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the news the news from the un security council votes to keep a disputed aid, kara don't open despite russian protests that violates serious means another year of life, saving supplies and millions of civilians and the rebel control ulta on the program . every artillery on display as the u. s. ukraine and international partners wrap up 12 days of war games in the black sea. again, despite russian objections, he
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w correspondence is that manhood is underway for the man who killed haiti's president. please say these men pass the hit squad that killed jovan as belief in his home, searching for more suspects and i'm not going why no american woman has gone before the united arab emirates, 1st female astronaut and trading trip to the me i'm so gale. welcome to the program, lifelines and millions of syrians has been extended for another 12 months. the un security council has voted to continue age shipments through turkey into rebel held territory in syria, despite of opposition from russia. an ally of the syrian government to moscow said
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the aid operation violates the country sovereignty by going through a back door border crossing rather than passing through the capital damascus aid organizations say it's vital to civilians in the north east, lip, the capital of a disputed province of the same name in the north west of syria. elizabeth, the last stronghold of the opposition malicious and syrian president assad wants to bring it back under his control. 4000000 people are stuck there in the hospital. they are fighting another battle. this one against the corona virus vaccines are scarce. only 46000 doses have been administered since may. the only way to get more vaccines is from across the turkish border. but in eat live, people don't believe the regime will help them in their fight against the pandemic on the hood. alas, if we don't trust the regime, they have promised in the past to deliver vaccine. and now they promised again. but here in the liberated areas, we never received anything. i experience with them goes away back. they want the
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syrian population to start and die. joe was shot stories. currently 11 is getting supplies through a back door. the only open border crossing from turkey called jill, that is you there about how on the syrian sides. some $1000.00 trucks make the trip once a month. some of the money comes from europe, the u. n. organizers the shipments. it's an ongoing war. it's an active front line, there's been showing every single day and the last year they've been multiple strikes and other missile attacks in these kind of conditions. it's very difficult to get agreement between the parties to the conflict. that's why the safe route into evil. it is through turkey, but aside and s l i russia, i want to block the entry point. you commissioner for crisis management janish lin, our church visited the shipment center on the tucker side of the border. europeans
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and the you need to find a compromise with their ally, russia that you commission is angry, but it's putting a good face on the matter. as european union representative. i could only say that this issue should not be about politics. they should be about helping people who needs help across the border and eat le province around one and a half 1000000. refugees have no permanent home. they live in camps. there are no jobs. they rely on help from outside. they're concerned about the threatened closure of the border crossing garbage. you know, a lot of other rad flower fuel medicine. everything comes through the bob, how are crossing if they close to crossing, they might as well very as alive because we will all starve. there will be nothing here whether the border is closed or not, the syrian refugees will remain a bargaining chip in the struggle for power. well as the us and it's
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nato allies withdraw from afghanistan, the countries future is uncertain. the us and allies couple the taliban after invading in 2001. but the announcements of the u. s. troop withdrawal. the islamic fundamentalists, the recaptured a lot of territory. the blue areas that represent those under taliban control. the gray is controlled by the government in kabul. the red areas are contested at the time about the claim to have taken 85 percent of the country, but the government disputes this. the telephone of also failed to make gains in cities like the capital kabul. germany was part of the coalition that fought and i've got to stand for 20 years. the last of the german deployment has not returned home. he w on your cost reports, let difficult end of a foreign mission. memorial to the dead, the forest of remembrance, the blunders their cause. it, it's dedicated to the men and women of the military who lost their lives in the
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course of duty. steph, i'm gone. is a guy that the memorial site, which was set up in 2014, many years after the start of the mission enough, got his it's your and putting this in a culture of remembrance and the use of memorials. com to rise from one day to the next, the fun of mall and she and he misses that. they have to grow the culture of remembrance within the whole grows estimation progresses. and with the experiences of the soldiers on back mission, the 9 that's in the funds and he's the culture of remembrance. it is growing, know that most people in germany have never even heard of the forest of remembrance, which is far from the capital. germans don't feel particularly close to the countries military. the trib withdrawal from afghanistan is a point in case when the soldiers landed in germany, there was no petition to greet him. days later, the countries still discussing whether and if so,
