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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2021 5:30pm-6:15pm CEST

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not these for sports, he rose. it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready help down during walk down the want to go to tokyo, start july 19 d w. the news be need from road traffic clean or construction noises, a form that affect people and wild life around the world every day in this edition of eco india explode is often overlooked pollutant and what can be done to give us a break. hello, welcome. some about now research shows and bob mental noise is humphrey the help of
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the young and the old with the lease of the 90000000 people and all the structure required to sustain them. the problem is acute in the capital. experts see only a mix of measure can help the one the there's a diver felician you can't see, can't smell days off. it's a dangerous attack on your ears. it's the pollution that comes from noise. ah, environmentalists gender abortion studies noise pollution levels and any by using a basic mobile by the phone. miserable limit said by the government for noise in
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the daytime photo. eventually area is 45 to 55 decibels. he record almost double set of acres bosses, the noise level, and this is not their very busy road in delhi. this would be a normal road in delhi vivian. this is the level will be $995.00. and that's the problem. 3, the noise by 10 decibels, it's both saved as a doubling volume. the damaging effect of noise is mostly under estimated noise. pollution is a big problem in india, specially in metropolitan city. big city every are centered, pollution control board publishes don't noise pollution in metro metro cities. the latest report was in 2017 i did shows that each and every metro city and
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all the monitoring station but not meeting the ambient noise standards because of noise, pollution. modern society, all of us in the capital city daily has almost 12000000 vehicles on a nursing phone. been driving his auto shot here for over 20 years. he's a noise polluter, but also victim of the people hung unnecessary and i would like to govern the bandit. if you're waiting at the red light, they're high, good home. they don't get the data when you get it in the morning leave. and this is the 1st thing you encounter. it doesn't affect your day. i'm going to move throughout the day. how many people can i find? no one will understand if people who are willing to understand the wouldn't feel the need to get them when they know what i need. but about
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a 30 carried out as part of the was during index found that living in the was loudest, cities leads to hearing loss, equivalent to about 10 to 20 years. older. other studies have also ling noise pollution to stress, depression and cardiovascular problems. and of course, hearing loss, even among the young lady is echoing 12 year old vodka is visiting dr. funk of my goods clinic today for his routine hearing to be sessions. 4 months ago he developed a season bout of ringing and his are what we commonly known as tentative after gaming a managed function, very loud music was when i got was one. he had to shift using earphones online classes with them. literally, in the mornings i feel that it is gone. by night it increases and i get loud sounds
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in my ears. i have trouble sleeping and can't concentrate on my studies on my online class. despite intensive fever condition has improved but only 40 percent. so far as dr. good points out, it's very important for parents to be aware of possible hearing issues and children due to excessive use of headphones and mobile phones. so the burden on over here is increasing the noise exposure i'm is increasing. next tend to hearing loss and program will definite as so we should limit the exposure time of the noise to person and also the load noise ex was in a certain low next was should be order. yes. now biodiversity buck another day. lease, even hill noise pollution is an issue, especially at russia. the scientists could
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birds loudly believe on we'll kill addition and songs. so they are shot a songs and vocalization we sickly. make them to bring mit, protect them from the data. and then for a particular sound of a particular pitch actually mix all these different if that the area isn't why these it can be really isn't created and your population goes down. and it also impact the historical part of your life cycle. and therefore, bidding impacts reproduction in get affected. the i don't, it could be a bush and tells us india is among the few countries with extensive laws and police on noise pollution. noise is regarded as an air pollutant according to a low inactive 40 years ago. the law says standard for various areas,
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but different limits for night and days. but i've got many that are sure. none of the metro cities are meeting the standards. who's the 1st issue is that the awareness level is really, really poor compared to air quality and water pollution. if i compare the enforcement action non noise, pollution is very limited. the enforcement is given to police, you know, like air and water pollution. red inforcement is in the hands of pollution authority. police doesn't have a, you know enough knowledge on the issue. they do not have technical mind bought and they generally try not to, you know, take action on noise issue because they believe it is. go to your attention, but noises even harming the police itself. saudi government started the impact on traffic police and found the hearing of over 50 percent of them considerably
