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tv   Spatschicht  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 7:30pm-8:16pm CEST

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and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for balance by their social goals and inform them about that basic, right. my name is david and i work at the news feed up and he was a show coming up today. south korea fi, so resurgence of nevada state is spike is being blamed on premise. you're losing off inspections and it's vaccination, bridge, and supplies. limited to government is warning of tougher days. i had plus japan l g b t q community hoped the olympics was positive, change for them, but it looks increasingly likely their focus to be realistic. why the
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news i've been managing. welcome to did up the news asia. glad you could join us. south korea has recorded it's because daily spike in covered 1900 infections in 6 months. a little over 1200 cases may not sound like much. but when compared to a daily average of around 30 cases in mid to me last year, the increase is significant. this comes in the midst of a slow vaccine rollout and losing of restrictions that health experts say, or premature. the south koreans would just about to get back into a social group, but it turns out because happy to soon, not long after the country east restrictions on activities like this could 900 started reading again food, but adults are very and the government is urging, as citizens, to refrain from having social gatherings model use, i mean,
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we don't manage to cut this bread within 2 or 3 days. we can impose the strongest social distancing measure. there is a chair this, this and the health experts say the premature eating of restrictions. encouraged people to let their guard down. metropolitan areas in particular have seen of deep rise in transmissions among young people. they're more likely to go out, socializing, and a fallback in the vaccination priority line. i think the government should apply enough maxine to the people into 20 to get vaccinated soon help is coming. this plane carried 700000 doses of x scenes from israel. it's a swap deal between the 2 countries. so we returned the same amount of shots when
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it is expected to have surplus doses later this year. why miss friendship? we looked at each other opportunity to help each other with only 30 percent of the country's population receiving a 1st dose so far. many still have to wait for the job for them. getting tested is still the best way to stay away from infections. correspondent frank smith joined us from sol with more. frank only about 10 percent of south koreans have been for the vaccination so far. why so few well, that has to do really with the availability of the vaccines early on, south korea, you know, battled the, the initial wave of the pandemic quite successfully. so it didn't, you know,
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get itself to the front of a line to purchase the vaccines, to secure orders of the vaccines initially. and other countries really aggressively pursued resident, reserving the vaccines. so again, so 3 was late to that game. also. it bought in a little bit more than other countries to kovacs. that's the, the w h l initiative to provide vaccines to developing countries that, that couldn't really afford them initially. so south korea again was behind the ball in reserving the vaccines and now it's suffering. the effects of that only 10 percent of the population have received both doses and 30 percent have received one dose. so it's going to have trouble reaching that level or heard immunity in november, that the government has set for a goal. now with this current increase in cases, what is the government's plan on counting it?
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well, president moon j n. set sort of a level of 0 tolerance so those. busy that, you know, breach the, the corona, virus prevention protocols, the guidelines are, are going to be penalize more severely. small businesses are face shut down of, of 10 days. they've also taken some other measures. they're going to close parks at 10 pm. a lot of people would go to parks to gather after the restaurants and bars had closed at 10 pm. so they're going to shut that down. they're also going to increase the testing quite significantly and take a close look at what happens in the coming days in terms of the number of people that are going to be shown to be infected and maybe even increase the corona virus prevention measures. frank smith been several, thank you very much for that. turning to japan,
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now the country is set to stage the live the games in less than 3 weeks. the l g b take you community. that was hoping that the games and the international attention they bring would help to improve their rights. but as we report gave people still face many problems. there she oh, she maria mata has broken a taboo by declaring that she is gay. she's the 1st professional sports woman in japan to go public. she how always knew she was different. once i got outside, i didn't want to go studio. my grandmother gave me smart pink, close to where the queen just me my cousins and my brother, not cool options. when i asked why they said it was because i was a girl, i just couldn't have what i wanted to get too much. she who decided to come out in germany where she plays for the woman's leak side mitten. being lesbian is not
