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tv   Emil und der Pferdeflusterer  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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to do it every day my name is adding to and i work at the w. 2 me ah was, ah, this is the, the news life from burning. it'll be fans ecstatic after reaching the euro. 2020 the finals into the night in london at the bedside beat spain, and the penalty she was out. italy will face the winner of tonight's class between england and denmark. also on the program. a tough dutch crime report, or
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a shelf in the st. pete. the debris is fighting for his life after being attacked in amsterdam as authorities investigate links to his work on organized crime. and european union b this tell hungary to repeal it's l g b t q. those are face legal action. angry has been positive representations of gay people from schools and advocates. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. italy came out on top of last nights, no shutting euro 2020 semi final encounter with spain, that we took a penalty shooter to get the job done. what all after 120 minutes became for to after penalties. last night's victory, wembley means the italians have not booked their place in sunday's final covered 19
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restrictions prevented italy fans from traveling to england for the game. but italians in britain turned up in the thousands to celebrate the jubilation italian styled the countries u. k. x brought wembley a taste of the exotic. so the accent betrayed more than a hint of local flavor. oh, he's been the 3 years now without the european come on. it's about time to win it and we can bring it home with the penalty issue. so it's really, it's propelled their team to the final where they hoped to win 1st european championship since $968.00. and that's important that we knew it would be a tough game that i meant to do. i would say this was the toughest game. so far in
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the tournament i don't now i could bring one that really tiring to reach the 6 much having traveled so much and we suffered against staying on. but we really wanted to get the final loan for the field. what did i want with that final to be pleaded wembley. the spans will be back in their legions. and they're convinced that as far as the trophies destination is concerned, all roads lead to rome is getting matters from dw sports and took us through the action. welcome mark. so the game ended won all then italy took it to for 2 penalties. fair result. i think based on the tournament as a whole. yes, italy have been better than spain, spain, and drawn matches of gold. 5 gold has been knowing between. i mean, we can have a look at some of the action from, from last night now. and the game started quite k g and the 1st off, but then for the cookies, it's got a great go midway through the 2nd period. frankly, to give them
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a wall near lead and let it hang on, but then vital nevada who's at a very open down tournament and have to pretty real the coast game as well. he collides so then that was 1. 1 meant it went to extra time. no goals and exits. i went to penalties who missed of autumn or after me, the key penalty for italy and then you're, you know, the schooled the winner and puts them through and it's a pretty amazing story because if we didn't even qualify for the last will cope. so the job coach, roberta munching is done, is staggering. ok tonight, semifinal phase england play denmark, i believe england of the favorites. but this is been quite a fairytale tournament for the danes, a test. i mean, obviously we had christine ericsson collapse on the pitch. in the 1st game he's recovery from a cardiac arrest. has really given denmark a boost and i think filmed and my funds are beginning to think that their name might be on this trophy. now what was in the long way to go in the movie a home. that's why the favorites, but they're not going to go to coding surprises. they will. this tone went back in
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1992 when no one gave them a hope. which means they've won one more european championship that england have, which is 0 actually that go keep a caster cast. this michael plays in england for lester. and he was having a little bit of banter yesterday with an england report about the fact that england haven't ever won this tournament. and of course england fans sort of tony cheek. they say football is coming home. the favorite song cuss michael, just wanted to make a bit of a point of listen, you'll be aware of the phrase is coming home now, what it means you guys to stop it coming home to morrow. not has it ever been home . so have you ever want to 66, it was what was that all the will come fighting told from the days england haven't said that he goes yet though. yes, but the james will say will bound to concede at some point surely. but yeah, england have been superman, the tournament of you played well against germany, played very, very well against ukraine. they do have
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a problem with semi finals. they've lost their last 2 semi finals in the nation's league, and also in the will cup in 2018. but you'd have to think with 60000 fans behind them, maybe a few danes, but mainly they will be england fans in that tonight that will give them the boost they need to get over the line. but they will be a little wary of denmark and the fact that yeah, they've got this fairy tale behind them. all right, mark meadows at dw sport, thank you so much. we'll take a look at some more stories making news around the world, the u. s. and turkish defense ministers, amazing to discuss security. cobble apple. turkish troops are expected to god the strategically important side. following the withdrawal of the us, lead of the us lead allies from afghanistan. it comes as a taliban make sweeping gains in many parts of the country. so please make out you have the rest and 6 low position figures ahead of elections in november present.
