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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2021 7:30pm-8:15pm CEST

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to make every delivery special, the not just next day, but every day, me thousands of children still waiting for the delivery sponsor box today. so together i can deliver features. i have a business coming up today. it's been called one because it was environmental disaster. hundreds of animals are washing up dead on the country's beaches. several weeks after shift of the ghost. the government says it's too early to draw conclusions, but conservationist, sounding the alarm, plus the long road to recovery, all sort of deadly. second wave of the pandemic code, nevada survivors in india, coping the symptoms of longed cove in
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the news i'm british manager. welcome to dw news. a sure glad you could join us for lunch is facing what activists say is. it's what ever marine disaster in the last 5 weeks, more than 200 seater pals and other fish have washed up dead on beaches. there. it comes up to the ship, cutting toxic chemicals and plastic pellets caught fire and sank of the west coast in june. the government is still investigating the cause of the death, but activists say, or the photocopies must act now to head off an even greater catastrophe. once again, a dead whale is stranded on pena dura beach. every day the sea washes up new cadavers onto the west coast of sri lanka, to sean copy re finger heads the save the sea turtles project. he and his helpers work almost around the clock. still, their help comes too late for most sea animals. it is very disappointing and i was
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really sad to see these scholars are coming regular basis almost every day we are getting, they want to call us like this reading like a few 100 meters. there is a case to be made that there is a link between the dead animals and a ship disaster that occurred in mid may. just a few miles off the coast is re longer the sunken cargo ship express pearl carried terms of plastic, particles corrosive, nitric acid and heavy oil. but the government says there is no proof of the connection between the dead sea animals and the ship may call up. we have to investigate whether the sunken ship has anything to do with the dead sea turtles and other fish cadavers. it could also be the result of a natural phenomenon or human activity. we will work together with experts to research this cap. every single disagrees. he believes that the ship catastrophe
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one of the greatest environmental disasters ever to hit sri lanka, is responsible for the death of many animals in the past. many dead animals were washed on shore during the summer months, but never as many as this year. oh, now we out maybe 5 times more than that number. usually we will get about, you know, 3040 maximum for you washed up in our facility as along the southern cause. mark sol, fabio received more than $200.00 total and capital re singer believes this number is still rising. he expects the catastrophe to have massive long term effects in future you will see more any mostly. com because there are no system got in fact that i know so effect, but i know that you system got evicted. and in addition with the time,
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more convenient route add more can because into the water cap routing once answers and proposed solutions from politicians. and for the government to deal with the effects of this ongoing catastrophe. and for me on this disaster, i'm joined now by environmentalists anoka bethany and ok. welcome. do we know the full extent of this catastrophe? thank you so much for having me. and unfortunately, we don't, and this is very, very unfortunate that these one because that be so we need to leave the why is not that in terms of looking at data to the effect from looking at people love factored into understanding the long term effects for generations as well now in our report, we also have the official minister gunshot
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b just take saying the link between the dead animals washing up on sheila, because beaches and the ship disaster isn't clear. i'm wondering if the government is justified in it skepticism. i mean, i can't be onto that too because i feel looking at that. but what i can say is that i've been getting too long for a very long time and we haven't really seen the washing after the show is still to be something. and i'm hoping that the evidence shows in the last speaking about the impact of environmental disaster, what is the impact you're seeing on the local economy, on fishing, for instance? and if people are even willing to consume the fish from this region, know it's been a huge problem for
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a lot of people who are dependent on fishing efficiency activities for a very long time. the movie doing this budget ration and suddenly a lot of people don't really know watch, especially given the situation. and you can ration on going as well as the pot because of the fishing industry has been updated and people are not really comfortable eating anything that you'd be shooting for later. so it is a bit of a issue, actually a major issue, not just people who are in depending on the line, but also people who rely on the family as well. what support is forthcoming from the government, if any at all, for people affected by this. so they're having their response to support exchange, for example, that happy fiduciaries. and that was even out. but in reality,
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looking at the situation, whether that is something that you left to discuss as well as looking understanding whether these people come back to fishing, even that the people really don't want to consume the fish. and so that having some support likely some of the water, especially in england fisheries for example the area. but they do. ringback a lot of that for sure. well, you can go from here. i know, speaking as an environmentalist, how confident are you that you can recover from this disaster? so, mom says, i would say will take a long time because these are really affected 3 months. so you need to take a very long time,
