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tv   Meine Liebe aus Kerala  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2021 1:00am-1:46am CEST

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ah, ah, the news? the news . this is the w. news alive from berlin, italy, b. spain on penalties. earnings in the year or 2020 final off the match ends in a $11.00 roll georgina schools, the decisive kick. that sense it's lease truth also coming up the european union and beto who is on a collision course at their border restrictions to block you trade. this is an
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emergency of a migrant costing and border the the desperate battle against curve at 19 in peru. far bracing to vaccinate against an aggressive new strain, leaving hospitals at breaking point. ah ah hello, i'm regular mohammed in football, italy b, spain off the penalties to secure their spot in the euro. 2020 final, spain started strong, putting their opponents on the back foot, but failing to school for drink. okay, got the 1st goal, but overall, murata responded after a goal, this extra time, it least was, you know, school straight off the morocco miss from the spot sending it really into the final . on wednesday, denmark face day michael face england at wembley in battle for the other final spot
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. joining me to discuss the semi final action is max merrill from d w. sports. the next talk us through those 1st 90 minutes. well, it was a really strong start from spain and there were chances on both side, but it's really not the usual south. and that was because the spaniards really pressed them up the pitch. and there was a surprise. inclusion for about up top is not really an out now striking, but he helped with that press and it's really kind of didn't look like we have seen them in this tournament, which is full of energy and creativity. more like the cast and that show the style of football they've been known for in the past. so in the 60 minutes though it's, we finally found that stock spot rather through keeper, john luigi. don't rumour of all people who snapped up the ball on the edge of his box and started the counter attack. and that led to the gulf from federico, italy, those that back again, looked passive about more data, who had massively bad luck in the swim. it was criticized by spanish media and fans
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and drops for this game. he then hit back to school, but he proved the downs is wrong in the normal time, but the penalties must much. so the match went into extra time. how does italy get the job done? yeah, it was enervy extra time. lots of fatigue, as we often see, a lot at stake, spain have more chances. italy kind of looked happy to go into penalties. and maybe that's because before it leaves pals you went against switzerland, they've missed their last 5 penalties and international football before the penalty . shoot that hugs between the 2 keepers, but then no love lost immediately. the 1st to play is missed. and then more after turned into the tragic hero, he missed the other, his parents, he was saved and josie knew who i recently said i would have him take a penalty if my life depended on it. well, he put it in with calm and cool. i can't believe he did it the way did it actually came to play such a strong tournament? is there any stopping them now?
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well, i mean, they looked a little weaker in this game and i think this is think of a blueprint for whoever faces them. next england, or denmark, they're playing on wednesday at wembley. england obviously favored that with the home. crowd. italy, today there was 860000 strong crowd. italy had the majority, found that all ex pats we live in the u. k. though with negative negative cova tests, but we heard a few, it's coming home chance in the crowd actually because there were lots of neutral or england fans in the stands. so i think it's really they all feasible, but it's going to take a lot from either england or denmark. right. max merrill, thank you very much. now a new front has opened in the conflict between the european union and bella roost belushi and president alexander lucas shanker. was threatening to block you exports, traveling through his country to russia. and china, meanwhile, is the way now in turn has declared a state of emergency over the number of migrants costing its border from beller. bruce,
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these small white shadows moving in the night are people crossing the border between bella ruth and lithuania, entering the european union. hundreds of may the journey in recent days, a record influx into lithuania. but these migrants mainly from iraq, are at the center of a diplomatic standoff, lithuania and d. u believe beller. ruth may be facilitating the arrivals to put pressure on the block. european council president sha michelle, traveled to live with news border area on monday to show support there's a suspicion in the room, please by the ocean regime in europe. we are also that's due to duty if we took the decision also it's an image sets the thought implemented. last month the you impose fresh economic sanctions on beller roof. after mintz diverted
