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the, you're up to date, bread golf, we'll have more world news at the top of the out then facility and have your business updated next day. the news news . hello guys. this is the 77 percent the bomb was african issues and share ideas. you know, we are not afraid to capture and then the topic african relation is moving. young
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people clearly have the solutions. the future belongs to the 77 percent. now every weekend on the w the the german comic is in the crosshairs again, over emissions. you find b, m, w, and folks fucking around 875000000 euros for colluding to limit the production of clean cars. so the 1st scrap metal, hundreds of kilometers, south africa rail network disappear. we'll try to track down the problem. and europe's executives get all ads the to being locked down so long. they want to fly to the us to do business washing and he doesn't want them because i've been through
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all of the business. the european commission has find the german comic is volkswagen and b m w for teaming up to keep emissions cleaning technology off the european market. dimer was also part of the scheme but kicked off the ad blue was one of the technologies central to the inquiry. it's a fluid that reduces the bleeding gases and diesel emissions. the says the companies colluded to restrict to the size and dosing of abilene tanks in their models. another finding that the group avoided introducing cleaner particle filters and petrol car models. 5 companies fell under the investigation volkswagen and its subsidiaries portion, audi, also b, m, w, and mercedes parent, dime. lar, the e. you said that what began is legitimate discussions about technical specifications. turned into market coordination. net less consumers with fewer choices. these common factors illegally colluded to restrict competition
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in the area of emission clinic technologies for diesel cars. this is the 1st time that the commission finds that cooperation on technical elements as opposed to price fixing or market sharing for that matter. and that's to cancel behavior b m w ad volkswagen have agreed to pay the fines dime. lar, escaped penalty because it shared information with the you. the scandal puts the industry back in on a welcome but familiar spotlight. just as it tries moving forward towards in electric, greener future. the recent emission scandals loom large with litigation and criminal cases still ongoing. worse than any fine is the added damage to reputation . well as far as their reputation is go, motorists keep buying the double use. what i wanted to know was whether that scary
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sounding fine would actually hurt the order giants. his markets men comrade boosted a sign of 875000000 euros. that's not a large amount compared to the 10s of billions of dollars. that, for example, the folks flogging had to pay in the diesel cheating scandal in the united states. still this decision now is significant. the you anti trust people are saying that not only price rigging can be illegal behavior in terms of anti trust law or market cation agreements, which could be illegal, but also agreement among carmakers on how big the tanks are, that they all plan to implement in their models agreements about this can represent an illegal monitor ballistic behavior. according to the you anti trust people, folks is considering challenging this decision. it says that a certain amount of corporation and technical question is necessary for the car makers. and that this is what fruitful and prosperous car industry needs.
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old folks all says it's going green. it aims to become a purely electric brand here in europe by 2028. the come acre is also going to launch and all electric vehicle inspired by the 1970s opal manser. and the other info we've got is that the car will be available mid decade of electric deadline for 2 years before a long time. rival ford. it's promised to electrify its passengers kind of line up in europe by 2030. some funny business is going on during lockdown in south africa . hundreds of kilometers of railroad track and station facilities were pilfered and sold for scrap metal economists say the 5th disco tailed up to one percent of growth. the economy is buckling under the strain of the covert crisis and rampant unemployment. this used to be a busy railway station in downtown janice. but like many of those in africa's most
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developed economy, it's been laid waste during the countries extensive loc downs is o's, amir by the railway station. i'm trying to look for some scrap met. so i can find some into it, but it does going to be better if maybe there are some jobs because now the train stations are destroyed and picking up grab med, says no jobs. if any upgraded to stations there's no jobs anymore. now more trains moving. so i'm just picking up, the prep matches, forget something. so the looting began soon after the government implemented one of the world's strictest corona virus looked downs with thieves taking advantage of unused and on staff train stations, analyst estimate the total loss is to come to over 20000000000 euros. and the state
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plans to return only critical transport routes to service. so now government inside africa is committed to ensuring that we have deleted the railway infrastructure. we have set aside 5000000000 euros to fix all the damages of fift, in vandalism. that we see which we actually viewed to economics of a touch business is facing immense knock on effects after having to abandon rail transport just to move their goods. companies also have to cope with personnel challenges. this has a huge impact on us at the moment. we need to use more expensive transport to deliver the goods and work as a struggling to get to work on time. they can't even use the trains to get here. they're really struggling. despite plans to remedy the situation, the looting could easily continue a pace. if i may not be there at a station, but what's the use netflix, their interest stations,
