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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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hey, ah ah was, ah, this is d w. news live from berlin tonight, the european union in bella. ruth on a collision course at their border lithuania has declared a state of emergency over migrant streaming across the border from bella. ruth will get the latest on the stand off from the capital building. also coming up tonight, the desperate battle against cobit 19 in her room. authorities are raising the vaccinate against an aggressive viable strain which has left public health care services really mandate tense wait for south africa, the former president jacob zoom up. he was supposed to be in prison by mail for
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contempt of court, but an appeal change that ah, i bring doctor, our viewers on p b as in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome, a new front has opened the conflict between the european union and one of its more uncompromising neighbors. the hard line leader of bell roofs is threatening to block you exports, traveling through his country to russia. in china, lithuania, in turn, has declared a state of emergency over the number of migrants streaming across its border from bella roofs. these small white shadows moving in the night are people. crossing the border between bella ruth and lithuania, entering the european union. hundreds have made the journey in recent days, a record in flux into lithuania. but these migrants, mainly from iraq,
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are at the center of a diplomatic standoff, lithuania and d. u believe beller. ruth may be facilitating the arrivals to put pressure on the block. european council president sharp. michelle travelled with williams border area on monday to show support there's a suspicion in the rule pleased by the ocean regime and run it in europe. we are also that's why we took a decision also. it's an image substantial increment. last month the you impose fresh economic sanctions on beller roof. after mintz diverted a passenger plane carrying an opposition journalist and arrested him. beller is a strong man, leader, alexander lucas shanker. has no intention of backing down your lungs. he said he would hold cooperation with the you to control illegal migration. you don't need to
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do which every, some thing that we will close our borders with poland, lithuania, latvia, and ukraine, and become a camp for people fleeing afghanistan, iran, iraq, syria, libya and teenager. they are mistaken, uses africa. we won't hold anyone, they are coming not to us, but to the enlightened, warm and cozy europe. what gives us the escalation doesn't appear to be an option for lucas shinkel just yet are more on the situation to live sco to yucca valentine. he is the head of the bell roof office at the conrad at no foundation. he joins me tonight. the lithuanian capital building is just going to have you on the program. let me ask you this surge of migrants from deliveries into lithuania. is this an in tensional provocation being orchestrated by alexander lucas shanker? good evening. yes. so it's very much seems so mean after all, lucas has
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a number of threatened himself a just over 2 months ago to flood quote, a europe with migrants and drugs as a reaction to the european function packages. so what we see at the moment is very much this and he has withdrawn him but by the roses withdrawing from the rear mission agreement, the border protection system which had been working quite well over the last year. just to remind you, last year we only saw 81 cases of illegal trespassing on the border while it has been 1400 so far in this year. and also here really that it's a matter of lack of resources. now, if you look to the bank to research cannot afford to keep these people got so much teams intentional as a counter reaction to the european sentence. and mr. village saying, what more do we know tonight about these large numbers of people crossing the border from bell roofs into lithuania? so the people being apprehended by the lithuanian border guards are being brought to the big facility and so the weather being accommodated. and what we hear from the 3 in the bodyguard is that these people are mostly people from the,
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in the middle east. so many iraqis, but also people who claim to have been students that other than universities coming from northern africa, a western africa. and we say they were expelled from the universities or schools where they were studying international students after the fee for tuition was raised and that they were brought to the border. so it's a mixture of people that know, arrive to be. we heard that the, you council president charles michelle. he has promised solidarity. what kind of assistance is lithuania expecting? so i would say blue meetings expect attention. first of all, that this is a problem which is not really a problem, but it's something for the whole of the european union. they expect the leadership, that's what they are. the prime minister and solid entity because in themselves manifested solidarity in the migrant crisis to the other european countries. just about 6 weeks ago, they accepted some migrant and relocation process from the italian islands that when other european countries were not ready to start. so, but i would say it's not about relocation at the moment, so much as
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a system for the protection of the board has been 1st deployment of officers from the native. the prom tech's attack. people have a right so far through that as well. the neighboring country, which has a smaller border with federal rules, but still with the union until and there's a discussion going on at the moment within the area whether that needs to build a wall or a fence out of focus about 700 kilometers is only a 100 kilometer, they've got it by offense, so that the discussion also going on with that would be any for european assistance on infrastructure. the problems developers, they have been connecting deliveries with you for quite some time. now the bell of ration opposition leader settling on t. how no sky, she is in lithuania, continuing her fight against believers in liter luther shingo. how much support is there for her in lithuania now? of the support of substantial bows from the state side, as well as from the lithium people. just to give one quote, when that was the expedition request from him to list any thing that was
