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tv   Steinreiches Lubeck  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 7:00am-8:01am CEST

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so surprising into the very heart of power to those who will win the game of diplomatic poker. treat power plays and alliances behind the scenes of trying to sum it starts august 5th on d, w. the me ah, the city of the news and these are the top stories you care prime minister bars, johnson has laid out plans the end to cope with $900.00 restrictions that despite arise and infection rates across the country, driven by the more contagious delta variance, the measures include scrapping rules on wearing losses and social distance thing and allowing people to go back to the office. the changes are due to take effect on july 19th. we missed the officials, nigeria say 140 children have been kidnapped by armed men in the countries north
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west. police say the gunman shot wildly and overpowered. security guards at the baptist boarding school. it's the latest in a wave of mass abductions around $1000.00 students. have been kidnapped in jerry and since december. havana is under that off a tropical storm. elsa maids 9 fall in cuba, bringing heavy rains and winds of nearly 100 kilometers per hour. flooding has been reported in some areas for cost to say the storm will next head to florida. this is d. w. news from berlin. that's much one website. d, w dot com ah, was the united states just celebrated its independence day holiday with fireworks and crowds and with the
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corona virus. the delta varying to spreading and almost exclusively among the and vaccinated on this side of the atlantic, the u. k. is preparing to mark what he calls freedom day on july 19th, the last pandemic restrictions in england will be lifted. if only the government could simply decrease the delta variance away. if only there were enough vaccines in people's arms to stop the spread. but there aren't in on july 19th, there won't be either. i'm burned golf and berlin. this is the day the, ah, we will be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks, when will we be able to return to normal? notate we choose, comes with zeroes,
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and we must reconcile ourselves sadly to move deaths. but i want to get away from these restrictions as quickly as i possibly can, and allow people to make their own informed decisions about how to manage the virus . the also coming up, the u. s. government has admitted that many u. f. o sightings cannot be explained, and washington is not ruling out. the possibility that u. f o's could be from aliens. so what are curious earthlings to do is the truth. is it really out there? look like i can plan a way for me to our viewers on p b. s. in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin today with abrasions of freedom on both sides of the atlantic. one more muted than the other in the u. s. american celebrated their july 4th independence day of
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sunday in ways that were banned and considered life threatening. just one year ago, even president biden said that the country was celebrating its growing freedom from the corona virus, but that is only part of the story. the delta variance of the buyers is spreading across the us and it is spreading almost exclusively among the non vaccinated. that translates into millions of vulnerable people. about 69 percent of americans have had at least one vaccine shot so far heard immunity. it remains a hope now the reality. the number of new delta cases delta varied cases in the u. k, was even worse than in the us. 24000 new cases were reported on sunday. that's the highest daily number since early february hospitalizations in depth have not increased. and that is important here, but that could easily change. and yet today, prime minister boys, johnson said, come july 19th, there will be no more pandemic restrictions. his message,
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we will simply have to learn to live with this buyers. don't forget that we always did say there would be a, a 3rd wave and the, and the projections where we line the roadmap, where sadly more limitations and sadly more, more debt. so i think the question that people have to ask themselves, as i said earlier on, is if we don't go ahead now when we, we've clearly done so much with the vaccination program to, to break the link between infection and, and, and death if we didn't go ahead now when the summer fall break is coming up the the school holidays or the advantages that that should give us in, in fighting the arson. the question is, when would we go ahead? was born johnson speaking earlier today? i'm doing now by mohammed veneer. he's biologist at lancaster university in the u.
