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tv   Scent of Freedom  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 11:15am-12:01pm CEST

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the doc film is next looking at mexico's mind people, man, people and their coffee will be coming off after a short break fill. gail will be here with your headlines at the top of the next hour. you can also find much more news on analysis on our website at w dot com. i'm rebecca richard. thanks for watching the news. you feel worried about the furnace? and the host of the on the green fence to clear remains to change. join me for the size of the green transformations. for me to give me
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a coffee grown in guatemala, it's sorted by weight and graded by hand. then it's ready for around the globe that the processing facility of coffee grow with corporation federation co, cadillac. its premises are in pain in near the capital, watched him on the representative, the small coffee farmers gather here once a year for their general meeting. here at marlin coffee, he gets the human face. and the history rep from over a 100 cooperatives throughout the country have travelled to pay, lynn, they all supplied the federation with coffee. was a secret to a good coffee, is the work that goes into making it. most of the small farmers here are indigenous . maya people are you there if they thought we were dumb
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dirty and devoid of intelligence? no intell hanes, as many of their forefathers with slaves, the plantation owners meant the merciless i was. our fathers and grandfathers were driven off their lan. yeah. and then they were forced to work for the germans, this was minus as co up members, and now the family in control of their own destinies. but these coffee gro was, have witness some terrible things for the military didn't care at all. they killed women and children and families. they burned down our houses, destroyed our crops. i don't know. the model was a goodner from switzerland federation of coffee grow as cooperative, petty coca cola for 30 years. during that time, he's turned this organization, a small scale pharmacy into guatemala 2nd largest coffee exporter. despite
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resistance from the economic and the water milan is the see. don't know, so what's a mile and needs a more just and equal society? we're not privileges enough to achieve this goal. gotten to dispense with traditional development model house. the says he's always on my don't say aid anymore. he's been struck from my vocabulary and how have creates dependency and that's something no one should have. so the co opt has become an example of how progress can be made in a poor country. socio political, missing a known name written on for per narry organization with a social focus and that aims to distribute our profit downward. i'm agreeing can help us by women now are among those who stand profit fee for the we can do where capable of learning everything. so nothing is impossible. people
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believe o can diff, wiggle or fire. volcano is quite marla's, most active volcano. even month after the deadly r option of june 2018. the devastation is still evident. the disaster took many by surprise. i river as hot ash gas in fragments of rock rushed down at the speed that is a 100 kilowatt hour around $200.00 people last night. the smoky tumor films the option, last 80 replicate. he himself barely escaped
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the cooperative union who easter didn't lose any members, but they were all forced to leave their homes. and now the harvest is just a fraction of what it once was. when the fire volcano erupted the coffee farm at last the large part of their plantations them. one of them was already yes. i did. i will have gotten, i have been the managing director if they're cooperative umbrella organization since re decade together with local members. he examines the damage part of the river of scorching hot lava which reached temperatures of up to 600 degrees celsius, flowed through the coffee plantation, looked the troops,
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members want the organisation to keep on delivering food. and they also need attract, perfect. i'll take care of the food and see what i can do about the tractor oil as well. so all hi, cortner is originally from switzerland. in 1980. he came to guatemala. as the sales rep for a coffee trader, he traveled the country, paying visit the maya, people's almost to see. no, no, it's all back. then it was more of an adventure club because you also went to the highland to meet with people hoping why, who's them? and when they would do a whole dock in the cold or before, but at least they were slowly moving away from the worst of all wholly long from it was alarming to see what people had to do to survive them. those cr v a whole lot. those eco couldn't see that. on the, on the other hand,
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the people had a sense of control where they know who means will and who's up to no good slack. so i always had a good feeling in my heart, apart from the cold war situation, which still permeates guatemala to this day called to who i got them all of the ticket though, because somehow you don't have the feeling that a real piece is emerged. it can be, it can be as secondary. thank you for the maya population continues to be subject to racism. under the pretext of fighting communism. the military killed thousands of indigenous peoples, all turned them into refugees for in conflict or amal to feeling what during the civil war. in guatemala, we were persecuted by the military because they thought we supported the getty arrows for the young. if they can go to thomas up or down the like, every year there guerrillas suspected that we were supporting the military but come
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in in those way. but so we got caught in the crossfire and to save ourselves, we fled to mexico. but i me as a result of the piece taught in $995.00, the maya families from who is their returns and found data cooperative at the foot of the 5. ok now. now they must, once again search the new land. it's a never ending odyssey. why don't we take a journey back in time to explore the path of guatemala indigenous people back to the region. ruben terry pack a comes from he's been paying a co operated by the pecan chief a maya people in algebra us. it was here that the history of coffee production began in guatemala. so either i'm from the tech g ethnic group or
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another that this area of where we went and like me. these company arrows learned how to plant coffee from their forefathers. but it was pro or how to me now it's time to harvest the coffee. me europeans 1st brought the plant to the americans in 1722. this day. coffee is one of guatemala principal cash crop. for the become g. coffee has historically been a source of those dependencies and liberation. coffee created riches for the few. at the cost of the many the less than they know really with us.
