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saying it's time for afghanistan, decide if you thought the taliban could be the winners as to withdraw the heavy artillery on display as us than you pray, wrap up several days of war games at the black sea. despite objection from russia, we'll look at what this show up for me for me to use the olympic flame or rise in tokyo to an empty field. a preview of the game to come as organizers, ban all spectators during a corona virus date of emergency. ah, hello and clair richards been a very warm welcome to the show. days after haiti president was assassinated in his home. police say they have captured 17 suspects and killed several others among those arrested r, columbia, ex, military and to dual us patient citizens. their motive remains unclear,
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and authorities are still searching for more members of the alleged hits. one the deposit for haiti's assassins is on the many show and wonder how presidential winner needs normally undertake security. could be killed in the middle of the night. the fact that he was no good for the haitian people, it's true that he never listened, but nobody is happy at the way he died. several of the suspects are now in police custody. and gun aspen confiscated at least 6 of them appear to be ex soldiers of the columbia, an army, according to columbia and officials,
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angry haitians are gathering outside the police station and mashing suspect cars. police are now cautioning against visual and stuff, but the main, you know, the people that we have found us. we have an obligation to protect them. we cannot take justice into our own hands and tell him prime minister cloud. joseph has declared a state of emergency and stepped up to leave the country until new elections can be held. but his legitimacy is being challenged by a rival candidate. adrienne already, just the day before, more you have killed already was named new prime minister. but he has not yet been sworn in the field as a growing kind of fight. will, the president thief may create a power vacuum unleashing for the instability. and early re spoke to professor,
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going to my whole from the german institute for international and security affairs . and we ask them what the opposition is doing to establish democratic institutions in haiti is fractured. it is i'm capable of from national consensus. this opposition is although characterized by criminal interest family, groupings, person the powers duration. so the national dimension to, from the way out of the situation is very difficult to imagine. and in some way, international actors such as united nations, us or france hesitant to take up this challenge because they know about difficulties to come to terms with her look country and as it to asian, which is losing the rest of government. it had in the recent years professor, going to my hold from the german institute for international and security affairs
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speaking to d, w earlier today. and we can turn our attention to some other stories that are making headlines at this hour. the death toll from a fire in a food factory in bangladesh has risen to at least 52 people. dozens of others are injured and missing. a blaze broke out at an industrial town in the northeast fires are common in bangladesh because of lack of safety regulations. a former british police officer has pleaded guilty to murdering a woman who was killed as she walked home in london. sarah, ever our death spark outrage over male violence against women. wayne couldn't, has also admitted to kidnap and rape russia and the west are divided over 8 for northwest syria. moscow, once you went to authorize more assistance for only 6 months, the western nations are pushing for a year. millions of people depend on supplies,
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getting through and the security council is due to vote on the parts of new york city has been flooded. a tropical storm also makes its way up. the u. s. coast flash flood warnings were issued as st. the waves were submerged. us troops are to leave afghanistan nearly 2 weeks earlier than planned by august 31st . the withdraw will end the longest us war a conflict that has spanned 2 decades. and many are worried by the departure of international troops that holla on a terra group, is making rapid advances. the battalion se this footage shows them celebrating after using control of the keyboard or crossing into iran. it was one of several advances made by the militants throughout gaston, in recent weeks. they've been gaining ground since the us announced the departure of its military by the end of august, the same military that ousted them from power in 2001 in
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washington, president biden defended the speed of the withdrawal, saying the u. s. would no longer sustain the human cost of a conflict that cannot change. i've got distance course ghani. so let me ask those who want us to stay. how many more? how many thousands more americans, daughters, and sons? are you willing to risk? i will not send another generation america to warn, i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. but by and also argued, the u. s. had achieved the original goal of routing al qaeda after the $911.00 terror attacks that led to the invasion. he said the decision to leave was overdue . we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. and it's the right and the responsibility of ap can people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. just days ago,
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the u. s. pulled out of background air base near campbell, the center of its military operations for nearly 2 decades. the pentagon says the withdrawal of us forces is now more than 90 percent complete. as foreign troops depart the after military struggling to push back the taliban. like here enough, danny's tons. northwest peace talks between the government and the militants. have so far failed. and many fear the violence will only get worse once the last us soldiers have returned home. of the taliban has claimed they already control 85 percent of afghanistan, including key border districts. earlier we asked elinor say, no of the conrad, i don't our foundation about the likelihood of a complete tolerable and takeover. i don't think we'll be able to get control and easy to the whole country. and currently we see that they have been gaining all the