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a passenger plane carrying an opposition journalist and arrested him. beller is a strong man, leader, alexander lucas shanker, has no intention of backing down wrong. he said he would hold cooperation with the you to control illegal migration done. you use it to, to do which every, some thing that we will close our borders with poland, lithuania, latvia, and ukraine, and become a camp for people fleeing afghanistan, iran, iraq, syria, libya and teenager. they are mistaken. uses africa. we won't hold any one. they are coming not to us, but to be enlightened and warm and cozy. europe. what gives us the escalation doesn't appear to be an option for luca shanker just yet let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world. a number of countries have closed, they're considered in northern afghanistan. off the recent gains made by the ton of on germany codes. it's constant in missouri,
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sharif turkey and russia. i've also shopped their doors. the taliban have overrun. most of the problems is lebanon's can't take a prime minister on dia is wanting that his country is days away from a social explosion. the country is facing an economic crisis with hyperinflation and growing. unemployment says fuel shortage is already leading to social unrest. he is appealing for international support. many in the south africa will have to wait until the end of the week to find out if the former president jacob do not will go to jail. he's appealing against a 15 month prison sentence for refusing to appear for a corruption inquiry. the judge will give his ruling on friday, and the police have said they will not arrest him until then. now to south america, warehouse authorities are battling a rise in corona virus. infections the region is already dealing with the highest
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cove in 1900 death rate in the world. present. brazil has suffered the most fatalities with more than half a 1000000 deaths followed by mexico, where over 230000 people have died and peru has reported delhi 200000 death. d. w 's your hand. ramirez reports from peru where the new london variant is pushing the public health care system to breaking point. improve people are placing their hopes for carving and upon them each on vaccination. yet progress is slow. on the some 15 percent offer organs have received at least one those one of their worst rates in latin america. but for house work or some of the ground, it's better than nothing. most of the, most of the reason we feel optimistic because people react while to vaccination, improve in fact, younger people would like everything to go faster so they can get back to native
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sonya from a notice all the commerce costs reopened. after a 9 month quarantine, strict safety measures remaining place authorities, cough mandated, using job phase must to enter stores and shopping centers. phase shells are widely used and hand washing facilities had been installed in the streets, but it has not been enough there. all the highest per capita death rates in the world. the government's response to the crisis has been widely criticized. the woman gave those as a right to late for our school diploma. on the management of the pandemic is a complete to disgrace, especially for the previous president. one, now at least the face of the last 2 peaks of infection seen through have coincided with the political crisis that in both cases left 2 massive demonstrations. the 1st one was in november when political instability left 2 or 3
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precedents in one week. the 2nd wave of protest is happening right now. the reason a controversial presidential election, one of the candidates cried fraud while the other claims there is a plan to steal his victory. supporters from both sides have taken to the streets, according to some experts these demonstrations could cause a 4th arise in the infection car. but at this point, the concert cannot afford new locked down. the great, this effort must be done to vaccinate the population and to start negotiating from now on new generation by scenes for the new bargain that may appear. this is the most effective measure, and we have been slowing doing, sol, on average, peru administers about 350000 vaccines every week. a low figure for a country of more than $33000000.00 authorities have promised that the process will
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accelerate government forecast estimates that the eligible population will be immunized by the end of 2021. as long as it's bringing up your hand, ramirez, who filed with that report, he's currently in columbia capital book. now you have your report. pains quite a grim picture. how is peruse health care system holding up? the hope a system offer is going through a very difficult time because in addition to the very worried in figure stuff, no infections and the arrival of no trains in the country who is going through a major political crisis that has led thousands of people to take to the streets in protest. and so we have new cases increase in no variance arriving in the country and massive demonstrations. that is a cocktail very favorite condition for a new wave of infection science. we have to understand this in the context of
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a country, which even before the panoramic had a house, a very we tough system. so in conclusion, the forecast for, for barrow is not very bright. and in your report, you did speak to many people who blame political instability for the current situation in peru. so aside from the part, promises to speed up the vaccination drive. what else is the government doing to keep these numbers down? the government doesn't have many options. because as i said, there is going through a huge political price. the reason is that today marks a one month since the presidential election was held on the we still don't know who won this election. that's why thousands of people have been taken to this trade. so for the government right now, the, this political crisis is the priority. the panoramic is not the main issue because there are even people talking about the cost. so this is a very serious,
