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[000:00:00;00] ah, was use the news lies from berlin. italy's hands ecstatic. after reaching the final of euro 2020. the long into the night in london after this side. bates, spain, in a penalty shoot out. eagerly. we'll face the winter of tonight's clash between england and denmark. also coming up a top dutch crime report,
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shot in the street repeated raises fighting for his life. after being attacked in amsterdam, authorities are investigating a link to his work on organized crime. and the u. k. and the struggle other post breakfast trade rules, british loyalists in northern ireland say they are being ignored. correspondent made some who feel being cut off from britain. ah. hello, i'm rebecca richards, welcome to the program. the football gods were smiling on italy last night in a nerves reading encounter in london. they bait spain in a penalty shoot out to secure this bought in the euro. 2020 final cove at 19 restrictions that prevented italian fans from traveling to england for the game. but italians living in britain turned up at wembley in their thousands to celebrate the sides victory. oh,
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do you believe italian style? the country's u. k. x puts brought wembley a taste of the exotic. the accents betrayed more than a hint of local flavor. oh, he's been be 3 years now without you being caught on it. it's about time to when it and we can bring it home. really penalty. she's so really propelled their team to the final where they hope to win 1st european championship since 968. that's important that we knew it would be a tough game that i meant to do. i would say this was the toughest game so far in the tournament. i don't now i can bring one that i really tiring to reach the 6th much having traveled so much and we suffered against spain. but we really wanted to
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get to the final modem for you see what, i'm, what i feel with that final to be played at wembley. these funds will be back in their legions. and they're convinced that as far as the trophies destination is concerned, all roads lead to rome. joining me now to discuss the semi finals is mark meadows from d. w. sports marks. i'm very, very happy and victorious day, but it must have been a nail biter in the stadium and i was watching at home. did it goes expected. it's always a very tight game. normally when spain and italy play, and that's how we, how it panda, we can have a look at how the action happened now. and you know, it was quite katy, 1st half, but then federico kids are there, go to from tastic, go midway through the 2nd half to give italy a well no lead to per, curling shot. then the spanish got back into it. about america who got a very open down solomon had a very open down game equalize. it was $11.00 when 2 extra time,
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no goes there to them at a penalty shoot out and who missed a vital mode access. so the time very happy the and it was less genial to school, the winnings book kicked an italy in the final save only when it wants before the european championship and 960 a long time ago. now they've got a very good chance of doing it again and day, but they have been playing a very good talking about who do you think they would like to go head to head with for the final? well, it's denmark against england tonight. you probably say they would rather play denmark given england, will be at home if they get through to the final. but italy don't fear anyone. i mean they're on a recalled on beat and run for italy of $33.00 matches, which is quite incredible. and roberta mancini is in a fantastic job coach because he didn't even qualify for the last woke up and he's got a great blend of youth and experience and also the real team bone. you can tell him when they don't concede to go, they celebrate as much when they don't continue to go when they score one. i mean, i used to work in italy and i left exactly 10 years ago. and the defense central
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defense partnership, 10 years ago was the, another new jersey, and you're killing me. who is it today? the same to, i mean, they know each of us so well. i mean, they're like a wall, but they will be a little wary of denmark and of history repeating itself after $992.00. we can have a look now watch live. why this is becoming a bit of a special tournament for the danes. yeah, in denmark, they're writing a wave of emotion through to a 1st major for them in semi final, since 1992. and on the verge of achieving something, almost incredible. the emotions here, the chapter of europe, this matching the emotions back then when denmark, one of yours, they shouldn't even have been in only qualifying a week before the tournament. start after you were kicks out you to the war that the big 3 united,
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the country just as it has now. a firework. display the rabbit. all yeah. so it's so important. unfortunately, a lot of us are sacking primes in 1992 new calling. now we're going to get the same feeling that parents scott in 1992, going to win the euros in the whole. solomon is the symbol of so much christian erickson's come on at the corona virus, which has been tough on people real standing together to watch the football. it's fantastic, but the ericsson is the focal point of denmark's emotion may feel there could have died after collapsing in the 1st match against finland and liquid denmark were after 2 games of the tournament without their best player. and boston the group without a single point. many had written them off for their coach, caspar human,
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there's much to be proud of. the last 4 weeks has been the emotions of a lifetime. it's been, it's been crazy. we have been facing this in a way we, i never hope that shirts. we almost lost all of us player al, best friend, the heart of the team. we thought with emotions like crazy, we didn't know what to do. we didn't know how to get through it. we tried to fight the best we have learnt through that. these emotions we have played fantastic football. we have shown who we are and who are they then? exactly. the plucky underdog going all the way against the odds. well, that really would be something for the football romantics. the denmark really have this fairy tales story, but england have to be the favorite going into tonight. surely. yes, i mean the left, 60000 fans, mostly english fans behind them. that's a very high number. obviously in england, at the moment,
