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ah ah was, ah, this is data but he lives from burden. indonesia is hit by its biggest surgical run of ours cases. yet as hospital struggle amid a shortage of oxygen and beds, we'll hear why it has one of the world highest rights of child that from kind of at 19 also on the program, south africa police minister way to be told if and when he should arrest jacobs luma, the former president is hoping the high court will throw out an order to jail him for contempt. and soccer, italian fans hope for more reason to celebrate the same plays of spain. later in
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a european championships, semifinal ah, i am rebecca writ is welcome to the program. indonesia is facing its biggest surge of corona virus infections so far. the delta variant has rapidly pushed up case numbers in indonesia, leaving hospitals in a critical state and facing a shortage of oxygen to treat patients. the government now says it's preparing for a worst case scenario. camped outside and over crowded hospital cove in 1900 patients fighting for their lives. the highly contagious delta vary until swept through indonesia overwhelming the health system and leaving families in a desperate hunt for oxygen, for stricken relatives. i used to refill at a kiosk near home,
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but there is no supply there. so i came here. the government is struggling to fill the gaps oxy get the demand for oxygen has increased $3.00 to $4.00 fold and hampered distribution from that there is indeed a shortage. and we have asked the 5 biggest oxygen suppliers to dedicate 100 percent of their production to medical needs. we got to find them to stop the spread of the corona virus. the government has imposed a partial lockdown. it also wants to step up vaccination efforts. but with doses in short supply and only around 5 percent of the population fully vaccinated, another shortage is making itself felt. to cope with the rising death toll farmland, across the country is hastily being converted into make shift graveyards. charity
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groups have the children says it's deeply worried about the impact of the pandemic on children in indonesia. i'm joined now by dina. it's that korea from safe the children in indonesia. mister saturated, thanks for your time. and children have been globally generally less affected by covert 19 than adults. but the number of indonesian children contracting the corona virus has tripled since may and more and more a di and why use that? yes, good morning to you too. well, we really don't know why this is happening, but of course the 65 percent chance of the children is what gives us very concerning. and and the reason is one of the recent perhaps and one of the things that we are trying to look at government is to not children which already done the
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last couple of days. but he said that he watch alias and basic services is already dipping depending where you live and where we work in the areas that difficult and and especially also to get also because well, so widely widely enough. and i think this is one of the cost of the children as well. how will these cope and countries like with, with vaccines remaining and such short supply? and as you say those access issues, how will they manage to combat the current of ours? yes, i think he's doing whatever they can right now, but i think an initial also need to reach out to different government or
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other countries which one expects. and so, trying to process, looking at all the sources as well as industry is corporate can help to, you know, put this in more spread over the show basically. i mean, it is also a lot of resources as well. how to manage that and to be widely enough and what other measures are the entities and government taking to try and combat this edge? yes ma'am. the government already have restriction since 2 or 3 days ago. but personally, i hope that was happening or 3 weeks ago. only focusing on in jo island. but we also think that more widely sold is fiction.
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well, what this will be especially for the economy side or? well, i thank you very much, dana cetera, from safe and children in indonesia. now, while indonesia struggles to contain the fall out from the delta various, the u. k. appears to be entering a new stage in the pandemic. u. k. prime minister of ours johnson has laid out plans to end most corona virus restrictions on july 19th. that's despite a rise in infection right across the country. the measures include scrapping rules on wearing masks and social distancing the opposition labor party is calling the move reckless that most of the i don't population a now vaccinated. and johnson says people have to learn to live with the virus. after nearly 60 months of masks, lockdown, and other restrictions, england is ready to return to normal. and britons prime minister says it's
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a case of no or never. we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks, when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we must ask ourselves, when will we be able to return to normal tanks? best very about john. so he says england has to balance the risk of corona virus against the effects of locked jones on people's livelihoods and health, both physical and mental. but the leader of the opposition says the prime minister made the decision without waiting for the latest data to throw off all protections at the same time when the infection rate is still going, all is rec, place, and global health officials agree warning governments against full action restrictions to quickly i think overall we've made a very premature run,