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how to do it should be paid to dimensions and other controversial pointed, the treatment of afghans who work for the german mission underground, translators, for instance, they won't. the point is there to guaranteed a safety since the withdrawal. they fear retribution by the taliban. toes that the hand for allies of the west has already started in missouri. sorry. we hear people in the neighborhood are being taken away by taliban or local assistant fees. they have to go into hiding. i look it up just for 2nd market growth in south 30. now granted, then now he lobbies for afghan, twisted the mission to be brought to germany. but the federal government is demanding that they pay for their own flights. german officials say the country has issued 2400 v does happen in all aspects of our mission. and we were assisted by dedicated incompetent guns,
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men and women for support to death. because i think this done without them, we would not have been able to do the job we send that to do. we understand the responsibility we have for these people in the forests of remembrance, there will soon be another memorial growth dedicated to the soldiers who fails in mazar e sharif. the city. when many people who had the german mission while still waiting for help from germany, we'll take a look now as more of the stories from around the world will start in france, which is to begin withdrawing troops from fighting islamist extremist in the region of africa. french president emanuel macros been holding talks to the leaders of 5 african nations. french force has been passing rebels linked to al qaeda, and the so called islamic state touching the rebels victims since the condominium and certified to sell them 2 weeks ago. if you in the us military is building a 550 kilometer long of razor wire barrier on it, order with boilers in, you know,
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sources accuse their neighbor of allowing hundreds of migrants to enter. the european union in italy ellers are allowed crossings in italy, asian for a use sanctions imposed after men's grounded flights to arrest a dissident blocker. germany has declared all of spain, a corona virus, risk area travelers returning from the country. we'll have to show a negative test to avoid quarantine. change comes into effect on sunday. another rise in the spanish infection, right, could mean mandatory quarry quarantine for unvaccinated travelers. a war games involved in the u. s. ukraine and says you have a nation of wrapping up in the black sea operation. sea breeze has been held this by strong objections from russia. the largest maneuvers for decades have been taking place around the waters of crimea, which russia annexed from ukraine in 2014 k wants to join the nature of lines, and we'll host more exercises with the us of and lithuania later this month.
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so let's look at what's going on in the message being sent backwards and forwards with the military analyst, a puzzle fell going how're in moscow. welcome to d, w. so let's start with those messages and by 40 ships from 30 countries. what message of those ships meant to send to whom will be soon actu maneuvers. the exercises have been held since the late nineties and then they were kind the exercise is to kind of actually it's not involving russia then they were happening in crimea, which is then under ukrainian control. today the story is very different. this is a much more robust militarize next or size and sending a message to moscow that in the what nato and it's american
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allies will. well, that's up, they are ready to stand, then, then fight for your brain if there's another way or out on the russian ukrainian border or in the black sea, but at least they are ready to deploy somewhere there. so let's turn exercise in moscow as of the turn and moscow does not like it all. and there's been a lot of angry noise that's coming from moscow and some kind of harassment from both sides. though, if there was even some sharp fire though no one got hit and that's really good. so it's really interesting though, isn't it, that the battle lines, if i can use i expression are quite clear. on the one side, we have america and a number of countries beyond nato, a saying, well, we will stand with ukraine, but we will not necessarily fight or ukraine against russia,
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which must give moscow some comfort i. yes, i understand. but again, there was the chase for 2008 when rush and they did georgia. and then a lot of nato ships came into the black sea. russia understood that they didn't have a leverage against them. the russian fleet was mostly based on your premium allow the russian, we believe base for, to kind of counter view the ga 0 so so that's where the mosque apparently decided that it wants to have premium and it wants to move stuff. the forces of the black sea has been boosted up very seriously. the next time russia is going to have enough firepower on the waters and then the sky. and on the
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gray mia, a long range and the ship miss that will need that will counter the nato. correct? so it's a kind of growing escalation on both sides with of course that's to kind of determines game, ukraine is came to join nato. can you see that happening? well, we really wanted to join nato, beginning from all for answer. so go down to revolution. together with georgia, after there rose revolution of france and germany said no way. and still, there is no consensus inside nato, and you need a full consensus of all members to expand the alliance. so your plane is not joining because of that. and they believe that that is not that they're in russia good enough. and that's a sore point for you,
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premium the european western relationships. i could talk us very clear. thank you so much for outlining not to have for us russian ministry unless you have a cell going. how in moscow and colombia says it will send an intelligence mission to haiti to help investigate the assassination of president driven and maurice haitian police claim. they've captured 17 suspects and killed several others amongst those arrested columbia, ex military and to jewelled us haitian citizens, whose motives remain and clear. authorities are still searching for more members of the alleged squad. the pursuit for haiti's assassins is on many show and wonder how president juvenile needs normally under tie security could be killed in the middle of the night. the fact that he was no good