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so imposing a new lock down right now doesn't seem very likely because protests are, wouldn't affect, and then the economy cannot afford no lockdown. so that's why hopes are placed on vaccination. united states donated to 1000000 doses to the country, but neither will allow you to accelerate the vaccination process. but last the weekend, the part of the country received for oxygen plants donated by france. it shows that even the hopes are placed on vaccination. the country is preparing for even worse scenario. and what more do we know about the new lambda? very and, and how worried are people about this? people are very concerned, especially the scientific community. because this of lambda, a variant seems to be more dangerous. mark, contagious, and you could be devastating for dual region. there are 2 main reasons to found. the alarm bells, number one in latin america,
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most of the population depend on informal economy. it means that people need to go out to work, otherwise, data and get money. there are very few governments offering grants to its population. so even if you're locked down where decrease, people wouldn't respect them because they need to work. if they don't work, they don't each period. and number 2, even before the pandemic, the health systems in latin america were very poor. so if we now add a newest tray, more dangerous and more contagious, it could be devastating for the region d. w 's your hand, ramirez speaking to us from boca thank you. and finally, the can film festival has reopened with health passes, but no mosques at the red carpet social doesn't thing will come to the normal glamour of the event by $24.00 films, compete for the top prize. american director spike lee had the jury. the 1st black leader of the judges, and the 1st film on the program is a net,
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a musical by french director leo character. this is d w. nice live from berlin. up. next is all the latest business robots you can find out how shares in a chinese rise healing app company is being crushed by a crackdown in beijing. what's one website? d w dot com level home it? thank you for watching the news . the me
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me ah ah, the meetings crackdown devastates d d shed. the chinese bright hailing app, returning listed in new york last week has been installed, lose a face of its value in a day to china government order they found from app stores. cuba is all set to prove one of its home growing corona virus, backseat. will it be
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a savior for latin america? and more french firms are bringing their industrial production back home. i think bern fingers when they get now closing down to the local supply chain. the state of your business time or what in berlin? welcome to the program. shares in chinese ride hailing up d. d. have taken a here after the chinese government forced it to start taking on new users in china during the 1st war, st. trading sessions in spacings crackdown, dds stock price plunged 20 percent. now below the $14.00 from new york. just last week, chinese regulators have demanded that d. d be removed from app stores following a review into how some of chinese biggest firms handle customer data. well, let's get more on this from correspondence on wall street again, this quarter against what our investors thinking when it comes to d. d right now,
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yet it's not even a week ago that did he actually when public came here on the new york stock exchange and really the heat is on what i'm hearing here on wall street is that basically maybe d d a sort of waited a bit longer before the shares here at the new york stock exchange because that's at least what i'm hearing. the chinese government is not really happy with chinese companies being listed on us exchanges because then they also have to follow us regulations or us regulators actually, at least from us law. they have the right to, to look a bit deeper into the books of those chinese companies that are traded at the us exchanges. so that's really what seems to be behind the latest move. so what's been the knock on effects of the chinese firms on the new york exchange world? what is true for d, d might be true for a lot of mother chinese companies as well, which are traded at the u. x exchange in some and that has been
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a pretty hot deal recently just so far this year we had 35 chinese companies said joining us market since 2012 chinese type of companies have raised about 75 $1000000000.00 on wall street. so we're really talking a lot of money, but as i mentioned, so us regulation, say, if you don't comply with us regulations, meaning that us regulators can look at your business dealings a bit closer than you will be listed to from your as exchanges and china on the other way says, well, there was the threat to national security is that we won't give out those information. so it is a pretty tricky situation. and so it's no wonder that not just d d, but also a lot of those other chinese companies being traded at us changes got under quite some pressure here on tuesday. there is one company that is booking that trend. china's answer to twitter, way, bull. what's going on there now?
