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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2021 2:00pm-2:46pm CEST

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oh wow. to live and survive. my d, the environmental global $3000.00 on dw and online. ah, the news . this is e w. news lied from berlin. the humphrey haiti's presidential assessment . police say these men are part of the hips cool kills jovan l. y. in his help searching for more mercenaries and demos, also coming off us, president biden sets an august 31 deadline for the country's largest, longest war,
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saying it's time for us to decide its own future that the taliban could be the witness of the withdrawal. biotech, pfizer seek permission for the fed. those of that over 19 vaccine saying and additional shots helps boost immunity. as the delta barrier becomes dominant around the world and going where no woman has gone before the united arab emirates selected woman. she's busy training in the me i'm got up as welcome to the program. days after haiti's president was assassinated in his home. police say that i've captured 17 suspects and killed several others among the rest of our columbia, an ex, military, and to jewel us haitian citizens. the motive remains unclear. authorities are still
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searching for more members of the alleged hit squad ation citizens, also joining the man and the the booth sued. so have teeth assassins on the many show, and wonder how president juvenile, he's normally under tie. security could be killed in the middle of the night. the. it's true that he was no good for the people. it's true. he never listened with. nobody is happy at the way he died. several of the suspects and now in police custody passports and guns have been confiscated. at least 6 of them appear to be ex soldiers of the columbia, an army. according to columbia officials,
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the angry high ethiopians are gathering outside the police station and smashing suspects. cars police are now cautioning against vigilant of the main 1000000 people that we have found us. we have an obligation to protect them. we cannot take justice into our own hands and tell him prime minister cloud. joseph has declared a state of emergency and stepped up to leave the country until new elections can be held. but his legitimacy is being challenged by rivals. fields are growing that a fighter will, the president seat may create a power vacuum unleashing for the instability. for more of this, i'm jumping professor going to my house from the germany, sued for international security affairs. he's also an expert in latin america and on organized crime for the mild, many of these suspects seem to be columbia,
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some of them, former military. what are the links between haitian hazy haiti and columbia that a lot of different dimensions which come to my mind, especially there, it's a truck steel arrangement. and we have seen in the last month and he says haiti has become at central point in the transition routes of trucks to the us and to the european markets. this might be one dimension, but we know as well that the former president had, especially in his or economy activities, a lot of different connections to latin american countries. so this might be another dimension. ok. so organized crime is likely to have played a role here. would you agree? there could be one point. we must be here that this as this in nation could only
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be managed to local context and local power holders. so we should see these as mercenaries which has been contracted by other people, and we are not sure up to now who is behind all this and we must expect further investigation. you mentioned the internal situation there in haiti. what can you tell us about the general political outlook at the moment? beyond the situation of power by comb has now since yesterday to prime ministers who are debating their interests to control the situation. there's no parliament which isn't in sanctioning since one year. we had a president which operated by decree to supreme court president has died recently from cove it. so there is no clear institution of way out of this
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challenge. and i think due to this difficult institution, the scenario, we need a strong position of the international community. is there no internal opposition? domestic opposition is there. is there a movement forming that one want to reestablish democratic institutions? there is a lot of positions and it's a main problem. it is fractured, it is capable of from national consensus. this opposition is although characterized by criminal interest family, groupings, person the power as duration. so the national dimension to, from, out of the situation is very difficult to imagine. and in some way, international actors such as united nations,
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us or friends. hesitant to take up these challenge because they know about the difficulties to come to terms with her look country and as it to ation, which is losing the rest of government it had in recent years. there are concerns that this situation in haiti could turn into an old civil war. do you agree? i wouldn't speak so much about civil war. speak more about unknown you. you happens iteration of a security challenge. we have a lot of kidnappings. we have a criminal gangs chuck, controlling part of the territories in the capital being as well in the landscape. so we have to be clear that there is no a central power. there is no confidence of the population in the institutions,
