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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2021 11:15pm-12:00am CEST

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the 1st see to beat arrhenius of a laker of bella. ruth like barty, who won the french open in 2019 place. cobra is still searching for her 1st grand slam title with our greenslate business. been which will be up right up the break on break going for all of us here. for the companies who's on the green. you feel worried about the fantasy? i'm neil of the on the green fence. clear remains to join me for the size of the green transformations for me to use for the women in asia in the me for all the money. and i
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mentioned on the loan, the voice, the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire, the women this weekend on the w, me the german comp, because in the crosshairs, again, over a mission, you find bmw w n folks fucking around 875000000 euros, including for limit the protection of clean shares continue. this slide for chinese tech giant city reports congress once in sbc investigation, after paging crackdown on the following. as i b o in new york and sold the scrap metal, hundreds of kilometers of south africa's rail network disappear. try to track down
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the problem the best that's to business. the european commission has find german comic as folks fighting and b m. w for teaming up to keep emissions cleaning technology off the european market. dimer was also part of the scheme but tipped off the ad blue was one of the technology central to the inquiry. it's a fluid that reduces the polluting gases and diesel emissions. the says the companies colluded to restrict to the size and dosing of absolute tanks in their models. another finding that the group avoided introducing cleaner particle filters and petro car models. 5 companies fell under the investigation volkswagen and its subsidiaries portion, audi, also b, m, w, and mercedes parent, dime. lar, the e. you said that what began is legitimate discussions about technical specifications. turned into market coordination that left consumers with fewer choices. these come manufacturers illegally colluded to restrict competition
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in the area of emission clinic technologies for diesel cars. this is the 1st time that the commission finds that corporation on technical elements as opposed to the price fixing or market sharing for that matter amounts to cancel behavior. b m w ad volkswagen have agreed to pay the fines dime lar, escaped penalty because it shared information with you the scandal puts the industry back in and unwelcome, but familiar spotlight just as it tries moving forward towards in electric, greener future. the recent emission scandals loom large with litigation and criminal cases still ongoing. worse than any fine is the added damage to reputation . just how scary sounding is that fine for the order giants is our markets man conrad losing. a sign of 875000000 euros. that's not
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a large amount compared to the 10s of billions of dollars. that for example, folks log had to pay in the diesel cheating scandal in the united states. still this decision now is significant. the you anti trust people are saying that the not only price rigging can be illegal behavior in terms of anti trust law or market cation agreements, which could be illegal, but also agreement among carmakers on how big the tanks that they all plan to implement in their models agreements about this can represent an illegal monotheistic behavior. according to the you anti trust people, folks latin is considering challenging this decision. it says that a certain amount of cooperation and technical question is necessary for the car makers. and that this is what fruitful and prosperous car destry needs.
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the f t is reporting that to senior members of congress of cold on the securities and exchange commission to investigate d. d. a believe the chinese right having app misled american best as the head of its initial public offering on the new york stock exchange. last week it's been at the center of a sale office since it's the app was taken down by beijing as part of a regulatory crack down. it stopped fill another 6 percent of those they did. he says it wasn't aware of china's plans. so about that way, you know, quarter it will show for us and how safe is it to own chinese stock on us exchanges at least for now, it seems a little bit to be a no win situation. big to call it's on one side us regulator. it's actually one to have a closer look into the books of those chinese companies being listed on us exchanges . so if they do not follow that, then the chinese companies to face to being a deal listed from
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u x exchange on the other side. if they do follow the call from us regulators, they might be in the hot seat when it comes to the chinese government and they could put pressure on both companies, some actually to pull away from the us stock exchange. so definitely the heat is on and we've seen it in the past the couple of days. the stock of d. d, for example, since the beginning of the week is down by a good to 25 percent and other chinese stocks like alibaba, for instance, that are traded here at the new york stock exchange are also down quite a bit in the past couple of years. it doesn't sound like these chinese companies with expansion plan stand a chance. but why do they even bother with wall street in the 1st place? isn't china flush with cash? well, i mean what the investors in general want is they want transparency and they want