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daniel ortega launch the race against political presidents. last month, nearly 30 people have been detained. 6 of them are presidential candidates rescued, searching the rubble of the collapse tablet in florida have raised the official deck till 236. the tower partially collapsed 2 weeks ago was totally demolished on sunday. more than 100 people still accounted for last month with north america's hottest june on record. according to climate researchers, much of the continent has been facing heat waves and last week's unprecedented temperatures. in the pacific northwest, the in use copernicus, the climate change service, the average temperatures were about one degrees celsius, higher than the average for the last 30 years. the leaders of the european union have described the shooting of a prominent dutch crime journalist as an attack on our values. beated reese was gone down in amsterdam on tuesday and remains in hospital and serious condition.
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authorities are investigating possible links to his reporting and his role in a court case against a major crime guy. this was the street where one of the netherlands most famous journalist was gun down. witnesses, a painted fleece was shot 5 times, including once in the head. just police had just finished the interview on dutch tv when he was attacked. the 64 year old journalist rose to prominence for his crime reported him and as an advocate for survivors and violent crimes, getting in jail and activities, police long feared, would make him a target for reprisals. dutch authorities described his attempted murder as an attack on the country's freedom of the press and democracy and an attempt to snuff out one of the country's leading voices they to air disease. it was all a mile. national is a national hero for all of us. and uncommonly brave journalists,
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higher listen is search for justice. fully independent and free of spirit from haste to fleece is currently in serious condition at his hospital. the police have arrested 3 men in connection with the attack, including the suspected shooter. so far, no motive has been identified as similar to this with thomas bruning, secretary general of the netherlands association of journalists. welcome to the w, and let's start with pizza diseases condition. what's selected, you've heard. well, we've not heard any latest news since yesterday evening service could be good sort of we can be sure, but one thing is for sure that he's in the serious interest condition. right. why do you think he was targeted? well, be there are air to freeze in holland is a very famous or criminal work border which who does
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a lot of things and evoke sensors off of a well it can, can make a lot of people in the criminal in high criminal places. very angry. not only because of his journalistic work, but also because he sometimes also position x a stand. and so this means that we cannot be sure if this is a consequence of his work as a journalist or, or from his work as a, let's say, more advocating for people or were victim sauce and certain crimes high profile in the country doesn't mean he does say, i mean he's a very, he's like a very famous the commenter on several criminal cases. but he
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also won several prizes with his investigative or during the sick work. and so he's a very well known person and all and, and you can imagine that not only all our colleagues from, from the union up your list, but a lot of people in holland are very, very touched by what happened yesterday. yeah, reporting crime can often be dangerous. should other dutch journalists be worried? yeah, i think they shoot and especially when they are reporting on high level crime. we've seen several incidents the last few years in which we see in effects on editing rooms of the magazine. and one of the biggest newspapers here in harlem. and these are tax where with, with a car and with where, with, with sort of military arm,
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but didn't, didn't cause any incidents and injuries. but if you, if you put this in a, in a, in a long war barrier, you see also that some other colleagues of the free tools or do i level crime investigation report. i also got series death threats and are being secured 24 hours a day. so this serious crime and this is ration. ok. thank you so much for joining us and talking to us about this at thomas bruning from the netherlands association of janice. you're welcome. now to mid march, where the military regimes estimated to have killed nearly 900 people and detained thousands and seizing power in february. now it seems to be deliberately targeting
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doctors and nurses with at least 12 reportedly killed. in the last 5 months, world health organization has named me in march the most dangerous place in the world to be a medical worker. you may find some parts of this report distressing health workers protesting against the new regime. that's when the hunter decided they were a threat. since the crew metix her face attacks like this by the military says one fugitive dr. on call. huge fuels due to, i'll actually in the damage here. but we have become criminal overnight, find a military treating and seen patient is isn't illegal in any part of the war or in muma that force many practitioners to go into hiding. but escaping
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persecution isn't easy. many of them had been arrested while working in underground clinic, treating injured protesters wounded by the hunters, pluto crack down, all the medical equipment and my college and on for doctors and enough on the seemed patients. you can say that i'm lucky, but i have many high doctor is one of many health workers who refused to return to hospitals now occupied by the military. a decision heavily criticized by the hunter government, the dog. they're killing people in cold blood. alma, if this is not genocide, what shall i call it for malware? georgia, modern acclaimed emetics deny they say no one now dare to seek medical care in