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but nature doesn't regenerate. and what we need to do is to make sure that we have these, for example, regarding the data materials, are those things coming forth and not even the country back to find those conventions as well in the future to a why the situation and to also see that anymore and also even things like fi grass can region rates. would you say there is a role here for other nations to provide assistance perhaps to sri lanka? oh yes. as i said, not a situation lend. if ever we had a small incident, i thought people would be in the diamond about a year ago. but do you run the scale of this? i definitely do think that we need a lot of support. i don't have offering for example, you know,
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i don't have enough time to leave it there for that. i mean, but thank you so much for joining us today. thank you so much for cutting out some updates on the corona. what has been demick across asia? russia has offered respect, seems to not korea once again. i'm a report that harsh lockdown is leading to extreme hunger. john gang has so far, refused offers of aid from a number of countries. indonesia saw more than a 1000 deaths in a 24 hour period as a country grappled with a severe oxygen shortage and bundle. there is also no on oxygen supplies, while reporting its highest one decades total. since the pandemic began, well over 11000 infections, the spike in cases in binary issues being blamed on the delta barrier and 1st identified in india. yeah, i was just possible for devastating 2nd wave in april may, but many who survived illness at that time. now face and lingering one,
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long go of it when the body takes longer than expected to fully recover from over 19 it's been almost a month since the bulk of while came back home after a long bout in the hospital. after losing 25 kills and still very weak, the bus is now slowly trying to get back to a state of normalcy. and the life he had before it was disrupted by a studio 1900 infection. only she was came to mind. 60 that i will be able to win up on this battle or not. after struggling, initially, the book managed to get admitted to a hospital when his workplace intervened. off the 50 days he spent that 40 was spent in the intensive care unit. he says he lost track of time of days and nights, and that the time he spent lying in a room tramped with patience, broke his. that was the thing was happening at the end of the day. my legs i,
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i found that my legs are not working. they are, they are not the part of my body. i was not able to cope of the oxygen mask what they have put. and i was really feeling helpless. i said, there is no point in living though, because i can't cope of a discretion. i left a message to my cousin brother that i'm not going to survive. i think the lot is going to be my last day. each day he could hear people screaming with pain and discomfort. and each the he saw some one dined. the book knew he was fighting this infection at the time when the entire city was struggling hard to cope with it. it was his 2 children. he says, who gave him the current he needed the 1st feeling that was there would need 247 was the feel fuel of losing him. you want to return back to normal. you just want to see those 4 members of your family together on the dining table. clinical says
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the experience with their father and the sites we saw at the hospital have made all of them stronger as a family. one of the biggest address was missing his diamond ceremony from an organization. he spent nearly 4 decades in an a day. he had spent months preparing for but he's turning over a new leaf now. and his entire focus is on his him. he wants to live along heavy fulfilling life was covered by him is more tougher than the covert. i'm really finding it very difficult to cope with me that recovery time because there's only one month. there's already one month. i'm not able to walk even the dentist technical for taking people. doctors are telling it will take 6 months once more slow step at a time. he's trying to move towards full recovery. but with every task still a challenge. he knows it will take a long time and that's it for the date is of course more information on the covert
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situation, an issue on our website. and you can follow us on facebook and twitter up as well back tomorrow. at the same time, we'll see you then bye bye. who's this? ah, understanding that tag and in the end, if you are not allowed to see you anymore, we will send you back. are you familiar with use reliance, that's what's your story. ready with and i was especially victims of violence take part and send us your story
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chain only understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not against you. want to become into migrants, your platform for reliable information the the, the, the you guest. here we are again in can at the long awaited international film festival from impressions from wednesdays, red carpet, and the premier of everything went fine. the latest offering by french director, full swap, was starring the wonderful sophie muscle along with her co stars. only the engine and without welcome to arts and culture, where we'll go live once again through the can film festival. but before we do this,
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it's also in the pipeline. the iconic burn chapel in near cologne is the venue for an encounter between are willing to foe and the art of his friends, painter and director julian snob or cinema is back. the sun is shining and the future looks bright with loads of great films in the offing at the cannes film festival. 24 films this time in competition. and let's get a glimpse of the competition film. everything went fine by acclaimed french director full twitter. as i've mentioned, it's a very down to earth drama, about assisted suicide. that definitely gives the few pull on the heart of the and joining me once again from cannon is my colleague, scott rock, bro. scott's good to see you in the sun is still shining. a new film by full circle
