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the japanese almost what would be my me the ah, the w news and these are our top story. the government of haiti has asked the united states to send troops to protect that crucial infrastructure after the assassination of president jovan in the u. s. and columbia. that they are investigators would travel to haiti to help probe the killing, 17 suspect, have been arrested, including columbia,
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and us national 3 others were killed in fighting with security forces and 8 are still on the run. the united nations security council has voted to extend a vital lifeline to syria. russia opposed a resolution, allowing international aid to cross through turkey into the rebel health ne of the country. moscow says the 8 operation violates theory and sovereignty. lithuania, the military has begun building a 550 kilometer long razor wire fence on its border with fellow route. between the authorities accused means of allowing hundreds of migrants to enter the european union illegally. bella ruth allowed crossings and retaliation for e u sanctions imposed after men diverted a flight to arrest a dissident journalist. steve w. news from berlin. there is a lot more on our website. that's d w dot com the
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the u. s. s p. the office withdrawal from afghanistan with to schedule to be out of the country by the end of august 20 years after entering the country in the wake of 911 to fight terrorism. bad leavings saying the job has been done, after costing millions of dollars and more than $2300.00 us lives. people about to ask, when did this forever was stop being a good idea? i'm so gale and this is the day the, the we're losing 20 years of achievement. us wants to leave. and the war 1st, united states, turning away from this responsibility by withdrawing troops from afghanistan hastily dumping the wall myself in the afghan people and countries in the region.
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countries in the region, having a sense of role play and supporting a piece for some of the taliban already control more than 80 percent of the country . that's the truth. it's up to the people who stand beside what government they want not us to impose government on as long as the taliban engage in the peace process. but also on the day of the us and it sends a national allies join ukraine to hold naval maneuvers in the black sea. so what the russians think of exercise seabreeze were operating in international waters. all of these exercises take place in international waters and local waters. it's great. as far as the russian federation naval response, you'll have to ask the russians welcome to the day when jo, by nancy early and the afghan is time mission. he said this was no mission accomplished
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moment. despite the taliban growing strength, the american president says it is not inevitable that the islamist, insurgents will return to power. it's a sobering assessment of america's longest bull. more than 2300 us troops died enough county stan, since the us went in to end the terror threat following the 911 attacks. so what did they die for? we'll hear from us veteran of that war in just a moment. first, this report. the battalion been say, this footage shows them celebrating after seizing control of a keyboard. they're crossing into iran. it was one of several advances made by the militants throughout gaston, in recent weeks, they've been gaining ground since the u. s. amounts. the departure of its military by the end of august, the same military that out of them from power in 2001 in washington, president biden defended the speed of the withdrawal,
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saying the u. s. would no longer sustain the human cost of a conflict that cannot change. i've gone distance course gone a. so let me ask those who want us to stay. how many more? how many thousands more americans, daughters, and sons? are you willing to risk? i will not send another generation americans to war and i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. but fight and also argued the u. s. had achieved its original goal of routing al qaeda after the $911.00 terror attacks that led to the invasion. he said the decision to leave was overdue. we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill and is the right and the responsibility of the afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. just days ago, the u. s pulled out of background air base near capitol the center of its military
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operations for nearly 2 decades. the pentagon says the withdrawal of us forces is now more than 90 percent complete. as foreign troops depart, the african military struggling to push back the taliban. like here, enough gun instance, northwest peace talks between the government and the militants. have so far failed, and many fear the violence will only get worse once the last us soldiers have returned home. let's explore this with adam weinstein, who's a research fellow at the quincy institute for responsible stayed craft. he's an expert and i've got this done where he also served as a us marine joins us from washington. welcome to dw, let's start with the big question. then pulling us troops out of afghanistan, regardless of the conditions on the ground, was the right decision. well, i think conditions based withdraw would have inevitably left us troops on the
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ground indefinitely. so it was the right call because it recognizes the reality that the only solution to the worn off cornerstone is a political settlement and that cannot be imposed by foreign troops. and when do you think in that 20 years that realisation finally, san can well, i think among some parts of government and certainly outside of government, the realization think in years and years ago. but i think both the president trump for president biden recognized the pulse of the country in the united states was that they didn't want to see an extension to us military involvement in this war. and i think the slow progress and, and often negotiations really hammered home. the fact that a political settlement was unlikely to happen. and it couldn't happen with the
