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tv   Wunderschon  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 3:30pm-4:16pm CEST

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tends to be the process, the flattery, and the best laid plans often go astray the most that will win the game of diplomatic poker. power plays and alliances behind the climate. some it starts august on the w. w. a show coming up today. me and modern military targets doctors and nurses and investigation by the associated press news agency shows the security forces. i'm police. i started talking, arresting, and killing medical workers. why has declared medics to be enemies of the state? plus germany is set to mr. thrown about us, we need to travel back from india vaccinated and not vaccinated travelers from deck
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in terms of germany. from wednesday we walked through the rules to keep in mind the news i've been expanded. you welcome to d. w. news a shark. tragic join us. me and my military rulers have killed nearly 900 people and detain more than 5000 since using part in february. now it seems they are intentionally targeting doctors and nurses report to at least $157.00 health care workers have been arrested. 32 wounded and 12 killed in the last 5 months. the w it will save me and mine is currently the most dangerous place to be a medical worker. a quick warning view as may find some parts of the following report. distressing health work is protesting against the new regime.
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that's when the hunter decided they were a threat since the crew, maddox, her face attacks like this by the military says one fugitive dr. on huge heroes due to all actually in the damage. but we have become criminal overnight, find a military treating and seen patient is isn't illegal in any part of the law in memo that force many practitioners to go into hiding. but escaping persecution isn't easy. many of them had been arrested while working in underground clinic, treating injured protesters wounded by the hunters. pluto cracked down all the medical equipment needed and my co,
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leach and on for doctors and enough on seeing the patients, you can say that i'm lucky. but many times the doctor is one of many health workers who refused to return to hospitals now occupied by the military at decision heavily criticized by the hunter government, the dock when they're killing people in cold blood call it. this is not genocide. what shall i call it for malware? georgia, i'm on it. i claimed emetics. deny they say no one, no dare to seek medical care in hospitals run by the military. all of this in the middle of the corona virus pandemic has created a health care crisis. the the p 100 doesn't seem to mind and continue the tax on how to,
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while imaginary and the family all being bethany doctors fear its public health system could collapse. at a time when people are already suffering from the political turmoil that seems to have no end. and for more of this and joining from bangkok by a fil robertson from human rights watch, phil has the military's crack down on medics deprived citizens of health care. certainly the crackdown on both doctors and nurses, and also occupying hospitals by the military, is making it very difficult for the ordinary people of florida to get the health care they need. they have to run a gauntlet of surveillance and control actually if they want to go to one of these hospitals to get health care. there are many people who just don't feel safe. they fear to going to the hospital that are controlled by the military. especially if they are, their relatives have been involved at all with civil disobedience movement. and
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we're receiving reports of people who are injured on the streets who won't go to hospital get health care. and even cases of people now are contracting, coven 19 and getting into respiratory distress, and being unwilling to go to the hospitals and preferring to try to wait it out at home. and hope that they improve by themselves. would you then describe what's happening in me and my as a medical emergency it is certainly a medical emergency. it is a situation where you already had a weak health care system, one which had improved under the civilian government. what, but was nowhere near the top levels of any of the countries in se, asia system that was chronically underfunded and all of a sudden were being dragged back into a period similar to what we had during the previous military dictatorships. one, the me on mar health system was one of the worst in the, in the region, if not the world. that having been said,
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doctors themselves went on strike in february earlier this year to protest against the military, where they buy their actions, not depriving citizens of treatment. well, many of the doctors actually refused to go work at government hospitals, but they set up their own clinics and continued to treat people often for free. the problem has been that the military has now been trying to find these secret underground clinics to raid them. when they do catch them, they, they arrest anybody, they find there, they have been confiscating medical supplies. so quite clearly, the military junta has prioritized repression of doctors and nurses. right to freedom of expression. and right to have a political viewpoint over, allowing these people to basically continue to treat those who are a need. these action by the military would, on the face,