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a problem there. in japan, she constantly had to lie. only her family and close friends knew the truth of my teammates and met and tell me i'm a great person that's boosted my confidence. i'll always be grateful for their support, but it's not easy. being different in japan, sexism and discrimination are commonplace. the l g b t q community, we're hoping the tokyo olympics would bring change the but the head of the organizing committee had to resign. after saying women talked too much in meetings. the creative director of the opening ceremony also had to go hiroshi. so saki is idea was to have a plus sign model in a pig costume parade through the stadium. oh. and
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then a senior member of the ruling party dismissed trans people's concerns as stupid. and it's really disappointing that people who cl like that are in charge of politics in this country. respect for diversity is far from universal in japan. conservatives in the ruling party, last month blocked a bill of rights for sexual minority groups. but she, whoa, is determined to fight on the, on the pitch. it doesn't matter who or what you are. that's the positive side. a sport that's what i believe in. and i hope that we as a team can achieve that together for team. and i'm not a good, are you not the only after the olympics? will it become apparent whether there's been any real progress in the fight against
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intolerance? and me for more is con, need though he's japan, director for human rights watch drug from tokyo now is doing welcome. could you tell us a bit more about life for the g, b t q, community in japan and how it compares to other develop missions? i think it's so much so unfortunately like many other prices in the world, probably that the l g b t. people in japan, faces discrimination and harassment. and then that's everywhere in a school at workplace, other social praises including like hospital or so life here it is. it's hard and so it is very difficult for people, for example, to come out to be themselves. so the reason for this,
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one of the reasons is that there is a lack of lager protection for algebra. 2 people in japan like for example, others, the 7 nations. japan is the only country which doesn't have any non discrimination law for l. did the people the there was an attempt to try and introduce this in parliament, but it was rebuffed. why is the government reluctant to move forward with any progressive legislation? yeah, it is really disappointing that there, that the last national die it session which is depends on the parliament, which ended last month did not pass a the 1st a national l. d b radiance lation, which address if human rights of the be people that was because the commitment by the are a current japanese government headed by prime minister suga has week only week
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commitment for the protection of l. g b, the people's rights. and then and then because of depends ruling party l d, p party liberal democratic party, a portion this a conservative party has very well dressed, conservative politicians and they block the bill right now. japan is headed to the olympic games in less than 3 weeks. the games are set to open and we're back in february. you had written that you were hoping that big because of the games. they could be a catalyst for change in japan when it comes to g, b, t, q issues. but realistically, i want to ask you, how likely is it that that change will happen? yeah, it's a fair question. i was hopeful, hopeful, and then the l d b. d community here in japan was helpful. and then the, and then we got
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a lot of international support to for the quality for l g, b, t, people independent ahead of the olympics. however, the most important part of it, the lake of protection, was not given to us before the olympics. however, we are eligible to communities still hopes that their their upcoming olympics would be a child to bring in such a long awaited and protection. so of course, i'm in japan has another session later this year. and then if there lympics can i mean international attention i can be given to this issue. it would, it would empower the japanese diet member is diet members who are life to l. g b, the community where that means stand up once again for passing a l d be off. hopefully that does happen soon. can i do it from human rights for thanks so much for joining us today. and that's it. the date is, of course,
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most stories and updates on our website did ever dot com forward slash aisha, and you can actually follow us on facebook and twitter as well. we're back tomorrow . at the same time, we see them by the hold. can you hear me now? yes, we need you in german that we bring you on going to a mac or never? right, just so. what is? who is the medical really want me and walk all the people who follows along the way . myers and critic join us for mattel glass down. the women in asia tells me sort of all the money and
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lunch and on the voices. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire this weekend on d. w. the the next to me is great ice and i was changed. i see in her to send me a little more post. well, that's an excerpt from the trailer for
