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tv   Die Falknerei am Rennsteig  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2021 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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not least for sports, he rose. it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. down doing walk down the walking. go to tokyo, july 19. d. w. ah, how effective are vaccines against new forms of covey? 19 a preliminary study from israel appears to suggest the bio and tech 5. the job offers less protection against the delta variance than previous strains to 64 percent. that's a lot lower than other estimates of nearly 90 percent. so does this change how we fight the pandemic? the delta strain has changed the transmission dynamics everywhere. and in israel also, we know it is more infectious from person to person. we also know it has some better
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capacity to evade the immune system as compared to the office tray. the good news is that fully vaccinated people rarely suffer severe effects even with the delta variant. and despite rising cases, israel hasn't seen a death in over 2 weeks on robots in berlin. welcome to this period, 19 special in israel, current of ours case, numbers are creeping up again. the country has been roundly praised for its swift vaccination program, but house officials, they're all proceeding with caution, with a local study suggesting the biotech 5, the job is not as effective against the invading delta variant as previously thought. younger israelis are being encouraged to get fascinated. the adam goodbye his taking his daughter's leah and i'm going to get vaccinated. more and more young israelis age 12 to 15. and now getting there,
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jump like here at the small clinic and class alba. not least because of the fast spreading, delta very and, and because many have plans for the summer i think it's really good. it gives us much more freedom and it's nice to find the, you know, corona's overstay and hopefully and yeah, i think it's important. it's still not settled because as a countries have still not, not all of the countries have gotten that have got into that unity to have the vaccines, but hopefully we'll be able to go sailing down so very and has driven infections to levels not seen in israel since april, mainly among vaccinated people, because we still have a nice amount of people that needed young people that could see here where increasing, fascinating them young people that can be vaccinated and we still see a portion of the elderly people and not feel vaccinated for various reasons,
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some vaccination people also have been infected for now the number needing hospital treatment remains low, although the figures are rising. so we do see people who actually acquired the delta after being immunized and they can turn submit it. yet their chances to be severely ill to be hospitalized or to die or slim. so we, we definitely see a very important role for the innovation can use railey government is pushing for 12 to 15 year olds to be inaugurated. now, with the biotech, 5 vaccine prime minister, enough tale bennett is appealing to young people directly. and you know that come up with some of the guys that i know how much you want to enjoy the summer. and you can, i also have 4 kids your age and they to want to enjoy the summer. we don't want to impose any restrictions on anyone know, bands on parties, trips, no bubbles,
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nothing. but you need to talk to your parents and get vaccinated. so that we have a wonderful summer with no closures and no restrictions about israel has re imposed an indoor mosque mandate and tightened controls at the main international airport. full goodbye is relieved that his teenage daughters and now protected. it was somewhat of a difficult decision because there are a lot of unknowns, but there are a lot of unknowns in parenting. how long do you give them on the i pad. what time should they go to bed? what food should they a? what i know is that the vaccine work, he's had big problems with the pandemic. and since everyone's got vaccinated over the age of 16, the problems of all but disappeared further restrictions might be impose just to delta variant continues to spread. but for now, israel aims to get most youngsters over 12 fully vaccinated before some of its
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doses expire later this month. now we can now speak to professor a lesson who is a director, israel largest hospice or the sheba medical center. thanks for joining us on the 19th special. can you tell us how concerned you are about the rising number of current of iris cases in israel? we are not very concerned because we have by now pretty good information about the vaccine effectiveness in preventing severe disease station and what we learned here and also from information that comes from the u. k. maxine is more than 90 percent effective in prevent i think will be the last patient for why we may see an increase in the number of and then we will probably only see a very much increase in severe disease. but we have had this study from israel suggesting the bio tech 5 vaccine is less effective. it's stuffing the spread of the delta variance 60 percent rather than close to 90. like you were just saying,
