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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 4:15pm-4:46pm CEST

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the demand for oxygen has increased 3 to 4 fold. and that's hampered distribution. ma'am, i don't know if there is indeed a shortage. and we have asked the 5 biggest oxygen suppliers to dedicate 100 percent of their production to medical needs. we've got to find them. it also wants to step up fascination efforts, but with doses in short supply and only around 5 percent of the population fully vaccinated. another shortage is making itself felt to cope with the rising death toll farmland. across the country is hastily being converted into make shift graveyards for men and a woman involved in one of germany's biggest child, sex abuse rings have been jailed for up to 14 years. and the case that shocked the nation, the men drugged and raped children sometimes for days on and in the garden summer house and the western city of mister, the main defendant,
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adrienne v and 3 accomplices, were hoping for more lenient sentences. but the judge acted on the state attorney's recommendations, even oddly and v mother was given a prison sentence on the ground that she was an accessory to the crime. according to the court, she knew of the illegal activities and owned the garden plot and minster, where they went on, along with the others convicted. adrien v raped his partner's son, and another young boy over a period of days. and it was in this summer house that the investigators found huge amounts of incriminating data. adrienne v filmed his criminal activities, he contacted other pedophile online and offered them access to his victim. now aged 11. adrienne v. use this van to travel throughout germany and meet other men who sometimes offered up their own children as further victims for the other pedophile . the specialist saved these images on 7 servers and shared them with his network. so far investigators have logged 1400 recordings that are servings proof,
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53 perpetrators have been identified. 30 of them are in jail, awaiting trial balance. we have mountains of data and that's why i think that not only the police but also politicians and society have to discuss if we'll keep chasing problems like this. or if we can develop new approaches to data protection . because actually child protection needs to come 1st with that and as well as the 11 year old boy police believe there are 29 more victims in this horrific case algebra 2 q campaigners have been forced to cancel georgia. the 1st prior march organizers called off the parade after protestors attacked journalists and activists at their offices in the capital, tbilisi opposition. politicians are blaming the government for encouraging violence and failing to protect l. g, b t q. communities. what was meant to be
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a march dignity instead turned into a march of violence when ultra nationalist fall right protest as took to the streets of b, c and an anti l g b to rally? an angry mob ransacked the offices of the local l. g. b t, pride organization and attacked activists and journalists, politicians, and georgia, blaming the government for encouraging violence. there are many responsible people, but when the violence is openly announced in the country and that is not prevented, the main responsible person is the government values of ireland. so very clear, but the interior ministry was not prepared enough to prevent this violence. the green light to this violence was given by the prime ministers very shameful and unlawful statement made in the morning. some of these are the, was that many considered responsible for inciting the violence when the
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young, today's l. g b, t model, she poses a threat of confrontation. as you know, the majority of our population considers today's valley unacceptable. which is why i do not think it should be held on will steadily avenue out on the other. this was, this is what happens next called international abroad. police were quickly overwhelmed by the massive pride activists was forced to flee when demonstrators started for an object at them. some orthodox clerks were also among the anti l. g. b t. protests. the conservative orthodox church, a powerful force in georgia, is largely opposed to l. g. b t writes and called on the supportive to gather for a public pro monday against the pride, march, georgia,
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be criminalized time of sexuality in 2000. but not everyone has accepted that the cannes film festival is preparing to reopen. now that restrictions are being east social distance thing will some do the normal glamour of the festival at which $24.00 films will compete for the top prize, the palm door american director. it's likely has the jury, the 1st black leader of the judges. and the 1st film on the program will be a net musical 5 french director, neos correct. and dw phone correspondence. scott roxborough is in can for tonight's grand opening. scott, how does it feel to be back at the coach? is there? yeah, it's a basic i be i didn't realize how much i missed coming to con i usually i'm here every year. last year course. the festal was cancelled because of,
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of cove it and i think this year is particularly special because all of us film lovers of we spent so many, much time indoors in lockdown with cinemas, close, unable to actually view movies the way they're supposed to be viewed on the big screen and there's no bigger screen than the one here actually right behind me on the red carpet in can something tremendously excited to be able to go to the opening night ceremony tonight. the only disadvantage is it's incredibly hot here. so i'm going to have to squeeze myself into a sweltering tuxedo tonight, but you know, we all have our crosses to bear sacrifices. you're willing to take after a year of us. it's still not quite a normal year. is it though? no, no, of course not. i mean, the covered, $900.00 pandemic is still going on. a things have opened up a lot here in france. but in order to get into this festival, you have to go through a lot of procedures and testing every day or every 2 days in order to get access to the screenings. the screenings will be full,
