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tv   ZDF Bauhaus  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 5:30pm-6:30pm CEST

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often go straight to most of the will when the game, diplomatic poker, the power please, and the lines behind the scenes climate summit august on d. w. me romantic and mysterious movements have long captured our imagination on which they have a test in which decaying sound. biomass becomes piqued that makes them excellent carbon things and also the focus of a great deal of environmental research ah, all that. coming up the
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lock and key tomorrow, today you sign on dw, sorry, it's covered 10 times as much land area. but move capture and saw some more carbon dioxide that makes impact moon and extremely important in the battle against climate change. the over the centuries boys have been trained for farming. some 15 percent of the world must have been drains and that releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. some regions of particularly effective, such as the european union, russia, and indonesia. today, from so many ends up being the still restoring their better taishan. these inconspicuous looking moreland plans are under observation around the clock, an electronic scan. it takes meetings once an hour, tracking that height,
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as well as the size and angle of the lead. these researchers at the university of christ in northeast, in germany, use that they tend to judge how well the clamps to growing very water, nutrient levels. they work also involve scanning the rates in the $100.00 path longer these means more heat could be home. crucial parameters when determining the best way to re wet the more the most, you know, when we've been able to re, went around 10 percent of the morland's here in the northeast. but how did those restored morris work? when it's, what we want to see is a system where carbon is retained in the soil, long term quenched off. and this set up, combined with field studies, allows us to investigate those questions to the community to try. and that's why we
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bring together the pete and the plants and the greenhouse gas flow tables, gas, food stamps, were providing insights, that will be a concrete help and future land management of to have him go to the water level, nutrient content and range of plants all play a role in a more ecosystem. the wrong combination could mean a requested more ends up producing too much me thing, affecting the carbon dioxide it stores. striking the right balance is key. in the right balance is also key when it comes to the plans that can be sustainably and profit. 70 grows on a re wet is more feminine of why the choice of options to the store comes from lakes and streams and rivers and his rich and nutrients. the common read also it's used to the material for read. what is the insulation
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on fire proofing? ah, reach can i re graph and the common read potential biofuels in pallet form replacing oil and gas. so rubbing them on the west is more than twice to climate benefits. animal florida can also be great for water buffalo, for example. all this means that wet sentence off, many opportunities for sustainable farming but it's a different story on upland more. they rely only on way more. so then you jim content, it's very low. so which france might thrive here, and that's another question. the research is from the university of great folks, are investigating spectrum all teach most is very much at home in the spring conditions offered by upland moles and growing if you want to launch scale might really pay often and,
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and then your lease has the most estimate you could, in germany, we use around 7 or 8000000 cubic meters of pete a year for horticultural, some strength else. it was most of the vegetables we buy and supermarkets are grown on oxygen just like ornamental. what have you, not scanning? and these are off that resource, the grown over millennium, but it's being harvested and used in a short period of time, which is why we're cultivating peat moss to replace it on the top of the i'm using spectrum to replace the peat will only work if the scientists can breeze fast growing variety the researchers are using this test field to see which kinds of spectrum most might be feasible options. they selected varieties from 30 more across europe, primarily from sweden,
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no way and finland they took out a g, a teen before making a change to keep track of how the different varieties the growing, the samples they take and they to drive and wait. and the lab that allows them to judge how the bio mass and see it would be increasing. their goal is to find the ultimate supermodel. me stuck in my face, grow year round and ready for harvest of the 3 years care on their mental field. the researches are still using a converted figure in the future. they hope harvesting machines will be able to go directly onto the fields. they'll know this back in the most, leaving the roots in the soil to give rise to a fresh generation of peat moss. that way the fields was to be receded off to
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harvest spectrum. it's not just useful. it can also be used in everything from insulation to diapers and packaging. it's the most versatile material, ah, that's a farming on re record, most thrive. it will need the same kind of government support that conventional agriculture enjoy germany as that $100000.00 to the land that is stated to growing spark namath. it's a sustainable and climate friendly form of farming, with lots of potential for the future. ah, some of the plans that are grown on our fields don't end up on our plate. instead,
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they used to produce bio plastics for disposable this where for example, but can such as cone and soy are important crops that help feed the world. so using corn starch, for example, to produce bio plastics isn't really sustainable. that's why one company in switzerland has decided to investigate the parts of plans that i'm going to use as food creating bio plastics from waste. that's the mission of fluid solids in zurich. the materials that arrived here would normally end up in waste disposal, like the old houses that have come from a mill. so how can they be used to make plastic? because that's the 1st quick inspect shows that the suitable span says a wide range of natural waste materials can be used to sample any cellulose