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k. it's good to have you back on the program. let me start with some numbers here, mr. mooney, or do you know what percentage of people being infected with the delta variant in the u. k. are not vaccinated, is it 99 percent? as is the case in the us? yeah, i mean thanks for having me. back on the show was the majority of the case of in the u. k. if you look on to the sequence they belong, but i mean more than 95 percent of those positive cases in the you know, on an average more than $24000.00 level reading it. but at the moment, we don't really have to figure that and bring the one down that the new cases are either in the vaccinated or non vaccinated people. because that is really not the status of according to our own internal estimate, we're going to find a community, the boss you are, the cases that are running into or in either people are back to me with
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a single dose or not vaccinated at all. we know the numbers, i mean, we can ignore the numbers 24000 new cases on sunday. the 27000 on this monday. i mean, do you see the euro 2020 football crowds reflected in these numbers? yes, absolutely. that you know, over the one and a half year into this and damage time, we have witness that congregation and gathering either in the indoor particularly, but in close vicinity, or really the feeling that can lead to emergent focus infections. and particularly when we talk about the variance such as delta very and there's a lot more cognitive going around 66 percent more than alpha variance average was predominant in the u. k. before the before that got somebody that, that was 50 percent more transmissible than the one we're yet. so all in all these
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tale transmissible wires, buyers with low quantity of the teacher that is required to, in fact that people and in congregated places are really the very worrying moment for moving forward. and would certainly do more cases as we move along with the course. you know, we're seeing more cases, the number of cases rides, and yet hospitalizations and cobra. 1900 deaths in the u. k. are not rising. how do you explain their yes, absolutely. that is, when we say that the vaccine play is playing the role, we have seen a massive decrease in hospitalization, but also on the death. and that is really the indication that the vaccines are working. but that is with the caveat didn't there is that person has to be double vaccinated this mean, all those people who have gone 1st need to go to 2nd so that the protection of light h mode, that would be great. but that also mean that the width is always there because even
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in the country like you get up over population, including children are not vaccinated, which means any gathering or any opening up at the, at the time when we have a very good at all of our certainly be the best part of you is really do you think that the u. k. would have this problem with the delta variant? if it had rolled out 1st in our, in a vaccines instead of the astrazeneca vaccine, would that have made a difference? well, we know that most of the vaccines that we are defined currently on effective against many readings, including delta variance. so i think at this moment, the important thing is that we maximize the company population at the level where we can achieve the heard community, or at least the community that did a lot to break the transmission chain within the community. because the initial delta running it only for a few occasions, back in february, march, and from then all the communities that has gone high. and if we have a really good that info to good,
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go go the weekend 30. great. with one down. the only put the dental reading it in the future reading because there will always be a certain level of protection sufficient enough to reduce hospitalized ation. and when the prime minister says we will have to learn to live with this virus. what is he saying is the corona virus going to become endemic like the flu virus? well, that is a very dangerous and some time because i don't really think that we will be able to live with this. why this? because this is not of know what is and if we live with this virus, it will kill off and the only way we can live with this, what it is harmony, not conflict. and the hominy is that we keep all what we can control the infection while taking the break off. but the government credit seems to be changing. it's a take the break off and see what happens, which isn't really what most of the infections. ok when the or is always mr. new, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thanks for calling the for the past few weeks,
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european football has been at the center of protests of laws designed to curtail the rights of l. g. b t q people. and those protests seemed like a luxury when compared with what is happening in the former soviet republic of georgia at the moment. the o g b t q community there had planned to hold a pride march, but the march was cancelled after protests against it turned violent. protestors clashed with police and activists locations across the capital city to blazing, including parliament and the united nations. representative of a group of demonstrators also attacked the offices of the l. g. b t q group which tried to organize the march. it's opposed by leading figures in the georgian orthodox church. the prime minister of georgia also criticize the plan quite event is being an acceptable to march sections of georgia to sign or join. now, by ross moves andres, and he is a member of the european parliament for the german green party. he's also been
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vocal in his support for the pride march in tbilisi. it's good to have you on the program with me tonight. i'd like to draw our viewers attention to what you posted earlier today on twitter. your tweet today said this, this is simply not acceptable fund ally and joseph burrell should call the georgia authorities to protect the tbilisi pride to protest for equality and human rights is a fundamental right if georgia wants to be a european partner, they should act hash tag tbilisi pride, $21.00. are you expecting the european union to do something here? well, 1st of all, let me say, thanks for having me and it's good that you're taking this up in your program. we what we could see today and simply see at the price is quite hurtful and painful, not just for me, but for the old l g
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t i community across the whole world. and from my perspective, this is not just junction issue. it's about fund a mentor, right, and about protecting them. and this is why i think the european union need to address those. what do you think the european union is going to do something? well, we could see a lot of embassy just there from european states, but also from the u. s. calling the jobs authorities to act. and i think the next logical step would be to have a political involvement to have the national government, but also to have for european commission on it. and having some serious talk with the judge and authorities and to govern the european commission you say, last month you signed it open letter calling on georgian authorities to protect tbilisi pride protesters and to ensure their universal right to freedom of expression in peaceful assembly. i noticed that those who signed with you from the
