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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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make a difference. the knowledge grows through sharing. download it now for the the ah, this is dw news lives from berlin. the pandemic impact on the toko lympics japan. the claims occurred. a virus state of emergency and organizes announce about on all foreign and domestic fans. also coming out of africa, the former president jacobs, do my turn, some stuff into police, he'll be spending several months behind boss, for contempt of court hungry attempts to enforce gender norms with
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a controversial new laws banning the pictures of homosexuality and transgender ident ah hello. i'm really, i'm a 100 organizes of the tokyo lympics have announced a total ban on spectators to help slow the spread of cobit 19 foreign fans and japanese spectators are being told to stay at home. a new state of emergency has been declared in tokyo as current of virus cases rise. the games will be the 1st and then pix and history held behind closed doors. the, the olympic torch continued its long journey towards tokyo to open the games later this month. while there were plenty of fans cheering on the torch barriers as they
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passed through the site prefecture, writing covert cases, and the capital means there won't be any fans to greet them in tokyo. government officials have announced a state of emergency in tokyo set to begin next week in a bid to curb the spread of virus. while the crux of the measure is cutting the cell of alcoholic bars and restaurants to help limit social activities that will also directly affect be olympics use. although the number of severely ill patients and the occupancy rates of hospital beds have remained at a low level, the impact of the various strains must be taken into accounts. we must strain from the counter measures to prevent the infections from spreading to the rest of the country again. while only pic organizers had already kept spectators to 50 percent venue capacity and borrowed international fans from attending. the new ruling now prevents any spectators from attending the games. the public sentiment in japan has widely turned against hosting the tournament. olympic organizers have dug in their
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heels and are committed to seeing the game through. we continue to be committed to our principle of organizing safe olympic and paralympic games that together with you and we have shown, you know, this responsibility since the day of the postponement games are estimated to have cost more than $20000000000.00 cancelling them, which should cut off broadcasting revenue, but make recouping any of that next to impossible for tokyo and the international committee for better or for worse, just like the olympic torch. the games look set to march on earlier we spoke to german olympic wrestler, elena wrote a fucking meadow, hopeful in tokyo, she's disappointed that there will be no fans in tokyo, but says it's right that the games are still going ahead of crows island. is it
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extra disappointed today because wrestling and especially women's wrestling is really, really big in japan. and i was really happy to see all the trade, the fans, and the ground. it's much easier to, to make the best promotion after the 7 to make the best 5, the, the big crow cheering on you and the japanese fans always read it really fast. they cheer on all the people just on their own. so it's going to be really, really crazy and going to be really tough to, to show everything and do a whole potential. it's much easier with people. canceling would be the rest of the vision, especially for the athletes. because we are training such a long time for this moment, and we want to to show what we, what we did all the size. so of course it said, and it's going to be different without people, but i think it's better to, to go through it and people and to show our potential. then cancelling it would be
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and would be a nice prairie for every athlete. have africa, former president, jacob's duma is now in prison after turning himself into police on wednesday. there might have been avoiding arrest since last week. he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for failing to appear before a panel investigating claims of corruption in february. he'll now be eligible for parole in for one time. cutting it close to a midnight deadline. this convoy of vehicles carried former south african president, jacob xena, on his way to hand himself over to authorities. the 79 year old is now in custody in his home province, beginning his 15 month sentence for contempt of court. on sunday is in a stress he wasn't afraid of jail time referencing his previous incarceration for his role in fighting south africa's races apartheid regime to remind them. and i'm
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not scared of doing of boeing to jail for my beliefs. it will not be for the 1st time i will be a prisoner of conscience. the former president who was in office for 9 years, has been at the center of corruption allegations surrounding his time in public life. and the contempt of court charge came as a result of him refusing to appear at a corruption commission. he's called the process a political conspiracy. but authorities have accused him of misappropriating funds and fraud. some of the charges date back 20 years. the going to be on monday, the constitutional court is due to consider an application by xena for the cancellation of his prison sentence. for all the w. yes,
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christine was sentenced. the update from the prison where jacobs luma is being held . jacob boomer is said to spend his 15 men prison centers at this correctional facility in was the new natal province where he will be among $500.00 at the inmates. i off the justice minister if the former president isn't titled to special benefits and privileges. he said, no, he will be treated like any ordinary inmates, that means orange overalls and no access to a private firm. now mrs. wilma is currently in the hospital wing and isolation for 14 days, pending and assessment of his health related needs. he is eligible for parole. officer serving a quarter of his sentence, that's roughly 4 months from now. but on monday, july 12, all eyes will be on the country's constitutional court. that is the court that convicted and sentenced, misses in the prison. he has all that court to reconsider that conviction and
