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tv   Ein Duft von Freiheit  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 4:15pm-5:01pm CEST

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like half the day, i'm not saying that we have to day up. i'm not saying that we will have to do. i'm just going to ask me to take it off the table to ask me to categorically read it. especially when our political opponents have made very clear that they are not going to take it off the table. it's an unreasonable request. right now, protestant use up preparing enormous bonfires all across non fires. might get out of control. rex it has presented the biggest danger yet to northern ireland, fragile peace. that's one thing that the protestants and catholics agree on. leaders of the european union have described the shooting of a prominent dutch crime journalists as an attack on our values. face to face was gun down in amsterdam on tuesday and remains in hospital. in a serious condition. authorities are investigating possible links to reporting and his role in a court case against a major crime. a day after one of the netherlands, most famous journalists was gone down well,
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which was gather on the street where he was shot witnesses, a painted a freeze, was shot 5 times, including once in the head and incomprehensible crime for many here. it's shocking. it's really shocking news. what happened to pay to, to freeze, talk about it was really not expected. even if a lot of people did think he was doing something dangerous. but he should never happen to freeze had just finished an interview on dutch tv when he was attacked. the 64 year old journalist rose to prominence for his crime reporting. and as an advocate for survivors of violent crimes in jail activities, police long feared, would make him a target for reprisals. dutch authorities described his attempted murder as an attack on the country's freedom of the press and democracy. but the engine attempt to snuff out one of the country's leading voices they to air disease. it was all
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a mile painted. it is a national hero for all of us in uncommonly brave journalist on, tireless in his search for justice, fully independent and free of spirit valley from caste to freezes. currently, in serious condition at this hospital, dutch police have arrested 3 men in connection with the attack, including the suspected shooter. so far, no motive has been identified. for more, i'm now joined by michelle academy from the dutch newspaper and r c. he joins us from broader them. mr. curtis, let's start with pay to the police condition. what do we know at this point? well, we don't know much more than we knew a few hours ago. he isn't also answer them in critical condition. you last night there was some video footage of what happens of him lying on the streets on social media. the pictures were too gruesome to show on television. but looking at
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these pictures, you really immediately knew it is a very severe case. but so far, authorities in the hospital and have not given us any details on this completion at the moment. the only thing we know is that this family made a statement, the sunset that a lot of things are uncertain at this point. and the surrounding with all why do you believe he was targeted? well, 1st of all, as you can, as most mentioned in the film, he's a very famous crime report to the melons he has been put on crime since the early eighty's. he has been involved with every major case, and he's a very outspoken family, visible character, and i'm sure he must have quite a few enemies. but these also involved in what is the most prominent court case against trucks and a lot at the moment in the melons. and he functions as
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a some kind of an advisor to chrome witness. now the brother of this crime witness and his lawyer have both been assassinated in the past 2 years, and the fees has made public that he received death threats. now of course we do not know if that's linked to what happened last night, but that is what everybody is speculating about, that we have to see that's all content. so mr to police was concerned about his safety. could this have been avoided in your opinion? well, he was concerned about safety, but he was very clear that he did not want any personal protection for a long time. i'm not quite sure quite sure if he was at any personal protection yesterday, but team in the past me refused because it would hinder him. in operating as a journalist, but it was quite clear that he was a thing,
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some risks and his family said, this is the nightmare we've all been fearing. reporting on crime can often be dangerous. he was aware of the risk. do you yourself as a journalist, now fear for the safety of journalists in the netherlands? why not in general, but in the crime reporting, and there are some office colleagues or competitors in other news outlets that have received quest and has accepted personal protection. and i think at the moment it's quite a big shock to journalism and journalist in general. there's something like this could happen at to someone from a profession in the notes at this point. so kenneth, he's the diplomatic editor at the dutch newspaper and r c. thank you very much. more headlines from around the world now. trivia serving paid to bollywood actor