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a net. had drawn to the musical film by french director leo's car hocks that opened this years can film festival and without a warm welcome to arts and culture. all phone finally its lights, camera, and action on the closet in can the 74th festival has kicked off about 2 months later than usual. due to the pandemic bought the red carpet did not disappoint. and according to predictions, neither will would fill the yes we can, the festival stars are back on the red carpet. 70 book can film festival opened on tuesdays jewelry. president sprightly is pretty in pink. and for the 1st time following all the criticism, the jury has more female members than men. center stage at the opening is jodie foster, who has come to pick up a lifetime achievement pump or for her work. and so as actress and director, the 1st time she was here in 1976, she was still a child,
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received her mom and now it's a great honor for me. it's more than 45 years since my film taxi driver. one the door here. i'm very grateful for this special moment today, just here we're going to fall. this is vondell. i'm as early as likely you had set the tone with a full fright statement as the festival. the 1st black jewelry president, this world's one by gangsters. agent orange is a guy in brazil, and that's the gangsters. and they're going to do what i want to do. can 2021. it might get political. spike lee, not mincing his words there. and joining me now live from the closet in can is our movie man rock scott rock for great to see you. scott's that we just heard that this festival could get political as certainly a new plant for can,
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which has really always prefer to focus on the art of cinema. yeah, that's definitely right. i've been coming here many, many years and can never really present itself as a political festival. they always tried to stay a bit above the fray and say, it was just about the movies and the art of cinema. but i think there's been a lot of real transformative changes in the last few years, particularly political movements like me to or the black lives matter movement, which i've real profound effect on cinema, on the way movies get made. and very importantly, who's making them. and i think those changes made it impossible for can to maintain if it's supposedly politically neutral stamps as well. if you're going to name slightly, jury president, you know, things are going to get political. i mean, this is one of the most outspoken political directors of his generation. and of course, having him as the jury president means there will be
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a political plant for this year. is that okay, so we're prepared for that. now in treat. why this opening film a net, just the trailer alone looks like a tool default. can you tell us a bit about it? yes, you mentioned it's from the french director at starz adam driver and my uncle. and it's a build a bit as a musical, but i think it's more of a walk opera. so if it's less, la, la land and more tommy, it is basically the story of adam driver of plays a stand up comedian who falls in love with an offer senior play by my on protein driver. i think it's amazing. it's still, he's, he's, he's, he's like you say a tour de force he's, he's almost a comedian, filled with self loathing. he just pours it out on, on stage, might be almost 21st century lenny bruce and visually the film is just stunning. it's a series of amazing visual set pieces that really deserve an call out to be seen on the big screen. so i think it's appropriate that if the opening and film of the
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biggest festival in the world. now the idea for that film comes from a concept album by the band barks. that's a band with an incredible history. how does this all connect? yeah, the back story. this film was also fascinating. it started as a concept album by sparks. this are pop due to brothers ron and russel male and they had finished the album and then they happen to be here in can 8 years ago, i met leo correct by accident and told them about their project and then they send them the music and he told them this has to be my next movie. so it's 8 long years of preparation. but finally they did make the movie from this concept album. and the spar sparks and, and that are, can i be coast again, incredible stuff. well, they're actually also the subject of a brand new documentary that's also just come out this month as well. and let's have a quick look at that. we are sparks please welcome barnes
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and frequently questions. i've got how many homes that 25 albums? you, brother, we are brothers. how did you for me? we are brothers music at his death here and you go, oh my god, what is that? one of my favorite moments, john lennon, ringo starr, you will believe what's on the television so many things that are that are coming back to me there. scott, why are the sparks brothers finally having this incredible moment in the sun? yeah, it's amazing really because a run rough and i have been doing making music for decades, but they started in the late sixty's. they're both now themselves in their seventies, but they never really broke through to more than cult status in their entire career . and i think it has something to do with the fact that their music was always way ahead of time. and if you listen to sparks music from the seventy's,
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it sounds like the new wave music of the 19 eighties and the found they help pioneer in the, in the eighty's became mainstream only the 1990 s. but maybe now the world is starting to catch up to sparks and as far as generations of musicians back, morrissey, a bjork, i'll cite them as major inspirations. so maybe finally the world is catching up and realizing what incredible legacy sparks have had in music. and of course there's no better place to celebrate that legacy than here at the camp as well, cuz the sparks brothers and adore cinema. they certainly do. now. you mentioned just to me how surreal it is to be back in can just quickly, how important is it for the film industry that the festival has finally been able to pick up? again? it's incredibly important. i mean, this can, has been seen as really a symbol that cinema can reopen again. i mean, centers of enclosed and so many parts of the world of over a year. now it's,
