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i was asked to consent to specific investigation on with the good family and she knows of the cases of the same formula in his basement by somebody who it was alleged was close to the group. and then all of these things of all of these dots are connecting catch up because the president funded wasn't the commission. it has also helped us to find the corruption in this was very clear. we thank you so much for janice and explaining that to us professor to meet on sale of a former south african public protected as a hazy where they say they have killed 4 people and detained 2 others following a gun baffled with suspects in the destination presence. of an ad movies, official said the suspect belong to
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a group of professional commanders and foreign mercenaries who killed the president in his home. while posing as us special agents, will lead us condemned the killing, which deepens the kind of being nations ongoing political crisis. the un security council is due to discuss the situation today. this van is moving the remains of haiti slain president jovan, now more used from his private residence where he was killed. outside the villa investigator scoured for evidence and leads as to who may have planned and carried out, the assassination gunman rated more easily home. in the early hours of wednesday, his wife was critically wounded and it's being treated at a hospital in florida. the government has declared an emergency or didn't the city declaring it does we have decided to declare a state of siege in the entire country when i share the sorrow of the
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president's wife, who happened to be with him the evening of the attack? i'm sorry, but monday will be less. you're good for people to stay calm. must we appeal to the joseph haitians? it's difficult time. not all months. if you see a president, no easy assassination comes amid at rising gang violence and growing humanitarian crisis. food and fuel shortages, as well as rising inflation are making life extremely difficult for the people of haiti. one of the poorest countries in the world. and the political situation has been far from stable. for the past 2 years, we have been ruling haiti by decree after the country failed to hold elections, a result of political gridlock and unrest. the opposition called from o e to step down, insisting his term had legally expired. international leaders condemned the assassination and express support for haiti's interim government. we urge haitian
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authorities to bring those responsible to justice. the united states calls on all political parties, civil society groups, and stakeholders. to echo what we've heard from acting prime minister, clod, joseph, call for calm and to work together in the wake of this tragedy, and to ensure peace and democratic governance. for now the streets in the capital port crowns remain quiet. but there is a lingering fear that the crisis could plunge 80 into further chaos and uncertainty . there are controversial, new law has come into effect in hungary, despite condemnation from the european union. the lower bounds per trails of homosexuality or gender change in school educational material or tv shows for under eighteens. critic say it discriminates against l g b t q people. european commission is urged hungry to repeal the budapest,
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as the measure is to protect children. is you commission present on the line? the disconnect stared homosexual his law for homosexuality and gender reassignment on par with pornography. just because it, it uses the protection of the children to which we are all committed as an excuse to really discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. yet this law is disgraceful. that is gently. she says this new law being viewed in hungary itself is the w correspondent for shop in budapest, a huge rainbow hard here behind me has been set up 10 meter high. it's a symbol right here in front of the parliament for this controversial algebra law was passed me june and came into a fact to day. now you will thing that people who are in hungary collectively refused to accept this law. but actually, this is not the case,
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the society is actually quite split over the law. and it's not as easy to say that everyone who supports the government's reports, the law, and people who oppose the governments will oppose to law. no. in fact, regardless of party affiliation, you will find people in the street seeing that they actually agree with this law because they themselves do not understand what transgender life or homosexual life is about. so why should their children under 18, learn about this? well, people who actually support that this law is being scratched and taken off the agenda . he altogether say it is very important to educate children before they turn 18. that life is very diverse. and it's not just about being heterosexual. but there are different ways of experiencing and living sexuality. this action right behind me, the symbol of his heart is very unlikely to be the last symbol to protest this law as hungary is gearing up for elections next year. alicia climate
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research just say the world may have passed a critical global warming threshold as a heat wave, such records across north america, parts of canada, and reach nearly 50 degrees celsius, of the high temperatures of lighter hundreds of deaths. a europe is also experiencing one of its hottest ever, somers living near an outdoor swimming pool during a heat wave is a fortunate thing. the temperature stored so high in alberta, canada that can't be melted. it's random event, it's very seldom and un servatius. you don't see this over the last 100 or maybe home in 50 years. there's no kelly or climate evidence from, from 3 rings from other archives that supports us the next few in the past. such, he may be a freak event. but what role does human activities on earth play in climate change? so the human activities with release of greenhouse gas,