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a dealer tomorrow who has died at the age of 98 and moved by as long distinguished film career stretched back to bali was golden age and the 940 fifty's and sixty's. it was known by fans as the tragedy can downgraded hurricane is drenching parts of florida, gulf coast. tropical storm elsa is due to cut across the states north with high winds and heavy rain schools and government offices in the tampa area have been closed as a precaution, indonesia is tightening corona virus restrictions. as it's and demick death toll hit record levels. no restrictions will find a dozen of cities and be in place until at least july 20th. authorities say hospitals are under increasing pressure with just over 2 weeks until the tokyo olympics organizers are considering whether to ban all
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spectators and impose a full state of emergency in the city. as corona virus case numbers increase, and it's not video we're looking at. i am going to check with our gallery. we can bring you these patients. exactly. the games were delayed for a year by the pandemic. athletes have begun arriving in the japanese capital for the game organizers previously stopped overseas fans from attending and could now be poised to ban domestic spectators to tokyo reported 920 new covert cases on wednesday. that is the highest since midnight and some football news. now, italy are still celebrating their penalties. shoot out when over spain last night, which put them into the final of euro 2020. it's a remarkable achievement for the italians who didn't even qualify for the last world cup. the 2nd semi final takes place tonight with england and denmark, hoping to join italy in sunday spinal england are the favorites with
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a class happening in london. but you can't discount the things they will be looking to continue their fairytale run at those tournament and repeat their shock success from $992.00. yeah, in denmark they're writing a wave of emotion. 3 to a 1st major tournament, semi final since $992.00. and on the verge of achieving something almost incredible . the emotions here, the chap in europe said, matching the emotions back. then when denmark, one a euro's they shouldn't even have been in only qualifying a week before the tournament starts off to you via will kicks out you to the war that the big 3 united to country, just as it has now, a firework display around it all take to it so important. unfortunately, a lot of us are still faxing prams in 1992 lou calling now we're going to get the
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same feeling that our parents scott in 1992. we're going to win the euros in the home phone them and is the symbol of so much christina? since collateral own at the corona virus, which has been tough on people, bro. standing together to watch the football is fantastic. but those ericsson is the focal point of denmark's emotion. the midfield could have died off the collapsing in the 1st match against finland. and liquid denmark were after 2 games of the tournament without their best player, and boston and the group without a single point. many had written them off for the coach, caspar human, there's much to be proud of the last 4 weeks. it's been the emotions of a lifetime. it's been, it's been crazy. we have been facing this in a way we. i never hope i should. we almost last album player l best friends,
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the heart of the team. we thought with emotions like crazy, we didn't know what to do. we didn't know how to get through it. we tried to fight the best we have learnt through that. these emotions we have played fantastic football. we have shown who we are and who are they then? exactly. the plucky underdog going all the way again, the odds? well, that really would be something for the football romantics. you're wanting to w news, and here's a quick reminder of our top stories at the sour cities president joe luis has been assassinated at his private residence. the 53 year old was killed in an overnight raid by unknown assailants. his wife was really wounded. this nation was announced, i hated interim prime minister in the netherlands and shock after the
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shooting of a prominent crime. journalists faces the street fighting for his life after being shot 5 times in amsterdam. the news and don't forget you can always get news on the go, just download our app from the app store or google play that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of a new story, you can also use the d w app to send us your photos and videos of what's happening . the news coming up next on the w news asia, a look at how south korea is dealing with a sudden increase in corona virus case that the wind, japan's l u b t q. community isn't so sure the olympics will change things for the
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better for them to use all of this and more coming up with their energy on the call for at least for me and the entire team here in berlin. thank you so much. the news . the news, the news, the news, the news.
