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the, the was, ah, this is data over the news lies from berlin, turkey ready to step out security in afghanistan as the united states and all the allies pull out turkish troops are expected to go. and couples main airport talks around the way to secure afghanistan vital air linked to the world. i made a taliban resurgence also coming up herein faces, a desperate battle against covert 19th authorities, right to vaccinate against the corona virus. as an aggressive new strain pushes hospitals to breaking point italy, head for the road. 2020 final off the building,
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spain in a penalty shoot out to schools that has got decisive kick tooth in italy throughs . ah, ah me. i'm rebecca writ is welcome to the program the us and turkish defense ministers meeting today to discuss the security of cobbles airport took his troops are expected to keep guard over the important airing. in the wake of the us led coalition withdrawal from afghanistan. most us forces have already left and coalition partners, such as germany and the u. k. have also pulled out their units. the taliban. meanwhile, making sweeping gains in many parts of the country. afghan troops has been slain from the militants, that authorities vowed retake all last territory. joining us from campbell is journalist allie le t. f. e n d. w correspondent, dorian giant,
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who is standing by in a sample door in turkey, relationship with nato, and the u. s. has been strained of late, not to mention the huge security risk of maintaining foreign troops in afghanistan . why would turkey agree to continue providing this support in campbell? well i think they see this is very important opportunity to remind all of its western partners that it is a very important ally. but i think on kara is not planning to have any military confrontation with taliban. in fact, the government has reiterate to the, you know, intend to add to the 500 also, turkish military personnel presence in afghanistan. they see this purely as a, as a defense operation in so far as that they will be looking for some sort of peaceful agreement with the taliban. they are, they are, they do have very close contacts with pakistan. and in fact, the president recap, type heard, one is talking about pakistani troops been part of the operation in the airport. and turkey is where the pac on has very close ties to the taliban on top of that is
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also looking for cut off. another country that turkey has close ties with and kaltura is hosting color bond officials. so if you look into these key allies to come to some sort of agreement whereby turkey soldiers will not be in the firing line, turkeys aware of how dangerous this operation is. but it sees high diplomatic go gold to be had from taking such an operation. and it's working hard to avoid any military confrontations from its presence there. he's taking thinking to expand that's influencing. i've got to stop and would, what would it stand to gain? will undoubtedly turkey has been working very hard all across central asia, playing the ethnic target card in those countries to build its influence to build economic and diplomatic ties. and having a key role in afghanistan was certainly enhanced those efforts. so he has been very close ties of guns, kind of stunned neighbors, becky st on. and it's looking beyond those countries as well. but i think the key
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gulf, this whole operation is to repair ties of the united states. u. s. has a number of issues with turkey was poised to give sanctions again, so he would devastate the text economy playing this key role, which affectively gets us to get out of jail called free from a major diplomatic crisis. we'll see turkey reminding washington, it's a key ally, and it needs to work with turkey. dorian, thanks allie. i'll talk to you. the taliban is advancing. almost unopposed. what's the feeling there in government health areas? i wouldn't say there advancing unopposed, you know, there is a government effort to like back against them. there are people upper people appraising movement, fighting back against them and as much as we hear reports of district falling to them, we also hear reports of the districts being regained. everything is sort of in overdrive at the moment. but there is, you know, this fear that if they are able to so quickly trade, hands with the district, you know, from the government to the top barn and back and forth. that was to keep them from
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coming to call at this point. there's no real evidence that they could actually breach all of the security barriers and actually make it into the city of cobble. but that fear jeff and he does exist at the moment to people will therefore the turkish troops increase security in the long term gets actually given that the taliban has said that any foreign troops, including turkish ones, will be seen as invaders. well, the thing is that the turks have always had a unique relationship. and once they've been very close with the government, they haven't necessarily been adversarial with a tolerable and in the way other troops have been immune. if you look at the history of the turkish presidents and i want to don, they've only come under attack one, maybe twice and the entire time that they've been here. and turkey is trying to be very pragmatic and smart about the role playing. and i want to on it seems to want
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to keep every party in the country happy. and if you look at the statement that come out with recently since then out of the us, we troll, they keep saying that they can be like the one true partner for i want to on the one country that can work with them that can provide services that can really ally with them. i lena tv in cobble and dian jones is temple. thank you t voice. let's take a look now, some of the stories making news around the world. the un human rights chief is calling on the international community to take off pressure on me and not ruling military. to stop a violent crack down against protest is michelle bachelor said the situation in me emma had changed from a political crisis to a multi dimensional human rights catastrophe. the rescue is searching the rubble of a collapsed cow block in florida. have raised the official deaf toll to 36. the tower partially collapsed 2 weeks ago and with totally demolished on sunday. more
