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the, the news this is the w news. why the from berlin tonight, the u. k. prime minister tells his country we have to learn to live with the corona virus. despite rising numbers of new cases, boris johnson announces that the last condemned restrictions in england will be lifted this month. also coming up, authorities in israel urge young people to get vaccinated. as the delta variant drives new outbreaks, especially among the unvaccinated population. and more than $100.00 children go missing after government attack of school, and julia, teachers fear a criminal game as kidnapped their students. and
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ah, i regards to reviewers on p b. s in the united states into all the around the world. welcome. despite rising numbers of new corona, virus cases in the u. k. the last pandemic restrictions there will soon be history . today, british prime minister boars, johnson laid out a 5 step plan for england to emerge on july 19th from the toughest restrictions imposed on society since world war 2. this includes scrapping, rules on mask wearing and social distancing, but many are not convinced. new cases are increasing rapidly, johnson insists now is the right time to lift restrictions. we have to balance the
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risks, the risks of the disease, which the vaccines have reduced, but very far from eliminated on the risk of continuing with illegally enforced restrictions that inevitably take their toe on people's lives. livelihoods on, on people's health and mental health. and we must be honest with ourselves that if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? and pretty department is devoris johnson. what's his country to return to normal for more on that now let's bring in are very young charlotte chills until she is following the story force from london. good evening to you, charlotte. so as it stands now, 2 weeks from now, hundreds of guidelines will be scrapped at once across england. walk us through this new normal devoris johnson is predicting that is certainly what is looking
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like when the official confirmation that that will go ahead on july 19th will come a few days before. but what the prime minister did is really set out as you say, the vision for what the future in the short term will look like for people in england. what you will see is an en route and legal restriction on social contacts . for example, say you're talking about root sizes, both indoor and outdoor, your thing, the remaining businesses that haven't yet opened in this multi stage on looking that's been happening on england in england opens that, that will include night club for example. and then you looking at things like face, mom says, well said today that that will be no legal obligations to west based north in public places, although that is still recommended, but in certain situations. so that really is a huge unlocking the likes of which has not been seen in england so far will come
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as a shock to some people, many feeling that the time passes. not now looking at those writing case numbers in the government, the prime minister was very transparent that is alongside this on looking what the public will have to adjust to is continued a rise in cases as well as continued hospitalizations and sadly continued photography. and so scientists are warning not to get carried away with lifting these restrictions, but that's exactly what it appears that boys johnson is doing. is he ignoring their advice? yeah, that have been some start pointing from some quarters. what the government is doing is it's trying to look at the impact that case number's is having on hospitalization and deaths. and what they're seeing is the u. k. successful vaccination program is weakening that link between between the number of people catching the bars and then going on to have to go into hospital that is significantly reduced from where it was during the 2 way of this
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pandemic. that is the crucial bit of information that they are really hoping to stress, but that link is not broken. we do know the whole toilet ations and death will rise . and that is where the warning is coming from a number of scientists. they also have things on this face, mom issue a number of been saying, we understand why businesses need to reopen, but there is no economic impact for wearing them off. that is not about personal responsibility that is about and protecting yourself that is about protecting others. so that really will, i think be a sense of point for a lot of the i'm good that we'll see, i believe on this particular issue over the coming week. shell some pill in london with the least night. charlotte, as always, thank you. before the reopening, the you cable host the rest of the european football championship, each of the 3 matches left to play will draw up the $60000.00 fans to london
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wembley stadium. there is concern that the games will become super spreader events . find to say the tournament is already driving and increase infections, and nearly 2 thirds of europeans remain unvaccinated. the joy of euro 2020 summed up by scotland fans, they will you forage when their team and appoints against our drive in england at wembley. the tournament came to an end soon after, and there was another sting in the tail a cove it outbreak on and off the pitch. scotland midfielder billy gilmore tested positive, forcing him into quarantine. a post game chatman, england's bed chill. well and mason mount also had to isolate even more worryingly . it was later revealed almost 1300 scottish fans were infectious. when they went to london, the wealth health organization said supportive, traveling to gain is a recipe for disaster. how are people getting the other traveling and large crowded
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convoys of buses? are they taking individual measures when they're doing that? what's happening after the games? when people leave the stadiums, are they going into crowded balls and pods to watch the matches? if this mixing is happening among people who are not fully vaccinated, and there is the presence of the virus that will be cases. this problem isn't restricted to the k finish or therapy, say at least 300 fans were infected while following their national theme. mostly at the 2 matches in st. petersburg that's contributed to a sharp rise in new cases at home. but despite these connections between euro 2020 and covey, the outbreaks you wafer is pressing ahead with increased stadium capacity for the semi finals and final, at wembley. and politicians in several countries are furious. german interior minister horse they offer accused the governing body of putting profits over public
