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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2021 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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correct me studying the word, maria, which is a genius of plant, the teenagers. those who have basketball, prodigy who holds the 3 get his world records for basketball, dribbling, says spelling is side. i'll be 2021. scripts, national spelling bee. and that's it. you're up to date, more world news at the top of the our ben facility has your business update. next, good news is in germany to learn german, benito. why not learn with him w e learning course. pico fake? several did in wide waving streams. write regression again, world must be in coupling late in burned in south africa when disability is more likely to lisa jobs, independent man can black lives matter. shine
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a spotlight on racially motivated beliefs, same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries, discrimination, any quality or part of everyday life for many years. why? because the life of diversity make up your own mind. w. need for mines the closing loopholes and both string budgets. finance ministers from the world's biggest economy meet invented, discuss a global corporate tax rates, a critic se is way too low. and electric rival to tesla covered in solar panels. you may never need to plug it in if you go on short trips, the supermarket and portuguese tourism, all right,
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is upset with the german government, sending mixed messages to potential tourists for the last 2 business, global tax justice. as a number. are we c d countries have already agreed on a 15 percent international corporate rates that g 20 finance ministers in business want to push ahead with an over hold of the system. in addition to the minimum rates, the plan would ensure multi nationals attacks. not only a bare headquarters, but also where they generate revenue. the reform, mainly targets tech companies that make their money almost everywhere, but get away with paying on the tiny percentage of taxes. i moving their profits to tax have it. if the 5 biggest tech outfits outfit, amazon, apple, facebook and microsoft had been tax evenly development organization action a says g 20 countries would have collected almost $32000000000.00 in the o. c. d $28000000000.00 and the you close to $8000000000.00 or critic form much
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higher corporate tax rate. the proposed 15 percent minimum isn't all that much different to islands famously low 12 and a half percent of firms, gabriela bought her, says a higher tax would help us out of the corona downtown and 15 percent is too low. and i see, you know, the u. s government has been pushing for 21 percent. and really what we can say is this moment in time. and the shock we've had collectively, worldwide is similar to what happened after the 2nd world war. and at the time in texas were raised to 40 percent and 50 percent rates because that was the type of investment that was required to recover. and that actually meant there were years of, of prosperity and growth and recovery. it's going to be in quarter on wall streets, corresponded against what you reckon. could this tax provide governments with the boundary tree boost to get them out of the downturn?
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well, every bit help. so let's put it this way and the always the d. m actually estimate that there might be an additional, a yearly text income of about $150000000000.00. so that is not just for the us, but globally, if you look that the united states alone is throwing a couple of trillion of dollars on the pen demik on, on the economic consequences. so that only would be a fraction. but i'm having that set. i mean, we are not quite there yet, anyhow, there will be another time in october and there's hope to maybe find an agreement then and the earliest, the probably in 2020 such a text could be implemented if they get the necessary vote. and i'm sure there's going to be quite a lot of money spent on lobbying by those companies. in the meantime. what do the big global american brands think about this now?
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well, what i'm hearing so far is that there isn't that much opposition from the corporate world. so there are some estimates that may be earnings might be affected by a one or 2 percent on a yearly basis. and if you look at how much money of those, the huge tech companies make that definitely not hurting that much. but the big question also is if this minimum tech them actually it will get through not just to you need to get an agreement on a global sculpus also within the united states. if you look at congress, so there isn't quite some opposition. so this is really a long, long way before we might get in agreement, and then i would say those companies they could afford, it's banned by the way, there are deduction, they are loopholes. so there are other ways around for those companies. so that the text bill won't be to say, i can imagine,
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but don't hold your breath yet quarter. their wall street president joe biden has signed a sweeping executive order to promote more competition in the us economy. if fully implemented and help lower americans. internet costs allow for airline baggage fee refunds for the delayed luggage and cut some prescription drug prices. among many other states. biden says, lack of competition result, a massive layoffs, higher prices, and reduced options for workers and consumers, costing household an average $5000.00 a year. quick look at some other business stories making use. cuba has approved the home grown of della corona virus back seen the 1st developed in latin america. cuban health regulator gave go head off the makers, said the vaccine is more than 92 percent effective. it preventing covered 19. it'll be export to other countries in the region. us any you health regulate has a fully vaccinated individuals do not need a boost,
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a covered shot at this time. the decision comes off, the germany's biotech and pharma giant finds, the said they'd be seeking authorization for a 3rd dose of their back saying to tackle the delta variant as an jenny and farmers protesting against president bad to finance for limiting beef exports. when it's irie says, it's restricting trade until the end of the year to try to control domestic food, price inflation protection, a $1000.00 seen, or is facing off against fellow marcus or members, brazil, and europe. why? once you remove trade barriers in the block, watch out test lip. the competition doesn't breast. and the next big thing could be just round the corner. a solar charging electric vehicle from germany won't hit the european market until the year off the next, but already has $300000000.00 in pre orders. today is the kind of day when little seems to go right in this workshop, engineers are looking for the fault in their prototype. the see on is not meant to