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what was your take on those results? are you doing for them to differentiate the vaccine effectiveness in preventing infection, which is not very good against delta, which means even if you're vaccinated, you may still become infected. and this have to be differentiate from the box in effects against the b to bind milly goal of the vaccine. the main objective is to make how even if you get infected, you don't develop disease and you don't get hospitalized mortality. i mean this, the maxine is very, very effective. so does that mean that there's no action required based upon this suggestion that the 5 vaccine is less effective? it stopping the spread backseat of the at the variance? i would suggest the public option. so it makes sense that we'd be taken in response to the increasing k. it's going to be balanced against the law office shopping
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agent. so we know what this means is we may be required to wear must or we may lead, stay. the green batch makes only to make the people going to crowded space, but we don't need to close. course. we don't need to look down and we don't need to close last space, which is the main, the most important thing to maintain our normal normal lifestyle. vaccinations, israel half plateaued is around 60 percent of the population is not enough. well, obviously it was enough back in a little bit when the main buy was it was the fact that you know, we've been more infected. it is not enough. so we will on one hand, try to increase their boston vaccinate vaccine college, but on the other hand,
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more closely, what is the really increasing goal infection on the number of severe cases? so sure that the more vaccination of teenagers, for example, is that is that the next step will on one hand yes more, but the nation will still included f all to get these more portion about 10 percent of people that are local 50 to get their food vaccine to don't serve as soon as possible from the shiva medical center instead of a thanks for joining us on the 1900 special. thank you. now is the part of the program where we put one of your questions to ask science correspondent derek williams. oh, i had cooper 19. how long should i wait to get vaccinated? and should i get one or 2 doses? there are several layers to this question. and the 1st thing that i want to say
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that although the data that we have on immunity after infection, indicates that protection is probably quite long lasting health care authorities, like the w h o. and the cdc still recommend that people who've recovered from covered 19 get vaccinated. that's because evidence also seems to show that a post infection vaccination kind of kicks the immune response of a couple of notches and might make you even less likely to be infected. again, at some point, if you're exposed recommendations for how long you should wait to get vaccinated after recovery are, are fairly vague, but basically boil down to waiting at least a couple of weeks. there's not a lot of time pressure as the vast majority of people who recovered
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a peer well protected from possible reinfection for months. but as of now, authority is definitely recommend. you do get it done if you can. the question of whether you should get one dose or 2 is a little more complex. in a study published in april, for example, us researchers discovered that antibody response in people who recovered from the disease sword if they got just one shot of a messenger r n, a vaccine to the equivalent of what happened then someone who never been infected after getting to shots other research indicates there might be many added benefits to getting a 2nd chart, which has led the worthies, for instance, in some countries here in europe. to recommend most people who tested positive for covered 900 in the past get just one shot. at least for now, the millions of doses that move saves can then be used to speed up for protection,
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for those who have never had the disease, but really mailing down a firm across the board recommendation whether 2 shots is best or if just one really suffices it looks like that's going to take a while, not least, because the booster effect will differ from person to person and from vaccine to vaccine me. now let's take a look at some of the other around a virus stories making headlines. pakistan has received 3500000 doses of the medina vaccine donation by the united states through the kofax initiative. so far, pakistan has partially vaccinated, around 13 and a half 1000000 people. a welcome news as another wave of the virus is currently spreading through south asia. as you in california has vaccinated its animals
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against covert. 19 the oakland view says the jobs were donated by a veterinary pharmaceutical company and not taken from vaccine stops for humans. among the residents receiving the shot through these big cats and a black bear named can and that's all from this addition of the code 19 special until next time. ah, people in trucks injured when trying to free the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away, families to be crated only in the clean dreams around $200.00 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge.