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based materials cottle hamil coffee grounds grew as grain would powerful. we've tried more than 50 different things. it can cover, began experimenting 10 years ago. you can always bring the things out as an industrial design. and so i'm curious by nature and like to try things out and we took the potatoes, peeled them, and extracted the dodge. we tried not chilled, which we ground we've really been very hands on from doing basic research. and what nice think lee? a big kitchen he had gone off the phone for at some point they came up with a solid material. the very 1st prototype was born back cause i used it to develop his own bio plastic, what's known as a composite 1st, the oat has the ground and mixed with 2 other components. mixing is
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done by chemist francesca tenchi me a binder and a secret ingredient. go into the ground. this sample is still to running. trial and error is still part of lab life here. yes, i found the from open, you know, we have to optimize the manager to produce plastic material. which we can then process like regular plastic light in the normal stuff. and this is what it looks like when the mixture has solidified. it forms the granular the proportions need to be adjusted for each natural fiber. the 2 inventors illustrate this with their debut product. soc hangers here to the these ones. they're very elastic. these once year though, you can definitely feel this difference in fluid solids produces hundreds of
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thousands of soc hangers in competition with conventional cheap plastic. the plastic market is highly competitive. in fact, it's brutal musician, i fish all till we move in chuck infested waters. ok, maybe that sounds a bit too negative. we thought of it. no, i think it happens in any industry where there are changes and new approaches are developed. so you need to find your place me and told your ground against your competitors. that will happen on the team members demonstrate just how well the soc hangers, decompose using compost soil was buried in the compost, the bio plastic, the great in 5 weeks. the
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it's a much slower process in water, but even in water, the stockholder slowly starts to dissolve after 5 weeks. so this via plastic is not completely waterproof. sure. depending on where it's used, that could be a problem. i wouldn't recommend using fluid, so let's say 4 chairs, original period paneling. but there are plenty of applications that involve no direct contact with water. then it's excellent. you can compare it to untreated, would not the health fluid solid has already produced. several other prototypes, including a tv data bothers us be sticks, and decorative stars, water solubility isn't an issue with these products. but the big breakthrough is yet to come via plastic look set to take off in the near future. these boxes contain product designs developed with major food companies and furniture makers.
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until they're actually ready for market. they have to remain top secret. beyond this, it can be exhausting. firstly, it might help us grow the business if we were allowed to say with whom we are working on these projects. mclean, mental health. and secondly, i get people saying to me, we will have a be with you any more. because you keep saying that it's all secret of making readily degradable bio plastics from waste is certainly a compelling idea whether large scale manufacturers will also make use of it remains to be seen biodegradable plastic should help solve one environmental problem. we asked you what other environmental issues do you think scientists should research, and what are our biggest environmental problems? shown from nigeria for us in africa, science should focus on 2 things, waste,
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disposal, and forest fires. we didn't have many large companies, so the global warming caused by these companies isn't a problem of making, ah, daniel, overwrought. i believe that science has to focus on waste water treatment and on technologies that can capture the store and treat c o 2 the. now we are most, some of our says that scientists should investigate the causes of the flags that are destroying so many areas. ah, who's in the grid? yano stood at home when scientists to focus on renewable and affordable energy, perhaps from hydrogen, which could replace fossil fuels. thanks for your comments. this week's question also touches on an environmental traffic in now cities leads to congestion and
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harmful emissions. moto right from our lee had a question about that. how does living close to major roadways impact people's long term health? some studies suggest that living close to busy traffic on cerebral cross roads is quite deadly. particular master nitrogen outside ozone, noise. all these factors increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, asthma, diabetes, cancer dementia, depression and allergies ah, the risks to health directly proportional to proximity to sources of toxins and noise. along study conducted among 5400 post menopausal women in san diego, shows that the women who lived 100 meters from a major roadway were twice as likely to suffer from hypertension as women who lived
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5 kilometers from a major roadway. the, however, the precise cause is that the increased likelihood of health problems isn't entirely clear. some research tends to focus on noise factors, other research on air quality. pollution, for example, causes approximately $8800000.00 premature deaths worldwide a year, according to a study conducted at the university of mind and the max planck institute for chemistry. but how exactly is the permit you just defined a day, a month, a year? research is calculated that the effects of abolition shows in people's lives in europe by an average of one year. recent studies also say people who's been exposed to particulate matter for extended periods of time and more likely to die when in fact it's like over 19 basically living close to busy roads is bad for us.
