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ah, ah ah ah, this is date of any news live its from berlin. south africa's former president is behind bob. jacob begins a 15 month prison sentence, the contempt of court after ending a stand off and having himself into authorities over not also coming up a controversial new law comes into force in hungry banning images of higher sexual ality from school. as some tv shows good, a pass, those below will stay despite the threats of a funding comes out to police, the rest 2 suspects over the shooting of crime. generalist stated
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a breeze. he's fighting for his launch and hospital after being attacked on a street in to them. and england, bait denmark, and extra time to make the euro 2020 final jubilant fans take over the streets of london to celebrate their team reaching a major tournament final for the 1st time in $55.00 use. ah hello, i'm rebecca riches. welcome to the program. south africa, the former president, jacob's duma, has become serving a 15 month prison term for contempt of court. after having himself into police. he was given the sentence last week but had attempted to evade arrest pending legal appeals. in the early hours of 1st day, the convoy vehicles carrying the president, let him come found shortly before
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a deadline to turn himself in expired prison authorities, se zoom, it is now in a correctional center in his home province is contempt of court charge was for fighting to show up to a corruption inquiry, he's been accused of corrupt behavior behavior during his time in public life. i'm joined now by dw correspondent christine manuel in devon. christine zoom is now behind bozza that comes quite a surprise thing as he had refused to turn himself in and tried to suspend his arrest order using all available legal channels. that's right, so i'll even for a last ditch attempt writing a letter to the court that gave them the sentence, asking them to have him not go to prison, but the war looks closing in on him. because yesterday we could already see a massive police contingency amassing about a 40 kilometers drive away from here. that's the new is big con. it was pretty clear that they were moving in to carry out the rest. or as we understand that the
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former president was given to option that will come in and arrest you. and of course that comes with loads of humiliation, or you can hand himself over. so shortly after 11 pm on wednesday night, we saw a convoy racing out of his compound minutes thought that it was confirmed that that was indeed taking wolf to escort prison to hand himself in. so that much came as a surprise because people were expecting some kind of a stamp given at the defiance talk that he had expressed on sunday when he addressed the supporters as well as the media. but what we know if he has been exposed few hours at the correctional facility, it is the rate of the new one, as we understand is. and he is going to be among $500.00 inmates there. he's considered to be a low risk inmates because of his age, so he will be given a single cell. and of course he's medical needs attended to as well. how likely do you think it is that his sentence will be overturned?
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well, that's the interesting thing, right? now, because the local praise are really asking all kinds of political analysts in this country about whether or not the president one afford mr. food a pardon? because that is looking like the only way out of jail for the minutes. the open yet apply to web food should have done it tomorrow morning on friday to see whether it was going to stop the police from arresting him. it doesn't appear that that will do that now, especially because you've had it himself in. so at the minute it does look like he is going to remain behind gauze unless the president obama pulls that decides to give him the ottoman bear in mind. that does come at huge political pos, because a lot of thought africans would like to see mister bloom behind boss. because he has been found guilty of being contempt of court and refusing advocates to comply with the orders to go and on. questions about corruption during his opinion, obviously has happened late last night and in the early hours of this morning. so
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you know, people will just be waking up to this new so many people how, how have people been reacting though so far? rebecca, i would actually tell you that a lot of people stayed out because people will waiting for midnight to see what the police will do. this will, people are expecting that the police would move in on him, so not about ever went to bed, knowing that the whole president is sitting at night in prison. so a lot of people are welcoming this as a victory apple. the rule of law because it was starting to be likenesses in my head once again managed to aid the rule of law. and so a lot of people thrilled about the fact that the justice system has prevailed. that when of course, give the directive that has to be followed and it doesn't matter who you are. but of course it is a little bit of sweet moments. yeah, i mean, we are about liberal rates this country because we spend time in jail fighting for this country freedom. so some people are looking at this as a sad day for this democracy that a whole pretty but it's somebody who was so pivotal in bringing about democracy
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because country finds itself in a prison cell phone for being a contempt of court and disrespecting at the institution of the very democracy, rebecca or christine, thanks very much for that analysis. stayed at christine manuel in devon. a controversial new law has now come into effect and hungry despite condemnation from the you. the little band for trials of homosexuality or gender agenda change in school. educational materials or tv shows the on the 18th critic say it discriminates against l. g b t q. people. european commission has urged hungry to repeal the law. budapest says you efforts to overturn it will be in vain insisting the measure is there to protect children. here's what european chief commission chief s lafond the line had to say about the new law. just because they stared homosexual law with homosexuality and gender reassignment on par with pornography just because it uses
