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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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ah, the news data, but the news live from berlin easily. fans ecstatic, also reaching the final of euro 2020 the same long into the night in london after their side, bates, spain, and a penalty shootout. italy will face the winner tonight clash between england and denmark. also coming up a top notch, crime reporter is shot in the street of res is fighting for his life after being
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attacked in amsterdam. authorities are investigating and linked to his work on organized crime. and as the u. k and the youth struggle over post breaks a trade rule, british loyalists in northern ireland saying they are being ignored. correspondent made some being cut off from britain. ah hello, i am rebecca riches. welcome to the program. the football gods were smiling on italy last night and a nerve shredding encounter in london. they made spain in a penalty shoot out to secure their spot in the year 2020 final. it was $11.00 after 900 minutes and the teams couldn't be separated during extra time. and then went into penalties and italy scored that winning kick off the alvaro murat as miss denmark. now faith, england, later on wednesday in
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a battle for the others false. joining me to discuss the semi final action is mark meadows from date, abilene sports, mark. hi. it was a nail biting game for those watching go was expected. it was very, i think for everyone involved is always quite tight between the 2. we actually have a look at some of the action from the game. it was a k g 1st half, which you kind of expect in a semi final great atmosphere in wembley. there were $60000.00 allowed for the, for the, for the semi finals. and it actually got ahead in mid for it midway through the 2nd half with a gulf federico case, a great goal. he did a fantastic torment, really, really has. and then it looked like it was going to be italy's day and then about my son was seen some of the action now that cases go wonderful. killing, finished into the corner really was really was great. nothing the go give it could do. but then spanking back into it about him or after he was at
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a very open down to him and he, he managed to get the equalizer and he had nothing down game if we're honest. because then it went to a penalty suit that equally very happy that because mother after missed the spoke cake and then it was left to geno. i'm on here to to get the winning spot cake. and it was just about deserved. say over the full 120 minutes close penalty. yeah. well, i mean, italy have been playing such a strong tournament. is that what we can expect to say going into the final? is there anything and i hold them back? yeah, i mean, they're on a record on beat and run the 33 games are record for for italy and roberta mancini, the coach is really branded a fantastic team. that's great mix of experience and young players. i mean, i used to work in italy. i left there exactly 10 years ago and who was italy central defensive partnership. 10 years ago it was georgia, kia, lini and the and other neutral exactly is today and they are and actually will the pair of them. so it's going to be very difficult for anyone to beat them in that
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final. and the final is in london as well as last night's game. and of course, because of corona virus restrictions, it's been almost impossible for italians from italy to get there. but as we saw last night, that is quite a large italian contingent there in london, and they absolutely loved it. let's hear some reaction from after the game. oh, jubilation. italian styled the country's u. k. x puts brought wembley a taste of the exotic, to the extent betrayed more than a hint of local flavor. oh, he's been 53 years now without you being caught on it. it's about time to win it and we kind of bring it home with no penalty issue. so it's really propelled their team to the
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final where they hoped to win 1st european championship since $968.00. and that's important that we knew it would be a tough game that i meant to do. i would say this was the toughest game so far in the tournament. i don't now i could be the one that really tiring to reach the 6 much having traveled. so much and we suffered against spain, but we really wanted to get to the final point if you want more than one, if you not with that final to be pleaded wembley, these fans will be back in their legions. and they're convinced that as far as the trophies destination is concerned, all roads lead to rome. and i'm sure, hoping all roads lead to rome. but the 2nd semi final between england and denmark is still to come that late today. who do you think italy would prefer to say? maybe that's a pretty obvious question, but who do you think i'd prefer to say wembley? yes, they probably would prefer to play denmark thing that because england will be at
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home as they will be tonight in the game. against them market 460000 fans. this is robert law, give him around, buyers cases are arising in britain, but most of them will be english for the final and obvious even if the semi final anything and go through then obviously mostly going to be english even though we saw a few italian friends in london, so yeah, they won't want to play england, especially as england hadn't conceited a goal in the entire tournament. so father look very, very confident. both england did go out in the last 2 semi finals in the nation's league and the last will cope. so they'll be a bit of nervousness day, you know, england hadn't ever been in the european chambers. final, italy have only been in, well, they've done it once before in 1968. so yes, denmark and still get a chance, but most pundits will be saying england, they're going to win. alright, well you had it here from luck. meadows and david date of least 4. thanks very much . well as you just heard, england may well be the favorites tonight, but you can't discount denmark, they'll be looking to continue their fairytale run at this tournament and repeat