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only recently did the become chico in the coffee business for themselves by forming the co protest. me i meant to in 1850 guatemala, industrialized coffee farming. the government sold the indigenous peoples community property to rich german immigrants you have to let them know they brought with them the technology and knowledge to improve coffee production easy. i meant that was i went and essentially us lower forefathers were driven off their land, me i will. and then forced you to work for the german over the film. this one was
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minus, eat, last meeting was only minus me on the germans had their own coins. equal ministers more now and they're what they pay my father and grandfather with this was the local equal this morning. you could only send these go into the owners, sean left the and they were practically the coffee and producer was late. and when i thought i would need that, probably be. but i looking for clues at the cemetery in co van, the capital of the department of alton pan. i until the 2nd world war broke out, the area was largely in german hands. ah . the german settlers would provide the german empire with
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a reliable supply of coffee. a deal with the guatemalan government allowed them to retain that german nationality. the wealthy plantation owners compelled them my people to work as force laborers it by a law that forbade vagrancy. ah, german families owned over $100.00 estates and out of our path. today, one of the old men or houses served as a hotel and a museum dedicated to germany's colonial ambitions. it once belonged to the tow. my family emigrated from frankfurt in 18887 lopez pillar as is a coin collector with an interest in guatemala history. he's collected over a 100 different coins, formerly used as currency on coffee plantations. if
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a normal plan, you can save them up or spend them in any other store only on your own firm. the committee will come in during that i think the era of the german coffee barons in guatemala ended soon after the outbreak of world war 2. many germans left, if their own free will to join the fighting. you put in the hook at them, the handler told them they should return to germany and so forth. the war effort wouldn't have many germans left him and gave up their a steamship. wadel. yeah. but we have company out of here and also very positive who stayed on the farm. the thing up to this day it doesn't belong to them. it's still registered in the germans name via by this is a he said that number of mine is much coffee also stimulated and so forth. it and it was me part of the way up, but my father worked for the german minus you put up book. and he told us how
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little by little and he brought being home to plant his own coffee, brando's populous coffee palace. it's the traditional trade members as the key cooperation have or a path wash, their freshly harvested coffee, cherry. they then separate the news from the fruit, the after being left, if amended for 24 hours, the beans washed for a 2nd time to remove any remaining pow the good right to been to the bottom of the washington, now unripe poor, poor quality one, float, and thou remove then the beans are laid out to dry
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plus, whatever the price is, there always come times in which prices are low. but in the good times i live that we've been able to pay off our debt and update our production facility. in both that's improved the plantation. today we have company arrows whose plantations can rival the big ones. why? why get it under the profits read from coffee growing allowed reuben dario to go to university that made him suspect in the eyes of the government which allied itself with the pic. landowners during the civil war when. but when the military realize that the guerrilla were trying to contact them, that they started following us in the settling up in 1980 soldiers that louis the buildings of the university here. and co. bon, i'm battling a noise in the chain back then. some 40 years ago, reuben dairy pack a had to flee his hometown of co van. his name was on the military,
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black cliff. he found shelter and work with petty coca cola in guatemala city. he's been a member of the farm is comprehensive since the very start to that not whether this is where the strings of the world markets, the coffee are pulled. coffee was one of the 1st truly global commodities over the stock exchange, guatemala small farmers are connected to the whole wide world over a quarter who trained as a banker put the co up coffee on the commodities market, letting them avoid daughtry middleman. the small scale coffee farmers formed that federation in $979.00 in the middle of a civil war which pitted the army against the maya population. the mayas received