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liquidity, and that's what you get here on wall street. and if you want to play champions in the global stock market there, well, wall street still is the place to be that is, by the way, also true for a lot of european companies. so if you want to attract a global audience, you want to be traded either on the new york stock exchange, or if not start, but at least on wall street. and that's what makes wall street so attractive. so that's where the money is. and by the way, we have seen the 1st, the consequences. now there was another chinese, i appeal a plan for this week, but that got pulled away because of the recent term. but it's really going to be interesting to see if the waters will get calmer, or if we might even see more pressure on these chinese stocks, instead of getting further than just the chinese pick firms, thanks for joining in for wall street. the united states covered restrictions could be putting european businesses at a disadvantage in the us,
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despite the rise of digital conferencing company pulses here, argue they still need to be able to travel. so after the vaccine rollout has gathered, pays and most developed economies giving reason to brussels, to lift travel restrictions for us citizens last month. but washington is yet to reciprocate you. citizens are still blocked from travel to the us. that has left european business leaders protesting. it hinders us to do the, the business, the way we are used to. starting with service. we have to supply to our machines where we need specialists from germany to be sent over to the us. and definitely by creating new business, visiting our customers and discussing complex technical issues for the last 16 months, europeans haven't been able to travel to the us without restrictions. us
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authorities can issue waivers for critical business travelers. but the exception to the rule is really the solution. but that is time consuming is full rock receive, and most of the time you meet even an invitation letter from your customers or potential customers. and they are very hesitant to do that because they don't know what they are dealing with. uncertainty has rained during the pandemic. and for europe in business travelers to the us, the end doesn't appear to be insight. a quick look at some other business stories making news more than a dozen us states have drunk their opposition to a bankruptcy plan, but of he can't make a purchase farmer, it's accused of triggering america's opioid crisis and their business step towards the firm paying $4300000000.00, the settle cases related to the crisis which is caused over half a 1000000 overdose of the past couple decades. it's off to jail for 2 and
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a half years. the lawyer michael evan, knotty. he's the guy who represented the adult film star. still mcdaniels in those states against donald trump nodding was big to, to trying to extort up to $25000000.00 for nike threatening the company with bad publicity if it didn't pay up. and atlanta says, almost all it's models in europe and north america will have the electrical plug in gas electric versions by 2025. it's investing at least $30000000.00 in transformation. the company that combines via chrysler and pay jo, developing legal electric vehicle platforms with ranges of up to 800 kilometers a great disappearing act. hundreds of kilometers of rail tracking station facilities were pilfered and sold for scrap metal during south africa lockdown. economists say the 5th is curtailed up to one percent of growth. economy is buckling under the strain of the co, the crisis and ramp and unemployment. this used to be
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a busy railway station in downtown janice, the like many of those in africa, most developed economy. it's been laid waste. do you know the countries extensive loc downs is o's, amir by the railway station. i'm trying to look for some scrap met. so i can find something to it. but it does go really bad. so if maybe there were some jobs because now the train station is destroyed. i'm picking up grab med says, yeah, no jobs. if any train station there's no jobs anymore. now more trains moving. so i'm just picking up greg matches, forget something. so the looting began soon after the government implemented one of the world's strictest corona virus looked downs with thieves taking advantage of unused and on staff train stations,
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analyst estimate the total loss is to come to over 20000000000 euros. and the state plans to return only critical transport routes to service for now. government in thought africa is committed to ensuring that we have deleted the railway infrastructure. we have set aside 5000000000 euros to fix all the damages of inventory that we see which we attribute to economics of a touch. business is facing immense knock on effects after having to abandon rail transport just to move goods. companies also have to go with personnel challenges. this has a huge impact on us at the moment. we need to use more expensive transport to deliver the goods and work as a struggling to get to work on time. they can't even use the trains to get here. they're really struggling despite plans to remedy the situation. the looting could easily continue a pace if i may not be