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given corona virus cases arising, but that's what the government has agreed. so you have to say yes, england, a big famous, especially because they haven't conceded a goal yet in this toner, which is pretty impressive. but then you think, well, they've got to concede at some point and that's what the danes will be hoping and, and don't have good records and semi finals the last 2. so we finally played in the nation's league and then woke up in 2001 thing they lost, they lost the last euros and we finally 996 again at wembley. but that was against the good jeremy said that went on. so when this is a denmark that england should beat, but as an englishman, i'm not putting my money anyway. i need to ask you, you'll be going forward tonight. mark meadows from date of the 4th. thank you. and it's turned out some other stories making news around the world. the us and turkish defense ministers meeting to discuss the security of couples. airport
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tickets troops are expected to keep god over the important ending in the wake of the us led coalition withdrawal from afghanistan. it comes with the taliban sweeping gains in many parts of the country. police in nicaragua have arrested 6 more opposition, figures the head of elections in november, president daniel ortega launched the raids against his political opponents last month. 30 opposition figures have now been detained and 6 of them presidential candidates rescue as searching the rubble of a collapse tower block in florida have raised the official death, told to 36. the tower partially collapsed 2 weeks ago with totally demolished on sunday. more than 100 people are still unaccounted for. a downgraded hurricane is drenching parts of florida, gulf coast tropical storm elsa is due to cut across the states north with high winds and heavy rain schools and government offices in the tampa area have been
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closed as a precaution. a latest calling the shooting of a prominent dutch crime journalist, an attack on our values. the reporter peter, the breeze, was gone down in the street in amsterdam on tuesday. the race was taken to hospital and remained in a serious condition. eye witnesses say he was shot multiple times by 3 men who then fled the same or will i to detained, including the suspected shooter. the race has been considered a possible target due to his reporting. there was also acting as an advisor in the investigation of a major crime gang more on joined by michelle kara from the dutch newspaper. and i'll say in rotterdam. michelle, thanks for your time. what more can you tell us about this brazen attack? well, it happened about 730 last night and downtown them just when that base and was leaving a tv studio where he had dissipated, their life talk shows something very regularly and he was just walking down the
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street towards his car when he was attack probably shot 5 times and hit him ahead. and ever since he's in hospital in amsterdam, as you say, it's hard for him like so that's what we know. 3 people were arrested, fairly short, the asked, the attack and police is conducting, as you can imagine, a very huge investigation. yeah, of course. obviously the investigation is ongoing, but why would painted a phrase be targeted? i mean, the links to the crime are obvious, but what do you think is behind this? well, it's all speculation this morning and we know that he is a person that ties a to a crown witness in what is probably the most the biggest trucks case we have in the dust quote at this moment. and he already received death threats for this function . he has and now the drug lords, in the case,
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one time he wrote him a letter saying that he should not fear for his life. but of course, we don't know if any of that is connected to this case. we don't know how much information there is. so he's close to crime. he's involved in all major crime case in the past decades. so even has a lot of enemies. i journal as being targeted in this way in the netherlands is quite shocking. what are, what are the reactions there? why is it was a big shot last night and the mayor of amsterdam found helps him i pressed constance late last night, cold international here because he's very well known. he has been reporting on prominent cases ever since. the early eighties he has had an old dc program. he helps people solve cold cases. he's very adamant and persistent and he's
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very well. i think he's the most known germ of this in the middle of. and of course, a lot of petitions called the black day for journalism and to the 3 and their society. i. michelle, thanks very much for your time. michelle kara diplomatic editor, the dutch newspaper. and i'll see mamma, military regime is estimated to have killed nearly 900 people entertained thousands of others, him saving power in february. now it seems it's intentionally targeting doctors and nurses at least 12 have been reportedly killed in the last 5 months alone. w h o says me on my is currently the most dangerous place to be a medical worker. a warning p was may find some parts of the following report. distressing health work is protesting against the new regime. that's when the hunter decided they were a threat. since the crew metix her face attacks like this by the military says
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one fugitive doctor on call. huge fuels due to all actions in the ear. but we have become criminal overnight by the military. treating and seen patient is isn't illegal in any part of the law or in muma that forced many practitioners to go into hiding. but escaping persecution isn't easy. many of them had been arrested while working in underground clinic, treating injured protesters wounded by the hunters, brutal cracked down all the medical equipment and my college, and on for doctors and enough to auntie. i seem to appreciate
