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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] the who's this is the w news live from berlin, the u. k. prime minister plans to scrap cobra 19 rules. first, johnson says restrictions in england will be listed this month, but not the parts of the u. k. on more cautious with case from rising rapidly. also coming up authorities in israel as young people to get vaccinated as the depth of variance drives the new outbreaks, especially a young young vaccination population plus criminal gangs packed into computer
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systems around the world and are knowledgeable and a $17000000.00 currency. ah, hello, i'm here to homage. despite arising numbers of current, a virus cases in england, pandemic restrictions there will soon be history. british prime minister burst johnston has laid out a 5 step plan for england to emerge on july 19th from the toughest restrictions imposed on society since world war 2 the the will, they will be scrapping, rules on mosque mosque wearing and on social distancing the opposition labor party has called the move reckless, but johnson says, this is the right time to left restrictions. after nearly 16 months of masks, lockdown, and other restrictions,
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england is ready to return to normal. and britain's prime minister says it's a case of no or never. we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks, when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then in the software cells, when will we be able to return to normal tanks, best very much, johnson says england has to balance the risk as corona virus, against the effects of luck, tones on people's livelihoods, and health, both physical and mental. but the leader of the opposition says the prime minister made the decision without waiting for the latest scientific data. we all want the restrictions to be lifted. we're gonna have to find a way of living with the virus. but that can't just be a sound bites. we need a proper plan to throw off all protections. but the same time when the infection right,
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is still going all right place. but there was plenty of support for the prime minister on the streets of london with the economy foremost in many people's minds. i think it's just drug track down to long. yes, it's good cases, but not very many people seem to be very suffering with it so much. i think the economy and mental health is suffering all i put up for and i think it was for rehire. they were that there. they get focused about people who are going to be exposed to vote. here we go with the economy. the changes on the 19th of july effect when the england, scotland, wales, and northern ireland are lifting restrictions more slowly. well, the w charlotte telson pill has more from london a number of scientists game feel like this is
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a tricky decision to make at this stage when you are seeing cases rising so sharply had driven by the delta barion, which we know is more transmitted, transmissible is dominant heated there all warnings that now is not the time to really open the door. now is the time to be a being to remain cautious, give not rise in cases font. the prime minister has said that what we're not seeing is a real direct link between the rising cases and the rise in hospitalization and death . he says that link has been weakened by the u. k vaccination program. we know some 80 percent of people have had it in the back since 63 percent to have had a 2nd dose. and he up that the question is you had not a sound by that if not now, then when israel is one of the 1st countries to come out of lockdown
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almost 2 thirds of its population and had at least one job. but new cases have risen by 50 percent because of the delta variance. now authorities are launching a campaign to get young people vaccinated. dw tanya kramer reports from jerusalem. the adam goodbye. he's taking his daughter's leah and i've been to get vaccinated. more and more young israelis age 12 to 15 and now getting their job like here at this small clinic and class saba. not least because of the fast spreading delta variant. and because many have plans for the summer, i think it's really good. it gives us much more freedom and it's nice to find the corona's over stay and hopefully and yeah, i think it's important still not steadily because other countries have still not. not all the countries have gotten that have gotten the opportunity to have the vaccines,
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but hopefully we'll be able to go sound down to the very end has driven infections to level is not seen in israel since april, mainly among vaccinated people because we still have a nice amount of people dictated young people that could see here. we're increasing fascinating them young people that can be vaccinated and we still see a portion of the elderly people and not feel vaccinated for various reasons. some vaccination people also have been infected for now the number needing hospital treatment remains low, although figures are rising. so we do see people who actually acquired the delta after being immunized and they can transmit it. yet their chances to be severely ill to be hospitalized or to die or slim. so we, we mentally see
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a very important role for the immunization use. railey government is pushing for 12 to 15 year olds to be a not lated. now, with the by own tech finds a vaccine, prime minister, enough tale bennett is appealing to young. people directly come up with some of the guys that i know how much you want to enjoy the summer. and you can, i also have full kids, your age, and they to want to enjoy the summer. we don't want to impose any restrictions on anyone know, bands or parties, no bubbles, nothing. but you need to talk to your parents and get vaccinated. so that we have a wonderful summer with no closures and no restrictions about israel has re imposed an indoor mosque mandate and titan controls that the main international airport for goods is relieved that his teenage daughters and now protected. it was somewhat of a difficult decision because there are a lot of unknowns, but there are a lot of unknowns in parenting. how long do you give them on the i pad. what time