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the news, the news ah. we can see me. i think there was no tomorrow. at some point supplies are now grounded with old need we said recently now we'll all have more of them longer made in germany. 60 minutes on the w every day counts for
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us, for our planet. the global i do, it is on its way to bring you more conservation. the how do we make cities? how can we protect habits? what to do with them all our ways we can make a difference by choosing smartness, solutions over steam set in our way the global ideas, mental theories included 3000 on d, w, and online i think in imaging chinese, there's so much different culture between here and there still challenging for everything. ah, show me that. i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. ah,
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shut them. i got my license to work as this morning instructor here. now i teach children. don't worry. what's your story? take part. serious on info migrant darkness. ah. the faces the w. a show coming up today. south korea ice, the resurgence of nevada cases. the spike has been blamed on climate short loosening of restrictions and its vaccination rates and supplies limited. the government is born in tougher days ahead. plus japan, l g b, g q, community hoped olympics was positive, change for them, but it looks increasingly likely their focus to be in vain. we look at why the
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news i've been in japan as you welcome to d. w. news. asia. glad you could join us. south korea has recorded. it's because daily spike in cobra, 1900 infections in 6 months. a little over 1200 cases may not sound like much, but when compared to a daily average of around 30 cases in mid to me last year, the increase is significant. this comes in the midst of a slow vaccine roll out and losing of restrictions that health experts say. we're premature. the south koreans, we're just about to get back into a social booth. but it turns out become happy too soon. not long after the country east restrictions on activities like this could be 19 started reaching again food, but a delta very. and the government is urging is citizens to refrain from having social
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gatherings model use. i mean, we don't manage to cut this bread within 2 or 3 days, we can impose the strongest social distancing mercia. there is a chip. is this from the health experts say the premature eating of restrictions encouraged people to let their god down metropolitan areas in particular, have seen a steep rise in transmissions among young people. they are more likely to go out, socializing, and fall back in the vaccination priority line, which i think of mentioned apply enough maxine, so that people into 20 to get vaccinated soon help is coming. this plane carried 700000 doses effect scenes from israel. it's a swap deal between the 2 countries. so we return the same amount of shot when it
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is expected to have surplus doses later this year. why miss friendship looked at each other and strap or each other with only 30 percent of the country's population receiving a 1st dose so far, many still have to wait for the job. for them. getting tested is still the best way to stay away from infections. correspondent frank smith joined us from sol with more. frank only about 10 percent of south koreans have been free, vaccinated so far. why so few well, that has to do really with the availability of the vaccines. early on, south korea, you know, battled the, the initial wave of the pandemic quite successfully. so it didn't, you know,
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get itself to the front of a line to purchase the vaccines, to secure orders of the vaccines initially. and other countries really aggressively pursued resident, reserving the vaccines. so again, south korea was late to that game. also. it bought in a little bit more than other countries to kovacs that the w h o initiative to provide vaccines to developing countries that, that couldn't really afford them initially. so south korea again was behind the ball in reserving the vaccines and now it's suffering. the effects of that only 10 percent of the population have received both doses and 30 percent have received one dose. so it's going to have trouble reaching that level or heard immunity in november, that the government has set for a goal. now with this current increase in cases, what is the government's plan on countering it?
