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me. the news is data, but the news lies from berlin. italy, fans ecstatic. also reaching the final of the euro. 2020. the long into the night in london. after this side beat, spain and penalty shoots out it late faces. the winter of tonight's class between england and denmark, also coming up a top dodge crime reporter is shot in the street to raise is fighting for his life . after being attacked in amsterdam, authorities are investigating
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a leg work reporting on organized crime. and health care crisis is brewing in the law as the military gentle crackdown on doctor's in the middle of the pandemic. we hear from one medic who's gone into hiding ah me. hello, i'm rebecca richards, welcome to the program. the football gods were smiling on late last night in a nerve shredding encounter in london, they beat spain in a penalty shoes now to secure this spot in the euro, 2020 final covert 19 restrictions prevented italian fans from traveling to england for the game. but italians living in britain turned off at wembley in their roads to celebrate their sides victory. the jubilation italian style, the country's u. k. x brought wembley
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a taste of the exotic. so the accent betrayed more than a hint local flavor. oh, he's been be 3 years now without you being caught on. it's about time doing that and we can bring it home no penalty. she's so ruined. propelled their team to the final where they hope to win 1st european championship since 900. 68. i guess important that we knew it would be a tough game that i meant to do. i would say this was the toughest game so far in the tournament. had to do that in the mail. i could bring one that really tiring to reach the 6 much having traveled so much and we suffered against staying on. but we really wanted to get the final modem for you all. what i,
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what i feel with that final to be pleaded wembley. these funds will be back in their legions, and they're convinced that as far as the trophies destination is concerned, all roads lead to rome. and in tonight's semi final england play denmark, now england may well be the favorite spot. you can't discount and mark they'll be looking to continue their fairy tale run at this tournament and repeat their shock success from 1992. yeah, in denmark, they're writing a wave of emotion through to a 1st major tournament, semi final since 992. and on the verge of achieving something, almost incredible. the emotions here, the chapter of europe matching the emotions back then when denmark one a euro's they shouldn't even have been in only qualifying a week before the tournament starts off to you via will kicks out you to the war
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that the big 3 united to country just as it has now, a firework display around it all. yeah, so it's so important. unfortunately, a lot of us are still faxing primes in 1992, lou calling now we're going to get the same feeling about parent scott in 1992. going to win the euros in the home phone and is the symbol of so much christina, it seems collateral own at the corona virus, which has been tough on people, bro. standing together watch the football. it's fantastic. but those ericsson is the focal point of denmark's emotion. that may feel there could have died after collapsing in the 1st match against finland. and liquid denmark were after 2 games of the tournaments without their best player and boston and the group without a single point. many had written them off for they coached,
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caspar human. there's much to be proud of. the last 4 weeks has been the emotions of a lifetime. it's been, it's been crazy. we have been facing this in a way we. i never hope i should. we almost lost our best player. all best friends, the heart of the team. we thought with emotions like crazy, we didn't know what to do. we didn't know how to get through it. we tried to fight the best we have learnt through. that's these emotions. we have played fantastic football. we have shown who we are and who are they then? exactly. the plucky underdog going all the way against the odds. that really would be something for the football romantics. the. all right, let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. the u. s. and
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turkish defense ministers are meeting to discuss the security of couple of airport . turkish troops are expected to keep guard over the important link in the wake of the us led coalition withdrawal from afghanistan. it comes as the taliban sweeping gains in many parts of the country. police and megawatt. nicaragua has arrested 6 more opposition. figures ahead of election in november president daniel ortega launched the raids against his political opponents last month and the 30 opposition figures have been detained and 6 of them are presidential candidates. rescue is searching the rubble of a collapse. the tower block in florida have raised the official death, told for 36. the talent partially collapsed 2 weeks ago and with totally demolished on sunday. more than 100 people are still unaccounted for. climate researches say last month was the hottest june on record in north america. much of the continent has been facing hey way, including the unprecedented temperatures last week in the pacific northwest. the
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use copernicus, climate change service says average temperature at temperatures were above one degrees celsius. higher than the average of the last 30 years. a late is calling the shooting of a prominent dodge crime journalist, an attack on our values the reporter painted. the phrase was gum, down and straight in amsterdam on tuesday, the raise was taken to hospital and remained in a serious condition. eye witnesses say he was shot multiple times by 3 men who then fled the same all related to time, including the suspected shooter. the raises being considered a possible target due to his reporting, he was also acting as an advisor in the investigation of a major crime gang of more, i'm joined by michelle. kara is from the dutch newspaper and say in rotterdam. michelle, thanks for your time. what more can you tell us about this brazen attack? well, it happened about 730 last night and downtown them just when the base and was leaving
