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i, i use data the live from berlin, south africa, the former president is behind bars. jacob zoom begins a 15 month prison sentence, the contempt of court after ending a standoff and having himself into authorities overnight. also coming up security forces in haiti killed several suspect me assassination of the countries president, a state of pages declared out the government murder german l. in his hometown homes and england, denmark, and extra time to make the euro 2020 final juvenile
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fans taken to the streets of london to celebrate their team meeting. i made a tournament finals for the 1st time in 55 news. ah hello. i am rebecca. is welcome to the program, south africa that former president jacob zoom has begun to serving a 15 month prison term for contempt, contempt of court. after handing himself into police. he was given the sentence last week but had attempted to evade arrest pending legal appeals. in the early hours of the day, a convoy of vehicle carrying the ex president left his compound shortly before a deadline to turn himself in expired prisoner. or he said zoom is now in a correctional centre in his home province is contempt of court. charge was society to show up to a corruption enquiries. join out by dw correspondent christine manuel in devon.
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christine zoom is now behind bozza. that comes quite as surprising as he had refused to turn himself in and tried to suspend his arrest order using all available legal channels. that's right, i leave him a lot. they should him writing a letter to the court that gave them the sentence, asking them to have him not go to prison. but the walls looked in on him because yesterday we could already see a massive police contingency. a messing about a 40 minute drive away from here. that's the new and big town. it was pretty clear that they were moving in to carry out the rest. or as we understand that the former president was given to option the police will come in and arrest you. and of course that comes with the humiliation or you can had himself. so shortly after 11 pm on wednesday night we saw a convoy racing out of his compound,
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emitted thought that it was confirmed that that was indeed taking wolf to escort prison to hand himself in. so that much came as a surprise because people were expecting some kind of a sample given at the defiance talk that he had expressed on sunday when he addressed the supporters as well as the media. but what we know if he has been exposed few hours at that correctional facility, it is rated to the new one, as we understand it. and he is going to be $500.00 inmates there. he's considered to be a low risk inmates because of his age, but he will be given a single cell. and of course his medical needs attended to as well. how likely do you think it is that his sentence will be overturned? well, that's the interesting thing, right? now, because the local praise, our really asking all kinds of political analysts in this country about whether or not at the present one afford mr. food a pardon? because that is looking like the only way out of jail for the minutes. the court
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that he had applied with him tomorrow morning on friday to see whether it was going to stop the police from arresting him. it doesn't appear that that will do that now, especially because you've had it himself in. so at the minute it does look like he is going to remain behind gauze unless president obama phone that decides to give him the ottoman bear in mind. that does come with huge political pos, because a lot of africans would like to see mister behind bod, because he has been found guilty of being contempt of court and refusing to make it to comply with the orders to go and questions about corruption during his opinion. and with dw correspond, christine manuel in durban, thinking to me a little earlier and have the police say they've killed 4 people entertained 2 others after a gun battle with suspects in the assassination of president. driven out, louise officials say they belong to a group of professional commanders and foreign mercenaries who killed the president
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in his home while posing as us a special agents. wild leaders have condemned the killing, which deepens the political crisis in the caribbean nation. the un security council is due to discuss the situation later today than is moving the remains of haiti slain president jovan l. more ease from his private residence where he was killed. outside the villa investigator scoured for evidence and leads as to who may have planned and carried out, dss nation. gunman rated mo ease is home in the early hours of wednesday. his wife, with critically wounded and is being treated at a hospital in florida. the government has declared an emergency, but they don't need to be declining. it does, we have decided to declare a state of siege in the entire country. i share the sorrow of the president's wife,
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who happened to be with him the evening of the attack. sorry. but monday will be last year that we have for people to stay calm. must we appeal to the intelligence of haitians? it's difficult time. no man, the president, no ease is. a fascination comes amid rising gang violence and growing humanitarian crisis. food and fuels shortages as well as rising inflation are making life extremely difficult for the people of haiti. one of the poorest countries in the world and the political situation has been far from stable. for the past 2 years, marquise had been ruling haiti by decree after the country failed to hold elections . a result of political gridlock and unrest. the opposition called from o e to step down, insisting his term had legally expired. international leaders condemned the assassination and express support for haiti's interim government. we urge haitian
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authorities to bring those responsible to justice. the united states calls on all political parties, civil society groups, and stakeholders. to echo what we've heard from acting prime minister club, joseph s. call for com. and to work together in the wake of this tragedy and to ensure peace in democratic governance. for now, the streets in the capital port crowns remain quiet, but there is a lingering fear that the crisis could plunge into further chaos and uncertainty. a controversial new law has now come into effect in hungry despite condemnation from the you and all bands for trials of homosexuality or gender change in school. educational materials or tv shows for under attains critics say a discriminate against l g b t, keep people. european commission has urged hungry to repeal the law. but budapest says a efforts to overturn it will be in vain. and 5th thing,
