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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 2:45pm-3:01pm CEST

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the design principles ensuring that you are eliminating waste and pollution that you are keeping products from materials in use and you're generating actual systems dying. the conventional approach uses water and chemicals. one reason why fashion is responsible for 20 percent of the world's wastewater. this dutch company is different. it's facility and vietnam dies polyester without process chemicals or water. 35 meters of water just through today, and it's only one t shirt. so if you look at a t shirt, it would be 150 meters of water for kilogram of fabric. you need to die textiles. and this is what you said. we don't use that ah, they work with reclaimed carbon dioxide instead. fabric is loaded into the dying vessel. c o 2 is added and brought to the right temperature and pressure. only pure dies are used with no additional chemicals needed. clean guy is currently producing around $10000000.00 leaders of died fabric
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a year. that's not much compared to global demand, but all of lola hoops to skyrocket production as interest and this is standard method grows. and this is also allowed to the rest of the a barrel industry, but also to the consumer and, and the solutions on there and start to buy them your consumer, retail or brands. it's, it's the same with resources becoming more scarce. many businesses are reconsidering waste in a circular economy. clothes are designed to be warned for a long time. after that intelligence solutions can ensure the recycled for maximum benefit. the transition to this mentality is slowly getting underway. water is a precious resource anywhere and not only in regions of the planet struggling with high temperatures, like many places in africa, it is also an issue in europe. in france, for example, a larger company is bottling local water to sell it around the world. and thus
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proving highly controversial, this is a fish farm, but you're more likely to find plans than fish, and it's too little water. but that wasn't only so for centuries. water cascaded down from the mountains near this farm here in the mossy central region. as recently as 2018 a stream said edward to fell on hands with a steady supply of fresh clean water load. the water from the cave was used to stand at about this level. it was older and today there is nothing left. today the water is bottom, lewis, 70 percent of it is exported. this was some people saw the fish farmer now fears for his livelihood. he doesn't blame climate change for his plight, but rather international food processing giant done on it, extract mineral water from the surrounding region to bottle and fill worldwide under the brand name. volvic locals complained that despite repeated drought won't
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make a stifling more and more water from the area with no regard for their needs, rejects their claims before the secret. you must keep in mind that we don't just do whatever we want. we are subject to and monitored by the authorities and the authorities might appear at any time to inspect all holes in order to confirm that the statements we make in our data correct. so no provider, for his secret, became august 2020 for example. they were 2 such con, announce visitors when they didn't, they don't want. francois dominique de la la zia, a geologist is very familiar with this region characterized by extinct volcanoes. he says there are still plenty of natural water sources rather dwindling as a result of general contracts awarded by the regional government to done on the prefect grants to many authorizations. and more seriously. on the 31st of march this year, the prefect put in place in new dram decree in case of heat wave and water problems
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. and miraculously exempt, involving by saying it's underground water. it doesn't involve any. but many studies indicate the opposite. the flow rate of the small stream, which supplied edwards to philly gone fish ponds has fallen dramatically in recent summers. in part, due to the water extraction on the pacific gets us. and we went from $470.00 leaders per 2nd, or 510 meters per 2nd in 1960 to nothing at all. percent, all for the benefit of dannon acoya. for now he hope summer rain will fill his ponds. but the regional authorities will reconsider the agreements they've made with done on in the long run o 2 children to one giant problem in the pursuit
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related, how will climate change affect us and our children learn more at d, w dot com slash water. time. now, to head to another water, we the mighty combo river in the democratic republic of congo. one of the was deepest rhythm. now thousands of people dependent need for the livelihood, but it is on the threat. yes, sandra experts say it's the polluted alarm rate due to always disposal. and that's the vicious circle as we'll see in the capital, just more rubbish than water. that's the state of almost all of the con goes tributaries in contrast. and every day, the mountains of waste continue to grow because almost everyone disposes of their