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well, president moon j n. set sort of a level of 0 tolerance so those. busy that, you know, breach the, the corona, virus prevention protocols, the guidelines are, are going to be penalize more severely. small businesses are face shut down of, of 10 days. they've also taken some other measures. they're going to close parks at 10 pm. a lot of people would go to parks to gather after the restaurants and bars had closed at 10 pm. so they're going to shut that down. they're also going to increase the testing quite significantly and take a close look at what happens in the coming days in terms of that number of people that are going to be shown to be infected. busy and maybe even increase the corona virus prevention measures, frank smith and cyril, thank you very much for that. turning to japan,
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now the country is set to stay still in the games in less than 3 weeks. the l g b take you community. that was hoping that the games and the international attention they bring would help to improve their rights. but as we report gave people still face many problems. there she oh, she maria mata has broken a taboo by declaring that she is gay. she is the 1st professional sports woman in japan to go public. she who always knew she was different was i got outside, i didn't want to study it. my grandmother gave me smart pink clothes to wear just me for my cousins and my brother not cool options. when i asked why they said it was because i was a girl, i just couldn't have what i wanted to get to myself. she who decided to come out in germany where she plays for the women's leak side mitten. being lesbian is not
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a problem there. in japan, she constantly had to lie. only her family and close friends knew the truth of my teammates and met and tell me i'm a great person that's boosted my confidence. i'll always be grateful for their support, but i'll be more cautious. no, it's not easy. being different in japan, sexism and discrimination or commonplace, the l g b t q community, we're hoping the tokyo olympics would bring change the but the head of the organizing committee had to resign. after saying women talked too much in meetings. the creative director of the opening ceremony also had to go hiroshi. so saki is idea was to have a plus size model in a pig costume parade through the stadium. oh yeah. and
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then a senior member of the ruling party dismissed trans people's concerns as stupid but it's really disappointing that people who see us like that are in charge of politics in this country. with respect for diversity is far from universal and japan. conservatives in the ruling party last month blocked a bill of rights for sexual minority groups. but she, whoa, is determined to fight on the ideas on the pitch. it doesn't matter who or what you are. that's the positive side of sport. that's what i believe in. and i hope that we as a team can achieve that together for the team. and i'm not a good. are you not the only after the olympics? will it become apparent whether there's been any real progress in the fight against
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intolerance? and jeremy for more is con, made though, she's japan, director for human rights watch drugs from tokyo. now though, welcome. could you tell us a bit more about life for the g, b t, q, community in japan and how it compares to other develop missions? i think it's so much so unfortunately like many other prices in the world, probably that the l d t. people in japan faces discrimination and harassment. and then that's everywhere in a school at workplace. other social praises including like hospital or so like here it is. it's hard and, and so it is very difficult for people, for example, to come out to be themselves. so the reasons for this,
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one of the reasons is that there is a lack of lager protection for algebra. 2 people in japan. unlike for example, other g 7 nations, japan is the only country which doesn't have any non discrimination law for l did the people the there was an attempt to try and introduce this in parliament, but it was rebuffed. why is the government reluctant to move forward with any progressive legislation? yeah, it is really disappointing that, that the last national diet session which is, depends on empowerment which ended last month, did not pass a the 1st a national l. d b t registration. which address is human rights of people? that what's because the commitment by the are a current japanese government headed by prime minister has weak only weak
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commitment for the protection of eligibility. people's rights. and then and then because of a depends ruling party l d, p party, liberal democratic party, a portion of this, a conservative party has very conservative politicians and they block the bill right now. japan is headed to the olympic games in less than 3 weeks. again, set to open and we back in february, you had written that you were hoping that big because of the games. they could be a catalyst for change in japan when it comes to g, b to q issues. but realistically, i want to ask you, how likely is it that that change will happen? yeah, it's a fair question. i was hopeful, hopeful, and then the l g b t, community here in japan was helpful. and then the and then we got
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a lot of international support to for the quality for l g, b, t, people in japan ahead of the olympics. however, the most important part of it, the lake of protection, was not given to us before the olympics. however, we are eligible to communities still hopes that their their upcoming olympics would be a child to bring in such a long awaited and protection. so of course, i'm in japan has another session later this year. and then if there olympics, can i mean international attention? i can be given to this issue, it would, it would empower the japanese diet member is diet members who are likely to l. g. b, the community. where do you stand up? once again for passing a l d b? hopefully that does happen soon. can i do it from human rights for thanks so much for joining us today. and that's it for the date is of course most stories and
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updates on our website dot com forward slash issue. and you can actually follow us on facebook and twitter as well. we're back tomorrow. at the same time, we'll see that the the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing what goes to the latest research information and contact the corona virus? because the 19th next on d w. i. hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the flat rate is used to share ideas.