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you can say that i'm lucky and i have as many doctor as one of many health workers who refused to return to hospitals now occupied by the military at decision heavily criticized by the hunter government, the dog there killing people in cold blood how this is not genocide, what shall i call it for malware? georgia, moderate acclaimed emetics. deny they say no one, no dares to seek medical care in hospitals run by the military. all of this in the middle of the corona virus pandemic has created a health care crisis but the p 100 doesn't seem to mike and continue the tax on his health. while the military and
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the family all being bethany to the doctor says it's public health system could collapse at a time when people are already suffering from the political turmoil that seems to have no end your pain. parliament is debating a resolution to assess the risk of discrimination faced by l. g. b t. q. person in hungry, hungry has been facing criticism from fellow a members over its new law that bans the schools from using materials seen as promoting homosexuality. european parliament is expected to condemn that law and urge the commission to launch a legal case against hungry members of the chamber. i have also expressed concern about mismanagement of a fun in the country. from all, i'm joined by d. w at jack patrick at the european parliament in strasburg. jag, nice to see. tell us a bit more about this resolution that's being debated today. good morning, rebecca. well,
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let me be using specific ones on the left of the political inspection. the spectrum has been pushing really, really hard for 1st the european commission to use executive arm, but also neither european kind of so. so the governments of the you to do much more to step up against this anti l g b t rule law that's coming into force actually on thursday this week in hungry that prevents the promotion or so called promotion of l g b t value. so children in school is not being allowed to see normalized gay relationships, but those sort of relationships so, so not to be shown on television. so what they want firstly, is for the european commission to step up and launch what's known as an article 7 procedure. this is a procedure that is launched against breaches. the rule of law, a breach of the use values and codes on the law in the treaties. but they're also, as i said, calling for governments specifically in this resolution parliament to call and the
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governments to potentially if it goes that far to take hungry as one country is able to do to the european court of justice over this issues. this all comes in together with others. another set of discussions that are happening here in the european parliament about more broader rule of law issues hungry is already under article 7, infringement procedures for other issues like cracking down on the media and cracking, dine on, and g as is poland. and so there's a been a pretty fierce debate already this morning. rebecca, where you've been quite hard against hungry the european council and commission presidents have come out in favor of this resolution as well. what are the chances of the resolution will actually be passed? well, all of the main political groups and the european people as parties to the center. right. and the socialists on the center left on the left parties have said that broadly they will be voting in favor of it. we very much expect that to happen when the vote takes place on thursday morning was lavine and poland were the only
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a nation to defend this hungry flag to pass this anti l. j b t q legislation. and else lavinia just took over the a hughes rotating presidency for 6 months. how is that likely to play out? well, this is a big issue because young as youngster, who was the civilian prime minister, was actually here in strasburg yesterday. i was speaking about gender rights and how important it is that the able to put items as the, the rolling presidency, the 6 month presidency, that they are not charing, that they can put agenda rights and higher up they were talking about western broken enlargement. so bringing new countries like out a new in north macedonia and i'm putting that higher up on the agenda. things like this l g b, t issue. the rule of law issues that because the friendly, those countries have similar political leadership and similar political views towards the european union might mean that specifically these issues like role of law and the g. b t. laws might fall somewhat down on the agenda. rebecca on
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d. w. jack pat at the european parliament in strasburg. thanks very much. well, it's to northern ireland now where ongoing disputes over breaks it trade issues reviving old tensions in the streets. pro british groups. there are angry about restrictions on goods sent from the rest of the u. k. w. 's big mass reports from belfast where supports a paramilitary groups is resurfacing these people want to remain heart of the united kingdom. the protest march runs along the outskirts of spells false and was forbidden by the police. but they are demonstrating nonetheless, because they feel the british government has given up on northern ireland. we have no, i got a partition direction, something the people in there have for, for, for hundreds of years is the roomy and part of the united kingdom. and now we find
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ourselves divided from the united kingdom with no consent were produced by blood. but the blood, the flow sure begins, but as our possession of the united kingdom, no, we're no longer a part of you need a kingdom for the part of it. because our constitutional law laws are in brussels, nor before briggs the people in northern ireland, had a choice of identity. they could feel british or irish or both. but drexel has created a new customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the united kingdom. and as a result, sectarian tensions have been rising. take care in symbols like this, i everywhere. northern ireland, the right hand stands for one of many per a military organizations. and a british flag means that this area is dominated by protestants. joe keys grew up in a neighborhood like this and is familiar with the paramilitary groups. well, he's proud of protestant traditions and he's afraid of losing them. some people are loyalty as to the queen,