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for the haitian people, it's true that he never listened, but nobody is happy at the way he died. several of the suspects are now in police custody. and gun aspen confiscated the at least 6 of them appear to be ex soldiers of the colombian army. according to columbia, in official angry haitians are gathering outside the police station and mashing suspect cars. police are now cautioning against the visual and to me, you know, the people that we have found us. we have an obligation to protect them. we cannot take justice into our own hands and tell him prime minister cloud. joseph has
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declared a state of emergency and stepped up to leave the country until new elections can be held. but his legitimacy is being challenged by a rival candidate audio audi. just the day before more youthful killed already was named new prime minister. but he has not yet been sworn in the feel of a growing fight or the president seat may create a power vacuum unleashing for the instability. now professor, going to a may holt is from a german institute for international insecurity affairs. we asked him what the opposition is doing to establish democratic institutions in haiti is fractured. it is capable of from national consensus. this opposition is, although a characterized by criminal interest family, groupings,
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person the power as duration. so the national dimension to, from, out of the situation is very difficult to imagine. and in some way, international actors such as united nations, us are front, hesitant to take up this challenge because they know about the difficulties to come to terms with her look country and as it to asian, which is losing the rest of governance. it had in the recent years as professor going to my house from the german institute for international insecurity fast. it's been a tough couple of weeks for japanese greens after riding high in the polls this year, that losing support. critics have targeted the party candidates, the chancellor in september as the elections on atlanta, babcock accusing her unforgivable missteps, but supporters and some opponents have come to the defense, claiming the criticism and the press on social media is partly motivated by sexism
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. and you've only done it for a brief period. this year, the near unthinkable seemed possible. could germany's next chancellor be green and a woman again on the lena bear box, shook things up on human rights. she vowed to confront china, a key market for german export, and she promised a green led government would end the controversial project, bringing rush and gas to germany have. first, thank you. we've been 40 years preparing for this one kind of now is the time to renew our country and anything is possible when i live in the top of most polls. the greens honeymoon didn't last bare bark face claim she was loose with the truth, apologizing for mistakes in her c. v. and for failing to declare party bonuses she'd received paperwork was then hit with the classic korea killer of german politics. plagiarism in the book, outlining her vision to renew germany. she denied wrong doing bothered me. she
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could have been more careful. bandwalk suffered the indignity of p t from her rivals. i just finished my class. so for me, it was always clear as a party, also me personally, i won't say anything about these things. you see the journalists who've asked critical questions which are also asked of me. i haven't received much praise myself from the media recently. you just have to press on and give answers there boxes, all these talk has been a distraction. the, i'm not always, we've all seen as a society what happened in the us when the election campaign no longer focuses on the big issues of our time. but i'm mixing truth and lies to be permission. sexism has swelled around me to she's repeatedly faced the age old question. her male rivals, haven't. can she juggle leading germany with being a mother? the questions around suitability and integrity had an effect. the greens have fallen in the polls, but they're still in 2nd place. had headlines or not. what does seem very likely is
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that germany's next coalition government will need to have the green venus on this from the w political correspondent and manual shows welcome and manual that this sounds like a deliberate and campaign to try and damage the green parties. chances of success exactly, and we see a lot of faxes. questions being asked to alina, their book such as we've just seen, data, motherhood, and how compatible this would be with being a chancellor. i'm not there but is often not in interviews whether or not a mother could successfully lead germany. something that he's never asked from may candidates was also fathers. and she was also asked whether the reason for choosing her other candidates was that she was a woman, thus invalidating her intellectual capacity of winning a nomination as head of her party of the green party on her intellect. also there
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was a fake news campaign that appeared online soon after she was nominated, citing a fake campaign, promises talking about a new, new pictures about in fact never existed and even stating that she never had a university degree. so really a campaign against another, not their book. ok. it has had, it appears to have had some effects. so can the greens that handle this drop in the folds it did have an effect. for example, the revelations of plagiarism in her book, the revelation that there were some inaccuracies in her c. d, have not had the green party. it did says in the polls right after that another book was nominated, but now it is trailing behind the conservative party as around 20 percent of voters intention in september. if anything it shows that there is still a will of people to have the greens in power at least off a part of a coalition, even if not leading this correlation. but let's not forget that since the general
