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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2021 3:03pm-3:30pm CEST

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we have found it simple, we have an obligation to protect them. we cannot take justice into our own hands and tell him prime minister cloud. joseph has declared a state of emergency and stepped up to leave the country until new elections can be held. but his legitimacy is being challenged by rivals feel are growing that a fight or will the president seat may create a power vacuum unleashing for the instability. for more of this, i'm not jump professor good to my hope from the germany, sued for international security affairs. he's also an expert in latin america and on organized crime because of my own. many of these suspects seem to be colombian, some of them former military, what are the links between haitian hazy haiti and columbia that a lot of different dimensions which come to my mind, especially there is a truck steel arrangement. and we have seen in the last month and he says haiti has
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become at central point in the transition routes of trucks to the us and to the european markets. this might be one dimension, but we know as well that the, from a president had, especially his firms and his or economy activities, a lot of different connections to latin american countries. so this might be another dimension. ok. so organized crime is likely to have played a role here. would you agree? there could be one point. we must be here that this as a nation could only be managed to local context and local power holders. so we should see these as mercenaries which has been contracted by other people, and we are not sure up to now who is behind all this and we must expect further investigation. you mentioned the internal situation there in haiti. what can you
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tell us about the general political outlook at the moment? beyond the situation of power by him? and we have now since yesterday, to prime ministers who are debating their interests to control the situation. there is no parliament which isn't in sanctioning within one year. they had a president which operated by decree. c supreme court president has died recently from cove it. so there is no clear institutional way out of this challenge. and i think that due to this difficult ensued to should the scenario we need a strong position of the international community is there are no internal opposition. domestic opposition is there. is there a movement forming that you want want to re establish democratic institutions?
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there is a lot of opposition and it's a main problem. it is fractured, it is capable of from national consensus. this opposition is although characterized by criminal interest family groupings, person the power is duration. so the national dimension to form out of the situation is very difficult to imagine. and in some way, international actors such as united nations, us or france. hesitant to take up this challenge because they know about difficulties to come to terms with her look country. and as it to asian, which is losing the rest of government it had in the recent years, there are concerns that this situation could turn into an all our civil war. do you
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agree? i wouldn't speak so much about civil war. speak more about a know mia? you happens situation of security challenge, we have a lot of kidnappings. we have a criminal gangs from chuck controlling part of the territories in the capital being as well in the other landscape. so we have to be clear that there is now a central power. there is no confidence of the population in the institutions and we have a disastrous economic and co situation which makes it even more difficult to come to terms said, professor into my own from the german institute for the national security of fed. thank you very much for joining us. the only w news. my pleasure. that's have
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a look at some of the other stories making headlines. the death toll from the fire, a bungler dishy food factory, has risen to at least $52000.00 are injured and missing in the blaze which broke out in an industrial town. and the country's ne fires are common in bangladesh because of lacks safety regulation. parts of new york city were on the water on thursday as tropical storm elsa makes its way up. the post flash flood warnings were issued as streets since up was, was submerged, the national hurricane center. and also full cost is gone. when russia and western nations are divided over getting into northwest area from turkey, one the un to authorize. the extension of a delivery is for only 6 months. but western nations are pushing for one year. millions of people depend on aid getting through the bob. i'll holler crossing the un security council is expected to vote on friday. us president joe
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biden, as announced american troops will leave afghanistan nearly 2 weeks earlier than planned by august 31st. that despite taliban forces making rapid advances across the country, that withdraw will bring an end to the longest us war and nearly 20 year conflict. but the departure of nato troops is living many worried about security in afghanistan. the italian been say this footage shows them celebrating after using control of the keyboard. they're crossing into iran. it was one of several advances made by the militants to throughout ganesh, 10 in recent weeks. they've been gaining ground since the u. s. and now the departure of its military by the end of august, the same military that out of them from power in 2001 in washington, president biden defended the speed of the withdrawal, saying the u. s. would no longer sustain the human cost of a conflict that cannot change. gone instance course,
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ghani. so let me ask those who want us to stay. how many more? how many thousands more americans, daughters and sons? are you willing to risk? i will much send another generation americans to warn i can stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. but by and also argued, the u. s. had achieved the original goal of routing al qaeda after the $911.00 terror attacks that led to the invasion. he said the decision to leave was overdue . we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. just days ago, the u. s pulled out of background air base near campbell, the center of its military operations for nearly 2 decades. the pentagon says the withdrawal of us forces is now more than 90 percent complete.
