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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2021 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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the but not all member states supported and some persuasion is required by some time who will win the game of diplomatic poker. interesting power plays and alliances behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on d, w. i . i'm going to drive knows, we've got that times rob the robot live in the sky is on top of the world. good. actually, i don't even know,
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but my dad's gay. the best player on the road. i think the best feet a man's play, a serial fool. just need to win a champions league when the list goes on. as bob, what he's doing is incredible. we look at the stars life books on and off the pitch . the father is something amazing. as one of his assault this cause season on the clinic angel record for eagles and league season shows fully dedicated to the ever greed by and the next to the striker. now, on kickoff me all the way they're striking right now. he's a leaders legal try for me. motivation is not to be one of the bears only
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5 minutes yet. i know what does it mean to be on the top, but staying on the top when you're high out, you have an opportunity on the behind you. and if you do this, what you love, easier than dad, it's a lot and that's why it may be easier when you, when everything with you know, the foot blur of the year in germany and europe and the world is pretty much read those at the top inspire that is coming up and they wake their own teenage and others besides live in the sky has also impressed the
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great king before him. oh, but it's all that so often he's writing pundits league history on a visual weekly basis. when you get the feeling is moved up to another level again, we're going to, i think robin lemon dos, get a real phenomenon. i mean the ways thing is korea throughout his entire korea's already been outstanding. but what he's doing the last few years. it's just unbelievable. exceptional. i can't say enough to underscore it, but because he's a simply exceptional plan. this is the story about how a record, long considered untouchable was finally cracked. munich last september. the campaign cut and razor shock rather live and he was freshly crowned germany's player of the year for 20192020. he also came on fresh from helping fire buying a treble season meant the race will begin again for the title and an age on
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record. for he ponderously a gold and a single campaign. it is my number. every championship you win makes the next one a bit tougher. duncan luxury, they get that by and you always have to wait for the maximum of that. and obviously the more goals i school, the more i'm helping the thing bye . we're back up and running straight away. not least living dorski now also concerned that your wife is miss payor of the year. have a good place to have a
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one day i will cut. i will put this on everything. we saw the best for football and maybe but she's doing by and now next patient are very high and to have to be ready for this happening here pretty stand under the match, winning strike. better seasons midway mark live, and he had 22 goals to his name right on track to be that next year, italy, a 40 racked up, i guess almost a century ago and long considered unbeatable to the record. really broken the someone who wanted on. and he never had any doubts that levy had it in him with us. if he goes,
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i'd bet big money on him cracking that record now on some of this incredible what he's doing. when he gets a sniff of go, it's always trouble for the opposition booting. you also takes bar and penalties or given all of that, i think live industrial score, at least 41 goes they season and break and get more record me to emulate those great names. names like gap miller to sunday, join that company and perhaps school 40 goals and a season himself. so rather than dusky, that was a dream from a very early age. when he was still a little back, a skinny kid in a church. right.
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wonderful. go back, father drove him to training a regular round trip that took alice like scenes from a film. only. it's a true life story. live your dream is written, the robert never duffy's image. his story begins here. international poland the village west russell is. robert grew up, his mother still lives here. 11 duffy's was in family. his mother was a successful volleyball player, his father, a former judah champion of the system, and nina also played volleyball. but that wasn't young, big things. alan though he was looking for is a and we didn't bank on him growing tools at all, so there wasn't much point in getting into volleyball. sounds very skinny,
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very small. even i will thing. in my age, i was always smaller than my teammates. his parents, both primary school p e teacher, the national, late the early foundations for his future career. but it wasn't just football on the program that christ of his own visionary training methods. my father was my teacher and i want to always think only football. like i said, coming no day, he won't play full bow, you playing basketball, volleyball handle everything, do nothing. and that time i didn't know why. i think they were really nice. and for was this all things are and after a few years i know it ok start to up for me, one big big step 4 and one are well, the national had its own football club khrushchev registered. his 8 year old son with a bus 2 vehicles which entailed a 2 hour car ride to train it. it will go back,