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the protection of the children to which we are all committed as an excuse to merely discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. yet, this law is disgraceful. this is chantelle ish and the spite the criticism the controversial is coming into force today in hungry and dw correspondent funding for sean is in the capital budapest. i know you've been talking to many people in the l . g k key, their anger about controversial law that they can talk about their fear of discrimination and stigma that they think they feel is going through the stipulates . but once interview finished, they never made it to because if people started to cry and say, actually i don't want to write knowing hungary, this is not the time because i'm skate and i don't want to be judged. so this is a very shocking experience actually, to me grow, grew up to, in hungry, in hungry my early childhood to see that people who are actually want to speak
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about this very important issue. did himself say no, they don't want to. and the in fact rather want to leave hungry than stay here and take to the streets. i just how divided hungarians over this issue? how long period society is already at a rift over so many issues when it comes to this issue it's, it was black as a black. and why to say that, for example, people who support the government will support the law and people who support the opposition parties are against the law. in fact, you find people, regardless of policy of appreciation on every side who say that in a way they are critical. they say that this is actually a good thing because see themselves, don't really understand what it means to be transgender. so if the parents of children do not understand what that means, why should the child children learn about it? well, people who criticize the law, in fact, right now, a press conference is underway by international hungry behind me. they set up
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a huge, hard to tell me to part you're in front of the parliament. they say the law is exactly making it impossible to educate people that yes, life is quite different and quite diverse because this law is actually banning the very part of education educating children before the 18th. but yes, there's different life or various forms of life and not just the header or sexual form of it. we just heard from the commission president, they're calling the law disgraceful, threatening legal action. does that not impress anything upon the hungarian government? know, and it would be the 1st time with the 1st issue where the european union is criticizing. hungary be, for example, prost, freedom of their concern over the lack of independence of the judiciary. and every time when there was closed door and every time, in fact, the brussel said we're going to trigger trigger article 7 or many other tools that they have in place. basically what the hunger in government is saying that this is
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a silver and country, and it's up to the hungarian government to decide how and in which way children should be educated, constitute sexual. if they say it's in the exclusive and sole domain of parents what, what's really interesting and contradictory, in fact, it's not the domain of parents because it is the domain of the law and what the law says, which came into effect today. that when you are younger than 18 years old, you're not supposed to learn about anything. bought, heterosexual, you're not supposed to know. basically that homeless actually exists or transgender exist in hungary, and that is why this is carrie development. people who are here right now at the parliament and trying to say to people don't be signing the street and make sure that even though it is always in fact, it's not want to stay in effect hungry or funny. thank you. data video corresponding funny for shot in budapest,
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you're watching data. every news still to come virtually impossible without climate change. scientists deliver worrying findings or north america's records, said he, he was saying we may have crossed global warming tipping points on that in a moment. but 1st, police in the netherlands of arrested to suspects over the shooting of prominent investigative journalists period of raise the man, are you in court on friday or therapies? are investigating links to the, the reasons reporting on a major criminal gang. european leaders saying his shooting was also an attack on freedom of the press. peter de fries is known for exposing the dutch underworld, sometimes digging up evidence to help bring justice to victims and speaking out for survivors. now, the investigative journalist live in an amsterdam hospital fighting for his life. this surveillance footage shows devries walking down a nearly empty street moments before he was attacked. a gunman shot him up to 5
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times, including once in the head, people who have come to the scene of the crime, to lay flowers, to think of his contributions to dutch society, and to pray for his recovery. to think of all this subjects in the past years and his opinion, he's his work contributed to society. you can think him away so. so i just hope that everything's going to be fine with him. i hope it will survive this. so because he's a very important person in holland and journalism, the fries had been recently involved in the trial of the lead leader of a criminal organization, prosecutors called and boiled killing machine. 64 year old had long been considered a possible target of criminals. he reported on 2 suspects are in custody and connection with his shooting. they are scheduled to be in court on friday. a 3rd
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man was detained, but later released, police have not revealed a possible motive. the journalist, politicians, and citizens believe the attack is aimed at balancing reporters. we also think that journalists who might be targeted by organized crime must be protected. it's very important. and it is very important that this murder attempt does not have a chilling effect on journalists working on criminal affairs. netherland rarely sees violent crimes, but some say their parent targeting of de fries has shaken their sense of security . he's mac sanders in amsterdam following this story forth. he joins us now. max, is there any update on heated reason condition? what are you hearing there? right, so we know that if he's isn't hospital and he's being heavily guarded by police due