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and anyone who can avoid it shows me if i was what is read, why do you have a question you'd like us to send? i'll send it in as a video text to voicemail feature on the show. you'll get a little surprise from us as a thank you. come on. the news you can find move fascinating stories from the world to signs on our website and on twitter. news around the world, we produce mountains with much of it ends up in africa and asia for people who west, who recycle us. labor under terrible conditions and stuff as serious health effects . that's because a lot of the ways contains many hazardous materials. batteries are also testified
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as hazardous ways, but researchers are looking for ways to make them more environmentally friendly here at the swiss, federal, a bar rates for material science and technology research as i working on the battery of the future. so need to store more energy, have a longer life, be more cost effective, and more eco friendly than today's batteries. to do that, they're looking to improve the chemical composition of the battery. a battery always has a cathode and, and, and load the positive and negative terminal. generally made of element human copper to cathode side of a lithium ion battery is coated with compound such as nickel cobalt and manganese oxides. and the side with graphite in between. there's an ion exchange membrane called the separator. the cafe and i kept strictly apart, each lying and its own conductive electrolyte. as the battery charges,
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lithium ions are released from the coating of the cathode migrate through the, separated to the energy and are stored in the graphite as the battery discharges the ions migrate back to the cafeteria to produce electrical energy. the electrons flow between the 2 ends via an external circuit course in but talia and his fellow researches want to optimize these lithium ion batteries. over the past 20 years, the amount of cobalt in batteries has already been reduced. cobalt is a critical raw material and they want to cut it even more cobalt has in a properties that make it ideal for boosting energy density and battery life. that's what makes it so indispensable and difficult to replace with an equally effective alternative. but industry is looking for alternative
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who's china has already invested at least $60000000000.00 in the electric cost like europe as being slower thought up. and it took the europeans to wake up and see this new trend on the horizon. now we're fast followers, which means we 1st need to catch up on the expertise that asia has, builds up over the course of many years. in the meantime, europe is set up a range of research initiatives. so about 10 years from now, we should be able to assume a leading role in the battery sector. but remarked the european battery alliance currently support some 70 different research projects, including at the swiss materials science research facility. it's experts are also testing alternative electrolyte materials with a high lithium conduction, right? they've already succeeded in the bar tree. instead of the conventional electrolyte
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liquid, they use a lightweight solid version as with the conductor, that makes the battery lighter and safer. it's the liquid that makes lithium ion batteries hazardous. that is fine. i think there are safety benefit shuttle, but we also hope it will make them charge faster a lot, and then it would be okay for them to get warmer. i'm going to batteries, part of a global undertaking to make him ability fit for the future, making it place cleaner and more sustainable. and the research is here determined to make that a reality given the e commerce, because frames the battery would have huge environmental benefits. last year they were some 11000000 registered electric vehicles worldwide, and new records and 50 times the number just 9 years ago. the best in ration e cause will seen reach the end of their life,
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spend the what will happen for all those dead batteries. here and this former factory in berlin, a startup has found a solution to cut the overall carbon footprint of car batteries because i know her niche and his team give them a 2nd prize. that's the company's name suggests they call them gregory's. so gotten the bones on the bus when we get the batteries, storage capacity is down to 70 percent. first, we dismantle them. then we take the $48.00 modules out and analyze them. then we use them to build a new better packs. so the old battery still have about 70 percent of their original capacity and are far from spent. there dismantled, checked and reassembled. the old battery package up, cycled into a better pack, a compact 35 key, low energy storage module, reborn power back. that also benefits the environment. so get to this is our
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product bio energy supply system. why are we doing this? we want to help prevent c o 2 emissions and this is clean energy energy. the powers climate agreements commit signatory nations to cutting c o 2 emissions to 0 by 2050 . better packs, could contribute towards that goal. they offer a clean alternative as an energy supply and for mobility to better packs fit comfortably into a truck. a 2nd lie for old car batteries. it's especially practical for parts of africa and asia as a handy option for clean mobility. i know her name was once a managing director, ed rolls royce, germany know he's pursuing a green agenda and he's looking for partners to get on board at this
