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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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your story, the. ready wasn't i was women, especially a victim to sign and take part and send us your story chain. always understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not against you. want to become city in to migrate your platform for reliable information. visit the other news a show coming up today. me and mars military targets doctor's says. an investigation by the associated press news agency chose the security forces and police started talking, arresting, and killing medical workers. why has appointed declared metrics to be enemies of the state plus germany instructor. mr. for all of us related to several banks from
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india, vaccinated and non vaccinated travelers from that and traveling to germany for wednesday. we walk you through the rules to keep in mind the news i've been, it's been a jeep. welcome to d w. news. asia gotcha. could join us, me and mar, military rulers have killed nearly 900 people and detain more than 5000 since using part in february. now it seems they are intentionally targeting doctors and nurses report to at least $157.00 health care workers have been arrested. 32 wounded and 12 killed in the last 5 months. the dublin, which will save me and modest guarantee the most dangerous place to be a medical worker. a quick warning view as may find some part of the following report. distressing health work is protesting against the new regime.
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that's when the hunter decided they were a threat. since the crew metix her face attacks like this by the military says one fugitive doctor all call huge fuels due to all actions in the ear. but we have become criminal overnight. find a military treating as seen, patient is, isn't illegal in any part of the law or immune law that force many practitioners to go into hiding. but escaping persecution isn't easy. many of them had been arrested while working in underground clinic, treating injured protesters wounded by hunters brutal crack down
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all the medical equipment changed and my co leech and odd for doctors in a nurse on the fiend. appreciate you can say that i'm lucky. i have as many times a doctor as one of many health workers who refused to return to hospitals now occupied by the military at decision heavily criticized by the hunter government, the dog there killing people in cold blood. how, if this is not genocide, what shall i call it for malware? georgia, moderate acclaimed emetics. deny they say no one, no dare to seek medical care in hospitals run by the military. all of this in the middle of the corona virus pandemic has created a health care crisis but the p hunter doesn't seem to mind and continue the tax on health care while mandatory and
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the family all being bethany to doctors see it. it's public health system could collapse at a time when people are already suffering from the political turmoil that seems to have no end. and for more than this, i'm joined from bangkok by phil robertson from human rights watch. phil has the military's crack down on medics deprived citizens of healthcare. certainly the crackdown on both doctors and nurses, and also occupying hospitals by the military who is making it very difficult for the ordinary people, marta, to get the health care they need. they have to run a gauntlet of surveillance and control actually if they want to go to one of these hospitals to get health care. there are many people who just don't feel safe. they fear to go into the hospital that are controlled by the military. especially if
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they are, their relatives have been involved at all with civil disobedience movement. and we're receiving reports of people who are injured on the streets who won't go to hospital get health care. and even cases of people now are contracting cove at 19 and getting into respiratory distress and being unwilling to go to the hospitals and preferring to try to wait it out at home and hope that they improve by themselves. would you then describe what's happening in me, emma, as a medical emergency it is certainly a medical emergency. it is a situation where you already had a weak health care system, one which had improved under the civilian government. what, but was nowhere near the top levels of any of the countries in se, asia system that was chronically underfunded and all of a sudden were being dragged back into a period similar to what we had during the previous military dictatorships. one, the me on mar health system was one of the worst in the, in the region,
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if not the world. but that having been said, doctors themselves went on strike in february earlier this year to protest against the military, what they buy, their actions not depriving citizens of treatment. well, many of the doctors actually refused to go work at government hospitals. but they set up their own clinics and, and continued to treat people often for free. the problem has been that the military has now been trying to find these secret underground clinics to raid them . when they do catch them they, they arrest anybody, they find there. they have been confiscating medical supplies. so quite clearly the, the military junta has prioritized repression of doctors and nurses. right to freedom of expression. and right to have a political viewpoint over allowing these people to basically continue to treat those who are a need. these action by the military would,
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on the face of it seemed completely counterproductive when you have a military that's trying to rule a country. and then the same military personnel targeting the doctors that can help society. well, i think what you see is a military that only has really one common platform and one common approach which is repression. they see anybody who is opposed to their takeover of political power as their enemy, and they don't care whether that person's a doctor, an ambulance driver, emergency medical technician, a nurse, a hospital in administrator. they don't care, they see people as their enemies. and they are essentially targeting the people of me on mar and the medical personnel as enemies. and that is a fundamental problem that is a fundamental violation of rights. and it's depriving people of their right to quality health care for robertson from human rights watch. we'll leave