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rush back to full normality and i think we're going to pay a price for that because we're not there with vaccination. the variance are really there and we haven't protected the people. but on the streets of london, there was plenty of support for the relaxation with the economy for most people's minds. i think it's just just checked on cisco cases, but not very many people seem to be very suffering with it so much. i think the economy and mental health and suffering. i cannot frisson. alright. i think is for rehire down there were concerns about people who are going to be exposed to voters. but yeah, we've got the economy, the change, the 19th of july affected me, england, scotland, wales, and northern ireland are lifting restrictions more slowly. let's take
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a look now at some of the developments in the pandemic data from israel shows the bio and take 5. the vaccine is less effective at preventing mild corona, virus infections. scientists believe this is because of a highly transmissible delta variant, but they say the vaccine is still highly effective in stopping serious illness or hospitalizations. germany has announced it will a quarantine rules for travelers from the u. k. portugal, russia, india, and ne paul. those who are fully vaccinated will no longer need to isolate after they enter the country. and lots of books, prime minister is in a serious but stable condition in a hospital after contracting cove at 19. so yeah, but tell was partially vaccinated against the virus after one after that job. and now let's have some other stories making headlines around the world. a plane carrying 28 people has lost radio, contacting east and russia. officials say the aircraft may have crashed into the ocean or hit the ground me that come childcare peninsula. civil defense teams have
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been sent to the area to search for the plane l g b t q campaigners in georgia, have cancelled a pride march after the fall, right demonstrated stormed and ransacked their office in the capitol, tbilisi ultra nationalists broke into the tbilisi pride headquarters attacking activists and journalists, they also tore down and burned rainbow flags i. people were detained over the violent tropical storm. elsa has hit keep his capital havana with heavy rains and winds of nearly 100 kilometers an hour. flooding has been reported as revisit birthday bank forecast. is a the storm will next head to florida. men have kidnapped at least a 140 children in north west nigeria. police say the gunman shot wildly and overpowered security guards that of baptist boarding school. it's the latest in a wave of massive duction around $1000.00 students has been kidnapped in nigeria
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since december. south africa police minister says he's waiting instructions on whether to arrest a former president, jacob zoom on this as zoom prepared to ask the countries high court to set aside a 15 month child term against him, a constitutional court and consumer to the jail term. last week for contempt because he refused to attend a corruption hearing resume. it has refused to hand himself into the authorities. he's told, hundreds of support is outside his home, but there is no need for him to go to jail. i made fear of a violent confrontation with police, the record for his supporters to protest hastily. i call on all my support has to use peaceful means to protest against this injustice. i really must be clear. i'm not asking for
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sympathy, but justice. my colleague christine manuel is outside the south african high court and joins us now. christine, help us out. his room is asking the high court to dismiss the sentence imposed by the constitutional court. which court is more important. rebecca, in short, the corporate handed him that 50 month sentence is the highest court in the land. it is the apex course. what you might know is the supreme court. and so in the i was off to that court handed down that ruling, and that 50 mantell sentence as him, as lawyers went to that very court and asked that it reviewed its judgement and its ruling, it agreed to that. and then he came to this court and us that the police hold arrest while pending, of course, the outcome of that trial. so that is what he has done. but in short, the court that gave the sentence and that gave him the judgement that he was in
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contempt of court, is the highest court in the land. so what a legal experts saying that about the me as appeal, how do they think the high court will react? while most legal experts are off, if you hear that this court is simply going to reject mr. zoom is the case on the basis that it does not have the authority to overrule a ruling by the constitutional court. and so if that does happen, police have until wednesday midnight to take him to a correctional facility. now you're outside that court. you say the sign there behind you, but zoom is not there. it's a virtual hearing. and the former president is at home in quite a towel, surrounded by hundreds of his supporters. that sounds like it could be a pretty tense situation. is it? it certainly is. i mean, his supporters have been gathering and converging outside his home for a number of days now on sunday when he came out an address that he actually said to
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them, you guys had formed the human shield, but even if the police had come for me, they wouldn't have been able to get through you to get to me. now one thing must be noted is that them gathering outside is currently illegal because all that is in the midst of a serious 3rd way, there are lockdown restrictions here. that is an illegal public gathering and the appropriate regulations that are currently in place police were taken, so talks about why they've not been acting against the support is why they've not been displacing those crowds. and the police minutes actually said that intelligence showed that a number of the support says at least on sunday, were that they were about 100 firearms. among the people who look at that outside. he felt that they were trying to avoid scenario where you had this violence escalation. so it certainly is the sense that the police are treating properly, that nobody is trying to provoke. law enforcement is trying not to provoke student supporters by the way, speaking very fighting talk. i mean, when i was speaking to some of them on sunday, outside the home and guns that they were talking about, willing to, to die in defense of the president who they believe is being politically prosecuted . so it's certainly a precarious situation. yeah. and again,