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everything completely counter productive. when you have a military that's trying to rule a country and then the same military personnel targeting the doctors that can help society. well, i think what you see is a military that only has really one common platform and one common approach which is repression. they see anybody who is opposed to their takeover of political power as their enemy, and they don't care whether that person's a doctor, an ambulance driver, emergency medical technician, a nurse, a hospital in administrator. they don't care, they see people as their enemies. and they are essentially targeting the people of me and more and the medical personnel as enemies. and that is a fundamental problem that is a fundamental violation of rights. and it's depriving people of their right to quality health care for robinson from human rights watch. we'll leave
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it there for the time being, but thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. a starting wednesday travelers from india will be able to enter germany again. that's one a month. all covered 19 related back on travel from india will be lifted. and that effectively means that from wednesday, travelers from india who've been vaccinated can arrive in germany without the need to quarantine of these drive. those also don't need to arrive with a negative over 900 test, as long as to produce proof of vaccination. travelers on the other hand, who haven't been vaccinated, will need to coordinate it for 10 days. this can be ended earliest after 5 days with a negative over 900 test. non vaccinated travelers will also need to carry negative cobra 19 tests to enter the country. india had been classified by germany, robert institute as an area of variant of concern since the 25th of april. this was due to the prevalent of the dental barrier and in the country. that classification
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will not change to a high incidence area from wednesday. for more i'm joined now by the double correspondent address while from delhi now michelle, how much of an issue has this band on traveling between india and germany? been to travel that has a specially impacted the lives in june with 2 showers to germany, to study or walk into the country. i don't 100, i don't even go to india as one of the german government requesting an exemption because they had been joining the that they had to meet that this lifting. the bad maybe has put them now or travel bank or have been in several of the country because of the math and gave us all as well as the debt already and all the last few months you can do with countries like australia, canada thing before. but now eventually, but dropping and get the summer band,
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maybe lifted and other than germany or lifting the travel band is the fact that now the delta already dominant in jumping at but, and so as to this band is not important on there. even though the travel band has been lifted in itself has extended a band on flights out of india till the end of the month. how will that affect travel to germany? that's a pretty good job of bad on, but india has been continuing language has been used for the last 16 months ever since the band stop. it, however, does not mean that there are no international like in and out of india. the mean criteria national place, right? now i think that creation like by travel about india haven't stablished, but the code you of the country, many of them with listed are, can be again and read it. now when you
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get back to the end of the month, it did say that it was the right to make them sure and perhaps be kind of bad lifting from different countries can allow for these exemptions to be made specially for children for well, i know that i've also been questions or need me shot on the acceptance in new york up of vaccines that are being administered in india. can you bring it up to speed on that? the you dream thought for it was what would indicate by the beginning of this month talk about fallback, things that are allowed and it includes the all put after then go back, but it does not mention cool the sheet, which is the brand name off the awkward after them being that of the manufactured in india and also be given to many indians across the country, bits of concerns and even price of discrimination, saying that if the formula is lacking the theme,
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why has she's been exempted in addition that a callback them as well which is an enjoy manufactured by the back. the was not on the list also. and last name. however, several countries in europe was inside and outside have now added to it back the sediment due to india, manufacture. she'll have said that it has applied for permission to put it on the list. a decision maybe like in a month. and just to add the numbers that germany is one of the countries in europe that is accepting coefficient. but we leave our toll care for the time being time so much for that update from daily. and that's it for today. the 1st more stories on our website, the dot com forward slash asia. we leave you today with these pictures of a demonstration in the city of young goldman muma a few days ago, photos, authentic based. most of this was one of the biggest in recent feet. the
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demonstrator calling for a return to democracy 5 months after the military called the 50 and see you tomorrow about the the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research information and contact the corona virus not change because the 19 special next on d. w. use crime fighters are back africa.
