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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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helped passes, but no face mass on the red carpet social distance single, subdue the normal glamour of the festival, where $24.00 films will be competing for the top ride. the american director spike li heads the jury this year. he's the 1st black leader of the jury. the 1st film on the program is a net, a musical by french director leo car watching the w news with me. brent golf rob, what's up next with the w business needs to get around. he will be right back is who's worried about the planet to the host of the on the green fence, pasco, we need to change. join me for dive into the green transformations for me to use for the
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women in asia in the me will put all the money and money on the voices. the only way i can do is to create my own empire this weekend on d. w. the beijing's crackdowns devastates b. d. shad. the chinese ride hailing app which only listed in new york last week because they don't lose all of its value in a day. it's after china government order, the band from pat stores. cuba is all set to approve. one of his home grown corona virus, backseat, will it be a savior for latin america?
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and no french firms are bringing their industrial production back home. i think, i think is when the found that a hit now closing down global supply chain as the state of your business, some of what's in berlin. welcome to the program. shares in chinese ride heading up d. d. have taken a here to the chinese government forced it to stop taking on new uses in china during the 1st war, st. trading sessions in spacings crack down the stock price, plums 20 percent. now below the $14.00 from new york i v, i just last week. chinese regulators have demanded that d. d be removed from app stores, ordering a review into how some of china's biggest firms handle customer data. well let's get more on this from correspondence on wall street again this quarter. again. what are investors thinking when it comes to d t right now?
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it's not even a week ago that did he actually when public come here under new york stock exchange and really the heat is on what i'm hearing here on wall street is that basically maybe d d a should have waited a bit longer before the sheriff's here at the new york stock exchange because that's at least what i'm hearing, the chinese government is not really happy with chinese companies being listed on us exchanges because then they also have to follow us regulation. so us regulators actually, at least from us law, they have the right to to look a bit deeper into the books of those chinese companies that are traded at the us exchanges. so that's really what seems to be behind the latest move. so what's been the knock on effect of the chinese firms on the new york exchange? well, what is true for a d d might be true for a lot of mother chinese companies as well, which are traded at the u. x exchange is some and that has been
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a pretty hot deal recently just so far. this year we had $35.00 chinese companies said joining us market since 2012 chinese type of companies have raised about $75000000000.00 on wall street. so we're really talking a lot of money, but as i mentioned, so us regulation, say, if you don't comply with us regulations, meaning that us regulators can look at your business dealings a bit closer than you will be delivered to from your ethnic changes and china on the other way it says, well, there was the threat to national security is that we won't give out those information. so it is a pretty tricky situation. and so it's no wonder that not just d d, but also a lot of those other chinese companies being traded at us changes got under quite some pressure here on tuesday. there is one company that is booking that trend. china's answer to twitter, away bull. what's going on well,
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i mean there are speculations, it's not confirmed that yet, that actually re bill might be taken private to meaning that the chinese government and some investors might take that company off the exchange. and so make it a private for a possible valuation, at least that what some experts say of about $20000000000.00. but so far, why boy's only worth about 12000000000. so therefore, that stock popped on the pure speculation that it might get taken a private, but that could be a potential consequence of all those dealings between us regulator sent the chinese government so that if those that those companies actually might be taken of the us exchanges scores almost 3, thanks for keeping across it or for us. next, cuba is expected to approve one of its own vaccines against over 19,
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in the coming days. regulatory approval for the shot code dollar could help speed up vaccinations across latin america where case numbers remain high, but countries are struggling to get shots. however, public health officials are calling for caution, saying the vaccines should be scrutinized by global drug regulators. before being used around the world for a moment of celebration in havana last month, the cuban scientist announced the results of their covert 19 vaccine trial. the shots, 92 percent reported efficacy rate puts it in the same week as those developed by pharma giants like the by on tech pfizer alliance. a remarkable achievement for a tiny island of 11000000 people. havana has 5 cove in 1900 vaccine candidates and development. it's been vaccinating its own citizens since may and last month started shipping shots of venezuela, a point of national pride. and also there are no co, i know we cubans help others,
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things that other countries in the world don't do. countries that have more possibilities than we do. and we help those in need without any problem going on in cuba says 30 countries have expressed interest in its vaccines. but public health officials and even politicians are urging caution. cuba state biotech firm hasn't published trial data yet or applied for approval from the world health organization . so faxing is approved by the international scientific community. we will welcome it, but it must be approved. we venezuelan should not be guinea pigs when he does india . but with no end in sight for latin america's vaccine shortage, summer being forced to choose between an unrecognized shot or none at all. now let's have a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. the pentagon, that is scrapping a $10000000000.00 cloud computing contracts. i'm looking a fresh for a multi cloud flash, multi vendor providers. they put it right soft,