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presence of foreign troops because that is one of the drivers of the conflict in the 1st place. but you seem to be saying that one of the main things that changed was the oper size of the american public for this conflict. well, i think the appetite changed, but you know, the american public might have been ahead of the u. s. government in realizing the utility of this conflict, even if the american public are not expert a final promised on when you were serving as a marine in afghanistan, when you were you clear about why you were that? i think at the time i served i was young, i was a us marine, i served in a room on providence and i probably didn't have a bit of an ideological view as to why we were there. i did feel that we were preventing terrorism from reaching the united states and we were engaging in nation
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building activities that were admirable. but the reality is that that mission was it, it was not accomplished. and there was a failure of us policy. and frankly, nato policy and in afghanistan, it doesn't mean that nato countries should be disengaged economically or diplomatically. but there simply is not a military solution to the conflict that can be imposed from the outside. and so when i, as i did today, i read an interview with taliban shadow man, and they bulk district of afghanistan. and he said, we have won the war and america has lost in the wrong well, the telephone have one in the sense that one of their primary goals was with for nato troops to leave. but i think it's all about going to find that they're now part of a more intensified civil war. and the only real solution that allows everyone to
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win as a political settlement. so the top 1 may feel they want, but in reality, they haven't. and i don't think tolerable statements about winning or losing should dictate us policy or nato policy. now lots of us thought, but just just being clear about what was achieved, what wasn't because that does seem to have been some, some sort of muddying of the waters present by and say, well, we're not destination bill dennis, as you said, you were the, when you were there as a young man taking part in this? well, that was clearly part of what you, what you were sold. i wonder how the afghans then failed because ah, the guns wrong to think that the united states has abandoned them. i understand why i can feel that way, and some of that failure is the u. s. messaging. the reality of that president biden has been a difficult opposition, and he's correct that the original intention of invading our honest on was to
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counter terrorism. and we have degraded, i'll be not defeated arcada, but i think the united states and nato partners have to grapple with the reality that the war became a nation building exercise. and we did sell it to off on end to the grand pile of the us. you know, your soldiers and to the broader public as a nation building exercise. so we have to grapple with that barrier. i mean, i think the german public was where it was supportive of you know, in military involvement and i've gone on some of that did have to do with advancing human rights and nation building. and so that was that, that record is something that the united states going to have to grapple with, even if president by and didn't do it in his speech and whatever it was allies. after $911.00, president bush triggered article 5 of the north atlantic treaty. the united states
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has been attacked and its allies rallied to it's a to go off the al qaeda in afghanistan, so on those same allies now, right to feel aggrieved at the way president trump began the us pull out without consulting them. and then president biden set a date for a full withdrawal regardless of conditions on the ground. well, like i said, i think a full withdraw that was not condition based was the only the only thing that the time to show you have said that i'm wondering about the attitude of america's allies. america in this instance appears to be unreliable. ally, well, this is the problem with intervention as policies on the part of the united states, the united states for gifts that all of these other countries have their own domestic politics. a perfect example with the failure to communicate with germany about what the withdraw timetable would be at the same time that germany had to seek an extension for its mandate and on from its own government and from its own
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representatives. i mean, not that the case in point of how united states was in, on reliable partner enough bounced on. but that's because these interventionist foreign policies inherently inherently create partnerships that are dictated by the united states. and i think we also have to remember that u. s. society was fundamentally trans transformed by the war on terror in a way that wasn't true in europe and in my opinion. so i would ask our europe partners to understand the reason for the u. s. withdraw, but i certain i certainly wouldn't excuse the lack of communication and limbo that the trump administration in particular put nato partners in good talking to you. thank you so much for joining us. i don't weinstein from the quincy institute for responses. statecraft, thanks for having me. in recent years,
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the country with the 2nd largest troop deployment in afghanistan after the americans with germany, which is also completed the withdrawal of its forces. 59 german soldiers died in the mission a memorial to the dead. the forests of remembrance, as a boon does their cause, it, it's dedicated to the men and women of the military who lost their lives in the course of duty. steph, i'm gone, is a guide. the memorial site, which was set up in 2014, many years after the start of the mission enough, ganesh, then it's your and putting a culture of remembrance and the use of memorial con to rise from one day to the next. for the fun of mall and she and he misses, they have to grow the culture of remembrance within the whole grows estimation progress is and with the experiences of the sole days on commission the 9, that's the funds and he's the culture of remembrance. it is growing that most
