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tv   Aschenberg Teil 1  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm CEST

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he and his family would love nothing more than to live in peace. but poachers and farmers are hunting and threatening the species. what's to be done to protect africa? in 60 minutes on dw what's the difference that makes football enjoyed like this? like this? well, the organizers, if you are a 2020, prefer tens of thousands of families who will take the seats at some days final in london. but in japan, there is a different view to carry. the lympics will take place in empty venues. crowds of
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supporters seen as to risk in both regions. code 19 cases arising. one of the european scoring and i'm a goal on robots in berlin. welcome to this covey 19 special. the panoramic ment, europe's football fans were made to wait an extra year for euro 2020 to kick off, hence the confusing clash of name and date. but with the continent yet to rid itself of corona virus, the european championships still didn't come without risk. the joy of the euro 2020 summed up. why scotland fans, they were you for it when the team under point against arch rivals england wimbley tournament came to an end soon after. and there was another thing in the tale, a covert outbreak on and off the pitch gotten midfielder, billy gilmore tested positive, forcing him into quarantine,
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a post game chat meant england's been chilled. well and mason mount also had to isolate even more worryingly. it was later revealed almost 1300 scottish friends were infectious when they went to london. the world health organization says supporters traveling to games would be a recipe for disaster. how are people getting the other traveling and large crowded convoys of buses? are they taking individual measures when they're doing that? what's happening after the games, when people leave the stadiums, are they going into a crowded bars and puts to watch the matches? if this mixing is happening among people who are not fully vaccinated? and there is the presence of the virus. there will be cases the problem isn't restricted to the u. k. financial forties say at least 300 fans were infected while following their national team. mostly at that 2 matches in st. petersburg that contributed to a sharp rise in cases at home. but despite these connections between euro 2020
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uncovered outbreaks, you wafer is pressing ahead with hosting over 60000 spectators for the final at wembley. and politicians in several countries are furious at this. german interior minister horse, the hoover accusing the governing body of putting profits over public health. i think that you wafers position is utterly irresponsible. upset look for on phone calls and put more association should say clearly, we don't want it this way and we're reducing the numbers of spectators. either italy or england will be celebrating the country sporting victoria wimbley on sunday, but without further restrictions in london, fears of a covert hanover will only rise. well, let's speak to doctor hodge. sure. he's a former president of the international society for aerosol as in madison. thanks for joining us on the curve at $900.00 special,
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a us an advocate of getting football back up and running again during the pandemic . but now we are seeing cases rising in part due to your 2020. does that mean that torment was a bad idea? i think the tournament was not a bad idea. i think it depends on the instrument and the in the different countries and we saw we saw an arch differences. as you mentioned, the english and scottish people that ranch to london got an attractive but then in england we have in the incidence of some day incidents of about 300 right now and in other congress that was national. so for example, in germany, we measured as a 5 and we had no outbreaks when the state in unit and in the introduction went down. and they had to
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stay met the beginning from the beginning. so they started with an incident of 10 and they are now $2.00 or something that's so we can't say that football is the real big risk. it really depends on the competition. in the, in the different conference you have the one match that remains. now is the final which is going to be in the u. k, which as you say, has got one of the higher instance races rates in europe. how risky as a stadium full of 60 plus 1000 people. the stadium itself is not a problem. it's the, it's traveled to the stadium as you, as we saw and heard in this other discussions is traveling to the stage on the celebration after the bars. and it's
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not in the non, just in the interstate, you know, the restrooms. and so we know that outside we have very little infection, so it's an aerosol infection. and that happens most of the time in the rooms. and this can also be a bus or app lane or any of the toilets. and i think this under the whisky place, and so there's sort of peripheral to the actual match itself. suppose you're trying to get an interesting case study because the must have been taking place in different countries. have we seen specific approaches in specific countries that have worked particularly well? i don't think so. i think i think we saw the differences that i'm getting that we should we saw the differences in the different countries, but the, the, the interest numbers rates totally different. now, so when you,
