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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 10:30pm-11:15pm CEST

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like the sing along to come from super munsey to the internet of exercises. everything is online, mobile interactive gym and to free with the delegate. the british government today propose they plan to fix what he calls a very broken asylum system. it calls for putting asylum seekers and all shore detention centers, those arriving by boat over the english channel. they could be arrested, a breaks, it promised, kept. and one that may be illegal us, while makers will tell you that their immigration system also needs major reforms. president biden use those exact words just last weekend, but unlike wonder, washington has no new plan on the table to fix the problem. the crisis at the border remains what it has been for a very long time,
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a crisis. i'm bring gulf and berlin. this is the day the 2 curves up and leave everything you know, go to another place, no matter where it is. freedom, indeed, the big pen. i'm so excited about being an american citizen. i want to thank you for choosing nice. let me necessarily thank you for choosing the united states of america. thank you. thank you so much, pam. so me now, believe america is worthy of your aspirations. they accept me. the country have democracy and freedom. immigration has always been essential to america. also coming up, it has been almost a year since that massive explosion devastated much of the liberties capital
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b route. it sent the country into a political, social, and economic depression. the likes of which the world has rarely seen in the past 200 years was saying that these people committed to pay such a high price. although the ebony people supposed to die outside hospitals while we wait to hold the corrupt to counsel at the school to our viewers on p b. s. in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with borders and those who want to cross them and see want to guard them. today, the u. k. government proposed a plan that would criminalize attempts to reach the u. k. illegally. it would expand the scope of border forces to make arrests and also place asylum seekers in offshore detention centers. all of this apparently modeled on the existing systems in denmark and australia. critic say the plan would violate international law, protecting refugees. any plan calling for asylum seekers?
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to be kicked out of the country would violate a un refugee convention signed by countries including the u. k. now the u. k and the united states share huge immigration challenges. one of the greatest is how to allow people to arrive at the border and legally apply for asylum or start the path to citizenship. for decades, the u. s. congress has tried and failed to reform the countries immigration policies. the problem at the border is getting worse, but that has not diminished the hopes or the numbers of people who want to become citizens of the united states. the w carleen troy picks up that part of the store. oh see, can you see where the house and new americans have been welcomed all over the country within the last week and they have been waiting for at least 5 years for this very moment to happen. this celebration took place among vernon,
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the home of the 1st us president, george washington, russia. sudan. 39 people from 32 different countries are now american. your for green master will be u. s. army since 2019. he's waited for 5 years to become an american citizen feeder. we see that freedom judges from where i come from. so where i am right now, there's a big difference when it comes to freedom come to respect for human life and comes through human rights and all of this things, things that are anywhere outside america. but in america, something we enjoy in abundance. so freedom is indeed the big thing, but i'm so excited about being an american citizen who was born in vietnam on the communist countries. un yeah, i used to be a commented party member and i renounce it. so
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i joined this country and they accepted me this country have democracy and freedom. my thought more. i made a right 6 years ago with her family from sudan. i am wait a long time will come in here. thank you. thank you so much pam. so have the now the number of not realizations has little to do with the sitting president and has always been that high. it only went down last year because of course it, you're the tower tells every year encourage you to come back your nation of immigrants and we are stronger as a country as you, when you bring in a diverse and inclusive crowd from depth from different countries and cultures, and it just makes us better as a country and i be a united states was billed on 245 years or
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2. okay. i really enjoyed joins me now from washington. good evening to you currently. that was a powerful piece there that you put together. and you know, we just celebrate the 4th of july independence day holiday in the us. it's america's birthday. for the 400000000 people who are us citizens. was it a birthday party that everyone felt invited to well branch, so many things in this country. also the 4th of july was quite an invite at holly. they many people had barbecues, of course, and we're celebrating not just the 4th of july, but the evening of the kobe restrictions, actually, it seems as if the pandemic is over here in the united states. because we saw a large gatherings all around the country. and of course the traditional fi, your photo in washington dc presented by that and the 1st lady deal by and watched the fireworks from their balcony and had a huge dinner at the white house,