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people in germany have never even heard of the forests of remembrance, which is far from the capital. germans don't feel particularly close to the countries military. the trib withdrawal from afghanistan is a point in case when the soldiers landed in germany, there was no petition to greet him. days later, the countries still discussing whether any so how to do it should be paid to dimensions. another controversial point is the treatment of afghans who work for the german mission underground, translators, for instance, they won't. the point is there to guarantee the safety since the withdrawal. they fear retribution by the taliban. toes that the hand for allies of the west has already started in missouri. sorry. we hear people in the neighborhood are being taken away by just taliban or local assistant. feel they have to go into hiding and you look at all trusted issue for 2nd. mark is gross himself,
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3rd enough canister. and now he lobbies for afghan, twisted the mission to be brought to germany. but the federal government is demanding that they pay for their own flights. german officials say the country has issued 2400 v's us. happen in all aspects of our mission. and we were assisted by dedicated and competent afghans because men and women for support desk says, i think this done without them, we would not have been able to do the job. we would send that to do we understand the responsibility we have for these people in the, for a self remembrance that will soon be another memorial grove dedicated to the soldiers who fails in mazar e sharif. the city where many people who had to german mission, are you waiting for help from germany? ah, organs involving the united states ukraine and says the other countries are wrapping up in the black sea oper, excuse me, exercise fee breeze went ahead. i,
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despite, or perhaps because of russia's strong objections, not just movers for decades, took place in the waters around crimea, which russia alex, from ukraine in 2014 a care of it came to join the native alliance and will host more exercises with the u. s. poland. and lithuania this month, russia called for the drills to be cancelled, and the russian defense ministry said it would react if necessary to protect its own national security. the u. s. navy seems unconcerned, were operating in international waters. all of these exercises take place in international waters and local waters. it's great. as far as the russian federation naval response, you'll have to ask the russians. i can't respond to that and we will continue to operate safely and professionally and interact with both our partner forces and the russian federation vessels professionally. well, let's see if we can get a russian perspective from andre cotton on who's director general of the kremlin
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founded russian international affairs council. welcome to the w. let's start with the whole tension a rounds and surrounding ukraine, ukraine, a sovereign country. why does moscow believe that h a determined home care of forms alliances with well, i don't think that it's a nice show determination. i think that the assumption is that if you clean joyce native for example, that will have very serious repercussions for the russian national security and therefore show will have to take adequate mattress in order to deal with this new challenge i. and also i think the position which is shared by many is that not all of ukrainians are so eager to join it, especially in the east of the country. and the voice should be taken into consideration by decision makers and key,
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but is not the very definition of the determination which you say that russia doesn't have. if key have as the people of ukraine elect, a government about government decides to formalize is wherever. that's not russia's business, is it? no, it is not. i think that you crane is a sovereign country and it can do whatever it wants to do. but why did that the green population suppose this idea? but of course, ukraine will have to face consequences of its measures because even for us, she believes that each national security deteriorated to super kate that's, that's clear. so we have this, this exercise guy on just finished, and the black se i just moscow regarding the presence of nato warships on his doorstep. i think it is regarded as an irritant. i don't think that there is a perception that these exercises constitute
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a formidable security threat to the russian federation. because russia will always have some kind of advantage. given the fact that the crime in peninsula has been turned into, into unsinkable aircraft carrier by the russian federation. but definitely it's never going to because if you have so many military activities in this part of the rules and between the russian, nita, there is no agreement on the words. an accident said, see, of course, there is a danger open in inadvertent escalation, and the danger is likely to grow you for these exercises continue. how does that? how do you get to an inadvertent escalation when ships are in international waters being a buzzed by russian aircraft? that's not true. russia provoking a situation? surely. i don't think that the united states aboard is
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the black sea. would know what to argue, that it is the u. s. neighborhood, even the united kingdom is not that close to the international waters though it, these are international. what is but speaking of the proximity to the territory of particular states, of course, ashy is closer than the united states or the united kingdom. but again, you are not talking about irrelevant international waters, the proximity to where it is not here today. if the waters off are free for international vessels to pass through them, they are and they should be allowed to pass through without hanging from russia. if you want to get into detail, you should take the monthly convention which sets the limits on the presence of extraterritorial vessels in the black sea region. but i'm not talking about that. i'm just saying that if you have many ships around or no matter what kind of waters