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the field to methane and so on, are leading to increase of the greenhouse gas. yes, sir, and they also prevent the heat from, from the earth is leaving the atmosphere so it's collecting the heat and the leaves were warm. and this warming was modeled by scientists in the us, canada, and europe for a world whether attribution report, researchers say, hitting nearly 50 degrees in western north america is virtually impossible without climate change caused by people. they estimate this global warming made the heat wave a $150.00 times. more likely. this is not a british columbia problem. it's not a candidate problem. it is a global challenge, and we all need to have citizens of the world coming together as we have quite frankly, to address a global pandemic. there is a lot of uncertainty in the data covering the frequency of heat waves as the
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phenomenon was so extreme. but something the scientific community does agree on is that climate change played a big role in football, england also the final of the european championship. after defeating denmark at wembley stadium in london, the game finished one all in regulation time england captain r e k. a scored the weather extra time. on sunday they'll face italy in their 1st major final since winning the world cup in 1966. if not for england sons at london to fog square, it was a native tension on relief. the end of extra time, harold, the 1st final and 55 years. typically we can see only one destination with a true thing. you know i
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. 6 was coming. all right. how do you canes, extra time winner was decisive and spot a special moment for his proud coach. i think we deserve that. and yeah, for our country. i mean, i've not heard this new wembley like that ever. and to be able to share that with everybody and share it with everybody at home is very special. and copenhagen, the air finally went out of the danish funds balloon. after a hugely emotional campaign, their team had opened the scoring with their mission to win the tournament. for stricken teammate christian ericsson ultimately run out of steam macklin, linda felt the whole nation has supported us. it's been emotional for the entire team. and it's amazing to be danish and to be part of this, but then school. but right now we're all disappointed and we wanted to make that final become well. so this is a great,
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great disappointment though the nor so. so food need tons, daughter in store school, but the night belonged to england, whose funds parted like it was 1966. to make sure utah 2020 comes home rather than going to rome, england have to overcome it. it's really team unbeaten in its last 33 matches. but you can be sure their funds are confident that they do just that. the is remote of our top story. this organizes took care of the pixel band, old spectators from event values. the presence of the organizing committee said it's regressive. all that fans won't be able to attend. the japanese capital has been put under the state of emergency that will last throughout the event coming up next on dw, in news asia look as rank has marine disaster. why hundreds of dead animals are watching them on its shores and how many in india
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survived kind of 19, but the coverage remains along miles perish jeff, excuse me, manager will have those stories more interest. i'll be back at the top of the good news news. the news news news
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the the the, the, the, the, the the ah, the, the forgotten about for a long time last, fabio grew and his colleague or direction traffic again and the need transforms into a real once more focus
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in 60 k w the what's going on here, oh no. house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. explains, delivers facts and choose what the future holds. living and the digital world shifts. on d w the in december 2019 the european council president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i had a clear job to make europe the 1st time a gentleman on the planet by 2050
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all member states supported and some persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of power to host of god who will win the game of diplomatic poker. scenery power plays and the lines is behind the scenes of the summit starts august, 5th on d. w. me a check coming up today. it's been called one up on cost was the environmental disasters. hundreds of animals on washing up dead on the countries beaches every week. after shift thank of the ghost. the government says it's too early to draw conclusions. conservationist, sounding the alarm, plus the long road to recovery after the deadly 2nd wave of the pandemic coral,
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nevada survivors in india, hoping the symptoms of longed cove in the me i'm british manager. welcome to d. w. news asia. glad you could join us for lunch facing what activists say is, it's was ever marine disaster in the last 5 weeks, more than 200 feet are pros and other fish have washed up dead on beaches. there. it comes out to the ship, cutting toxic chemicals, and plastic pellets caught fire and sank of the west coast in june. the government is still investigating the cause of the debts, but activists save all thought of these must act now to head off an even greater catastrophe. once again, a dead whale is stranded on pan under a beach. every day the sea washes up new cadavers onto the west coast of sri lanka,
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to sean copiers, single heads the save the sea turtles project. he and his helpers work almost around the clock. still their help comes too late for most sea animals. it is very disappointing. and i was really sad to see these cars are coming regular busy. almost every day we are getting calls like this. reading like a few 100 meters. there is a case to be made that there is a link between the dead animals and a ship disaster that occurred in mid may. just a few miles off the coast is free, longer, the sunken cargo ship express pearl carried tons of plastic, particles corrosive nitric acid and heavy oil. but the government says there is no proof of the connection between the dead sea animals and the ship color. we have to investigate whether the sunken ship has anything to do with the dead sea turtle and other fish cadavers. it could also be the result of