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as foreign troops depart, the african military struggling to push back the taliban. like here enough gun is tense, northwest peace talks between the government and the militants. have so far failed . and many fear the violence will only get worse once the last us soldiers have returned home. but i'm not, john, no sign. oh, she's got to stand director of the german political foundation, the convent of knowledge. diff, don't. do you considered a mistake, the us troops and allies leave the country and so hastily? well, the question was not whether the troops release but when and how and under what conditions and the unconditional and very quick leaf came as a surprise to everybody. so basically also i thought that at least the united states could, could have negotiated more conditions for the evening for the peace negotiations
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with the taliban. but they did not do that. and so on the way how they nice. i think they could have made it in a different manner, but i think the question is not whether to leave and also in the community. many people think that it was time for the outcome of the international trip to the east . but of course, we did not need the high schools and expectations that the rate in the beginning so that the claims they already have 85 percent of the country under their control. the expect them to take over all of the guns down so they didn't get the last question. do you expect the tale bon, to gain control of the whole of have gone down? i don't think that will be able to get control and easy to the whole country and currently repeat that they have been gaining all the territory and not in the district, but they avoid of attacking the provincial capitals and the capital capital. and so
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also the ton of i know they cannot move the country over themselves and they need the content of the main power of the country. and what i see, you know, the strategy is they want to weaken and to put the government of president on me and, and then have a new polish sharing agreement with the other sharing a power brokers and malicious in the company. that's what i see. what is that strategy currently? so you do not find it conceivable that have gone down falls back to where it was 20 years ago, run by extra may serial or women have no rights. free speech is considered a crime. i would say, i don't think it will be the same history repeating itself is the same way. but idea, high respect the country might again might when you have a strict mentation, we have the civil war. also, we have the risk that the time i'm come back to power and establishing this,
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let me government, but i don't think they will be able to establish the same image that is the 900 ninety's because the society has changed. the young generation has changed and they will be content that the i'm going to be contested. but i see the high risk that the country fragmentation and maybe we see a new civic or similar to that of the 1990 s. that is also possible scenario human . you mentioned that other stakeholders enough down to sun society, the taliban have to deal with them. do you think that could be some kind of a sharing agreement that is actually want to tell you about looking for they are looking for medic power washing agreement in which they have the domain on part of the government. and i think this is still a conceivable solution that would be probably the most realistic political solution if we have a solution in terms of a negotiated piece, negotiation and a piece,
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happy them. and i think all the time, i know they cannot go with the poll by themselves. they want to international recognition and they won't get it if they take over the country by force and that's gonna san director of coma. i've no, i don't think tank. and so for your time, thank you. you're watching t w noon still to come in pick flame arrives until killed, but there will be no spectators in the stadiums due to a new corona, virus state of emergency. we look at the mood in japan, 2 weeks out from the 1st, the global cove in 1900 death toll. this weeks, the past 4000000, many recent deaths have been an india where 2 experienced ferocious new wave of the virus, while infection rates that have started for many people are still living with the lingering effects of long cove. it's the w reporter, many of our child re,
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is in delhi, where she met with some of those struggling to recover it's been almost a month since the book otherwise came back home after a long bout in the hospital. after losing 25 kills and still very weak. b plus is now slowly trying to get back to a state of normal seat. and the life he had before it was disrupted by a satirical would 19 infection. only she was came to mind. 60 that i will be able to win up on this battle or not. after struggling, initially, the book managed to get admitted to a hospital when his workplace intervened. off the 50 days he spent that 40 was spent in the intensive care unit. he says he lost track of time of days and nights, and that the time he spent lying in a room tramped with patience broke. if the worst thing would happen is at the end of my legs i, i found that my legs are not looking. they are,