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hospitals run by the military. all of this in the middle of the corona virus pandemic has created a health care crisis but the p hunter doesn't seem to mind is and continue the tax on his health while mandatory and the families all being bethany dr. see it, it's public health system could collapse at a time when people are already suffering from the political turmoil that seems to have no end. the head of the european commission has worn hungry and faces legal action if it fails to repeal a new anti l g. b t q law, which comes into force on thursday. it bands content about homosexuality, engender change from schools, and some tv shows. commission chief on the line has described the law as
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a disgrace. that flies in the face of you. values said hungry must change it or face legal action from you. parliament members have advocated freezing hungry. you funding maria wells as an irish emmy pe. he was part of the european parliament as tensor right. e p. p group. he joins us from strasburg. welcome to d. w, i know that you have raised objections to these new laws in hungry. what are you most wanted about? absolutely, thank you very much for having me on i as you right, you point to that, i'm an irish p sitting in the p p group. i'm also an activist and i lie and an algebra community member myself and to see what we're, what, what we've seen over years. not just in the last weeks in, in hungry makes me as any citizen, as a very private citizen, as well as in m. e. p, quite nervous. now the time that we need act, we need
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a stronger line from the commission and to show that enough's enough. we're seeing pockets of this right wing and c, l, g, b, u, i sentiment right across the e. u, not just in hungry. so this needs to set a precedent. enough's enough. and why is it right for the european union to meddle in hungary is domestic law making? well, i think as, as every, as every country does, we sign up to assess of values. we sign up for us. any citizen, we heard it from our president commissions say to dean and speech in september when, when one, when one you citizen is moving from one country to another, across the european union in solidarity and free movement, their rights to travel with them. it doesn't just stop at one border and continues onto a next by a hearing to the fundamental values and principles of their e, you. therefore, countries are hungry,
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poland we seen in croatia in the last coming days, even in my own country of aren't, we've seen issues around l, g, b, u, i am to sentiment and we need to make sure that again, the citizen at the very heart of the you why we even set up the european union in the 1st place is to protect the fundamental rights of our citizens and their values . and that has to be here too. so what can you do about it? on the line is talking about legal action. so prosecuting hungary for what with what sanctions? well, for a long time we've heard for heard from the commission, not just in this, in this monday, put in the previous commissioner, ryan article, article 7 and infringement procedures. nice the time to act on us. i was delighted to hear from the president the commission earlier this morning about all the tools and the to but will be used. we need to ensure that we're striking when are in pos
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and often i have seen or heard that countries i'm hungry and pulled and elsewhere that i mentioned earlier respond twice, quite sadly. but if money gets revoked, then then they'll start hearing too. but we need to, we need to ensure that it's not just a one slap on the wrist, and it can't be a sentiment of the car picking into what's the value that each member state wants to adopt into. because that's only going to create a ripple effect. so as i said, article 7 infringement procedures, we need to protect our freedom of free speech and of course are our media and managing the 7 article 7, which of course suspense of hunger is voting rights hungry is already under article 7 procedures because because of complaints over its media crackdown, what difference is and is acting against it in the same way going to make
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well, this is where we see their voting rights, as you rightly pointed out, their voting rights voting rights getting revoked. but we also see financial sanctions. i, you know, we seen it in the polish committee communities around the commission rolling back on 20th funding streams that, that's somewhat worked but a lot more needs to happen. and further the financial sanctions i was, i was delighted to hear her mention today in the parliament that there coven recovery plan has been held up to ensure that, that they're hearing too. again, as, as we're talking about here, the funded mental rights of each you citizen. so there's, there is measures and there is spaces to do this round country signed the banner look statement. making sure that a council level, we can, we can act what we want here in the parliament. we're trying to make sure our citizens are protected. our commission are trying to infringe and make sure
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procedures. and as we talks about all the, all the 2 kids are being measured in countries, i called hungary and poland are, are a hearing to the fundamental rights. now we need our counselor to step up, and i just multiply before before we park here. there is the anti discrimination directive husband. well, the anti discrimination directive husband held up since 2008. so if other countries like my own wants to see change and wants to change nice to all you citizens, that needs to come through the counseling. all right, thank you so much for joining us. that very well. i mean, let me bring you some breaking news ratios here. d w hate is president of l y c has been assassinated in an attack on his private residence. the killing was confirmed by the country's interim prime minister, more story, and more on that story in later programs. so hundreds of thousands of people around