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and they do not give us jobs because it's just good station. it's just been that get destroyed again. exactly how much of the infrastructure has been lost, remains unclear, but with unemployment at over 32 percent. there's no quick fix and it'll be sometime before the trains can run again. journalist hill at the width joins us now . philip, you reckon this is got less to do with the cova crisis and more to do with regulatory failure cover presented the opportunity to train to training the stations were standing idle, but security was withdrawn from these stations. policing was redirected in a fashion which allowed it, and they really wasn't any oversight ultimately. so by the time the authorities realize the pieces of track were being stolen, it was almost too late. and then on an ongoing basis, both they've continued with very little intervention. so at every level, the management of this infrastructure failed and they're failing, the south african people. i mean,
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who's this impacting the people obviously want to catch a train for time to time they do. but these lines in the stations are used by the poorer fiction of working south africa. these are not middle class people. these are not rich people who use the trains as you may find in europe and elsewhere. these are poor people who are pushed to the peripheries of cities during apartheid . and you know, need to commute into work and have lost this opportunity to do so viral. so they're now being pushed to often more expensive forms of transport and sometimes more dangerous forms of transport, such as many bus taxi. so it is really the poorer south africans who are suffering most. it's hard enough to find work right now and made even hotter. i guess if you can travel those longer distances, what about the long term impact on the economy which, which i mentioned before, there is a lot of discussion about the rehabilitation of this network about how the infrastructure will be rebuilt. when we look at the, at the budgets,
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they simply isn't the kind of money the pandemic has really empty the coffers around south africa. on a provincial level, on a national level. they really just isn't that amount of money necessary available for this necessary rehabilitation. and we don't think that it will be a high spending priority as we not enter into a 3rd wave of the pandemic. so you know, p, p e and social safety nets will likely take priority. so we'll take a very long time before we see a returned to service on, on those lines. you heard it from phil to wet journalist for his based in job bug. going to get that update on the situation. now quick look at some other business stories making headlines. european central bank has said and you inflation target to just under 2 percent. it follows the e. c, b biggest overall in its history. one of the main changes being that the central bank will consider climate change and it's policy decisions. a report by british
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oil major b p shows global carbon emissions fill the most in over 75 years. last year. crude oil demand fell by about 9 percent during the pandemic, while renewable searched b. p says the world still needs tangible action to hit you when back climate goals . see if they lead the way. prices economy grew twice as fast as expected in the 2nd quarter. it was lastly, driven by the services sector, which benefited from an easing of restrictions in midnight. central bank is expecting overall both of just under 6 percent this year. if the country withstands a full wave of covert infections. and type one is investing of a $5000000000.00 to encourage more companies to invest at home. many times operating in mainland china have been returning to the island to avoid tax imposed as part of a james trade war with the united states. of the us as co restrictions could be putting european businesses at
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a disadvantage on the other side of the atlantic. despite all the breakthroughs we've made on the digital front business leaders argue that they still need actual face time and need to be able to travel. so after the vaccine rollout has gathered, pays and most developed economies. giving reason to brussels, to lift travel restrictions for us citizens last month. but washington is yet to reciprocate you. citizens are still blocked from travel to the us. that has left york in business leaders protesting. it hinders us to do the business with the way we are used to starting with service. we have to supply to our machines where we need specialists from germany to be sent over to the us. and definitely by creating new business, visiting our customers and discussing complex technical issues for the last 16 months,
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europeans haven't been able to travel to the us without restrictions. us authorities can issue waivers for critical business travelers. but the exception to the rule is really the solution. but that is time consuming is full rock receive, and most of the time you need even an invitation letter from your customers or potential customers. and they are very hesitant to do that because they don't know what they are dealing with. uncertainty has rained during the pandemic. and for europe in business travelers to the us, the end doesn't appear to be insight. and just briefly in may, german exports have risen for 13 months in a row, but they've lost momentum. exports rising slightly by point 3 percent from the months, according to official figures, are demand sewing for the 1st time of the year as the global economic recovery started. mid cheers of new cars at variance. the pandemic continues to pummel europe's largest economy. and
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a reminder of our top story this our european commission has find german company. it's both plugging and b and w for colluding to keep emissions cleaning technology in the european market. i think business ah the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research say? information and contact the corona virus. coven, 19 special. next on d. w. to the point. strong. clear position. international perspective. when it sometimes seems that we are indeed losing the
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battle against climate change. does that mean a cruel future for the next generation? certainly is a possibility. so why are we unwilling to change the way we live on life? find out until the point to the point dw, the me, the quarter of the world's corona virus deaths have been in latin america. the 3rd of new infections happening in the region. a region where just 3 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. so once gone wrong.


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