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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 1:45pm-2:01pm CEST

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1st one energy saving lightbulb, then 234. we're always hearing that we need to save energy. energy light bulbs can indeed save a lot of electricity and money to at least 100 years a year. but then we use one of the trips in a rental car, our, my little splurge. this one also uses electricity. energy economics, expert cloudy, a campus understands the dilemma. saving energy is a challenge because how can i finally learn to save more energy with ms bond in the past? what you're experiencing is known as the rebound effect. you work hard to save energy, then you have more disposable income, which you spend on more energy. we have to counteract that with targeted policies. i could see it sounds like a carbon tax for example, designed as an incentive to reduce energy use. that's yes, this is my boiler. it's
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a source of heat that relies on natural gas and food. smith. gov on i don't have to pay a carbon tax for every ton of carbon dioxide and that i am made with this heater, but it costs me 125 years a year. gets kids with germany and now has a carbon tax. so we're hitting people's pocket books. why aren't businesses and the super wrench mean furnace instead of the little guy? glad it's unfair. it's s my get a, this was a hi. first of all, it's fair that those who inflict more climate damage pay for that i had high earning household have a bigger carbon footprint. they drive more cars, live in bigger apartments, and use more fossil and heating fuels. so they have to pay a higher price on this affair. it would be unfair if low income households had to pay disproportionately more without getting relief targeted and for it's like a climate bonus or other program would be best failure. even more important is the
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promotion of energy saving measures. for unfortunately, a little is being done there and last lie. this will be an issue. worldwide, we need more focus on saving energy. of every kilowatt hour that isn't produced is what helps to climate most. and that needs to be emphasized why is so little being done to conserve energy in a foreign bond, eating energy has never really been a popular topic for politicians, because it's about creating incentives to use. and it's always easier to stand in front of a natalie inaugurated wind turbine and to take measures that really save energy. and so 5 and power guzzling sectors like the steel industry are rarely incentivized to cut their usage. instead, they put the responsibility on politicians who pass it on to consumers. it's a global trend. so my invest and also for from the research shows that this is widespread is it's a p r campaign on the part of lobbyist designed to ship responsibility away from
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company and pass it on to consumers. but consumers can't reduce societies, energy use on their own without other measures. companies and politicians often try to avoid the subject. but more and more people understand that something has to change and they're ready to politicians who need to catch up on a ticket. i think there's too much pressure on us consumers, but we all have to take responsibility. that's why my new motto is use energy don't waste it. a clear message that certainly saving energy at an individual level can make a difference. but will that be enough? when it comes to conserving resources, perhaps what we really need to do is to think big our shocking energy wasting habits. what are our biggest sin?
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take an average city in northern europe. we'll call it north town. let's look at a typical family. it's early in the morning and the children are already streaming the film. the why fi router is always on, even when it's not in use. there's no stand by mode. the device uses around 12 kilowatt hours a month. that's about the same as a modern energy efficient refrigerator. billions of kilowatt hours a wasted around the world, out of convenience, and the desire to always be on line. meanwhile, the children's father has clocked in for a shift at the factory, a paper mill. the production process gives off hot air which rises unused to the ceiling. that energy could be used more effectively for heating all over the world . companies avoid investing and such changes because they usually only pay off after 5 years. ah, analysts say industry has the greatest untapped potential for saving energy. the
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children's mother worked at a company that uses cloud services on the internet. they require huge server farms which also produce a lot of heat that goes unused. this would actually be enough to heat an entire apartment building. at the end of the day, the family sits down for an evening meal. the weather is cold, so the heating is on. in north town, around 30 percent of all the energy use goes into heating. that's largely because most building aren't properly insulated better insulation can save the family up to 70 percent on their heating bills. and that's just one typical family. the whole of north town to save a lot of energy. so it's clear, we have to rethink our habits from the ground up literally not just what's in our homes, but what they're made out of building from natural materials could be part of the
