the high price. we offered the chance to sell a lot, a lower price preschool to victory by ensuring treatment was accessed for
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a reasonable price. he, p u does treatment for hepatitis c using the generic drug produced by milan costs less than $80.00 available only in developing countries. in the northern hemisphere, a course of treatment still costs tens of thousands of euros. the price of drugs no longer reflects the real cost of research, rather the financial power of a few large companies. scrambling for disproportionate profit. with the appearance of new gene therapy to treat certain cancers or rare diseases, prices are still increasing. reaching several hundreds of thousands of euro's all.
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the major big pharma companies are in the race for these new treatments. they save lives, but at what cost? a new gene therapy to fight cancer is now marketed by swiss company no artist to treat leukemia. its name is kim ryan. its price is $320000.00 euros per patient. me. the therapy was discovered by a team of publicly funded university researchers at the university of pennsylvania, but flexing its financial muscles, novartis became co owner of the patent in the professor of him itala g, john paul, as ethanol is renowned, expert in blood cancers, technique complex. i think there's a whole technique involved with as using gene therapy,
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a gene is introduced which allows t cells to target disease cells and enable them to be destroy. we sit dusty stem experiment. there is a very interesting system, but there's no justification for charging 350000 euros or see if states structures in france went along with it. so it would doubtless cost $30.00 or $40000.00, but not 350000 euros cycle will be 3. pharmacy ne, is the farmer industry's job to keep a lookout for something interesting in martinez, the research is no longer carried out by the pharmaceutical industry. on the work is tackled by publicly funded research by law shall be bleak, the drug companies. they don't do their own innovation anymore. i do 0 innovation or close to 0, or the innovation still comes from and i h funded research. what we're seeing now is a big change that i think is terrible. and this
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big change is, instead of being focused almost exclusively on the size of the market on volume, it's now focused on price. they acquire a drug that's effective against a serious disease. multiple sclerosis cancer seriously is that people will pay almost anything to get. and jack up the price so that it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for years treatment. i mean hundreds and thousands of dollars. it's very cruel business model, because if you can't pay for you, don't get it. so puzzled, sales laundry cancer treatments now cause something like 300002400000 euros. while the number of cancer patients in front is around a 1800000,
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with 400000 new cancer cases every year. i cannot see how in the future we will be able to treat more than 1500000 people. when the price scale is some 300000 euros. i should think you want me to get to them. there's a whole sales pitch relating to the therapeutic value and light saving value of these medications, which has been skillfully put forward by opinion leaders to convince governments which basically says that drugs he'll, they are a unique product. the high cost is the price of life. well, it's pure marketing. basic q is mean higher prices, marketing, pretty good position. no problem, i think there should be default. the problem is that each country defends its multi nationals of france. defense sanofi, the usa defense, pfizer, and the big american companies, switzerland defense,
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novartis and rock extent hard to reach consensus to bring down prices to reasonable levels menu repeat again. after 2 months of negotiations, the multinational no artist turned down our request for an interview. instead, they sent a simple press release, we price our new medicines based on the value they deliver to patients, health care systems, and society. we strive to take into account income levels, local affordability barriers, and economic realities, while maintaining the sustainability of our business. novartis tells us as its representatives have explained to political decision makers that this new single dose cancer therapy must be compared to a treatment of drugs taken for a life. in late 2019 the laboratory agreed to a slight decrease in france,
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where the price of camera went down from 320000 euros 229-7600 and 66 euros the f. d. a now is on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry. they pay user fees to the part of the f d a that evaluate new drugs for approval. so this makes this part of the f d. a dependent on the company is that they are supposedly regulating the drug companies. love it because it makes the part of the f d a that evaluate their drugs extremely friendly since they supported it is a blatant conflict of interest. this ought to be well funded and there ought to be no conflicts of interest.