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a criminal charge against oscar, and they demanded further the extra light and minister of foreign affairs long spect, i said we will rather see hell freeze than to deliver that woman to the authorities and just a day, if you go, i think tomorrow would come into effect unions granting a poetic status to hell offers. and so there will be an official status for them. the altogether diplomatic protection to the people who arrived, lithium, but also the population manifest. lot of philadelphia to walk through millions to see those white red and white flags on many, many windows and what actions come to the human chain until the border because people identify and live in a they remember the 30 years ago, they went through a very similar struggle for freedom and democracy and they have solidarity with this. and also they see that freedom and peace can only work if the whole region is at peace and has freedom for they support the movement. and the people who are here working on freedom from other was from when we any at the moment mr. owen and i'm joining us tonight from vilnius. we appreciate your time in your insight. thank you
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. we're now to south america. we're health authorities are battling an alarming rise in corona virus infections. the region already has the highest cobra, 1900 death rate in the world. brazil has suffered the most fatalities with more than a 1000000 death. and that is followed by mexico, where over 230000 people have died and peru has reported nearly 200000 deaths. the w johan ramirez reports tonight from peru where the new lambda variant of the virus has let the public health care system really improve. people are placing their hopes for curbing depends on vaccination, yet. progress is slow on the some 15 percent for organs have received at least one those one of their worst rates in latin america. but for house workers on the ground, it's better than nothing of the research looking through. we feel optimistic because
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people react well to vaccination in parole. in fact, younger people would like everything to go faster so they can get vaccinated. so from a notice all the commerce has reopened. after a 9 month quarantine, strict safety measures remain in place. authorities cough mandated using double face mass to enters taurus and shopping centers. face shields are widely used and hand washing facilities had been installed in the streets, but it has not been enough. there are the highest per capita death rate in the world. the government's response to the crisis has been widely criticized. is the one that gave those this arrived too late for the paper. management of the pandemic is a complete disgrace, especially for the previous president. one, now at least the fights are seen. the last 2 peak self infections seemed to have
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coincided with deep political crisis, that in both cases, left to massive demonstrations. the 1st one was in november when political instability led to 3 precedents in one week. the 2nd wave of this is happening right now. the reason a controversial presidential election, one of the candidates tried fraud while the other claims there is a plan to steal his victory. supporters from both sides have taken to the streets, according to some experts these demonstrations could cause a 4th arise in the section car. but at this point, the counter cannot afford new lock downs. the great this effort mass to be done to vaccinate the population. and to start negotiating from now on new generation vaccines for the new vargas that may appear. this is the most effective measure and we have been slowing doing so on average,
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peru administers about 350000 vaccines every week. a low figure for a country of more than $33000000.00 authorities have promised that the process will accelerate government forecast estimates that the eligible population will be immunized by the end of 2021. the heartless bring in d. w. correspond johan ramirez. you just saw in that report, he is in the colombian capital bogus. tonight can to see you johan, your report. it paints a grim picture. how is peruse, health care system? how's it holding up? the proven health system is going through a very difficult time because in addition to this warning figure, stuff near infection and the arrival in the country of new variance who is going through a major political crisis that has led to thousands of people to take the streets in
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protest, so we have new cases increase in no variance arriving in the country on massive demonstrations. those are conditions very favorable to for a new wave. so, and this has to be and there is on there are still in the, the context of a country that which even before defend them, he had a very weak health system. so the conclusion, the outlook for peru is not bright. you and you spoke to a lot of people who blame, peruse, political instability for the dire situation that we are seeing in the country right now. besides promising to speed up the banks nation drive, what is the government they are doing to keep these infection numbers at bay? the government doesn't have many different options, because as i said, it was going through a huge political crisis. why? because today marks one month since the presidential election was held. and the, we still don't know who won this election and that's why thousands of people have
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taken to the streets. so they, the government right now is very concentrated, trying to keep this crisis on their control. that's why all the hopes are placed on vaccination. united states donated last week to 1000000 of those as to the roof and it will allow the country to accelerate its vaccination process. but also last weekend for oxygen plants that donated by friends arrived to barrow, shows that the government is also preparing for war scenario. and we know that many of these new innovations in south america are being caused by the new lambda variant of the virus. not much is known about this very yet. i mean, how worried are people about that the people on the scientific community are very worried about this lambda strain because it appears to be very dangerous. and its effect effects in the region could be devastating. there are 2
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main reasons to sound the alarm bells about this lambda is train one. most of the population in latin america leave mainly on economy. informal economy means that they need to go out to work. so even if no luck towns where decreed people will feel it go out to work because there are few grants offered by the governments to the population. so if they don't work, they know each period. and the 2nd reason is that in latin america, health assistance, even before the pan demi were already precarious, very poor. so the truth is that one year after the outbreak of the grant of latin america, health systems are not ready to face this crisis. use your home or mirrors with the latest on the situation in peru tonight. it is not a pretty picture your home. thank you. and here are some more developments in the corona virus pandemic in the united states has sent 2000000 doses of the maternity vaccine to vietnam. president biden has promised to distribute 80000000 doses to