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we're talking about, or even there is a density of never movement in a particular region, of course there are dangers and that's often good discoloration, human arrow or technical failure. you know, we, we have such incidence in the past and we can well have them in the future and not as simple as that doesn't constitute any legal case for forbidden for an vessel. so to, to visit the black sea area. but of course, the risks are growing. it's hard to take a rush and complaints about exercise, see very seriously when the kremlin deployed $100000.00 troops plus tax and equipment close to ukraine's board in march and april of this year and announced that it was going to go to block off sections of the black fi to foreign shipping for 6 months. well, you know, i will return this argument to you because you argue that the black sea is an
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international wortus, which anyone can use of was the death of the russian federation belongs to rush. and the rush can do with, with once on its territory, you should not forget about that a dis switching talk topics completely. i'd be interested in your hectic, i would say, in a rather cumulative fashion. but the question is, where the neighboring countries can do any better than native didn't have goodness . and i hope that they can, but it's still an open question good talking to it's very clear. thank you so much for joining us and re quote, you know, from the russian international affairs council life for the transgender community. life for the transgender community in indian control. kashmir has never been easy.
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despite their work as much makers and wedding entertain this, they still faced lots of hostility and discrimination. but lately, situations have become even worse, is locked down in the region, prevent them from going about their business, leaving some facing destitution. but lately, situations have become even worse, is locked down in the region, prevent them from going about their business, leaving some facing destitution you sub number any. is that transgender woman living in india administered? gosh, me, she was lead members. the days when she would dance at weddings, for now, she mostly stays at home. the disruptions caused by a corona wireless restrictions and the logged on by indian authorities after daily walks the regions autonomy in 2019 have taken their toll. our work has
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suffered a lot even before the lock downs. our earnings were meager. now they have dried up the community not only faces discrimination and hostility from the society. their self expression is also a boost object in the muslim majority region. we're chicken as a target gender in the place we live in. we cannot opt for 60. and our holy book also doesn't allow that. hey josh, and my son, he writes, actually is for the l g b t. community english means he says, mental health issues are prevalent in the communities. they're not able to reconcile between religion and their sexuality. or for that matter, the agenda identity as well, and then starts the abuse and it will start from the families on, on lee. and this is all, you know it's, it's the word battle, it's physical, it is sexual as well. in a month we would receive just one case of you know,
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mental health issue from the community. now we are receiving a lot of cases dead out about 4000 members in the community. and few have received government aid. but chad, mom lives in the hope that her work as a dancer and a matchmaker will resume once again love. i could never me. but i work with dignity when i bring to families to get there during much meeting. i hope it continues. after the government began eating long known restrictions, english meet over the weekend, that may have come a step closer. the finally, something that has got people stopping and staring on the streets of tokyo, most billboards only get a casual glance for this giant 3 d cats been drawing huge crowds, larger than life. katy, even mouse local businesses who sponsor it said i wanted to do something to achieve
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people. well, tokyo grapples this latest cove in outbreak as a state of emergency. so realistic that someone has to clean up the kitty litter for that was the day as ever the compensation continues online and you'll find this on twitter at the w news. have a good day. the news ah, cruise
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ah, the news, the news the the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say information and contact the corona virus. 19th special next on d, w. d. w, news,
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africa. the government, what's making the headline? what's behind the way on the street to give you enough reports and insight all the trends that my time to use? 60 minutes on the w. w. 's crime fighters are back africans, mostly building radio drama. continues the seasons. the story focus on have speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all of those are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on the w africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters to noon. now. the goal was right in
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front of them. they gave it. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the olympic games that took your $22421.00 off course during the qualifying for sports heroes. and i'm fired up. am ready count down during locked lock. you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on w. ah, what's the difference? it makes football enjoyed like this. like this. it's clear what the organizes if you are a 2020 preferred tens of thousands of families will take the seats some days final
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in london. but in japan as a different view to the lympics will take place in empty.


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