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the police minister saying that he's going to wait for the outcome of this court, the full actions that risk order. christine, thank you very much, christine wonder. in paper, it's back with a g, cuz down president has ordered around 20000 reserve forces to protect its border with afghanistan, he came after more than 1000 afghan soldiers abandoned their posts. when taliban fighters overrun districts in the back shan province and fled to the neighboring country, the armed group has been gaining territory across afghanistan. since the international troops started pulling out in alleys, many afghans worried about their future. these afghan people are determined to leave the country. that's why thousands of them have gathered at this passport, office and capital cobble trying to find a way out the future has become too uncertain. as the fact of the
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us troops withdrawal will start to unfold. i'm a want to districts have fallen. there's not a single district without fighting tale bond has even reached the chief of police, his office and provincial capitals. i've come here to get my passport and get out of afghanistan. it's not safe here. many embassies have registered a dramatic increase in the number of visa and passport applications. as the tale bon advances, people fear the hard one progress over the past 2 decades will start to row back. women and girls, for example, went from near total exclusion from public life to being able to work and study in mix schools to day. now these gains are hanging in the balance. very recently we have reports that just districts that have been taken over by the taliban. they have already imposed restrictions on women on media. for instance,
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women are in the high, reportedly not allowed to leave the house without a male chaperone clinics have been closed. there's also reports of media blackout. this is happening despite the tale bonds promises that the public has nothing to fear and the situation could intensify. the group has already made significant territorial gains in the past months. as gun forces struggling to hold them off. now our people thinking, if our government can not to control the situation, maybe the civil war will restart. so that's the main problem. why people trying to go abroad. those who couldn't afford a visa, a seeking to leave illegally. many of them are young people, but they're about to cross the border to iran before embarking on
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further journeys hoping to secure a better future. here in germany for men has been sentenced to 10 to 14 years in prison for their roles. and one of the country's biggest child sexual assault rings, in a case that has shocked to the country, the men were accused of drugging and raping children. sometimes for days on end in a garden summer house in the city of munster village bring late, it was said to have filled the assaults on his partners on his partners. underwrite some and distributed those videos. the boy's mother who was accused of letting her son use the garden house for the assault was convicted as an accomplice on 50 suspects have been linked to the crimes. additional trials have been taking place in other german cities. for more, i'm joined by date of the political correspondent, hums brant. hands more than 50 suspects has been linked to these crimes. what more can you tell us about the suspects verdicts?
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well, let's talk 1st of all about these 5 people that were convicted today. that is included, the main suspect, who was most likely had, had run this network. he had set up a server in his cell through which he distributed to the videos of the sexual abuse of under age. very young boys. and the other 3 men that were involved had gathered with him in the summer house that we just saw for what they called a party, where they assaulted 2 or 3 boys. many, many hours and filmed themselves doing that. the 4th or 5th person convicted today was the mother of the main suspect she was the owner of this holiday home and knew what was going on there and has been, has been convicted as a accessory to the crime. there has been a number of other convictions already. a handful of other men have been convicted and about 30 are in custody and 50 of being investigated. the police say they have
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a huge amount of evidence of which they have only been able to analyze a very small part. so it's a, it's a case that's going to go on for many years, presumably, and there are likely to be dozens of the suspects. truly shocking crimes here hands 10 to 14 years doesn't seem like a substantial punishment. how significant is this conviction for the victims and their families? as far as the punishment is concerned, we have to say that in germany the maximum possible punishment for anything else, but murder is 15 years. so the main suspect here was given 14 years. that's just one year, less than the maximum sentence. in addition, all of these men are going to be going into prevent of custody once they have finished this engine. so in other words, they're not going to be free once their sentences have been served. as far as other cases are concerned, the police are saying that having looked into this,