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but then brand. we also learned today that more than 180 people were killed in shootings across the us over the 4th of july holiday weekend. and this is the data published by the gun violence archive in toto. there were more than 540 shootings over the holiday weekend in chicago, and texas in virginia and ohio. the shootings happened in large gatherings drunk people and of course the fact, but it's easy to access guns in certain parts of this country. those new americans in your story, the naturalized citizens, do they have a picture of their new homeland that varies fundamentally from the image. those born in the united states seem to share why the ones we talk to compare it to their own country of origin. we just saw in the report of vietnam's food on the area and comparing this countries to the us,
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they are short. they would feel a sense of freedom in the united states because their countries have been riddle away with corruption and crime. i don't think the perception of the united states varies that much between the new citizens and, and the ones we were talking to. and the once we're hearing the yes, this brings us, of course, to immigration reform, or the lack thereof. congress is tried for decades to fix the problems. it's failed every time president by and he called her immigration reform last weekend at the white house, but it is not on the horizon. why is that? as been so many issues, friends and reforms, president biden is trying to initiate the main harald for him is the republican majority in congress. the democrats only have a race or a majority in both chambers of congress and legislative measures like like immigration reform, for example,
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can only be passed by 2 thirds of the vote in the upper house. this means 60 votes in the senate, and this means, of course, that democrats have to lobby a lot and convince at least henry probably come senators to vote for a proposal that comes from the democratic part from the democratic party. and at the end, this can only happen if both sides agree to, to compromise. as we have seen, for example, during the infrastructure, the base, if they are also going to agree on an immigration reform, it's doubtful by them would have to give up, for example, some aspects that republicans will not accept like the path to as it is in shape for almost 11000000 undocumented immigrants, you know, every nation has a right to defend its borders and it has the right to control who enters and leaves the country. and that's the fundamental right of a sovereign nation. is that given enough attention in the discussion about the immigration crisis at the border with mexico? that's a very interesting question. brandon, this is actually one of the main arguments from the republican side. of course,
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every country has that right about. the truth is that everything is also connected to political boundaries are not real boundaries, as we know. and this is perhaps something we can really learn from the pandemic. the virus will not stop at the u. s. boundary. for example. it will just trespass every control and what i want to point out with this is that the immigration problem is very complex. yes, yes. has the right to control it's border, but it also has a duty to help people. and this is what initially, a president by them meant by talking about a more humane immigration policy. this is also what i'm going to america in germany promised in the year 2015. and indeed, these countries also can help to tackle the root causes. in this case, the director of seeking, for example, is destroying democracies like the one on doris. and the main market for these drugs are here in the united states and in europe as well. so these countries are not completely disconnected from the reasons not are forcing people to flee before we even want to ask you those naturalized american citizens in your report. they
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came to the united states and became citizens the legal way, if you will, do they feel that their years of, of patients and that they are stamina for all of the bureaucracy today? do they feel like that that is adequately acknowledged by the public? well i have the feeling that they don't really care about that they knew it wouldn't be a nice and easy and nice path to go. and in order to get the u. s. citizenship and they were just celebrating that they are now american citizens. they didn't really have a problem with people knowing how difficult the path was and they were just proud, really proud and happy to be part of the country now. yeah, it was very, very good for the. so if you will to hear what they were were saying curling it's more important tonight from washington. kimberly and thinking