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is always always an event, of course, because he's so unpredictable. so what's your take on this one? yeah, i cared. yeah. it's you definitely right. i mean those on does everything he does melodramas. he does. he has crime stories. he's mr. easy to thrillers. in this case though, it's a drama, it's a very, it's always very simple drama. about assisted suicide. sophie muscle plays the grown up daughter who has to help her father in his life. and the interesting thing about this film though, i mean, we've seen this subject of movies before michelle, because a more was about this subject, which one here in can number of years ago. but fossil was all approach is a bit different. he, he does approach the subject not in a way to that would be controversial, but really in a matter of fact way and even managers to add some, some touches of sort of gallows humor that, that lighten it. a bad it's,
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i found not necessarily the best, those all film that he's ever made, but definitely a very gentle and moving portrait of, of an incredibly difficult subject. indeed, well, we have to have a blockbuster in the mix today, of course, thought. and there's a new film by tom mccarthy with matt damon. so let's have a quick peek at bill water from our say, ah, under report this isn't it was the gold still order on it? i thought a little piece on that . everybody like we have exhausted to every possibility get next. it's a lawyer not helping in doing that myself. so now i'm trying to get my little girl out of jail. that's all i give a damn about. ok, so that looks like
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a nail biter. scott, with matt damon in his usual relentless mode. what can you tell us about it? yes, i'll have to be a little bit careful for this don't because it doesn't screen until friday in cancel. i can't give any spoilers, but i can basically say this. matt damon plays a really rough nec type guy, guy works on an oil rig. he's a strain from his daughter, but when she is arrested in mar, say, and thrown into jail queues of, of murdering someone he comes to, to try and help her out. and he tries to clear her name. she claims she is not guilty and he tries to negotiate the differential legal system and, and sort of investigate the case himself without speaking any french. so it's of course interesting because as you mentioned that the director, this is from the director of spotlight, which was oscar oscar winning film. and so a lot of people looking at this movie to see if it could be an awards container on
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a more historical plan. director todd haynes is back with a brand new documentary on the band velvet underground. so let's just take a quick look at how that sounds. church music which never is land or c alone blooms, hair inside the mind, patterns, notion and actually knows. moving with matt in the search key part are very much reflecting the times there. i know you're enthusiastic about this one. scott: so tell us more. yeah, i mean i'm a huge, huge fan of velvet underground. so any documentary for me would be preaching to the choir but, but this is really, really interesting film, i mean, taught in courses but for and for his features, films like carol or far from heaven. what he does here is he, i think, really gets under the skin of the bands of what made velvet underground so special both their music and, and sort of the art that they,
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that they created and uses the incredible archive footage the music of course. and then a lot of really interesting interviews with the surviving numbers, the band and people who knew them. and so if you're a huge fan like myself, obviously you're gonna love this movie. but i think it's also a great introduction to people who don't even who maybe never heard of velvet underground of the band. okay. now there's another documentary about a famous star, but this one's a very intimate portrait by shutting down booth about her famous mother jane. there can come a little tv long. she was really shaded off in this to you to know who to the pacific. i'm not sure if i do that. we can talk to the
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phone in time. so some emotional stuff there after thinking and acting, this is charlotte young will 1st stab at directing. how does it tally up? yeah, no, it's very interesting. of course he's really already a legendary actor. and as you're, as you mentioned, but this is her 1st film as a director. what's interesting about this movie is it's not your typical a documentary sort of the life and kind of documentary doesn't look and do jane burkins incredible carrier as an actress. instead, it's a very personal documentary, it's shot guns book against looking at her mother and, and trying to understand her mother and fully both their own relationship and against looking at that in doing the documentary and having to have the distance of having a camera in between them, she was able to talk to them other way. she never had been before and actually get
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a level of intimacy that they had not existed before. so i very fascinating a film, especially if you're a fan of either of these 2, i mean using actresses. ok, scott: well, i wanted to ask you one more question, but i'm afraid i think we've run out of time. i'll be fine. man. waltz with sheer fame also has a new spin on and frank, but we'll have to get to that. another time. thanks very much. for joining us from the quiz that's in can and thanks for those insights and happy viewing for the rest of it. thank you. oh, back to germany now, and what does an artist do when he learns that a close friend has passed while he paints or sculpt, or in some way, tries to create, to defy the ability of death. all american painter julian novel did just that when his long time friend site warmly died back in 2011. the works are now on show near cologne, in germany, where another old friend came by to give them their due. oh,