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ah, i use i use how like we have german robotic researchers are developing new systems to release green on the body . neck, shoulders back. how did these exoskeleton fair when tested? tomorrow? in 30 minutes, w. o period, the little mermaid and bliss,
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intimidating the reality into a world of fantasy ah, stepped into the fairy tale kristin anderson, a special pilgrimage site, and the birthplace of the danish author is now attracting sam from around the world 090 minutes on d. w. o. i o people have to say matters to us me. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. the
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who's the w news live from berlin. we can do this alone says he's interim government and asked for international troops to help stabilize the country. after the assassination of president jovan invoice, 17 members of his one are to be an a man hunted under way to catch others on the run. also on the program, the un security council, both unanimously to keep a disputed e corner open despite russian protest violate theory of sovereignty. the decision keys, the way for another year of life saving lives for civilian and the rebels from last
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year begins erecting a fence along as border with fellow vilnius accuses men of allowing hundreds of migrants to cross into the european union illegally. ah, i think i'm good to have you with have a government has asked the united nations to send troops to protect its key infrastructure following the assassination of president jovan emily's. the u. s. and columbia have already agreed to send intelligence officials to help the investigation. patient police say they've captured 17 suspects and killed 38 others remain at large. meanwhile, the political crisis and the country deepens. the
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. the pursuit for haiti's assassins is on many show and wonder how presidential, whenever more he's normally under ty, security could be killed in the middle of the night. the that he was no good for the haitian people. it's true that he never listened, but nobody is happy at the way he died. several of the suspects are now in police. custody, and gun has been confiscated. the at least 6 of them appear to be ex soldiers of the colombian army. according to columbia and official angry haitians are gathering outside the police station and mashing stuff like cars.
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police are now cautioning against visual and stuff, but the main human really to people that we have found us. we have an obligation to protect them. we cannot take justice into our own hands and tell him prime minister cloud. joseph has declared a state of emergency and stepped up to leave the country until new elections can be held. but his legitimacy is being challenged by a rival candidate audience already. just the day before, more useful killed already was named new prime minister. but he has not yet been sworn in the feel of a growing fight with the president thief may create a power vacuum unleashing for the instability of spring and unable to show you. the journalist and joins us now from the haitian capital poured upon welcome intervals . the haitian government has requested its international allies sent troops to help
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secure the country your there. how has the security situation evolved since the president's assassination? well, today i think everything was more or less com, aside of the fact that the bandits and the gangs are waking up a little bit as far as i heard the gang violence in the southern part of the town saw that again, there are 2 gains fighting each other, there were lots of people standing in front of the american embassy today asking for asylum. but otherwise the stores were open. supermarkets are open, the inputs opened again, and the streets were other busy. people are sucking up. nobody knows what's going on, but there is no big deterioration to what we have seen before. the senate has reportedly selected its head, a man called jeff lumber as interim president. but the interim prime minister says the only way to become president in haiti is through election. so what's going on
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there? well, this is very typical. what's going on in haiti every time there is a power vacuum and now you have people fighting over the power that is very normal . so the constitution, the amended constitution is clear, it is the prime minister. come, can say dominion with the ministers who are leaving the country until there is elections. however, the last time there was a come census and the president of the senate, who was the president prevail then became president. so i guess because he is the only one that is legit timley still elected, you feel that he can become president. i mean hey, we will see what's going to happen. that was list analyst sure and reporting from
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havi there. and earlier i spoke to democratic congressman and 11, he is co chair of the have a caucus in the us house of representatives and has long been pushing for a reassessment of us policy toward haiti. i asked him what he thinks needs to change in order for international support to be more fruitful. well, i think that what we have to do is work with patient civil society. broadly speaking, the legal community, the bar association, the human rights groups, the catholic church, the protestant church, the political parties, the unions in the business community. and i think they are working right now as we speak to come up with a plan for a consensus plan for a caretaker government that would take power, calm things down, restore order, and build a pathway to restore democracy. you can't just say have elections, have elections,
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have elections when there is no legitimate government where there is no security for the people to go to the polls. when there is no electoral counsel capable of registering the the whole population, we need to build up the conditions. first of all, let's take a look at some other story making headlines around the world, france and to start withdrawing, troops fighting, islamist extremist and the whole region of africa, french president, the money my call has been a holding talk with the leaders of 5 african nation a french force has been battling rebels linked to al qaeda and the so called islamic state the death toll in the collapse of an apartment building near miami has risen to 70 non another 61 are still missing. rescue workers comp and searching the rubble for them. since the condo in surfside