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european parliament, they are either greens or social democrats. i didn't see any one from the conservative block in parliament. and isn't that where europe and commission president ursula from july and feels most home that i mean, it makes me wonder how much support there is in brussels in strossberg really for what you'd like to see. well there is a lot of plot for l g b t i writes, especially in the european parliament. i know a lot colleagues coming from the conservative family, all the liberal time of the supporting goes issue. i don't know why it is time to let or we, we address to the georgia authorities last week, but still when it comes to protecting l g b, t i. right. well why there is a lot of support. but my feeling is that we need more than just strong work. we need to see the european commission acting, and this is what, what we would like to see. now, when it comes to juncture, we can see that there has been
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a lot of issues also in the past. whenever the government and especially also the orthodox church, was discriminating or was discriminating. l g b, t i in georgia. and this is why i think it's time for politician to act, mister andres. and when you see these images of people being attacked in tbilisi, does it make you think that the l g b t q community is the last minority in societies where it is still acceptable to, to discriminate against them. and even in some places to be openly violent against them. well, at least it's not acceptable to have l g b, t i p pull no matter where they are living attack just because of this actually. because they want to protest peacefully in places like talks about also other
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place in the world. the community is still facing a lot of struggles and they need all solid very to know. and this is why i think it's important that we are taking those issues up in europe. when you look at what is happening, for example, in poland, hungary and then you consider what the situation is for gays and lesbians in russia . and now you see what's happening in tbilisi, georgia, do you, do you feel like you're finding a losing battle against the hate? no, i don't think so because the history at so many part of the world am from germany, but also looking at the us of the pope of europe, that the political 5 minority community had to take in the past, build a successful strategy and also majority support but there are still some countries squared those issues on the falls, and this is why they beat our part,
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where we also need to support the community and also the minority community in some countries so that they can live at the same freedom in the same freedom like we can live with sun's rays and member of the european parliament for the german green party, mister andres, and please come back and talk with us again. we would like to follow the story and see what the p and union. in fact, does appreciate having you on the show tonight. thank you. i would appreciate it. thank you. the, the hackers enforced hundreds of swedish supermarkets to close by mailing a cyber attack on their computer. systems are demanding $70000000.00 us dollars in crypto currency. in exchange for stolen data, the latest ransomware attacks targeted a us company that provides services to some 40000 businesses around the world
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know customers allowed in. that's because hackers were able to penetrate the supermarket cash register system. there was out, hundreds of sweden, corpse doors were shot last weekend. it's the single biggest global ransomware attack on record. the hack hit 40 companies in at least 17 countries. they all use software from the u. s. based services company gave a security expert suspect, rush and hackers us present biden has ordered a probe into the attack. the fact is directly the community gimme a deep dive on what's happened and i'll know better tomorrow. and if it is either with the knowledge of and or consequence, russia, then we will respond. what is clear is that the hackers used case and software to hack the companies. they encrypted important data and now they are demanding $70000000.00 encrypted currency to release it. the federation of german industry is
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one such attacks are increasing. ransomware attacks rolls during the call in 1900 pandemic, but at least 5 percent according to insurers. remote workers during the pandemic have also been an easy target slackers for items in deeply optimization and hope all private computers are a problem. they have anti virus software, but it doesn't offer sufficient protection for cyber security experts are linking the attack to an affiliate of the russian revolt, gang, known for extorting $11000000.00 from net packer and j. b. s. in may. the hole in case you missed it, believers in extra terrestrial visitors to earth marked world u. f. o day. this past weekend, the event is held to mark the day that some people believe a u. f o crashed at roswell, new mexico, back in 1947. this years, gathering dream crowns of enthusiasts to what they regard as the alien capital of the world. this year, the anniversary had
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a little extra spice. following the release of the us intelligence report on sightings of dozens of mysterious unidentified flying objects. well, that report said there wasn't enough information available to attribute incidence to specific explanations. the u. s. government did not rule out the possibility of extra terrestrials, maybe our next guest can help us understand that maybe clear this up for us make west is a british american science writer. he's known as being a bunker of conspiracy theories. he joined me tonight from sacramento and the good state of california is good to have you on the program tonight. i am assuming you were not in roswell, over the weekend. i was not there, but i think a few of my friends might have been, i know a lot of people in the u. f. a community and it's a fairly tight knit community. and i actually know people who probably attended that there is a large community isn't there, and i'd like for you to take a look at this map that we found to view f o sightings from the early 19 hundreds