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damaged. the doctor is at the forefront of fighting noise pollution that the frequency source of noise she considers unnecessary audit on the all religious places where there's a good, what was your role? i feel like everyone uses loudspeakers. videos connecting with god. i think it's a one to one connection. you know, you don't need allowed speakers. so the supreme court has given a war, dick on this last few, seeing that all religious places is respect of which religion to take down the loudspeakers. unfortunately, religion is such that few subject and india that no one there is to be made. the noise pollution won't be remedied unless focus on collaborative efforts, some noise barriers of on solution. but the problem also needs to be addressed at the more fundamental level. the fact is we have to reduce the outside outside noise
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itself. in fact, we will have to make sure that the vehicle are low. just standard automated, more stringent in areas where the noise levels are really high. we will have to start putting noise values to residential area and other critical i chemically. we will have to all of us. we will have to come together and reduce noise environment and measures can help to say scientists files could set noise can be to deal with by trees and shrubs that take the foliage, the more effectively it can serve as a sound buffer and filtered out noise. what is going to be, how bill wise, there is very interesting, not only it reducing and mitigating air pollution, but also car telling noise pollution because it, it giddiness barrier to the noise. if noise, if there is a noise in a corner, it cannot breville with through what he call bark. even though it is it,
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is it reduce it plastic li, therefore, impact become negligible to the birds to animals and even to the human being for people like nursing sol who migrated to daily because it offers them a johns to on a livelihood, leaving the noisy cities is not really an option. the best he can do is appeal to his fellow citizens, better judgment goes on. no, i can only question. why do they so much in the 1st day? you needed the news on, but it shouldn't be huge. and the society people get, imagine you a case with a low, how you feet. and if all else fails, there's one last thing that can be done by those suffering from noise pollution. visiting nature, very early in the morning and listening to the sound of silence. be
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just full sound solution isn't just a problem for people. nice can have and predictable and be seated consequences on animals too, from mighty wheels of the fees or tiny insects on land. and that causes ripple effects across and guy, or ecosystems the, the cacophony of human activity, the wildlife, the stones must be overwhelming the but looking at what effect the actually have on the natural world is a relatively new feel of research whales and dolphins for exam can communicate over a distance of many kilometers on very specific frequency.
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these are being disrupted increasingly by the noise of offshore only really large ships and the use of solar device. ah. the animals have a hard time communicating and can become disoriented, leading to increasing numbers of beached based on land. do people make an almighty around 100 decibels? it's often too low, even for human. the impact of that noise on why not enough because most animals communicate using various sounds. birds willing to made for example, can barely hear each other in loud environments. studies show that the meeting great in noisy places decreases to around 77 percent compared to 92 percent. the
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foreigners researches fear that the bird proposition will decline. the results of the animal species change the hunting behavior or the migration drilled. the noise altered, disturb amphibians, and insect and beaten vertical. scientists found that if the noise level is over $100.00 decibels, the bees fall into a kind of shock analysis for about 20. during this time, we are unable to fall in or plead from predators. they many insects like grasshopper disappear from meadows near road construction or the parker abundance species can have a big impact on others. without locust, for example, birds lack some of their food, which in turn affects other species. and thus the anti ecosystem. i further studies
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are still needed to understand the full extent of how noise pollution affects wind night but it is only clear that environmental noise has a predominantly negative impact on the lives of animals and the feet in the air. and on the left, lloyd pollution is one of the factors driving a global decline. in fact, populations. the low following, agree the locations for 14 c, the b has become a rallying cry to check the trade. or the key to success lies in knowing which species to protect honey visa risks and pests and diseases. but their numbers are actually growing worldwide. the united nations that manage times have increased by 83 percent since $960.00 want because they're always managed by beekeepers. and also receive veterinary treatment ends on bands no,
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no risk that they will become extinct. but honey bees, the only be there are around 20000 different species of wild bees and they are the most important wild pollinators, then mostly solitary. and unlike honey, be suited to specific tongues, which makes them better. pollinating. hector of apple, for example, would require tens of thousands of honey bees to pollinate. but only hundreds of the wild mia neuter. the flowering plan is strongly connected to the nature that accordingly lock and key principle. while we are in serious decline, world wide, wild be diversity has been decreasing each year since the $900.00 ninety's pesticides intensive agriculture, and especially habitat. last name, dr. it's a recent study found that we may have already lost