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sentence. let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world. russia has proposed that the un security council extend a access into northwest syria from turkey for 6 months in response to arrival proposal by western nations who want a one year extension to use the bob on how of crossing for 1000000 people depend on getting a through there the council will vote on friday. us president joe biden says us troops will complete their withdrawal from us. gonna stop by the end of august, he reassured his african counterpart of connie that us support for the people of have gone as don will enjoy taliban fighters have been getting territory across the country in recent weeks risk. thank you all. what they did, the death toll from a building collapse in near miami, florida has risen now to 60 people. with ac. others still unaccounted for. on
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thursday, vigil was held for the victims rescue. teams have now and search for survivors, but we'll continue to look for body people in russia as capital moscow are struggling to cope with a heat wave. the past weeks have seen unusually high temperatures and the not expected to for soon a 31 degrees celsius temperatures are currently 10 degrees higher than normal in july. the un security council has meant to discuss the situation in haiti after the assassination of president is over now more ways into prime minister club. joseph stepped in as the leader of haiti and has called for calm, but the situation still remains tense. haitian police have killed at least 4 people in a gun battle and detain 6 others who authorities believe were involved in killing the president in his home. will be to have condemned vs fascination. the can be
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a nation now faces a deepening and ongoing political crisis. the body of murdered precedence, giovano east being brought out of his private residence, security forces, track down some of the suspects hours after the attack. police say they killed 4 of those involved and arrested 6 others. authorities in haiti said the assassins were foreign mercenaries who had posed as us drug enforcement administration. agents in the raid on his home most of them was speaking spanish, somewhere speaking english. and they ended with just so easily. and you said fortunate that you know, the president di cowardly had been in office in 2017. he was a controversial leader for the last 18 months. the 53 year old had been ruling the country by decree. without parliament,
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the opposition accused him of corruption and ties to organized crime. his support has say he had made enemies by taking on powerful oligarchs. the situation in the impoverished country is dire. murder and abductions are an everyday occurrence. the assassination of the president represents a new escalation and the violence in haiti last mentioned in that report, president always support to say, he made enemies by taking on oligarchy in haiti. he even said that he, it would cost him his life. well, earlier we spoke to brian concannon's, the founder of the institute for justice and democracy in haiti, and we asked him about the role of powerful oligarchs and other forces in haiti. the oligarch in haiti are powerful in the past. they have been connected to political violence, so that is certainly a possibility. one of the things that makes this so complicated in haiti though, is that there are lots of groups that have both
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a motive to go after president luis and demonstrated capacity to inflict violence. that includes drug traffickers in money wanders, president weaver was implicated in both he and his government have also been linked with gangs that have been carrying out massacres, that supported government policy. some of those gangs have recently announced that they were turning on president weaver. so that's possibility. there is also been a lot of a lot of friction within president wes's p h t k party and many people in that party of history political violence. so there are a lot of possibilities. and so far, i haven't seen any information that conclusively points to either to or away from any particular party now and hungry. a controversial new door has come into effect despite condemnation from the european union, the little bands for trials of homosexuality or gender change in school educational
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materials. and some tv shows. critics say it discriminate against l g p t q people . the european commission is urging hungry to repeal the legislation, but the governments in budapest defense its decision the more love less hate activist and hungry, gathered in front of parliament to protest the controversial child protection law. they vowed to disobey the new legislation. this low thing that i said to be the q i people and it actually puts attribute the key. i use more interest and more danger, bullying, and harassment in schools and in their families as a provision in the law bonds, the display of content depicting homosexuality or gender reassignment to mine as it was passed in june by the hon gary in parliament, causing widespread condemnation. in the european union,
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president missed this cause that stared homosexual law put sexuality and gender reassignment on paul with pornography. this law will uses the protection of children to which we are all committed as an excuse, severely discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation to this. this law is disgraceful, that is gently, she loves fonda line. threatened consequences was always hungry. victor all bomb rejected the censure for you wants to allow l g, b, t, q activists, an organization into kindergartens. and schools. hungry does not want that. the debate is about who decides how we raise our children. according to the european treaties, as this is an issue that belongs to gary and national sovereignty is the latest round in a growing spots between hungry and the
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e. u. activists at home. certain be hope you will finally take action against hungary, anti l g b t q policies. this is the w news live from berlin up next bill related business with benefits. you can also find much more news analysis and video on a website at his d. w dot com. i'm available home it, thank you for watching systems who's people in trucks injured was trying to free the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families to leave them traitors. people