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the we're now more on the british government's plan to move asylum seekers to detention centers and arrest those who enter the country illegally. number 10 downing street says new legislation is necessary and it points to the growing numbers of asylum seekers arriving in the u. k. by boat. now that's despite a drop in the overall number of asylum seekers. here's how home secretary pretty could tell. describe the plan earlier this year. people are coming to the united kingdom, illegally thing, smart lives, but it would be awful. parents genies coming from site countries, which is france, italy, germany, belgium. people should be claimed the thought in both countries, if baffling, prosecution, i'm not coming to the united kingdom. so it's imperative with all the countries and other countries and work with us to create a safe and inhumane trade. where individuals are being smuggled that being
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facilitated, whether life being put at risk and being subject to all sorts of restful behaviors . 5 people smoking this, well not to be not my next guest is michelle paste. she's an associate fellow with the your program at the british thinktank chatham palace. she's also a professor of global studies in denmark, and that is where she joins me tonight. it's good to have you on the program. the overall figures of asylum seekers in the u. k. is pretty low compared to other countries and just a few 1000 a year. is this new law? is it needed or is this about keeping a breaks it promise? well, it's very difficult to understand the government's strategy. the question we can ask is, today really think that these proposals would work, or is this all about getting some short term publicity and who would be blamed if it doesn't work? and as we know, pre to pretty pretend it's already on the fire from the hard right over her failure
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to stop the channel vote. and if she's unable to offer an effective option processing system, then she will be left looking pretty weak. so if we look at the lloyd says it was just a note to then published today. a lot of this is actually already know. so it doesn't actually very new at all. and the sections independent are new. i likely to lead to a lot of uncertainty. and to geisha, so there will be a lot of work for lawyers. very bad news for asylum seekers. but also for do you have public church? you talk about the new parts of this legislation and you're referring to these detention centers off short attention centers for asylum seekers. but i understand these are modeled on existing systems in denmark and australia. so is this proposed legislation? is it in compliance with international law?
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no, from a purely legal position. any policy that involves the expulsion of genuine asylum seekers will clearly violates the united nations 1951 refugee convention which britain is. of course the natural so is it that is it that white and white the can they not say that these detention centers are off? sure, but still within the jurisdiction of the u. k. which means they haven't kicked out the asylum seekers. well, the question is, if the detention center does come up and there isn't any of the danish memorandum understanding which we wonder from the running government point of view, there is no agreement with mark about this processing. so the question remains, even if these offshore centers are set up under which legislation will these claims
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be held? so who into the service of denmark, under which law would these processes be conducted? and then to be answered, well, when you're in denmark, does this, does this system work in denmark and can you see it working for the u. k? it is, it is not a system that is working in the market is still just a member and of understanding. and as i said, there is no such agreement between denmark and one day, yet just simply amount of understanding. and one's in foreign policy just issued a statement a few days ago to stipulate that there's no such agreements with denmark to actually set up an auction and 7, the one that took to process these, assign the modifications. so i think from a very legal point of view, these are very questionable proposals and statements that are being made. not just by, of course, the danish government or other government seeking to emulate the danish statement. ne austria as well. so sorry, and i was just going to ask you,
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we heard pretty but to tell calling on european union countries to step up and work with the u. k. but isn't it the case that prior to breaks it, the u. k. had an agreement with you countries or returning migrants which became defunct when the u. k. left the u. that's correct. so under the w 3 regulation, which establishes which you repeat, nation is responsible for examining the final request. of course, do you pay with parts of that before breaks it, but now this no longer in the u. k. so any ideas that are outlined in this new bill and there have been similar ideas that have been put forward by previous u. k. governments. they have been purely rejected on legal, ethical, operational, financial and foreign policy grounds. so i sitting just as proposes will most probably meet the same fate effect. the british government repeatedly talks about
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taking back control of its borders. does it have more or less control? since leaving the well, once we have seen since the 23rd of june referendum is that of course, it's 5 years since. and now officially do pay is all tied to you. and most you not subject to it through. however, i shouldn't that the post wrecks that you k you relationship is still very much work in progress, as we have seen on the issue of northern ireland for instance. so i would see that the role between britain and, and you will still re john over the terms of that relationship and what we have seen since january 2021 is the u. k. implementing what they call a new immigration policy. we have seen that the result of this is that in several
