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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 10:30am-11:01am CEST

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we covered and i weekly radio if you would like any more information on the corona virus or any other find topics, you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com slash science. let me use me. 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered with ocean and yet we often feel to take care of it damaging or fishing or turning it into a dump of rubbish. they only go india. let's look at some innovations that will help us keep our relationship with that. often. i don't welcome funds that
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the oceans already offer us solutions on how to cope with climate change. feed, for example, is able to absorb carbon dioxide is also feature the super food, a bow for to live and has multiple other commercial uses. we visited the southern most people, india with see the farming has generated townsend's of jobs and is helping empower . it's really women, the loo concilium or to non, from a very early age about the potential for earning money from cd off to her father, daughter. her mother used to own cv fun to keep the family afloat ah, monday. and i'm much because of this job that we were able to finish school, helped find me and my brother's education, but he both graduated liter. see,
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read farming. i've read you for everyone's going down to the seashore. we'll definitely on a $1000.00 at la. resting and selling, why fi has long been a traditional income supplement for people like a family here on india's south east coast since the 1990. however, c v. firm had taken on industrial proportions at the central solar marine chemical research. yesterday, scientists group on on it's about teamed up with local fishermen to create a straightforward method for farming the camp. in. in monday we focused mainly on technical development for the cultivation of economically important seaweeds. we developed the 1st viable technique for cap of like as in india, it is the only cv commercially cultivated in the country. kind of the record in india. the c v grows on bamboo routes that are floated a few meters onto the fi. young plans that are attached in
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a series of rooms and after taking root will grow by up to 60 centimeters a day. busy one at the same time absorbing the carbon dioxide. busy within a few weeks, they are ready for harvest. ah, and then the real money get 9, get money, get some of them. are the 1st re check on this really be when will bring you and i did on the policy or if it's one rather one you don't get much. last night we tried to multiply one ration to fit. what i saw on little that i'll talk about it a little bit deeper in the local and the families here used to live primarily on fishing, which was done by the men as fish stocks dwindled, many people decided to leave home. and the reason large scale tv fun, however, provided entirely new opportunities when we introduced us, even when we introduced commercial cv called division in 2004. there are more than over $900.00 families had migrated from political de around and not to put them
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district the editor auditable to secure their livelihood off cities. but they've all since returned and started cv called division back. now they are enjoying a sound income of more than $20000.00 to be spoke person month to month. ah, the cd harvest is sold to companies best in the area and then done produce an extract called god again, which is use what a variety of industrial products, gelatin, for example, features and everything from 2 tickets to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. with the see, we can also be used as a fertilizer and for animal for the i. but here to global warming is having an impact. rising water temperatures in the areas being let the plans dying off in math. in 2013 stocks have a still to recover from the devastation. i love it. and the reason the reason we
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saw increased mortality at the time was because of climate change. if we had used the same material for more than 20 years, and then the growth stopped because it has vegetative reproduction. because we have gone down from the 2000 times a year to $300.00. let them know that on the, on the, on the water becomes especially bomb between march and july, the echo gallery company, and therefore looking for new ways of cultivating because among the more promising solutions is one seen in indonesia. there the pharma still further out to see where the water schooner and the c v girls bit. but here in dumb and nod, they're still waiting for government permission to relocate the crops. ah, global demand. just continue to run also deceives potential as a sustainable food source. ah. busy
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according to the 2019 s a order board, 55 percent more food production is required in india. but we are using only 5 percent of the c. and as far as india is concerned, we are using less than 0 point one percent of the c. v does not have to form cause failure to read is confident of being able to increase her income with the new farming methods me. i'm still farming with all my heart. i want to build my own house and not of and so i need to do the lead me over 30000 families in diamond not now live off. see the farm and the women will soon be learning how to process
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the algae to providing another welcome stream of income. if the crypt pacific garbage patch is anything to go by, be already made a mess in our oceans by dumping millions of tons of plastic. but what's been torn in can also be taken out and re used. at least that's what we're told in our next report, we're taking a look to see if that's really possible. saving the ocean by buying new recycle products. for example, with these brilliance arrive right now and at scale, there's no such thing as recycling to ocean. so is recycling ocean, plastic actually doable? or is it just another lousy, green washing method that companies throw it up if you go shopping?
