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me the news . ah, this is the news live from the u. k. prime minister plans this graph, cobra design team rules bars. johnson says restrictions in england will be listed in 2 weeks. such position policy course remove records also coming up. the tyler bond game ground in afghanistan, national draw, leaving a security voice. we look at the afghans course in the middle. the doctor has tardy and fans hope for more reason to celebrate with a team. one game from the bible of you are 20. 20 was insane. they faced an erotic
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dangerous po the hello i'm or hello mohammad. you can't payments of ours. johnson has laid out plans to end cove with 19 restrictions that despite arise in infection right across the country, driven by the more contagious delta variance. the measures include scrapping rules on wearing mosque and social distance thing. the opposition labor party is calling the move reckless. but johnson says people have to learn to live with the virus. after nearly 16 months of masks, lockdown, and other restrictions, england is ready to return to normal. and britons prime minister says it's a case of no or never. we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't
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reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays than massage ourselves, when will we be able to return to normal? thanks beth, very much. johnson says england has to balance the risk of corona virus against the effects of luck. turns on people's livelihoods and health with physical and mental . but the leader of the opposition says the prime minister made the decision without waiting for the latest scientific data. we all want the restrictions to be lifted. we're going to have to find a way of living with the virus. but i can't just be a sound bite, we need a proper plan to throw off all protections. but the same time when the infection rate is still going all these reckless. but there was plenty of support for the trade minister on the streets of london with the economy foremost in many people's
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minds. i think it's a joke. tract, on the long yes, the suitcases, but not very many. people seem to be very suffering with it so much. i think the economy and mental health is suffering. i'll say, i said, all right, i think it was for her. there were that there. they get concerns about people who are going to be exposed to vote. here we go with the economy. the changes on the 19th of july affect only england, scotland, wales, and northern ireland are lifting restrictions more slowly. well the w charlotte chelsea pill has more from london a number of scientists gave feel like this is a tricky decision to make. at this stage when you are seeing cases rising. so sharply had driven by the delta varying, which we know is more transmitted,
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transmissible is dominant heated there all warnings that now is not the time to really open the door. now is the time to be being to remain cautious, did not rise in cases font. the prime minister has said that what we are not seeing is a real direct link between the rising cases and the rise in hospitalization and death . he says that link has been weakened by the u. k. nation program. we know some 80 percent of people have had a birthday about 63 percent. you've had a 2nd dose and he up that the question as you had not a sound by that. if not now, than when more than 1000 afghan social's soldiers have abandoned their posts and fled to neighboring tickets. done after fighting with the taliban. the arms group have been getting territory across. i've gone. it's dawn
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since international truth started pulling out. it now leaves many afghans worried about the future. these gone, people are determined to leave the country. that's why thousands of them have gathered at this passport, office and capital cobble trying to find a way out the future has become too uncertain. as the fact of the us troops withdraw will start to unfold. pharma will, according to districts have fallen. there's not a single district without fighting a tale bond has even reached the chief of police, his office, and provincial capitals. i've come here to get my passport and get out of afghanistan. it's not safe here. many embassies have registered a dramatic increase in the number of visa and passport applications. as the tale bond advances, people fear the hard one progress over the past 2 decades will start to roll back.