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i was talking to a critic who said, it's almost like we've been, we've been sleeping. none of us have been asleep. the cinema industry has been asleep for a year and, and can as it's, it's waking up. and everyone hopes that this festival will really start a rebirth of cinema and the people circling back to the movies. again, thanks very much. scott's in cham and we'll speak again soon. or whether it's david chip or fields or norman foster or daniel leave is kinda most architect, usually commission model makers to create miniature versions of their grand designs . now these can accurately depict the proportions and the layout and architectural finesse of the project in the making. and with so much attention to detail, the unveiling of the models themselves can be quite an event. so we visited the berlin based company vac foods. to learn more about this essential stage. sterling's, former tactile us sensor is currently being converted into a new residential quarter. 280 high end departments will be built here with
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penthouse flat, selling for some 3000000 euros. right now with all the construction work, it's difficult to imagine what it will look like. that's where scale models come in . they can help build up an accurate idea of this new neighborhood. ah, my architectural models are the most important way of showing what buildings will look like. i'll stick. we can see that when people come to view the models on the checkout. all the details, pete and apartments like little children on line. these models help people get an understanding of real estate projects and individual partners and overnight and you get an understanding of the layout and dimensions. ms. models are much better suited to achieve this than plans or descriptions planned with ms. walker. these bottles were crossed. advise that a person based company. the core team consists of 4 architect. you met at university. well known studios like that of polish american architect. daniel leave
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is kinda swiss, so the more you oh, and late a rocky british architect, zach hi. deed have worked with them. right now the team is building a model of puerto nico, a large redmond, the gate, and the landmark of the german city of tree. yeah. the different materials are used for different models, giving them a unique appearance and character. model makers need a range of skills you need good spatial imagination. this is that's essential for developing reading models for handling data provided by our client in the from call call. and you need to understand what the architect has some vision. you also need to be good with your hands who are going to be doing. so you need a practical intelligence. and again, this is on these days,
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the motor micros. it use high tech applications like robotics, computer controlled, more toys, machines, and free day printers. one day, one tech model making us a vocation that requires a lot of technical training that makes it a very multifaceted and very interesting profession. time the high end tools we use these days require us just and a lot of time planning and producing our projects digitally. the time from only the final piecing together of the element on it is still done by hand. and sheet that full created an interactive exhibit on display at the w 7 elements. james bond museum in 0 in austria, where parts of spect featuring daniel craig was shot in 2015. the museum is dedicated to action scenes filmed in this part of the alps recreated in animation
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models and 3 d exhibits created by that phone. oh, that's what we aim to establish a so called new craft to us. that means bringing our digital crown to a new level on this and there are so many new technologies available today like augmented reality, robotics he basically, impossibilities have not been fully explored and exhausted yet. so we want to get more involved and have drawn up research proposals to this end to so that's what drives us off. and that has created some 3500 architectural models over the past 25 years. works that give us a glimpse of the future because it is good to have a bit of normality not to mention glamour backs in the mix. we're leaving with some more impressions of the can film festival opening and the promise of more next time
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around all the best from us and gentle. the who's the news, the news? the news ah,
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into the conflict with sebastian. when it comes to foreign policy, it's getting harder to work out what the use stands for. my get this week is almost pipe nice. jared european parliament foreign affairs committee. can he explain why such a powerful block of nations seems to punish so far below its weight? on the world stage, 90 minutes on d w. so the goal was right in front of them. they gave them certainly we agreed to postpone the or the games that tokyo with 20 or 20 from of course, during the qualifying ground for sports heroes, town during lockdown starts july, 19th on d. w. in the evening of climate change.