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but everyone will need to be mast while watching. so that's gonna make things a bit different. and then of course, because of travel restrictions, it's not, there's not nearly as many people here as they're usually are. so i might be a bit of a quiet festival. but for those of us here, we're really looking forward to really celebrating cinema again and with cinema's trying to reopen across europe. can be seen as a, as a symbol of that as a, as a signal to more maybe the fil world. that things can get going again, and the festival is going to open with a rock opera. tell us more about a net. yeah. and that it stars, atom driver and my uncle, he are and it is not a rock opera. it's actually based on a, a concept album, pro band called sparks who are an art house band from l. a. who have been sort of underneath the radar for 30 or 40 years. they're both in their seventies now with the other 2 brothers, the bail brothers and they've never quite broken through into the mainstream. so
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it's exciting to see that tonight on this red carpet, they're going to have sort of their, their can coming out. but i think it's a really interesting film to start the festival as well. not just because the big stars with dr. barton khodiyar. but it seems like a film that really celebrates the visual aspects of cinema and demand to be seen on the biggest screen possible. if i can think of no better movie, really kick off this campus. what other movies are you looking forward to yeah, it's interesting because last year, of course we supposed have a festival that was cancelled. and a number of really big films from that, from that, that's the last year i've been held back and nobody's seen them. and so they're going to be released here this year. and 2 of them, i really am excited to see there's wes anderson, new film. so a sort of quirky us movie called the french dispatch packed with stars told us whitton timothy, shall m a bill, murray. elizabeth mos hopefully will all be here on the red carpet. really excited to see that and then can, is always great for having scandal movies and i'm hoping this year that's going to
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be been detail, which is a new film from paul for whom you might know as the director of a basic instinct. this film is a period movie about a lesbian nuns in the medieval france. so obviously a lot to like there, i'm hoping it's gotta be just as shocking as everyone expects it to be. the w. got rock bro, back in can. thank you. well, the pandemic has forced the cancellation of formula ones, australian grand prix for the 2nd consecutive here, last year's race. and march was cancelled last minute. as the pandemic started to take hold. this years raised in melbourne was shifted from its usual season, opening spot to late november. but all the formula one fans will now have to wait until next year as well motorbike fans because october motor g p has also been canceled. but just for teams left in the european football championship,
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the 1st of the semi finals kicks off in just a few hours time. spain take on leave for a place in the final both sides gone through close games. and the last round that a revitalized italy looked like having the upper hand, the, the as hudy's ride home after their course a final whenever belgium was reminiscent of the good old days of italian football. historically, italy is expected to challenge for every euros title. the victory of belgium helped ease the fans pain of 2018 when italy didn't even qualify for the world cup. there was reason to celebrate in the streets of rome, once again, whatever. but i want to thank a coach about the mancini, because it's all thanks to him. i expected italy to be strong, but they're better than i expected. the fans will not be able
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to travel to london to support their team, but there are nearly twice as many italians living in the u. k. a spaniards still, mancini sees the fixture as being even the thought. it was by edison italy, in spain or in the semi finals that means they have deserved it both of their own merits on the fact that i think we have a 50 percent chance. bush went through obviously, i know i'm in the previous map, standout player leonardo spin, it's all at all his achilles tendon and italy, 2nd, full back to get injured at the tournament. a glimmer of hope for spain, who have no such injury concerns, but scraped past switzerland after penalties in the quarter final. they do have the better recent record in this fixture though, spain have lost just twice to italy and the last 13 encounters winning 7. however, given the choice between the 2 countries, dishes, british predicted dog, the psychic sausage was tempted by the serrano but eventually shows the lives on.
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yeah, that's it for now. deleted asia is next with my colleague, parish, better g. remember, you can always find all the way that there was on our website that is the w dot com and for the, for me and the entire team here in berlin. thank you so much for your company today . the news the news, the news, the news,
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the news, the news, the news the ah, he's broken in no time making vendor's legal history. he has no intention of stopping robert live and how did it all begin? and what made to say, let's try to take all the kick off in 60 minutes on d w. sometimes the seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow.