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sectors that have been report of neighbor shortages, not least in the have to tell him to factor. so i don't think that this bill will address the huge backlog of asylum application applications and claims that have been made to the u. k. and refugees will not stop coming to seek refuge in safe country. it's a very good point to make michelle pace from the british, the take chatham house, because we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. it's good to have you to help put this into context for us. thank you. you are the, the caretaker prime minister of lebanon says that his country is on the brink of collapse on the arb is appealing to foreign donors to release a money saying, suffering and the country is reaching tragic proportions. the value of the liberties currency has dropped by 990 percent during the current crisis, and there are shortages of almost all basics. the world bank describes the economic
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crisis is one of the worst seen in the world since the 18 fifty's lebanon has been without a formal government for 11 months. a huge hurdle to help. because donors have made releasing aden funds to the government in beirut, conditional on the formation of a government. and i will ask you to, i appeal through you to the king's princes, presidents and leaders of brotherly and friendly countries. and i call upon the united nations and all international bodies, international community and global public opinion, to help save the life of these from death and prevent the demise of lebanon and further look in lebanon is a few days away from social explosion. i'm at the job. the liberties of facing the stock fate alone will look many your own you as your home and what the home had on my theater muslim. alright, let's go now to our correspondent basel already he joins me from the liberties
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capital b root good evening to you. so what does the, the prime minister, when he says it were a few days from social explosion? what does that actually mean? it means a lot, in fact, especially when we talk about the facts on the ground, we see that that is shortage in substances. main substances. goods, there is cues, many gas stations, the hospital asking for this is for the generators, the generators. some people are afraid that the next day they want to know how much the currency and look at currency will be against if the dollars, as you mentioned before, the, the, it was a 99 percent or 99 percent of its value loss against the us the others and according to the central bank governors, 74 percent of the economy is to the right based on dollars. so when we talk about touch crisis, that means more than 74 percent of the economy. and if it uses completely destroyed,
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i mean, he's also warning that the health care system could also collapse. i mean, what are you hearing there on the ground to meet people? people get sick and need to go to the doctor or the emergency room. is that still possible? yeah, of course it is possible right now, but the hospitals, doctors shopping load asking the government to act rapidly. they, they, they are talking about shortage in medical supplies. as i mentioned before, the hospital is afraid that the diesel or that is essential for the generative sensor that has power got more than 18 hours per day. though the, they, they count on the private generators which, which means that they need these are, these is not, they're not, we can't hold it easily in the market. they go to the black market, which is better, and very high prices. so they, they asked the government to act quickly if they lost the least generated that mean
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the people, the patient will lose their lives in the main, the, in the in bus of the world sees this. and, you know, everyone asked why can't the political parties in lebanon get their act together and agree on forming a government? this is the most hard, this, the most sophisticated question and lebanon. why they can, everybody is asking why they can let me give you a small brief event. we are talking about the use of political court with talking about political corruption multiple isn't everything related to these political rulers is based on corruption or most of it. they, when they go to the institutions, i mean, the constitution of institutions and live in and all the one, whenever they hired a please. this is based on the secretariat and political influence. everything is related to the political parties. so right now the,
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all they're talking about for 2 ministers who is going to appoint these 2 ministers . the are the whole country is falling apart. it's a state i know they are having a debate about who's going to ministers out of 24. it's totally crazy. nobody can believe them what we believe that there is more their own interest. and that's what the foreign ministers, european foreign ministers, the american u. s. talks about that these, these politicians are seeking for their own personal interests instead of the, the newspaper. and that is the biggest tragedy in all of this, for sure, we've got about 20 minutes. now let me ask you what, what tip lebanon the into this depression? was it the cobra, 1900 crisis? is it last year's explosion in the port in bay root, and how close would you say is lebanon now to becoming a failed state?