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to current day. and what you notice is that the us, maybe we can pull them at the, there's the map, the u. s. and the u. k. and a little bit of australia are where most sightings take place is. is there an explanation for that? i mean it's, it tells us that maybe ex restroom would seek out english speaking countries to land to be how did you explain that? well, that particular map is actually from data collected by new fork. when you national your reporting organization, which is an american organization. so it's very centered upon reports in america, people in china are not going to send in their reports in new york. so it's kind of slanted towards the, the english speaking world and america and the u. k. in general. but that's not to say that there isn't a kind of a bias. we do have a very strong tradition of u f. i was here in the united states and to a certain degree in the u. k. so there's certainly
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a very american flavor to the whole us story. the u. s. government report on you oppose it was released last month. it did not deny the existence of aliens or you have those, but i've been following your twitter feed. you've posted what could be evidence that could explain cases of u. f. o sightings that the government did not attempt to explain in the report. for example, you say, jet ploot or oil rig flavors could explain some findings. all of this sounds very plausible. but why do you think the government shied away from these plausible explanations in this report? well, 1st of all, we don't know what analysis the government has actually done. if you look at the report, they mention almost no details whatsoever in this report. they give one example where they determine something was a balloon, but in the rest they didn't tell us what they actually did. now, a lot of the stuff that i've investigated has been the videos that came out from the u. s. navy. and these are generally fairly blurry,
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small videos and things that far away and what people, what happened was people made very specific claims about them that they showed something that was novel, something new to physics, something that could only be really some kind of advanced technology like aliens and i analyze these videos and i think i showed reasonably conclusively that they all had much more mundane explanations. however, i haven't actually specifically identified exactly what's behind each thing. just that is not some kind of advanced technology or alien craft. and because the u. s. government doesn't want to give you any details of their investigation because usually involves some kind of classified technology. they just don't tell you those details. so they probably come to a very similar conclusion to what i have if they really looked into them in any depths. you tweeted a page from a book by carl sagan that was written back in 1995. they got my attention and you highlighted what say good wrote about the intellectual health of americans. and he
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says that americans are falling back into superstition in darkness because the technological powers controlling the world seems so great. and they are also so poorly understood by those who are supposed to represent our interest. e, you know, our politicians. is that what is happening in your opinion to our world when it comes to wanting to believe in us foes and not pushing more fervently for the scientific explanation as you do in your twitter feed? well, i think this is kind of an intractable problem, really not everybody is going to be very interested in science. so there will always be elements of the population who fall for the more kind of mystical explanations. but a lot of people who believe in us is fairly well versed in science. so it's not simply that i think the really is a preponderance of, of these people who actually wants to believe. they actually think that the alien
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hypothesis is the best type of assess now they've arrived assets and the basically trying to defend it. and i think what we're seeing here with is this, you know, report and other things that have come out recently is a little bit of that type of wanting to believe that people who are more credulous believers kind of intersecting with government. there are people who are in positions of power, like politicians, like send a harry receive example, who actually got these things actually rolling. and part of it was because they personally were people who were really interested in the phenomena. they wanted an explanation. that's why this report was prepared, but the report leaves you with this, this feeling of i guess you're not satisfied with what the, the government or the u. s. military, the pentagon, whoever or, or offering. how did you explain that? how do you explain also that people want to believe so badly that there are extra terrestrials, like just
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a very enticing solution to what's going on in the universe, people to see things in the sky and the idea that they might actually be aliens. i think just fills people with a great deal of excitement. people grow up reading science fiction, they see in the movies. and this is just, this is great explanation if you grew up with a notion that close encounters of the 3rd kind was a semi documentary about things that actually happened. then the idea that is actually coming to fruition is kind of a validation for number of people. people believe in number a number of years that this might be happening and they feel like it's happening now. so the very enthusiastic but the report it doesn't realize aliens, but the reason it doesn't realize aliens is that it's literally impossible to realize aliens. something's an identified, you can't tell that it's not aliens because it's an identifier. so that's just really the media trying to put an alien spin on things. i've got 36. let me ask you, do you think that we're under the spell of the x files generation that we,
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we want to believe? i think some people do want to believe, but the evidence really is of that and that kind of kind of reaching a little bit at the moment. okay. nick went very good talking with you. it's good to grow a voice of rational thinking into this debate. we don't get it all the time because we appreciate you joining us tonight. thank you. thank you very much. well, the day is almost done, but the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter either at the w news or you can follow me at brent golf tv and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. ah, the news? the news,
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the news, the news ah ah, this is for food, biofuel, and files fertilizers, providing future for thousands of families in the camel. now, a profitable business with exciting gross potential use. the next d w. age of wonders is under threat in
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ordering for human inclusion, the creatures, my triples, amenities are losing their paradise to be things reveal between coastline harsh for see to see count the in 60 minutes on w. o. news was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. suddenly we agreed to postpone the or the game central care with 202421. thrown off course during the qualifying round.