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should they go to bed? what food should they have? what i know is that the vaccine work, these are all, had the big problems with the pandemic. and since everyone's got vaccinated over the age of 16, the problems of all but disappeared further restrictions might be imposed just to delta variant continues to spread. but for now, israel aims to get most youngsters over 12 fully vaccinated before some of its doses expire later this month. well, let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world. l g p t q campaign is in georgia. i have cancelled a pride march off the foreign rights demonstrates as stormed and ransacked their office and the capital to please. the alternation is broken to the tbilisi pride headquarters attacking activists agenda. they also top down and burned rainbow slide. a people has been detained. tropical storm elsa has hit the
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cuba capital. havana with heavy rains and winds of nearly 100 kilometers per hour. flooding has been reported as rivers, birth banks, full cost to say the storm will next head to florida, a maritime rescue. charity says it witnessed the libyan coast guard, the thing fire to wooden boats used by migrants trying to cross the mediterranean to europe. the charity mediterranean says the coast guard, but the boats off the intercepting them over the weekend. armed men have kidnapped at least $140.00 children in nigeria, the northwest. police say the gunman, shot wildly and overpowered. security guards at the back to the boarding school. it's the latest in a wave of mass abductions around $1000.00 students have been abducted in nigeria since december t w's, west africa correspondent fred mooney, has more from lake off. well,
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it looks like most of the northern part of nigeria. they have crossed, as course, most of schools are not a personal animal. that's 11 way actually protecting students. now they don't have indication. then the government looks like they have run out of options actually to, to count these inside. and all these bonded in the not on it's the people frustrated that the government is not able to protect the students or even even find in the note. so to answer your question, it's really difficult to know what the government is actually doing because this has been happening the same and it's continue to grow. and the big number of students we may not children have been did not, and some of them i see the in the forty's. a criminal gang behind the international cyber attack is demanding $70000000.00 in crypto currency. the hackers took down
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computer systems for think many sweeter supermarkets to close the latest ransomware attack exposure, weaknesses in software supplied by a u. s. group. no customers allowed in. that's because hackers were able to penetrate the supermarket cash register system. there was out, hundreds of sweden's court doors were shot last weekend. it's the single biggest global one somewhere attack on record. the hack hit 40 companies in at least 17 countries. they all use software from the u. s. based services company gave a security expert suspect ration hackers us present biden has ordered a probe into the attack. the fact is directly to tell the community gimme a deep dive on what happened and i'll know better tomorrow. and if it is either with the knowledge of and or consequential russia, then we will respond. what is clear is that the hackers youth caveon software to
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hack the companies. they encrypted important data and now they're demanding $70000000.00 encrypted currency to release it. the federation of german industries one such attacks are increasing. ransomware attacks rolls during the covered 1900 pandemic, but at least 5 percent according to ensures remote workers during the pandemic. i've also been an easy target slackers. well, i am deeply optimization, and above all, private computers are a problem. they have anti virus software, but it doesn't offer sufficient protection. fall is cyber security experts linking the attack on affiliate of the russian revolt gang, known for extorting $11000000.00 from mit, packer j. b. s. in may. have a final for football european championship gets underway on tuesday and the 1st semi final spain challenge it to the for the 1st time to play in the sunday's final . both sides enjoyed close games in the latest round. but revitalized italy looks
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to have the inside track the the as hudy's ride home after their quarter final whenever belgium was reminiscent of the good old days of italian football. historically, italy is expected to challenge for every euros title. the victory over belgium helped ease the fans pain of 2018 when italy didn't even qualify for the world cup. there was reason to celebrate in the streets of rome. once again, whatever. i want to thank a coach about the mancini because it's all thanks to him. i expected italy to be strong, but they're better than i expected. the fans will not be able to travel to london to support that team, but there are nearly twice as many italians living in the u. k. a spaniards still, mancini sees the fixture as being even tell us by others,