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and we have a disastrous economic and coven situation, which makes it even more difficult to come to terms said, professor into my own from the german institute for international insecurity affairs. thank you very much for joining us. see on the w's. my pleasure. take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines today. but as told from the fire and bangladesh and bangladesh, she food factory has risen to at least $52000.00 injured and missing and ablaze, which broke out in an industrial town. and the country's ne fires are common in bangladesh because of blacks safety regulations. the former british police officers pleaded guilty to the murder of sara evarado, a woman who was killed while walking home in london in march. when cousins has already ready admitted to her kidnap and rate of rather stiff spark renewed outrage
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of a male violence against women in the country. part of new york city were under water on thursday as tropical storm l. some makes its way up, east coast flash flood warnings were issued as streets and the subways was submerged. the national hurricane center has also for from when us president joe biden has announced american troops. we'll leave afghanistan nearly 2 weeks earlier than planned by august 31st. that's despite the taliban forces making rapid advances across the country. the roll will bring an end to the longest us war nearly 20 year conflicts. but the departure of nato troops is leaving many worried about security in afghanistan. the italian been say, this footage shows them celebrating after using control of the keyboard. they're crossing into iran. it was one of several advances made by the militants throughout gaston, in recent weeks. they've been gaining ground since the u. s. announced the departure
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of its military by the end of august, the same military that out of them from power in 2001 in washington, president biden defended the speed of the withdrawal, saying the u. s. would no longer sustain the human cost of a conflict that cannot change. i've got distance course ghani. so let me ask those who want us to stay. how many more? how many thousands more americans, daughters, and sons? are you willing to risk? i will not send another generation americans to war and i can't stand with no reasonable expectation of achieving the different outcome. but by and also argued, the u. s. had achieved the original goal of routing al qaeda after the $911.00 terror attacks that led to the invasion. he said the decision to leave was overdue . we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. and it's the right
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and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. just days ago, the u. s. pulled out of background air base near capitol the center of its military operations for nearly 2 decades. the pentagon says the withdrawal of us forces is now more than 90 percent complete. as foreign troops depart, the african military struggling to push back the taliban. like here enough got his sense. northwest peace talks between the government and the militants. have so far failed. and many fear the violence will only get worse once the last us soldiers have returned home. john for elinor sino, she's got to stand director of the german political foundation to convert ob knowledge. different. do you considered a mistake that us troops and allies leave the country and so hastily?
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well, the question was not whether the troops released but when and how and under what conditions and the unconditional and very quick leaf came as a surprise to everybody. so basically also i thought that at least the united states could, could have negotiated more conditions for the evening for the peace negotiations with the taliban. but they did not do that. and so on the way co babies, i think they could have made it in a different manner. but i think the question is not whether to leave and also in the community. many people think that it was time for the outcomes for the internet east. but of course, we did not need the high schools and expectations that the base and the beginning so that the claims they already have 85 percent of the country under their control inspect them to take over all of have gone down. so they didn't get a lot of question. do you expect the taliban to gain control of the whole of have
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gone down? i don't think the tiny bottom will be able to get control and easy the whole country. and currently we see that they have been banging all the territory in north and the district, but they avoid of attacking pick and chose the provincial capital and the capital capital. so also the town knows they cannot move the country all by themselves and they need the content of the main power brokers in the country. and what i see, you know, the strategy is they want to weaken and to put the government of president on me and publish it and then have a new sharing agreement with the poet sharing power brokers and malicious and the company. that's what i see. what is that strategy grantee? so you do not find it conceivable that have gone as downfalls back to where it was 20 years ago, run by extra serial or women have no rights. free speech is considered
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a crime. i would say, i don't think it will be the same history repeating itself is the same way, but i see a high respect the company my again my and that when you have mentation, we have the written civil war. also, we have the reason that the time on come back to power and establishment, let me government, but i don't think they will be able to establish the same image as it is the 900 ninety's because the society has changed. the young generation has changed and they will be content that that will be tested. but i see the hybrid that the, that the country segmentation and maybe we see a new civic or similar to that of the 1990 is that it's also possible scenario. human, you mentioned that other stakeholders and it's done society. the taliban have to deal with them. do you think that could be some kind of a sharing agreement?