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facility outside powers. his idea is going to be wrapped up in europe's 1st factory dedicated to recycling cars. automaker they know is eager to lead the way in sustainable mobility and is already set up joint ventures with start ups like batteries. well, the family seem to fly as it's only magic. we want to make our facility a pioneer because we're also convinced of the economic benefit to cos bulletin movie turner. this is the future of the automotive sector, meeting the demands of society and customers, climate and environmentally friendly as the illusions committed, by example, it's already paying these for shipping containers are packed to the brim with 54 repurposed e car batteries. they're stacked in groups of 6, forming a miniature power plant connected to the electricity grid. they serve as
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a buffer to compensate for power fluctuations in the grid. the foot containers together can supply $8800.00 households with electricity for one hour on the banks of the river send in paris. the former car batteries have taken to the water d. d spot runs a tour boat company and was quick to get them on board with us to be sure to do the future for everything connected with the transportation boat to especially even all the criticism about their environmental pollution. ah, spot is refitting his entire fleet with the revamped batteries, they already power to smaller boats with enough to pasadena for 2 trips a day. he wants almost all his both running on electric power in time to the paris olympics in 2024. the supply seconds life car
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batteries for today will be back next week with another exciting addition of tomorrow today. until then, by, by the news . the news, the news, news, news, news.
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news. news. the whole ah, you ready to get all the places in europe are smashing all the record into a venture? just don't lose your grip. the treasure map for modern gold trotter discover, some of us are record breaking site and now also in book form, sometimes
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a seed. it's all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning, like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge of growth through sharing. download it now for the me. oh and the play with me getting 90 back to me. i i yeah. i
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why i miss. hi. yes. hi. oh, megan, i i, i just need to know what what are my me
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ah ah, ah was, ah, see that we news live from berlin, football bosses under fire over a 3rd in cobit 19 infection health experts ring. the alarm, social distancing rules are being ignored, both inside and outside stadiums. also on the program, the volunteer is helping children to catch up on month of schooling, loss during lockdown. why teachers fear their pupils faced an appeal struct ah.
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on the go further, she welcome to the program. health experts are warning that the european football championships could be speeding up the spread of the corona virus. delta vary and masters have been taking place across the continent with some stadiums packed, or nearly 4. scientists say the tournament is already driving an increase in infections and nearly 2 thirds of europeans are still not vaccinated. the joy of euro 2020, summed up by scotland fans, they will you forage when their team and a point against arch rivals, england at wembley. the tournament came to an end soon after. and there was another thing in the tail of cove it outbreak on and off the pitch scotland midfielder, billy gilmore tested positive, forcing him into quarantine, a post game chattman, england's bed chill. well and mason mount also had to isolate even more worryingly
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. it was later revealed almost 1300 scottish fans were infectious when they went to london. the world health organization says support is traveling to gain is a recipe for disaster. how are people getting the other traveling in large, crowded convoys of buses? are they taking individual measures when they're doing that? what's happening after the games, when people leave the stadiums, are they going into a crowded balls and puts to watch the matches if this mixing is happening among people who are not fully vaccinated? and there is the presence of the virus. there will be cases, this problem isn't restricted to the k finish or authority say at least 300 fans were infected while following their national theme. mostly, the 2 matches in st. petersburg. that's contributed to a sharp rise in new cases at home. but despite these connections between euro 2020 and covey, the outbreaks you
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a for is pressing ahead with increased stadium capacity for the semi finals and final, at wembley. and politicians in several countries are furious. german interior minutes to host the whole accused, the governing body of putting profits over public health issues. i think that your wife is position is utterly irresponsible up to look for on for them close. and what's worth association say, clearly, we don't want it this way, is the and we're reducing the numbers of spectators at wembley. on sunday, one group of fans will be celebrating their countries great sporting success. but without further restrictions in london, fears of a coven hang over will only rise. now, british prime minister boris johnson is giving guidance on the when the last, coven, 19 restrictions will be lifted in the u. k. johnson is currently speaking in london . let's listen into what he's got to say or so. when will we be able to return to