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a tv studio where he had dissipated. the life talk shows something very regularly and he was just walking down the street towards his car when he was a tech probably shot 5 times and hit him ahead. and ever since he is in hospital in amsterdam, as you say, 5 forest likes. so that's what we know. 3 people were arrested, fairly short, the asked, the attack and police is complex, as you can imagine, a very huge investigation. yeah, of course i always think that the investigation is ongoing, but why would painted a phrase be targeted? i mean, the links to the crime are obvious, but what do you think is behind this? well, it's all speculation this morning and we know that he is a person that ties to a crown witness in what is probably the most the biggest trucks case we have in the
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discourse at this moment. and he already received death threats for this function. he has and now the drug lords, in the case, one time he wrote him a letter saying that he should not fear for his life. but of course we don't know is that any of that is committed to this case. we don't know how much involved when there is. so he's close to crime. he's involved in all major crime case in the past decade. so he has a lot of enemies. not journalists being targeted in this way in the netherlands is quite shocking. what are, what are the reactions there? why is it was a big shot last night. and the main for amsterdam from oklahoma, who press comes with lace last night called international here because he's very well known. he has been reporting on prominent cases ever since the early eighty's
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. he has had his own program. he helps people solve cold cases. he's very adamant and he's very well he's very, i think he's the most know doing this in the military. and of course, a lot of petitions called the black day for journalism and for the 3 and there society. hi michelle. thanks very much for your time. michelle kara diplomatic editor, the dutch newspaper, and i'll see it now, miles military regime is estimated to have killed nearly 900 people entertained to thousands of others since seizing power in february. now it seems it's intentionally targeting doctors and nurses at least 12 have been reportedly killed in the last 5 months alone. the w h o says me, and mine is currently the most dangerous place to be a medical worker. and a warning view is may find some parts of the following report. distressing health
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work is protesting against the new regime. that's when the hunter decided they were a threat. since the crew metix her face attacks like this by the military says one fugitive doctor on call hughes to do to i'll actually in the ear. but we have become criminal overnight. find a military seating and seen patient is, isn't illegal in any part of the law or in muma that forced many practitioners to go into hiding. but escaping persecution isn't easy. many of them had been arrested while working in underground clinics, treating injured protesters wounded by the hunters plutocrat down
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all the medical equipment change and my college and on for doctors and enough on the seemed patients. you can say that i'm like cheech an i s k many times. the doctor is one of many health workers who refused to return to hospitals now occupied by the military and decision heavily criticized by the hunter government, the dog. they're killing people in cold blood. how, if this is not genocide, what shall i call it for malware? georgia, me on. it is acclaimed. emetics deny they say no one now dance to seek medical care in hospitals from by the military. all of this in the middle of the corona virus pandemic has created a health care crisis. but the p
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100 thing to mike is and continue the tax on his health while another and the families all being bethany to doctors fear its public health system could collapse at a time when people are already suffering from the political turmoil that seems to have no end out to more support now and at wimbledon. germany's number one angelica bait carolyn. i'm a cho the last night to reach her full semi final. at the championships, canada, the only remaining remaining champion in the world. women singles rather one. the 1st set in half an hour, the 2nd was not as easy, but 2018 champion is now on the brink of her 3rd final at the grass grand slam. you know, earlier 2nd said ariana suddenlink. i moved into the semi finals operating trinity is on should be the 1st ever arab woman to reach the quarter finals of the
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tournament, the metal ruthie, and won the match in straight sets 6463, and will face full not well. number one, carolina, please cova in the next round, shall be unless the tournament we've congratulations from roger federer and venus williams. and finally, they can film festival has reopened with health passes, but no marks at the red carpet. social distancing. mesa view, the normal glamour of the event where $24.00 films competing for the top prize. american direct, it's likely hit the jury, the 1st ever black leader of the judges. i musical film a next by french direct that leo character kicked a festival off. watching database news, his reminder of our top story jubilation in rome and illegal through to the final of the european championships, the savings bank and penalty shoot out. the other semi final is decided tonight between england and denmark.
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the doc film is next looking at mexico. my people, my people and their coffee will be coming up after a short break. phil guy will be here with your headlines at the top of the next hour. you can also find much more news on analysis on our website. that's the w dot com. i'm rebecca versus thankfully, ah, i'm agreeing you feel worried about the furnace and the host of the on the green fence remains to change. join me for the size of the green transformations for me to you for the plan. ah.


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