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it is on the edge. it's not because of the metal explosion lost here or because of the carbon 1900 a couple of years ago. as i said, again, it's because of 30 years of corruption. when we talk about corruption, which we will talk about, many branches come out of it. social economy, financial, political, everything related to the call option. so basically, all, many experts and officials there were talking they, they said that they could do it concerned that lebanon was at each stop state many years ago. and they asked many, many times again. and again, the rulers, political rulers, to change to, to do some reforms. and by the way, this was the international committee asking for, for, basically, for on to now, the flesh initiative is about log into launched a year ago about a month ago. then we didn't witness a single reform. yes, it's for the w as bustle of really with the leaves tonight. so tragic developments
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there in beirut. bustle, thank you. thank you. well, the day is almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find this on twitter either at the w news . you can follow me at brent golf tv and remember whatever happens between now and then, tomorrow is another day. we'll see you then the the news, the news, the news
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the news the the ah, the power of the where i come from, i never said where have you growing up in brazil, the said was always the man since the most of your words, 1st son, masculine, when i moved to germany as a 10 year old, i was the one on tv that was a how i see the world. because now with the side of a girl, i was a funny say instead of
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a deep voice extra. and this guy seemed absolutely incredible. i realized how language shape, thinking, how definition i'm not the only mantle that you may just put our whole 1st part of the world inside my life and was one of the reasons i became a journalist. i mystery kelly and i use my word to help with infant cultural understandings. my name is elena quailey and i work at w o. m e s a favor. if me i am just getting back to me. i do. uh huh. mm.
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i i i i just hi, yes. hi. oh, um i i, i just need to know what what i need my me
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ah, the who's this is the w news live from berlin tonight, the european union and bill of roost on a collision course at their border. bella roof, threatening to block easier trade lithuania has declared an emergency over migrant streaming across its friends. here also coming up tonight, the desperate battle against cobra. $119.00 in peru, authorities are raising to vaccinate against an aggressive vital strain which has less public health care services. really. ah,
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i bring golf is good to have you with us. a new front has opened the conflict between the european union and one of its more uncompromising neighbors. the hard line leader of bella, luce is threatening to block e u. exports traveling through his country to russia. in china, lithuanian intern has declared a state of emergency over the number of migrants streaming across its border from bella luce, the small white shadows moving in the night, are people. crossing the border between bella ruth and lithuania, entering the european union. hundreds have made the journey in recent days. a record in flux, intellect, wayne, ya. but these migrants mainly from iraq, are at the center of a diplomatic standoff. lithuania and the you believe bella ruth, may be facilitating the arrivals to put pressure on the block?
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european council president sha michelle, traveled to live in your border area on monday to show support there's a suspicion in the rule pleased by the regime in europe. we are also that's due today. so that's why we took a decision or so it's an image said central thought implemented last month the you imposed fresh economic sanctions on beller roof. after mintz diverted a passenger plane carrying an opposition journalist and arrested him. beller was a strong man leader, alexander lucas shanker. has no intention of backing down your room. he said he would hold cooperation with the you to control illegal migration. you don't need to to do which every something that we will close our borders with poland, lithuania, latvia, and ukraine, and become a camp for people fleeing afghanistan, iran, iraq, syria, libya and teenager. they are mistaken. uses african. we won't hold any one who they
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are coming not to us, but to be enlightened and warm and cozy. europe. what gives us the escalation doesn't appear to be an option for lucas shanker just yet or more of the situation lice go to yucca valentine. he is the head of the bellies office at the conrad at nowhere foundation. he joins me tonight and the list the way the capital building is is going to have you on the program. let me ask you this surge of migrants from bella luce into lithuania. is this an in tensional provocation being orchestrated by alexander lucas shanker? good evening, yes, it's very much seems so. mean, after all, lucas has a number of threatened himself just over 2 months ago to flood quote, a europe with migrants and drugs as a reaction to the european infection packages. so what we see at the moment is very much this and he has withdrawn him by the roosters withdrawing from the mission