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well, i mean there are speculations, it's not confirmed that yet that actually re bill might be taken private to meaning that the chinese government and some investors might take that company off the exchange. and so make it a private for a possible valuation, at least that what some experts say of about $20000000000.00, but so far, why boys only where it's about $12000000000.00. so therefore, that stock popped on the pure speculation that it might get taken a private, but that could be a potential consequence of all those dealings between us. a regulator sent the chinese government so that if those that those companies actually might be taken off the us exchanges. scott, almost 3, thanks for keeping across it for us. next, cuba is expected to approve one of its own vaccines against over 19,
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in the coming days. regulatory approval for the shot code dollar could help speed up vaccinations across latin america where case numbers remain high, but countries are struggling to get shots. however, public health officials are calling for caution, saying the vaccines should be scrutinized by global drug regulators before being used around the world. for a moment of celebration in havana last month, the cuban scientist announced the results of their coven, 1900 vaccine trial. the shots, 92 percent reported efficacy rate puts it in the same week as those developed by pharma giants like the by on tech pfizer alliance. a remarkable achievement for a tiny island of 11000000 people. havana has 5 cove and 19 vaccine candidates and development. it's been vaccinating its own citizens since may and last month started shipping shots to venezuela, a point of national pride. and also there are no corano. cubans help others,
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things that other countries in the world don't do. countries that have more possibilities than we do. and we help those in need without any problem. cuba says 30 countries have expressed interest in its vaccines. but public health officials and even politicians are urging caution. cuba state biotech firm hasn't published trial data yet or applied for approval from the world health organization . csr. faxing is approved by the international scientific community. we will welcome it, but it must be approved. we venezuela and should not be guinea pigs going yes. but with no end in sight for latin america's vaccine shortage. summer being forced to choose between an unrecognized shot or none at all. now let's have a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. the pentagon that is scrapping a $10000000000.00 cloud computing contracts. i'm looking a fresh for a multi cloud slash, multi vendor providers. they put it right soft,
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has won the massive contract, but that was challenged when amazon code is a political decision. the pentagon says to says the 2 are the only class that is provided able to meet the needs, but it will consider other firms as well. tech companies could stop offering their services in hong kong if the chinese territory proceeds with plans to change privacy laws. that's according to the asia internet connection and industry group that includes google, facebook and twitter, new laws, sanctions, some content platforms. they may become liable. question check, giant tech giant yon decks plan to launch self driving delivery robots on $250.00 us college campuses later this year is becoming the latest push into foreign markets and a statement of russian groups that it will partner with us delivery rub up to deploy these health driving over okay, that is accelerating
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a phenomena that's been a while in the making, reassuring, as opposed to off shoring. many companies bringing home parts of their industrial production to become less dependent on foreign supplies. is that to create thousands of new jobs in france, this mid sized company began shifting its production away from boilers using conventional fuel to energy saving heat pumps. a few years ago to achieve this, the french room has been bringing parts of its production capacity back from eastern europe. and that if he did all of that, he said we are, we storing the production of the times because they are strategic element of our a heat pump that helps us protect our innovation. plus we are reducing our overall production through optimization and lower transport fees are no longer having to deal with lengthy transport, a quantity model. but that resource process would have nearly ground to hold last
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year due to the pandemic. if it were in for an 800000 year government subsidy, the company received towards its latest $5000000.00 euro investment in new production facilities. and i fell off by every french market had practically collapse because of cobra 19. and that made us question our decision to relocate. government was it, it is also when we received the offer of government support, we knew we have to go for a little bit. we are creating 10 more jobs this year. and it isn't the company's not an isolated case bringing back into c to france is part of the country's plan to re launch. it's pandemic, it economy. he thought that press can, we are providing 500000000 years of government support to 500 companies on reassuring pul paid so. so me, you know,
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all the country has been de industrialized for 30 years and yet the industry is the backbone of our economy. is clear and that a lot of the not, i couldn't, i mean this expert says the number of reassuring operations will at least double this year, and hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created in the long run. but there are limits said for now only small and the reproduction short. we won't be able to bring back all of our industry, but we no longer have enough qualified personnel. the heat tom company though, is determined to go through with its re shoring plan. was this is a local phone call, please. we will add another 50 to 70 job over the next 5 years and try not the new personnel ourselves if needed to log back off on this. the company will construct an additional hunger for the new production facilities on this adjacent area to
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bring home even more job in the future. for the increase in re shoring hasn't been universally welcome some analysts say, relying too much on production. any single country is risky. we've been hearing from chief economist comments. thank you, kramer. i think a better strategy is not to put all x into one basket. that means to diversify your risk regarding your supply chains. and strategy like sample would be to choose additional global supplies are to increase the number of countries where the supplies are located are to move away from just in time production and to build up inventories. that means they are out a lot of alternatives to simply put production back to your own country because the emphasis increases the risks. and lastly, swedish energy company vacuum fall has started construction on the 1st major
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offshore wind farm to be built without subsidies the farm willing to $140.00 wind turbines like at a location off the coast of the netherlands as expected to become operational in 2023, a number of wind power projects has exploded and the shift green energy. but the typically require government support about the project is a sign that renewable projects are on the way to being self sufficient. that's all from the business team here in berlin till next time. good by the news. ah, there's a baby boom in the contact step. and it's in the psych antelopes were critically endangered after falling victim to a mysterious epidemic. and while the population is
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recovering, the species is still in danger. 3000. next on d, w. we failed. i can. i think there was no tomorrow. at some point, supplies were now grounded with the old need. we said recently, now we all have more of them for longer made in germany 60 minutes on the w. o o. the news was right in front of it. they're all for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone the or the game central. here were 202021.