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you know, this time we are not afraid to ask and then it gets tough. young people clearly have the solution, the future. 77 percent. now every weekend on the w. ah, how effective are vaccines against new forms of covey? 19th, a preliminary study from israel appears to suggest the bio and tech find the job, offers less protection against the delta variance and previous strains to 64 percent. that's a lot lower than other estimates of nearly 90 percent. so does this change how we fight the pandemic? the delta strain has changed the transmission dynamics everywhere. and in israel also, we know it is more infectious from person to person. we also know it has some better
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capacity to evade the immune system as compared to the office trade. the good news is that fully vaccinated people rarely suffer severe effects even with the delta variant. and despite rise in case it, israel hasn't seen a death in over 2 weeks on robots in berlin. welcome to this code, 19 special in israel, current of ours case, numbers are creeping up again. the country has been roundly praised for it. swift vaccination program book house officials, they're all proceeding with caution. with a local study suggesting the biotech 5, the job is not as effective against the invading delta variant as previously thought younger israelis being encouraged to get vaccinated. the adam, goodbye his taking his daughter's leah and i'm going to get vaccinated more and more young israelis age 12 to $15.00. and now getting there,
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jump like here at this small clinic and class saba. not least because of the fast spreading delta variant. and because many have plans for this summer, i think it's really good. it gives us much more freedom and it's nice to find the, you know, coronas of the sand, hopefully. and yeah, i think it's important. it's still not stat old because the countries have still not, and not all the countries have gotten that have gotten the opportunity to have the vaccines. but hopefully we'll be able to go sound down to the very end, has driven infections to levels not seen in israel since april, mainly among unvaccinated people. because we still have a nice amount of people dictated young people that can see here. we're increasing affects making them young people that can be vaccinated, and we still see a portion of the elderly people and not feel vaccinated for various reasons. some
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vaccination people also have been infected for now the number needing hospital treatment remains low, although i think is a rising. so we do see people who actually acquired the delta after being immunized and the intern submitted. yet there are chances to be severely ill to be hospitalized or to die or slim. so we, we definitely see a very important role for the innovation you is really government is pushing for 12 to 15 year old to be a knock. elated now with the bio tech 5 vaccine, prime minister, enough tally bennett is appealing to young. people directly come up with similar guides. i know how much you want to enjoy the summer, and you can. i also have 4 kids your age and they to want to enjoy the summer in that we don't want to impose any restrictions on anyone know, bands on parties,
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trips, no bubbles, nothing but you need to talk to your parents and get vaccinated. so that we have a wonderful stomach with no closures and no restriction. both israel has re imposed an indoor mask mandate and titan controls that the main international airport for goods is relieved that his teenage daughters and now protected. it was somewhat of a difficult decision because there are a lot of unknowns, but there are a lot of unknowns in parenting. how long do you give them on the i pad. what time should they go to bed? what food should they? what i know is that the vaccine work, these are all, had the big problems with the pandemic. and since everyone's got vaccinated over the age of 16, the problems of all but disappeared further restrictions might be imposed just to delta variant continues to spread. but for now, israel aims to get most youngsters over 12 fully vaccinated before some of the
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doses expire later this month. we can now speak to professor a. m, who is a director, israel largest hospice or the shiva medical center. thanks for joining us on the cobra. 1900 special. can you tell us how concerned you are about the rising number of current of iris cases in israel? we are not very concerned because we have by now pretty good information about the effectiveness in preventing so build the patient and what we learned healing implant and also from information that comes from the u. k. maxine is more than 90 percent effective in prevent i think severe disease and i'll tell you why we may see an increase in the number of respect that we will probably only see a very much increase in severe disease. but we have had this study from israel suggesting the voluntary 5 vaccine is less effective. it's stopping the spread of the delta variance 60 percent, rather than close to 90. like you were just saying,
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what was your take on those results? it didn't pull them to differentiate their vaccine effectiveness in preventing infection, which is not very good against that, which means even if you're vaccinated, you may still become infected. and this have to be differentiate the effects against the theme, the binary goal of the vaccine. the main objective is to make how even if you get infected, you don't develop a severe disease and you don't get hospitalized for the mortality. and in this, the maxine is very, very effective. so does that mean that there's no action required, based upon this suggestion that the fight vaccine is less effective at stopping the spread of the, at the variance? i would suggest the public option. so explanation that we'd be taken in response to the increasing k are going to be balanced against the really low we've also