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than 100 people are still unaccounted full health authorities across latin america battling a rise in koran of ours infections. the region already has the highest kind of at 19 death rate in the world. brazil has suffered the most fatalities in the region with more than half a 1000000 deaths and followed by mexico, where over 230000 people have died and peru has reported nearly 200000 dis. johan ramirez reports from lima, where the new lambda variant is pushing the public health care system to breaking point. peru people are placing their hopes for carving depends m each on vaccination. yet progress is slow on the some 15 percent offer organs have received at least one those one of their worst rates in latin america. but for house work or something ground, it's better than nothing. most of the research looking through,
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we feel optimistic because people react well to vaccination in parole. in fact, the younger people would like everything to go faster so they can get back to native sonya from a notice. all the commerce has reopened. after a 9 month quarantine, strict safety measures remain in place. authorities comp mandated using double face mass to enters taurus and shopping centers. face shells are widely used and hand washing facilities had been installed in the streets, but it has not been enough there all the highest per capita death rate in the world . the government's response to the crisis has been widely criticized. is the one that gave those this arrived too late for the management of the pandemic is a complete disgrace, especially for the previous president. one now at least the fight over the
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last 2 peak stuff. infection seemed to have coincided with deep political crisis that in both cases, left to massive demonstrations. the 1st one was in november when political instability led to 3 precedents in one week. the 2nd wave of fraud, this is happening right now. the reason a controversial presidential election, one of the candidates cried fraud why the other claims there is a plan to sell his victory. supporters from both sides have taken to the streets, according to some experts these demonstrations could cause a 4th arise in the section car. but at this point, the concert cannot afford new lock downs. the great, this effort must be done to vaccinate the population and to start negotiating from now on new generation vaccines for the new bargain that may appear. this is the most effective measure and we have been slowing doing so on average,
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peru administers about 350000 bucks since every week. a low figure for a country of more than $33000000.00 authorities have promised that the process will accelerate government forecast estimates. that the eligible population will be immunized by the end of 2021. and you front has opened in the conflicts between the european union and bella, ruth, that he and later, alexander lucas shanker, is threatening to block you export travelling through his country to russia and china. it's the way now in turn has declared a state of emergency over the number of migrants crossing its border from bella. was these small white shadows moving in the night? are people crossing the border between bell roofs and lithuania, entering the european union? hundreds of may the journey in recent days. a record in flux, intellect, wayne,
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ya. but these migrants mainly from iraq, are at the center of a diplomatic standoff. lithuania, and di you believe bella. ruth, may be facilitating the arrivals to put pressure on the block? european council president sharp. michelle traveled to live with border area on monday to show support there's a suspicion in this is the rule pleased by the regime in europe. we are also going to do it this way. we took a decision also it's an image, a substantial instrument. last month, the you impose fresh economic sanctions on beller road. after mintz diverted a passenger plane, carrying an opposition journalist and arrested him. beller is a strong man, leader, alexander lucas shanker. has no intention of backing down your room. he said he would hold cooperation with you to control illegal migration. you don't need to do
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which every, some thing that we will close our borders with poland, lithuania, latvia, and ukraine, and become a camp for people fleeing afghanistan. iran, iraq, syria, libya and teenager. they are mistaken. uses african, we won't hold any one. they are coming not to us, but to be enlightened, warm and cozy. europe would, de escalation, doesn't appear to be an option for lucas shank or just yet so this fall please. now and in football, italy have been spain and a penalty shoot down to secure this thought in the road. 2020 final. it was $11.00 in 19 minutes and i couldn't be separated in extra time and went to penalties and italy's choice in no scored the winning spot kick off the alvaro, morocco's miss denmark. faith england later on wednesday in a battle. so the other final spot before the game, italy coach for a bed of unseen,
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he had voiced disappointment over covert 19 restrictions that prevented italian fans from traveling to england. by perhaps them seni underestimated all the italians living in britain who turned up in their thousands to give the team a raucous backing in london. oh the jubilation italian styled the country's u. k. x puts brought wembley a taste of the exotic to the accents betrayed more than a hint of local flavor. oh, he's been 53 years now without you being caught on. it's about time to win it and we can bring it home with no penalty to ruin propelled their team to the final where they hoped to win 1st european championship since $968.00. that's important
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that we knew it would be a tough game that i meant to do. i would say this was the toughest game so far in the tournament. i don't now i could be one that really tiring to reach the 6 much having traveled so much and we suffered against staying on. but we really wanted to get to the final modem for the if you want more than i want. if you not, with that final to be pleaded wembley, these funds will be back in their legions. and they're convinced that as far as the trophies destination is concerned, all roads lead to rome. and finally, the camp film festival has reopened with health passes, but no masks at the red carpet social distancing may send you the normal glamour of the event where 24 films are competing for the top prize. american direct spike li hits the jury. he's the 1st black later of the judge's musical film, a. net by french director leo carfax kick,
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kicked off the festival. and this is data b line from berlin state to now for the business news with my colleague christoph cobra, i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the hour. and there's always our website d, w dot com. i'm rebecca. it is thanks for watching the news . these places are smashing wreckers. step into all the venture is the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of us are record breaking into and now also in book form.


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