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they are not the part of my body. i was not able to cope with the oxygen mask what they have put. and i was really feeling helpless. i said, there is no point in living because i can't cope of a discretion. i left a message to my cousin brother that i'm not going to stay away. i think the motor is going to be my last day. each day he could hear people screaming with pain and discomfort. and each the he saw some one dying. the boss knew he was fighting this infection at the time when the entire city was struggling hard to cope with it. it was his 2 children. he says, who gave him the card. she needed the 1st feeling that was there with me. 247 was the feel fuel of losing him. you want to return back to normal. you just want to see those 4 members of your family together on the dining table. konica says the
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experience with their father and the site they saw at the hospital have need all of them stronger as a family. one of the biggest address was missing his diamond ceremony from an organization. he spent nearly 4 decades in an a. d. he has spent months preparing for but he's turning over a new leaf now. and is the entire focus is on his health. he wants to live a long, heavy, fulfilling life was covered by him is more tougher than the corporate thing. i'm really finding it very difficult to cope with me the recovery time because we already one month, there's already one month. i'm not able to walk even the dentist technical. so you'll be what dr. telling. it will take 6 plus one small slow step at a time. he is trying to move towards full recovery. but with every task still a challenge. he knows it will take a long time. biotech and fire them say they will seek approval for
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3rd those of that over 19 vaccine to boost its 55 people rotation from the cdc housing authority in the united states. the company says a 3rd job within 12 months could boost immunity and help ward off new various. specifically the more infectious delta barrier that is rapidly gaining dominance globally. companies will also see authorization in europe and other regions for 3rd lot of more that i'm the joint body from d w science. so to get those approval, how necessary and how soon off of the 2nd, those, what is the day to say splitter, and i'm not gonna mention the numbers here, but i'm not entirely convinced if i'm allowed to express any opinions that really helped anybody out there really get a grip of this sort of story. we, obviously people do say the more vaccinated you all the better. it could be in
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their awesome indications that typical risk groups, older people, people with existing illnesses might need a booster shot. but look, reading speaking that's rolling back into the house because laundry, this is a question about commerce, it's about politics and public fees and that sort of thing. so this is what people are doing as we unlock in some countries, you know, politicians are under a lot of pressure to basically say, hey, what's going to happen? we move back into the, in all some and in winter. and that's why some companies are saying, hey, let's look at this also. we have the variance, so we've got delta, we got lambda, you know, the point is constantly moving the goalpost. and so these companies, i need to move all the time as well. they want to find them by on take tweak. they say that tweak that. thank c. by august we get this rolling out soon, but really speaking, we don't know if this is a life study out there at this point, be with food and drug administration and the sentence a disease control prevention of both the people who are fully vaccinated in the us don't need it at this time. in europe,
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this topic has come up before as well as being told down because people then say, how can we in these rich nation talk about bird back some nation when some countries rate a poor countries or even struggling to get one vaccination. so, you know, my final thoughts on this is really interesting when we hear that there is a new via various of concern vaccine points that are struggling to deal with that particular variance. a lot of coverage shows the stock, their stock prices in the background. you can see what behind the bright comments when they're struggling, and when they announce that they're going to do something about it next book, she has go up. and i think that's really the most telling point here. we have to wait and see, relax a little bit and see what see what they just said when we, when we can see what it does. so think bonnie, that from the w science. thank you. it's now 2 weeks until the tokyo olympics are due to start, but they'll be games without fans. organizes have announced
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a total ban and both foreign and domestic spectators. after the new karone of our state of emergency was declared across parts of japan. the games will be the 1st and elliptic history to be held behind closed doors, and some say they shouldn't happen at all. it looks better late than never some might say. after a long journey through all of japan's 47 pre fixtures, the olympic flame has finally arrived in tokyo, one year behind schedule. due to the corona virus pandemic. rising cove in 1900 cases in the capital. also, many members of the public were not there to greet the flame authorities announced the state of emergency in tokyo for the duration of the games to try to curb to spread the virus amid fears of the delta various the measure mostly limits alcohol sales and restaurant opening hours to try to stop contagion. but it also means these will be the 1st limpid games without fans in attendance. stadiums like this