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support from 3rd world organizations around the world. if they own, but a bounder was so good, they practically turned into a charity of other women. as he said, it was a place where we can ask for the eat up up or then we can believe that concept had no future. born in plato, what would we do when the day came when we stopped receiving any development where i feel you know, you better get to work ourselves with him? we're all good now was an outcast himself. when he started working for 50 coca cola, before that he'd built up us with trading companies, coffee business in guatemala. but to be able to increase export, he'd have had to pay half the bribes alternate cylinders over between that and i wasn't prepared to do that. and so i cool switzerland right away, stick to what i should do. about psycho from monica,
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my boss at the time said i didn't know how things work in such countries to say go paying bribes was common practice. and it had to be done to sola. does miss manuel clement, when you call me, hold on the truck? i resisted that, and it was clear they thought i was founding my own manual and had no future. the company moved. so all the up not to this nicole was to a comp calling to consider your mind. well, i scored then came the medical car well as an advisor later he became the organization's director. hello. yes. when you, the very 1st thing i tried to make clear to them was trying to solve your problem. bill bought that need, don't wait for someone to arrive with a gold say after life. gone flat potentially doesn't happen. name in the plane all go. we have to tackle the problems and sell them and see if we can get some support house. the 2nd call is on my don't say aid anymore. it's been struck from my
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vocabulary in how a creates dependency. and that's something no one should have made. you should be able to develop a free leg and at least that's what i learned in switzerland put the sweetly upon what harder than the on this, the coca cola, the sales manager for 3 decades. he's worked with cortner as he demanded, efficiency and productivity from the co op members with when i'm in italy, that sweet and talent together picking up, which one he knows, and that i'm a small farmer from what a model graphy me into the, into the result was 500 percent growth, but at the because all the co operatives in the federation we ended together behind or wish gotten us ideas below bostic ok in your good i think the most important thing or wish brought to physical was the idea that small farmers needed to take themselves seriously,
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and this is just the king us before that. and the thing in their organizations were programs to peddle misery, telling the buyer in the, in the me, syria, or killer him this in the past few years. we showed them something else my case or listen to, you know, they could be proud of their own work of what they produce. adam for high quality coffee law school. they look for losing home cafe me the world away from here. has become a luxury good and the lifestyle accessory. it gives people invest a few moments of pleasure. for the maya people, coffee is intertwined with their recent history. one they've often the press only now that they've achieved economic independence. many able to speak to poverty and horror they've experienced. ah,
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i'm fiscal cub mirrors is a small farmer. he lives together with his children and grandchildren. here per final this when i went to school for 3 years. no, no. my parents didn't have the money to allow me to pursue my study. i see the dog . i attended school from age 8 to 11. then i just started working without any training. so i worked on a coffee on the law so see if it will know which way to give you the color and loving in this remote region of mountainous northern guatemala, another small scale farmer. dawn has been to us heavy oh, hannah is visiting his father. now 100 years old, claire used to work as a forced laborer or a coffee plantation which is luck or hate to coffee. the family converses in the
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maya language. while i was living here is still what i was born here in this modest area. i'm in the village one. yeah. i grew with any sort of how to work in the us here. there was never enough to live from. i was so people had to go elsewhere to earn money. i guess i'll wait up out. i'm not, i was 7 the 1st time my brother and i a company now father to the higher the. and they don't really me at my know, but i'll be in la costa, i was paid with 3 tortillas, are thrown in. but only when i filled my basket with at least 12 kilos of coffee. i got a basket was there were no tears or think of it, it thought my father would help me with a couple of handfuls of coffee. so that way i got my 3 t o t. and i'm glad donna feliciano c v o lives in a town in the department of key chain. she's raised 6 children,
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largely on her own. her husband died in the aftermath of the guatemalan civil war. the last, the feliciano, coffee harvest is laid out to dry. when the c, i grew up in a whole family, you know i didn't have any shoes and walked through the streets barefoot with my disability. when i turned 7, my father didn't want to know that in this with me, my mother didn't want that either because we had neither money nor him to live from my but my father finally relented and i enrolled myself in your family in this way. then there were no female teachers from the issue. and so i took a course to be able to work with children if a lot of us the hand,