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a station, but what's a use if they're not be there in re stations and they didn't give us jobs because it's just good station. it's just been a get destroyed again. exactly how much of the infrastructure has been lost remains unclear, but with unemployment over 32 percent. there's no quick fix and it'll be sometime before the trains can run again. the, the little guys, this is a 77 percent. the platform will ask you to be faith issues and share ideas. you know, we are not afraid to capture and then the african population is willing and young people clearly have the solution. the future
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suddenly 7 percent now every 10 on the w. ah, 100 off is in my when i come from glad yourdomain, unimportant off trying to the knitting needles and information. and when i was young, my cancer was enjoyed many of the war captors. most people would gather around it was my job to, to in one of the largest job so that everyone in the town listen to that gave me nothing, has been transferred to my long carrier in john 9 more than 10 wrong. even us, i was it's when i choice it has given
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me a way to trans through my name is my gosh, not much. and i was detailed the, the, the, the you guess this here we are again in can at the long awaited international film festival from impressions from wednesdays, red carpet, and the premier of everything went fine. the latest offering by french director, full swap, was starring the wonderful, so fema, so along with her co stars only the engine i didn't and without welcome to arts and culture where we'll go live once again through the can film festival. but before we do this,
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it's also in the pipeline. the iconic boon chapel in near cologne is the venue for an encounter between her willing to foe and the art of his friends. paint her and director julian snob will cinema is back, the sun is shining and the future looks bright with loads of great films in the offing at the cannes film festival. 24 films this time in competition. and let's get a glimpse of the competition film. everything went fine by acclaimed french director pulse was gone. as i've mentioned, it's a very down to earth drama, about assisted suicide. that definitely gives the few pull on the heart of the and joining me once again from cannon is my colleague, scott rock, bro. scott's good to see you in the sun is still shining. a new film by full force
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who is always always an event, of course, because he's so unpredictable. so what's your take on this one? yeah, i cared. yeah. it's you definitely right. i mean those on does everything he does melodrama as he does. he does crime stories. he has mr. easy to thrillers. in this case though, it's a drama very, in some ways, very simple drama about assisted suicide. so if you my, so please the grown up daughter who has to help her father in his life. and the interesting thing about this film though, i mean, we've seen this subject to movies before michelle, because more was about this subject, which one here and can number of years ago. but was, well, it was all approach is a bit different. he, he does approach the subject not in a way to that would be controversial, but really in a matter of fact way and even managers to add some, some touches of sort of gallows humor that, that lightning a bad it's,
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i found not the best. those all film that he's ever made, but definitely a very gentle and moving portrait of, of an incredibly difficult subject. indeed, well, we have to have a blockbuster in the mix today. of course, scott, and there's a new film by tom mccarthy with matt damon. so let's have a quick peek at bill water from our se ah, port. i went to the gold still order on it. i thought a little piece on that . everybody like we have exhausted every possible you get an excellent lawyer, not helping us doing that myself and i was trying to get my little girl out of jail. that's all i give a damn. okay, so that looks like
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a nail biter. scott was matt damon in his usual relentless mode. what can you tell us about it? yes, i'll have to be a little bit careful for this don't because it doesn't screen until friday in cancel. i can't give any spoilers, but i can basically say this matt damon plays a really rough neck tight guy. guy works on an oil rig. he's a strain from his daughter, but when she is arrested in mar, say, and thrown into jail queues of, of murdering someone he comes to, to try and help her out. and he tries to clear her name. she claims she is not guilty and he tries to negotiate the, the french legal system and, and sort of investigate the case himself without speaking any french. so it's of course interesting because as you mentioned, the director this from the director of spotlight, which was oscar oscar winning film. and so a lot of people looking at this movie to see if it could be an awards container. on