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the the people here what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity video. click enter. new frankfurt international gateway to the best connection, south road and radio. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the world experience upstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoying our services, be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from board. oh
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the news news from berlin. haiti is declared under speech after the assassination of president and identified gunman killed over now luis and severely wounded, his wife and an overnight reed on their private residence. president murder followed month of social and political people in haiti, also on the program. another line shocked by a gun attack on a prominent crime reporter pay to the police is fighting for his life. after being shot in the streets of amsterdam. authorities are investigating links to his work
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on organized crime. the 2nd time, the final of your 2020 case off in london in less than an hour with under dogs, denmark spacing, england for a chance to play italy and the fine england ho coming home. the danes are aiming to replicate their unlikely heroes when 992. ah! i'm fairly good to have you with us. there's been an outpouring of international condemnation following the assassination of hades president jovan luis adf declared, 2 weeks state of emergency following the killing of the president. last night. the declaration gives the executive branch stronger powers to deal with what appears to be a worsening situation. their president job anomalies with gun down by unknown assailants
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at his home near the capital port o problem is wife was critically wounded in the shooting and as being airlifted to miami treatment 53 year old lee was elected in 2016 and had been ruling haiti by decree for the last 2 years has seen, arise and politically motivated violence in recent months or more. i'm not joined by with the man on cool. he's the editor in chief of hugo, post and online news agency in the nation capital port of problems. these are good to speak to you. what is the latest? what more do we know about the president's assassination? well, we are trained to know exactly what like i said recently on the school. it was today at 1 pm. there is an ongoing investigation today amend precisely what happened. there was a little remote in and you know, the condition moved it was stating unit is speculation or
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so with regards who is in power. precisely the prime minister this, he declared each recently during a press conference. so yeah, this is the situation that we have. what does it mean that the country is now officially under a state of siege? we don't really know what. what exactly does that mean? it's not a state of emergency, which is a whole lot. but it's probably use of buddies half hours to try to you know, to, to put things into order. we are still trying to main
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precisely what is the reach of this decision. but the, this, the same by minister is not. he said he's someone who is contested by different positions because right before the president was needed, she nominated in the meanest decree. so, i mean, there was supposed to come in day. so nice, easy resigning by means of positions and in the corners are seeing that he don't have any authority whatsoever to be clear what he declaring how worried are you that the country already struggling with instability will now spiral further into chaos among all this uncertainty?
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well, it did their ration and the situation was already difficult before the emission of the president. remember the person is working on last week and we are trained to know who conducted and what, what the motivations you have large but of the country controlled by games. a 1000 people seeking shelters because they are sitting game violence and d, c. d, or too heavy they, they can bury in the country in civil main roads. why the police can't do anything because the, sometimes they have more than the police. it's a very stable situation. last long and encore from the haitian capital. puerto pross moving on you leaders have described the shooting of
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a prominent dutch investigative journalist as an attack on our values. peter decrease was gone down in amsterdam on tuesday and remains in hospital in a serious condition. authorities are examining possible links to his reporting and his role in a court case against a major criminal gang described by police as a well oiled killing machine. a day after one of the netherlands, most famous journalists was gone down while wishes gather on the street where he was shot. witnesses say, peter, the faith was shot 5 times, including once in the head, an incomprehensible crime for many here. book of shocking. it's really shocking news. what happened to peter if he's really not expected, even if a lot of people did find that he did dangerous things, so to say, but it should never happen. if they had just finished an interview on dutch tv when
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he was attacked, the 64 year old journalist rose to prominence for crime reporting. and as an advocate for survivors of violent crimes, activities, police long fed would make him a target for reprisals. dutch authorities described to the attempted murder as an attack on the country's freedom of price and democracy and an attempt to snuff found $1.00 of the country's leading voices pay to air disease. it was free as a national hero for all of us. and uncommonly brave journalist from tireless in his search for justice, fully independent and free of spirits from caste de phrase, is currently in serious condition. at this hospital, dutch police have arrested 2 men in connection with the attack. a 3rd man has been released so far. no motive has been identified. take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world at the sour is here . it's dog has been foreign in as israel's 11th president, after taking