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a natural phenomenon or human activity. we will work together with experts to research this cup, reducing the disagrees. he believes that the ship catastrophe one of the greatest environmental disasters ever to hit sri lanka, is responsible for the death of many animals in the past. many dead animals were washed on shore during the summer months, but never as many as this year. oh, now we out maybe 5 times more than that number. usually we will get about, you know, 3040 maximum for you. watched up in our facility as along the way since i didn't call mark. so fabi i received more than $200.00 and capital rou. single believes this number is still rising. he expects the catastrophe to have massive long term effects in future, you will see more any,
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mostly com because there are no system got in fact, i know. so if i know that you system got infected and in addition with the time more convenient as we add more chemicals into the water can approve a single once answers and proposed solutions from politicians and for the government to deal with the effects of this ongoing catastrophe. and for me on this disaster, i'm joined now by environmentalists, anoka bethany and ok. welcome. do we know the full extent of this catastrophe? thank you so much for having me. and unfortunately we don't. and this is very sad, very unfortunate that these one then because then be, so we need to leave the standing. what if we have that in terms of looking at data related to the angles that are looking at people love factored into really
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understanding the long term effects for generations as well. now in our report, we also have the official minister gunshot video sake of saying the link between the dead animals washing up on sheila, because beaches and the ship disaster isn't clear. i'm wondering if the government is justified in it skepticism. i mean, i can be on to that too because i feel looking at that. but what i can say is that i've been getting too long for a very long time and we haven't really been watching the show is still to be something. and i'm hoping that the evidence showing in the last speaking about the impact of environmental disaster, what is the impact you're seeing on the local economy, on fishing, for instance? and if people are even willing to consume the fish from this region,
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know it's been a huge problem for a lot of people who are dependent on fishing efficiency activities for a long time. the movie doing this punch in ration and suddenly a lot of people don't really know watch, especially given the situation and you can ration on going as well as the pot, if you could call me. so the fishing industry has been updated and people are not really comfortable eating. anything that used to be sure. so it is a bit of a issue. actually the major issue, not just people in depending on the live, but also people who rely on the family as well. what support is false coming from the government? if any at all, for people affected by this. so there have been very responsive support,
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extend that for example, that have been some and handled that was even out. but in reality, looking at the situation, whether that is something that you left to discuss as well as looking and understanding whether people can go back to fishing, even the people really don't watch the fish and stuff. so that have been some support. the likely some of the water, especially in england fisheries 1st off of the area. but a lot of that for sure. well, you can go from here. i'm speaking as an environmentalist. how confident are you that you can recover from this disaster? so mom says, i would say, would take any too long time because really affected 3
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months. so you can take a very long time, but nature does regenerate. and what we need to do is to make sure that we have these, for example, regarding the data materials, are those things coming forth and not even the country rectifying those conventions as well in the future to why the situation and to also make any moves and also even things like fi grass can region rates. would you say there is a role here for other nations to provide assistance perhaps just re lanka. oh, yes. as i said, not a situation lend. if ever we had a small incident, i thought people would be in the diamond about a year ago. but given the feel of this, i definitely do think that you need
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a lot of support. i don't be offering for example, you know, well, i know i've been up and we'll leave it there for that. i mean, but thank you so much for joining us today. thank you so much studying now to some updates on the corona, what has been demick across asia. russia has offered its back teams to north korea . once again. i made reports that a harsh lockdown is leading to extreme hunger. john gang has so far, refused offers of aid from a number of countries. indonesia saw more than a 1000 deaths and 24 hour period as the country grappled with a severe oxygen shortage and bunny there. she is also no on oxygen supplies, while reporting its highest one decades total. since the pandemic began, well over 11000 infections, the spike in cases in binary, she's being blamed on the delta very and 1st identified in india. i was responsible
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for devastating 2nd wave in april may, but many who survived him as at that time now face and lingering one long cove. it where the body takes longer than expected to fully recover from over 19 it's been almost a month since we broke, otherwise we came back home after a long bout in the hospital. also losing 25 kills and still very weak. leap up is now slowly trying to get back to a state of normal seat. and the life he had before it was disrupted by a severe 1900 infection. only she was going to remind the 16th that i will be able to win up on this battle or not. after struggling, initially, the book managed to get admitted to a hospital when his workplace intervened. off the 50 days he spent that 40 was spent in the intensive care unit. he says he lost track of time, of days and nights, and that the time he spent lying in
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a room tramped with patience, broke his spirit. one thing was happening at the end of the day. my legs i, i found that my legs are not working. they are, they are not part of my body. i was not able to cope of the oxygen mask while they have put. and i was really feeling helpless. i said there is no point in leaving. no, because i can't cope of a discretion. i left a message to my eldest cousin brother that i'm not going to stay away. i think the lot is going to be my last day. each day he could hear people screaming with pain and discomfort. and each the, he saw some one dying. the book knew he was fighting this infection at the time when the entire city was struggling hard to talk with it. it was his 2 children. he says, who gave him the card. she needed the 1st feeling that was bare with me. 247 was the feel fuel of losing him. you want to return back to normal. you just want to