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one will be mostly empty. the talk your thought the government restrictions for tokyo site emma cannot go well and chiva prefecture would have kept event attendance at 50 percent, the venue capacity up to $5000.00 people. so the data to go to this ago, we haven't decided to allow no fans during the games as a stricter measure to prevent further spread of the virus. and that he must stop. the decision has put a damper on the mood just 2 weeks ahead of the opening ceremony. paul show large swath of the public. don't want the game to take place. some people are even taking to the streets. who do people? i don't think we should hold the olympics in such a situation together with these people who share my same opinion. we want to protest against the olympics till the very end and we want them to be cancelled.
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that's why i came here today. the organizers are not giving up and are determined to move forward. the olympic flame may be small right now, but they hope it will help spark enthusiasm ahead of these unprecedented games. the people of spain, some of europe's biggest consumers of meat, now a spanish government ministers calling on people to eat less of it for the good of their own health and the planets. but his message has drawn rebukes from some of spain's most odd mediators including the prime minister, the spain, a paradise for meet lovers, the countries cuisine as famous for its hams and sausages. but the consumer affairs minister has sparked controversy by suggesting the spaniards should change their
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eating habits, compensated. and so because what would you think if i told you that excessive meat consumption harms both our health and also our planet? we can change our diet and improve the state of the planet. the minister noted the beef production in particular requires huge amounts of water and produces greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. some surveys have showed spaniards as europe's top carnivores consuming an average. 98 kilograms of meter year. well above the average of 76. the suggestion to come meet and take counted the prime minister to way in from an official trip to look the way. nivia is over the top with me cuz controversy is personal to me. as far as i'm concerned, there's nothing better that i'm perfectly done state interesting, by the way, convincing spaniards to change their meat, loving ways may prove to be a hard. so a girl of the us has become the 1st african american to win the
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national spelling bee contest. maria m u r a y. that is the one the $50000.00 prize, but correctly spelling the word maria, which is a janice of cloth of l. genius is also a basketball for the g new holds the 3 guinness world record for basketball dribbling of enough, as you billing is only a side spelling be well done. you watching the w news coming up next. and d. w. news, asia eating disorders in china. why increasing numbers of women in china are risking their health in suits of what they see as the perfect body. and the new hardships facing transgender women in india and control kashmir as they
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tried to deal with the consequences of locked out in the region by calling spanish. he has those stories and a lot more. next in d. w. news. i've got an invalid for me on the team. thanks for watching the news. the news. the news. news. news, news, news. news.
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news. the ah. was right in front of them. say that they're all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone here or didn't the game central care were 20? 2021. struck off course during the qualifying ground. not least for sports heroes. actually, it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and
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ready helped down during walk down the lucky you. go to tokyo, start july 19 d w. w. crime fighters, the car, back. african. boeing radio drama continues the seasons. the story focus on have speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charco production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on the w africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to noon, now. look closely. listen carefully. don't know how to do the feel. the magic the
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discovers the world around you. i subscribed to the w documentary on youtube. me. they said they'd have been use a shot today on the program. why eating disorders are becoming increasingly common in china? many young women are risking that health in pursuit of unrealistic body image goals . what, what's the pursuit? and what can be done to stop it plus life has never been easy for transgender women did. administered.


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