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it there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. a starting wednesday travelers from india will be able to enter germany again. that's been a month all covered. 19 related back on travel from india will be lifted. and that effectively means that from wednesday, travelers from india who've been vaccinated can arrive in germany without the need to quarantine of these drive. those also don't need to arrive with the negative covered 19 test as long as the produce proof of vaccination travelers on the other hand who haven't been vaccinated will need to coordinate in for 10 days. this can be ended earliest after 5 days, but the negative covered $100.00 test non vaccinated travelers will also need to carry negative covert 19 tests to enter the country. india had been classified by germany, robert hawk institute as an area of variant of concern. since the 26th of april,
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this was due to the prevalence of the dental bedrooms in the country. that classification will not change to a high incidence area from wednesday. for more, i'm joined now by the double correspondent address while from delhi. let me show how much of an issue has this band on travel between india and germany been to travel that has especially impacted those indians. with fact chavez to germany, to study or walk into the country. i don't the 100, i don't know that you've been brought to india as well as the german government requesting an exemption because they had been joining the that they had to meet. but this lifting of the top of that may be helpful for them now or travel ban on india have been employed by several of the country that the math should give all as well as the debt already and all the last few months you can do with countries like australia, canada before, but now eventually,
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but drop in and get the band maybe lifted and other than germany or lifting the travel band is the fact that now the dead already dominant in jumping as well. and so as a grade into this band is not important on there, even though this travel band has been lifted, india itself has extended a band on flight out of india till the end of the month. how will that affect travel to germany? that's a pretty good job bad on, but india has been continuing one which has been in the last 16 months ever since the band started. however, this does not mean that there are no international lights in and out of india. the mean criteria, national place right now, i think that creation like by travel above is all about the stablished. but the code, you know, the country many of them with listed are,
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can be once again and really be imposed. now when you should have 14 and get them back to the end of the month, it did say that it was the right to make exemption and perhaps view kind of java ban lifting from different countries catalog for consumption to be made specially well, question. now that i've also been questions never shut on the acceptance in new york or up of vaccines that are being administered in india. can you bring us up to speed on that? the you dream thought for it, which was put into by the beginning of this month talked about form back things that are allowed and it includes the all put after then go back. but it does not mention cool the sheet, which is the brand new. all the offered after that might be that is be manufactured in india and also be given to many india across the country. this has confirms that even cries of discrimination saying that if the formula,
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if the wrapping of the theme, why has she been exempted? in addition that a callback from the valve, which is an india manufactured by the back themes, but not on the list, it is also speaking with and last name. however, every country in europe was inside you an outside have now added to it back to you as a settlement due to india, that manufacturer has said that it has applied for permission to put it on the live a decision maybe like in a month and just to add the never show that germany is one of the countries in europe that is accepting cov, issued, but we leave our toll care for the time being. thanks so much for that update from delhi. and that's it for today. there's of course more stories on our website ever dot com forward slash asia. we leave today with these pictures of a demonstration in the city of young gone in the law. a few days ago, photos are still taking place. most days of this was one of the biggest in recent,
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the demonstrators calling for the time to democracy 5 months after the military called the 5th. we'll see you tomorrow by the news. i was able to say matters to us me. that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on d. w. you ready to get
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a little more places in europe are smashing all the records into a venture. just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern gold trotter's cover some of europe's record breaking and know also in book form the in the welcome to arts and culture, a new documentary entitled who we were, looks at the possibility that our days on this planet may be part also coming up, we pay a visit to the luma, our center in southern france, where frank neary dunning, aluminum plant tower shines. it's centerpiece and much of the streets are
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that we know in love today has its roots in mexican lismore, a tradition of large scale neural painting with social and political message. well, it was one of the stand out fills that this year is barely nala. that's the city's international film festival, and its title is like a cry for help on behalf of the planet the documentary, who we were projects and the founder for our species as a last community looking back on its past. but it gathers insight and hope from experts who have an extraordinary perspective on the current state of the world. oh, and the only reason i don't need audio will mention liam spaces.
