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and you know very and the means we have to stay cautious. the delta variant is coming, it spreads faster than previous, very suitable known value. so is the party over. should europe be back on a crisis floating as the vaccine roll out? not fast enough. what the verdict earth is the glass half empty or half full hello and welcome to d w cove. at 19 special. i'm daniel winter in ballad delta, delta plus even a gamma, a veritable alphabet soup of corona virus variance. let's take a closer look at delta, which originated in india. it spreads faster than the original in europe, it's becoming the predominant strain. delta accounts for 97 percent of all sequence to positive test samples in the u. k. and his blame for sending infections rising once again. it's also dominant in portugal and russia elsewhere. the variance is
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spreading quickly in austria, where it represents one of every 2 cases. and it's getting a foothold in the czech republic, 2 in germany. recent data shows, delta is around 37 percent of new infections for the countries infectious disease center recently estimates that it was already higher, perhaps 50 percent. some predicts the delta variant could account for 90 percent of all new cases by the end of august. but may sound bad, but remember there is no evidence of diseases any more dangerous. the scientific evidence shows the spread of delta is cause for caution, but not for panic. getting the best choice of in fact they can cope with 19 is likely to come as a big relief to those lucky enough to have one. but what happens when you various come along? well, somebody has some good news on this front against the delta vary and biotech was found to be 88 percent effective at preventing symptomatic disease. that's
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according to a study by public health, england. astrazeneca was 60 percent effective, have for the delta plus fair and not enough day through the vailable to know how to interact with immunizations. scientists in india, and worldwide, and looking into it. research just say it's unlikely it'll out fox the current jobs as well as the vaccines effectiveness against the variance. another big question is how long was shot to protect us for? according to a nature paper, it could be a good while. that's remo, renee jobs like phone tag, madana to figure of the immune response found in some bio tech vaccinated people was fed by research has to be a strong indication to protection could last for years. that's again, kind of at 19 as it looks at the moment, if the virus changes apple recognition, it might be a different ball game that, that may or may not happen in the future. so now the vaccines available are best
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way after the panoramic and joining us now is dr. and they, us back, tyler, a religious don't the austrian academy of sciences. so alpha, beta gamma, epsilon, delta, delta plus even. now how, what do we need to be about all these variance? i don't know whether where it is the right word. i would say we have to be alert because we know that the buyer keeps changing. this is something we have been observing since the beginning of the demick. and we do know that there are certain variants which has become more infectious. sometimes also acquiring immune cape properties. so evading the new response a bit better. and these are all properties that one has to factor in when we tried to count the virus by, for example, particular measurements, such as social distance thing or explanation. and why is it that we're now suddenly
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hearing about so many variants showing up how they really just coming to light just now we just started to understand the more what, what's the case that i think it's a very interesting question that science itself and assigned to i think don't fully understand yet. what is clear is that many of the marion, the extra take quite some time until the survey just to give you one example. delta has been 1st sequence in september of 2020. so it took more than half a year for the buyer, so eventually hit the u. k. and eventually the rest of continental europe and the world. and so this is one thing, it takes time for this variance. at the same time, we have evidence that we see over the last month that evolution might be accelerating. so that somehow of to might be faster in acquiring mutations. and these are all progress at the sciences. try to understand better. ok, and looking at what the possible near future could be dealing with all of these
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various the u. k. so the aiming for total unlocking on june 19th, but delta case numbers are still very high. so is this the right thing to do in your opinion? do we just have to accept that there is going to be no good time to unlock and just grit our teeth and get through it? i mean to fight some well known scientists in the u. k. this is going to be a big experiment. and it's always, i think, difficult or impossible to, to know upfront what's gonna happen. but i think chances are that this will lead to a big spike, an increase of infection. and the question is, how much will this effect hospitalisation rate and cases of clinical receive? and we do know that in general, the current vaccines including astrazeneca that is used to live in the u. k. but also biotech, for example, had a very high protection. again the d. c. and this is something i think that one has
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to be in. there are quite a big share of the population including the younger one that has been not estimated when it is experiment turns out to be the right wing. right. well, i just like to pick up on the actually, you know, israeli research is just recently said that the by on tech job is less effective against the delta very than previously thought. which is what i guess you were referring to. the more does this mean for the fight against cove at 90 they would have to distinguish between the different defects of, of being vaccinated on the one hand of exceeded there to protect yourself. so it's kind of an existing action, and this is still giving you a very high protection against the delta variant. the other point, if you would like to seem to prevent the spread of the virus, so be from being infected in the 1st place. and then transmitting the virus to other persons. and there seems to be some data coming from the thread that maybe those people have been vaccinated with barzyk quite some time ago. right?