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normal? and to those who say we should delay again, the alternative to that is to open up in winter when the virus will have an advantage or not a tool this year. and so again, we preempting the decision on the 12th of july. let me set up today a 5 point plan for living. we've covered in the hope that it will give families and businesses time to prepare. first, we will reinforce our vaccine more, reducing the days interval. so on the forty's from 12 to forty's, from co weeks to 8, so that everyone over 18 should be double jobs by the middle of september. in addition to our autumn program of booster vaccines for the most honorable 2nd, we will change the basic tools that we have used to control human behavior will move away from legal restrictions and allow people to make their own informed
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decisions about how to manage the virus from step 4, we will remove all legal limits on the numbers, meeting indoors and outdoors. we will allow or businesses to reopen, including nightclubs. we will lift the limit on named visitors to care homes and on numbers of people attending concerts, theater, and sports events. we will end the one meter plus rule on social distancing, and the legal obligation to wear a face covering all the guidance will suggest why you might choose to do so, especially when cases are rising and where you come into contact with people you don't normally meet in close spaces, such as obviously crowded public transport, it will no longer be necessary for government to instruct people to work from home . so employers will be able to start planning a safe return to the workplace. there will be no cobit certificate required as
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a condition of entry to any venue or event. although businesses and events can certainly make use of certification and the, and a chest app gives you a cobra pass as one way to show your credit status. 3rd, we will continue from step 4 to manage the virus we, they test traits and isolate system that is proportionate to the pandemic. you will have to self isolate if you test positive or are told to do so by n h s test and trace. but we're looking to move to a different regime for fully vaccinated contacts of those testing positive and also for children. and to morrow, the education secretary, when an answer plans to maintain key protections, but remove bubbles and contact isolation for people falls from step 4,
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we will maintain our tough border controls, including the red list and recognizing the protection afforded by to this is a vaccine. we will work with the travel industry towards removing the need for fully vaccinated arrivals, to isolate on return from an amber country and the transport secretary will provide a further update later this week. last, we will continue to monitor the data and retain contingency measures to help manage the virus during higher risk periods, such as the winter. but we will place an emphasis on strengthened guidance and do everything possible to avoid re imposing restrictions with all the costs that they bring. as we set out this new approach, i'm mindful that today's the 73rd anniversary of our national health service. and
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that could not be a more fitting moment to pay tribute once again to every one of our and a chest and facial care workers and the forest johnson there. and now i think the lifting of all coven restriction charlotte tells him pill is following the speech. very closely in london. tell it this is a 5 step plan toward normality, but scientists are warning about going back to normal too soon. so why is wars johnson pushing ahead? yeah, what we've just been hearing is the prime minister outlining a plan in england for the end of the legal restrictions coded 19 restrictions. some of those that he listed included, no legal obligation to west face mosques, not something that has been particularly contentious here in the u. k. it was widely expected,
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a number of top scientists pointing out that the wiring face mosques is not just about protecting your self. that is also about protecting others. and even if you have been lucky enough to have 2 days in the vaccine, i mean, you shouldn't continue to face up a lot of control over that in particular. but it's just been laid out that as those legal restrictions will no longer be in place from july 19th. so pushing ahead with this for a number of reasons. first of all, they've already delayed this step. the k has england rather has been gradually on looking over a series of steps. this one was delayed due to the spread of the delta variance, which we know is, is highly contagious. it is dominant. here in the u. k. at the moment they decided to hold off on easing previously to ensure that more people had a 2nd of back scenes to give them not necessary additional protection against this delta variance. now do the prime minister essentially saying that the bank seem