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their shock success from $992.00. wow. in denmark, they're writing a wave of emotion. 3 to a 1st major tournament, semi final since 1992. and on the verge of achieving something, almost incredible. the emotion here, the champion of europe said, matching the emotions back. then when denmark, one a euro's they shouldn't even have been in only qualifying a week before the tournament starts. after you could stop, you were kicks out you to the war that the big 3 united, the country, just as it has now. a firework display for rob at all. yeah, i don't think it's so important. unfortunately, a lot of us are still faxing primes in 1992, lou calling now we're going to get the same feeling that our parent guardian, 992,
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going to win the euro in the home phone. and she's the symbol of so much christian erickson's collateral corona virus, which has been tough on people, bro, standing together to watch the football. it's fantastic ericsson is the focal point of denmark's emotion may feel there could have died off the collapsing in the 1st match against finland. and liquid denmark were after 2 games of the tournament without their best player. and parson degree without a single point. many had written them off for the coach, caspar human, there's much to be proud of the last 4 weeks. it's been the emotions of a lifetime. it's been, it's been crazy. we have been facing this in a way we. i never hope i should. we almost lost our best player, albus friend, the heart of the team. we thought with emotions like crazy,
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we didn't know what to do. we didn't know how to get through it. we tried to fight the best we have learnt through that. these emotions we have played fantastic football. we have shown who we are. and who are they then? exactly. the plucky underdog going all the way against the odds. well, that really would be something for the football romantics. the it's taken is now some of the other stories making news around the world. the us and turkish defense ministers meeting to discuss the security of cannibals. airport turkish troops are expected to keep guard over the important ending in the wake of the us led coalition withdrawal from afghanistan. it comes as the taliban sweeping gains in many parts of the country. police in nicaragua have arrested 6 more opposition, figures ahead of elections in november, president daniel ortega launched the raids against his political opponents last
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month in the 30 opposition. figures have been detained and 6 of them, a presidential candidate. breski was searching the rubble of a collapsed cow block in florida. have raised the official death, told to 36. the tower partially collapsed 2 weeks ago and was totally demolished on sunday. more than 100 people are still unaccounted for. parts of florida, gulf coast are experiencing very heavy rain due to storm elsa. the storm has been downgraded from hurricane strength to a tropical storm level, but is still expected to bring powerful gusts of wind. i'm up to 115 kilometers an hour. a prominent dodge crime journalist is fighting for his life after being shot on a street in amsterdam when she's de paid to raise was taken to hospital and remains in a serious condition. eye witnesses say he was shot multiple times by 3 men who then
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fled the same all related detail, including the suspected shooter. the reason being considered a possible congress due to his reporting, recently had been acting as an advisor in the investigation of a major crime gang described by police as a well oiled killing machine. of moore, i'm joined by michelle kara from the dutch newspaper and i'll say in rather them, michelle, thanks for your time. what more can you tell us about this brazen attack is? well, it happened about 730 last night and downtown them just when the patient and was leaving a tv studio where he had the dissipated life docks, or something that's very regularly. and he was just walking down the street towards his car when he was a tech probably shot 5 times and hit him ahead. and ever since he's in hospital in amsterdam as you say,
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5 and 40 like so that's what we know. 3 people were arrested for short, the asked in the tech and police is conducting, as you can imagine, a very huge investigation. yeah, of course. obviously the investigation is ongoing, but why would pay to the phrase be targeted? i mean, the links to the crime are obvious, but what do you think is behind this? well, it's all speculation this morning and we know that he is a person that ties to a crown witness in what is probably the most the biggest trucks case we have in the dust quote at this moment. and he already received death threats for this function . he has now the drug lords, in the case, one time he wrote him a letter saying that he should not fear for his life. but of course, we don't know if any of that is connected to this case. we don't know how much
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information there is. so he's close to crime, he's involved in all major crime case in the past decades. so he has a lot of enemies. i journal as being targeted in this way in the netherlands is quite shocking. what are, what are the reactions there? why is it was a big shock last night and the may of amsterdam from perhaps um, i will get a press conference list last night called international here because he's very well known. he has been reporting on prominent cases ever since the early eighty's diaz had his own program. he helps people solve cold cases. he's very adamant emphasis, and he's very well. i think he's the most known journalists in the military. and of course, a lot of politicians called the black day for journalism and to the 3 and the
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society. hi, michelle, thanks very much for your time. michelle kara diplomatic editor, the dutch newspaper. and i'll see if you know wanting w still to come tensions in northern ireland over the fall out from breakfast they w, travel to the region to find out why the u. k. is departure from the you is fueling old hostility toss ma'am of war on doctors and nurses in the middle of the pandemic . we're look at how the military regime is cracking down on health workers. the 1st a new front has opened up in the conflict between the european union and better. ruth, that received later, alexander lucas shank, is threatening to block you exports, traveling through his country to russia. and china is when you're in turn has declared a state of emergency over the number of migrants crossing its border from belarus. these small white shadows moving in the night are people crossing the border