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not least for sports heroes. actually it was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. count down during walk down the walk. he goes to tokyo, starts july 19th on d, w. ah, me. 70 percent of the york soften is covered with ocean, and yet we often fail to take care of it damaging or fishing, or turning it into a dump of rubbish. but they only go india. let's look at some innovations that will help us heal our relationship with that ocean. hello, welcome. i'm friends that are cool. the oceans already offer us solutions on how to
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cope with climate change. feed for example, is able to absorb carbon dioxide is also feature. the super food a bow for to life and has multiple other commercial uses. we visited the southern most people, india was see, the farming has generated housings of jobs and is helping empower. it's a lot of women. the loo concilium, to wit, none from a very early age about the potential for earning money from cv off the her father daughter, her mother used to own cv fun to keep the family afloat ah monday. and because of this job that we were able to finish school fun on me and my brothers education, but he both graduated lead. see the farming. i've read opportunity for everyone.
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down to the seashore will definitely on a positive dc. but at la, resting and selling, while phoebe has long been a tradition of income supplement for people like a family here on india's south east coast since the 1990. however, c v firm has taken on industrial proportions at the central solar marine chemicals research institute scientists group on, on it's deemed up with local fishermen to create a straightforward method for farming the camp. in 100. in monday, we focused mainly on technical development for the cultivation of economically important. see, we know that we developed the 1st viable technique, fucked up of acres in india. it is the only cv commercially cultivated in the country. in india, the c v grows on bamboo wraps that are floated a few meters onto the fi. young plans that are attached in
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a series of rooms and after taking root will grow by up to 60 centimeters a day, while at the same time absorbing the carbon dioxide. within a few weeks, they are ready for harvest. ah, and then the real money get 9, get money, gets a lot of money. first we check on this one. when we bring emily right on the policy. if it's one of the ones you don't get much last now we tried to multiply one rat to fit what i saw on the i'll talk about it a little bit about the dog, not very laquanda. the families here used to live primarily on fish, which was done by the men. as fish stocks dwindled, many people decided to leave home. and the reason large scale c. v fog, however, provided entirely new opportunities when we introduced us, even when we introduced commercials even called division in 2004. there are more than over $900.00 families had migrated from fuko de ram and not to put them
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district to enter the data board to secure their livelihood. austin cities. but they've all sensitive done and started see we've got division and backgrounds. now they are enjoying a sound income of more than $20000.00 groupies. both both and bowman month. ah, the feed harvest is sold to companies best in the area and they in turn produced in extract called got again, which is use would have variety of industrial products, gelatin, for example, features and everything from suit taken to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. but the see we can also be used as a fertilizer and for animal for the i. but here to global warming is having an impact. rising water temperature in the areas being far let the plans dying off in march in 2013. the stocks have a still to recover from the devastation. i love it on the dividend. the reason we
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saw increased mortality at the time was because of climate change, even though we had used the same material for more than 20. and then the growth stopped because it had vegetative reduction because we have gone down from the 2000 pounds a year to $300.00 less than $100.00. and the water becomes especially between ginger line, good company. so therefore, looking for new ways of cultivating because among the more promising solutions is one seen in indonesia. there, the pharma still further out to see where the water is cool and the c, v goes better. but here in dumb and nanda, they're still waiting for government permission to relocate the crops. ah, global demand, just continue to rush. you to see the potential as a sustainable food source. ah,
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if you will, according to the 2019 s e or the board, 55 percent more food production is required in india. but we are using only 5 percent of the c. and as far as india is concerned, we are using less than 0 point one percent of the c. v does. less than a form i called earlier to read is confident of being able to increase her and with the new farming methods me. i'm still bombing with all my heart, but i want to go and build my own house and not. and so i really need to do this work you to me to over 13000 families in diamond not now live off the tv and the women will soon be learning how