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election, the last general elections in 2017. well, there's a lot of new voters, younger voters that have registered and traditionally more inclined to vote 4 degrees of as we've seen a huge wave of support of the use of movements such as 5 days for future. and may be the polls have not quite done at the moment and how other politicians reacting to these attacks. well, the chancellor hopeful for the conservative. i mean, it's a did say that the media focusing on on both motherhood and hence our ability of combining it was a chancery was being inappropriate. and also the chance that hopeful for the social democrats all i've showed said that she was being treated unfairly. so she's getting quite a lot of support even for her contenders. the in the race for the chancery. i thank
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you for that. the w political correspondent, the manual shoves, are the rates of space is eating up as more countries things to send astronaut into orbit. united arab emirates is a new come to space. exploration of one of its 1st astronauts to leave the atmosphere is also the nation's 1st female astronaut. know how much you, she, you're seeing on the right wants to reach for the stars, and she is one step closer to that goal. she will be the arab world, 1st, fema astronaut. a big step for her and women's rights in the united arab emirates. as the fact that i was selected to be part of the program, i think is enough enough of an encouragement to all girls who want to enter the space field to go ahead and enter to be through becoming scientist for by training or working hard towards becoming an astronaut, survival training and the pilot license just a few of the skills,
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the 28 year old mechanical engineer is working on and by she will head for a nasa facility in january and my motivation behind the applying to be a waste space program was my dream as a child and me wanting to be an astronaut. she says she wants to defy the stereotypes that people associate with her her job. i don't feel like i faced any challenges when applying to this program because everyone was very supportive here in the way. currently no space mission is scheduled, but i'm not sure she is hopeful. she will visit space here on earth bound tech and pfizer to seek approval for a 3rd dose of that cove in 1900 vaccine 5. what asked for authorization from the us centers for disease control, company says a 3rd job within 12 months could boost community health board of new variance. specifically, this more infectious delta strain,
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drug makers will also seek authorization in europe and other regions in tennis and material better td has become the 1st italian man to make it through to a wimbledon final. the 7th c, b to hubert to her catch of poland in forfeits. a catch upset roger federer in the last round but found himself out play play. i bet a teen is powerful for hands, but it's any will now face raining, jumping their junk of which on sunday it will be his 1st grandson and boxing the hide. anticipated heavyweight fight between tyson fury and dante wilder has been postponed to fury tested positive for the corona virus. the fire was you to take place on the 24th of july, and las vegas is not likely to be rescheduled to october. britain's fury is considered the best heavyweight boxer in the world. the last time the 2 faced, often bring in february last year, fury a beet american opponent by a knock out in the 7th round. i was planning
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a visit to london this summer and look forward to a new attraction for the 1st time. buckingham palace, the queen's london residence, is opening it gardens to the public. i previously guided tours were received but not for a 60 pound admission fee that she could stroll the grounds on their own. leaving like picnics. girl in the united states is become the 1st a black american to win the national spelling bee contest. maria m u r a y s that you got the 50000 dollar prize by correctly spelling the word that mariah, which is a genus, the plans the teenagers also basketball. prodigy who holds 3, get his world records for basketball, dribbling, and god, for spelling is side of the name. you could set you up
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today to have more world news at the top of the our eco africa is next. the course is always more on the website. that's the w dot cub. have. good news. the news. the news news, the news
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the, the the eco africa willis from the national park in congo. the gee and his family would love nothing more than to live in peace. but poachers and farmers are hunting and threatening the species. ah, what's being done to protect the co africa on w o.
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the in december, 2019 the european counts isn't president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i hope you georgia to make sure of the 1st time it's it's 100 planets by 2050 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requiring a surprising glimpse into the very heart of our negotiations. the news money can be processed and flattery and the best laid plans and often go astray
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the when the game diplomatic poker, the power plays and the lines is behind the climate. some it starts on the w mm. the hello and welcome to echo africa. whitley environmental magazine produce the legal compiler on berlin. i am privileged the legal.


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