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to security reasons. also due to security, security reasons, most likely there's not much information coming out of the house. what we know from reports that he was struck here in the street where i'm, i'm standing here right now. he was apparently shot on the head. so he's, we have reason to believe he's in a very critical condition. and this is also what something a fellow journalist, colleague the chief of after where pitt fees was attending a talk show. just just in the hour before he was shot here, said, reiterated that peter. if he's isn't hostile and he is still fighting for his wife, what about the suspects? what more do we know about them and their motives? well, the 2 men were apprehended by police were arrested in the hours after the shooting . they were travelling in a car outside of amsterdam had left the city approximately 40 kilometers from the city when they were pulled over by police. i one of the suspect, the 35 year old polish citizen, the other is a 21 year old dutch citizen. one of them is believed to be the shooters. the police
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have subsequently searched their apartment, they came up with hard drives. they also came up with ammunition. and another interesting piece of information here is that the post citizen apparently was in police custody prior to the shooting a week and week before this. it's not yet clear under what circumstances as to their motives. also, a lot is still and you known pay the fees is the top criminal journalist here in the netherlands. he's been shining a light on the cruel underworld for the last 40 years. so he has a lot of enemies. but still, it's not yet clear whether or not or how this work influenced this attempt on his life. was the reaction been like there in amsterdam was a journal was being shot in a western democracy or in western europe in the busy city. there's something that doesn't happen every day. so naturally, the content of the nation and, and the city was or is still in shock. as you can see behind me. this is the,
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this is the area. this is the spot where that if he's was shot the day before yesterday and the people people came by to pay their respects to lay down flowers to light candles. there is pretty heart warming pointing to the personal messages to pay that if he's for him to get better. so he, for many people here he seen as a hero who they idolized and there is a lot of wishes for him to get better soon. on next, thank you max and are enough to them. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world. police and have have killed 4 south back on arrested 2 people following the assassination of the country's president, jovan luis was shot dead at his private residence near the capital port. a home official society attack has belonged to a group of professional commanders and foreign mercenaries who killed the president while posing as us special agents. dozens of people have held
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a vigil for the victims of a building collapse ne, miami, in florida. it took place after all, thorough officially ended the search for survivors. i'll continue scouring the rubber for bodies so far 54 people have been confirmed dead while 18 fix. others are still accounted for. the apartment tower collapsed nearly 2 weeks ago. is there any forces demolish the home of the palestinian man accused of carrying out a shooting in the west bank and israeli court rejected a petition by his strange wife who lived with their children. the drive by shooting in may killed one person and wounded to others. climate scientists say the world may have passed a critical global warming threshold as after the recent heat wave which set records across north america, parts of canada rates nearly 50 degrees celsius and high temperatures. have led to hundreds of death. europe who is experiencing one of the hardest summers on record living near an outdoor swimming pool during a heat wave is
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a fortunate thing. the temperature stored so high in alberta, canada that can be melted. it's random events. it's very seldom un office of ations . you don't see this over the last 100 or maybe home in 50 years, but there's no paleo climate. the evidence from, from 3 ring from other archives that would support it says the next few in the past . such, he may be a free event. but what role do human activities on earth play in climate change? so the human activities with a release of greenhouse gas, the feel to me, thing and so on are leading to increase of these greenhouse gas. yeah, we'll see here and they also prevent the heat from, from the earth is leaving the atmosphere so it's collecting the heat and the leaf swept. we're warming. this warming was modeled by scientists in the us,
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canada, and europe for a world whether attribution report, researchers say, hitting nearly 50 degrees in western north america is virtually impossible without climate change caused by people. they estimate this global warming made the heat wave a $150.00 times. more likely. this is not a british columbia problem. it's not a candidate problem. it is a global challenge, and we all need to have citizens of the world coming together as we have quite frankly, to address a global pandemic. there is a lot of uncertainty in the data covering the frequency of heat waves as the phenomenon was so extreme. but something the scientific community does agree on is that climate change played a big role of was joined by data environment reporter and our engine. thanks so much for coming in. and this is an unprecedented heat wave in the pacific northwest
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. it was unrelated thing. i mean, so many destiny, 500 hate related tests in british columbia alone put in putting that into perspective. that's more than covert, for instance, in the same area is the gravity of this situation sort of thinking in. yes, i mean, it completely dispels a mess. the climate change of something happening in the future for our grandchildren or something that happened very far away and kind of poor countries. and this is the usa and scientist telling us that the devastating wave that we've just seen on our screens was made a 150 times more likely because of climate change. and about 2 degrees celsius hotter. and from this study published this morning by the world, whether attribution initiative and what they found, that the record breaking temperature would been virtually impossible without climate change. how is the antisocial and how they come to this conclusion? so i mean, what scientists already knew, and i'm quoting from the report, every heat wave occurring today is made more likely and more intense by climate change. and this is simple physics essentially, and we very,