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around 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are speaking with you. why? because no one should have to make up your own mind a w need for mines. the . the german comic is in the cross hairs again over a mission. the he you find b, m w, and fog foggy, around 875000000 euros, colluding to limit the protection of cleaner car chairs. continue this slide for chinese tech giant g reports congress once in s t c. investigation at the bay. gym cracked down on the phone following a p o in new york. and solve the scrap metal,
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hundreds of kilometers of south africa. israel never appear. we'll try to track down the problem of it's all and let's do business. the european commission has find german comic as follow fucking and b, m w for teaming up to keep emissions cleaning technology off the european market. dimer was also part of the scheme, but tipped off the ad blue was one of the technologies central to the inquiry. it's a fluid that reduces the polluting gases and diesel emissions. the says the companies colluded to restrict to the size and dosing of ad blue tags in their models. another finding that the group avoided introducing cleaner particle filters and petrol car models. 5 companies sell under the investigation, volkswagen and its subsidiaries. portion, audi, also b, m, w, and mercedes parent, dime. lar, the e. you said that what began is legitimate discussions about technical specifications
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. turned into market coordination. net less consumers with fewer choices. these call manufacturers illegally colluded to restrict competition in the area of emission clinic technologies for diesel cars. this is the 1st time that the commission finds that corporation on technical elements as opposed to price fixing or market sharing for that matter. and that's to cancel behavior b m w add volkswagen have agreed to pay the fines dime lar escapes penalty because it shared information with the you. the scandal puts the industry back in on a welcome, but familiar spotlight, just as it tries moving forward towards in electric, greener future. the recent emission scandals loom large with litigation and criminal cases still ongoing. worse than any fine is the added damage to reputation
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. but just how scary sounding is that fine for the or a giant is our markets man, comrade, loosen a fine of 875000000 euro. that's not a large amount compared to the 10s of billions of dollars. that, for example, folks had to pay in the diesel cheating scandal in the united states. still this decision now is significant. the you anti trust people are saying that not only price rigging can be illegal behavior in terms of anti trust law or market cation agreements, which could be illegal, but also agreements among comma, because on how big the tanks are that they all plan to implement in their models, agreements about this can represent an illegal monotheistic behavior. according to the you anti trust people, focus on is considering challenging this decision. it says that a certain amount of corporation and technical questions is necessary for the car
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makers. and that this is what fruitful and prosperous the 3 needs. the f t is reporting that to senior members of congress of gold on the securities and exchange commission to investigate duty. they believe the chinese right having app misled american best as the head of its initial public offering on the new york stock exchange. last week, he's been at the center of a sell off since it's the app was taken down by beijing as part of a regulatory crackdown. it stopped fell another 6 percent of those day did. he says it wasn't aware of china's plans. let's talk about that way. it gets caught up. it is on bullshit for us and how safe is it to own chinese stock on us exchanges? yeah, at least for now it seems a little bit to be a no win situation. big to call on one side, us regulators actually one to have a closer look into the books of those chinese companies being listed on us
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exchanges. so if they do not follow that, then the chinese companies face to being a de, listed to from you ex exchanges on the other side. if they do follow the call from us regulators, they might be in the hot seat when it comes to the chinese government and they could put pressure on both companies and actually to pull away from the us stock exchanges. so definitely the heat is on and we've seen it that the past couple of days. the stock of d. d, for example, since the beginning of the week is down by a good to 25 percent and other chinese stocks like alibaba, for instance, that i traded here at the new york stock exchange are also down quite a bit in the past couple of years. it doesn't sound like these chinese companies with expansion plans stand a chance. but why do they even bother with wall street in the 1st place? isn't china flush with cash?
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well, i mean what investors in general want is there one transparency and they want liquidity and that's what you get here on wall street. and if you want to play champions in the global stock market so well, wall street is still is the place to be that is by the way, also true for a lot of european companies. so if you want to attract a global audience, you want to be traded either on the new york stock exchange or not, but, but at least on wall street, then that's what makes wall street so attractive. so that's where the money is. and by the way, we have seen the 1st the consequences. now there was another chinese ip plan for this week, but that got pulled away because of the recent term. but it's really going to be interesting to see if the waters will get calmer. or if we might even see more pressure on the chinese thought, instead of getting further than just the chinese pick,
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firms thanks for joining in for wall street the united states. coca restrictions could be putting european businesses at a disadvantage in the us, despite the rise of digital conferencing company pulses here, argue they still need to be able to travel. after the vaccine rollout has gathered, pays and most developed economies. giving reason to brussels, to lift travel restrictions for us citizens last month. but washington is yet to reciprocate you. citizens are still blocked from travel to the us. that has left york in business leaders protesting it him. does us to do the way we are used to starting with service? we have to supply to our machines where we need specialists from germany to be sent over to the us. and definitely by creating new business, visiting our customers and discussing complex technical issues.