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a more historical plant director, todd haynes is back with a brand new documentary on the band velvet underground. so let's just take a quick look at how that sounds. church uses, which never is land or sea alone blooms, hair inside the mind, patterns, notion and actually knows. living with matt in the search key. very much reflecting the times there, i know you're enthusiastic about this one. scott: so tell us more. yeah, i mean i'm a huge, huge fan of velvet underground. so any documentary for me would be preaching to the choir but, but this is really, really interesting film i taught. and of course, it's better known for his features, films like carol or far from heaven. and what he does here is he, i think, really gets under the skin of the band, sort of what made velvet underground so special, both their music and,
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and sort of the art that they, that they created and uses the incredible archive footage the music of course, and then a lot of really interesting interviews with the surviving numbers, the band and people who knew them. and so if you're a huge fan like myself, obviously you're gonna love this movie. but i think it's also a great introduction to people who don't even move. maybe never heard of velvet underground of the band. okay. now there's another documentary about a famous star, but this one's a very intimate portrait by shutting down booth about her famous mother jane kim. some a little tv alone phone was privileged to to know who to the tv i just talked to the
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phone in time. so some emotional stuff there after thinking and acting, this is charlotte. ganz moves for sab, directing. how does it tally up? yeah, no, it's very interesting. of course, she's really already a legendary actress. and as you're, as you mentioned, but this is her 1st film as a director. what's interesting about this movie is it's not your typical a documentary sort of the life and kind of documentary doesn't look and do jane perkins, incredible carrier as an actress. instead, it's a very personal documentary. it's sean connery again looking at her mother and, and trying to understand her mother and it's really both their own relationship. and again, so like i said that in doing the documentary and having to have the distance of having a camera in between them, she was able to talk to her mother away. she never had been before and actually get a level of intimacy that they had not existed before. so i very fascinating a film,
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especially if you're a fan of either of these 2 amazing actors. okay, scott, well, i wanted to ask you one more question, but i'm afraid i think we've run out of time for me and waltz with sheer fame also has a new spin on and frank, but we'll have to get to that another time. thanks very much for joining us from the closets in can and thanks for those insights and happy viewing for the rest of it. thank you. oh back to germany now, and what does an artist do when he learns that a close friend has passed, or he paints or stops, or in some way tries to create to defy the ability of death. all american painter julian novel did just that when his long time friend psy, tombly, died back in 2011. the works are now on show near cologne, in germany, where another old friend came by to give them their due. ah,
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a 950 chapo bills. 5 put surprise were not godfrey and architectural gem and for the past 10 years, a venue for chop exhibitions, hollywood act village, defo time friend of artist julian novel has been shooting a film near by. on a day off, he came to take in an exhibition of large format, novel paintings. ah, when i'm here by myself, i took it all in and of course, the miracles of this show. and i'm not saying that just to be pollyanna positive is it's so well integrated, these pieces look like it was made for, for this specific chapel. and it all comes together just purely and symbolically. and there's, there's
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a dialogue going on here. but they're all speaking the same language. all these elements. fury and novel dedicated these works to his friend the painter side, tombly who died 10 years ago. the series is called on the day side died. we caught up with the painter and film directive. i assume axes home in one, so on america's east coast. shaky camera work, we cooked dumps, novel, free style. i painted them out here. i painted them the day that i found the site. my dot a little call me from italy. she was there. so that was 6 hours and i think you told me i was dead and i had this material around and i laid the things out and and the painting, ah, me them outside i just wanted to paint the painting so i
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didn't think of where they were going to go everything is not so premeditated, you know, in 10 years old they seem to have found a home here. the large dog campuses were created by applying ery, like white paint to top pollings taken from ministry trucks. ah, yes. so elemental fits with the kind of clean, clean this of the chapel and also just that kind of austerity of matters spiritually. let's get serious. now again, some crosses. ah julian. julian,
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i'm looking at your paintings from this beautiful place and the roof is floating. i think the physicality of the paintings and the size of them, they also relate to sculptures and things that are in the physical world. so they're not really just pictures of things. they are things. oh, i, i, what a fascinating encounter there with some memories of the last temptation of christ. i'm sure going through his mind. well, finally, a very different immersive art experience awaits visitors in mexico city. as a new exhibition takes them into the world of iconic painter feed carlo. the walk through digital installation celebrates her life and was especially timed for her 100 and 14th birthday on wednesday. so we will leave you with some images about an until next time from all of us here in berlin. go well the