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so they recycle product? i literally every where and the holy grail is recycled products from the ocean? yeah. coca cola love to use marie plastic for their marketing as well. with that ocean sneaker. i mean these as really make me believe that i can save the ocean by drinking a coke or buying a new sneak. but once you start looking into, it isn't really that much collecting of actual ocean plastic going on. the once plastic lands in the ocean, you'll have a really hard time getting it out again, even when it's near the stuff is sure you can deploy boats that fish for plastic, but this is all very expensive. and relative to the millions of tons of plastic that are already in the ocean, most both only retrieve 2 tons maximum per days. even projects best buy
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millions of dollars struggle. this too was supposed to get rid of 90 percent of plastic in the ocean. but it didn't work and the focus was shifted to rivers and that once you get the plastics out of the ocean, you will have dozens of different types of plastic to sort through like the last fishing that professor gillian gac had tried recycle for research project. okay, this match is pre sorted, but it's still a mess. we need to separate it further. we take the blue ones, we put blue on the left hand side. sorting these nets, according to their color, is one thing, but they also need to be cut down to recycle them. but these really won't give up easily. especially because ocean plastic
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has been degraded by salt and sunlight. it loses a lot of its original quality. next step would be get rid of dirt, jane, me even a tiny amount of sand see weed or shells can make plastic non recycle. round about 5 percent. every site that can work with. so if we give them the material to somebody who makes pallets out of it, they say not more than 5 percent pretty. that's pretty clean. even when clean industrially, sam can still be found on the microscopic level. which is why in a lot of cases, products contain a mix of ocean plastic and other recycled material. the ocean plastic can only be a tiny, tiny fraction of this blend, but the adds still look like those whose
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all of these products with nylon from even the company markets. it's like it's made from actual marine lists such as discarded. fishing that's known as ghost you think that the market is made from it, which are made from our lips are made from both. yeah. and there is literally no both damage product all very, very, very little less than a percent. less than a per mill, maybe environmental scientist has been in contact with those several times about it's problematic messaging in an email. if you told me that ocean plastic only represents a small part of the for our next recycling step, we had to use material prepared by professor gecko. otherwise we would have been
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cutting here for days. these plastic pallet has been turned into a letter opener. so this is the final photo, and after all these steps you have just seen with us, you can imagine how expensive opener, than in the end is i would say one down about $200.00 euro 0 means it's really each step 10, which these products are made in the same price as non ocean plastic product. this only works by using very little plastic or plastic that hadn't actually been in the ocean right now. and at scale, there is no such thing as recycled. the ocean plastic, this is roughly showing and international distributor for something called ocean
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bound plastic. the term refers to plastic waste that is found within 50 kilometers of coastlines, and is likely to end up in the ocean. it's applies exclusively to countries with poor waste management systems. ah. when you think a little old way way deeper to find a lot on companies website. land based ocean bound plastic. every well. let's look at prices put on for the virgin plastic cost, $762.00 euros and recycled plastic goes for about $870.00 euros. ocean bound plastic is around $920.00 zeros. this seems relatively affordable compared to actual ocean plastic. judging from the 200 euro letter opener, so production costs are likely to be much higher if real ocean plastic is used.