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for the last 16 months, europeans haven't been able to travel to the us without restrictions. us authorities can issue waivers for critical business travelers. but the exception to the rule, israeli of a solution. but that is time consuming is full rock chrissy. and most the time you meet even an invitation lead up from your customers or potential customers. and they are very hesitant to do that because they don't know what they are dealing with. uncertainty has rained during the pandemic. and for europe in business travelers to the us, the end doesn't appear to be in sight. a quick look at some other business stories making news more than a dozen us states have dropped their opposition to bankruptcy plan, but i can't make a purchase from it is accused of triggering america's opioid crisis step towards the firm paying $4300000000.00 to settle cases related to the crisis which is
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caused over half a 1000000 overdose of the past couple decades. it's off to jail for 2 and a half years, but loyal michael abernathy, he's the guy who represented the adult films still mcdaniel's lawsuit against donald trump. i've been out, he was convicted trying to extort up to $25000000.00 from the nike threatening the company with that uplift city if it didn't pay up. as atlanta says, almost all it's models in europe in north america will have the electrical plug in gas electric hybrid versions. by 2025 is investing at least $30000000.00 in the transformation. the company that combined the chrysler and joe, developing legal electric vehicle platforms with ranges of up to 800 kilometers a great disappearing act. hundreds of kilometers of rail tracking station facilities were pilfered and sold for scrap metal during south africa lockdown. economists say the 5th is curtailed up to one percent of growth. economy is buckling under the
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strain of the covert crisis and ramp into unemployment. this used to be a busy railway station in downtown johannesburg. but like many of those in africa's most developed economy, it's been laid waste during the countries extensive loved downs is o's, amir by the railway station. i'm trying to look for some scrap met. so i can find some into it. but it's just going to be better if maybe there are some jobs because now drain stations are destroyed. and picking up scrap met says no jobs. if anybody in stations there's no jobs anymore. no more trains moving. so i'm just picking up script matches to get something to each. the looting began soon after the government implemented one of the world's
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strictest corona virus look downs with thieves taking advantage of unused and, and stuff. train stations, analyst estimate the total loss is to come to over $20000000000.00 euros. and the state plans to return only critical transport routes to service. so now government inside africa is committed to ensuring that we have the railway infrastructure. we have set aside 5000000000 euros to fix all the damages of fift, in vandalism, that we see which we attribute to economics of a touch. business is facing immense knock on effects after having to abandon rail transport just to move their goods. companies also have to cope with personnel challenges. this has a huge impact on us at the moment. we need to use more expensive transport to deliver the goods and work as a struggling to get to work on time. they can't even use the trains to get here. they're really struggling despite plans to remedy the situation,
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the looting could easily continue a pace. if i may not be there a way station. but what's the use if they're not fixed their energy stations, and they didn't want to give us jobs, because it's jessica dre station is just going to get destroyed again. exactly how much of the infrastructure has been lost, remains unclear, but with unemployment over 32 percent. there's no quick fix and it'll be some time before the trains can run again into the conflict with tim sebastian. when it comes to foreign policy, it's getting harder to work out what the use stands for. my get this week is almost pipe. nice share your being powerless, foreign affairs committee. can he play my such a powerful block of nations? seems to punish so far below its weight on the world. stay
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on the w to the point. strong opinion, clear positions. international perspective. when it sometimes seems that we are indeed losing the battle against climate change, does that mean a cruel future for the next generation? certainly a possibility. so why are we so unwilling to change the way we might point out on to the point to the point dw ah, was was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that talk your with 202421.