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because the people who worked in the coffee plantations on the coast were treated badly and poorly paid. and i heard that there was denied so me. so if you could tell us, yes, this double oregon. sandra la. hey eric, let's protest the best wages women. at 1st it was just one or 2, then 3 or 4 got organized, then they all went off the strike. i waited all the time being and they have both the military and the guerrillas. portland wanted to know who was against for ya. okay, but i wasn't for the military or the guerrilla joe. no, i just wanted to work on nickel and you'll see the
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the blue a those are will, you will pass it on. well, those again, yet only your boss claimed yapping i have guerrillas at my thinker, it for the most. and it's these folks from the mountain, from neighbor from char, who's last job who are getting me into such trouble. so we going to send them hacking thing. if i can my letter like that, i hope it will this with is the in the late to do my well, that's how the kidnapped hands began to action with the rough must see was the the
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it's the time then we heard of domestic a bow then in shallow chair and sealed, check me and we were afraid to face all you. we thought i tell you, we have to flee to the mountain. why throw away allied rows of the the little circle. the military came at 5 in the morning and called everyone together was lovely. now at 6 o'clock we had to be on the village square, said was the 23rd of march is 23 miles. so they will not have
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all the men were gathered together in the catholic church. they came out in tears, and an informer said, he's one, he's not here. both of them are a little bit more and then they were led to the school and killed my father and i thought they were shot dead just like that accused of being get arrows of course, and look at those. 85 men who were killed weren't gorilla, i think when we get throughout the whole, my husband worked in childhood and april 1982. he went to school where he taught children in the community. if only that one is the land and then the very strong children who will area brother before somebody that was supposedly getting children 14. but you know, it made no difference. the young or the teachers were made to watch and see if they
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refused. they were full to hang the children over. they will get in our phone as the see end of this year. my husband lost his mind. you, i'm in. you didn't recognize his children. all right. he didn't know me anymore. general medical and also he died in 1992. is this 1st because when the victims were buried, the military sent the women away. oh yeah. ok. this was the said go to santa delfiner taylor because soon your homes will be on fire. she also also supported the feel i came out of like us and so they burned down the village or they lost the more than $300.00 houses just just 2 weren't for to the ground, both gothic and more. that way. well, you know, i was 20 years old though not. there were 30 of us boys and they forced us to work
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for the military show me little but i never killed anyone. i may be also, i'm not the kind of person who kill anybody that are like, i'm a decent man, people for this or this a last, but those involved are mentioned here to pick up in the security forces. i think a lot pair live for the entire on the 23rd of march, 1982 in the water mom and military join the security for us. i think a lot a lot of paddling to massacre the village that can i long their names are here because they then normally, i mean in the civil war lasted until 99024 years. the total $200000.00 people were killed. most of them my in the fight against small gorilla groups, was used as a pretense to conduct
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a war if annihilation against the indigenous population. after my husband's death, i was left on my own may 6 kids, though i cared for them and they went to school, but not university. the one i had no more strengths in in guatemala 70 percent of the land is owned by just 3 percent of the population. on that very modest holdings, 23000 small farmers have fought hard to achieve economic independence. and the respect when old school shows coffee is important to know if it ensures our families survive over the reason that familiar,