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between bella ruth and lithuania, entering the european union. hundreds of may the journey in recent days. a record influx intellect. wayne, ya. but these migrants mainly from iraq, are at the center of a diplomatic standoff. lithuania and d. you believe bella? ruth, may be facilitating the arrivals to put pressure on the block? european council president sha michelle, traveled to live with us border area on monday to show support there's a suspicion in the room, please by the regime and run it in europe. we are also going to do it this way. we took a decision also to meet central implement last month the you imposed fresh economic sanctions on beller roof. after mintz diverted a passenger plane carrying an opposition journalist and arrested him. beller was
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a strong man, leader, alexander lucas shanker. has no intention of backing down your room. he said he would hold cooperation with the you to control illegal migration. you don't need to do which every something that we will close our borders with poland, lithuania, latvia, and ukraine, and become a camp for people fleeing afghanistan, iran, iraq, syria, libya and teenager. they are mistaken africa. we won't hold any one. they are coming not to us, but to be enlightened, warm and cozy. europe. what gives us the escalation doesn't appear to be an option for luca shanker just yet you is threatening to step out legal action against the u . k. as a dispute of a trade with northern ireland continues tensions have been mounting as the brakes it divorced deal. the term for trade between britain and northern ireland have not worked smoothly. that's rekindled fees and violence between northern ireland,
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protestant, and catholic communities. these people want to remain heart of the united kingdom, the protest, march rental, on the outskirts of spells false and was forbidden by the police. but they are demonstrating nonetheless, because they feel the british government has given up on northern ireland. we have not got a partition direction, something the people in there have for, for, for hundreds of years re me in part of the united kingdom. and now we find ourselves divided from the united kingdom with no consent were produced by blood. but the blood, the flow sure begins, but as our possession of the united kingdom though, we're no longer part of united kingdom for the part of it, because our constitutional law laws are brussels, mur, before briggs and people in northern ireland, had a choice of identity. they could feel british or irish or both. but drexel has created a new customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the united kingdom.
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and as a result, sectarian tensions have been rising. take karen symbols like this are everywhere. northern ireland, the red hand stands for one of many paramilitary organizations. and a british flag means that this area is dominated by protestants. joe keys grew up in a neighborhood like this and is familiar with the paramilitary groups. well, he's proud of protestant traditions and he's afraid of losing them. some people are loyalty to the queen. sometimes it's their british identity and people fly their flags just pure love. they're right down to me. it's an expression of her. they are catholics live right next door behind a big wall. most of them would like a union would republic of ireland. and they think that this is becoming more likely . pub no, willie wat things. the protestant. just have to accept. martin mar, wants go straight. they can still have their betty shut down today because we still
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have our attic a down to. they were still occupied by the british. so mainly we have lived with it for 100 years, let them see how they can live with this would be a nightmare for jo keith. so he thinks the protestant must fight for what they want . sometimes violence is the thing that you have today. i'm not saying that we have to day up. i'm not saying that we will have to. i'm just sent. you asked me to take it off the table to ask me to categorically read it. especially when our political opponents have made very clear that they are not going to take it off the table. it's an unreasonable request. right now. protestant use of preparing enormous bonfires all across north in ireland. these annual fires memorialize the historic victory over the catholics in the 17th century. this year, many of the caea, the bonfires might get out of control. rex, it has presented the biggest danger yet to northern ireland, fragile peace. that's one thing that a protestant and catholic agree on and some stories were following for
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indonesia is tightening its corona virus restrictions as the death toll from the virus. his record levels and restrictions will apply to dozens of cities and be in place until at least july 20, already say hospitals on the rising pressure authorities in australia's largest city sydney and extended its current of ours, locked down by another week to, to concerns about the delta variant health officials reported 27 new cases and pointed out the vulnerability of his chinese population due to lack of vaccines. meanwhile, health authorities across latin america battling a rise in corona virus infections. the region already has the highest cove at 19 death rate in the world. brazil has suffered the most fatalities in the region with more than half a 1000000 deaths followed by mexico, where over 230000 people have died. and peru has reportedly nearly 200000 deaths database. johan ramirez reports from lima,