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o and the committee at the israeli parliament, has promised to try to heal israeli society after years of division. the position of president and israel is largely ceremonial designed to serve as the countries moral combat are being commissioned chief was a front line, has warned hungry it will face a legal action if it fails to repeal a new law. that critics, they discriminate against the l. g, b t, q, community, the law ban content about homosexuality and gender reassignment from schools and the media football now in italy are still celebrating their penalties. shoot out when over spain last night, which put them into the final of your a 20. 20 is a remarkable achievement for the italians who didn't even qualify for the last world cup. the 2nd semi final takes place tonight with england and denmark, hoping to join italy in sunday spinal england are the favorites with the clash
8:09 pm
happening in london. but you can't discount the dames. they will be looking to continue their fairytale run at the tournament and repeat their shock success from 1992. yeah. in denmark they're writing a ways of emotion. 3 to a 1st major tournament, semi final since 1992 and on the verge of achieving something almost incredible. the emotions here, the chapter of europe matching the emotions back then when denmark one a euro's they shouldn't even have been in only qualifying a week before the tournament starts off to you via will kicks out you to the war that the big 3 united to country just as it has now, a firework display the rod at all. it's so important. unfortunately, a lot of us are still faxing prams in 1992 lou calling now we're going to get the
8:10 pm
same feeling that our parent scott in 1992. we're going to win the euros in the home phone them and is the symbol of so much christina? since collateral own at the corona virus, which has been tough on people, bro. standing together to watch the football. it's fantastic. but the ericsson is the focal point of denmark's emotion. the midfield there could have died after collapsing in the 1st match against finland. and liquid denmark were after 2 games of the tournaments without their best player, and boston and the group without a single point. many had written them off for their coach, caspar human, there's much to be proud of the last 4 weeks. it's been the emotions of a lifetime. it's been, it's been crazy. we have been facing this in a way we. i never hope i should. we almost lost our best player, eldest friends,
8:11 pm
the heart of the team. we thought with emotions like crazy, we didn't know what to do. we didn't know how to get through it. we try to fight the best we have learnt through that. these emotions we have played fantastic football. we have shown who we are and who are they then? exactly. the plucky underdog going all the way against the odds. well, that really would be something for the football romantics. the and our correspondent tele chelson bill is outside wembley stadium in london right now and join us on the phone. charlotte, this is a huge game for england trying to reach their 1st final since 900. 66. how confident are the english fans tonight? i think, well, you have to understand about english friends, the guy's talking to the state, if just behind the right now, was that
8:12 pm
a lot of pain over the years? a lot of opportunities, a lot of disappointments. i mean, they haven't been in the final of a major tournament since 1966, then semi finals like they've been pretty here and far between the one that everyone is talking about today is the euro 96 with the manager. if the current in good faith mr. penalty is to get england kicked out a lot of disappointment, but i have to say the people who i can see tonight in the day is running up to the game as well. they really feel like this chain isn't a little bit different to their young size that don't weight down by some of the, the paying off games the history they, they'd like the manager. but there is a little bit of hope. the fish could finally be the bit england makes it through. just look at the stuff this up, but really giving them them hopefully haven't conceded a goal during toys for them. and they vanquished old gemini, one for know against ukraine. and the last game is that the reason that england,
8:13 pm
all the favorite going into this, just looking at the crowd around me, which is just living, they will certainly be behind the. let's talk about denmark for a 2nd though they have been the big surprise at this tournament. they do lack the home advantage of the family though. what are their support or thing? i'm sure you can imagine facts of their on as many courses here as well, mainly because of coven restrictions, people aren't able to travel it to be at the game. but spanish pop giving in english have managed to make it to the game and they kick the ones i've spoken to. clearly i think that side is going with the story that they are all talking about half the christian eric, since they say that barrett that carried that scene through the tournament so far, they say will continue to carry that side. through fact, they say they think the players on the field will be doing it for him,
8:14 pm
but i think many people watch the 30 day. they might also fly into the fairytale, but that has experience. so hearing this toner, which we heard about in that report, that demo 70 hoping that will be daunted by the history just how important is england crowns. and i, some of mine gave were already in place in the run up to the game, particularly for danish only cash michael here in a press conference was off by the denmark. the think that the referenced the song that all english friends singing his night coming hi, shakily, asking the question, have it happen ever come home? or? i'm sorry charlotte cell is good. see into you. you're watching the news and here is a quick reminder of our top story today. an outpouring of international condemnation has followed the assassination of president job luis the president was
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killed in an overnight read by unknown assailant. state of fate has now been declared in haiti watching the news after the break then facility brings you the business news. remember, you can always find all the latest headlines on our website, c, w dot com. i'm really for me in the entire team. thank you for a company who's ah, canada, that tag and in the end, if you are not allowed to see you anymore, we will send you back. are you familiar with these lions? what's your story. ready with women, especially victims to sign and date part.


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