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health. issue to i think that you wait for position is utterly irresponsible up to look for and for them to enter, put more association say clearly we don't want it this way. we're reducing the numbers of spectators at wembley on sunday, one group of fans will be celebrating their country's great sporting success. but without further restrictions in london, fears of a coven hangover will only rise. israel was one of the 1st countries to come out of lockdown and almost 2 thirds of the population have had at least one shot. and yet new case numbers there have risen by 50 percent because of the delta variant. now, authorities are calling on young people to get vaccinated, so restrictions do not have to be re imposed w's. tanya kramer has this report, adam, good. he's taking his daughter's leah and i'm going to get vaccinated. more and
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more young israelis age 12 to 15. and now getting their job like here at this small clinic and class saba. not least because of the fast spreading delta variant. and because many have plans for this summer, i think it's really good. it gives us much more freedom and it's nice to find the cur on as of as soon hopefully. and yeah, i think it's important. it's still not settled because other countries have still not. and not all of the countries have gotten that have gotten the opportunity to have the vaccines, but hopefully we'll be able to go sound down to very and has driven infections to levels not seen in israel since april, mainly among vaccinated people because we still have a nice amount of people dictated young people like to see here. we're increasing fascinating them young people that can be vaccinated and we still see
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a portion of the elderly people and not feel vaccinated for various reasons. some vaccination people also have been infected to now the number needing hospital treatment remains low, although the figures are rising. so we do see people who actually acquired the delta after being immunized and they can transmitted. yet there are chances to be severely ill to be hospitalized or to die or slim. so we, we definitely see a very important role for the innovation and use railey government is pushing for 12 to 15 year old to be a not lated. now with the bio tech 5 vaccine, prime minister enough, talley bennett is appealing to young people directly. and you know that come up with some of the guys that i know how much you want to enjoy the summer. and you can, i also have full kids, your age, and they to want to enjoy the summer. we don't want to impose any restrictions on
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anyone know, bands on parties or no bubbles, nothing but you need to talk to your parents and get vaccinated. so that we have a wonderful summer with no closures and no restrictions about israel has re imposed an indoor mosque mandate and titan controls that the main international airport for good for is relieved that his teenage daughters and now protected. it was somewhat of a difficult decision because there are a lot of unknowns, but there are a lot of unknowns in parenting. how long do you give them on the i pad. what time should they go to bed? what food should they a? what i know is that the vaccine louis had big problems with the pandemic. and since everyone's got vaccinated over the age of 16, the problems of all but disappeared further restrictions might be impose just to delta variant continues to spread. but for now, israel aims to get most youngsters over 12 fully vaccinated before some of its
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doses expire later this month. are let's take a look now with some other new stories that are making headlines around the world. rescuers have found another 3 victims in the rubble. they collapse condominium high rise near miami, 27 people looking for a debt with a 118 still missing. earlier ricky grooves brought down the remains of the unstable structure in a controlled explosion. more than a 1000 f e n. soldiers have fled across the border into neighboring jacob. stan, it's the biggest desertion. in a single day the taliban terror group had been making significant advances since international troops started pulling out of afghanistan last month. a maritime rescue. charity says it has witnessed the libyan coast guards, setting fire to wooden boats used by migrants trying to cross the mediterranean to reach europe, the charity as west minutes. ronnie, a says the coast guard burned the boats after intercepting them over the weekend,
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which was more than 100 children have gone missing. after armed men attacked a school in north west nigeria. police say the gunman shot wildly and overpowered. security guards at the vessel baptist high school. the missing children are thought to have been kidnapped around 1000 students have been abducted in nigeria since december. i for more on this story. let's go to our west africa correspondent, fred loony. he joins us now from logos could even to you fred: so what more do we know about this apparent latest kidnapping? well, this is the key to not being, as you mentioned, dave, to do not more than $140.00 students protest on chat at christian story school and they overpowered the party, said that they overpowered the security around the school and then they went ahead
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and to more than 140 students in school. but before that, also i talked to hospital in the same state of could do now where they do not have work and even some patients including one in front for we know that northern iberia seeing more and more of these attacks me, this is the 4th mass school kidnapping, in the state that you mentioned in just the last 7 months. why has this part of the country become such a dangerous place for school children in general? in the notes, the kids are not being, you know, very calm on it because it does become record sort of business. but what is so special about a do not did it's because of this tense of the governor there who said that he's not going to negotiate with bandits. and now they're actually retaliating thing that, you know, we are going to show you that actually we are capable. and we are going to make