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women and girls, for example, went from near total exclusion from public life to being able to work and study in mix schools today. now these games are hanging in the balance. very recently we have reports that just districts that have been taken over by the taliban. they have already imposed restrictions on women on media. for instance, women are in the ha, reportedly not allowed to leave the house without a male chaperone clinics have been closed. there's also reports of media blackout. this is happening despite the tale. bonds promises that the public has nothing to fear and the situation could intensify. the group has already made significant territorial gains in the past month. afghan forces struggling to hold them off. now our people thinking,
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if our government can not to control the situation, maybe the civil war will be start. so that's the main problem why people are trying to block those who couldn't afford a visa, a seeking to leave illegally. many of them are young people. they're about to cross the border to iran before embarking on further journeys, hoping to secure a better future. let's take a look at some other news making headlines around the world. tropical storm elsa has had to keep us capitol, havana with heavy rains and winds of nearly 100 clumps. as our something has been reported as rivers bus bank forecast. to say, the storm will next had to florida fed as well marked is independence day with the military parade. president nicholas says he is committed to restoring
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prosperity to the country's aiming economy. the opposition says medea is a dictator who breaks his reelection in 2018 german chancellor, anglo merkel and fresh presidents have held a video cole with a chinese come to talk using ping. they discuss issues ranging from climate change to human writing. g told the pair that he hopes to expand, time is cooperation with with europe. l g p t q campaign is in georgia. i have counseled a prize parade of the fire vice demonstrators storm that ran their office in the capitol, tbilisi ultra, a national, broke into b. c tried headquarters attacking activists and also jealous. they told down and burned rainbow's flag. 8th people would attain over the violence. armed men have kidnapped at least 140 children in nigeria northwest,
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but they say the gunman shot wildly and overpowered security guards as about this boarding school. it's the latest in a wave of massive deductions around $1000.00 students have been abducted in nigeria and december. while the japanese west africa correspondent fred mooney has more from lake us. it looks like most of the northern part of nigeria, they have caused us cause most of schools. i'm not operational anymore. that's 1. 1 way actually protecting through this. now they don't have education. then the government looks like they have run out of options. i try to, to count these inside and all these bind it's in, they're not on, it's the people frustrated that the government is not able to protect the students or even even if they did not. so to answer your question, it's really difficult to know what the government is actually doing because this
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has been happening and it's continue to grow. and the big number of students, women and children have been, it did not. and some of them i see the in the forty's. criminal gang behind an international cyber attack is demanding $70000000.00 encrypted currency. the hackers took down computer systems for thing many swedish supermarkets to close. the latest runs where attack exploited witnesses and software supplied by a us group. no customers allowed in. that's because hackers were able to penetrate the supermarket cash register system. there was out, hundreds of sweden, corpse doors were shot last weekend. it's the single biggest global ransomware attack on record. the hack hit 40 companies in at least 17 countries. they all use software from the u. s. based services company gave a security expert suspect russian hackers, us present biden has ordered
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a probe into the attack. the fact is directly to tell the deep dive on what happened and i'll know better tomorrow. and if it is either with the knowledge of and or a consequence of russia and we will respond. what is clear is that the hackers used k as software to hack the companies. they encrypted important data and now they are demanding $70000000.00 encrypted currency to release it, the federation of german industry is one such attacks are increasing. ransomware attacks rolls during the covered 1900 pandemic, but at least 5 percent according to insurers. remote workers during the pandemic. i've also been an easy target slackers for items in the please, optimization and above all private computers are a problem. they have anti virus software, but it doesn't offer sufficient protection. the fullest cybersecurity experts are linking the attack on affiliate of the russian revel. gang known for extorting
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$11000000.00 from nit, packer and j. b. s. in may to tennis now, and in the men's singles, roger phaedra became the oldest player to reach wimbledon quarter finals. phaedra at the top of the screen will be 40 years old, and just a few weeks time he's passed, it leads around us and they go in a straight set to make the last 8 as we move in for the 18th time, he was the final player for the men to feature on monday, monday and the, the final for footballs. european championship gets underway on tuesday in the 1st semi final spain challenge. it's lee for the right to play and sundays final. both sides enjoy the close games the last round, but it's a revised slides. italy look to have the inside track. the the as hudy's ride home off to their quarter final whenever belgium was reminiscent of the good old days of italian football. historically,