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that is actually what the time i'm looking for. they are looking for pragmatic power washing agreement in which they have a dominant part of the government. and i think this is still a conceivable solution that would be probably the most realistic political solution if you have a solution in terms of a negotiated piece, negotiation and people have him. and i think all the time, i know they cannot with the poll by themselves, they want international recognition and they won't get it if they take over the country by 4th. i don't know if i'm going to stand director of the coma of knowledge. they don't think tank. and so for your time thank you. watching the w news still to god the lympics flame arrives in tokyo about that will be no spectators in the stadium due to a new car out of our state of emergency. we'll look at the news in japan to least
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from the game and the cost of 3 long because worst environmental design conservation is dealing with the aftermath of the thinking of the ship and the cargo of dangerous chemicals. the 1st biotech and pfizer say they will seek approval for 3rd dose of their covert 19 vaccine to boost its secrecy. 5 will seek authorization from the cdc health authority in the united states. the company says a 3rd jap, within 12 months, could boost immunity and health board of new variance. specifically, the more infectious delta vary and that as rapidly gaining dominance globally. the companies will also see consolidation in europe and other regions, or 3rd chart. for more than that, i'm the joint body from d w science. so to get those approval, how necessary and how soon after the 2nd those, what is the day to say splitter, and i'm not gonna mention the numbers here,
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but i'm not entirely convinced from the last express any opinions that really helped anybody out there really get a grip of this sort of story, we, obviously, people do say the more vaccinated you all the better. it could be in their awesome indications that typical risk groups, older people, people with existing illnesses might need a boost shot. but look, reading speaking that's rolling back into the house because lonzey, this is a question about commerce, it's about politics and public fees and that sort of thing. so this is what people are doing as we unlock in some countries, you know, politicians are under a lot of pressure to basically say, hey, what's going to happen? we move back into the autumn and in winter. and that's why some companies are saying, hey, let's look at this also we have the variance, so we've got delta, we got lambda define is constantly moving the goalpost. and so the companies are having to move all the time as well. they want to find them by on take tweak, they say that, tweak that back, see why all this, we get this rolling out soon, but really speaking, we don't know if this is
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a life study out there at this point the us food and drug administration and the sentence, a disease control and prevention of both that people have vaccination in the us don't need it at this time. in europe, this topic has come up before as well as being told down because people then say, how can we and these rich nation talk about bird back the nation when some countries rate a poor countries or even struggling to get one vaccination. so, you know, my final thoughts on this is lydia interesting when we hear that there is a new variable of concern vaccine points that are struggling to deal with that particular variance. a lot of coverage shows the stop their stop prices in the background. you can see what behind the bright climates when they're struggling, and when they announce that they're going to do something about it, they spoke, she has go up. and i think that's really the most telling point here. we have to wait and see, relax a little bit and see what see what they just said when we, when we can see what it does. so think are bonded from the w science. thank you.
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now 2 weeks until the tokyo olympics, due to stop that, they'll be games without fans. organizes have announced a total ban on both foreign and domestic spectators. after a new corona, by a state of emergency was declared across parts of japan. games will be the 1st and then pick history to be held behind closed doors, and some say they shouldn't happen at all in better late than never some might say, after a long journey through all of japan's 47 prefixes, the olympic flame has finally arrived in tokyo one year behind schedule, due to the corona virus pandemic, rising cove in 1900 cases in the capital. also many members of the public were not there to greet the flame. authorities announced the state of emergency in tokyo for the duration of the games to try to curb the spread of the virus amid fears of the delta various the measure mostly limits alcohol sales and restaurant opening hours
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to try to stop contagion. but it also means these will be the 1st 2 games without fans in attendance stadiums like this one will be mostly empty. the talk you the government restrictions for tokyo site i'mma. can i go well and sheba briefing, sure would have kept event attendance at 50 percent. the venue capacity up to 5000 people for the data to go to this again. but we haven't decided to allow no fans during the games as a stricter measure to prevent further spread of the virus. my stuff, the decision has put a damper on the mood just 2 weeks ahead of the opening ceremony. polls show large swaths of the public don't want the games to take place. some people are even taking to the streets. who do people?