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countries that are facing shortages. germany is easy. quarantine rules for travelers from the u. k. portugal, russia, india, and nepal fully vaccinated, people will no longer need to isolate upon arrival. and luxembourg prime minister is in serious but stable condition in the hospital tonight, after contracting, coven 19 is over year battle, and only been partially vaccinate when he became in fact. or let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world. a number of countries have closed. their console is in northern afghanistan, after recent gains made by the tale, but germany has closed its consulate in maza sharif turkey. and russia have also reportedly close their doors. totally black have overrun most districts in the province. lebanon's caretaker prime minister host on de, has warned that his country is quote, days away from a social explosion. as the country spirals into with economic depression. the prime
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minister says few shortages are already leading to social and rest shop is called on the international community for health. iran has accused israel of carrying out sabotaged attacks at a nuclear facility near to iran last month. the government says the incident was an attempt by israeli leadership to derail talks, aimed at reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal with world power. iran acknowledges the attack called minor structural damage. south africans, we'll have to wait until the end of the week to learn the fate of their former president, jacob zoom, and he's appealing a 15 month prison sentence for refusing to appear before a corruption panel. now the judge will give his ruling this coming friday. 79 year old is he has asked hundreds of supporters surrounding his home to protest peacefully in order to avoid a confrontation with police. it's not clear whether zimmet will face arrest if he does not hand himself is we have this update now from d. w christine moon,
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while she has been following developments throughout the day at the court in peter martin spark. so the judge of this court has said that he is going to and now he's ruling on friday morning. basically zoom is roy is spent the better part of today making his case as to why this court should even be hearing this case. of course, the issue being that this is a lower court and that effectively what it's doing is asking this court to overrule a decision taken by the supreme court. so we heard everything about mr. m. as help condition, his age, and the fact that he feels that a prison sentence in the head of the pandemic, he's not that vaccinated is tantamount to a sentence. of course, there were also lawyers opposing mrs. him is application who went on to say that of course the court that gave mrs him a that sentence was well aware of his age. he's health condition as well as the prison conditions and went ahead and gave him that sentence anyway. so it was
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a long day of a lot of legal arguments being made. the judge is going to deliberate over those tomorrow. and then of course hand out that ruling hand on that ruling on friday morning. so that is an interesting place we find ourselves. and because the ministers deadline to make sure mr. wilma is in a correctional facility expires at midnight on wednesday, and now this court is only going to announce its ruling on friday morning. so the minister of police is essentially also going to find himself in contempt. often order from the constitutional court, it remains to be seen what the police do from here. it's not clear if they're going to go ahead and make sure he's behind balls by midnight tomorrow, or if they're going to wait for friday. now what the police have said is they do not want to scenario where there is some kind of an escalation of violence at confrontation between police and zimmet supporters. so it is understood that police operating softly with this and no provocation on their part. it's going to be interesting to see how they're going to get to mrs. wilma if they're forced to have
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to go and arrest him from his own because he supported. i've made a clear they're not gonna let that happen without a fight. there was christine, where they are reporting from south africa. 5 people in bonding when a germany's biggest child sex abuse rains are going to prison. some of them for up to 14 years, in a case that shocked the country, the gang drugged and raped children sometimes for days on end. in a garden summer house in the western city of monster, dozens of other suspects are still on try. the main defendant, adrienne v and 3 accomplices, were hoping for more lenient sentences. but the judge acted on the state attorney's recommendations. even ongoing vi's mother was given a prison sentence on the ground that she was an accessory to the crime. according to the court, she knew of the illegal activities and owned the garden plot and minster where they went on. along with the others convicted, adrien v raped his partner's son, and another young boy over a period of days. and it was in this summer house that the investigators found huge
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amounts of incriminating data. adrienne v filmed his criminal activities, he contacted other pedophile online and offered them access to his victim. now aged 11. adrienne v. use this van to travel throughout germany and meet other men who sometimes offered up their own children as further victims for the other peta files . the specialist saved these images on 7 servers and shared them with his network. so far investigators have logged 1400 recordings that are serving as proof . 53 perpetrators have been identified. 30 of them are in jail, awaiting trial valid. we have mountains of data and that's why i think that not only the police but also politicians and society have to discuss if we'll keep chasing problems like this. or if we can develop new approaches to data protection . because actually child protection needs to come 1st without insurance as well