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to process that as you do, providing another welcome stream of income. if the trip pacific garbage patch is anything to go by, we've already made a mess in our oceans by dumping millions of tons of plastic. but what's been torn in can also be taken out and re used. at least that's what we're told in our next report. we're taking a look to see if that's really possible. saving the ocean by buying new recycle products. for example, with these brilliance right now and at scale, there's no such thing as recycling to ocean. so is recycling ocean, plastic actually doable, or is it just another allows the green washing method that companies pro it up if you go shopping today,
7:38 am
recycled products are literally everywhere. and the holy grail is recycled products from the ocean? yeah, coca cola love to use maria plastic for their marketing as well with the ocean orchard or sneaker. i mean these as really make me believe that i can save the ocean by drinking a coke or buying a new sneak. but once you start looking into, it isn't really that much collecting of actual ocean plastic going on the once plastic land in the ocean, you have a really hard time getting it out again, even when it's near the stuff. sure you can deploy both that fish for plastic, but this is all very expensive. and relative to the millions of tons of plastic that are already in the ocean, most boats only retrieve 2 tones maximum per day. even projects best buy
7:39 am
millions of dollars. struggle this to was supposed to get rid of 90 percent of plastic in the ocean, but it didn't work and the focus was shifted to rivers. and that once you get the plastic out of the ocean, you will have dozens of different types of plastic to sort through, like the last fishing professor gillian gac to try recycle for research project this match is pre sorted, but it's still a mess we need to separate it further, we take the blue ones, we put blue on the left hand side sorting these mess according to the color is one thing, but they also need to be cut down to recycle them. but these really won't give up easily. especially because ocean plastic
7:40 am
has been degraded by salt and sunlight, so it loses a lot of its original quality. the next step would be get rid of dirt or even a tiny amount of sam see we'd or shells can make plastic non recyclable, round about 5 percent research that can work with. so if we give them the material to somebody who makes pallets out of it, they say not more than 5 percent is pretty. that's pretty clean. even when cleaned industrially, sam can still be found on the microscopic level. which is why in a lot of cases, products contain a mix of ocean plastic and other recycling material. the ocean plastic can only be a tiny, tiny fraction of this blend, but the still look like does
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all of these products are made with nylon from even the company markets it's yon like it's made from actual marine lists such as the scarlet fishing known as ghost things that are marketed made from it, which are made from marine lips are made from growth. and there is literally no go scam nice product or very, very, very little less than a percent. less than a per mill. maybe environmental scientist has been in contact with several times about it's problematic messaging in an email, you told me that ocean plastic only represents a small part of this young. for our next recycling step, we had to use material prepared by professor gecko. otherwise,
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we would have been cutting here for days. these plastic pallets have been turned into a let's open up. so this is the final product. and after all these steps you have just seen with us, you can imagine how expensive touch are opener, than in the end. i would say one down about 200 euro you made. it's really each step 10. which these products are, they are made in about the same price as non ocean plastic products to this only works by using very little plastic or plastic that hadn't actually been in the ocean right now. and that scale there is no such thing as recycled. ocean plastic. this is roughly showing an international
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distributor for something called notion bound plastic. the term refers to plastic waste that is found within 50 kilometers of coast lines and is likely to end up in the ocean. it applies exclusively to countries with poor waste management system. and when you think a little old way, way deeper to find a lot on companies website, land based ocean bound plastic every well. let's look at prices puts on for that verge of plastic, cost $762.00 euros and recycled plastic goes for about $870.00 euros. ocean bound plastic is around $920.00 heroes. this seems relatively affordable compared to the actual ocean. plastic, judging from the 200 euro letter opener. so production costs are likely to be much
7:44 am