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boeing radio drama theory continues this season's a story focused on have speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on he w, africa, facebook page, and other social media platforms. crime fighters to noon. now. me the finally back in the middle of the action. football fans from across europe are coming together. the beer is flowing and all of it is happening without face masks, as if nothing ever happened. we are worried about the delta. the variance variance means we have to stay cautious. delta variant is coming. it spreads faster than
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previous variance value. so is the party over. should europe be back on a crisis floating as the vaccine roll out? not fast enough. what's the verdict for europe? is the glass half empty, or half full? hello and welcome to d w cove at 1900 special. i'm daniel winter, invalid delta delta plus even a gamma variable, alphabet soup of corona virus variance. let's take a closer look at delta, which originated in india. it spreads faster than the original in europe. it's becoming the predominant strain. delta accounts for 97 percent of all sequence to positive test samples in the u. k. and is blamed for sending infections rising once again. it's also dominant in portugal and russia elsewhere, the very interest spreading quickly in austria,
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where it represents one of every 2 cases. and it's getting a foothold in the czech republic, 2 in germany. recent data shows, delta is around 37 percent of new infections for the countries. infectious disease center recently estimated, it was already higher, perhaps 50 percent. some predicts the delta variance could account for 90 percent of all new cases by the end of august, but may sound bad. but remember, there is no evidence of diseases any more dangerous. the scientific evidence shows the spread of delta is cause for caution, but not for panic. getting the shots of, in fact, they can cope with 19 is likely to come as a big relief to those lucky enough to have one. but what happens when you very come along? well, there's somebody that has some good news on this front. against the delta vary and by on tech was found to be 88 percent effective at preventing symptomatic disease. that according to a study by public health, england,
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after seneca was 60 percent effective after the delta plus ferry and not enough day through the vailable to know how to interact with immunizations, scientists in india, and worldwide looking into it, research just say it's unlikely it'll out fox, the current job, as well as the vaccines effectiveness against the variance. another big question is how long the shots protect us for. according to a nature paper, it could be a good while. that's for m r and a job, slight phone tag madana. to figure of the immune response found in some bio tech vaccinated people was fed by researches to be a strong indication to protection could last for years. that's against coven 19 as it looks at the moment, his desire changes article recognition. it might be a different ball game that may or may not happen in the future. so now the vaccines available are best way after this time demick. and joining us now is dr.
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and they, us back, tyler, a religious don't the austrian academy of sciences. so alpha, beta gamma epsilon delta, delta plus even now, how worried do we need to be about all these variance? i don't know whether we're just the right word. i would say we have to be alert because we know that the buyer keeps changing. this is something we have been observing since the beginning of the demick, and we do know that there are certain variants which has become more pictures, sometimes also acquiring immune cape properties. so invading the numerous ones a bit better. and these are all properties that one has to factor in when we tried to count the virus by, for example, particular measurements, such as social distance thing or explanation. and why is it that we're now suddenly hearing about so many variance showing up?
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are they really just coming to light just now? we just starting to understand the more what, what's the case that i think it's a very interesting question that science itself and assigned to i think don't fully understand yet. what is clear is that many of these very in the actually take quite some time until the survey just to give you one example. delta has been 1st sequence in september 2020. so it took more than half a year for the buyer. so eventually hit the u. k and eventually now the rest of continental europe and the world. and so this is one thing. it takes time for just variance. at the same time, we have evidence that we see over the last month that evolution might be accelerating, but it's somehow part of to might be faster in acquiring mutations. and these are all process that the scientists try to understand better. ok, and looking at what the possible near future could be dealing with all of these
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various the u. k. so the aiming for total unlocking on june 19th, but delta case numbers are still very high. so is this the right thing to do in your opinion? do we just have to accept that there is going to be no good time to unlock and just grit our teaching and get through it? i mean to cite some well known scientists in the u. k. this is going to be a big experiment. and it's always, i think, difficult or impossible to, to know upfront what's gonna happen. but i think chances are that this will lead to a big spike, an increase of infection. and the question is, how much will this effect hospitalization, rate and see the cases of clinical disease? and we do know that in general, the current vaccine, including astrazeneca that is used wide in the cables. the biotech, for example, had a very high protection. again, c, d, c, and this is something i think that one has to be in. there are quite
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a big share of the population, including the younger ones that have been not estimated when it is experiment turned out to be the right way. right. well, i just like to pick up on the actually, you know, israeli research is just recently said that the by on tech job is less effective against the delta very than previously thought. which is what i guess you were referring to the. what does this mean for the fight against covered 90? i didn't want to distinguish between the different defects of, of being vaccinated. on the one hand vaccine is there to protect yourself. so it's kind of an existing action. and this is still giving you a very high protection against the delta variance. the other point if you would like to seem to prevent the spread of the virus, so from being infected in the 1st place, and then to missing the virus to other persons. and there seems to be some days are coming from the thread that maybe those people have been best connected with biotech quite some time ago or right. and this is also important to factor in time
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that those people might still get infected, although they don't come to disease or develop severe disease. so i think overall, they're still good news that the vaccines are working against delta. not it could be that they're not as effective anymore in reducing the spread. so i'm all, we kind of wasting our time with too much alarm ism around the variance. now i'm not sure i think we shouldn't be surprised anymore after one and a half years of dependent is that there will be new very coming around and would have delta epsilon lumber. the greek alphabet had 24 letters. so let's see when we reach omega. but i think these are things that we can expect the big question with all of these new arriving variances, do they have to change properties? are they more picture to the lead to more disease? are they potentially escaping the immune response?