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as the 11 year old boy police believe there are 29 more victims in this horrific case. all right, let's take a look now and some other stories that are making headlines around the world. canada has appointed his 1st indigenous governor general into it leader mary simon, will become queen elizabeth, representative at a time when canada is grappling with its past treatment of its native people. simon is the 1st indigenous canadian to hold the position in a 154 years. search crews have found the wreckage of a plane that went missing on russia's eastern come shatka peninsula. officials say that all 20 people who were on board are now presumed dead. the plane is thought to have crashed as it was preparing to land in poor visibility. police at hong kong saying they haven't covered a plot to bomb courts, tunnels and the railway network authorities seized explosives and arrested 9 people on suspicion of terrorism. 6 of those pertain,
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or high school students. beijing impose a controversial security law and the former british colony, one year ago. north korea is stepping up and make prevention measures as according to state media, their leader, kim jong, on issuing a cryptic statement last week, criticizing senior officials for their handling of the crisis. john yang has not officially confirmed any cobit 19 cases. l g b t q. campaigners have been forced to cancel george's 1st gay pride march organizers called off the parade after protesters attack journalists and activists and their offices in the capital, tbilisi opposition. politicians are blaming the government for encouraging violence and for failing to protect l. g, b t q. people. what was meant to be a march dignity instead turned into a march of violence when ultra nationalists fall right to protest as took to the
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streets of ability in an ante l. g. b to you? rally an angry mob ransacked the offices of the local l. g. b t, pride organization, and attacked activists and journalists, politicians and georgia, leaving the government for encouraging violence. there are many responsible people, but when the violence is openly announced in the country and it is not prevented, the main responsible person is the government value and the violence were very clear. but the interior ministry was not prepared enough to prevent this violence. the green light to this violence was given by the prime minister, very shameful and unlawful statement made in the morning. some of these are the words that many considered responsible for inciting violence. when the young today's l. g b t mark poses a threat of confrontation was,
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as you know, the majority of our population considers today's rally unacceptable. which is why i did not think it should be held on ro, steadily avenue out on the other. this was, this is what happens next called international abroad. police were quickly overwhelmed by the massive pride activists was forced to flee when demonstrators started thrown objects at them. some orthodox clerks were also among the anti l. g. b t. protests. the conservative little church, a powerful force in georgia, is largely opposed to l g. b t writes, and called on the supportive to gather for a public prayer on monday against the pride, march, ga, decriminalize time, a sexuality in 2000. but not everyone has accepted that are sports news now at
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wimbledon. germany is number one actually care beat carleen in which over to reach her 4th. see my final at the championships care, but the only remaining champion in the women singles one. the 1st set in half an hour, the 2nd was not as easy, but the 2018 champion is willing to reach her 3rd final end is going to meet one of the australians in the semi finals. now earlier a 2nd seat arianna sub a link moved into the semi finals after beating to these years on the over the 1st arab woman to reach the quarter finals of the tournament. the bell roofs in one dimension. street said 6463, and will face former world number one, her alina is full, but in the next room yarboro left the tournament with congratulations from roger federer and venus williams, following her inspirational formula, one's australian grand prix has been cancelled for the 2nd consecutive year of last year's race and march was scratched at last minute. as the panoramic took home this
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year's contest in melbourne was shifted from its usual season, opening spot to late november. but all c formula, one fans will now have to wait until next year, as will motorbike famous because october's motive g p has also been cancer. finally the cannes film festival has reopened with help passes, but no faced mass on the red carpet social distance single, subdue the normal glamour of the festival, where 24 films will be competing for the top prize. american director spike li heads the jury. he's the 1st the why leader of the judge. first film on the agenda is a net, a musical bind french director leo. you're watching the w news. as a reminder of our top story, this, our attention arising between bella luce and the european union deliveries threatening to block you exports. heading for russia, enjoying the lithuanian turn,
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has declared a state of emergency over migrants who are streaming across his border from bellow, roofs you're watching the w news live from berlin after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day tonight, guarding the borders who gets in, who stays in unanswered questions on both sides of the atlantic. we'll be right back with the news . the news. the news, the news.
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oh the the ah ah. was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the are willing the games that tokyo with $22021.00 thrown off course during the qualifying round. not fees for sports. he rose. it was
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a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there. mobilizing superpowers is what i'm fired up in reading down during walk down the walking go to tokyo, georgia july 19 d. w. oh, against the corona virus pandemic has the right of infection in developing what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say? information and context, ah, i received a special monday to friday on d, w, and then jen w at anytime in any place in the video event, you have the sing along to come from 0 once
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it's the internet of exercises, everything is online, mobile, interactive, german to free with the british government today propose they plan to fix what he calls a very broken asylum system. it calls for putting asylum seekers and all shore detention centers. those arriving by boat over the english channel, they could be arrested, a breaks, it promised, kept, and one that may be illegal. u. s. law makers will tell you that their immigration system also needs major reforms. president biden use those exact.


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