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sure that you come on the table so that we can negotiate. he said he can't pay for ransom, but then they insisted the hub, keep the not people even que sometimes they even go ahead and actually keep the keep them up to people so that they make it strong statement especially to the governor of do know state and for the last what we ask every time there is a school kidnapping in nigeria, what is the government doing to stop this? well, it looks like most of the northern parts of nigeria. they have called us cause. most of schools are not operational animal. that's 11 way of actually protecting students. now they don't have a dictation. then the government looks like they have run out of options actually to, to count these inside and all these bond, it's in, they're not on. it's the people frustrated that the government is not able to
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protect the students or even even if they did not. so to answer your question, it's really difficult to know what the government is actually doing because this has been happening and it's continue to grow. and the big number of students, women and children have been, it did not. and some of them i feel the in the 40. we can only imagine what the children and what their parents must be going through right now. the w correspondent, fred verna, with the latest tonight on that school kidnapping in nigeria. fred, thank you, turkeys president, richard. tell you a better. one is famously fond of mega building projects and now his biggest and bold as yet is underway. the sample can out will run for 45 kilometers parallel to the boss for a straight connecting the black sea to the mediterranean. the waterway will provide a new route for oil tankers, and the government says that will boost revenues. but as d w julia han reports tonight for missed and bullet,
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critics say the multi $1000000000.00 project is an environmental disaster in the making these other 1st groups of dirt off a colossal project that could change a symbol geography for rather a man made waterway that will flow through new urban districts with new settlements for hundreds of thousands of people. the canal is timble is the largest infrastructure project hook he has ever seen. it's long been a dream of president reggie type out what we're doing today. we're starting a new page in the history of turkey's development. today we are adding a new step to the path of progress for our country, the strengthening of our nation. any, anything that i do, but the controversial project is pitting turkeys president against it stumbles mayor. will not cause she's,
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we're against it because it threatens it stumble completely, its water, its nature, its security and earthquake safety it threatens life in this case that make the according to polls that's of you shared by in the georgy of the cities, residents. thank you to to for my future. i say no for my kids. i say no for my grandchildren. i know that i'm again investing billions of leroy into such a project system that can allen we will insist on stopping them. going to go, but why is the canal so unpopular and why does ad on want to build it any way to understand why the turkish government wants and you can now, you have to look at the one that's already that the bus for it's one of the world busiest shipping lanes, more ships trends at the ball spruce than the susan panama canal, combined to many according to the turkish president. he says,
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a 2nd waterway is needed to prevent accidents like these. the 45 kilometer long camel has an official price. take a $15000000000.00 ships like these, the government argues will no longer have to wait days to enter the boss for us, and turkey will collect fees on them. but critic say president edwin's dream is an environmental nightmare. the canal will cut through agricultural land and forests, often refer to as one of the few remaining green lungs of a symbol. it threatens marine ecosystems and crucial water reservoir. were they good? non marcia the can now we'll start from this lagoon and run through the saddler, dera, dam, which is an important source of fresh water fries tumble. the city is already struggling, opening new areas for real estate development, bringing new population and destroying inferencing natural will make the city
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uninhabitable on how to get to. the president, however, hopes to boost the construction sector, create thousands of jobs, and turn the gears of an ailing economy. the louder the opposing voices grow. we've seen the more determined he is to proceed till the hon, the reporting from his symbol. here's another look at some global headlines at this hour on gary in prime minister victor or bond has placed a full page advertisement attacking the european union in germany. it's the biggest selling tabloid bill. the ad accuses brussels of building and unauthorized superstate and says citizens must be saved from the dangerous challenge of migration. other newspapers have refused to carry the air in anti l g b, g q, rally in the georgia capital of to believe he has turned violent with protesters. beating up journalists, recovering the event during the rally altering nationalists, climbed onto a balcony to break into the tbilisi pride headquarters tore down rainbow flags and
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burned them and ransacked the office. officials, nizer by johnson, the massive gas field explosion was caused by what is known as a mud volcano. the russian is still smoldering near the capital baku but authority say there is no danger people or the area's energy infrastructure. and at least one person has been killed and dozens injured in an explosion at a plastic factory on the outskirts of bangkok, area around the plan has been evacuated in case leaky chemicals calls more explosions. chili's national assembly have selected an indigenous woman to preside over the drafting of a new constitution. santiago university professor and activist elisa long calling won an absolute majority. in the 2nd round of a long con represents the my food che people a group unrecognized by the current constitution from the era dictator do so open of shape. they are hoping a new text will afford them new cultural, political,