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there is no need for brands to overreach, their marketing, beyond what is such a powerful story of cleaning up our coastlines and supporting coastal communities. why do we have to pretend that it's actually coming out of the ocean instead of just saying what it is and delivering to customers on problems like us who marketed the oceans or shoppers, nika, as made from the actual ocean plastic when in fact ocean bound, plastic was used to produce the shoes. even smaller companies have difficulty proving whether plastic actually comes from. got back to germany, backpack, manufacturer advertises its products as creates a trauma, actual ocean plastic. they use a network official men and women who collect plastic as buyers hatch. but as of now the heavens certified of production, so we don't really know if it's actual ocean plastic. what we do know was cycling
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only was as a last resort and using ocean ocean found instead of virgin plastic is a small wind for the environment. just not as big as some companies want you to believe. so really look closely at what you're buying. read the fine print. yes. be that annoying person. embrace it. otherwise, your good intentions will probably just say that the for the oceans to provide for us, we must protect them. and the creature is living within them. like fish, saw species out of particular risk. but an organization in india has come up with an idea to reduce consumer pressure and better protect fish. let's take a look. i. daybreak is still a couple of hours away. the business is in full swing at so soon. dogs. the largest
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and oldest fish landing site in coastal mom by it is organized scales. fisher folk have landed the fresh catch. the wholesale fish auctions are underway. and fish among those jostens through the crowd carrying tubs of prawns, soundman and a range of the sea food. long before mom by became the bustling metropolis. it is today. it's original inhabitants. the cool, efficient community lived very differently initially when my grandfather was in fishing room, 2 guys on the for this order finished who's forgotten on laws or microwaves or whatever it used to drive for the future consumption. i knew in the morning i just started when the bronze business started, when the dollars gave me $100.00 sixties and seventies. it was all mostly for the exports, you know. and that is why we started catching a lot for the others,
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you know, dietary change, donation or cries of 7 generation fishermen who operate 3 fishing, both of the dogs. he learned about the changes in the local fishing trade, through stories passed down to his family. he's also witnessed a lot himself since he started coming here as a child. my grandfather was told was telling me the whole she was i've been in the future. we used to move on a couple of was and get lots of friends in like just the one so like something like that. and then slowly and need to be started being please use it for like 2 to 3 days. 90 days was 5 to 6 is in 2007 to 10. $10.00 to $12.00 is now defaulting, is almost like $15.00 to $20.00 days. no india accounts for 6.3 percent of global fish production. fishing for a living could soon become economically and viable for nakeila and other fishermen in his community. he's now working with a group of marine biologists to raise awareness of the depleted fish stocks.
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matthew, information gap between see if we can too much information got been done. so what fish to eat and what season, in order to minimize that impact on the sea for people, i'm more than willing to do some sort of changes in that sea food eating practices . only thing is this information is not available to them in, in that fashion. know your fish is the 1st of its kind seaford sustainability guide produced in india. it's a calendar, the details of what species can be eaten when and which should be avoided in certain seasons. for each fresh, recollect whatever was publicly available, we should know which, which of the month which the fishes nor is known to brood. the months that we say of particular fish should be avoided. those are the months that fish breeze on the
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fish which gets caught along with that 1st semi thought is a might as it into found out about the calendar year ago. and now a deal to it's strictly when cooking for family, even though i really like, i stopped eating them for 3 months and the young because that's the time that the breed situation where however this is something we can eat. no, the commercial outlets have also begun following that. like this seafood restaurant in suburban moon by us. if we have different kinds of dishes on the menu, then we would rather use a different fish for every preparation that is on the menu. as opposed to use one fish on the dia, unanimously on the entire menu and that kind of, that kind of makes it cool for us. it makes it slightly challenging to come up with dishes in the sense it. and the challenge is something that we enjoy the restaurant
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stuff, see that there has been a remarkable change in their customers choices to go over like before, before or we will happy eating fish to go. not knowing what wasn't that 1st they go . all right. and that was the idea of sea food for us and it was exotic. but today we wanted to know where did this come from? what is it that i'm eating? was it lane card? is it farmed? is there why leg? when was this part? is this fish fresh? the team behind the calendar hopes to behavior change? can somebody result in a shift in seaford demand and supply like mangles in windows and strawberries in summer? similarly, they have to understand you cannot eat one for 12 months. so i think this has to gone from a consumer end and when it comes from consumer and automatically fishermen can change i one consumer to know the fisherman as they know the fish, when they know the fish, they will know the fisherman. i think it can walk like the normal trading has not
