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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2021 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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you are watching the news before we go here. they are reminder of our top story. 8 to millions of syrians will continue for un security council members renewed a resolution allowing supplies to reach the war torn country. they pass it through turkey into rebel held territory in russia, sped. it violates the syrian government offerings. authoration has been renewed for another 12 months. that's all for me for now. so gail will be back with more news at the top of the hour. i play richardson in berlin for me in the team, for watching. ah, the secret lie behind me discover new adventures in 360 degree and explore the fascinating world heritage site, the w world heritage 360. now in the name of climate change,
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the what's the people here? what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com megacity the melting media insight, click and enter the closing loopholes and both string budgets, finance ministers that the world's biggest economies meet advantage to discuss a global corporate tax rates. the critics say is way too low. vertical farms catch on in african cities instead of a whole field using toll stacks, earth from which the plans can grow. space and money and fortune tourism operators
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upset with the german government, sending mixed messages to potential tourists as well. and let's do business. global tax justice has a number o e c d countries have already agreed on a 15 percent international corporate. great. now g, 20 finance ministers in venice want to push ahead with an over hold of the system. in addition to the minimum rates, the plan would ensure multi nationals attacks not only get their headquarters, but also where they generate revenue. the reform, mainly targets tech companies that make their money almost every way, but get away with paying only a tiny percentage of the taxes by moving their profits to tax havens. if the 5 biggest tech outfits alphabet, amazon, facebook, apple and microsoft had been taxed evenly development organization action aid says gee, 20 countries would have collected almost $32000000000.00 more last year. we cd countries
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just under $28000000000.00 and b e u, almost $8000000000.00, while the director of tax policy of the organization of economic cooperation and development told d w. this is a big step forward. but i think there is something like a celebration. it's been yes that good praying to introduce tax regulation of globalization and there we're getting that with something very significant. so celebration and also political impetuous to make sure that we have quick implementation for the agreement to become reality as quickly as possible. well, let's look at the reality of this agreement with gabriella booker. she's not celebrating the reforms joined us from ox them. gabriella. this 15 percent that i've been reading about isn't all that much different to the 12 and a half percent. that island is so famous for yes. hello ben, that's the problem. we have a global tax deal that is matched to some of the world's most notorious tax havens
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. so there would be an opportunity now. and, and of course, we all know the impact that we've has had the world over. we see the greatest rise in inequality soon. records begun and con, just everywhere in the world that only the least developed developed are needing to invest on the health systems on education, on keeping people alive in the middle of the week. but these 15 percent is too low and you know, the u. s. government has been pushing for 21 percent. and really what we can say is this moment and diamond shock, we've had collectively, worldwide, is similar to what happened after the 2nd world war. and at the time in texas were raised to 40 percent and 50 percent rates because that was the type of investment that was required to recover. and that actually meant there were years of, of prosperity and growth and recovery. isn't it more about closing the legal loopholes, though? because a lot of the time we're talking about tax evasion and tax avoidance,
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these companies getting away with it because they're allowed to because of the deals they have with these governments. and they're not even paying that official rate of say, 15 percent to or what they have in islands. 12 and a half percent. yes, it's true that you know, in, in, in very very large amounts are being lost to tax evasion and tax illusion. but, and the 15 percent risks and being a race to the bottom, you know, we wanted to really base the standards to much higher amount that can really mean a difference. and there's also too many loopholes, though the whole financial system has been excluded. and really, the sharing of firm and taxation globally is limited to those companies that are making over $20000000000.00 and above and only their turnover is more than 10 percent of their profits are more than 10 percent. so in the end, if you calculate very, very little there to developing countries, in fact,
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to the lowest and the least developed countries around 3 percent of the total rate would be arriving. so it's very, very small about and that's why this is actually risk to create a lot more inequality than we have right now. is that what governments worried about in the industrialized world? because there are so many governments behind this plan, but in your opinion, it's not going to change much. it's not going to bring in a heap more revenues for them. are they worried about the revenue is going to pull countries. so the revenues, as you said earlier, because the loopholes of tax haven will be this incentivized, the revenues are likely to increase, but they're mostly going to be and coming to g 7 countries and not to the majority of the world. and this has been raised, for example, the finance minister for us. and dina is saying this very clearly at the g 20 and
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many are questioning why not take this opportunity to have a fair tax system where companies and pay taxes where they have activity, where they have their assets, their people, where they, where they are producing. so this would have been that opportunity, and at this very important moment when this important investments are needing to be made, gabriella from some thank you very much for being on the show today. thank you. vertical farming is making its way into african cities to feed the surging populations of urban centers. the idea is to grow the crops out of the sides of tall sacks of birth to save space and reduce transportation. costs from the farm is a forest of vegetables, thriving in the snow courtyard. vertical farming makes it possible. so these improve food security and urban kenya. levine, sal cage grows, producing vertical plants and socks. when a small farming gets in,