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be this from natural infection or from vaccination, and this is something i guess it has to be assessed for each and every very important questions for the future. for us to watch that dr. and dr. back tyler of the austrian academy of sciences. thank you very much. for joining us, thank you for having and it's not just us who asked the questions. now it's your turn. it's the part of the program where we put one of your questions to our science correspondent derek williams. paul, does the vaccine blocked virus or simply keep the free cleansing severe disease? oh, okay. i've talked about this several times in the past, but maybe it's time for an update on, on what we know now. as you rightly point out mark initial trials carried out with vaccines that have been approved for you so far, they were set up to look at the vaccine safety and how well the vaccines were able
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to block the development of symptomatic disease in recipients. in particular, severe disease and, and they're really, really good at that though they're not perfect. what are called breakthrough cases do occur. those are people who are fully vaccinated that somehow subsequently test positive for the virus. but when you look at the numbers, breakthrough infections are few and far between. and most of the people that happens to get a symptomatic or mild cases of covert 19 breakthrough cases that end up in the hospital. or even if you are and far between or if you can say that. so a big win on the primary goal of stopping bad disease. but it's taking time to gather data on a major secondary call, which is stopping by risk transmission. do vaccines also provide at least some
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degree of what's called sterilizing immunity? that's when, if you're exposed to a pathogen after getting your shots, your immune system is so primed to wipe it out, that the pathogen basically has no chance to gain even a temporary foothold. and since it can't replicate and you, you can't give it to someone else evidences now piling up that if you're vaccinated band, your risk of catching toby 19 in a measurable way is a lot lower. so. busy the logical assumption is that the chances you might subs pass it along, are also a lot lower than they would be for someone who is unvaccinated, but a small chance isn't a 0 chance. the fac page at johns hopkins university expresses our current level of knowledge very well. i think it says vaccines are likely to reduce the
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risk of virus transmission, but probably not completely for everyone. me . and that's all for this edition of our covered 1900 special for more information about the pandemic. you can check out the cobra, 1900 section on our website, d, w dot com. i'm daniel winter in berlin until next time. thanks for watching and take the me the news, the news?
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the news the the ah. because he's broken in no time making vendors legal history. he has no intention of stopping. robert lehman duffy. how did it all begin? and what makes the most striking take all the kick off in
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airport city managed by fretboard ah ah, was ah, we knew long from berlin, south africa wait for a court decision on jacob newman, the former president is appealing against a jail sentence for refusing to attend a corruption. hearing. the police say they won't try to arrest him until judge give their rulings also on the program. the desperate battle against colbert 19 in peru authorities are racing to vaccinate against an abreast of virus strain which is
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left public health services reeling. and rolling out the red carpet, once again, the cannes film festival is back, 24 new movies compete for the top price as director spike li heads up this year's journey ah, on the call fairly welcome to the program. police in south africa are waiting for a high court ruling to tell them whether or not to rest former president jacobs luma. mister zoom is currently appealing a 15 month prison sentence for contempt and refusing to hand himself in and says, there is no need for him to go to jail and claims. he's innocent. he's asked hundreds of his supporters. we've been surrounding his home to protest peacefully in order to avoid a violent confrontation with police. 79 year old was sentenced to jail for
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disobeying a court order to appear before a commission investigating state corruption. during his 9 year tenure and dw correspondent christine moonlight joined us. now from outside peter mars burke high court in conseula. natasha where this hearing is underway. christine, how is the hearing going so far? nicole when the hearing started a few hours ago as soon as lawyers were basically tasked with making the argument as to why they've even brought this application to this court. because effectively what he's doing is he is asking a lower court to overrule the decision taken by the highest cause in the country, the highest court being the court that gave him the guilty verdict of being contained in court and gave him that would be my prison sentence, we are now hearing from lawyers opposing as application here, and they making the case saying to this court that this is wilma, is a serial law breaker that by this court grantees application they are in effect
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assisting him in doing that. and reminding the school that the constitutional court, all supreme court is the highest court in the land. and that court has taken a decision on the system and that decision should be respected and obeyed. otherwise, this country has the situation of legal chaos as, as one of the lawyers arguing against mr. assume it's application put it. so certainly some of the mitigating factors, mrs. has presented is that he's an old man, and that's going to jail right now in the height of the pandemic. he's my best unaided. he's got pre existing health conditions would effectively be a death sentence, but the law is opposing this application to the court that gave him that present sentence, new or new, his age new the the conditions in prison. and therefore that court's decision should be respected. nicole, the constitutional court actually said that they handed him that centers because nobody is above the law, didn't they? what is the most likely outcome today?