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the measure is there to protect children has what european commission president on the line had to say about the needle. the disconnect stared homosexual law with homosexuality and gender reassignment on par with pornography. just because it's, it uses the protection of the children to which we are all committed as an excuse to really discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. yet this law is disgraceful. that is gently the w correspondent, funding official, is in the hungarian capital, budapest, and i also how l g b t q people view the new law. actually you would consider hungry is a free country compared to so many countries worldwide that have been reporting from that. i've lived in and reported from but then you zoom in on this particular issue right now. you will find that a lot of people who live in hungary,
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who feel increasingly alien ages who feel would also free, who don't feel that they can express their opinion or live their lives freely being part of the non has or sexual community. and that's exactly what i've experienced. i was trying to talk to people on camera about this issue, who are either transgender or almost actual i would have realized that even the people who are willing to talk about the topic you talk, it's very yes to get for that. they are being listened to and they can express their anger about controversial law that they can talk about their fear of discrimination and stigma that they think they feel is going to through the stipulates. but once the interview finished, they never made it to. because if people started to cry and say, actually i don't want to write knowing hungary, this is not the time because i'm scared and i don't want to be judged. so this is a very shocking experience. actually to me, grow, grew up to, in hungry, in hungry my early childhood to see that people who are actually want to speak
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about this very important issue. did himself say no, they don't want to in the, in fact, rather want to leap hungry than stay here and take to the streets. w correspondence for shot in budapest, police in the netherlands, have arrested 2 suspects over the shooting of prominent investigative journalist, peter gave the manager in court on friday. authorities are investigating links to deliveries as reporting on a major criminal gang. european leaders say his shooting was also an attack on freedom of the press. peter to freeze is known for exposing the dutch underworld, sometimes digging up evidence to help bring justice to victims and speaking out for survivors. now, the investigative journalist live in an amsterdam hospital fighting for his life. this surveillance footage shows devries walking down a nearly empty street moments before he was attacked. a gunman shot him up to 5
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times, including once in the head, people who have come to the scene of the crime, to lay flowers, to think of his contributions to dutch society, and to pray for his recovery. to think of all the subjects in the past years and his opinion, he's his work contributed to society. you can think him away so far. so i just hope that everything is going to be fine with him. i hope you will survive this. so because he's a very important person in holland and journalism, the fries had been recently involved in the trial of the alleged leader of a criminal organization, prosecutors called and boiled killing machine. 64 year old had long been considered a possible target of the criminals. he reported on 2 suspects are in custody and connection with his shooting. they are scheduled to be in court on friday. a 3rd
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man was detained, but later released, police have not revealed a possible motive. a journalist, politicians, and citizens believe the attack is aimed at balancing reporters. we also think that journalists who might be targeted by organized crime must be protected. it's very important. and it is very important that this murder attempt does not have a chilling effect on journalists working on criminal affairs. linda rarely sees violent crimes, but some say their parent targeting of the fries has shaken their thing of security . on england, all through to the final of the european championship after defeating denmark, in the 2nd semi final, at wembley stadium in london after the game finished 11 in regulation. captain harry came school the winter for england and extra time on the face. italy on sunday in their 1st major final since winning the world cup. in 1966 for england
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sons at london to fog square, it was a native tension on relief. the end of extra time, harold, the 1st final and 55 years. typically we can see only one destination where the creepy. 6 billboard was coming right. how he came extra time winner was decisive and spot a special moment for his proud coach. i think we deserve that. and for our country, i mean, i've not heard this new wembley like that ever. and to be able to share that with everybody and share it with everybody at home is very special. and copenhagen,
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the air finally went out of the danish funds balloon. after a hugely emotional campaign, their team had opened the scoring with their mission to win the tournament. for stricken teammate christian ericsson ultimately run out of steam, macklin, linda felt the whole nation has supported us. it's been emotional for the entire team. and it's amazing to be a nation to be part of this school. but right now we're all disappointed and we wanted to make that final become well. so this is a great, great disappointment though the nor so. so food need tons, daughter in store school, her but the night belonged to england, whose funds parted like it was 1966. to make sure you do 2020 come home rather than going to rome, england have to overcome in italy, team unbeaten in its last 33 matches. but you can be sure their funds are confident that they will do just that. the data
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is coming out next, the documentary, looking at big pharma, stay tuned for that. we'll have more headline for you at the top of the hour and don't forget there's always much more news an analysis on our website that's d w dot com. i'm rebecca ridges in berlin. thank you very much for watching the news . the goal was right in front of them. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or against the tokyo with 2020. from of course, during the qualifying ground. for sports heroes. down during lockdown starts july 19th on d w.


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