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galler on the outskirts of nairobi. she cultivates spinach and keel for both house or consumption unfulfilled. it's what was so interesting about it is how, like you can send one suck can hold up to $150.00 plan. so that one was a bitter calling economy quote for me. and it's something that if you late don't, can cover like a big space. but here you see it has just taken a most bit, but just thought maybe she uses less than spend less time and money on reading. she was introduced to the new method by mere might of urban green farm. the organisation sells vertical farming bags to interested parties. and as also teamed up with local n g o to sets up gardens in informal settlements on the compact spaces available in urban areas. i mean, most of the nonprofits initiative helps to promote climate friendly agricultural practices. yes, the stations pena coordinator saying ron's training courses for young people and
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some of the techniques that work out vertical guidance, hydroponics upon x and idol pointing. so basically we see the youth as the future of africa and also the women to convey the big portion of the claim for security in africa. so we see that if empower these to the africa, we did it before security move taken to the next level over the last 3 years, solicitation st. more than 1500 women and young people around can. the cost is cover everything from crop management and watering technique to pest control and the use of bio for its allies. this vertical gardens has its own training facility . here, emphasis is placed on ways of saving the planet from carbon emissions and excessive energy use. people. i encourage to grow food close to hill to help cut down the use
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of feeling during transportation. if i can grade myself, then it's better for me to better for the environment as a whole. we use the amount of cars on the road, the amount of carbon emissions, the amount of transport needed from the supplier to come to this market from this full market, being a hefty electricity bill in terms of power and, and refrigeration services. and this will love it, okay? so vertical side is doing so well. she's already thinking about adding more vegetable varieties. look at some other business stories making news. the international monetary fund has increased its lending capacity by $650000000000.00 funds reserves for countries in need of support to recover from the pandemic to the i. m f. managing director calls the program a shot in the arm for the world of the us food and drug administration, and the centers for disease control and prevention. se fully vaccinated individuals do not need a boost. a coven shot at this time. on thursday,
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germany's biotech and pharma john pfizer said they'd seek authorization for a 3rd dose of the vaccine to tackle the delta variant. vietnam's economic comp, hoshi mean city as begun a 2 week lockdown to control the spread the virus. the measures include a stay at home order, a ban on more than 2 people meeting and the closure of public transport services shelves. in many supermarkets emptied as people rushed to prepare a german government flip flop has dealt a severe blow to portugal, all important tourism industry. german tourists canceled their trips after berlin issue to travel warning only to revoke it a week later. the garver. it's always been the heart of portugal, speech tourism even today, but not like it used to be. it's mainly the portuguese themselves, a few spaniards and some french tourists. in the many hotels along the coast lively beach life has turned into an eerie calm,
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who secretly think 55 to 60 percent of the guests who normally spend their vacations. here are foreigners. and if they come mainly from germany, the u. k. and other countries. but they're not here now he's not, don't cough? christina morero's sees the consequences when she takes a walk in the private roacher, empty and abandon shops. the tour guide tries to make ends meet as best she can. so i told them to answer those 2020 everything canceled this year. so far everything's been canceled. now i've had some work, but no tours are these are the kind of fuel morero's survives by giving courses for new guides. many people in the garvey don't have any income as the charity carriage house experiences deal with its food bank in port to mild man clark. since we're taking care of 480 families at the moment, that's 112070 people. during the 1st year of the pandemic,
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the number of people in need skyrocketed. this spring, the number went down as soon as the 1st hotels reopened and sought staff. but that buoyancy only lasted for weeks. at the nasty things will tend to get worse again because he disappeared. the fact that the german tourists are allowed to travel again might be too little too late. british tourists still can't travel. the damage seems to be done than food, even though the measures are what he's rhonda july and august are the most important months for the garbage and for southern europe with full deal pick. and they'll probably be lost up until the pandemic struck 15 percent of portugal, g d p came from tourism that makes people all the more frustrated with the travel restrictions. we are seeing these ever changing rules and for
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and her partner for the employees is very difficult to handle these new situations every week. 56000 germans planned vacations in a garvey for this july. that was before the warning. now, no one knows how many of those holiday makers will even show up. beautiful part of the world. sad to miss out on nice doing business with you. ah. the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say information and contact the corona virus. 19 special next on dw eco africa
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from the who, the believe the national park in congo. he and his family would love nothing more than to live in peace. but poachers and farmers hunting and threatening the species ah, what's to be done to protect africa? in 16 minutes on w i what's the difference? it makes football enjoy it like this. like this. explain what the organizers of your a 2020 preferred? tens of thousands of families who will take the seats at sunday's final in london.
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but in japan there is a different view to the lympics will take place in.


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