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had won the massive contract, but that was challenged when amazon code is a political decision. the pentagon says to says the 2 are the only cloud service providers able to meet its needs, but it will consider other firms as well. tech companies could stop offering services in hong kong if the chinese territory proceeds with plans to change privacy laws. that's according to the asia internet connection and industry group that includes google, facebook and twitter, new laws, sanctions, the content platforms, they may become liable. christian check, giant tech giant young decks plans to launch self driving delivery robots on $250.00 us college campuses later this year. it's becoming the latest push into foreign markets in the statement of russian groups that will partner with us delivery rub hub to deploy the health, driving movers. okay,
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it is accelerating a phenomenal that's been a while in the making, reassuring, as opposed to off shoring. many companies bringing home parts of their industrial production to become less dependent on foreign supplies. is that to create thousands of new jobs in france. this mid sized company began shifting its production away from boilers using conventional fuel to energy saving heat pump. a few years ago to achieve this, the french room has been bringing parts of its production capacity back from eastern europe. on this, he did all of the shoring the production of in them a few times because they are strategic element of our a heat pump. that helps us protect our innovations. plus we are reducing our overall production through ultima zation and lower transport fees was no longer having to deal with lengthy transport delays. good luck on it. but that resource
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process would have nearly ground to hold last year due to the pandemic. if it were in for an 800000 year government subsidy, the company received towards the latest $5000000.00 your investment in you production facilities. and i fell off with the french market, had practically collapse because of private 19. and that made us question our decision to real kate government was it was it? it is also that when you receive the offer of government support, we knew we have to go for a moment yet it, it was creating 10 more jobs this year has ended around the end of the company's not an isolated case. bringing back into c to france is part of the country's plan. to relaunch its pandemic hit economy. he thought that press can, we are providing 500000000 years of government support to 500 companies are reassuring pul paid. so me,
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you know who the case of our country has been de industrialized for 30 years. and yet, the industry is the backbone of our economy. cool. and that a lot of that i couldn't, i mean, this expert says the number of reassuring operations will at least double this year, and hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created in the long run. but there are limits for now only small and the reproduction short. so we won't be able to bring back all of our industry, but we no longer have enough qualified personnel. the heat pump company, though, is determined to go through with its re shoring plan. our process is a local phone call, please. we will add another 50 to 70 jobs over the next 5 years and try not the new personnel ourselves if needed last night. also an article this, the company will construct an additional hunger for the new production facilities
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on this adjacent area to bring home even more jobs in the future. for the increase in rejoining hasn't been universally welcome some at least say relying too much on production. any single country is risky. we've been hearing from chief economist comments bank year kramer. think a better pedagogy is not to put all x into one basket. that means to diversify your risk regarding your supply chains. and it's kind of like sample would be to choose additional global supplies are to increase the number of countries where the supplies are located are to move away from just in time production and to build up inventories. that means they are, they are a lot of alternatives. to simply put production back to your own country because of the emphasis increases the risks. and lastly, swedish energy company vitamin fall has started construction on the 1st major
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offshore wind farm to be built without subsidies. the fall would include $140.00 wind turbines like a location off the coast of the netherlands as expected to become operational in 2023. number of wind power projects has exploded them at the shift green energy, but the typically require government support about child project is a sign that renewable projects are on the way to being self sufficient. that's all for me in the business team here in berlin till next time. good by the news. people in trucks injured when trying to feed into more and more refugees are being turned away. families to be crated. and trade. people seem extreme
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getting 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are speaking with huge. why? because no one should have to flee the make up your own line. w. need for mines in the name of climate change, the city people what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity meeting video, click and enter. sometimes
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a cd is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for, for ah, the welcome to arts and culture, a new documentary entitled who we were, looks at the possibility that our days on this planet may be numbered. also coming up, we pay a visit to the luma le, are center in southern france where frank neary gunning aluminum plant cower shines . it's centerpiece and much of the streets are that we know and love today.


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