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when you start with an incident rate, or let's say 200, that means you have 200 people were getting in fact, 580-040-0000 people. so when you're now 50000 people in the, in the stadium, and you would not make any chest, it can happen that you have 100 people which are in fact, in the stadium. if you have an incidental 5 and you're, that's 20000 people into a stadium, then you have one person in the stadium who may be in fact that just from the statistic point of view. and, and so that makes a big difference. it makes a big difference, all the new people. in fact, that in the, in the, in this country, in this special area where you have to get all these matches happen, outdoor venues, but the lympics would have been different. some of those events would have taken place indoors, but now they're not going to have any spectators have. they taken the right
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decision each time. i don't know to be in japan, but they are more careful. i think it would be possible in the, in the, in the, in the every now outside that you have 10000 or 20000 people that are indoors. it's a little bit more difficult. but also that it depends on the size of the room and in very large rooms, the aerosol cloud is not very concentrated in by the surrounding air and in that way. so it's also that's all dispute, but i, i think it's, it's the right decision when the instruments are rising and just basically write an abundance of caution that i don't forget how to show it. thanks so much for joining us on the curve in 1900 special. you're welcome. now it's the
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part of the program where we put one of your questions to science correspondent derek williams. oh, lou big scenes require a new boost issue. oh, no one really knows the answer to this question. yeah. because the very 1st recipients of vaccines approved for emergency use were only given those shots around a year ago in the course of the initial trials. but it wouldn't come as a surprise if booster shots proved necessary at some point down the line. after all . busy they are, for vaccines aimed at some other diseases. what's clear so far is that most people who receive approved vaccines that they're protected to a great extent for at least 6 months, at least against the current common variance. although the extent of that protection is, of course not fixed,
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but varies from vaccine to vaccine and from various to variant. but studies are showing, for instance, that people vaccinated with messenger r m a vaccines that they continue to produce quite high levels of antibodies, half a year after receiving their 2nd doses. and effectiveness levels seem to be holding up quite well at least against older variance of the virus. but a new report from israel's ministry of health has now thrown some doubt on whether the delta variant of stars covey to might be able to do an end run on at least one vaccine. more often than other areas, at least in part because of that new data, pfizer and bio and tac now want to give recipients a 3rd shot of their vaccine after 6 months. which highlights the big what? yes, lurking in the background. what if the virus mutates enough to start infecting
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a much larger for vaccinated people on a regular basis? and even worse is able to cause severe disease. and that's when we'll really need a tailored booster shot. and, and actually the companies that make cobra back scenes are already trialing, next generation shots aimed at stopping that scenario. it starts to unfold mixing and matching different vaccines in the 1st 2 doses. could also possibly help provide the kind of broader spectrum immune response necessary to keep even slippery future variance and check. so, in a nutshell, while there is no strong indication yet that our current vaccines won't continue to protect us, maybe even for a long time to come. if new variance start to seriously, in fact large numbers of fully vaccinated people,
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then we'll see the rapid rollout of tweet booster shots. me. and that's all for this edition of the coven. 19 special for more about. can they make the head of the cleavage, 900 section of our website, the, the we dr. next time. next we're watching. the news was right in front of them are all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo with $22021.00 strong off course during the qualifying ground. not least for sports heroes. actually, it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and
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ready down during locked down the lock. you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on d, w. sometimes a cd is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning like global ideas. we'll show you how climate change and mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for a loosely listen carefully. don't know how to go the field, the magic the discover,
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the world around you subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. the, the the, a new aesthetic form of exuberant hope and self confidence. it's much more than a passing trend, and it's leaving its mark on artistic expression from film to fashion, from literature, to music. welcome to arts and culture. this edition is dedicated to africa futurism. the term was coined in the 1900 ninety's, but the cultural trend, it described dates back to at least the civil rights era. the 1900 fifties and
