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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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24 films are competing for the top prize. american director spike li hit the jury. he's the 1st black later of the judge's musical film, a. net by french direct and leo carfax kick, kicked off the festival. and this is data b line from berlin. stay to now for the business news with my colleague christoph cobra. i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the hour and as always, our website d w dot com. i'm rebecca. thanks for watching. the news . these places in your record step into a all the venture, the treasure map for modern globetrotters discover. some of us are record breaking on you to know also in book form,
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the goal was right in front of them. they gave it. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or wimpy games that tokyo with $22021.00. throw golf course during the qualifying ground or not for sports heroes. and i'm fired up and ready to count down during lockdown. lock you go to tokyo, starts july 1, 900 dw, the artificial intelligence and the core driving force for a new round of industrial transformation. and look at the latest from our correspondent on the grow and rivalry between the united states and china on a. i also coming up germany, the world's biggest producer of machinery while not anymore. and i took this top
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spot last year and will tell you what's behind that and will take you to portugal, which has become a european hop for yes, bicycle production. course colburn berlin washington program. shanghai is set to play host to a leading international conference on artificial intelligence that will bring together the world's most pronounced scholars and entrepreneurs in the field. by means of both physical venues and virtual channels from driverless cars. robots, the data processing and household appliances. competition is fierce to produce the most innovative a products while who's winning the race. in terms of investment, the united states is ahead with research and development spending of over 23000000000 dollars last year. chinese companies spend almost $10.00 to $10000000000.00, while the you invested just $2000000000.00 and china wants to dominate. it says it will be spending up to $150000000000.00 by the end of the decade to become the
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global leader in a for more in this, let's bring in d w, so time hang in to pay. so now this meeting brings together a whole range of people. there's going to be business leaders in the pie, coons politicians. they'll even be china the top. if you do me ologist, what will be the main focus of the event? or the man highlight this year is upgrade of cloud services, including the venue and the session on the internet. wow. there are also world premier of cutting edge technology, like the most talented rub up and inter spaces used on from bartending bread surgery to retail doors. really just every aspect of people's life . the conference really still kind of a ambition and it will leading role in the area of frontier technology. so speaking
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of that ambition, what is the meeting and tell us about the race for global leadership between the united states and china? well, dinah and the us, they are competing for a dominant medic predict that china will replace you as the world a 2 hour. that's a possibility. really bending the contest between these 2 countries into a battle value jeopardize the current human rights vendor, personnel private, the extra and the public interest. but the rest of the world, it's not a competition between good and evil, probably rather evil versus people. so china is biggest cyber security firm has warned about security risks with the development of the digital economy. how's that being addressed? at this meeting? it's an a i conference. so solutions are related to a i, including security with,
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for example, that they decide kind of product called wake up like when a user is endued to transfer money with high risk. the manual customer service will make an hour for advice. is the same for the ali pay when it comes to risk problems. it would have pop up windows, a warning with and high fraud and telephone numbers. so the solution shows that they can make brought losses reduced to up by 70 percent. the w correspondent. so some anti bay, so thank you. trying to eclipse germany as was leading as border of machines and manufacturing equipment last year, a year marked by supply chain disruptions. now that's according to
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a new study by german trade group, v b m a. it says chinese global market share in the sector rose to 15.8 percent in $20.00 to $20.00. that just tops german share of 15.5 percent. the year saw german machinist and manufacturers suffer their biggest drop in the business since the recession in 2009 from all a spring in our financial correspondent conrad bows and frank for conrad. an era's ended in germany is not the world's largest exporter of machinery. anymore give us your take has china has for quite a while ready? been the was largest machinery, producer, but it was only a matter of time that it also would become the largest export of machinery materials. what is concerning for people here in germany is that also more and more complex products can be produced by china. so they become more and more of
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a competition in many different fields where they're not that strong yet. is industry $4.00, which is, you know, the networked production of supply chains. the integrated supply chain management. this is where germany still has a cutting edge advantage. conrad, how worried are german machinery makers that they lose the market share with these complex products where they have a competitive edge so far? well, you forget that many of those exporters from china. so german companies, as soon as a german company sort of re, patrick, it's a machinery product to europe, to the continent. then it is counted as an export from china to germany. it's still a german product. so if you look at the gray shades of all this, it's not catastrophic message really cornered version 5 heard. thank you.