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see with 4 members of your family together on the dining table. clinical says the experience with their father and the site they saw at the hospital. have made all of them stronger as a family. one of the biggest address was missing his diamond ceremony from an organization. he spent nearly 4 decades in an a. d. he had spent months preparing for but he's turning over a new leaf now and is entire focus is on his him. he wants to live a long, heavy, fulfilling life was covered by him is more tougher than the covert. i'm really finding it very difficult to cope with me the recovery time because we already one month, there's already one month. i'm not able to walk. even the 10th of techno for taking people dr. telling it will take 6 months once more slow step at a time. he's trying to move towards full recovery. but with every task still
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a challenge. he knows it will take a long time. and that's it for today. of course, more information on the covert situation in issue on our website. and you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well over back tomorrow. at the same time, we'll see you then, bye bye. ah, the news. the fight against the corona virus pandemic now has the rate of infection in developing what goes to the latest research thing, information and contact the corona virus because of 19 special next on d, w. in the climate change
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the what's the people who hear what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity video, click and enter the quarter of the world. corona virus, deaths have been in latin america. the 3rd of new infections happening in the region, a region where just 3 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. so once gone wrong. in some country, if people blame government to making the wrong lives,
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or making them too late, poverty to is playing its part, making social distancing impossible. health care systems are overwhelmed, and economy is shrinking. so what hope is there for latin america? i'm robots in berlin. welcome to this curve in 19 special latin america thing and alarming rise in corona virus infections. the region has the highest cove at $900.00 death rate in the world. brazil has suffered the most fatalities of more than half a 1000000 deaths as followed by mexico. wherever 230000 people have died and peru has nearly 200000 debt. with a population of 32000000, he w. johan ramirez reports from peru where a new variant called a lambda has left the public health system there. really. through people are
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placing their hopes for carving the pandemic on vaccination. yet progress is slow on the some 15 percent offer organs have received at least one those one of their worst rates in latin america. but for house work or something around, it's better than not the most of the recent. but if you look into that, we feel optimistic because people react while to vaccination, improve. in fact, younger people would like everything to go faster so they can get to vaccinate it from a notice. the commerce has reopened. after a 9 month quarantine, strict safety measures remain in place. authorities cough mandated using job phase mass to enters taurus and shopping centers. face shells are widely used and hand washing facilities had been installed in the streets,
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but it has not been enough there all the highest per capita death rate in the world . the government's response to the crisis has been widely criticized. is the one that gave those this arrived too late for the management of the pandemic is a complete disgrace, especially for the previous president. one now at least the fight over the last 2 peak self inspection seen through have coincided with deep political crisis . that's in both cases, left to massive demonstrations. the 1st one was in november when political instability left 2 or 3 precedents in one week. the 2nd wave of progress is happening right now. the reason a controversial presidential election, one of the candidates cried fraud. why the other claims there is a plan to steal his victory. supporters from both sides have taken to the streets, according to some experts these demonstrations could cause
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a 4th arise in the fraction car. but at this point, the contract cannot afford new locked down. the great, this effort must be done to vaccinate the population and to start negotiating from now on new generation by scenes for the new bargain that may appear. this is the most effective measure, and we have been slowing doing so much on average, through administers, about 350000 vaccines every week. a low figure for a country of more than $33000000.00 authorities have promised that the process will accelerate government forecast estimates that the eligible population will be immunized by the end of 2021 for less than american country with by far the highest number of corona, virus cases and deaths in brazil, we've been speaking to francisco and i still bustos, who is
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a senior research and epidemiology and bias statistics as well. do cruise foundation in rio. he says the brazilian government was too slow to accept the severity of cove at 19. the main advisors off the glove amounts for gas is very, very much. this is amy with less than 1000 cave death. now we have more than 500000 and much probably very small who have something like 600000 that and also the find the cleaning go beacher as a mild variety of food. when actually could be 19 is a very serious disease. we may need describe symptoms and some very
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severe case. it's a very different disease. indeed, i just want to talk a little bit more about latin america if, if we can the pan american health organization to talk about that being a glaring vaccine gap that was down to i think that latin america should be viewed now as a kind of patchwork because we have very different profiles in terms of access m x. so use of vaccines. so for instance, there is a good performance by sheeley which is close to the developing countries from western europe, america, israel, and the place and brazil procured in per chaise. the vaccines with significant delay. so now we are