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because of having listened to legal experts, the number of professors, law professors in this country, everybody's ought to view that. what this court should do and will most likely do is dismiss mister zoom as application on the basis that it does not have the jurisdiction to overrule a decision taken by the supreme court of the country. the constitutional court. that is probably the outcome that will will be the result of this. and it's essentially what a lot of people are expecting will happen here today because the judge himself and the number of occasions reiterated to them is roy. and i still don't understand why you brought this case here. you're asking me to overrule a decision taken by the highest court in the land. what do you think will happen if the court, in fact reject the most allocation today? well, if that happens, nicole, we do know one thing that the police minister of this country is also and order by the constitutional court to make sure that mrs. weaver is in a correctional facility by midnight wednesday, failing him,
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having surrendered himself. so mississippi was given 5 days, he missed his 5 day period, 9. it is now left to the police minister to of course make sure that he is behind pause by midnight on wednesday. and the police minister spoke yesterday and he indicated that he was going to wait for the outcome of this cause before acting on that sort of. but if the minutes that the police minister does not arrest mrs. boomer and make sure he's behind boss by midnight on wednesday, he himself will be in contempt. of course, nicole, he will be defying an order by the constitutional course, christine in peter mars for thank you very much for that update. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world. at this hour. police and hong kong say they have uncovered a plot to bomb cords, tunnels and a railway network authorities seized explosives and arrested 9 people on suspicion of terrorist activity. 6 of those detained or high school students. beijing imposed
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controversial security law on the former british colony a year ago. here a peon council. president shaw michelle has visited the water between bella ruth and a new member lithuania were record numbers of migrants have arrived in recent weeks . michelle says bella, ruth is allowing microns to cross deliberately to put pressure on the rustles accuses mint of using migraines. as a political part, korea is stepping up to 10 demik prevention measures. according to state media leader, kim jong issued a cryptic statement last week criticizing senior official for their handling of the crisis. john young has not officially confirmed any colbert 19 k. a latin america is seeing an alarming rise in corona virus infections. the region has the highest co with $900.00 death rate in the entire world. brazil has suffered
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the most fatalities with more than half a 1000000 deaths and followed by mexico were over 230000 people have died and peru has nearly 200000 dead with a population just over 32000000 to w. c o. ramirez reports from for row, for a new varian called lambda has left the public health system really improved people are placing their hopes for a car being pandemic on vaccination. yet progress is slow on the some 15 percent offer organs have received at least one those one of their worst rates in latin america. but for house work, there are some of the ground. it's better than nothing. most of the research looking through, we feel optimistic because people react well to vaccination in parole. in fact, the younger people would like everything to go faster so they can get to black. some native sonia from a notice all the commerce costs reopen to after
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a 9 months quarantine. strict safety measures remain in place. authority. these cop mandated using job phase must to enter stores and shopping centers. phase shells are widely used and hand washing facilities had been installed in the streets, but it has not been enough for all the highest per capita death rate in the world. the government's response to the crisis has been widely criticized. the one that gave those this arrived too late for the management of the pandemic is a complete disgrace, especially for the previous president. one, now at least the fighter seemed the last to peak self infection seen through have coincided with the political crisis that in both cases left to massive demonstrations. the 1st one was in november when political instability led to 3
4:09 pm
precedents in one week. the 2nd wave of protest is happening right now. the reason a controversial presidential election, one of the candidates cried fraud. why the other claims? there is a plan to still has victory. supporters from both sides have taken to the streets, according to some experts these demonstrations could cause a 4th arise in the infection car. but at this point, the concert cannot afford new lock downs. the great this effort, math to be done to vaccinate of the population and to start negotiating from now on new generation vaccines for the new vargas that may appear. this is the most effective measure and we have been slowing doing sold on average. barrow administers about 350000 bucks since every week. a low figure for a country of more than $33000000.00 authorities have promised that the process will