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we're bringing the environmental conservation to life with learning facts like global ideas. we will show you how climate change ended, our mental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can make a difference. knowledge of growth through sharing, download it now for the people in trucks injured when trying to see the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. families to be treated. people seeing excrete chatting, 200 people around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. why?
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because no one should have to flee the make up your own mind. w. need for mines. the news a show coming up today. man, mom's military targets, doctors and nurses and investigation by the associated press news agency shows the security officers and police started talking, arresting, and killing medical workers. why has appointed declared medical to be enemies of the state? plus germany is set to mr. for all of us, we need to travel back from india vaccinated and not mex. a native travelers from travelers of germany for wednesday. we won't get through the rules to keep in mind
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. the news. i'm finished energy. welcome to d. w. news a shark, patrick join us, man, man, as military rulers have killed nearly 900 people and detained more than 5000 since using part in february. now it seems they are intentionally targeting doctors and nurses reports if he's to 157 health care workers have been arrested 32 wounded and 12 killed in the last 5 months. the dublin says me and modest, currently the most dangerous place to be a medical worker, a quick warning view as may find some part of the following report. distressing health workers protesting against the new regime. that's when the hunter decided they were a threat. since the crew metrics have faced attacks like this by the military says,
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one fugitive dr. on huge fuels due to all actions in the ear. but we have to, can criminals overnight find a military treating and seen patient is, isn't illegal in any part of the war or it's in muma that forced many practitioners to go into hiding. but escaping persecution isn't easy. many of them had been arrested while working an underground clinic, treating injured protesters wounded by the hunters, pluto crack down, all the medical equipment and my college and on for doctors and enough to auntie seemed appreciate. you can say that i'm lucky,
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an i s k many times. the doctor is one of many health workers who refused to return to hospitals now occupied by the military and decision heavily criticized by the hunter government the dock when they're killing people in cold blood. alma, if this is not genocide, what shall i call it for malware? georgia. moderate acclaimed emetics. deny they say no one, no dance to seek medical care in hospitals run by the military. all of this in the middle of the corona virus pandemic has created a health care crisis but the p 100 doesn't seem to mike and continue the tax on his health while mandatory and your families all being bethany dr. see it,
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it's public health system could collapse at a time when people are already suffering from the political turmoil that seems to have no end. and promote this and joined from bangkok by phil robertson from human rights watch. phil has the military's crackdown on medics deprived citizens of health care. certainly the crackdown on both doctors and nurses, and also occupying hospitals by the military does making it very difficult for the ordinary people of marta to get the health care they need. they have to run a gauntlet of surveillance and control actually if they want to go to one of these hospitals to get health care. there are many people who just don't feel safe. they fear to go into the hospital that are controlled by the military. especially if they are, their relatives have been involved at all with civil disobedience movement. and we're receiving reports of people who are injured on the streets who won't go to hospital get health care. and even cases of people now are contracting cove at 19
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and getting into respiratory distress and being unwilling to go to the hospitals and preferring to try to wait it out at home and hope that they improve by themselves. would you then describe what's happening in me and ma, as a medical emergency it is certainly a medical emergency. it is a situation where you already had a weak health care system, one which had improved under the civilian government. what was nowhere near the top levels of any of the countries in se, asia system that was chronically underfunded, and all of a sudden were being dragged back into a period similar to what we had during the previous military dictatorships. one the, me and mar health system. was one of the worst in the, in the region, if not the world that having been said, doctors themselves went on strike in february earlier this year to protest against the military, where they buy their actions,
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not depriving citizens of treatment. well, many of the doctors actually refuse to go work at government hospitals, but they set up their own clinics and continued to treat people often for free. the problem has been that the military has now been trying to find these secret underground clinics to raid them. when they do catch them, they, they arrest anybody, they find there, they have been confiscating medical supplies. so quite clearly the, the military junta has prioritized repression of doctors and nurses. right to freedom of expression. and right to have a political viewpoint over allowing these people to basically continue to treat those who are need these action by the military would, on the face of it seem completely counter productive. when you have a military that's trying to rule a country. and then the same military personnel targeting the doctors that can help
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society. well, i think what you see is a military that only has really one common platform and one common approach which is repression. they see anybody who is opposed to their takeover of political power as their enemy, and they don't care whether that person is a doctor, an ambulance driver, emergency medical technician, a nurse, a hospital in administrator. they don't care, they see people as their enemies and they are essentially targeting the people of me and more and the medical personnel as enemies. and that is a fundamental problem that is a fundamental violation of rights and it's depriving people of the right to quality health care for robertson from human rights watch. we'll leave it there for the time being the thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. as starting wednesday,