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a quarter of won't be the fees various regional estimates for just over 40 percent of wildly and butterfly species are threatened. this loss of diversity can cause knock on effects on whole ecosystems. less pollinated diversity means fewer wild animals that use them to food or shelter. also bad for the future of our food in new food to them is higher when they're all by very upset for use compared to windsor off the just by only funny be a global increasing crops that require insect coordination. like fruits, vegetables and oil seeds has driven up pollinate dependence by 70 percent since 1961 combined with a decline. and while pollinators not spells an emergency for the global food supply, honey bees also a threat to wild ones within the honeybee hiv you have the individuals
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that need a lot of love. you launch their whoop, most of the florida, which was and they will not be in the other plane beach honey be. you can also spread disease to wild beans. an effect to be can leave some virus on the flower to be picked up by the next while be visit. it's not the honey bees fault, but they're not the species that will save the beef. there has been a lot of people that thought that i could only side the be when having their own the hive in the back yard. and that's the wrong way to compare the point in a service. so what's the right way? industrial agriculture is the biggest threat to all these uses, harmful chemicals, ammonia cultures. so ideally, we need to change
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a whole food system. buying food from small scale farmers support divers habitat for wild beef. even more can be done with a backyard light, leaving native plants alone or plant new ones. open sunny ground or dead logs, also make great breedings both the wild be. but most of all we need greater awareness. we need honey bees, but are in danger of losing them with the wild bees. it's another story. species protection is a cause championed by the grammy award winning indian composer ricky gauge. he's a passionate environmentalist who funk inspiration in lieu of big fun, be tube and 6th symphony the best or it's a sonic portrayal of the harmonious i'm fragile and unity between humanity and nature. the me, i'm ricky, i'm a musician. i'm an environmentalist and for the last few years of dedicated my life
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to the sole purpose of creating environmental consciousness through my music. i'm very much indian and i live in india the me, the me. so buster is a composition which i absolutely admire and something that i've known for a very long time. somebody in the back of my mind for many, many years. it's always been there. try to make my own version of it or tried to, to view it in my own way. everyone simply because this would be like pretty much the mother of all the compositions when it comes to nature. you're feeling wonderful. so today we're going to have a wonderful recording. so let's get started. yeah, fantastic. thank you so much. so i'm an indian,
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i think through indian instruments i express myself through indian music. so that's why when i had to express myself through beetle in special in mind you, i do not make other versions of songs very often. in fact, it's extremely that. but in this case, it was very, very natural for me to do it well of luca villages i the. 2 2 you i this the, me, ah, this ah,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, was india is obviously a very complicated country. we have a huge population and we have a huge number of problems when it comes to the wymond starting with air pollution, mitigating the effects of climate change. we've got deforestation. we've got species extinction. we've got the plastics problem. we've got a lot of problems in india,
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but i would say that the biggest issue in india is the part that everybody has that somebody else will make a difference. so and that is a huge problem that we need to address the. 6 the environment is that about new to the on the journey of being human, we have forgotten that we are not the only species on the planet. just one among millions and millions of reviews on the slide is better or you don't want a better tomorrow. we need to empower every single person within india, like mahatma gandhi, he had the famous saying that, you know, be the change you want to see. and i believe that everybody needs to go back to mod,
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log on these teachings and understand that they can be the agents of change rather than looking looking for somebody else to bring about change. ah . 2 so i do a lot of my music compositions within nature. so many times, you know, when i have the time to get out of the city, just go into the forest and listen to music.
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ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, in india, at the very heart of the 200 d at the very heart of joe and the very heart of traditions is this is sounds good. it's free is. it's called, it wasn't able to become, it means the world is one family. so it's not just living in harmony with all life, but also with the elements of nature like water, asked the oceans that it was a resignation and everything like that. the, the ah, in,
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i believe that v as indians need to go back to our roots, we need to go back to our culture to understand, you know, where we come from. and to understand that we need to live in absolute coexistence and in an absolute balance without in wymond. because that is the key to us away. i in now be too often escaped to the countryside to leave behind the noise of the pollution of the early industrial age. but that's not an option for menu, which is why you need to find sustainable for you. sions, to alleviate the effect of noise solution, right? where we are, if you have ideas to bring down the noise in your neighborhood, do right to us equal india a d, w dot com. i'll see you again next week,
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goodbye and thanks for watching the news . the news. the news,
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the news the news, the news, the ah interest, the global economy, our portfolio, g w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. to analyze the fight for market dominance.