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italy is expected to challenge for every euros title. the victory of belgium helped ease the fans pain of 2018 when italy didn't even qualify for the world cup. there was reason to celebrate in the streets of rome, once again, whatever. i want to thank our coach about the mancini, because it's all thanks to him. i expected italy to be strong, but they're better than i expected. the fans will not be able to travel to london to support their team, but there are nearly twice as many italians living in the u. k. a spaniards still, mancini sees the fixture as being even italian plant is italy, in spain, or in the semi finals, that means they have deserved it both of their own merits. i think we have a 50 percent chance pursuant, honestly, i know i'm in the previous match. standout player,
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leonardo spin soul at all his achilles tendon and italy, 2nd, full back to get injured at the tournament. a glimmer of hope for spain who have no such injury concerns, but scraped past switzerland after penalties in the quarter final. they do have the better recent record in this fixture though, spain of loss just twice to italy and the last 13 encounters winning 7. however, given the choice between the 2 countries, dishes which is predict the dog, the psychic sausage was tempted by the serrano but eventually shows the lives on the now to the story of one determined young sir intent on not letting not time interfere with playtime. this young elephant is part of a wild herd migrating hundreds of kilometers through south west china. he just couldn't seem to let the others get some badly needed shots are insisting they get up and play. but neither nudges nor rubs. were able to wake his fellow travelers
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eventually the youngest, gave up his boss in the trouble. the printer unions have a new should you provide me with a very sweet watching the w news live from berlin up next is the documentary on indigenous bombers. and once a lot of the images go, many pushed out the climate change the story. this is my last the way from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to i'm doing all me. i, coffee,
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grown in guatemala, sorted by weight and graded by hand. then it's ready for around the globe that the processing facility of coffee grow with corporation federation, co capital. its premises are in pain then near the capital cost him on the threat. preventative, the more can you copy? farmers gather here once a year? that general meeting here go at the mall and coffee, he gets the human face. and the history rep from over a 100 cooperatives throughout the country have traveled to pay, lynn. they all supply the federation with coffee, with the secret to a good coffee is the work that goes into making it most of the small farmers here are indigenous. maya people are you there if they thought we were dumb
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dirty and devoid of intelligence? no intell hanes, as many as their forefathers were the slaves, the plantation owners merciless our windows. our fathers and grandfathers were driven off their lan sydney and then they were forced to work for the germans. this was i live minus as co up members, and now firmly in control of their own destinies. but these coffee, gro was, have witness some terrible things. noise for the military didn't care at all. they killed women and children and families. they burned down our houses, destroyed our crops. i don't know. the model been like goodner from switzerland. the federation of coffee grow as cooperative, petty coca cola for 30 years. during that time, he's turned this organization of small scale pharmacy into guatemala, the 2nd largest coffee exporter, despite resistance from the economic can leap,
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water, milan is received so no. so what's a mile and needs a more just and equal society? we're not privileges to achieve this goal. gotten to dispense with traditional development model house dyslexia, so he's on my don't say aid anymore. he's been struck from my tabular. how have create dependency, and that's something no one should have more. so the co op has become an example of how progress can be made in a poor country socio political missing norm name. but we really want for per larry organisation with a social focus, and that aims to distribute how profit downward and clean can help us by women now are among those who stand profit fee for the we can wear capable of learning everything. so nothing's impossible.
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the vulcan, if wiggle or fire volcano is quite marla's most active volcano, even month after the deadly r option of june 2018. the devastation is still evident. the disaster took many by surprise. i read as ash gas and fragments of rock rushed down. if it be, if it is a 100 kilometer around $200.00 people last night, the melting marquis films the erection lost a relative he himself barely escaped.
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the co operative union who easter didn't lose any members, but they were all forced to leave their home. and now their harvest is just a fraction of what it once was. when the fire volcano erupted the coffee farmers lost a large part of their plantations. you know them and so your family has gotten has been the managing director if they're cooperative umbrella organization for 3 decade together with local members. he examines the damage part of the river of scorching hot lava which reached temperatures of up to $600.00 degrees celsius. flowed through the coffee plantation. look the troops, members, the organisation to keep on delivering food. and they also need attract.