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$950.00 chapo bill spy puts a price. we're not gonna treat an architectural gem. and for the past 10 years, a venue for the top art exhibitions. hollywood village to pho. i'm friend of artist julian snapple, has been shooting a film nearby on a day off. he came to take in an exhibition of large format, novel paintings. ah. when i'm here by myself, i took it all in and of course the miracle of this show. and i'm not saying that just to be pollyanna positive. is it so well integrated these pieces look like it was made for, for this specific chapel. and it all comes together just purely and symbolically and there's, there's
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a dialogue going on here. but they're all speaking the same language, all these elements. julian novel dedicated these works to his friend, the painter sy tombly, who died 10 years ago to series is called on the day side died. we caught up with the painter and film directive. i assume at home in one so fun america is east coast. shaky camera work. we cooked up novel freestyle. i painted them out here. i painted them the day that i found the side di, my daughter a little that called me from italy. she was there. so that was 6 hours ahead of us and you told me i was dead and i had this material around and i laid the things out and painted the paintings. ah
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them outside. i just wanted to paint the pain. and so i didn't think of where they were going to go. everything is not so premeditated, you know, in 10 years old, they seem to have found the home here. the large, dark canvasses were created by applying ery, light, white paint to top holdings taken from military trucks. ah, we are so elemental fits with the kind of clean, clean this of the chapel, and also just that kind of sterility of matter spiritual. let's get serious. now we get some crosses. ah julian, julian,
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i'm looking at your paintings from this beautiful place and the roof is floating. i think the physicality of the paintings and the size of them. they also relate to sculptures and things that are in the physical world. so they're not really just pictures of things. they are things ah, ah, what a fascinating encounter there with some memories of the last temptation of christ, i'm sure going through his mind. well, finally, a very different immersive art experience awaits visitors in mexico city. as a new exhibition takes them into the world of iconic painter feeder carlo. the walk through digital installation celebrates her life and was especially timed for her 100 and 14th birthday on wednesday. so we will leave you with some images about an until next time from all of us here in berlin. go well the
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who's in use the use the news, the news ah, to the point,
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strong, clear position. international perspective, the, when it sometimes seems that we are indeed losing the battle against climate change . does that mean a cruel future for the next generation? certainly is a possibility. so why are we unwilling to change the way we live on life point to add on to the point to the point d, w. how does the virus spread? why do we panic by and when will all this? 3 of the topics that we've covered in a weekly radio broadcast if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other final topic, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com, forward slash science putting through the noise
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where i come from, people are known for being fair, new york to be loud, and people tell it like it is. they call it the concrete jungle, the melting city that never sleeps. it's this energy that makes it feel like home put amid the hustle. it's important to listen and pay attention because it's not just the loudest voices be heard. we all have a story town. i see it is my job as a journalist to go beyond the obvious. now i'm based in europe and my work 60 around the world. but my instincts to remain the same. to tell the important story behind the headlines. what is the heart of the story? why does it matter who, who lives impact the focus if you want to cut through the noise to get to the truth . my name is sarah kelly, and i work with the
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me. the news . the double use life from the atlanta for the 1st time and then pick history. the games will be held without spectators. tokyo organizes have bod, all foreign and domestic from attending the events, which is to begin in 2 weeks after the city was put into the road of our respective urgency. also on the program with south african president, jacob zoom and who stand up with ours is in terms and self in to police. the 79 year old begins a 15 month prison sentence for contempt of court, or continued to deny the corruption, the up and coming. kenny,
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ashley boss, he makes a childhood dream come true. light reaching her 1st wimbledon. go straight to the top seat knock side. germany's i'm going to cab straight to continue winning street . ah. until gale, welcome to the program. organizes the tokyo and then pics have announced a total ban on spec tases in the city stadiums. foreign fans had already been banned. now, japanese spectators are being told to stay at home. this follows the declaration of a new state of emergency in tokyo because of rising corona virus cases. the games are due to begin in just over 2 weeks. i will be the 1st ever olympics held behind closed doors. the b olympic torch continued its long journey towards tokyo to