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how climate change and mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference knowledge and grows through sharing, download it now for me. the next to me is great and ah, has changed. when i see her, she uses me. it's a little more post. well that's an excerpt from the trailer for
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a net mad ron to the musical film by french director leo's car hocks that opened this years can film festival and without a warm welcome to arts and culture. all phone. finally, its lights, camera, and action on the closet in can the 74th festival has kicked off about 2 months later than usual. due to the pandemic bought the red carpet did not disappoint, and according to predictions, neither were filled. the yes we can, the festival stars are back on the red carpet. 70 book can film festival opened on tuesdays jewelry. president spike lee is pretty in pink. and for the 1st time following all the criticism, the jury has more female members than men. center stage at the opening is jodie foster, who has come to pick up a lifetime achievement palms or for her work and spoke actress and director. the 1st time she was here in 1976, she was still a child. the receiver, her mom,
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and got to know that it's a great honor for me. it's more than 45 years since my film taxi driver won the palm door here. i'm very grateful for this special moment today. here we're going to fall. this is vondell. i'm as early as spike lee had set the tone with a full fright statement as the festival. the 1st black jewelry president, this world one by gangsters. agent orange is a guy in brazil. important. that's the gangsters and they're going to do what i want to do. can 2021. it might get political system. spike lee, not missing his words there and join me now live from the closet in can is our movie man rock scott rock for? great to see you, scott that we just heard that this festival could get political and certainly
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a news plant for can, which has really always prefer to focus on the art of cinema. yeah, that's definitely right. i've been coming here many, many years and can never really present itself as a political festival. they always tried to stay a bit above the fray and say, it was just about the movies and the art of cinema. but i think there's been a lot of real transformative changes in the last few years, particularly political movements like me to or the black lives matter movement, which i've real profound effect on cinema, on the way movies get made. and very importantly, who's making them. and i think those changes made it impossible for can to maintain it. it's supposedly politically neutral stance as well. if you're going to name, swipe li, jury president, you know, things are going to get political. i mean, this is one of the most outspoken political directors of his generation. and of course, having him as the jury president means there will be
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a political plan for this year. okay, so were prepared for that. now intrigued by this opening film a met just the trailer alone looks like a tool default. can you tell us a bit about it? yes, you mentioned it's from the cox french director as far as adam driver and my uncle . and it's a build a bit as a musical, but i think it's more of a walk opera, so it's less walla land and more tommy is basically the story of adam driver of plays a stand up comedian who falls in love with the opposite play by my driver i think is amazing in this bill. he's, he's, he's, he's like you pay a tour de force he's, he's almost a comedian, filled with self loathing. he just pours it out on, on stage, might be almost of the 21st century, lenny bruce and visually the film is just stunning. it's a series of amazing visual set pieces that really deserve an call out to be seen on the big screen. so i think is appropriate that if the opening and film of the
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biggest don't pestle in the now the idea for that film comes from a concept album by the band barks. that's a band with an incredible history. how does this all connect? yeah, the back story, this film was also fascinating. it started as a concept album by sparks. this are pop due to brothers ron and russel male and they had finished the album and then they happened to be here in can 8 years ago i met leo, correct? by accident, and told them about their project, and then they sent him the music and he told them, this has to be my next movie. so it's 8 long years of preparation. but finally they did make the movie from the concert album. and the spar sparks and, and that are, can i be coast again, incredible stuff. well, they're actually also the subject of a brand new documentary that's also just come out this month as well. and let's have a quick look at that. we are sparks. please welcome barton
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. frequently question. how many homes that 25000. all you brothers. we are brothers. how me. we are brothers music at his death here and you go, oh my god, what is that? one of my favorite moments to john lennon bring in ringo starr, you will believe what's on the elevators. so many things that are that are coming back to me there. scott, why are the sparks brothers finally having this incredible moment in the sun? yeah, it's amazing. really because a rough amount have been doing, making music for decades, but they started in the late sixty's. they're both now themselves in their seventies. but they never really broke through to more than cult status in their entire career. and i think it has something to do with the fact that their music was always way ahead of its time. and if you listen to sparks music in the