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where the new lambda variance is pushing the public health care system to breaking point in peru. people are placing their hopes for carving and upon damage on vaccination. yet progress is slow on the some 15 percent offer organs have received at least one those one of their worst rates in latin america. but for house work or something ground, it's better than nothing. you must be looking through. we feel optimistic because people react while to vaccination, improve. in fact, younger people would like everything to go faster so they can get to vaccinate it from a notice on the commerce cost reopened after a 9 month quarantine, strict safety measures remain in place. authorities cough mandated using double face must to enter a tourist and shopping centers. face shells are widely used and hand washing
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facilities had been installed in the streets, but it has not been enough broadcast. the highest per capita death rate in the world. the government's response to the crisis has been widely criticized. is the one that gave those rights to late for the management of the pandemic is a complete disgrace, especially for the previous president. one, now at least the fight over the last 2 peaks off infection seen through have coincided with deep political crisis, that in both cases left 2 massive demonstrations. the 1st one was in november when political instability led to 3 precedents in one week. the 2nd wave of profit is happening right now. the reason a controversial presidential election, one of the candidates cried fraud. why the other claims? there is a plan to steal his victory. supporters from both sides have taken to the streets,
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according to some experts, these demonstrations could cause a 4th arise in the faction car. but at this point, the contract cannot afford new lock downs. the great, this effort must be done to vaccinate of the population and to start negotiating from now on new generation vaccines for the new bargain that may appear. this is the most effective measure, and the week has been blowing doing sold on average. barrow administers about 350000 bucks since every week. a low figure for a country of more than $33000000.00. authorities have promised that the process will accelerate government forecast estimates that the eligible population will be immunized by the end of 2021. span miles military regime is estimated to have killed nearly 900 people at a time,
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thousands of others and saving power in february. now it seems it's intentionally targeting doctors and nurses at least 12 have been reportedly killed in the last 5 months alone. the w h says me on mine is currently the most dangerous place to be a medical worker and wanting to view as may find some parts of this following report. distressing health work is protesting against the new regime. that's when the hunter decided they were a threat since the crew, maddox, her face attacks like this by the military says one fugitive doctor on call. huge, huge. due to our actions in the damage is but we have to can criminal overnight find a military treating and seen patient is isn't illegal in any part of the war
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in muma that forced many practitioners to go into hiding, but escaping persecution isn't easy. many of them had been arrested while working in underground clinic, treating injured protesters wounded by the hunters, pluto crack down, all the medical equipment changed and my co leech and on for doctors and enough on the seemed a piece. and you can say that i'm lucky, and i have as many doctor as one of many health workers who refused to return to hospitals now occupied by the military at decision heavily criticized by the hunter government, the dog there, people in cold blood cow. if this is not genocide,
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what she'll like call it for malware, georgia modern jacket, i claimed emetics. deny they say no one, no dare to seek medical care in hospitals run by the military. all of this in the middle of the corona virus pandemic has created a health care crisis but the p 100 doesn't seem to mike and continue the tax on his health while the mandatory and the family all being bethany, the doctor says it's public health system could collapse at a time when people are already suffering from the political turmoil that seems to have no end. and finally, the can phone festival has reopened, with health passes thought, no masks at the red carpet. social distance thing may subdue the normal glamour of the events where 24 films are competing for the top prize. american director spike
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li heads the jury, the 1st ever black leader of the judges. i musical film and that by a french direct character kicked off the festival. this is data, but he needs life and then close off is next for the documentary on brazil, the threatened norman coast. we'll have more headline for you at the top of the out . the go away. ah. the news news, the news
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the news the. the natures wonder is under threat. northern prisoners coast florida. as humans are encroaching features, like turtles amenities on the thing that have the paradise to be things, brazil, coastline hush reality for sci fi count. next, on d, w,
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a bio fuel and styles fertilizers providing the future for thousands of families. it's not easy to use for profitable business growth potential use in 60 minutes on w ah. the news in december 2019 the european council of new president showed me shows important to honor the ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time since i turn on the plan. it's valued,
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but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required. some time will when beginning of diplomatic poker, interest and power please, and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august, 5th on d, w ah, the animal conservationists. out and about and brazil's north eastern coast. there are creatures that live here that can only be found in a few other places and the landscape is breathtaking. but the conservationists have no time to favor it just now. they have the job to do to stop the environment.


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