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luna. okay. it's the only problem with and actually live from the day or even with small scale farmers organisation fed coca cola is now guatemala. the largest domestic coffee produces i'm intimately like what pertains to a special emphasis on educating women. this is something that is not self evident in the traditionally patriarchal society. rose mendez from the key chain people is own fed, coca where the board of directors that if you probably face when you're a woman, see your places in the kitchen. so it's more credit and you won't inherit anything either. your husband will take care of you get to muddle finicky. n rosa mendez trained to be an executive at fatty coca cola in the stuff. as a co op member, she's entitled to financial assistance to get
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a broken off of the loan. we can get from critical kala, it's very helpful for us women because at present it's impossible to get one bank fully than those bank course. it's impulsively up to now. and in her vintage rosa mendez encourages other women to amongst the pate themselves. elements as much important as the most important message women it all day. even if we've never studied, even if we don't have any departmental scatter toner, we can learn everything before the most. it's almost nothing is impossible. not as simple. simply the sierra del os coach or my tanis mountain range flies in north western guatemala. global warming has reduced the danger of frost. these high elevation benefits, the co op members from total santa rita their fathers were forced to go and work on
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the coast port back coffee with them when they returned to the mountains. but now people here are worried in recent years, the price for a bag of coffee stolen from around $200.00 us $1.00 to $100.00. yet the expenses are just this high depth and it's not enough of just the jump. the price is too low . in order that part of the yama sure hard, then you have to explain to the court because remember that they are reliant on the world market that this happens. that gets to the current prices are dependent on the international price of coffee. and you've been a mess. you got paid. let me know, but he also has some good mean a japanese buyer is prepared to pay $25.00 more for 40 milligram, sack
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a coffee rope on hearing that those who still have some coffee in storage decide to sell it quickly. coffee determines the rhythm of life for many guatemalans, the fruits of their labors help people around the world wake up each morning. yet producing coffee is full of headaches. that can roberts grow as the sleep. mm. the coffee cherries are being harvested in total santa rita, near the mexican border. i don't often is deonna viel filled her basket in. ah, her husband domingo and son by the legal load, the sac things that make up domingo has been growing coffee since he was a child. okay
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. is that i'll have a new, our father's worked on the coast in the, on the be i think us because there was nothing here and just corn, potatoes and beans. but, but then they began planting coffee themselves in brush cafe. here, each man family processes their own coffee the using a machine uncle, you learn your freeze the beans from the flesh of the coffee cherry than they wash . besides the coffee cherries harvested yields just one sack of parchments. coffee with a beans distilling, clever simmer ha. during the day, the coffee is raked only to ensure even drawing in case of rain. it must be brought
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in quickly. it takes a few days to the coffee to achieve the desired moisture content of exactly 11.5 percent. but don't luciana doesn't need a measuring device to tell when it's ready for the day over the next. i know in my heart when you reach that point to meet or otherwise, the coffee gets dried out and has no taste. and he will learn the not in awe, domingo once to offer his son, the better life was easier than his growing coffee is too much hard work looking after the bushes the harvest, calling the sax nazi. so i decided that my son shouldn't follow in my footsteps when were you that it'd be better if he went to see what it's to do. ma'am, is one of the $21.00. my own languages spoken in guatemala,
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where the man's comprised one of the largest ethnic groups. ah, when you, when. when, when i came to the city, there was a group of misty solving. well, we thought they were better than in the sense. so you start to doubt yourself, momentum to not bends that maybe they are better than us because they speak spanish . what us can the thought to look out in the spaniel? people do it in my head. i thought a maya is as intelligent as m. s. d. so maybe even more on her own marina, that was, that was always in my mind. so i was able to fulfill my dreams yesterday. so give me, give sonia's for in the foot. and yandell comes and goes by india works for federico, kassawa as an advisor, but to make his dreams come true. he had to get his way at home. first us again, we will, maybe i got my high school diploma and that's all my parents wanted. so when we