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yet because you're following the crew not related lockdown, but as slowly stops up the hope the fisher folk and consumers can come together to ease the burden on fish. stock remains high. non growing seed is sustainable, as we saw earlier in the shore, already staple across many parts of it, ship it slowly, making its way through europe to see the farmers. we met in norway believe it has great potential to please the european ballot. let's see how the seaweed has the client reputation as the certificate from the c. angelica erickson and tamara sing, a harvest seaweed in water that is just 4 degrees celsius and temperature, about 300 kilometers north of the arctic circle. i see where it is not just healthy this bush. it's even though it looks
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a little brown and bushy case like travel and it's amazing kind of build up to this really yummy tripoli case. it's super good. ah, there are thousands of varieties of edible seaweed. and triple seaweed or brush tuft l g. pros especially will along the norwegian coast here in the fortune islands. ah ericsson and sing a run, the small firms foot and seaweed their mission to broaden seaweeds popularity, has been largely forgotten in europe. it's frequently featured on menus in the asia pacific region. my mom's japanese, i've gotten up feeding to say, wait all my life. sorry. it was really exciting when we,
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when i moved to norway to see the petite show there was here, there was just much weight growing along the coastline, being a proportion about and then the wage and tradition. many people here live off what the c provides region is famous for stock fish, or when dr. colt, which even the vikings age, as well as the more the rough and clean the news, the better to see we can develop healthy, neutral process. the harvest in the small fishing village of nap erickson often helped her father fish, so she knows this coastal reach you. well. what is the perfect place for theory to grow? we have these cold arctic waters that are really nutritious. the water is moving off, the current is the 4th strongest in the world. the seaweed is harvested at 1st has to drive the process,
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knowing different types here. 24 hours later the seaweed is ready for consumption. it can be served as the festival dish or salad, or dried, and used as the seasoning in their kitchen lamps. they create new ceiling recipes along with locals. so that uses truffle. see me to add depth to pastor with stock fish or garnish calling flour cream with the chip shuttle see meat costs up to $500.00 euro's per kilogram. so it's primarily used in high end restaurants. everything you can do basically with the pay was it takes you up to come night create. you can cook fish and cook meat insight as to when uncle emily from tests is like a full new world of interest. restaurants and danica patients across the globe. what do you see weed from erickson and singing? they practice careful and sustainable harvesting, allowing the seaweed to grow back again. and they see it as the food of the future,
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particularly as it is so healthy. well, it really at the super phase full of washington's and mineral anti virus, its anti bacterial. it's got more nutrients per gram than any other plant on the planet. and it's just growth. the need to erickson and tomorrow's sing. and hope harvests can make a small but significant contribution to promoting the health benefits of lead. far beyond the coast of no, the me, our calamity is able to sustain life because we have oceans for us to try. we have to make sure our moving ecosystem tribes to leave you with that part and see we'll get next week from all of us and get germany goodbye. and thank you for watching. ah
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ah ah ah, ah, me. the news
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the the the the the there was a success story behind coffee from guatemala. and to deal with the social emancipation of the my power of an old idea and enduring strength. how indigenous most skill, coffee farmers with spanish, the most difficult circumstances. 15 on d w. ah,
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excuse me. was right in front of the roll for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone beer. game said tokyo with $22021.00 strong off course. during the qualifying round. not fees for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during walk down the lucky go to tokyo, started july 19 w the our interest in the global economy. our portfolio w business beyond. here's
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a closer look at the project. our mission. analyze the flight for market dominance . with w business beyond on youtube. moving the cool. but it was just me. when the rule,
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me, the news is data, but the news lies from berlin, italy, fans ecstatic. also reaching the final of the euro. 2020. the long into the night in london. after this side beat, spain and penalty shoots out late faces the winter of tonight's clash between england and denmark. also coming up top, dutch crime reporter is shot in the strait of raises fighting for his life. after being.


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