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we verify this with other leading climate scientists. but essentially, every time i've last couple 100 years when people mainly enrich countries have burned fossil fuel, their relief gases, that kind of act like a greenhouse around the earth. and what they do, they trap the heat from the sun from sunlight. and they raise the global temperatures and what this means kind of a natural weatherly weather falls within a distribution. you get cold weather, you get hot weather, but what's done to the shift the entire distribution higher. and so what you end up with the extreme, that the very top end, you see temperatures like the 49.6 degrees celsius. we saw in british columbia that just completely blown past well past what we used to and can handle really, i mean, that's extraordinarily hot and i'm is trailyn. so this may seem like an obvious question, but why is this study such a big deal? so the 2 things really 1st is that scientists have gotten much better at attributing individual weather events to global warming to climate change. quickly
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. i mean, so within the space of a week we went from seeing a wildfire wipe out the village of lytton and british columbia to scientific being able to say, quantitatively, to what extent climate change affected the heat wave but kind of drove very below the suffering. the 2nd reason, which is made more important, and i mean on the same day that listen, broke is heat, hit, record temperature record 2 days before the wildfire hit. another study published in the journal nature found that climate law seats on keeping up with late of climate science and what this means that we can hold people accountable for kind of the damage that we're seeing much better. if scientists can quickly attribute that quickly and confidently attribute the extent to which global woman played a role in an individual extreme weather event do using this study or this weather event, in fact will lead to any real change. yeah, you can already see people waking up. you can see politicians taking notice and talking about the effects of climate change much strongly. we know public awareness
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around extreme weather event does change and people's relation to climate change and to actually make change. come out a bit of meaningful scale. scientists have a whole host of thing that they would need to happen to actively combat the effects of global one. to stop, he was coming longer, stronger and more frequent. ryan, angie, thanks very much. w, environment reporter, engine, and engine england are through to the final of the european championship after the faith in denmark, in the 2nd semi final. it will wembley stadium in london after the game finished $11.00 in regulation captain, hurricane school, the winner for england, an extra time in italy on sunday, in their 1st major final since winning the world cup. in 1996 for england sons at london to fougere square, it was a native tension. yeah. belief the
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end of extra time harold did their 1st final 55 years. typically he can see only one destination where the 2 thing the. 6 book was coming right, how he canes, extra time winner was decisive and spot a special moment for his proud coach. i think we deserved and yeah, for our country. i mean, i've had this new wembley like that ever. and to be able to share that with everybody and share it with everybody at home is very special. and copenhagen, the air finally went to the danish funds balloon. after a hugely emotional campaign, their team had opened the scoring with their mission to win the tournament for stricken teammate christian ericsson ultimately run out of steam. macklin,
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linda felt the whole nation has supported us. it's been emotional for the entire team. and it's amazing to be a nation to be part of this, but then school. but right now we're all disappointed. we wanted to make that final become well. so this is a great, great disappointment though the nor so. so for need tons, daughter to school her to but the night belonged to england whose funds parted like it was 1966. to make sure utah 2020 come home rather than going to rome, england have to overcome it. it's really team unbeaten in its last 33 matches. but you can be sure their funds are confident that they will do just that. the 966 in data, not 99096. as i said in the beginning, the only thing database need is a reminder of our top story format. south african president, jacob summa has handed himself over to authorities to begin a jail term that has been sentenced to 15 months in jail to contempt of court.
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these appealing, his imprisonment and a controversial new law has come into 4th and hungry batting images of homosexuality from schools. as in some tv shows what it says, it won't change the law despite the threats of legal action from the european commission. you present on the line said the law is disgraceful. database needs. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. i'm rebecca, is involved in thanks very much for watching the news. the news news
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news. the enter the conflict with sebastian. when it comes to foreign policy it's getting harder to work out what the use stands for. my guess this week is almost pipe nice to share. your time is foreign affairs committee. can he play my such a powerful block of nations? seems to punch so far below its weight on the world.
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on the w. a greedy power operating globally, the big business is brutal. we can't pay the price to get the drug res. i'm side effects. oh please listen carefully. don't know how to listen to the go. i feel
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the magic the discovers a world around you. i subscribe to w documentary on you to me . russia continues. why elation of international law and human rights when it couldn't really be much worse their behavior couldn't. there are steps always can be worse. why was the e u so it will prepare to one of the most the complicated issues for european foreign policy. is there any point in pushing ahead with enlargement plan the perspective to get the member.


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