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seventy's, it sounds like the new wave music of the 19 eighties and the found they help pioneer in the, in the eighty's became mainstream only in the 1900 ninety's. but maybe now the world is starting to catch up to sparks and they inspire generations of musicians back. morrissey, a bjork, i'll cite them as major inspirations. so maybe finally, the world is catching up and realizing what incredible legacy sparks have had in music. and of course, there's no better place to celebrate that legacy than here if we can't pump as well, cuz the sparks brothers and adore cinema. they certainly do. now you mentioned just to me how surreal it is to be back in can just quickly, how important is it for the film industry at the festival has finally been able to pick up again. it's incredibly important. i mean, this can, has been seen as really a symbol that cinema can reopen again. i mean, centers of enclose and so many parts of the world of over a year. now it's,
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i was talking to a critic who said, it's almost like we've been, we've been sleeping. that's going to have been asleep. the cinema industry has been asleep for a year and, and can as it's, it's waking up and saying everyone hopes that this festival will really start a rebirth of cinema and the people start going back to the movies again. thanks very much scott's in chem, and we'll speak again soon or whether it's david chip or fields or norman foster or daniel leap is kinda most architect, usually commission model makers to create miniature versions of their grand designs . now these can accurately depict the proportions and the layout and architectural finance of the project in the making. and with so much attention to detail, the unveiling of the models themselves can be quite an event. so we visited the berlin based company vac foods to learn more about this essential stage. sterling's, former tactile us center is currently being converted into a new residential course, or 280 high end departments will be built with penthouse flat selling for some
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3000000 euros right now with all the construction work, it's difficult to imagine what it will look like that's where scale models come in, they can help build up an accurate idea of this new neighborhood. of mine. architectural models are the most important way of showing what buildings will look like. i'll stick. we can see that when people come to view the models on the checkout, all the details piece and we apartments like little children on line. these models help people get an understanding of real estate projects and individual partners. and overnight you get an understanding of the layout and dimensions on the models are much better suited to achieve this than plans or descriptions plan would involve these bottles. what crawford? 5, that a fall in base company. the core team consists of 4 architect to metal university.
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well known studios like that of polish american architect. daniel leave is kinda the swiss talk, the more you oh, and link iraqi, british architect, zach hi. deed have worked with them right now. the team is building a model of puerto nico a large to the gate and the landmark of the germans city of true. yeah, the different materials are used for different models, giving them a unique appearance and character. model makers need a range of skills. and when you need good spatial imagination, this is that's essential for developing read and models for handling data provided by our client in the from couldn't you call. and you need to understand what the architect has envisioned. you also need to be good with your hands are going to be being so you need a practical intelligence. and again, on these days,
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the motor micros use high tech applications like robotics, computer controlled more toys, machines and free day printers. one day, one second, auto making is a vocation that requires a lot of technical training that makes it a very multifaceted and very interesting profession is the time the high end tools we use these days require us to end a lot of time planning and producing our projects, digitally, the time from only the final piecing together of the element is still done by hand and seed. that phone created an interactive exhibit on display at the double 07 elements. james bond museum in 0 in austria, where parts of specter featuring daniel craig was shot in 2015. the museum is dedicated to action scenes filmed in this part of the alps recreated in animation
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models and 3 d exhibits created by that phone. oh, what's here? we aimed to establish a so called new craft to us. that means bringing our digital crown to a new level onto this. and there are so many new technologies available today, like of mentioned, reality are robotic as he bees. impossibilities have not been fully explored and exhausted yet. so we want to get more involved and have drawn up research proposals to this end to. so this adds what drives us to our off. and that sort of has created some 3500 architectural models over the past 25 years. works that give us a glimpse of the future because it is good to have a bit of normality not to mentioned glamour back to in the mix. we're leaving with some more impressions of the can film festival opening and the promise of more next
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time around all the best from us and again to the who's ah, the forgotten about for a long time. last fabio grew and his colleague recognized track again. and the piazza, the media transforms into a real painting once more in 30 into the conflict with 10 sebastian.
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ah, the news . this is the w news live from berlin international condemnation off the president is assassinated, katie, to class a state of emergency, often gotten the job and now maurice and wound his wife. the raid on their private residence, one of the month of social and political instability in the country is also coming up for most of africa.


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