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accelerate government forecast estimates that the eligible population will be immunized by the end of 2021. the spring and d w a corresponding york ramirez, we just saw in that report. he joins us from the colombian capital. overtime you get to see your report. pain's a very grim picture. how is peruse health system holding up among all this the health system of her is going through a very difficult time, because in addition to the very we're in figure self new infections. and the arrival of the new variance to the country was going through a very important political crisis that have, have, have made many people thousands of people to day the streets, to protest. and this is a very 5 or a foreign context for a new wave off infections. and that is the most worried in all of this in
4:11 pm
gone to that before, even before the fun damage the health system offer was going through a difficult time because of the lack of investment from the state. so in health system, the, before the pandemic was in a very perfect condition. and now in all of this context is a very difficult time for folks who a lot of people will blame, peruse, political instability for the dire situation in the country. so besides promising to speed up the vaccination drive, what does the current government doing to keep numbers and be the current government government doesn't have many options because no clown, the government cannot declare a new law lack down because the country could not afford that economically. but it was going through a huge crisis, and then people are tired of being confined and then so all hopes are placed in the vaccination last week or received 2000000. those is the native by united states.
4:12 pm
it would allow the country to accelerate its vaccination process, but at the same time this week, and we said for plans of oxygen donated by france. so it means that the same time the counselor is preparing for a potential new way of infections. a new wave of infection that might be fueled by the new lambda very, and not much is known about it yet, but it seems to be sweeping south america. how worried are people about that? where you are people on the community, the scientific community in latin america are very worried about this new variant because it could be devastating for the health system of the region. people are very concerned and that's why some government have a reading 1st taken by a security measures. for example, argentina closed again. once again they're, they're, it's bothered to even to their national. i mean,
4:13 pm
even argentina is abroad. that cannot go back to argentina right now, because the borders of the country are closed in peru as we saw. the phase marks marks are mandatory in some endorse places, so it's very warm, but at the same time, in latin america, that's and i mean, the people depend on informal economy, so they can not stay indoors. they cannot get confined for a long time because they need to get out to work because if they don't go out to work they, they don't have money to pay their bills on even to eat. so that's why there are now many is the vengeance or grants from the state. and that's why people need to keep getting out of this rates on to work. so even though it is worrying figures, and even even though these weren't new variance, people need to work and people need to, to get in touch with the, with, with each other. people use your own ramirez. thank you very much.
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we move on to indonesia because the country has reported a record 720 corona virus dance and a single day as it faces the deadliest wave of infections and the pandemic began dislike. as being blamed on the delta, a variant and overstretched hospitals are facing oxygen shortages. the government is appealing to neighboring countries for help. now camped outside an overcrowded hospital cove in 1900 patients fighting for their lives. the highly contagious delta vary until swept through indonesia overwhelming the health system and leaving families in a desperate hunt for oxygen restrict relatives. i used to refill it a kiosk near home, but there is no supply there. so i came here. the government is struggling to fill the gaps, anything, something that the demand for oxygen has increased 3 to 4 fold and hampers
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distribution. and i don't know if there is indeed a shortage. and we have asked the 5 biggest oxygen suppliers to dedicate 100 percent of their production to medical needs because he got it also wants to step up vaccination efforts. but with doses in short supply and only around 5 percent of the population fully vaccinated. another shortage is making itself felt to cope with the rising death toll farmland. across the country is hastily being converted into make shift graveyards for men and a woman involved in one of germany's biggest child, sex abuse rings have been jailed for up to 14 years. and the case that shocked the nation, the men drugged and raped children sometimes for days on and in the garden summer house and the western city of mister.


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