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sixties, when african american musician, sun ra, made a link between the ancient egyptians and the space age. the term itself with us to a reimagining of a high tech future through a black hole through lens. counteracting euro centric traditions that have equated blackness. with being primitive around the world, africa, futurism is inspiring and redefining the work of an increasing number of artists, say, false seat belts and get ready for a journey through a brave and colorful you. whoa! opinion artist cyrus could bureau breeze new life and started technology abandon radios become space, age communication devices. rasping picks your bicycles, called black mumbles. i turned into sculptures that could have been left here by an
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alien civilization. bureau had been making art for years before a gallery in italy, gave it a label pro future if i didn't know about the future, that's my 1st time here. there was a future, his theories of eyeglasses called se, make a brew famous, constructed from crash collected on his travels. there are masha, both different cultural traditions. to me that is for future late, it's a combination of different cultures. decent, much different from, like global. but it's something you can see more and more asia know, more awful feet. somebody with black panther, hollywood finally gave the world a new perspective on africa. the superhero movie set and the high tech african land
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of conduct brought afro futurism into the mainstream. a world away from hollywood, boucher nigeria, apple futurism is also taking root. a new generation of african artists is looking at their own culture from a new angle, comic book artist you to g ma, kinda credits, black panther. awkward card before now i've been known to be for about the a 3rd was called 3 black fonts up links to the awful lot power that is completely loaded. it was main. africans everywhere were wow. in this comics mckindoe's uses sy fi and fantasy to address real world issues of political power, corruption and abuse. lucky lou set in 2050 a. d. a matches africa as a world power battling on the global stage alongside china and the u. s.
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spaceships modeled on, senegalese fishing boats, a post apocalyptic world, inspired by west african folklore, zimbabwe and super hero. just some of the comics published by golly media, which brings the best and afro future of the art and animation to the world. well, also within that same price, nice just so much in there to be on there will be a waste if there was going to get to listen to the disney is listening, the hollywood drive is backing. he watches a sy fi animated series created by qu, golly, details of the plot are still ta secret. the pre my fissions story, taking place in the leg was that the end of class inequality? other themes, i'm very careful. yeah,
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yeah. that's all i can put out whether in comics, movies, muse, or design, the art of acro futurism combines tradition with imagination to envision a brighter future for africa and the world. the author of that report is scott rock spar, and he's with me in the studio. welcome scott. now you spent some time looking into this, the term for a future reason is decades old already, but right now it seems to be enjoying a revival. yeah, as you mentioned, i mean the idea of this, the style is the combination of african traditions and miss with, with sort of science fiction motifs around maybe since the 50s or sixties. but it really enjoyed a new or mainstream revival with, with black panther. and i think a lot of the credit there has to go to the costume designer, the oscar winning costume designer about build ruth carter. because what she did was combine sort of really ancient african designs with sort of a futuristic a style and. and by making this combination, she was able to create
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a vision of africa that was both super high tech, but also true to african history. and this film and her designs were hugely inspirational, also african artists. because the 1st time they were showing a hollywood film that imagined africans as superheroes and not as one of those african artists is photographer born, mature area. he's been called a master creating alternative thought university. tell us more about him. yeah, i was going to try as fast that he's ease of talker for and what he does is he uses sort of 5 pi motifs to reinterpret both african history and the african a present of. here's a full series, for example, that reimagine can use. now mal independent spiders and he matches them as high tech opticians resides, fife, eyeglasses, in order to fight the british colonialism. and much area told me that he deliberately works against the sort of negative images that he also sees in western
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media of africa and tries to take members outside the outskirts of society and, and put them in the new in a new light. one of my favorite works of his is that will be underground fight club, which imagines short stature, the people as, as warriors, as members and sort of a global, a fight called basically what i tell you what's to do is to retell african history and to recapture it from the distortions of the western view of africa. okay. quote . as well as inspiring our efforts futurism has played a huge role in empowering black artists to tell their own stories and imagine the writing futures. does it also have a political agenda? i think for a lot of artists, it does have a very political agenda, especially on african artists because we're talking about communities and cultures in which have often their history of often been distorted or even destroyed by colonialism or, or by slavery. and so for a lot of the features artists by using these motifs of science fiction,