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solution. amberlynn is playing host to a growing number of buildings made of wood report with doing that they have nothing to do with the story. the story is about construction size, concrete buildings, and the hopes and dreams of people living in concrete building. maybe it's far, it is a remark. there is a connection. after all that might explain why would is the fashionable construction materials. it's those almost 20 percent of new builds in germany are made of wood. you know, it's just about anybody who enters a home made of wood is almost always overwhelmed by its quality and atmosphere. not the theatre the novel, wendy. and if you go into a newly built wooden house,
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you'll feel wonderful from the very 1st moment. thanks to the structural design and the very special atmosphere will not come. this company is developing what is said to be the coolest wouldn't apartment building in germany? 29 stories 90 meters high. it's called one house and is to go up and live in the cities decided the entire district should be built of wood with new skill buildings made of timber. and there is some justification for that. we have to aim to be climate neutral in our cities, with trees of bouncy to for centuries. and when the timber is used for building it remains bound. that key difference between wood and concrete and soft baton and concrete is getting a lot of bad press. nowadays. a key ingredient is cement. according to the us intergovernmental panel on climate change. the cement industry accounted for 3
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times more c, o, 2 emissions than commercial aviation in $100.00. 19 another human report says construction and building usage of a source of 38 percent of global c. o 2 emissions concrete is the default construction material, at least for large scale projects. an entire new concrete causes going up in a district of berlin. only one building currently under construction will be mostly made of wood. only foundations and staircases will be made of concrete architect, sorry, show robbie has been working with wood for well over a decade indefinite. busy if you knew you were definitely pioneers and such, we also suffered. we had to overcome many obstacles that we met with a lot of resistance from the authority. and we had to assemble a team of experts and of course, convince our clients the property owners to begin with,
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with anything but easy. i bought in 48 in berlin as a recent project of his. the 6 story co op with about 40 apartments is almost entirely made of wood and the finest for the 2021 german sustainability. a board for architecture live it will put in the, on a on practice, didn't originally warm to would for ecological re, honestly the article. oh, there was 2007. i started thinking about what, perhaps 2 years earlier for it's a static aspects aspect. i just thought a beautiful nickel does all know. it was only later that i learned how eco friendly it is and that it binds large amounts of c o 2, that's it. yeah, alice is younger than not all on the high rise. it's not just meant to be eco friendly, but also an exercise in inclusive and social cohesion. it won't be condos for the rich, but rather housing for people of all income levels. yeah,
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it's about living in a neighborhood in a community. if you live in a project like this, you have to have the right attitude to wood as well because it lives and moves and creek. you have to be able to and want to deal with that, playing back to build with timber, you have to cut down trees, how eco friendly is what we said and he shouldn't just chopped down and tie as far as so they've gone forever. we need to use the resources we have in germany and central europe and sell tree selectively. importing timber from further afield would be less sustainable. construction. whoa, whoa, site in downtown been in but if all goes to plan, wouldn't skyscrapers should be standing by 20. ah. shows, consulting resources and living. the good life can go hand in hand. that's all we
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have time for on this edition of mate. thanks for watching. the news. the news? the news .
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the news, the news, the africa in more ways than water decades of inaction has blood of water infrastructure in really your water that goes underneath. they saw you just direct to come out. it goes immediately to the democratic republic of congo, tributaries, b eco. in 30 minutes on the w
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o. the women in asia, i can definitely follow up with them all the money and the the only way i can be up top is to create my own the see their house standing stories, me women in asia this weekend on d. w o. the point against the corona virus pandemic now has the rate of infection in developing what measures are being taken? what does the latest research say? information and context, ah,
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i recently dated special monday to friday on dw people in trucks was trying to feed the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families to be crated. treated people treat 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are thinking refuse. why? because no one should have to flee the make up your own line. w. need for mines.
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the news . this is d w. news lines from berlin. hate is president assassinated in an overnight attack. gunman kills driven as luis and severely wound his wife and a right on their private residence denouncement was made by the country's entering prime minister and follows months of upheaval also on the program. the evidence, shocked by a gun attack on a prominent crime reporter fitted the phrase, is fighting for his life. after being shot in the street in amsterdam, authorities are investigating links to his work and organized crime. man, my face is a growing health.


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