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who's interested in the global economy, our portfolio w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. to analyze the fight for market dominance. with c w business beyond on youtube, can you hear me now? yes, we can hear you in germany. we bring you to
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a mac or and you've never had before. right? so what, what is, who is the medical really want me to talk to people who follows along the way, myra and critique join us from actual glass. the the the the, the, the athletes have a dream. it's more than a big competition. the limpid games. i just want to be part of it. the biggest
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sporting event in the world. you have your very best and then you can beat anyone in florida. but the panoramic has thrown everything into doubt. will the games take place at all? as we don't know if there will be any competition that's pretty difficult to deal with. our athletes dealing with the challenges with pandemic, we joined full on their road to tokyo to already qualify to still fighting to their tickets. will this bossing dream come true with the fence? alexandra and dolo hasn't yet secured her place at the games today. after months of waiting and training, she's finally back at a competition. she's finally feeling her adrenalin return, even if it wasn't to help her pack her bag. i'd say i actually had to ask myself
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several times. if i got everything i needed from, usually i just get it right automatically. plus with international travel off the cards, the competitors, the old german. it's nonetheless an important test of the month of inaction. the the endo still has to qualify for the olympics and today's tournament is an important indicator of the level of competition. she was the favorite in light take disappointingly, she wasn't the one who won phil days like this irreplaceable for an athlete like alexandra and dolo. even just hearing that i lay
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or ready go from the referee or something else to be coming back to the starting line as well. of course we do that in training as well, but it all together a bit and every now and again, we take the time, but it's not the same as it is here about me. hi jump. i'm a real wrong young flash has already booked her place at the games. but while she can train, she hasn't been able to compete since 2019 she supported by her family in the black forest. dear in fryeburg is where her sporting journey began. it's really nice to be here and it was where i started my sporting career. i never had a really serious goal. i just enjoyed it. of course i wanted to improve, but i never made it to my goal to jump to meters or even higher. i just wanted to have fun and i used to jump a little higher and every competition. and i thought if this keeps up,
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that could turn out well. i think that that she made it all the way to the lympics in 2016 age 25. she placed 7th in rio since then pressure and media interest have been constance. visits to her mother help the athletes they grounded her. so here's what this is where her routes are and her family and everyone else. it's important for her to come back to her room to reenergize, to cool off what to just be my last, not necessarily the athletes that everyone always asks after. i think that's important for her. what i've done over human flesh wants to go to tokyo this year, but corona and look down on testing her patients. the local rules are strict and include a nightly curfew from a p n. austin, dances will all be still happy when it's finally over to be able to go out again
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like normal not to have to be home at age to be able to meet friends, do things functionally asleep. i need that and i'm missing it all from me. also. thomas lola, one golden. rio corona has slowed him down by year to ah, solving doesn't month in 2020. we all got to know our home towns a bit better. going for a walk has become a new people sport. we're all going out always and if you can't travel, then you focus on what's right in front of your door. and under less too high for the house to. thomas rayleigh has also been focusing on his javelin throwing technique a few times. we've done a lot of work on a number of different aspect. for me,
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i wanted to take a step back in terms of technique. so we're together with the coach to return to an older technique for it was well going back to the roots a bit and then in terms of strength, it's always a bit risky. cost message, this is the rule has changed the moment at which he turns into a side on stands. he's yet to test the technique at a competition. still, he's qualified to the games and he's feeling positive. the reason for that, i've got a huge advantage and that i'm in the middle of my career. i've already completed a very best achieved a lot of success and, and that were like me going forward. and it's a lot more difficult for people who are at the end or the very beginning of their career. come met. lean folk man is preparing under plenty of pressure to her 1st ever, gangs. the more to it's the biggest event there is.