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be just another electric car in an industrial park in munich. so no motors has sought to create a more sustainable electric vehicle. 200 people have been working on it here for 5 years. their goal is ambitious. this is all can if what we're trying to do is bring mobility to the masses. and that's why we developed the see, i'm really for a family friendly electric car. affordable, thick with a super range integrated solar power and integrated sharing on sharing integral film. the cars most unique feature is the array of solar cells built into its body work. the electricity from the roof and doors alone is enough for an additional 30 kilometers a day. in 2 years, the c on should cost just $25500.00 euro's a comparatively low price, largely made possible because so now is building the car not munich, but at a former stop plant in sweden does a lot of heat,
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saves us considerable effort time and money and that has a massive impact on our project. also come from the fabricated. so no motors also wants to make usage of the car more efficient, less standing around unused. that's why the option to share the app is the standard feature. the company has tested the idea in rural areas where car sharing isn't profitable for the traditional providers. i'm talking to visit their stock of these and we put a lot of emphasis on this idea of community. that means the person who owns the car gets to determine who can use the car ultimate in payload and quantities for my testing. in the pilot, i was able to test it with a few friends here in the garden area. and it was simply much more pleasant for my point of view because i could decide monday for my friends could decide where the vehicle gets caps. there currently, around $13000.00 pre orders for the sea on. while sewing owners isn't going to compete with the major players anytime soon, the scenes features open up new possibilities in the industry. with back at the
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workshop, the engineers have finally found the fault. the solar cells are back up again. just another day, turning future concepts. the current reality a german government flip flop has delta, severe blow to portugal, key tourism industry. german tourists cancel their trip south to berlin, issue to travel warning, only to revoke a week later. the o garver. it's always been the heart of portugal beach tourism. even today, but not like it used to be. it's mainly the portuguese themselves, a few spaniards and some french tourists. in the many hotels along the coast lively beach life has turned into an eerie calm. synchronous thing, 55 to 60 percent of the guests who normally spend their vacations. here are foreigners and new if they come mainly from germany, the u. k. and other countries, but they're not here. now are you know, stone gas. christina morero's sees the consequences when she takes
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a walk in the private roacha, empty and abandon shops. the tour guide tries to make ends meet as best she can by thousands of on foods 2020, everything canceled this year. so far everything's been cancelled. no, i've had some work, but no tours of it. this is the kind of your morero's survives by giving courses for new guides. many people in the garvey don't have any income as the charity carrier, tass experiences deal with its food bank in port to mild mann watson because we're taking care of 480 families at the moment. that's 112070 people. during the 1st year of the pandemic, the number of people in need skyrocketed. this spring, the number went down as soon as the 1st hotels reopened and sought staff. but that buoyancy only lasted for weeks until the pandemic struck 15 percent of portugal. g
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d. p came from tourism. that makes people all the more frustrated with the travel restrictions. we are seeing these ever changing rules and for an answer printer, for the employees is very difficult to handle these new situations every week. 56000 germans plant vacations in oak garvey, for this july that was before the warning. now no one knows how many of those holiday makers will even show up right in time for the olympics, the auction house. sotheby's is offering a very special pair of running shoes. nike co found a bill bauman personally made them for the canadian track and field olympian harry jerome and the 1900. 60 sneakers are expected to fetch a $1000000.00, also for sale. a pair of convers fast break sneakers, born by michael jordan during the $984.00 and big trunk. german rail company,
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georgia bon added a splash of color to its famously monochrome express train. the insur city express or i. c. e departed friday from both for munich, complete with rainbow lighting and a rainbow flag down its side. 7 sports figures, politicians and businesses have waived the rainbow flag more frequently and pathways a protest, anti gay and trans legislation in neighboring countries that you're up to date. i stay in business with the the show i told the issue is shaping the continent of africa. where gone men, what's making headlines and what's behind the streets to give you in the reports and insight all the trends. but my time to
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use next dw, ah, the news, you know, in german counsellor, we bring you uncle michael and you've never had before surprised yourself with what is what it was. who is medical really what moves and quote you talk to people who follow along the way, admirers and critics alike. and how is the world's most powerful woman changing her legacy? join us the macros last, the little guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for african used to be issues and share ideas. who's, you know,
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we are not afraid to capture and then the african relation is ruling class and the young people clearly have the solutions. the future is the 77 percent. now, every weekend on the w w, news, africa coming up in the program. fighting for democracy in africa, last absolutes, monarchy what caused his thousands already that cracked them. what's happening in the line to keep, to be titled because i mean in the want to pick up. i mean you must.


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