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and social rights. moral that. now i'm joined by my colleagues here, d, w reporter benjamin alvarez. bieber who is himself julians, good to see. so 1st of all, why is chile getting a new constitution? chill is getting a new constitution because the majority of children decided to scrap the current constitution that they back to the time of the military dictatorship. i referendum that happened after this massive social outbreak in october of 2019 and many feet as current constitution as a constitution that is blocking progress in the country. so they hope this new constitution a new car to mark. now that will be drafted by this new assembly will also lead the way and paste the way for other reforms that are needed in the country. and lisa loan calling from the mom who j. indigenous people. she's been elected to lead the constitutional assembly. she's going to lead the writing of this new constitution. so what does so significant about this data? it's highly significant to have them up with a woman leading this, this new process. she was elected by
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a last majority of the 155 members. she's them of which a woman and their rights of the indigenous population will play a massive role. also, in the drafting of confusion yesterday this university professor called to advance national state. she went there with a flag that you can see here in the background. and she called also for a more into cultural julie, establishing a new relationship with all of the indigenous groups in the country. and so that's why the representation is so important. and also important to note that they are 17 selected seats for the indigenous population in this assembly that will drop into confusion. we know that not everyone in chile is happy about her or this new constitution. that's right. there are some politicians specially from the right political spectrum that already calling to reject it. let's remember that after this process, once the reason you constitution there will be another referendum asking, she learns if they want to approve this referendum and not so many already calling
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for this for capital. so to be again to reject the constitution. but the majority of this 15050 allocates are independent members all from the indigenous population . also left wing politician. not or not. all of them are politicians. their lawyers, their teachers, and i'm calling is also an english teacher. so it will be interesting. she has the support, but of course the task is really difficult and it will not be an easy progress. and she is a divided country right now, the wizard. i mean, how would you describe the political situation there now? it's still divided the way even protest yesterday. and while they were singing the national anthem, for example, they were clashes between protesters and the police. some of this assembly members went out also to support them and coal for the police to leave the area. there are also important things when it comes to the human rights violations. there's still no justice for the victims off this human rights violation that were committed by security officers. so we have this process of tracking and you can situation, but there are also other things that will make it easy or hard for these assembly
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to get to work. okay, d, w 's very on benjamin alvarez. group are helping us understand the political situation in his home country. julie, thank you. you're welcome. sports needs. now it will be in germany's number one angelie caribou made it into the quarter finals with a st sets when camera is now the only former wimbleton winner left in the women's single category. her opponent coco golf is right, 5 punch ahead of her. the w t a race is what ever beat the american comfortably 6464, and we'll face cover the, the silver net. in the men's singles, roger federer became the oldest player to reach wimbleton quarter finals in the modern era that are at the top of the screen. here will be 40 interest under 5 weeks. east pass italy lorenzo san diego in straight sets to make the last 8 at wimbleton for the 18th time. he was the final player for them in the future on manic monday. and now the story of one determined youngster intent on not letting
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nap time interfere with play, taught this young elephant as part of a wild herd migrating hundreds of kilometers through south west china. he just couldn't seem to let the others get some badly needed shudder insisting they get up and play, but neither nudges nor rubs were able to rel, tusks of his fellow travelers. eventually the youngster appeared to give up and crowed up for a nap of his own. no, you haven't heard him. he will learn watch w news. his reminder of the top stories were following for you. the british prime minister boys johnson has set out a roadmap for england to emerge from the last cobra. 1900 restrictions rooms mandating face mask and social distance will be lifted and people will no longer be told to work from home. the changes should take effect on july 19th. at experts or warning, the european football championships could speed up the spread of the delta variance of the corona virus this summer. so i to say that the euro's are already leading to
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a rise in new infections. 2 thirds of europeans remain on vaccinate. you're watching the w news on brent golf after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day tonight, the delta virus in england, burning rainbow flags in tbilisi. and the latest attempt to explain you fopes will be right. that is who's the news? the news, the news.
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a difference. knowledge of growth through sharing. download it now for a in december, 2019 the european council president showed me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i have a clear job to make sure of the 1st time it's it's printing on the planet by 2015 but not all in new member state supported and some persuasion is required. surprising glimpsed into the very heart of power, negotiation. money use that money can be process slattery and westlake plains, and often go astray. when the game of diplomatic poker
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power plays, and alliances behind the scenes. the climate summit goes on. d, w. the united states just celebrated its independence day holiday with fireworks and crowds and with the corona byers, the delta varying to spreading and almost exclusively among the and vaccinated. on this side of the atlantic, the u. k. is preparing to mark what he calls freedom day on july 19th. the last pandemic restrictions in england will be lifted. if only the government could simply decrease the delta variant away. if only there were enough vaccines in people's arms to stop the spread. but there aren't in, on july 19th there won't be.


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