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i don't think we should hold the olympics in such a situation. together with these people who share my same opinion. we want to protest against the olympics till the very end and we want them to be cancelled. that's why i came here today. but organizers are not giving up and are determined to move forward. the olympic flame may be small right now, but they hope it will help spark enthusiasm ahead of these unprecedented games for longer experiencing and environmental disaster as hundreds of dead sea turtles and other marine animals washed ashore. a ship carrying toxic chemicals and placid pallets caught fire sank on the west coast weeks ago. if i meant like this, it's just the 1st sign of long lasting and severe damage to the marine ecosystem. once again, a dead whale is stranded on pena dura beach. every day the sea washes up new
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cadavers onto the west coast of 3 long to shon copy ru finger heads the save the sea turtles project. he and his helpers work almost around the clock. still, their help comes too late. for most sea animals. it is very disappointing and i was really sad to see these scholars are coming regular busy almost every day we are getting calls like this reading like a few 100 me to there is a case to be made that there is a link between the dead animals and a ship disaster that occurred in mid may just a few miles off the coast to sri lanka, the sunken cargo ship express pearl carried tons of plastic, particles corrosive nitric acid and heavy oil. but the government says there is no proof of the connection between the dead sea animals and the ship color. we have to
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investigate whether the sunken ship has anything to do with the dead sea turtles and other fish cadavers. it could also be the result of a natural phenomenon or human activity. we will work together with experts to research this cap. every single disagrees. he believes that the ship catastrophe one of the greatest environmental disasters ever to hit sri lanka, is responsible for the death of many animals in the past. many dead animals were washed on shore during the summer months, but never as many as this year. oh, now we out maybe 5 times more than that number. usually we will get about, you know, 3040 maximum for you. watched up, also lady as along the sense then called mark thought fabia received more than 200 and calculate single believes this number is still rising. he expects the catastrophe to have massive long term effects. in future,
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you will see more any most who come because there are no system got infected. i know. so if i know that you system got effected, and in addition with the time more containers with more can because into the water cap routing once answers and proposed solutions from politicians and for the government to deal with the effects of this ongoing catastrophe. the race for space is heating up as more nation seek to send astronauts into orbits. most of his bands are men. let the united arab emirates new comments of space exploration, but it's getting head in other ways. the way he has just introduced the 1st woman astronaut. oh no, alma true, she had seen on the rights wants to reach for the stars and she is one step closer to that goal. she will be the arab world,
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1st female astronaut. a big step for her and women's rights in the united arab emirates, as the fact that i was selected to be part of the program, i think is enough enough of encouragements to all girls who want to enter the space field. to go ahead and enter the b through becoming a scientist for a by the training or working hard towards becoming an astronaut. survival training and the pilot license are just a few of the skills. the 28 year old mechanical engineer is working on into by she will head for nasa facility in january and my motivation behind the applying to be a voice space program was my dream as a child. and me wanting to be an astronaut. she says she wants to defy the stereotypes that people associate with her job. i don't feel like i faced any challenges when applying to this program because everyone was
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very supportive here in the way. currently no space mission is scheduled, but i'm not sure she is hopeful. she will visit space back here on up anyone planning to visit to london this summer, i look forward to new attraction for the 1st time. buckingham palace between london resident is opening its gotten to the public. previous, the only guided tours were permitted, but now for 16 pounds admission fee, business can stroll the grounds even allowed to pick you up should be renewed. his reminder of our top story, hey, these police chief says 17 suspect south been detained over the assassination of the countries president gyla. now moines several. the alleged foreign mercenaries among those arrested a search on for more suspected attackers. and he was president joe biden has
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announced that the last american troops will leave us gone, is done by august 31st. the departure will draw to close a 20 year mission by foreign troops that following the 911 attacks on the us. and that's it from me on that instrument and use team rather health program in good shape is optimal. if i'm looking at how exercise kind of a positive impact on your moved both as in berlin for me on the scene. the the news, the news, the
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who's the the the the everybody, nobody was times it always comes out the wrong time pain. it's a warning from our body and can have many causes. what can we do to prevent it from becoming i was wanting the company and we become finally pain free in good shape.