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thrown off course during the qualifying ground. not these for sports heroes. actually, it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready down during walk down the go to tokyo, georgia july 19th on w, the me ah, the welcome to the label 3000 and in 2015 i must die off nearly white out. besides life and catholics. we find out how they're doing today. the columbia is coffee farmers face to peek futures as temperatures right,
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even at high altitude. but 1st, we had to the arctic ghost town of buck who talked where residents are pending that hopes on brushes, new plans for its polar region. in 2007, russia planted a flag full 1000 meters deep on the north pole feedback to stake its claim. to the arctic of the ice caps melts, competition for the regions precious resources is heating up by 2035. russia comes to him back to millions and infrastructure and the application. one key components is an increased military presence to defend rushing interest in case of conflicts. as russia aspirations have jarred with other arctic nations like canada and norway . the most only icebreakers can get through the arctic ocean of russia. ah, the melting ice has been opened up. the northeast passage between the north atlantic
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and pacific all year round ships could transport russian oil and gas straight across the arctic ocean and opportunity for the northern russian regions to flourish. for the dying city of bucking tough, it could mean salvation. ah, really and entire areas in the russian town as i abandon oh, every year around 2000 people leave town in the arctic. but it's hardy, it's because still has a lot to do. she opened to beauty salon here in her hometown 9 years ago. around it doesn't customers come to her every day. she hopes her salon can give them a moment's break from the harsh reality of daily life. you spring ship out for my, my opinion. the women in board could tell me more beautiful than anywhere else. you
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should know many women on the planet and live in such a harsh northern time. it is we days before. she knows all too well how hard life is here. luck. latan live north of the arctic circle, 180 kilometer from the arctic ocean. in the winter minus 35 degrees celsius is quite normal, even in the summer it can suddenly stop snowing. laquata is a monitor town. the entire city is dependent on one industry cold, but the regional government says the deposits will be exhausted by 2037. that reminds all around the city, but only for if the original 13 is still in use. since the soviet era, more than 60 percent of the population has left walker tom, redeem shamal. there are many people left and hardly any jobs we plan to leave. so
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you can see how many of the houses are in terrible condition. you know that they will. and everything's just going to who, who just know to go from the sand to schools and kindergarten are close to group. oh, it's a vicious cycle. social institutions like schools are being close because people are moving away because they close even more people leave visual work. officials are trying to regulate the number of people leaving, but a struggling to keep up. there are more than 14000 names on the, a waiting list for resettlement to another region. that's almost a 3rd of the remaining residence. the empty apartments in the suburbs have become a problem for the cities. government. entire districts have had to close it. a lot of people get relocated and move away, and lots of some apartment buildings only have 2 or 3 families left. but the central heating and sewer system have to run for the whole building. so the city is paying for the empty apartment, its a big problem. you follow the soviet era,
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monuments pay homage to the minus more coal for the mother land. it says here, but the demand for that coal is falling, especially in europe. now russia has a strategy for the arctic that could offer a glimmer of hope for residence here, even though it's disputed internationally. russia wants to stop people leaving by investing an infrastructure, particularly for the extraction of natural resources like gas and oil. they've even factored in climate change. the warming of the arctic could open up new transport rates. voc talk would become a dry port, including for coal, with a railway line to the application. the region is counting on the foundation project, even though currently it only exists on paper steven the month instead of russia using traditional export routes to the west and south of the country. our northern regions could be linked to the northern sea route and the arctic to you, and we hope that as a result,
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we can be connected to the global logistics networks and that's grown and ideas the natalia sickle. it's fun as well. she's investing in her business beauty salon will move to a new building thing. the renovations are in full swing, but she says she too might turn her back on her home town. one day, her son is about to graduate sickle dreams of buying a salon in moscow. she says there's no guarantee that government projects in the article will work out before dark too. too difficult to say anything about the project for now because it's all just getting started. what could we really want a breath of fresh air? here's something new, more than maybe the idea of moving won't be such a burning issue for people anymore. but most people are no longer willing to wait. those who can are choosing to leave fucker tar rather than betting on a future in the russian outtake. um