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on his last mission to the international space station. astronaut, alexander, guest documents his thoughts, his perspective on the world from far above age. he reflects from the way we treat our precious planet, our oceans, our resources from space he could see was extreme weather events and above all the fragility of our habitat via and since i need to survive, it was in the system and i thought i was immune as a physicist, i knew the diameter to the kilometer, i knew how thin the atmosphere was. and then when i saw it with my own eyes, it hit me again, show me a new. and that's the big thing to understand that this is way too small to take its continued existence for granted for us not to care. come on. what are we doing to our planet? what is reversible? what can still be salvaged?
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the film follows 6 scientists from different disciplines and continence. oh sure, no it just, sylvia. oh, who has been studying marine ecosystems for decades? gives an urgent call to action. every choice we make about what to eat, what to where? the power we use, the water, we waste or not. mean all that times a 1000000000 really stacks up. what i want you to make a film that takes you from they to we by showing that these problems that we often see in isolation by the climate crisis. social causes that you can always shows you see that we are always part of the problem, but also part of the solution whose own one demand is for more global cooperation. african countries, for example, account for only 4 percent of c o 2 emissions, but are feeding climate change with particular severity. who we, where describes are present and asks how we will be seen by later generations when
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we, our history is offered us. the futile generations will really member our generation as a one not understood and transform knowledge into understanding and awareness from the film looks at the world from unusual perspective and has a clear message. we are the ones who need to tackle the problem right now. and in other news and wonder is coming to light of fame seascape painting by one of the world's most renowned marine and landscape painters. english artist, j. m. w. turner. is that to be sold by the auction house in london on wednesday. the painting, part of a series of works that establish turner's fame and reputation has spent over a century out of the public eye. it could fetch upwards to 7000000 euros at and the 51st edition of them on to john's festival is underway on the shores of
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lake geneva in switzerland. one highlights was a performance by lebanese trumpet virtual. so even in my law was discovered here a few years ago by a legendary producer quincy jones. the ah. last week we told you briefly about the opening of the brand new la arts complex and campus in aqua in southern france. and now we get to actually take you there for a closer look where the unveiling of the center signature tower was a very big deal indeed. and here's why. 56 meter told tower sat in around $11000.00 elementary tunnels essentially. and i catch it in the french city of the canadian us architect. he's famous for his extravagant
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creations, italy known as set of cost 150000000 euros. it's part of the new luma, our cultural complex, initiated by swiss bill in it and i'll connect her maya hoffman. she was kinda excited, meditech passes. my expectations will be awesome. i think it harmonize as well with this round in and frank gehry is perfect for this project because he has to sole creativity of an art, has to be clear enough to use the telephone lines architectural, brilliant with autistic stuff. the engine tool, for instance, both spiraling 52 meter long metals, find the contemporary outlets on display in the expression rooms. some works for my husband's private connection and 8 grandmother's the back in 2010. my of my client,
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the 11 hector former french railroad size and construction work is still ongoing. ah, is one of us largest private projects extends in contrast to the picturesque old center of the southern french city. and this landmarks like the roman empire, the rectum list as blue. how? yeah, she welcomes this clash of old and new to where you are. all has always been home to monumental architecture. right. and then the theater was a phenomenal dimensions compared to the rest of the town. borrow also features medieval buildings along these antique monuments, stutsman. we are adding another new layer, this historical contact with a unique project. maya hoffman wants to break new ground and create a very special place for visitors, but above all, for artists and scientists who can work together creatively and future oriented in
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the renovated railway building. when i say most interesting aspect is to make visions possible to make the impossible happen to realize things that cannot be alive anywhere else. that is a process for so creating and, and constructing deeply rooted relationships with artists with people who are right . there's lots affairs with scientists, with cars or producers designers. i could take this buskey places for people who want to approach things differently. i'm all work in a completely new way and i think we are trailblazers in this regard to them. and that will continue to develop in the future. many locals are still getting used to the center, and it's striking the modern tower. but they appreciate it. thank you. cindy mix all is 50 with a 2500 year old history. modern with some of them. phenomenal,