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sometimes it's their british down. so they and people fly their flags just pure love. they're right down to me. it's an expression of who they are. catholics live right next door behind a big wall. most of them would like a union with republic of ireland. and they think that this is becoming more likely pub. oh no willy. wat things the protestants are just have to accept more and more wants go straight. they can still have their belly shut down today because we still have our adage down to the lower still occupied by the british. so mainly we have no with the $400.00 tiers. let them see how they can over this would be a nightmare for jo. teeth, so he thinks the protestant must fight for what they want. sometimes violence is the thing that you have to day. i'm not sure that we have to day up. i'm not saying that we will have to. i'm just sent, you asked me to take it off the table to ask me to categorically read it. especially when our political opponents have made very clear that they are not
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going to take it off the table. it's an unreasonable request. right now, protestant use up preparing enormous bonfires all across northern ireland. these annual fire memorialize the historic victory over the catholics in the 17th century . this year, many of the bonfires might get out of control rex, it has presented the biggest danger yet to northern ireland. fragile peace, that's one thing that the protestants and catholics agree on i was one of the stand out films that they see is berlin international film festival. the documentary who we were carried an urgent message in a time of climate change, but not without an element of hope. he's a closer look at the film. oh, the only reason plan plan isn't
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your article you mentioned lean on his last mission to the international space station. astronaut, alexander guest documents his thoughts, his perspective on the world from far above it. he reflects from the way we treat our precious planet, our oceans, our resources from space he could see was extreme weather events and above all the fragility of our habitat video. and since i need to survive it on the end of the ship, them into the side of my thoughts, i was immune as a physicist, i knew the diameter to the kilometer. i knew how thin the atmosphere was. and then when i saw it with my own eyes, it hit me again, show me a new one. and that's the big thing to understand that this is way too small to take its continued existence for granted for us not to care for money. what are we
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doing to our planet? what is reversible? what can still be salvaged? the film follows 6 sciences from different disciplines and continence. oh sure, no it just, sylvia. oh, who has been studying marine ecosystems for decades? gives an urgent call to action. every choice we make about what to eat, what to where the power we use, the water we waste or not mean all that times a 1000000000 really stacks up what i understand. so i want to make a film that takes you from they to way by showing that these problems that we often see in isolation by the climate crisis, social courses that you can always shows that you see that we are always part of the problem, but also part of the solution loses one demand is for more global cooperation. african countries for example, account for only 4 percent of c o 2 emissions,
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but feeling climate change with particular severity. who we, where describes are present and asks how we will be seen by later generations when we, our history is offered us. the focus by generations will remember our generation as the one that understood and transform knowledge into understanding and awareness from in the film looks at the world from unusual perspective and has a clear message. we are the ones who need to tackle the problem right now. and finally, the can phone festival has reopened, with health passes, but no masks at the red carpet social distance. they may send you the normal glamour of the event where 24 films a competing for the top prize american directors barkley heads the jury. the 1st ever black leader of the judges musical film, and that's 5 french direct character, kicked the festival. so you're watching the date of the news. he's
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a reminder about her story. jubilation in rome as it'll go through to the final of the european championships. the savings bank in a penalty shoot down the other end. the final is decided tonight between england and denmark. india is up next after a short break. stay tuned for that. i'll have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. i'm rebecca. thanks very much for watching the news . the news. the news news .
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news . the news, the news i this will be for food bio, fuel and bio fertilizers, providing the future for thousands of families in the region. a farming
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a profitable business with exciting gross potential use. next on d, w a freedom. this is the story behind coffee from guatemala and asked to deal with the social emancipation of the miami, the power of an old and enduring strength pallet and dizziness. coffee farmers withstand the most difficult circumstances. in the 45 d w ah, how does the virus spread? why do we panic by? and when will all of this?
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to free the topics that we covered and i weekly radio. if you would like any more information on the kroner virus or any other find topics you should really check out our podcast. you can get it wherever you get your podcast. you can also find those w dot com slash science. let me choose the me 70 percent of the surface is covered with ocean and yet we often feel to take care of it damaging or fishing or turning it into a dump of rubbish. they only go india. let's look at some innovations that can help


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