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thrown off course during the qualifying round. not least for sports. he rose. it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down doing walk down the go to tokyo starts july 19 d, w. the me. the russia continues while ation of international law and human rights. when it couldn't really be much worse, their behavior couldn't draw a step, savage always can be worse. why was the e u so ill prepare to see one of the most complicated issues for european foreign policy. is there any point in pushing ahead with enlargement plan? the perspective to get the membership is also very important. when it comes to
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foreign policy, it's getting harder to work out what the use stands for. too many disagreements among members, too many grand intentions and find words to little to show for them. my guess this week is almost pipe nice, jared, the european parliament foreign affairs committee. and he joins me from stratford. can he explain why such a powerful block of nations seems to punch so far below its way on the world stage? the news for my surprise, welcome to conflict zone. hello. let's start if we may, with russia, which presents a number of key foreign policy challenges to the e. u. since the seizure of crimea, the ear has imposed
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a huge variety of sanctions on moscow. can you think of any way in which those sanctions have to any degree changed moscow's behavior? well, if you look at the history of sanctions globally, then it's of course, always an issue. how much and how fast sanctions will have its influence. and what concerns russia then? yes, so we have seen that so far that has been no immediate direct influence because russia continues while ation of international law and human rights be in the ukraine, be in russia, in some other 3rd places. but there is also always question what these are, what should be an alternative if one country is systematically and harshly violates international law and human rights. so that they made it impact. yeah, so for the time being the sanctions have been useless. and my question is really, what's the point of continuing to take measures that have no effect?
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is it to make people in the you feel better about it? well, part of politics always is also that the public opinion should approve the steps. but there is also an issue that if you, these days just stop sanctions without anything really has been changed in russian behavior, then it's also they show for us credibility. so the politically, it's also impossible, just skip sanctions without anything really has happened. yeah, so not only did you not change rushes behavior, you haven't managed really to mitigate the effects of it either. have you, for example, there was talk of reaching out to supporting civil society and russia. that avenue has also been closed off by the russian since they've clam down on a lot of civil society. so that's not working either. is it? well, here i can disagree. i think that the russian cb societies as part of the,
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unfortunately abroad has got a lot of political moral, but also financial support from european countries lost. also there is they show when we speak about sanctions, we don't know what could and would be a rush and behavior without the direction of a west though, for the europe of the united states. because unfortunately, i always don't so well can be worse. so that in this regard, i also don't see real alternative to the europe and invest in action and behavior via russian violation of human rights and rule of law. well, it couldn't really be much worse. their behavior could is, i mean they've invaded a sovereign state. they kill that political opponents on european territory. they hack into your election systems. what could actually be worse than signaling if such a thing is possible that the sanctions don't matter a job to them,
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they're going ahead with their disruptive behavior. well, i will not elaborate here, and i guess that that you understand very well that well, there are steps which always can be worse because i remember before 2014. there were also majority, i guess, western politicians who say it, that it will never happen that the russia will attack its neighbors. well, it happened 2014. so that to say today that it cannot be worse. well, unfortunately it can. you've been extremely critical of the use foreign policy chief years that barajo called his visit to moscow in february, a colossal failure. and the commission by contrast, expressed full support for it. who are we supposed to believe? was it a success or failure? well this concrete visit was failure because the timing was very, very bad and it was already foreseen that nothing good can not come out from this
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visit. so that in distance i cleared understand they support that. also during difficult times that dialogue and conversation is important. but it's always that timing matters, and the timing for this particular visit, especially to moscow was, was very bad. and also the place for meetings was it was not the best one. i guess that the if you spot or you restart the contacts and dialogue, then your 1st your chose more. no trouble places for this kind of, of visits and also, well, you should choose appropriate timing in this regard. and of course, the messages their messages should be no. mike, much clearer and stronger in this regard. and of course, based on the common approach from 2070, you'll member say, well, mister brown said he went to challenge russia's behavior with regard to human rights to see if they would engage on the issue. he came back saying they wouldn't
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. what more could he have done? he tried, he tried, he failed, wasn't last time. well, i don't think that he had to go with with any expense. once again, i think that the timing for this particular visit was very bad. so that i guess that different timing, maybe also some different the message is good and should be well fed the role and keep maybe some better outcome although yeah, we all know that the rush at the moment has no interest at all to improve the relations with weston democracy, so that then disregard the bills. i should understand that for real developments, there should be also some change of thinking in, in russia. and it is not happening at this very moment. and it says, no change in thinking and you say there isn't so. so what do you left with?