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territory and not in the district, but they avoid of attacking capitals, the provincial capitals and the capital capital. so also the ton of nodes. they cannot move the country over themselves, and they need the content of the main power of the country. and what i see, you know, the strategy is they want to weaken and to put the government of president on me and, and then have a new polish sharing agreement with the other brokers and malicious the company. we have the civil war also, we have a better time on come back to power and establish and let me government. but i don't think they will be able to establish the same as it is the 900 ninety's because the society has changed. the young generation has changed and they will be confessed that that's how i'm going to be contested. and but i see the hybrid that the country segmentation and maybe we see
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a new civil war similar to that of the 1990 s. that is also possible scenario. in our theory, speaking to d, w means they're still to come on the show. still in big flame, a rise in tokyo, but there will be no spectators in the stadium due to a new corona, virus, state of emergency. we'll look at the mood in japan at 2 weeks out from the game. and spain is famous for its media cuisine now. a plea for years to eat, less of it is proving hard for the war games involving the u. s. ukraine and 30 other are wrapping up in the black sea operation seabreeze have been held despite strong objections from russia. the largest maneuvers in decades have been taking place around the waters of crimea, which russia antics from ukraine in 2014. he wants to joined the nato alliance. it will host more exercises with the us, poland and lithuania,
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later and now joined by alexander car, a foreign policy and security analyst from the center for defense strategies based in a key of thank you so much for joining us. on the show 1st i wanted to just ask you, what is the point of these drills? festival. it's a bilateral deals where ukraine invites the nato part of the partner countries and all the western oriented countries. the. the key, even though, although exercise is, i mean the spend one is to show this to support all ukraine in phase on going russian aggression in dunbar and illegal immigration academia. and then creeping an extension of the territory to like the territorial waters around grania and the office. all since 2018 rush, i impose what keep all the ukrainian ports and this is why it's so important to show that you've cleaned is not alone in conflict with russia. secondly,
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as we proclaim that need to membership, what did you goal? and majority of ukraine and support session, move it to a really important thing to get more interoperability with natal country down to be more ready to get the membership action plan tend to be a recent decision. i made a summit, you greenville get the opportunity to become a member of the membership action plan and finally get the paternity to strengthen regional corporation and to show the regional power power beyond the region. the threat that russia, not just to ukraine, just to the region, but the european continent as a whole. a heavy militarization of crimea, including the nuclear component, is a direct threat to the caliber was capable of reaching each and every capital in europe. and the capable of carrying the nuclear warheads. and the new
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release of different nations who are taking part in this exercise can see what the sneaks russia is. do well and is trying to mirror in other areas like the baltic, the like in the article or in the far east. now it's understandable that ukraine wants to see a strong show of support given its nato ambition. but are these drills the best way to do it? well, i don't think in face of aggression the best way to show the strengths of the society and we've seen it so since 2014 ukrainian societies show that we've no willingness to be on the do russian rule or to be in the hero. people as the process. secondly, conflict with the president. not just the so called nationally shanika, but the more russian get you, lynn, is showing that we, we choose our parts to over the way. and certainly our military is the best defense
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against the ongoing aggression. while we are not under the article, fly for the washington treaty, and we have is russia. so, you know, self is the best way. how to show that there will be higher court still brought russia. you for the decide to move into interview, you create more than ukraine yet in the end of the day though, the sailors are going to be going home, and russia will continue to a search control over the crime in peninsula. so do these drills actually make a difference besides being a show of force? oh, certainly, this is a said that the great news, we better in better shape and because of the separation and establish ties. so we will be more capable of doing the event. there is some good program that is united kingdom and turkey, how to reveal to ukrainian navy will last capacity during the integration of the
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year. and that's why, as far as the maritime security concern that you created more will or will be southern of from the direction of it. why this is because i with the building capacity of the brain to defend itself from the southern, from the direction. that's why the 6 aside this with the building capacity of ukraine to defend itself on the sea is a really good move. i would like to say that the, the rotational presence will be the major countries. it's really important. and what we've seen just a couple weeks ago, we met the defender who touched toto was ukraine around premier. that caused a numerous reaction. incredible. right? move to do because the freedom negation is something really important just for ukraine was the whole rules. and that's why the call to support the grant shogun
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that russia can most set the rules in the area right. alexander car from the center for defense strategies. joining us from key of thank you so much.


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