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thought i wanted to go on to study at the university, i told them that if you can't help me, oh, go to the usa. i mean, you're me away. but if i hadn't been able to go to university, i'd be in the us today. ah, for to not to popular as the newest uncle is a history teacher. ah, he's a stablished a small museum where he preserved the history and the culture of his people was misled on the meyers on explanations for the creation of the world. ok. and where the v or the element of nature and water in air, the sun and the solar lunar i so rarely feel that the christian church demonized are my religion for them. it
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was the work of devils and said and things think that way until close to the end of the 20th century. is it on january 29th? 1990. a mail a p. treaty with scientists. and only since then have we had freedom of religion would leave it at the limit of guatemala civil war triggered the mass. exodus history came back to hold the u. s. can to, you know, check those out on the immigration, began in 1981 a level 2000. and when the 1st people went to the united states and send money home e last with a neighbors on how those folks were better off the will make what i've heard of 3 men. then many of the 1st time a principal began to smuggle their countrymen to study a lot of. there are lots of people smugglers here i went and many have become millionaire, which is k a. so me, you're not a people are no longer leaving the island for love,
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but rather due to the lack of johnny, i said, while the, when that, that, the immigration is that the us continually and let me that, but a 1000 there. donna luciano is cannot. he has 6 children to feed her husbands only young her son santos explains why his brother left the family but not critical of coffee has fallen readily. and so my brother both oldest said that it's no longer enough to feed all of it. when i pressed my column, and so he decided to go to the states and your friends and cousins money together until he had enough to pay the people smugglers. don't forget, that's how it was low, they'll call you up there. and those are where. but then on route, immigration officers caught him and been 3 months in jail, but was released on bail. and so that's the situation. now,
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medicine like our family is tell you about young god only knows what will happen to him. i would, it doesn't matter. i meant that he was going in the usa supported guatemalan government in preventing land reform and depressing it indigenous peoples. now with a mayan godsa seeking vengeance and it's doubtful that even building a board wall will help at a coca cola. exports a half a 1000000 bags of coffee around the world. each farmer receives $1.00 to $1.00 and a half us dollars per pound. that's enough coffee for consumers to brew 50 cup of each other. so most of the money goes to the traders. phil all has gone now, isn't complaining is done for me. i think it would help us
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much more if the trans national companies purchasing the product pay taxes, where the goods are produced and sold with the sport car. and it's just a new kind of colonialism. you're the one that really needs dismantling your colonial these most and simply not right to clear up with a think the c sharp maker is think one way to maximize profits is to roast the coffee themselves. the co op members are ready supplying the local market with their own beans in the coffees aroma barrel him of a letter and the scent of a new freedom clinical chat for you have to fight for your dream imprint though, you must be enterprising. and then you have to constantly bessie yourself and the hoarding. you need to have this vision of the flight and recognize opportunities and the of the because opportunity value exist. you can look at 2nd,
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the exist and put the ass. oh, i guess me we build produce. i can i think there was no tomorrow. at some point supplies were now grounded with the old we said recently, now, we'll all have more of them longer made in germany. 90 minutes on
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d. w. how they view of the world where i come from, that's all that glitters is go to just like the chinese food doesn't matter where i am with reminds me of home. after the case of living in germany, chinese food is one of the things i miss the most. but that taking a step back, i see things a little differently. now, when it was 1st, there's no regulations that exist as a part of the world haven't been implemented in china. and lots of chinese people wondering if they are saved. but if people have arrived to learn really is, this is the job. and it's how i see it, and that's why i love my job because i tried to do exactly this every day. my name is adding to and i work at. 2 2
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the news, the news life from burning me, fans ecstatic after reaching the euro 2020 finals into the night in london at the best i'd beat spain and a penalty she was out. italy will face the winner of tonight's class between england and denmark. also on the program, a top dutch crime report or a shop in the st. pete, the debris is fighting for his life after being attacked in amsterdam. as all storage is investigated, links to his work on organized.


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