higher if real ocean plastic is used. there is no need for brands to overreach, their marketing, beyond what is such a powerful story of cleaning up our coastlines and supporting coastal communities. why do we have to pretend that it's actually coming out of the ocean instead of just saying what it is and delivering to customers on our process like us who marketed the oceans, or shoppers sneaker, as made from the actual ocean plastic when in fact ocean bound plastic was used to produce the shoes and even smaller companies have difficulty proving whether plastic actually comes from. got back to german backpack, manufacturer advertises its products as creates a trump actual ocean plastic. they use a network official men and women who collect plastic by tests. but as of now they haven't sort of sciences of production, so we don't really know if it's actual ocean plastic. what we do know was cycling
7:45 am
only was as a last resort and using the ocean ocean found instead of virgin plastic is a small wind for the environment. just not as big as some companies want you to believe. so really look mostly at what you're buying. read the fine print. yes. be that annoying person. embrace it. otherwise your good intentions will probably just say that the for the oceans to provide for us, we must protect them. and the creature is living within them. like fish fell species out of particular risk. but an organization in india has come up with an idea to reduce consumer pressure and better protect fish. let's take a look. i. daybreak is still a couple of hours away, but business is in full swing and so soon dogs,
7:46 am
the largest and oldest fish landing site in coastal mon by it is organized scales, fish folk have landed, the fresh cat wholesale fish. auctions are underway and fish among those jostled through the crowd, carrying tubs of prawns, soundman and a range of the sea food. long before them by became the bustling metropolis. it is today. it's original inhabitants. the cool, efficient community lived very differently than my grandfather was in fishing, reach to catch on the phone. so i was wondering if your students are gone along so laws or migrated or whatever reason for the future construction. and in the morning edition started when the bronze business started, when the dollars came in the sixties and seventies, it was all mostly for the exports, you know, and that is why we started catching
7:47 am
a lot for others, you know, dietary change. donation localize is 7 generation fishermen who operate 3 fishing, both of the dogs. he learned about the changes in the local fishing trade. 2 stories passed down through his family. he's also witnessed a lot himself since he started coming here as a child. my grandfather used to always tell me the whole he was i didn't read the fees you know, used to go for a couple of was and good like soft runs in like just the one so like something like that. and then slowly and so need to do started being greedy like you need to do like $2.00 to $3.00 days. ninety's was fight. this exist in 2007, 2002. been pushing it is $10.00 to $12.00 is now defaulting, is almost like $15.00 to $20.00. no, india accounts for 6.3 percent of global fish production. fishing for a living could soon become economically and viable for nakeila and other fishermen in his community. he's now working with a group of marine biologists to raise awareness of the depleted fish stocks.
7:48 am
matching the information good between seaford consumers, the information got been done. so what fish to even what season, in order to minimize that impacts on the sea for people more than willing to do some sort of changes in the sea, food eating practices. when you think this information is not available to them in any fashion, know your fish is the 1st of its kind see food sustainability guide produced in india. it's a calendar, the details what species can be eaten when and which should be avoided in certain seasons. for each french recollected, or whatever, which was publicly available, kindly mister rich rich of the months of the fish, nor is known to brood the months, very particular fish shouldn't be avoided. those are the months where that fish
7:49 am
breeze on the fish to get caught along with that fish. some thought is among by resident who found out about the calendar year ago. and now a deal to it's strictly when cooking for family. even though i really like, i've stopped eating them for 3 months in the year because that's the time that the breed situation. however, this is something we can, you know, the commercial outlets have also begun following that gym like this seafood restaurant in suburban moon. by if we have different kinds of dishes on the menu, then we would rather use a different fish for every preparation that is on the menu, as opposed to use one fish on the dia, unanimously on the entire menu. and that kind of, that kind of makes it cool for us. it makes it slightly challenging to come up with dishes in the sense it. and the challenge is something that we enjoy the restaurant
7:50 am
stuff. see that there has been a remarkable change in their customers choices to go over like before. we will happy eating a fish to come, not knowing what wasn't the 1st to go. all right, and that was the idea of c for, for us. and it was exotic, but today we wanted to know where did this come from? what is it that i'm eating? was it lane card? is it farmed? is there why leg? when was this part? is this fish fresh? the team behind the calendar hooked the behavior change in someday result in a shift in seaford demand on supply leg mangles in windows and submitted in some similar, they have to understand you're going to need one for 12 months. so i think this has to gone from a consumer end and when it comes from consumer and automatically fishermen can change. i want what consumer to know the fishermen, as they know the fish when they know the fish, they will know the fisherman. i think it can walk like the normal trading has not