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agreements. the border protection system, which had been working quite well over the last year to, to remind you. last year we only saw 81 cases of illegal trust thing on the border while it has been 1400 so far in this year. and also he said really that it's a matter of lack of resources. now, you can look the thing to buy, the research cannot afford to keep these people actually seems intentional as a counter reaction to the european sentence. and mister valentine, what more do we know tonight about these large numbers of people crossing the border from bella? ruth into the way, dea so the people being apprehended by the little union voted out of being brought to the big facility. and so the weather being accommodated. and what we hear from the lithuanian bodyguard is that these people are mostly people from the in the middle east. so many iraqis, but also people who claim to have been student that. but the reason university is coming from northern africa, a western africa who say there were expelled from the university's or a schools where i was studying and international students after the fee for tuition
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was raised. and that there they were brought to the border. so it's a mixture of people that know, arrive to be. we heard that the, you council president charles michelle. he has promised solidarity. what kind of assistance is lithuania expecting? so i would say blue meetings expect attention. first of all, that this is a problem which is not really a problem, but it's something for the whole of the union. they expect the leadership, that's what a prime minister unfolded charity. because indians themselves manifested solidarity in the migrant crisis to the other european countries. just about 6 weeks ago they accepted 10 migrant and relocation process from the italian island. the thing is that when other european countries, when i try to use them, so, but i would say it's not about relocation at the moment, so much as a systems for the protection of the board that happened 1st deployment of offices from the agency from tax town people have a right so far through that area as well, the neighboring country which has a smaller border with federal rules,
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but still with the union until lapierre. and there's a discussion going on at the moment within the area. whether there is a need to build a wall or a fence, out of those about 700 kilometers, only a 100 kilometers. they've got it by a fence. so that for discussion, also going on whether that would be any for european assistance on infrastructure as the problems developers they have been connecting deliveries with, with, with you for quite some time. now the bell reaching opposition leader set one at the heart of sky. she is in lithuania, continuing her fight against bella. risk leader lucas cinco, how much support is there for her? in lithuania, now, the support of substantial, both from the states side, as well as from delivery indian people just to give one quote. when that was the extradition request from him to list any thing that was a criminal charge against dick and, and they demanded for the extra minister of foreign affairs amongst becca, said we will rather see held freeze than lithium to deliver that woman to the means catharsis. and just a day, if you go,
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i think tomorrow will come into effect. unions granting a lot of stuff as to how office. so there will be an official status for them to give the protection to the people who arrive to the area. but also the, the population manifests a lot of philadelphia to walk through building to see those white red and white flags on many, many windows and what actions concert the human chain until the border. because people identify and live in a, remember the 30 years ago, they went through a very similar truck for freedom and democracy and they have celebrity with this. and also they see that freedom and peace can only work if the whole region is at peace and has freedom. so they support the movement and the people who are here working on freedom from the was from within the 3 any at the moment mr. young, and i'm joining us tonight from vilnius. we appreciate your time and your insight. thank you. the question or if we go to south america, we're health authorities are battling and alarming rising corona virus infections. the regional ready has the highest curve in 1900 death rate in the world. brazil
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has suffered the most st. allergies with more than half a 1000000 deaths. and that is followed by mexico, where over 230000 people died and peru has reported nearly 200000 deaths. the wi johan ramirez reports tonight from peru where the new lamb, the very end of the virus, has left the public health care system. really in peru, people are placing their hopes for carving the pandemic on vaccination. yet progress is slow on the some 15 percent offer organs have received at least one those one of their worst rates in latin america. but for house work or something ground, it's better than not. most of the, most of the reasons you're looking through, we feel optimistic because people react while to vaccination in parole. in fact, the younger people would like everything to go faster so they can get to vaccinate it from a notice all the commerce costs reopened. after a 9 month quarantine,
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strict safety measures remain in place. authorities cough mandated using job phase mass to enters taurus and shopping centers. face shells are widely used and hand washing facilities have been installed in the streets, but it has not been enough for all class the highest per capita death rate in the world. the government's response to the crisis has been widely criticized. gave. those just arrived too late for the management of the pandemic is a complete disgrace, especially for the previous president. one, now at least the fight. it seems. the last 2 peak stuff, infection seems to have coincided with deep political crisis, that in both cases led to massive demonstrations. the 1st one was in november when political instability led to 3 precedents in one week. the 2nd wave of brought,