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the world, i believe, to be suffering from a condition called long coven, which can develop as a result of infection by the corona. virus. doctors are still studying the condition, but there are indications that it affects women more than men. and because may mean people age between 30 and 50 symptoms include chronic shortness of breath, muscle weakness, a chest pains, and depression. dr. young sins is chief cardiologist of santa antonius, hospital, and violence. germany a welcome to d w. this sounds like a particularly d billeting condition. yes, it is a very serious condition that may effect a lot of people. and as you know, we have worldwide 118000000 people infected was asked to there's a huge, non man, if you count the people who may suffer from the long covert syndrome, up to 4 percent of to be young 12 weeks. that's quite a huge number,
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so we have to look very close at these patients and we have to follow up these patients after an acute code with not in severe illness. all right, so just so we're all talking about the same thing where we know that people get infected with, with, with, with company they, they suffer, they die or they get better. but there are some people who have this longer with this long tail of other conditions that seem to be associated with the initial illness. are we any closer to understanding why most people don't get affected by this? and some people do now we really don't. so i think we are at the beginning to understand what code it 9 was off of to does with our and bloody it's a mother system. disease you see is not only effect along the defects nearly all organs. so in the long course of this disease, it may be that some people,
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we don't know which people at risk and you mention the women, they seem, they seem at this moment to have a higher risk. but we also know that people who are very high and body met people older people also have a high risk and people with very see via the cause of corporate 19 in the hospital . they may suffer beyond 12 weeks from the symptoms you already mentioned. right. and so how does being vaccinated affect the equation? well, there's a very important question that seems to be we, we fear that the vaccination of people already have suffered from covered mind and beyond the illness. they aggravate the aggravate long of it, but it seems that above 50 percent, it diminishes the symptoms about 24 percent of these back to the pages may have an increased symptoms love. so we don't understand quite right why the messenger are
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in the vaccines may improve the symptoms from long cobra thought that's a very important observation. it's like almost every day, there is some aspect of kobe that just behaves in an absolutely bizarre and unexpected manner. the science magazine in the u. s, which is recently warm. that's asked su nami of disability is coming. that's a quote. as a result of a long covert. are you expecting this tsunami on each germany's health system prepared? so i would be very cautious to talk about the phenomena. that's really very impressive picture, but we have to look very close in the long cause. and at the moment, i think we are dealing with the acute covered 90 diseases and we will learn a lot of things in the next few years. i thing we have to live with the virus with
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the disease and then we will see what are the long term sequence of the disease. and we don't have any interpretation of the pet fees. a lottery also long covert and we don't have any measures to contract. so at the moment we have to do a lot of research to get close, to get a lot of knowledge of long covert and then we will perhaps be able to treated. but at the moment we have no specific treatment for these symptoms. fascinating. go to torture. thank you so much for joining us and explaining about to us dr. young. since thank finally the can film festival has reopened with health process, but no masks at the red carpet. social distance thing may send you the normal glamour of the event where 24 people are competing for the prize. american director spike lee had the jury. the 1st ever black leader of the judges musical fil annette
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by french director leo cadillac, kick the festival off. it's time to remind you of our top story at this hour and has been jubilation for italy found as a country go through to the fun of in europe and championships. defeating spain and a penalty shoot on the other. 75 all takes place tonight between england and denmark. since you're up to date for world news at the top of the our chris stuff. chris cova has your business news next. have a good news. the news. the news
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the news, the news, the news ah . we bill i can came i think there was no tomorrow. at some point supplies were now grounded with the old we said resources now. we'll all
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have more of them longer made in germany. 60 minutes on the w. w. crime fighters, the car back. radio drama continues the seasons. a story focus on have speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on the w africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms, the crime fighters tune in. now in december, 2019, the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear door to make sure of the 1st diamond jennings on the planet by 2050 not all member states supported and some
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persuasion is required. so surprising, glanced into the very heart of power to vote. when the game, diplomatic poker tree power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the summit starts august, 5th on d, w the the pay 50 percent leap and profit south korean. and christ try and samsung says q 2 has been an exceptional one. and it's not because of the company's global leadership and smartphones. also coming up, artificial intelligence is the core driving force for a new round of industrial transformation. will get the latest on the growing
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rivalry between the united states and china on a tight. and we'll take it a pull to go which has become a european hub for yes.


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