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students found his cooling. and when the campaign, his team rattled in $158.00 goals and he scored more than half of them himself. let me think about that. so looking back now, there was no proper show, no proper changing rooms. no, he was being so young. does most like i didn't get that much. they helped me over lego, but it was the time that helped shape my character from my name after the tough time of all came early and robert was 17. his father died following a long illness for the young guy, one of the and there was time my life, but i know it. if i have to fight, i have to keep going me with difficult moments to get through. if you wanted to make things easier for me
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and took matters into his own hands, he showed me that he'd manage. and i needn't worry about that. because in 2005, 11 dusky joined his father's favorite club nigger was unable to break through there . he moved to 13, each, pushed off a year later, promptly helping them to promotion of division. top scorer next door was less partner where he won the polish title in 2010. now heading the 1st division, scoring jobs. big named clubs from elsewhere in cooling, leavened off ski joint was the adornment and the rest is history. the prove wildman what to what the handle, even to buy and also to live and of the coach who propelled him to ballistics. you
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have him stop champions in 2011 domestic double. when is the following yet thrilling football with a thrilling me forward. props. admiration had grown over time. you must how he was back. then he's develop the steps. he's taking the manner in which he's learned from haven't processed his own experiences and taken back back out onto the page with us. it's absolutely incredible. and even at this stage, he's still developing his game. man, i can't price him highly enough and it's just crazy. this time there was much more to come after more than i thought an ever going to start him with by and job guys. you guys
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he's in there. he's. he's does good actually have a son. is the a 6 of the robot live and he has since acquired some country. he's the named polish football of the year 9 times but his 1st mentor his father didn't get to experience any of it. ah, unfortunately, he doesn't see any profession on my games. but i know now he may be he, he has the best place on the stadium. and so he can watch again, and he stay behind me that i filled up very proud of the way he often on as his father, when he's celebrating a go. my husband, when robin taylor,
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of support and doing that now in his on a shows that he always has he's father and he still is so tough because the little both extreme had long since become reality. measuring himself against the very best, like at miller, to elite go grabbers. at 1st glance, they could hardly be more different. 11 dusky, tall lean. people actually get stocky and powerful. but an insatiable appetite for goals is one characteristic that undoubtedly defines them both ice cold at the finish, that to give a cabin a seemingly well booked in. but he never needed much thanks. the 3 meters here was
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more than enough for dep beaumont, a classic melissa finish ago every 77 minutes on average. in his record breaking from 11 dusky doesn't need much space either against pattern. he's centrally positions surrounded by 4 defendants for the 2 meters to operation. and that will do nicely. never dusky slips clear to get straight to the point. he required 16 minutes per go last season. if you enjoy spectacular stomach look no further. gravity defying. get a nice, a 76 tool, chatting on the ball from above his own head, highs them the razor shop town and finish another trademark combination of this month to month, month 5 decades later through 11 dot sky with a yet more athletic variation. taking him on his chest before swiveling to fire
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home in one fluid movement and in a manner befitting the current best for men's play. it's the simple. she had a termination to school from all possible and here with a spectacular sideways to live and don't really want to you need to break record to become a fixed time bonus, like a top score, a be around strike, or now, and connie, from an early years i am filling a grease he's got an exceptionally good finish, especially inside the boxing off of the foot. and he's good in the n be the full center forward package in the bottom of his movement is the way he takes the bowl and runs with everything. so draw, he's simply the complete center forward. i haven't complete the meter schema ah, shortly before the end of last year of 11 dot sky received unexceptional on a year in which he won the lot with fire munich, bonus,
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legal german camp champions named the german anti repeat player of the year. and now to top it all off the back, see for men's play for 2020 a personal highlight in a glittering career. i feel hiking us, you know, if you look so hard and now it seems that it is something special, something amazing. and this feeling car spectacular in so because you know the best play on the work i've seen a lot and now i am there why i wanted to be and that's why i'm very happy. during the briefest of winter breaks, he had a few days to catch his breath and wind away from the high person world of constant trophy, chasing ah robert evan, don't be her husband and a father to tea for him. family is everything. the father
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of the other is something is amazing. and so sure i am the father who make fun show at home. but i am also the father who read the book before the kids go to bed and flip the life starting a new defense. tighten them, you know, doesn't mean to get the problem before when you had the problem that was in the program. so she, when i came back after the training fish and after the game and even that we won on even we love. and i see the, my, i think this make me palate, make me even more happy back to the campaign. second. with the bearing down on a 9 successor league championship and rope, 11 dusky firing his way ever closer to that magical for he gold milestone. welcome to class because the world is
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watching a lot a lot that was there by the way, that shipping. oh, i was the what i did do you