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rubbish along the small rivers and drainage canals that criss cross the city. organic waste and plastic bottles suffocate, live in and around the water and club, the waterways causing severe flooding during the rainy season. is the situation that horrifies sabina after nothing about the damage caused by plastic waste in his me to a logical science course. he founded an environmental n g o 2, just like you just saw on the book with the rivers in can shasta polluted with run off from industries the plastic way to ship. we plan to clean up the rivers by collecting plastics which have been turned into our object. i intend to start a business that will help to protect the rivers. so me business with this is liz. and he's using
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a lot of imagination to do it. announcer bella knows his initiative consol kinshasa is overwhelming waste problem. but he sees the decorative objects made from plastic waste as a step towards raising awareness of environmental problems. but consensus waste problem also needs to be tackled at its roots. when belgium's built the drainage system for focus, as you can see that it can know that to build for drainage system the outflow was towards the congo river and we still have some system unfortunately today. so which means any water that goes underneath they? so again, the direct to come out goes immediately to convert even decades of
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conflict. a rapidly growing population and a lack of investment have all contribution to the cities failure to develop a functioning water and sanitation system for 15000000 inhabitants. researches at the university of consulting test, the water quality, twice a year. the findings are published in the scientific journal and also presented to local authorities to push them to take action celine secretly. seymour is leading the research. rapid action is required because the results are cause for concern. of course, i think we find that industries are discharging their waste water into the congo river compulsions, i'm sure, in fact, and then there are a lot of factories situated close to the river. and if you'd like to look for those that are scientific research, indicated that there is
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a lack of oxygen in the water. this was having a negative effect on people. and of course, on the fish and the river flow for life in the laboratory, the scientists can detect the different toxins. but because government officials often side with factory owners, not less action, has been taken so far, says celine sickly. seymour and plastic waste is just as harmful live sticks are very dangerous for the micro organisms in the water because they blocked the sun's rays from reaching the water without the sun's rays on rain, plants and other organisms are not able to synthesize carbon dioxide and water which is critical for their survival. fill up with those centers. in 2019 the government launched the kimball pet project aimed at making kinshasa cleaner and greener. on the last saturday of every month,
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control systems are encouraged to clean up the neighborhoods. $300.00 trucks deploy to collect garbage and transported to the landfills on the outskirts of the city were burned. still, the project any scratches the surface according to official figures. the city produce of 7000 tons of plastic waste every day. but environmental activists like, alas, undeterred by the task ahead of them, even if it has to be removed one sack at a time. that's a pretty tough situation for the people in the d or c. we do hope or she has given you something to think about, and you enjoyed watching. don't forget, you can always chicken with us anytime on social media platforms. i am spender tween audio signing go from compiler. here in uganda. thank sandra. it's time for
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me to say good bye to i live in lagos, nigeria, but to be sure to see it again, let's see until then they can use me. the the me, the, the oh, the me news. the news, the news
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. the news the news the ah, how does a virus spread? why do we have it by and when will all this? just 3 of the topics that we've covered and i weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the cronan virus or any other science topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your
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podcast. you can also find those at some d, w dot com or flash science. can you hear me now? yes. yes, we can hear you. and how is diamond house we bring you on gonna mac or you've never had to have a full price just so what is what we do is medical really we want to people who follow along the way, admirers and critics alike. how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg is join us for michael's last them. are your vice keys to see for food? please, to prevent contamination, the separate
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raw and cooked food to avoid cross contamination. cook thoroughly to kill microorganisms. the keep food and safe temperatures and coal to prevent bacteria growth. now you see water and the role materials to avoid contamination. food producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases in the home by applying the 5 keys to safer food use them. you also have a role to play the, ah,
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was who's the news from berlin? haiti's president assassinated in an overnight attack, gunman kills of an al voice and severely wound his wife and the rate on their private residence management was made by the countries entering prime minister and follows months of social and political upheaval. also on the program, the netherlands shocked by a gun attack on a prominent.


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