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they're able to sort of reimagine their own path and project it into a sort of utopian future. and to tell their own story in their, for their own perspective in a way that doesn't, isn't district shape are distorted by the, this sort of western view. ok. roads for thanks so much for coming in and showing your insights. now after futurism has also played a huge role in music in the 1970 george clinton unleashed p funk on the world with futuristic lyrics and album covers and live fest with him descending to the stage from a space ship. well, recently beyond se, revive the theme with her visual album, black is king, and here in berlin, nigerian born neo soul artist wayne snow is also combining the futuristic with the traditional for him to his african heritage is a major inspiration. future for me is just the tools we use and
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the afro official reason. african means that it is rooted in tradition. wayne snow won't be put in a box ha. ah, i his blend sole pump and electronic sounds makes it easy listening, but it requires hard work in the studio. yes, so we mix in sound nina. we recorded live with the whole band with no gigs last year. musicians have been promoting that music by making life versions of that song to put on line when you record it, like take this live take here, i think. yeah, right inside a book with. ringback ringback me, when usually puts
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a lot of thoughts into his visuals, he often visits art gallery for inspiration, both for his videos and for the music itself, which he says he can actually see i have a bit of a finished asian. that is when i hear sounds follows like goes with carlos. so i've always tried to express a visual part of the music. that is what i make that sound. i try to be all show people the colors that go with it. if i were to do music create, here are the definitely influenced by these callers around as well as a connection between sound and vision. the nigerian artist wants to show his funds a different image of africa. this
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me was quite important for me to show people that well, you can have things very beautiful things come in from africa as well. and you will have the impression that they were made anywhere else. so it was really, really something i wanted to just show this how natural it is. and on my 1st video 70, the idea was to show like the traditional way of working, which is on this game. i had black here and we use the same kind of a way approach that duty mikaya for the places inspired by a for the future, isn't this meeting a future and tradition is a core theme in his music. when you see it looks very thick. what's the experience people told me they had was that future? what are the same kind of failure was rooted strong tradition.
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ah, as we use use like some mode into like this camera feel me me or so we use some like traditional options when they meet the create a future. and wayne is looking to the future hit and then the artist, we feature not just a few of the many, his work is being inspired by afro futurism. i'll leave you with one of the artists credited with taking the movement into the mainstream. janelle monet's science fiction infused poetry and song, often through the eyes of a sassy female android alter ego, takes a few, treat them to another level. see you next time. the just the
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the the the the, the, me, the news, the news
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eco africa, the from the be the national park in congo the, he and his family would love nothing more than to live in peace. but poachers and farmers and hunting them and threatening the species ah, what's be done to protect you for 30 minutes on d. w. o news. how they view where i come from. that's oh, that's good to go. it's just like with chinese food, doesn't matter where i am, with your minds me. after the case of living in germany, chinese food is one of the things i miss the most. but that taking a step back,
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i see a little differently now. when it was processing regulations that exist as a part of the world having been implemented in china and lots of chinese people wondering if they are safe. but if people have arrived to learn is, this is a job up journalism how i see it. and this is why i left my job because i tried to do exactly this every day. my name is adding to and i work at the w me. the news
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. the news line from the un security council votes to keep a disputed aid, kara don't open despite russian protest any finite. serious sovereignty means another year of life, saving supplies and millions of civilians and the rebel control ulta on the program . every artillery on display as the u. s. ukraine and international partners wrap up 12 days of war games in the black sea. again, despite russian objections, a w correspondent is not 100 percent away from the man.


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