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open the games later this month. while there were plenty of fans cheering on the torch barriers as they passed through the site, the prefecture writing covert cases in the capital means there won't be any fans to greet them in tokyo. government officials have announced a state of emergency in tokyo set to begin next week in a bid to curb to spread the virus. while the crux of the measure is cutting the sale of alcohol at bars and restaurants to help limit social activities, it will also directly affect be olympics use. although the number of severely ill patients and the occupancy rates of hospital beds have remained a low level, the impacts of the various strains must be taken into accounts. we must trend from the counter measures to prevent the infections from spreading to the rest of the country again. although the pic organizers had already kept spectators to 50 percent of the venue capacity and barred, international fans from attending. the new ruling now prevents any spectators from
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attending the games. the public sentiment in japan has widely turned against hosting the tournament. olympic organizers have dug in their heels and are committed to seeing the games through we continue to be committed to our principle of organizing safe olympic n. paralympic games that together with you. and we have shown, you know, this responsibility seen serve the day of the postponement. the games are estimated to have cost more than $20000000000.00 cancelling them, which should cut off broadcasting revenue. but make recouping any of that next to impossible for tokyo and the international and the committee for better or for worse, just like the olympic torch. the games look set to march on. let's get more from mark management data abuse for welcome knox. and coven is responsible for all sorts
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of unprecedented things over the last couple of years. now we have a spectator free, lympics. what sort of games then we infill a very, very strange one. as you say, we've got used to this idea of not having fans and stadiums over the last 18 months, especially with football. but when it comes to the biggest sporting event of all, that only comes around every 4 years. it's a big, big blow. it's a big blow for the japanese athletes because they were really counting on having japanese fans and pushing them along. japanese fans tend to be very passionate, very excited. we already knew that spectators from abroad weren't going to be there, but still it's going to change the whole sort of default of the games really. i mean, you think about when you, when you watch it, even on television, fans are part of the game. maybe when you're watching archery or rowing, you don't see the fans quite so much. but in the really big sports, like athletics and swimming, especially the noise when it comes to swimming. the fans are a big, big part of it. so it's going to feel very,
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very strange. so you mentioned the football there, so we're in the middle of a european football championships. we seen large crowds, we seen large crowds at wembley, while london is in the middle of an increasing number of corona, virus infections. so what is the difference between the 2 events, the 2 cities, i guess the japanese are being extra cautious. it is true that in britain, the vaccine rate is higher than in, in japan. so japan fee is the delta vibrant, really variant, really great stead. and they could be in serious trouble, and they started, they have no other option. even though as you say, the cases are relatively low in compared to what we're seeing in, in europe. i think also the political dynamics in there, there's an election coming up in, in japan in october. but other people will say people in europe are being too rash . i mean, 60 fans at these england games, wembley, when cases are rocketing,
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may be in a moms 2 months time. people will realize that actually japan took a very sensible course of action. and the international olympic committee is determined to press ahead with it. they have to, it's all about money basically. i mean it's called billions and billions to host the games. the postponement cost extra, now they're not getting tickets. income. the only income they're getting is from sponsors and from television. and if we're honest, the sponsors care about the tv view is not the spectators in the stands. that's how they make their money. and so that is basically what they see is relying on if they scrapped these games that he will be in big, big bava, especially with the next olympics the winter olympics being beijing and various governments talking about diplomatic boy cox. the best case scenario is olympics without fans where at least you have the sport and you have the tv view. ok, thank you for letters w school. we'll take a look at some more stories making news around the world now, starting in israel,
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where forces have demolished the home of a palestinian not accused of carrying shooting in the west bank and israeli court rejected a petition from his strange wife lived with her children. drive by shooting in may killed one person and wounded 2 others. germinal thoughts are investigating an attack on a turkish journalist living an exile invented. azure is a prominent critic of turkish peasant magic type odo, and they say he was attacked by several men outside his home to address. as one of the men told him into, you will not write your opinion has fine german comment because 875000000 euros for colluding to prevent the role of clean emissions technology. you anti trust body diver at b. m w and the volkswagen group denied consumers a chance to buy less polluting cars. i'm the escape to fine because it revealed the cartel to the commission and south africa where the former president,