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with c w business beyond on youtube, and i'm agreeing you feel worried about the planet. i'm neil's. host of the on the green fence we need to change join me for the size of the green transformations for me to use for the women in asia in speaking. that's me for them all the money and lunch and the. the only way i can be on top is to create my own. i see they're standing
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story in the i phone my life this weekend on d, w, the me, the the, the the
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old way can be the generation ends that for good malaria must die. so millions can live the the was who's this is the news live from berlin. vital a will continue to flow to syrians after the un security council, both to keep a disputed port or russia had protests. the operations saying is violated jury and sovereignty at the renewal, another year of the $5000000.00, but civilians in the probably troll north of the coming up on the show. heavy
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artillery on display as the us and ukraine wrap up several days of war against the black sea. to fight objections from russia will come. our correspondent, handy man, hunted underway for the assassins of the president of haiti. police. these men are part of the hits. why did they kill the job and believe in his home, they're searching for more suspects and their mood in the me. hello, i'm claire richard's been a very warm welcome to the show. a lifeline at 2 millions of syrians has been extended for another 12 months renewal of a un resolution allowing international aid to cross through turkey into serious rebel held territory was stalled by russia as an ally to the syrian government. moscow said the aid operation violated the country sovereignty by going through a back door border crossing. rather than passing through the capital damascus. 8
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organizations have fed it is a lifeline to civilians in the north. he'd let the capital of a disputed province of the same name in the north west of syria. elizabeth, the last stronghold of the opposition malicious and syrian president assad wants to bring it back under his control. 4000000 people are stuck there in the hospital. they are fighting another battle, this one against the corona virus vaccine, the scares only 46000 doses have been administered since may. the only way to get more vaccines is from across the turkish border. but in eat live, people don't believe the regime will help them in their fight against the pandemic . the hotel, we don't trust the regime. they have promised in the past to deliver vaccines. and now they promised again. but here in the liberated areas, we never received anything. i experience with them goes away back. they want the syrian population to start and die. joe was shot, the saudi, currently 11,
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getting supplies through a back door. the only open border crossing from turkey called jill, that is you there, bought a house on the syrian side, some $1000.00 trucks make the trip once a month. some of the money comes from europe, the u. n. organizes the shipments. it's an ongoing war. it's an active front line that's been shelling every single day and the last year they've been multiple strikes and other missile attacks. in these kind of conditions, it's very difficult to get agreement between the parties to the conflict, to safe route into evil. it is through turkey, but aside and russia, i want to block the entry point. you commission for crisis management. janish lunar church, visited the shipment center on the turkish side of the border. europeans and the you need to find a compromise with their ally, russia that you commission is angry, but it's putting
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a good face on the matter. as european union representative. i could only say that this issue should not be about politics. these should be about helping people who needs help across the border and eat le province around one and a half 1000000 refugees have no permanent home. they live in camps. there are no jobs. they rely on help from outsides. their concerns about the threatened closure of the border crossing garbage, you know, in mobile rad flower fuel medicine. everything comes to bob, how across it, if they close the crossing, they might as well barry us alive because we will all starve. there will be nothing here. whether the border is closed or not, the syrian refugees will remain a bargaining chip in the struggle for power. and us troops are to leave afghanistan nearly 2 weeks earlier than planned by august. 31st withdraw will end the longest
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us war. a conflict that has spanned 2 decades, many are worried about what the departure of international troops will mean for the peace of afghanistan. the tal yvonne is making rapid advances. the battalion se this footage shows them celebrating after seizing control of the keyboards are crossing into iran. it was one of several advances made by the militants throughout gaston, in recent weeks. they've been gaining ground since the u. s. and now the departure of its military by the end of august, the same military that ousted them from power in 2001 in washington, president biden defended the speed of the withdrawal, saying the u. s. would no longer sustain the human cost of a conflict that cannot change. i've got distance course ghani. so let me ask those who want us to stay. how many more? how many thousands more americans, daughters, and sons? are you willing to risk?
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i will much send another generation america to warn i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. but by and also argued, the u. s. had achieved the original goal of routing al qaeda after the $911.00 terror attacks that led to the invasion. he said the decision to leave was overdue . we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. just days ago, the u. s. pulled out of background air base near cobble the center of its military operations for nearly 2 decades. the pentagon says the withdrawal of us forces is now more than 90 percent complete. as foreign troops depart, the african military struggling to push back the taliban. like here enough gun
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instance northwest peace talks between the government and the militants. have so far failed. and many fear the violence will only get worse once the last us soldiers have returned home. let's turn our attention now to some more stories from around the world. frances, to begin with the frying troops of fighting islamist extremist in this a hell region of africa. french president, manuel macro has been holding talks with the leaders of 5 african nations. a french force has been battling rebels linked to al qaeda and to the so called islamic state. the death toll from a fire in a food factory and bangladesh has risen to at least 52 people. dozens of others are injured. missing a blaze broke out in an industrial town in the northeast. fires are common in bangladesh because of lack safety regulations. a former british police officer has pleaded guilty to murdering