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perfect. you may well take care of the food and see what i can do about the tractor . boy, look this up. we also all hi, cortner is originally from switzerland. in 1980. he came to guatemala as the sales rep for a coffee trader. he traveled the country, paying visit the maya, people's almost to see. no, no, it's all back. then it was more of an adventure because you also went to the highlands and mixed with people, hoping why the, who's them and when they would still hold duck in the cold warnings of before. but at least they were slowly moving away from the worst of a whole long from it was alarming to see what people had to do to survive yet a lot those he who couldn't see on the, on the other hand, the people had
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a sense of faith control could they know who means well and who's up to no good slack. so i always had a good feeling in my heart, him, apart from the cold war situation, which still permeated guatemala to this day called to who i live in, quote them all of the tickets. because somehow you don't have the feeling that a real piece is emerged, see it don't to be screwed. the secondary thing for the my population continues to be subject to racism. under the pretext of fighting communism, the military killed thousands of indigenous peoples or turned them into refugees for conflict that amount to feeling what during the civil war. in guatemala, we were persecuted by the military because they thought we supported the getty arrows on the young. if they can sort of thumbs up or down the la area where gorilla suspected that we were supporting the military command in those way. what
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so we got caught in the crossfire and to save ourselves, we fled to mexico. but i me as a result of the piece taught in 1995, the maya families from who we saw returns and founded a cooperative at the foot of the 5. okay, now now they must, once again search for new land. it's a never ending odyssey we take a journey back in time to explore the past of guatemala indigenous peoples back to the region. ruben terry pack a comes from he's visiting a co operated by the pecan chief a maya people in our archive. it was here that the history of coffee production began in guatemala. so either i'm from the tech chief ethnic group or
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another from this area of where we went and like me. these company arrows learned how to plant coffee from their forefathers. but it was after our cafe b. now it's time to harvest the coffee. me europeans 1st brought the plant to the america in 1722. this day. coffee is one of guatemala. the principal cash crop. for the become g. coffee has historically been a source of those dependency liberation. coffee created riches for the few. the cost of the many that then they know really with us only recently did the become. she go into the
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coffee business for themselves by forming the co operative me because we have mentors in 1850 guatemala, industrialized coffee farming, the government. so the indigenous peoples community property to rich german immigrants you have to let them know they brought with them the technology and knowledge to improve coffee production easy. i meant the source i went and essentially bus forefathers were driven off there last me and then forced you to work for the german over the film they had one of the minus eat was nice unless l
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minus that means the germans had their own coins equal manella and they're what they pay my father and grandfather with this was the local equal this morning. you could only send these go into the owners. sean left the and they were practically the coffee producer lane. abilene, warner solar will need up fever. i looking for clues at the cemetery in coven, the capital of the department of out ah, until the 2nd world war broke out. this area was not actually in german. hans, i the german sectors with the provide the german empire with a reliable supply of coffee. a deal with the guatemalan government allowed them to
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retain that german nationality. the wealthy plantation owners compelled the maya people to work as forced labor as did by a law that forbade vagrancy. in germany, families owned over 100 states and out of our path. today, one of the old men or houses served as a hotel and a museum dedicated to germany's colonial ambitions. it once belonged to the tow. my family emigrated from frankfurt in 1880 a self in lopez pillar. as is a coin collector with an interest in guatemala history, he's collected over a 100 different coins, formerly used that currency on coffee plantation. if a normal plan,
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you can save them up or spend them in any other store only on your own farm. the comments only come into that, i think the era of the german coffee barons in guatemala ended soon after the outbreak of world war 2, many german left. if their own free will to join the fighting heathen, the hook that they had told them they should return to germany and so forth. the war effort. many germans left him and gave up their estate ship wadel. yeah, we have company us here and also very positive who stayed on the farm? the thing back to this day, it doesn't belong to them. it still registered in the germans name will be up by this if he fell that number of l m, i missed that coffee also stimulated. if resistance it was me positive, but my father worked for the german minus. it woke up and he told us how little by little embers said he brought home to plant his own coffee rambles. as for us,
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coffee palace fits the traditional trade members of the active cooperation and i'll tell or a pass wash there. freshly harvested coffee. carrie said that you separate the bigness from the fruit. i asked to be left to cement for 24 hours the beans washed for a 2nd time to remove any remaining pow the good right to be, to the bottom of the washington, now unripe poor, poor quality one flint, and are removed. then the beans are laid out to dry
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with whatever the price is, there always come times in which prices are low. but in the good times, i live that we've been able to pay off our debt and update our production facility in both that's improved the plantation. today we have company arrows who has plantations, can rival the big ones. why? why get it under the profits read from coffee growing allowed reuben dario to go to university that made him suspect in the eyes of the government which allied itself with the pic. landowners during the civil war when. but when the military realize that the guerrilla were trying to contact as i, as they started following us in this, i don't have 1980 lou of the buildings of the university here and corvana battling . and we know as in those are chain back then some 40 years ago, reuben dairy packee had to flee his hometown of co van. his name was on the.


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