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italy and spain are in the semi finals. that means they have deserved it both of their own merits. i think we have a 50 percent chance bush went through. obviously, i know in the previous match, standout player leonardo spin, sold at all his achilles tendon and italy, 2nd, full back to get injured at the tournament. a glimmer of hope for spain, who have no such injury concerns, but scraped past switzerland after penalties in the quarter final. they do have the better recent record in this fixture though, spain have lost just twice to italy and the last 13 encounters winning 7. however, given the choice between the 2 countries, dishes which is predicted dog, the psychic sausage was tempted by the serrano but eventually shows the lasagna and in tennis world number for alexander there has crashed out of wimbledon. in the
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last 16, the german rallied from te, set down to the level the schools, but last that to 20 year old felix or the late seen canadian is the youngest player in the atp took 20 and will now play a tale bearer a t me in the court to find this is the w. news lives from berlin up next, the documentary on indigenous copy farmers in guatemala. who's can you hear me now? yes, we can hear you in germantown, we bring you on going to a mac or you've never had before. the price. so what is it going to is medical really important to people who follows along the way myers and critic join us for me at last. the
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ah, ah, coffee grown in guatemala. it's sorted by weight and graded by hand. then it's ready for around the globe that the processing facility of coffee grow with corporation federation medical, cadillac. its premises are in pain in near the capital collect amanda city, the representative, the more coffee farmers gather here once a year for their general meeting. here at marlin coffee, he gets the human face and a history rep from over a 100 cooperatives throughout the country have traveled to pay, lynn. they all supplied the federation with coffee with the secret to a good coffee is the work that goes into making it. most of the small farmers here
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are indigenous maya people are you there? if they thought we were dumb dirty and devoid of intelligence? no implications, as many as their forefathers with the slaves. the plantation owners merciless our windows. our fathers and grandfathers were driven off their lan. yeah. and then they were forced to work with the germans. this was a live mind as co op members and now firmly in control of their own destinies. but these coffee grow as have witness some terrible things. noise for the military did not care at all. they killed women and children and families. they burned down our houses, destroyed our crops. i don't know the model in leash goodner from switzerland. the federation of coffee grow as cooperatives had coca cola for 30 years. during that time, he's turned this organization of small scale pharmacy into guatemala,
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the 2nd largest coffee exporter, despite resistance from the economic and the, what the milan is, don't know, so what's a mile and needs a more just and equally not privileges to achieve this goal? gotten to dispense with traditional development model house dyslexia, so these are my don't say aid anymore. it's been struck from my, the tabular in how aide creates dependency. and that's something no one should have more. so the co op has become an example of how progress can be made in a poor country. socio political, missing a known name. but we really want, for per mary logan is ation with a social focus. and that aims to distribute how profit downward and clean can help of women are among those who stand profit fee for them. we can do where capable of learning everything. so nothing's impossible.
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ah the vulcan def, wiggle or fire volcano is quite a marla's. most active volcano, even month after the deadly r option of june 2018. the devastation is still evident. the disaster took many by surprise. i river as hot ash gas and fragments of rock rushed down at a speed. if it is a $100.00 film that has around $200.00 people last night the melting toma he films the option last
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a few relatives. he himself barely escaped. the co operative union, who easter didn't lose any members, but they were all forced to leave their home. and now the harvest is just a fraction of what it once was. when the fire volcano erupted the coffee farmers lost a large part of their plantation. local one, that's your family. i did i have gotten a has been the managing director if that co operatives umbrella organization since re decade together with local members. he examines the damage part of the river of scorching hot lava which reached temperatures of up to 600 degrees celsius, flowed through the coffee plantation. look the coops members,
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one organisation to keep on delivering food. and they also need to attract me. perfect, me well, take care of the food and see what i can do about the tract. oh boy, look this up. we also have court now is originally from switzerland in 1980. he came to guatemala. as the sales rep for a coffee trader. he traveled the country, paying visit the maya, people's almost to say, you know, no, it's all back. then it was more of an adventure long because you also went to the highland to meet with people, hoping why the, who's going to when they would still hold duck in the cold warnings of before. but at least they were slowly moving away from the worst of all hola. long from it was alarming to see what people had to do to survive the newcomers that