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a woman as she walked home in london. there ever are death park to outrage over male violence against women. when cousins has also admitted to kidnap and rape a war games involving the u. s. ukraine and 30 other nations are wrapping up in the black sea operation. seabreeze has been held despite strong objections from russia . the largest maneuvers in decades have been taking place around the waters of premier, which russia and from ukraine in 2014 qx. once you joined the nato alliance and will host more exercises for the us, poland, and with the us later this month. and for more, i'm now joined by dw correspondent nick connelly. he joined us from odessa, a port city on the black sea in ukraine. and nick, us, so good to you. you have just spent the last 3 days on the navy destroyer, the u. s. s. ross, i tell us about your experiences there while we were shot at the whole time
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by russian aircraft, russian ships were within a few miles nautical miles of us destroy. i was on the bizarre thing was that the commanders and the officers on board that american destroy, basically weren't allowed, was seemingly, were told not to even mention russia by name. so we had lots of talk about interoperability between the u. s. navy, with the ukranian navies. and other countries, but spacing in this excise, but there was no talk about basically the elephant in the room. the ships we were seeing, the plains that were buzzing the ship. i was on. that was pretty strange, given that we've come out of months of tension between the western russia over ukraine. we saw rush massing troops on ukraine borders. so a bit of a strange situation. their talk of being out in special water, never one of the allowed to be there, but no real willingness to actually engage and talk about what was happening around us. how bizarre, just to give us a sense of the geographical condition. how closely did you come to crimea on that destroyer? so during the excise,
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we weren't actually particularly close to crimea. we were, i'd say probably no closer than 4050 miles from crimea. that's a big difference in recent weeks. we've seen a purchase destroyer. sorry, a british warship, the defender coming a lot closer to crimea, that provoked big diplomatic spat between moscow and london. they didn't obviously want to repeat that this time around. but that wasn't necessary to have all that russian activity around us in the international wards of black. see, there is a heavy russian presence. the russians brought back some of their bigger ships and mediterranean. so really, it was felt in some ways parallel western russia next size 2 groups of ships basically trailing each other around the black sea and looking at each other down, binoculars, sometimes pretty intensely, it's sometimes it's felt like it become a bit of routine that just help us understand what, take a step back. can you tell us what the intention behind these drills is? so on paper, obviously these drills are about interoperability about learning to work with other
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navy that's of the, the formal goal of this. but also the big picture is, of course, this is a show of support for ukraine. after those weeks and months, basically, high tension here. and you can, off the russians, mobilize a huge part of the military and put it out on a long ukraine borders. that was a show of force these ex, happy health before, but never as such a big scale has to be said though, this isn't really fear mongering on the part of the west because only 5000 people took part in these exercises that several times less than the russians bring out yearly, so it's still pretty small contingent, but it is attempts to support for ukraine, especially the time where the west is not offering ukraine nature membership or any other kind of formal security guarantees. so lots of good reasons. the green to stay worried, but the westerly trying to show that you hadn't forgotten about this country 7 years after crimea with an extra w, of course, wanted nicole reporting for us from odessa. thank you so much. well,
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days after hated president was assassinated in his home. police say they have captured 17 suspects and killed several others. among those arrested are columbia, ex, military and to dual us asian citizens. their motive remains unclear, and authorities are still searching for more members of the alleged squad. the deposit for haiti's assassins is on many show and wonder how president juvenile needs normally undertake security. could be killed in the middle of the night. the fact that she was no good for the haitian people, it's true that he never listened, but nobody is happy at the way he died. several of the suspects are now in police. custody and gun has been conscious gaden at least 6 of them appear to be ex soldiers of the colombian army. according to
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columbia, in official angry haitians are gathering outside the police station and mashing suspects. cars, police are now cautioning against vigilance. suffolk, may you know the people that we have found us, we have an obligation to protect them. we cannot take justice into our own hands. intention prime minister cloud joseph has declared a state of emergency and stepped up to leave the country until new elections can be held. but has legitimacy is being challenged by a rival candidate audience already. just the day before more youthful killed already was named new prime minister. but he has not yet been sworn in the feel of
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a growing fighter where the president seat may create a power vacuum unleashing for the instability. and i was lucky enough to be planning a visit to london this summer can look forward to a new attraction there for the 1st time, buckingham palace, the queen's london residence opening its gardens to the public. previously only guided tours were permitted. and now for a 16 pound admission fee visitors can scroll the grounds on their own. they're even allowed to have a picnic. and a girl in the united states has become the 1st black american to win the national spelling bee contest. maria n u r. a y that is the oven guard when the $50000.00 prize correctly is spelling the world. the word maria, which is a gene, a plant. the teenager is also a basketball,
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prodigy who called 3 guinness world. records for a basketball dribbling on guard, says that spelling is check. your site hobby is 21 script national spelling bee. as your new update at this hour, i will be back at the top of the hour with more and business news is coming up next . if you want more, you can of course, find much more analysis. the news news in december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows important on a ground breaking mission. i have


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