11:10 pm
this is happening right now. the reason a controversial presidential election, one of the candidates cried fraud why the other claims there is a plan to sell his victory. supporters from both sides have taken to the streets, according to some experts these demonstrations could cause a 4th arise in the section car. but at this point, the concert cannot afford new locked down the great this effort mass to be done to baton 8 of the population and to start negotiating from now on new generation vaccines for the new bargain that may appear. this is the most effective measure, and the week has been blowing, doing so much. on average, peru administers about 350000 vaccines every week. a low figure for a country of more than $33000000.00 authorities have promised that the process will
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accelerate government forecast estimates that the eligible population will be immunized by the end of 2021. the part let's take a look now. some other stories that are making headlines around the world, a number of countries have closed their consequence in northern afghanistan. it's a recent gains made by the taliban. germany has closed its consulate in muslim sharif turkey and russia have also shut their doors, the totally bond of overrun. most of the province lebanon's caretaker prime minister, has on his warned that his country is quote, days away from a social explosion as the country spirals into in economic crisis. the prime minister says few shortages are already leading to social unrest. he's called on the international community for help. iran has accused israel, of attacking or carrying out sabotage attack at a nuclear facility near to run last month. government says the incident was an attempt by israelis leadership to derail, talked him that reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal with world powers. iran
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acknowledges that the attack caused minor structural damage. south africans will have to wait until the end of the week to learn the fate of their former president jacob zoom. but he's appealing a 15 month prison sentence for refusing to appear before a corruption panel. the judge will get his decision. this coming friday, 79 year old zoom has asked hundreds of orders surrounding his home to protest peacefully in order to avoid a confrontation with police. it's not clear whether assumable face arrest if he does not turn himself in to police. well we have this update from b w christine was she has been following development throughout the day at the court. in the town of peter barnett spoke, the, the judge of this court has said that he is going to announce his rolling on friday morning. basically zoom is roy is the better part of today making his case as to
11:13 pm
why this court should even be hearing this case. of course, the issue being that this is a lower court and that effectively what is doing is asking this court to overrule a decision taken by the supreme court. so we heard everything about the system as health condition, his age, and the fact that he feels that a prison sentence in the height of the pandemic he's not been vaccinated is tantamount to a death sentence. of course, they were also lawyers opposing this to zoom as applications who went on to say that of course, the court that gave mr zimmer, that sentence was well aware of his age of health condition, as well as the prison conditions and went ahead and gave him that sentence anyway, so it was a long day of a lot of legal arguments being made. the judge is going to deliberate over those tomorrow. and then of course hand out that ruling hand down that ruling on friday morning. so that is an interesting place. we find those walls and because the ministers deadline to make sure mister luma is in a correctional facility expires at midnight on wednesday. and now this court is
11:14 pm
only going to announce its ruling on friday morning. so the minister of police is essentially also going to find himself in contempt, often order from the constitutional court. it remains to be seen what the police do from here. it's not clear if they're going to go ahead and make sure he's behind balls by midnight tomorrow, or if they're going to wait for friday. now what the police have said is they do not want a scenario where there is some kind of an escalation of violence, confrontation between police and zoom in support. so it is understood that police are treating softly with this no provocation on their part. it's going to be interesting to see how they're going to get to mrs. wilma if they're forced to have to go and arrest him from his own because he supported medicare. they're not going to let that happen without a fight. and finally, become tim festival has reopened. with help passes but no face mass on the red carpet, social distances will subdue the normal glamour of the faster move, where 24 films will be competing for the top rides. the american director spike li
11:15 pm
heads the jury this year. he's the 1st black leader of the jury. the 1st film on the program is a net, a musical by french director leo car watching the w news with me. brent golf rob, what's up next with the w business needs to get around. he will be right back with you feel worried about the i'm neil's host of the on the green fence. so we need to change join me for the green transformations for me.


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