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it's to the united states now, and when the defense department there awarded microsoft, a 10000000000 dollar cloud computing contract and 29 team, amazon cry foul company had long been the world's dominant cloud provider. and it alleged that politics had decided the fate of the much hyped jet i project. now, the pentagon has canceled the disputed contract with me today when the jet, a project was canceled on tuesday, it seemed the decision making was finally back with the pentagon itself. the secretary has secretary defense was obviously final approval of this decision that hadn't always been the case in the past 4 years. says amazon, that company has long accused former us president trump, of having played a role in denying them the contract back in 2019, out of spite, as trump was known, not to be too fond of amazon boss jeff base us. so jed,
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i the joint enterprise defense infrastructure cloud went to microsoft, a major player in the cloud computing field, but not consider the market leader. the pentagon didn't comment on amazon's claims that trump ever played a role in the selection process. it's simply stated with a shifting technology environment, it has become clear that the cloud contract, which has long been delayed, no longer meets the requirements to fill the d o d capability gaps. jet. i will be replaced by a new program called joint war fighter cloud capability, and both amazon and microsoft are seen as likely partners as are the 3 other large cloud service providers, google, ibm, and oracle. cuba is expected to approve one of the, one of his vaccines against over 19, in the coming days, regulatory approval for the chart called dallas could help the speed of vaccinations across latin america where the case numbers remain high. countries are
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struggling to get shots. however, public health officials are calling for caution, saying the vaccine should be scrutinized by global drug regulators before being used around the world. for a moment of celebration and havana last month, the cuban scientist announced the results of their covert 19 vaccine trial. the shots, 92 percent reported efficacy rate puts it in the same week as those developed by pharma giants like the biotech pfizer alliance. a remarkable achievement for a tiny island of 11000000 people. havana has 5 cove in 1900 vaccine candidates and development. it's been vaccinating its own citizens since may and last month started shipping shots to venezuela. a point of national pride. no further. no, no. we cubans help others. things that other countries in the world don't do. countries that have more possibilities than we do. and we help those in need
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without any problem. cuba says 30 countries have expressed interest in its vaccines. but public health officials and even politicians are urging caution cube a state biotech firm hasn't published trial data yet or applied for approval from the world health organization. or the csr faxing is approved by the international scientific community. we will welcome it, but it must be approved. we venezuelan should not be guinea pigs going yes. but with no end in sight for latin america's vaccine shortage. summer being forced to choose between an unrecognized shot or none at all. believe it or not, portugal has become the use biggest producer of bicycles. the blocks only factory for carbon by frames. the country is being profiled as a quality location. it's a raw material that sparking a 2 wheeled revolution,
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carbon the light weight and resilient material is undergoing a boom in the north of portugal. as many as $50000.00 bike frames are set to be produced here each year. this is something that the europe need. there isn't any factory the which will do carbon fiber by frame in europe we capacity. so the whole capacity is coming from asia. portugal is bike industry is rolling right out of the economic crisis in part decoded. many people are avoiding public transit in port some china were also interrupted. europe, financial subsidies and low wages are also driving the boom. we'll see that we believe that 8500 people are already working in the bike industry here. it supports another 20 to 30000 people indirectly that numbers on the rise because the sector
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is growing in portugal. no portugal has only 2 percent of europe population. it produces almost a quarter of europe bite. it's almost a bit ironic that the bike business is doing so well here. know in lisbon or porto . you won't find out that many cyclists on the cobblestone streets. it's very hard to find a flat street. so it's very haley you, you really need a better way to go up hill, and we also don't have any biking lanes or we have them, but only at the ocean size. bite makers in portugal, acknowledge that cyclists here still have a tough road ahead of them. so see new movies in the past, people used to ride a bike 1st and then those who could afford it. switch to a motorcycle or cars. this mentality that important people have cars made bikes less appealing them, but that's starting to change. and so locally made bikes. are taking a detour, 1st to europe, and then around the world, but quite
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a few. returning to the healey city of portugal. and his reminder of the top story we are following for you at this hour chain. i hope the leading international conference on artificial intelligence that will look at innovation and see who is winning the global race for a domination. the social for novel, more check out our website at b, w dot com slash business or follow us on social media. i'm chris called rumble, and thanks for watching. have yourself in the there is a baby boom in the contact step. and it's been decided that antelope will critically endangered after falling victim to mysterious epidemic. and while the population is recovering,
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the species is still in danger. able 3000 the next on dw, the secret why behind was the discover new adventures in the 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage site. w world heritage 3. now. mm. the welcome to global 3000. in 2015 i must die off nearly wiped out like a life in catholics we find out how that during today.


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