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there's one kid on the block who wants to play nice and that's you and the other one doesn't your left looking pretty weak by contrast and, you know, i, i don't think so. i also don't think that she's the only player in the world. i think that that the stage you has to clearly strengthen relations with united states, also with the united kingdom, with other democratic countries. and we want to get that. i mean, the western democracies have to keep much more adequate balance point globally, where on the one site at the moment, the western democracies and on the other site being retarded on the resumes like china, russia, and some others. so that i guess at this stage you also have to concentrate much more on strengthening real functioning relationship with us and other democracies. well perhaps if you concentrate more on the strengthening relationships within the
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block itself. because the biggest drawback for the you is your chronic disunity, isn't that you've written about this yourself. this dream of a common foreign policy is rapidly drawing to an end. isn't it time to admit that certain steps which i would like to see 1st, the different foreign policy must see foreign trade development corporation also defense policy. they should work much, much together. and secondly, i think that we also don't have to need any more consensus in each and every foreign policy decision, for example, issues related to human rights and sanctions based on human rights. i don't think that we need here consensus so that this is also tie him to increase the efficiency of european for him police. yes, but i mean we've had a prime example of this unity just recently when france and germany proposed restarting summits with moscow,
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which had been suspended since 2014. and that led to how's, of protest among other member states because no one else had been consulted. so not only do you have consultation issues, you have this unity issues, which are ensuring that the e u, the largest trading block in the well punches consistently below its weight on the international stage, doesn't it? well, that's why i say that we also have to well, little bit change the mechanism of decision making and also for insecurity issues. but what concerns french and german proposal spend? well, like, i think that every and each country can make proposals, but then they are a p, i'm counsel on $27.00, president east the place, but then they decide what the right to do and, and what's not that this very moment. so that's actually, i don't blame german and french governments for making this proposal because what we also have seen during this last years, when all the meetings between e o and,
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and russia have been suspended. we have seen that some member states have had and still having bilateral meetings and then they don't represent eels common positions . so that in this regard to avoid the situation, i guess that don't so certain contacts and then also meetings between you and then brush any way are necessary. but here again, the timing is important. that agenda is important, and of course, also clear political well bases and political commitment from all member states and doing something that makes a difference. which we haven't seen so far doing something that actually changes russia's behavior. well, i guess this is anyway, very difficult. the difficult target because if there is no political willingness in russia to change their attitude, we said we spend with the well,
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the human values of low and so on. then anyway from abroad. it is also very difficult to influence. and we also should realize that well, be called to retire in the resumes like russia and china making more and more cooperation because the same issues of human rights and international law. they don't bother them, so that the hero, so we should not indecent spin a even play only ourselves, but here on so there. well, the real political will or absence of this will also matters. while i mean you read yourself, that's the strength of the you comes from unity that this unity was on the show during the recent fighting in the middle east between the palestinians and israel. when the you failed even to issue unanimous statement on the conflict because it was blocked by hungry, not even a. you can't even unify over a statement, never mind doing anything that makes a difference to the situation on the ground. that's pretty shameful, isn't it?
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that's why i say that, but i guess we have to shift from a consensus from every and each issue to some majority voting to increase the level of efficiency of the us foreign policy. and well, we also should realize that the value is not a single country. these 27 countries, and we all can imagine that it is not the easiest duty or, or aim to get always the same language from 27 sensitive issues like middle east. yeah, mis, mister pied, you have plenty of people sitting around talking about policy. the conflict in the middle east isn't new. surely somebody should have been prepared to force the particular kinds of actions when the next bout of fighting broke out, but they didn't do that. my question is, why was the e u so ill prepared to do something in this instance in the middle east as it has been on previous instances,
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you don't seem to learn from any lessons well already. i guess the unfortunate fact that the conflict in middle east is not new already shows that it is very complex and complicated issue. and i would say that the actually the see one of the most complicated issues for european foreign policy, but also for foreign policy. many other countries in the world, and you can imagine that if there are 27 and you have split in opinions, not only between the governments but the same site, the member states, then it is very difficult really to reach consensus so that that was their complexity and, and all the sensitivity is what concerns middle east conflict. well, yes, all reflected on, so in, in your foreign policy making, so that i admit, this is one of the most difficult issues. and actually, i also don't foresee that the foreseeable future that will be overwhelming and large consensus about these issues. but is it enough for people in the you like you
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and senior officials to just say, oh, it's a difficult issue and ring your hands and wait for the next disaster to strike in which you won't be able to play any kind of role. and you'll just be left by the side of the road watching the form a jordanian foreign minister. my one washer says the ears become passive, accepting a status quo that it doesn't even want. that's true, isn't it? you don't want the current situation because you haven't got any idea of fixing it . well, i guess that in some issues, so globally, also in immediate neighborhood of europe use, foreign policy has been quite successful when we speak, for example, ups about supporting the mac, right. the movement speed ga, be ukraine beat some other countries where i say if you look at the changes in the, in the west and ball consent and so on. and.


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