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is a blue planet around 70 percent of that stuff. it's covered in water. climate change is causing temperature to rise. a c has absorbed much of this excess heat so far, which will help to increase. but now see temperatures rising significantly and with that sea levels escalation, melting, and the warm water is expanding. since the 1900 sea levels have risen by around 20 centimeters. but about half of that since $993.00. if the trend continues, levels could rise by another one meter 10 by the end of this century. in our unseen series, this week we had to times capital, bangkok, water has already become a real danger i leave before the flat happen area. my daughter was only 2 years old
1:38 am
watch came slowly, like one step and start getting bigger and bigger and every less in 15 years off and i'm calling is going to be under the water. sea level is rising, 5 millimeters a year and inbound call. they also have the problem also land subsidence $12.00 centimeters a year. so it's just one meter above the home. so we need to be adaptive if people had no offense
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that come in to see what we have water in every direction from the falling rain or i know flooding from the not the this is my home actually trying to use my profession, the tools that i have as a landscape architect to tackle climate change in my city. a lot of spanish happening was we didn't know and suddenly to the water attack, when the water doesn't have the area to stay. so if you stay on the road, send the house of people, millions of people, high people and i are homeless. this place actually want all the way
1:40 am
from that. i have my parents that i have to carry and i have to taking care when the flood shot, the whole city me, we need to increase so says try to do with the taishan. so face, when the water goes through the surface and can, everybody can help or slow down the discharge to the cd. you need to increase as much as you can degrade area, not a big parking phase. so conway into, with attention. so we have 700 tempos in the city is con, word, back into queen area is a lot. and i think the level you should have knowledge for some
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whole every year. different comes you know, i'm, i'm building my house right now. i spend a lot of money to building my house. i'm always thinking, you know, okay. one day i was thinking to be under the be anyway and somebody was going to happen in really still in. can you ask me i think rash people already by land in march and you know, like poor people, it's really difficult for them to move. you know, the whole life that the job that the family there
1:42 am
many to see around the law is not actually designed to tackle this problem. what is changed? so i just feel that every throughout, that's when we think the design of architecture of a we house of every buildings have to wait on the other families. it's actually the biggest length of time in asia. we actually have the requirement to have a beauty, be inclined to hope how student architecture and then use to some of that to be part of the by choosing is we call like a, we got some rain. so normally we're not flung in the pipeline on the road is actually going to fly in the park and we have, we saw what a tank can keep the water, the news,
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every action my do a we leave. i like the way we support our way of buying things on who issues to work with my baby. maybe only one can not be effective, but we have millions of people here. my baby can help me the this is probably how coffee was made a 1000 years ago, but a lot has changed since then. today, coffee is a global commodity and it's grown in many countries across the world. around a 175000000 bags were produced in 2020 each weighing 60 kilograms. coffee is also at the mercy of climate change in columbia. the 3rd largest coffee growing
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nation after brazil, and farmers off bearings for the future. ah, she's just set off on her round through her coffee plantation, but clara largo is already feeling anxious. are the coffee cherries still healthy? or have they been attacked by the curse had beatles wouldn't come yet to not be called climate change is feeling the spread of the coffee board beetle. me. you know, if you don't check the cherries all the time, they are more into the fruit and, and everything is the whole lago family trudges along the steep slope after heavy rainfall. the path is slippery and indeed there are beatles everywhere they might not. okay. the problem is these quitters, they've invaded the area and destroyed the entire bean. look, it's eaten away the center. mean. it's heartbreaking for the farmers once again.
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years harvest is mediocre. at best coffee plants are sensitive. they need a mild climate between 18 and 21 degrees celsius, combined with moderate rainfall. but as the earth warms the weather, patterns here are less predictable. nobody, really, none of them were ruined. we're going under because we don't earn enough money to buy food. and we don't have enough to pay our kids wages. i know he was here at an altitude of 1300 meters. logos, coffee trees are dining after 3 unusually hot summers in a row. there is nothing left but barren branches. it makes you sad, and damn, don't you see how the plants are drawing up even when they're watered, they don't survive 7 years ago, the family took out a loan in order to.


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