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and this is also important to factor in time. that those people might still get infected, although they don't come to the disease or develop severe disease. so i think overall, they're still good news that the vaccines are working against delta not it could be that they're not as effective anymore in reducing the spread. so i'm all, we kind of wasting time with too much alarm ism around the variance i'm not sure. i think we shouldn't be surprised anymore. off the one and a half years of dependent is that there will be new very coming around and would have delta epsilon lumber. the greek alphabet has 24 letters. so let's see when we reached omega. but i think these are things that we can expect the big question with all of these new arriving variances, do they have to change properties? are they more infectious to the lead to more disease? are they potentially escaping the response?
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be this from natural infection or from vaccination, and this is something i guess it has to be assessed for each and every various questions for the future. for us to watch that dr. andrea back tyler of the austrian academy of sciences. thank you very much for joining us. thank you for having and it's not just us who asked the questions. now it's your turn is the part of the program where we put one of your questions to our science correspondent derek williams. paul does the vaccine black virus, we're simply keep different closing severe disease. oh, okay. i've talked about this several times in the past, but maybe it's time for an update on, on what we know now. as you rightly point out mark initial trials carried out with vaccines that have been approved for you so far, they were set up to look at the vaccine safety and how well the vaccines were able
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to block the development of symptomatic disease in recipients. in particular, severe disease and, and they're really, really good at that though they're not perfect. what are called breakthrough cases do occur. those are people who are fully vaccinated that somehow subsequently test positive for the virus. but when you look at the numbers, breakthrough infections are few and far between. and most of the people that happens to get a symptomatic or mild cases of covert 19 breakthrough cases that end up in the hospital. or even if you are and far between or if you can say that. so a big win on the primary goal of stopping bad disease. but it's taking time to gather data on a major secondary call, which is stopping virus transmission. do vaccines also provide at least some degree
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of what's called sterilizing immunity? that's when, if you're exposed to a passage and after getting your shots, your immune system is so primed to wipe it out, that the pathogen basically has no chance to gain even a temporary foothold. and since it can't replicate and you, you can't give it to someone else evidences now piling up that if you're vaccinated band, your risk of catching cobra 19 in a measurable way is a lot lower. so. busy the logical assumption is that the chances you might pass it along are also a lot lower than they would be for someone who is unvaccinated, but a small chance isn't a 0 chance. the fac page at johns hopkins university expresses our current level of knowledge very well. i think it says back scenes are likely to reduce the
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risk of virus transmission, but probably not completely for everyone. me . and that's all for this edition of our covered 1900 special for more information about the pandemic. you can check out the cobra, 1900 section on our website, d, w dot com. i'm w winter in berlin until next time. thanks for watching. we take the the news, the news, [000:00:00;00]
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news news the the the he's broke in a new time rec, making linda's legal history. he has no intention of stopping. robert live in dusky. how did it all begin?
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and what made disable drive to take all the kick off in 30 minutes on d w. oh, the news was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone the or didn't the games that tokyo or 202021 off course during the qualifying round, not least for sports heroes. actually it was a flap in the face. but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready count down during walk down the walking go to tokyo. starts july 19th on d,
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w. m. as many of us turn out in the world right now, climate change if any of the stories, this is life less the waste one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm doing some slides for more like the we're all good to go beyond deals. yes. as we take on the world, our oldest were all of the stories that matter to you, the police and
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the we are here is actually on fire made for mines. ah was ah, the state of the news line from berlin, latin america, desperate battle against cobra. 1900 authorities and peru are re thing to vaccinate against an aggressive virus train which has left public health services. really also coming up the delta various dr. record deaths in indonesia with oxygen and
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vaccines in short supply. the government appeals for helps from neighboring country


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