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the key wasn't nominated to 2020, but corona has given her new chums when tokyo with the times the squad where we shuffled a dream in the lives that the competition is did. the competitions have been cancelled and training conditions are tricky. as a result of the corona restrictions, the painting fitness, i'm really missing group training because there we have different partners and we always get in a lot more practice. homeless one is february 2021, and alex and dolo is back in kilo in her daily life and the time of grown up jogging in the park is a welcome escape plan. i've gotten
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used to it, but it's dragging on a bit since. yes ma'am. it's been months almost a year now and since i had an international competition, the secret limping qualifying is set to mid march and it's in the deep end for the fence after a long time without any international competition who's been of man and that comes we will have to see whether it's possible to get right back into the, in the, in on to say that, okay, this is how koreans tends. and i remember this is all be fine. because the and yes it's going to be interesting with this news for madeline phone man, but it's not good. she still not been able to compete. and in the end be inevitable
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mine when canada met me on my own child, me and said there re nominating the previous nominees. and i'm not one of them on the, on the stuff i've been. i'd only be there if someone else can make it. or you might find like the chevy stand up when i've exempted it. it was painful at 1st because i had a goal. i've been training towards it for a long time and such as me. so it's not easy. it's something i think about every day. of course you end up asking yourself is that worth carrying on? but you have to look at it in a different light and i still got a chance for parents. i'd like to try and take it on a mat. lean, sold, mine's road to tokyo, and here the next time is parish 2024. ah
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. from the railroads, human flesh, paris is still a long way away. she wants to perform, but an injury is forcing her to miss the german indoor championships. despite the corona brake and the injury, she's trying to stay positive. you said the north my, i've enjoyed the freedom from pressure. i've been an athlete for 1516 years. the always competing either you can for this problem. well i know it's been pleasant to have a year off. i'm a guns. i'm going corona give as many a chance to return to their roots and that includes top athletes. marilla wrong says father is from the caribbean. island must unique as the oldest of 6 siblings, always been possessed of mental strength as it should be,
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wouldn't am. i really admire my daughter. she's unbelievable if my she's been doing it for years. a lot of hardship was strong. i think it's amazing. i really admire her when this was the human flesh hopes to return to competition. in my part, it all depends on the infection rate for me, i'm really looking forward to the 1st competition. i know that i'll be incredibly nervous, especially because i've got a new run on the i'm looking forward to jumping against others showing what i can do and what my coach and i've been working on these past months. i live in want to but will, to tokyo games take place at all. the idea of hosting such a large event is becoming less than less popular in japan. if they do happen, it's unsure how they look. present foghat. i sort of, i think it's
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a huge shane, but it looks as if will be competing without spectators. i love school with all the emotion with respect haters and their support that they give us real estate. and the moment it looks like that's going to be in the business and unchecked, the uncertainty continues in japan, in germany all over the world. what happens if the corona case numbers start rising, because it's annoying, not knowing what will happen? what's in store for all 3 remaining athletes? will alexandra and dolo qualify in the american. there are times when we're sitting at home a launch game and that's pretty hard to deal with. all 3 still dream of traveling to the world's biggest festival sport in september. will their dream come true? the the, the news,
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the news, the news, the news, the, the, the, the the
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into the conflict with tim sebastian. when it comes to foreign policy, it's getting harder to work out what the use stands for. my get this week is almost pipe nice. jared european palm and foreign affairs committee. can he explain why such a powerful block of nations seems to punish so far below its weight on the world. on dw. oh, the news was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the or, or didn't the game said tokyo with $22021.00 thrown off course during the qualifying round, not least for sports heroes. actually it was
11:59 pm
a weapon the face. but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the lucky go to tokyo, georgia july 19. d. w. me mentioned being the you are alive. can prove you want to learn the know school you want to use put on aloud. when you see the doctor, when you fall in love, they will. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible. you assured me, you know, when you died there is no every 10 in
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us like 10000000 people in the world, the state. they have no nationality and they don't belong. but everyone has the right. everyone has the right. ah, ah, this is the w news, and these are the top stories. organizes of the tokyo olympics have announced a total ban on spectators. it follows a newspaper of emergency declared in the japanese capital due to the rising current of virus infections. foreign fans were already bod. now japanese spectators are being told to stay at home.


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