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jacob zooming, is now in prison following a stand off with authority. he gave himself up overnight. zoom had been invading arrest since last week when he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for failing to appear before a corruption inquiry. he'll be eligible for parole and around 4 months. this is the 1st time south africa has jail. the former president mr. zoom has previously served time in the 1960 s during the struggle against apartheid cutting it close to midnight deadline. this convoy of vehicles carried former south african president, jacob xena on his way to hand himself over to authorities. ah, the 79 year old is now in custody in his home province, beginning his 15 month sentence for contempt of court. on sunday, xena stressed, he wasn't afraid of jail time referencing his previous incarceration for his role
8:09 pm
in fighting south africa's races apartheid regime to remind them and i'm not scared of doing of blowing to jail for my belief, it will not be for the 1st time i will be a prisoner of conscience. the former president was in office for 9 years, has been at the center of corruption allegations surrounding his time in public life. the contempt of court charge came as a result of him refusing to appear at a corruption commission. he's called the process a political conspiracy but authorities have accused him of misappropriating funds and fraud, some of the charges date back 20 years. the on monday, the constitutional court is due to consider an application by xena for the
8:10 pm
cancellation of his prison sentence. for the w correspondent, christine manuel is following this story. she sent us an update from the s corps correctional center where jacobs duma is being held. jacobs, you may said to spend his 15 month prison centers at this correctional facility in was lou natal province where he will be among 500 other inmates. i off the justice minister if the former president isn't title to special benefits and privileges. he said, no, he will be treated like any ordinary inmates that means orange overalls and no access to a private firm. now mrs room is currently in the hospital wing in isolation for 14 days, pending and assessment of his health related needs. he is eligible for parole. officer serving a quarter of his sentence, that's roughly 4 months from now. but on monday, july 12, all eyes will be on the country's constitutional court. that is the court that convicted and sentenced,
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misses in the prison. he has all that court to reconsider that conviction and sentence, christine manuel not to haiti. the un security council has met to discuss the situation on caribbean island after the assassination of prisoners. jovan al wessy shocked the country. entering prime minister claude joseph stepped in as the leader of the country and called for com. but the situation remains tense. patient police of call of killed 4 people and detained 2 others following a gun battle with suspected mercenaries, without his beliefs were involved in the president's assassination and his, oh, well, leaders of condemned kelly, which deepens to kind of be a nation's ongoing political crisis. the body of murdered president, show banana, more years being brought out of his private residence, security forces tracked down the suspects, hours after the attack, police said that killed 4 of those involved and arrested to others. haiti's ambassador to the united states said that the assassins were foreign mercenaries
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who posed as us drug enforcement administration. agents in the rate on his home. lots of them was speaking spanish, somewhere speaking english. and they ended with just so easily. and you said a fortunate that you know, the president di cowardly louise had been in office since 2017. he was a controversial leader for the last 18 months. the 53 year old had been ruling the country by decree without parliament. the opposition accused him of corruption and ty is to organize crime. a news that the attack left many citizens fearful of leaving their homes. the situation and the impoverished country is dire. murder and abductions are an everyday occurrence. the assassination of the president represents a new escalation and the violence in haiti and tennis taught women fav ashley
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bossy through the wimbledon final. after knocking out germany's and going to a cab the way it makes party, the 1st australian woman to reach the singles final in more than 40 years. she is now just one when away from emulating her. ivan her idol, even google ago. this is uncharted territory for ashley barty. she's never made it this far wimbledon game and not that you know it from her 1st set performance. but angelica knows this thing or 2 about playing on grass. she won wimbledon in 2018 and puts up a fight in the 2nd set. it went all the way to a tie break with bossy, letting 3 match points pass by the bossy dreams of emulating fellow indigenous australia and yvonne gould gong. it's 50 years ago that gould on one the 1st of her to wimbledon title,
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and on her 4th match point barty move ever closer to following and her, i don't know just one more much to go and much will be against the catalina push cover of the check the public and saturdays final fiscal recovered from losing the 1st set to be to arina subletting. kind of bella. ruth like barty, who won the french open in 2019. it's still special for her 1st grad sometime. this is the w news line from burning his reminder of our top story at this hour organizes of the tokyo olympics, typically that the event will be held without spectators in tokyo. 2020 president said, it is regressive. all the fans won't be able to attend. the japanese capital has been put under a competitive virus state of emergency that will last throughout the international unit. as it you're up to date,
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bread golf. we'll have more world news at the top of the our facility and have your business updated next day. the news news . hello guys. that is the 77 percent the bomb was african. you see the issues.


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