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live? i can hold on the big potential here is that the movers will get tyler and then he saw already how many goals he can cause and how, how important he's super for those. so for the boost have him that he's very young and he has a great future full of praise for the competition, but it him still setting the gold standard. one hattrick then another again stuck, took them up to $35.00 for the season. get minutes records beckoned to stay cause no we have a few games. i don't want to make so so big. press my head now and the do it my my job. he had 8 games to go to school. 6. no goals. standard procedure for a strike 11,
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but then i need to stop robert level, dusky france. the best be for men's has ended, and he woke up qualifier against andorra. that bull, that he school twice. screen when david dusky will probably be sort of weeks to miss him, i'm always sorry for play as you get injured to be there like this is i wish every mom was always available by and it goes without saying robinson important laugh or is it also do you always miss him when he's asked as a gold grabber and on a personal level, go get under a live a minute to capital of the principality of the same name, situated on the border between france and spain, and is renowned for quantity, skiing and rugged mountain scenery rather lesser for its football team. and
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certainly nobody in these parts had anticipated putting a spoken, robert levin dusky ambitious plans for the remainder of the season. but so it came to pass. such is football. a 4 week injury break the longest since he moved to germany, meant level of sky would miss both legs of the champions league, quarter final for the title holders. when i watch this game, we fish and i know that we are not in 10 minutes, you can mon, that was for me. now that is painful enough. that is that i can then be deck. and let's have my teammates, even though we're talking about this because it's the press one target ever been all about focusing on the more intently only of us working on this come back and rehabilitation. fitness training to get back in action, to chase down the next mice deshauna. and that get me the best mark. by mentioned
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a 31. he was good to go again. the the a strong here who's going to and are for inspiring other sometimes $21292.00 nails enough to stretch the 2 kilometers makes a month long labor of love to create mailman, rob 11. that cost of scales needed to nail in the next 5 more times for equal that record in his come back julie mount with a golden the last night followed by citric dimensions. just one. recall that has stood since i was
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a child. me a minute taken penalties for years and years and years. but this is one of the most important problems. duffy, he took the time, what time's job has now and he's in the record even has some proven it's hard to put in. we'll see what happens next. week my next of all against me, the final game of the season in munich. one now go to set a new old time record,
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the seamless trailer unfold it. chances presented chances. big jump right through to the 19th minutes and then just over to normal time remaining by and try and find a way to go pick it up for the job would be fine. have the battery last battery last day. but if you want to break. so ligan's already records, maybe you need this drug. i don't know. i cannot explain. i don't believe maybe tomorrow, maybe even 12 weeks later,
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i'm understood what i did a talking about get minute. i know how big he was, how big personal he's. he's only one, get miller, and also it's only one live on his 7 consecutive lead time with buyer's. and now he's cracked as supposedly on crack of the record. 41 goals for the season . robert never, not as yet another summit scaled. and this is a great role model if you want to teach some young fall was to strike us, you know, about, did a vacation civic game about the hunger of the game. show him a couple of video clips from all the live and all and you all, you all good. if we both, it's not physically, he can maintain a grade level for $36.00 or $37.00. he could break the record for the most close at all times. i think he'll smash will respond as he caught it. the
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guy who thinking about the future will can be happy and what can i do more? what can i do better, even though i am already 33 this year, but i know that for me, the age is only the numbers and i can take i can play football home and i'm watching the news. the news . the news
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the news freedom do is the success story behind coffee from guatemala and to deal with the social emancipation of the miami. the power of an old idea and enduring strength. how indifferent and most skilled coffee farmers with the most difficult circumstances. in 15 on d w because the brokers in no time
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records making vendors the theme, he has no intention of stopping robert liver does how did it all begin? and want me to see was trying to take all the kick off in 90 minutes on d w. o, the rules the
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news because that's cool. but it was just me know the frankfurt a thought international gateway to the best connection, south road and radio. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the world experience and standing shopping and dining offers, enjoying our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frank board. oh,
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the ah. ah, this is the w news live from berlin, the u. k. prime minister plans to scrap code 19 rules. first, johnson says restrictions in england will be lifted this month without the parts of the u. k. all more cautious with case from rising rapidly. also coming up. authorities in israel as young people to get vaccinated as the depth is variance. dr.


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