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travelers from india will be able to enter germany again. that's one months. all covered 19 related ban on travel from india will be lifted. and that effectively means that from wednesday, travellers from india who being vaccinated can arrive in germany without the need to quarantine of these tribe. those also don't need to arrive at the negative covered banking test. as long as the produce proof of vaccination travelers on the other hand who haven't been vaccinated, will need to coordinate in for 10 days. this can be ended earliest after 5 days with a negative over 900 test. non vaccinated travelers will also need to carry negative covert meant in tests to enter the country. india had been classified by germany, robert hawk institute as an area of variant of concerns since the 26th of april. this was due to the prevalent but the dental variant in the country. that classification will not change to a high incidence area from wednesday. for more,
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i'm joined now by the federal correspondent address well from tele, michelle. how much of an issue has this been on travel between india and germany? been beverly to travel that has specially impacted those indians for what sector? chavez, to germany, to study or walk in the country. i don't a 100, i don't even go to india as one of the german government requesting an exemption because they had been joining the that they had to meet this lifting of the top of that may be helpful for them. now for the travel ban on you have been in my several of the countries because of the math and all as well as the debt already. and over the last few months, these can include countries like australia, canada, before, but now eventually, but dropping in, get the band maybe lifted. and other than germany gear for lifting. metabolic band is the fact that now the delta v,
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i did it already dominant in jumping as well. and so as a grade into this band is not important on there. even though this travel band has been lifted, india itself has extended a band on flights out of india till the end of the month. how will that affect travel to germany? that's a pretty good job. bad on, but india has been both continuing language has been used for the last 16 months ever been defined. stop it. however, this does not mean that there are no international like in and out of india. the mean criteria national place, right. now i think that creation like by john bob luther about the india haven't stablished, but the code, you know, the country, many of them with listed are, can be again and really be imposed. now when you get back to the end of the month, it did say that it all right to make exemption and perhaps view kind of bad lifting
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from different countries can allow for these exemptions to be made, especially for children for now that have also been questions or need shut on the acceptance in new york or up of vaccines that are being administered in india. can you bring us up to speed on that? the you dream thought for it was what was indicated by the beginning of this month . talked about fallback, things that are allowed, i didn't lose the quote after then go back. but it does not mention cool the sheet, which is a brand new all the awkward after they've been that of the manufactured in india. and also be given to many in the cross country bits of concerns that even cry of discrimination thing. that if the formula, if the wrapping of the theme, why has she's been exempted? in addition that a callback them as well, which is an enjoy manufactured and by the fact the was not on the list,
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it is also open. and however, every country in europe was inside and outside have now added to it back the sediment due to india. that manufacture shield has said that it has applied for permission to be put on the list. a decision maybe likely in a month. and just to add the never show that germany is one of the countries in europe that is accepting coffee shoot, but we'll leave our toll care for the time being. thanks so much for that update from delhi. and that's the 1st most stories on our website ever dot com forward slash aisha will leave it to do with these pictures of a demonstration in the city of gang gone. and me and my a few days ago taught us us to take place. most of this was one of the biggest in recent re, the demonstrator calling put up a time to democracy 5 months after the military called the 5th davis, you tomorrow by
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the, the, the, the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus? because of 19 special next on d, w one, continent 700000000 people with their in person stories 0 me,
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we've seen work everyday life. what europeans fear and what they hope for focus on europe in d, w. m norm, vice and the finally back in the middle of the action, football fans from across europe come together, the beer is flowing and all of it is happening without face mask as if nothing ever happened, we are worried about the delta variance. variance means we have to stay cautious. the delta variant is coming, it spreads faster than previous variance, we don't value. so is the party over. should europe be back on
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a crisis floating as the vaccine roll out? not fast enough. what the verdict for europe is the glass half empty or half full hello and welcome to d w cove at 19 special. i'm daniel winter in berlin, delta delta plus even a gamma, a veritable alphabet soup of corona virus variance. let's take a closer look at delta, which originated in india. it spreads faster than the original in europe, it's becoming the predominant strain. delta accounts for 97 percent of all sequence the positive test samples in the u. k. and is blamed for sending infections rising once again. it's also dominant in portugal and russia elsewhere. the variance is spreading quickly in austria, where it represents one of every 2 cases. and it's getting a foothold in the czech republic to inject.


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