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these kinds of crimes very intensively in the last couple of years. they expect that a lot more cases will be found. representatives of the victims of the children that are being abused here, saying that it is very important that such cases are publicly discussed because there are some perpetrators who don't even know that what they are doing is a crime, dw political correspondent, 100 front. thank you. becoming an american citizen is for many immigrants, a dream come true for some it only comes out the use of uncertainty thought us president biden has just launched a new strategy. i'm just encouraging more immigrants in the states to pursue the path to citizenship. carolyn at chamber, i went to meet some new americans to find out what citizenship means to them. oh see, can you see where the house and new americans have been welcomed
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all over the country within the last week and they have been waiting for at least 5 years for this very moment to happen. this celebration took place among her none. the home of the 1st us president, george washington, russia. sudan. 39 people from 30 to different countries are now american. your for green serve will be u. s. army since 2019. he's waited for 5 years to become an american citizen. freedom. i always say that freedom. judging from where i come from, so where i am right now is a big difference when it comes to freedom. it comes to respect for human life and comes through human right? and all of this things, things that are anywhere outside america, but in america is something we enjoy in abundance. so freedom is indeed the big
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thing that i'm so excited about being an american citizen who was born in vietnam on a communist country. yeah, i used to be a commented party member and i renounce that. so i joined this country and us, they accept me this country have democracy and freedom. my daughter made a right 6 years ago with her family from sudan. i am a long time full come in here. thank you. thank you so much. and so i have the now the number of not realizations has little to do with the sitting president and has always been that high. it only went down last year because of course it yoseph sour tells every year to come back. you were a nation of immigrants and we are stronger as a country, as you, when you bring in
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a diverse and inclusive crowd from depth from different countries. and cultures just makes us better as a country. and i via the united states was billed on 245 years or 2 for now and in the tennis world, number for alexander farrah has crashed out of wimbledon. in the last 16, the german rallied from 2 sets down to level the scores that last the fits it to 20 year old. felix. the canadian is the youngest player in the atp 20 and in football font. the final for the european championships get underway tonight in the semi finals thing challenge it lead for the right to play in sundays final but both sides and you would close games in the last round thought. a revitalized italy do look to have the upper hand the as hudy's ride home after their quarter final. whenever belgium was reminiscent of the good old days of
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italian football. historically, italy is expected to challenge for every euros title. the victory of belgium helped ease the fans pain of 2018 when italy didn't even qualify for the world cup. there was reason to celebrate in the streets of rome. once again, i want to thank our coach about the mancini because it's all thanks to him. i expected italy to be strong, but they're better than i expected. the fans will not be able to travel to london to support that team, but there are nearly twice as many italians living in the u. k. a spaniards. still, mancini sees the fixture as being even the thought it was by edison, italy, in spain, or in the semi finals, that means they have deserved it in both of their own merits. i think we have a 50 percent chance percent. obviously, i know i'm in the previous match,
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standout player leonardo spin, sold at all his achilles tendon and italy, 2nd, full back to get injured at the tournament. a glimmer of hope for spain, who have no such injury concerns, but scraped past switzerland after penalties in the quarter final. they do have the better recent record in this fixture though, spain have lost just twice through italy and the last 13 encounters winning 7. however, given the choice between the 2 countries, dishes, produce predicted dog. the psychic sausage was tempted by the serrano but eventually shows the liz, anya could joy watching date every news. his reminder of the top story with following for you in asia is him importing emergency oxygen and calling for help from neighboring countries as it faces its biggest surge of corona, virus infections. so far,
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the built of area has rapidly pushed on case number's leaving hospitals in a critical state and a short if a shortage of oxygen for patient use update this and we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the next hour. i'm rebecca ridges in berlin. don't go away. ah. the news. the news? the news
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news, the news. the natures wonders french. northern coast. humans are included in the creatures like turtles amenities of losing their habitats. paradise still be repealed coastline. a harsh reality for sea turtle. the count next on d w. what does daily life use in europe like beyond the framework
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of political debate? how much to anti semitism and the conflict in the middle east effect amy lye. film producer, alice brown and publish cooler man. examined what it's like being jewish. ah ah, who's a little guy that is the 77 percent. the platform for african issues and share ideas. you know, we in north africa relation is really fast.
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and young people clearly have the solutions, the future. all the sudden the 7 percent. now every region on the w, the animal conservationists, elton about unreserved northeastern coast. there are creatures that live here that can only be found in a few other places on.


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