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here by the whole world is now looking at oral valley. the love it or hate, it's not the point who's not everyone's talking about architectural month to pieces have proven crowd put us in the past. and even though, oh, already has changed to alter the tower, is yet another reason to visit the well, i'll say finally, anyone has had the good fortune to stroll around cities like philadelphia, melbourne, lisbon, athens, or even here in berlin, will have been struck by the amount of st. art, gracing the walls and buildings jaundra that has really blossomed over the last few decades. and what many people may not know is that the trend toward large scale mural got it, start in post revolution, mexico. they have their origins in latin america, in the history of mexico,
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around the time of the mexican revolution. in the early 20th century, a new phone was born during this, it picked up on the social demand of the revolution, often painted on the walls of public buildings. heroes depicted martin mexican valleys. today, these work time in the museum in mexico city. one moment he said, when you come, when you are listen, is the only mexican movement to achieve international success and remain topical to this day when people still speak about more listening than most and plan. it's incredible that in the year 2021, we still have the same messages. it's. these murals were completely contemporary the content that the most we see the inequality between the social classes one or the the least, the murals, most moving thing which has lost none of its power or control the sea to this day is the struggle for power. once again began before them in the air employ of the mexican government of that year at turned to the greatest artists. as the de diego
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rivera started as follows. 2 carols and jose clemente school. they were to convey revolutionary ideas. by means of public paintings, mexico's pre hispanic past all but forgotten during the centuries of spanish colonial rule returned to the spot. nice. this was art which aims to change the world. in time, the majority of mexicans were illiterate. so those who commissioned the works thought people would understand pictures more than was acted as a facilitator back. the new mon never emancipated itself from the state. many works glorified communist ideals. so in 1924, when public funding was withdrawn, the movement ran out of steam. the. this is the working class neighborhood of colonia doctors in the 1970. it was quite rundown in 2014 the mexican government, once again commissioned young artists to brighten up the course of morales. i'm,
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if you please me, realize total creative freedom use any help and the theme find looking around the neighborhood and painting things that give you a sense of belonging. but i'm in the things that make people proud neighborhood, but i'll feel the order. we also did a lot of mexico's new neurologist movement, also appreciate the freedom of expression and is wary of government propaganda. the brothers mice and have already realized major project commission by the city introducing painting and the entire subway station. we met them at a private property in the colonia doctor's neighbourhood. injustice and inequality is still hot topics in mexico. whether consciously or unconsciously, the mexican 3 chartists of today, influenced by that predispose a few of his collective, still explicitly aim to effect social change slightly stolen from the mexican state
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of the highlights, injustice, and take a stand, including for the rights of women in mexico. well that brings us to the end of this edition of arts and culture, but there's lots more on our website at d, w dot com slash culture. and until we meet again in the meantime, all the best from us. and thanks for watching just the news. the news, the news
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ah, in the change africa mega, what's the story here is to have for their future w dot com, african megacity multimedia insight, clicks and answer the goal was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone the or olympic games that tokyo with $22021.00 thrown off course during the qualifying round. not least for sports. he rose. it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down
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during walk down the lucky you go to tokyo, started july 19 d w. the me a me oh oh, i can because you oh no. no. no.
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the the news news live from berlin, south africa waste for a court decision on jacob newman. the former president is appealing against a jail sentence or refusing to attend a corruption hearing. police say they won't trying to michael judges. they're also in the program a desperate battle against covert 19 and for.


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