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next on w. o. me, you ready to get these places in europe are smashing all the records into a venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern globe trotter. first, some of us wicker break is also in book form in december, 2019 the european councils new president show me show to honor the ground breaking mission. i had
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a clear tool to make you the 1st time since i don't see the name on the planet by 2015. but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. some time when the game of diplomatic poker power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the new climate, some it starts august 5th on d, w. food . sometimes it's all you can think about. your stomach growls message is clear. you're hungry. when you're unable to suppress the yawn, it's also a sign you're tired of bodies of good at getting a signal. pain is another. it tells us there's a problem. more on that on in good shape, the house magazine on d,
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w. the headaches they can come on quickly like stormed out. he doesn't know the feeling only one in 10 people doesn't get headaches. at some point in their lives. recurrent forms are painful possible, ah, over a dozen times, but the 2 most common tension, headaches and migraines. ah, this is fin. he suffers some tension headaches. they spread across his entire head and make him feel like he's wearing a helmet that's too tight. headaches like these can come and go tension headaches usually aren't debilitating. often all it takes is
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a glass of water, a breath of fresh air or some exercise to feel better. but for ezra is more complicated. she gets migraine, headache that can be quite severe. and they often reoccur. they can be accompanied by nacia sensitivity to light and sound and fatigue. yeah. migrant can be preceded by visual and sensory disturbances like blurred vision or flashes of light. then ezra knows a migraine is rolling in. this early warning sign is called an aura when the aura end, the pain begins, it usually starts in one side of the head and sometimes spreads. its a pounding pain, it feels like a hammer hitting your head. the best thing is to lie down and rest in a dark room. migraines can last for hours. in some cases, special prescription medication is the only effective treatment. by the way,
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parents can pass on the predisposition to migraines, to the children in germany. 90 percent of kids under the age of 12 already have experience with headaches. they mostly brought on by stress performance pressure and science issues that have been exacerbated during the pandemic. me like other children around the globe for months on end. 12 year old anna could only attend school online. that meant spending 5 hours or more day on her computer and that extra strain. so i may get increasingly frequent headaches, vanished of snuffs and most of the headaches are mostly on the right side and around the streets. it feels like a really sharp nail being hammered into my head and cups and get him up. or sometimes there's a really intense throbbing or like my head being squeezed,
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a lot on his father knows right away when his daughter was suffering, she started getting bad headaches when she was quite young. usually the only things that help our medication were putting a cool, wet towel on her head was going to. so we started in elementary school level, although back then it was still fairly manageable. but for the past year, roughly, since the onset of the corona virus, the headaches, i've gotten a lot worse because they're more frequent and much more intense comments in time. we can see for on a hopes to get help at a practice that specializes in pain management doctor be seeing an increase in the younger patients with stress related headaches. she thinks the mental strain from pandemic restrictions and the subsequent anxiety play a part roddic in that the usual inks to have children who are already prone to science. in depression you see an intensification of symptoms which may include
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like, or sematic factors. speaker for months. so they might become more nervous, informal, complain, far more frequently, stomachache, intention, headaches, up from out. another cause among chronic pain sufferers like anna is homeschooling . for that reason the doctor recommends taking regular breaks and getting plenty of exercise. you can feel idle, lation can be children like on it should go outside for half an hour at least once a day to get fresh air. and let's often seen the poor mother to get the heart pumping. the muscles moving to counteract the hours of sitting in front of a screen going through a pain specialist paid off for honor. she now knows what she can do to make her so feel a little better. and being able to relax means those terrible headaches are no bothering her far less often. if you get headaches and doctors recommend keeping the pain
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diary you can make a note of when the headache began and how long it lasted its intensity or associated symptoms. that's just notion there also that make it easy to do. it could help to pinpoint the causes and pain triggers. often tens muscles are to blame. that's particularly common in the neck areas. the tension pressure difficulty turning the head back and shoulders tensed up. all typical tim of neck pain in half of all adults have to deal with it at least once in their lives. the typical remedies are massaged drugs or special exercises. the bad news is that these measures usually only help the neck and the short term on storm. and
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have you been hope see this time and again and not only with people working at a depth to the point. so it's probably more problems with the neck and head effect everything. whether i'm reading a book doing a crossword, chatting with friends on the computer, or researching something on the internet, just the same applies to watching tv. anything that involves putting my head forward puts a strain on my neck. the focus to put him in the most common problem is that people posture while sitting at a desk get so bad that certain muscle groups that should be relaxed, not to become tense because the muscles are forced to work permanently. they get tired and tense, up, and the tension that causes pain to specify much the standard forward leaning rigid posture at the desk, puts up to 5 times more strain on the muscles of the spine than the normal position with the head raised. that can mean an extra load of up to 30 kilograms.