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still be below 14 percent of coverage in terms of the those is enough to protect people. so there is a big gap in brazil to be addresses as soon as possible francisco. and asked you back to us from brazil as well. do cruise foundation bear the health system in cuba? metalli's us region is close to collapse due to the rapid space of the delta variant. health work is to say that running out of medicine, oxygen tanks and respirators, government has allocated 36 military doctors and 350 medical students humor times it to relieve some of the pressure that may well, cuba is expected to approve one of its vaccines against covey 19 in the coming days, the regulatory go ahead for the short code up dollar could help speed of
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vaccinations across latin america where case numbers remain high. the countries are struggling to get doses for a moment of celebration and havana. last month, the cuban scientists denounce the results of their coven, 1900 vaccine trial. the shots 92 percent reported efficacy rate puts it in the same week as those developed by pharma giants like the by on tech pfizer alliance. a remarkable achievement for a tiny island of 11000000 people. havana has 5 cove and 19 vaccine candidates and development. it's been vaccinating its own citizen since may and last month started shipping shots to venezuela, a point of national pride. and also there are no co, i know we cubans help others, things that other countries in the world don't do. countries that have more possibilities than we do. and we help those in need without any problem going on in cuba says 30 countries have expressed interest in its vaccines. but public health
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officials and even politicians are urging caution. cuba state biotech firm hasn't published trial data yet or applied for approval from the world health organization . so when you get this back seen as approved by the international scientific community, we will welcome it. but it must be approved. we venezuelan should not be guinea pigs. going yes, but with no end in sight for latin america's vaccine shortage. summer being forced to choose between an unrecognized shot or none at all. now it's about to the right around where we put one of your questions to ask times correspondent derek williams . oh, in some places, cases, rubies, but deaths remain low. why does soon covey to seem to act so differently in different countries? pretty much all experts agree that panoramic statistics are influenced by a range of factors. so let's look at some of the ones that get mentioned
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a lot one that's definitely playing a role. nearly everywhere is the under reporting of cases, mortality, or both. some countries are better at tracking over 1000 than others, but, but in plenty of places, systems for accounting and tracking disease and death are just inadequate to say the least and, and don't forget that political choices can influence how pandemic numbers are reported. countries where the pandemic is raging, for instance, can basically write off tourism, which, which might wreak havoc what their economies. and that's just one of many possible reasons why politicians might want to play down infection rates. and speaking of politics, how effectively governments have responded to the spread of october 19 has also
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certainly played a role in whether numbers surge or stagnate. then there's demographics as a disease that's really deadly in the elderly. it seems logical, covert 19, would read more havoc in aging societies than it does in younger ones, whether a health care system, cope's, or collapse, is under the pressure when infection rates spike. that is also definitely had an influence on, on mortality in many places and, and then there's the simple stuff like just how punch re decides to even define a covert infection or a covert death. there are plenty more factors that experts think are playing roles in the apparently different impact the virus was having in different places. but the final one most degree on at this point is vaccine inequity, which is a simple equation compared to too many others in highly vaccinated societies,
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death and suffering is tailing off. whereas in many countries with low vaccination rates, the virus might now be striking later. but it's striking very hard me and that's all from the station and the co 19 special until next time. take the the me, the news
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the news, the the, the was about for a long time last fabio grew and his colleague directing traffic again and the piazza, the media transformed into a real once more in
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13 dw, ah, cruise. the goal was right in front of them that they were all for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone the are in the game central care with 202021. throw off course during the quantifying ground. not least for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during walk down the walk. you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on dw 2016 as like
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a bunch of the clean cars. wanted to see if germany was the name of the last few years have been quite right fully and such averted on my home when it comes to german business. and of course i would look in the eyes birches, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of $900.00 on the recruit. and that's to be in the news. every person that comes when you're feeling the giving your real life and culture. another way of living, are you ready to meet the german then join me, right to do it on the w. the loosely i listen carefully. don't know how to live. i feel the discovery of the world around you.
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subscribe to w documentary on youtube. ah ah. is it the w lines from the lin, organize this band, all spectators from the tokyo olympics? rising corona virus cases mean the case which beginning 2 weeks will take place in empty stadiums, the 1st ever closed door. and then also on the program, jacob's duma is behind bars. south africa, the former president begins a 15 month prison sentence for contempt of court.


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