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program is going successfully here in the u. k. and raise the question if it's not the end these restrictions now than when even suggesting that if you delay, then what you then have is, is these restrictions ending coinciding with the winter period and the pressure on the health care service here. so he very much defending and these 2 to end those restrictions on july 19th. but what do britton's think about this? is he doing this to please the public or rather to please the economy? i think it's much the same as in, in many countries around the world who've been ahead taught by this pandemic people have had restrictions on their lives the month month. now a patient age running out to a degree. there are those who do just consider this now a time to, to get back to normal as much as possible is the government has set itself to learn to live with this virus through. there are some who will be pleased to see
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businesses reopening once again. indeed, the popular press here is calling july 19th freedom day. a lot of people feel that way, but there are some as well who are looking at this with a good deal of caution. looking at those rising taste numbers here in the u. k. over the last week, in more than to 20000 cases a day. so soaring numbers, the prime minister there as well, saying that the numbers will go up continually, and as a consequence, hospitalizations and fatalities will increase as well. so he stressing that that has to be a balance between lives and livelihood, as he pursued. and the health and the possible health done damaged on the health as well. let's talk about the countries vaccination drive. 86 percent of the adult population have been vaccinated at least once. now. and who are the ones who haven't yet gotten the job and is the government creating
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incentives to convince more people to get back to needed? because the more people are vaccinated, the easier it is to really live with the virus, which is what they're pursuing. ultimately the you k is very proud of it. nation company and you said 86 percent of that at least 163 percent of the groups that had 2 doses now and the government has been doing this in terms of age . so the older population and the younger ones last, so what you're now seeing is that the spinal young generation over a teens. now getting the data back seen d, u k has had very high uptake the bacteria. you've not seen the same degree of skepticism as you have been in all the places they have. of course they had incentives in place. it's been a campaign with, with a number of celebrities talking about the need to get the vaccine showing themselves, having the job members of the royal family. indeed,
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as well have been pictured having the band in an effort to really push as many people as possible to to get that job title children fill in london. thank you very much and left. now take a look at some more stories making headlines around the world. rescuers have found another 3 victims in the rubble of collapse condominium. near miami 27 people are confirmed dead with 10800 still missing. earlier wrecking cruise brought down the remains of the unstable structure in a controlled explosion. marian prime minister victor oberon has placed a full page ad attacking the e. u in germany's biggest selling tabloid build. the ad, which bears the signature accuses brussels of building and an authorized quote, super stage and says, you citizens must be saved from what he calls the dangerous challenge of migration . which one has placed similar ads in other leading european papers?
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anti l g b c q protesters has stormed, applied office and the ga capitol tbilisi. the ultra nationalists climbed onto a balcony over again. they remove signs and rainbow flank which they later burned. journalist working at the scene were also attacked. and some tennis news. now tunisia on jabber has continued her historic run at wimbledon by reaching the quarter finals are recovered from the sat down to be fallen. e gosh, be on tech. who was last year's french open winter? the when mean supper is the 1st arab woman to reach this stage of the turn. it won't get any easier for a virtual next space. number 2, seed arena sub olenka at the top of your screen. you can see here there, that's after like a beat and lena re by kina in 3, said 634662 are watching the news coming up. next is what's with the business news. more world headlines at the top of the hour until then there's always
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a website that c w dot com to also follow on social media. you'll find the see that we on the, for the, for me and the entire team here in berlin. thank you so much for your company. the news . the news was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the or didn't the game said talk your with 202421. thrown off course during the qualifying round. not least for sports. he rose. it
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was a slap in the face, but now we just have to fight there, mobilizing superpowers. i'm fired up and ready. down during lock down the lock and go to tokyo, started july 19 w. o. the $70000000.00 to $1.00 loc stolen data packets have made their demands. after hijacking and encrypting the data of 100 the need around the world. as part of a major ransomware attack, tex, i can just phase us. it's happening over the reins of the online behemoth he found it was sort of legacy will he leave behind amazon? and we're visiting the phones in south africa that are getting help to go green from our packets. this is the to be a business. i'm up what?