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are the same thing happens while driving or using christiane storms. colleague, isabel demonstrates how strenuous working in front of a laptop can be on the neck. the orthopedic surgeon takes photos to illustrate where the problems lie is she's looking down at a much steeper angle than on a normal computer. on your head is further forward, the kitchen is down the shoulders and forward and back is hunched. and that puts a big strain on the back after a while. and not only are the shoulders pulled forward, but far too often, they're pulled upwards as well. i'm telling you, if you're constantly sitting with your shoulders, i'm sure you bring your shoulders forward, then there's a lot of tension in those neck muscles. that's where the pain starts. it causes headaches to and affects the whole area. and when you come from bytes, ah,
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so it's treatments are best. one analysis compared several studies on the effectiveness of medically prescribed measures. and the results were surprising. injections have limited effectiveness acupuncture and provide only partial relief. and the benefits of electro therapy, unclear mac on the street, and then we can check the symptoms and provide short term relief. but the underlying court hasn't gone away. it's still lit up. now, what are the causes of each individual case? one way to find out is to improve health awareness. this can be done using an m g and electro mile graphy. leap and use a surface like froze to measure muscle activity or toners in the neck of his colleague handling. and he does this indifferent head and shoulder position,
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giving money to get into position and side, and then look to the left to see the reaction. since the graph shows the muscle activity, now sit up straight and let the shoulders hang. it's much better the way the mediately decreases. that means the muscle is much less active for them to see when you actually get the muscle activity appear. there's a reading on the monitor. the fact that henry can influence this with his posture counts for the learning success, the 6 office. if this is the typical effective biofeedback, that feedback means we feel a change in the body. well, technically seeing that change this combination is extremely effective. and you don't forget it in the, in the back right. can also train self awareness. you wear it for hours at a time. the effect on isabel was her angle, a vision improved. she no longer pushes her head so far forward. and her back is less round, the dodger,
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the back break acts as a reminder, we call it a reminder or you feel like pressure on tension that makes you realize that, oh yes, i'm supposed to sit up straight and me better. posture equals less pain. in the long term, this can only be achieved with training cookie on storms. recommendation stretch the front and strengthen the back. exercises with the resistance bands strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades. in this way, they can better support the large pictorial muscle. important for muscular balance . pectoral muscle is usually short and that needs to be stretched expensively. this can also be done at any doorframe. the good news with a little patience, something can be done about step or neck pain, pills that contain no active ingredients,
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but still caused pain to disappear. doctors call this the to see medical studies to see those use to test the efficacy of actual medications. surprisingly, in many instances, study participants that are given to see those experience. and that's how connecting the professor rica is trying to unravel the mystery behind the placebo effect. her studies have shown that up the hall of the pain relieving effects that occur after taking medication can be attributed to the non active treatment the manage can fit in my met. if i rarely take headache tablets, they'll help me after just 10 minute slots. inexplicable in pharma co genetic time, and this is probably more due to my positive expectations and positive, previous experience. because impunity, physiological terms,
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it takes 30 minutes to an hour to have an effect. putting it in one study, subjects were given a pain killer. intravenously was also receiving a pain stimulus. when subjects knew they were getting a pain reliever, it proved more effective. and west subjects thought they were not getting a pain killer. it had little or no effect. close the fast. basically, it's christy buys health math. it's by helping us activate, all right, bodies pain, relief on tv, and our bodies have a system that in addition to conveying pain to the brain, can also inhibit pain processing, where it begins from the spinal cord, does look marks at the, at the found by to talk to a bunch of math. ok. the potential policy bows however, can't be fully realized outside of studies. in germany, for example, doctors aren't allowed to give patient surplus cbo without their knowledge,
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though they can take what are called open label with the marion clean it was given a placebo. in addition to painkillers, the research is told her that the pill contained no active ingredients. yet it had an effect. none the less i have the feeling it was getting better at the time to deal with the intensity of the pain decrease. yeah, and i started wondering whether it really was just good to see, but let's see what an experience confirmed by the steady test subjects you knew they were taking placebo felt less pain. but how is that possible. busy not to question researchers can still speculate on feeling cargo van of mental illnesses get back around that all come and go, and then it gets to the close to study and get pain really. and then of course, i'm going to link the to see by treatment that took off the personal math in turn
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fuels my positive expectation for the rest of the study, a lot of food and vital. it's a theory, but we don't fully understand the question about crushed on this is me. what is certain is that the dummy therapy cause no change in physical conditions such as mobility. the placebos only improved the individual's subjective perception and sensation of pain. meaning that might sound like much, but this is for a lot of patients holding up to 15 percent of the population suffers from chronic pain and he's still not getting adequate treatment and they also have litigation. disposal is limited. bush st. oh, money and luna is now able to work out again some things she was previously scared of doing due to the pain and she intends to keep on taking the placebo. my think my mind is now telling me i might need them though and know that i could
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actually stop taking them.


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