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shopping stations. so in reality, what this means is we may be required to wear must, or we may leave state the green batch makes only going to crowded spaces, but we don't need to close course. we don't need to look down and we don't need to close last space, which is the main, the most important thing to maintain that one, no matter where the normal lifestyle, vaccinations and israel half plateaued is around 60 percent of the population. it's not enough. well, obviously it was enough back in a little bit when the main buy was in relation was the fact that, you know, we've been more infected, it is not enough. so it was on one hand, try to increase the portion vaccinate vaccine coverage. but on the other hand,
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more closely, what do you read in the st creasing test? infection on the number of severe cases. so should there be more vaccination of teenagers, for example, as the next step when on one hand yes more, but the nation including the effort to get these more bull portion, about 10 percent of people that are local 50 to get their food vaccine to don't serve as soon as possible from the shiva medical center and salary. thanks for joining us on the 1900 special. thank you. now is the part of the program where we put one of your questions to asked science correspondent derek williams. oh, i had to be 19, how long should i wait to get vaccinated? and should i get one or 2 doses? there are several layers to this question. and the 1st thing that i want to say
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that although the data that we have on immunity after infection, indicates that protection is probably quite long lasting health care authorities, like the w h o. and the cdc still recommend that people who've recovered from covered 19 get vaccinated. that's because the evidence also seems to show that a post infection vaccination kind of kicks the immune response up a couple of notches and might make you even less likely to be infected. again, at some point, if you're exposed recommendations for how long you should wait to get backs needed after recovery are, are fairly vague, but basically boil down to waiting at least a couple of weeks. there's not a lot of time pressure as the vast majority of people who recovered
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a peer well protected from possible reinfection for months. but as of now, authorities definitely recommend you do get it done if you can. the question of whether you should get one dose or 2 is a little more complex. in a study published in april, for example, us researchers discovered that antibody response and people who recovered from the disease sword if they got just one shot of a messenger r n, a vaccine to the equivalent of what happened in someone who never been infected. after getting 2 shots, other research indicates there might the many added benefits to getting a 2nd shot, which has led authorities. for instance, in some countries here in europe. to recommend most people who tested positive for covered 1900 in the past, get just one shot, at least for now, the millions of doses that move saves can then be used to speed up for protection,
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for those who have never had the disease. but really mailing down a firm across the board recommendation whether 2 shots is best or if just one really suffices. it looks like that's going to take a while, not least, because the booster effect will differ from person to person and from vaccine to vaccine me. now let's take a look at some of the other around of our stories making headlines. pakistan has received 3500000 doses of the medina, vaccines, nation by the united states through the kofax initiative. so far, pakistan has partially vaccinated, around 13 and a half 1000000 people. a welcome news, as another wave of the virus is currently spreading through south asia. as you in california has vaccinated its animals against covey. 19 the oakland do says the
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jobs were donated by a veterinary pharmaceutical company and not taken from vaccine stops the humans. among the residents receiving the shops, disease big cats, and a black bear named can and that's all from this addition of the co 19 special until next time the the the news
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the news we failed came i think there was no tomorrow. at some place, supplies were now grounded with we said recently, now we'll all have more of them longer made in germany 30 minutes on the w o.
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the news eco, germany to pinnacle. why not learn with him w e learning course, eco's vague. women in asia in speaking. that's me. political them all. no money, no money. but the voices, the only way i can be up top is to create my own and the see there, i was standing stories in the women in asia this weekend on d. w. in december, 2019 the european counties, new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have
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the the news . the news lives from berlin. haiti's president is assassinated in an overnight attack and identify gunman killers of an louise and severely wound his wife and arrayed on their private residence announcement was made by haiti's entrance, prime minister and followed month social and political upheaval also on the program with another lender shocked by a gun attack on a prominent crime of border pe says if he is fighting for his life after being shot in the streets of amsterdam.


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