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i'll come to the hackers, automatic $70000000.00 worth of bitcoin in return for data stolen during a major ransomware attack is stored over a 1000 companies may have been effected by the hack on the i t services for based in florida. the knock on effect, so stretching way beyond the united states, no customers allowed in. that's because hackers were able to penetrate the supermarket cash register system. there was out, hundreds of sweden, court doors were shot last weekend. if the single biggest global ransomware attack on record the hack head 40 companies in at least 17 countries, they all use software from the u. s. based services company, k security expert suspect question hackers us present biden has ordered a probe into the attack. the fact is directly tell the community gimme a deep dive on what happened and i'll know better tomorrow. and if it is
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either with the knowledge of and or consequential russia, then we will respond. what is clear is that the hackers used k of software to hack the company's encrypted important data and now they're demanding $70000000.00 encrypted currency to release it, the federation of germany industry is one such attacks are increasing ransomware attacks rolls during the covered 1900 pandemic, but at least 5 percent according to insurers. we won't work as you in the pan demik . i've also been an easy target slackers. while i am in the place, often russian and above all private computers are a problem. they have anti virus software, but it doesn't offer sufficient protection. equal full is cyber security experts linking the attack on affiliate of the russian revolt, gang, known for extorting $11000000.00 from net packer j b s in may. and that's becoming a familiar story. beijing taking a tough line with china's home grown tech firms,
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the latest to feel the weights of chinese regulators on their shoulders or a trio of apps. including right hailing giant, d. d global becomes less than a week after the company's debut on the new york stock exchange. the chinese government has ordered up store operators to remove d. d from their shelves spacing investigates it for alleged illegal collection of personal data. no surprise to locals. but anyway, the counselor, so i often receive spam calls, this is all part of the personal information, privacy leak problem. but we have no idea exactly how it's leak. did you have a bomb and good if it's true that d d is releasing personal information? i think the government should remove it from the app store and it should be given a more severe punishment. after all, it's a company owned by the chinese why the the d d probe comes as online recruiter,
6:20 pm
bus g pin and full truck alliance, often called uber for trucks also come under investigation, all 3 up based businesses and banned from registering new use as d d says it is doing everything to work with the government in a statement posted on way. bo beijing's move comes just a week after d. d raised over $4000000000.00 in a wall street. i. p. o and deal is a blow to investors had gone in fast, expecting a bonanza. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. the big commission is drafting an e wide green tack on a vacation fuels, according to the reuters news agency. the draft is part of the box plan, the flash greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent. by the end of the decade. you is also talking fuels for road waterway, transport egyptian authority is set to release the ever given the giant ship to the block, the suez canal for nearly a week earlier this year. it's jeff and he's owners have reached a deal with egypt. the government has seized the vessel while speaking compensation
6:21 pm
for damages lost revenues and the cost of salvaging it. exactly 27 years after amazon was found, it's jeff pays us is stuffing down today's chief executive head of its cloud division. and the jesse is taking over the company and more from his cloud services . anything else generated revenues of almost 400000000000 dollars last year, boosting profits to $21000000000.00. amazon's market capitalization is $1.00 trillion dollars. investors love the base off group trade union don't though poor working conditions and pay still billions of contention for an ever expanding workforce. amazon had 33700 employees in 2010. but over a decade that ballooned to 1300000. amazon was one of the few companies, hiring new staff at the height of the pandemic to adding a whopping 400000. now at the pinnacle of his success, they,
6:22 pm
those is hanging over the helm. he once more time for other things like space travel, he's got a big flight planned for the 20th of july. well for more and a big day, the amazon and the big day for just plays off. let's speak to chelsea, the lady from the to be business. he started amazon 27 years ago and his carriage, i was the minds to get it to the gigantic organization that it now as well. he's definitely leaving behind an enormous legacy. just phase those of course became one of the richest men in the world. his business has skyrocketed, but it really has transformed the way people buy and sell things throughout the world. and i'd say that the one quality that people always mentioned about jeff bases is that he's really obsessed with customers. so there's a lot of anecdotes about this. for example, in the early days of amazon, he got an email from an elderly woman who said she was having trouble opening the packages. so he changed the packages. whatever. u. p. s failed to deliver packages for christmas. one year they began building this entire logistics service, so very upset with customers. but there's of course, the dark side to that as well,
6:23 pm
which is that many employees at amazon, especially the ones the lowest down on, on the sort of corporate totem pole in the warehouse. of say that the conditions are very bad, and of course amazon has been really detrimental to a smaller, independent retailers. you know, without the critics, but he's being replaced by and the jesse, what do we know about him? well, and he just, he has been at amazon for basically his entire career more than 20 years. he was the head of the very profitable web services business. he's also known as being extremely detail oriented at the, perhaps one different as is that he's described as a bit nicer phases. they're not quite as harsh, but i also see that the pieces isn't completely leaving. anyone who's going to remain as chairman and likely remain involved in some of the bigger decisions. one of the big challenges ahead is how and he just deals with global regulators. right? yes, definitely. jesse is really inheriting it, he's inheriting a complicated situation here on the one hand, amazons business has really never been so strong, especially the pandemic,
6:24 pm
but they've never had as big of a target as they have on their back now from global regulators. so there are even been proposals, for example, in the us in the house of representatives to break up amazon. it's unclear if that's actually going to happen. there have been a lot of setbacks for regulators and trying to push forward with some of these anti trust actions, but there definitely is going to be more and more regulatory pressure and potentially more regulatory changes for amazon in the years. i had chelsea delaney and dw business thanks a lot. now as businesses around the world seek to go, green farmers in south africa are getting a bit of help with the efforts from l packers. their soft wool is not there only hand. the attributes that fertile done is also proving useful around $1500.00 of them and now providing environmentally friendly fertilizer to south african farms. the these have agrees is willing to part of the original plan for this property.