7:51 am
yet because you're following the clue not related lockdown. but as it slowly stops up, the hope the fisher folk and consumers can come together to ease the burden on fish . stocks remains high, not growing seed is sustainable, as we saw earlier in the shore, already staple across many parts of it, ship it slowly, making its way through europe to see the farmers we met in norway, believe it has great potential to please the european ballot. let's see how seaweed has acquired a reputation as these people from the sea. angelica erickson and tamara sing a harvest seaweed in water that is just 40 degrees celsius and temperature, about 300 kilometers north of the arctic circle. and see where it is not just healthy. this bush,
7:52 am
it's triple ridge. even though it looks a little brown and bushy taste like travel and it's amazing kind of built up. it's really yummy. tripoli! case. it's super good. ah, there are thousands of varieties of the edible seaweed tuttle seaweed, or brush tuft. l g. pros, especially will along the norwegian coast. like here in the fulton islands erickson and sing a run, the small firm foot and seaweed. their mission to broaden seaweeds popularity. has been largely forgotten in europe. it's frequently featured on menus in the asia pacific region. my mom yesterday. so i've gotten updating this the waves all my life. sorry. it was really exciting when we,
7:53 am
when i moved to no way to see the petite show. there was here, there was just much they weight growing along the coastline being about and then the weight and tradition. many people here live off what the c provides region is famous for stock fish, or when dr. coat which even the vikings 8, as well as theories at the move this rough and clean the lose. the base of the seaweed can develop healthy nutritive process. the harvest in a small fishing village of nap, erickson also helped her father fish. so she knows this coastal reach me. well, what is the perfect place for me to grow? we have these cold arctic waters that are really nutritious. the water is moving off, the current is the 4th strongest in the world. after the sea is harvested at 1st has to drive the person knowing different types 24 hours later,
7:54 am
the seaweed is ready for consumption. they can be served as a vegetable dish or salad, or dried and used as a scowl seasoning in their kitchen love. they create new ceiling recipes along with local checks. so that uses truffle see lead to add depth to pastor with stock fish, or garnish cauliflower cream with the shuttle see meat costs up to 500 years per kilogram. so it's primarily used in high in restaurants. everything you can do basically with the pay was a taste you up with the best you can create. you can cook fish, can cook meat insight as to when collab from test is large for new world happening to us restaurants and the contestants across the globe. or do you see where you're from? erickson and singing? they practice careful and sustainable harvesting. allowing the seaweed to grow back
7:55 am
again, and they see it as the food of the future, particularly as it is so healthy. well, it really is the flow of men's and minerals, anti virus, its anti bacterial. it's got more nutrients per graham than any other plant on the planet. and it's just growth. the need to erickson and tomorrow's thing. i hope the harvest can make a small but significant contribution to promoting the health benefits the seaweed far beyond the coast. there's no way, ah, our planet is able to sustain life because we have oceans for us to try. we have to make sure our marine ecosystem tribes to. i'll leave you with that part and see, we'll get next week from all of us and get germany goodbye. and thank you for watching. ah
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ah ah ah ah, ah. the news. the news? the
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news, the news, the news, the news all ah wonder is unders french nor during presume as humans are encroaching the creatures like turtles amenities on losing their habitats. paradise to be green coastline. a harsh reality for sea turtle, and see count in 30 min, it's on d w. because the key is broken in no time
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records, making linda's legal history. he has no intention of stopping robert live and how did it old again? and what makes the famous try to take all the kick off in 90 minutes on d. w. women in asia in speaking. that's me. all the money and lunch and on the voice. the only way i can be on top is to create my own. i see their house standing stories in women in asia this weekend on d. w. ah,
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who can? because you know
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the who's this is dw nice live from berlin, the u. k. prime minister says coven 19 restrictions will be scrapped on july 19. bars. johnson says, rules on face marks and social distance thing will be lifted in england. even as you infections are surging, the opposition party call move reckless. also coming up in the nation is hospital struggle to treat corona virus. patients i made a shortage of oxygen supplies. will hit why is one of the world has one of the world's highest rights of child this from.


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