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a whole lot those he who couldn't see on the, on the other hand, the people had a sense of control. where can they know who means will and who's up to no good slack. so i always had a good feeling in my heart, apart from the cold war situation, which still permeates guatemala to this day called in guatemala ticket. though, somehow you don't have the feeling that a real piece is a movement for you to be as secondary. thank you. for it. the maya population continues to be subject to racism. under the pretext of fighting communism, the military killed thousands of indigenous peoples or turned them into refugees for in conflict or amal to feeling what during the civil war. in guatemala, we were persecuted by the military because they thought we supported the getty arrows on the young, if they can sort of thumbs up or down the like area. guerrillas suspected that we
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were supporting the military, but come in, in those way with. so we got caught in the crossfire and to save ourselves, we fled to mexico. but i me as a result of the piece taught in 995, the my family's from who he said returned and found a cooperative at the foot of the 5. okay, now now they must, once again search for new land. it's a never ending odyssey. why don't we take a journey back in time to explore the past of guatemala indigenous people back to the region. ruben terry pack a comes from he's been paying a co operated by the pecan chief, my people in the us. it was here that the history of coffee production began in guatemala. so i'm from the tech chief ethnic group,
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phone of this area of the world. and like me, these company arrows learned how to plant coffee from their forefathers, but it was after our cafe b. now it's time to harvest coffee in europeans 1st brought the plant to the americans since 1722 this day. coffee is one of them on the principle cash crop for the become g. coffee has historically been a source of both dependency and liberation. coffee created riches for the few at the cost of the many
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that then they normally with only recently did the become chico into the coffee business for themselves by forming the co protest. me because we have mentors in 1850 guatemala industrialized coffee farming. the government sold the indigenous peoples community property to rich german immigrants you have to let them know they brought with them the technology and knowledge to improve coffee production easy. i meant the merciless i went and essentially bus
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forefathers were driven off their land and then forced you to work for the german over the film. this one was l minus equals meizlish. ellie minus the me the germans had their own coins, equal ministers, manella. and they're what they pay my father and grandfather with this was i local equal miss manette. you could only send these go into the owners, sean lab be and they were practically the coffee and producer lane and warner sola wouldn't that probably be. but i looking for clues that the cemetery in co van, the capital of the department of out ah, until the 2nd world war broke out, this area was largely in german hands. ah . the germans setters were to provide the german empire with
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a reliable supply of coffee. a deal with the guatemalan government allowed them to retain that german nationality. the wealthy plantation owners compelled them my people to work as for the laborers, hey, did by a law that forbade vagrancy in german families owned over 100 states and out of our a pass today. one of the old men or houses served as a hotel and a museum dedicated to germany's colonial ambitions. it once belonged to the tow. my family emigrated from frankfurt in 1880 a self in lopez pillar. as is a coin collector with an interest in guatemala history, he's collected over a 100 different coins,
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formerly used as currency on coffee plantations. if a normal way, and you can save them up or spend them in any other store only on your own firm. the comments won't come in during that i think the era of the german coffee barons in guatemala ended soon after the outbreak of world war 2. many germans left, if their own free will to join the fighting heathen and the hook that they told them they should return to germany and so forth. the war effort wouldn't have many germans left him and gave up their estate mission wadel. we have company, us here and out of it upon us who stayed on the farm. the thing back to this day, it doesn't belong to them. it still registered in the germans name, be up by this if he felt that number of l m, i missed. but coffee also stimulated a sense of resistance it was me by the way up, my father worked for the german minus you put up. and he told us how little by
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little and he brought being home to plant his own coffee ram. those populace got a palace. it's a traditional trade, members of the active cooperation and i'll have her a pass wash there, freshly harvested coffee, cherry. se then separates the news from the fruit. i asked being left to cement for 24 hours. the beans washed for a 2nd time to remove any remaining pow the good right to be, to the bottom of the washington, now unripe poor, poor quality one,
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float and are removed. then the beans are laid out to dry. with whatever the price is, there always come times in which prices are low. but in the good times, i live that we've been able to pay off our debt and update our production facility that improve the plantation. today we have company arrows who has plantations, can rival, the big ones won't get well get around the, the profits read from coffee growing allowed reuben dario to go to university that made him suspect in the eyes of the government which allied itself with the pic. landowners during the civil war, when, but when the military realize that the guerrilla were trying to contact them, but they started following us. i don't have 1980 lou of the buildings of the university here, and co bon. i mean, i don't know if those are kinda back then some 40 years ago,


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