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fell more than 2 weeks ago, hundreds of migrants rescued. f b has started to come ashore, italian fords of stuff. they were picked up last week by the ocean biking ship operated by the charity s o s military on a group. as food was running, short and tension on board were high un security council as voted unanimously to continue humanitarian aid shipments through turkey into rebel held territory in syria. that's despite initial opposition from russia. moscow is an ally to the theory and government and claims. the 8 operation violates serious sovereignty by going through a quote back door border crossing rather than passing through the capital damascus . it took a last minute compromise with us to keep the corridor open. aid organizations say the deliveries are vital for displace theory and the bible, how
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a border crossing a lifeline for 3400000 people can stay open, at least for now. for another 12 months trucks can continue to deliver food. medicines and corona virus vaccines from turkey into northwestern, syria. it's a region as war, almost daily islamist, insurgents and government forces fight russian jets dropped bombs, and people have to flee more than one and a half 1000000 people live in crowded camps here. many have been displaced multiple times, they lack jobs and don't have prospects for the future. they're dependent on you and aid for survival. the now of that, and i say you had everything we have to endure in this camp, is sometimes a harder than living under a tree. if these deliveries didn't come, every month, we would die. and the un security council reached the compromise after tough
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negotiations. russia was opposed, but eventually agreed to the extension. the price for doing so is still unclear. united nations coordinator mark cuts was hoping for more. and we need to make sure that we can just about food security. it's also about the health situation. it's about clean water, it's about shelter. what we really want to be doing in that area is we want to scale up this 8 operation a sigh of relief in the camps of it live. a food emergency has been averted. but the last thing solution to the conflict, or even peace and northwestern syria, are still out of reach. lithuania has begun building offense on its border with bella roof. lithuanian authorities accused their neighbors of allowing hundreds of migrants to enter the european union illegally. the 2 nations share a 550 kilometer border and ruth allowed irregular crossings and retaliation for
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a new sanctions imposed after min grounded a flying to arrest. a dissident journalist. lithuanian troops lay the foundations of a razor wire barrier on its border with but out in scenes reminiscent of the cold war . it will stretch along the 550 kilometer boundary between the 2 former soviet republics. with the plans to build, to meet a high fence to stop illegal migration for those who have already crossed into the few alia a temporary detention center is currently the only place to call home vilnius has accused a bird who says offering migrant slides to the scene capital means with a view to direct them to the lizzie rainy and broader. the eastern gateway to europe, travel agencies, and direct flights that connect mints with black dots, dental. and there are agencies both in the us and in other countries that operate
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and attracting tourists. i put that in the inverted coma to amends. the current scenario was spoke by e u sanctions against by that is often minsk 4th a rhino flight to london. it's a little under arrested, a distant blogger. he was on board anti government activists. romana protestant vision was detained over allegations of organizing must protest in minsk, in retaliation for the measures imposed by the youth. who said it would allow migrants to enter this. you alia, if your india says that hundreds of migrants have entered its territory from battles in recent days, most of them iraqi citizens. in response anchor announced it is ready to support lithuania, over its claims. the lucy, flying in migrants from abroad, including turkey, to direct him to
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e u. countries. we need to find out together whether those refugee is going bellows. why turkey? and i know one thing that and know a passage of can be on board without valid visit to any country. and turkish airline is all life company. and very strict on all these calls of razor wire are a symbol of strange relations between the east and west with both lithuania and produce, standing the ground voice now in tennis. never joke of which has beaten dennis sharp. oh, i love to set up a wimbleton final with italy's money over a teeny joke of which the defending champion was pushed all the way by shop over love, but he came through and st. that's the confident young pretender followed by the man who's been here many times before. no joke of h. soaking up the sense of course applause. but at the start it was his
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b casing. opponent denny ship, a bottle of lapping up all the plaudits. confidence can quickly drain against joke a bit today and it's been a double folks giving away the 1st step of all of discovering that playing joke a bit. she's like playing against a brick wall. everything comes back out. you needed to show all his best defensive qualities to keep the powerful shap of all of it. bay shot after shot rain down on him and yet jock of a 2 ways had an answer. his deafness, of touching contrast to his opponent's hammer blows. jeff about a fool of id is a joke of each one, the points winded message. it's why he's the one chasing
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a wrinkled equaling twin here. grand slams right so and they are all up today's stay tuned. for our over 900 special this time with a look at how euro 2020 might be fueling new code, 19 infection across europe. on the call from me and the entire few things for your company. the the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus because the 19 special next on dw.


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