6:25 pm
but today it's hard to imagine the police without them be eating and pooping both by the diversity and promote soil health. hello george. hello freddy. hello l t. when paula, despair he bought this old spear from the quality of the soil was a poor fool. she decided to apply some animals to help you beneath the base. then we've got our herbs. we've got about 20 varieties of, of herbs on the property. here's some, some time. super pungent and then some different edible, edible flowers that were growing. this 3 says she was inspired to practice permaculture, regenerative agriculture doing south africa plus look them in 2020. her interest grew up watching documentaries and climate change. and going from performing requires huge amounts of herbicides and pesticides. and we didn't want to spray
6:26 pm
them. so we thought, how can we use the space better and we weren't sure whether we were going to have food security. so we decided to grow veggies in between the rows of perez and up the, the pairs using the pairs a trellis. and it grew from now when it comes to going to farming davis, if a cation is key for the city has made a deal with the local veterans, she delivers fish produce and also collect the open with the wall restaurants, or non drug in boxes. it's a win win situation books. so we are happy to do that. that's a good thing to just the safe. all the research that we would throw away for them on that found they can use it for money. jim wheeler, combo new beaudry, prepares the ways to 412, and turn into compose mole action. if i, once i break,
6:27 pm
it's back sometimes is not necessary because that gives you those actions also for the god in the end result is a natural fertilizer known as warm t bud receives. the model can be repudiated anywhere to grow organic food. and there seems to be a market for a i think everyone during lockdown has, has taken perhaps more interest in the health and the nutritional wellbeing. and i think now is the time we have a window of opportunity with small businesses like this are becoming more sorts after. and i see that because i started with no customers and now i have nearly a 100 attack is also used for the award. it's still a small scale industry here in south africa, but as the popularity of the animals increases, the month for the high quality, soft and silky piece is likely to for food. and just lastly
6:28 pm
had dresses in the u. k. a now requires to care for all kinds of hair, including afro and texture types. black people in the u. k. have often had to seek out special salems can have, but after a review, the national occupational standards body has decided all hair dresses must learn to work with black hair. as part of that training, it's been held as a big step towards inclusivity in 2017 only 302. nearly 36000 has psalms in the u. k. worked with afro freeman that now reminder of our top stories this, our hackers are demanding $17000000.00 after stealing and encrypting the data of companies around the world. part of a major ransomware attack charges answer to d. d is being private by regulators just days after raise nearly 4 and a half $1000000000.00 in new york. and exactly 27
6:29 pm
years after amazon was found. as jeff pays off the stepping down today's chief executive head of its cloud division. andy justin is taking the as for me in the business team here in berlin, if you want more from us to check out our website, either way to com slash textbook until next time. ah, the green you feel worried about the planet? i'm the host of the on the green fence we need to change join me for the green transformations for me to use for the women in asia in that's me. all the money and
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money and on the voice. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire this weekend on d, w. d . w as a show coming up today of god's face uncertainty as the thought of and becomes more assertive. the management group continues to capture district without much of a fight international. meanwhile, carry on with their withdrawn leaving a security void. we look at the ordinary guns caught in the middle class a look at the role of neighboring pockets on it has the influence over the 100 bond .


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