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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  July 5, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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speaking, that's me, put them all the money and lunch and on the voice. the only way i can be to create my own the see their house standing stories. women in asia, this weekend on d. w. the news a show coming up today. i've gone space uncertainty as the taliban becomes more sort of the militant group continues to capture districts without much of a fight. international. meanwhile, carry on with their withdrawn leaving a security void. we look at the ordinary guns caught in the middle, plus a look at the role of neighboring pockets on it has the influence over the taliban . but what does it using this influence for
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the me i'm british vanity. welcome to did up the news asia. glad you could join us. over the weekend of con government troops in the north of the country, abandoned their posts and fled to me. but in jacob on the reason a tale bon advance, they felt they were ill equipped to oppose. it's a pattern playing out across the country with the volleyball. now controlling some one 3rd of the countries, 421 districts. these games come as international troops continue to pull out from the country. a scenario. the 1st many of the guns worried about the future. these afghan people are determined to leave the country. that's why thousands of them have gathered at this passport, office and capital cobble trying to find a way out. their future has become too uncertain. as the fact of the
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us troops withdrawal will start to unfold. uh huh will, according to districts have fallen, there's not a single district without fighting the tale bond has even reached the chief of police, his office and provincial capitals. i've come here to get my passport and get out of afghanistan. it's not safe here. many embassies have registered a dramatic increase in the number of visa and passport applications. as the tale, bon advances, people fear the hard one progress over the past 2 decades will start to roll back. women and girls, for example, went from near total exclusion from public life to being able to work and study in mix schools today. now these gains are hanging in the balance. very recently, we have reports that just districts that have been taken over by the taliban. they have already imposed restrictions on women on media. for instance,
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women are in the high, reportedly not allowed to leave the house without a male chaperone clinics have been closed. there's also reports of media blackout. this is happening despite the tale. bonds promises that the public has nothing to fear and the situation could intensify. the group has already made significant territorial gains in the past month. as gun forces struggling to hold them off. now our people thinking, if our government can not to control the situation, maybe the civil war will restart. so that's the main problem. why people trying to go abroad those who couldn't afford a visa, a seeking to leave illegally. many of them are young people.
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they're about to cross the border to iran before embarking on further journeys, hoping to secure a better future. one section of i've gone citizens, that's particularly concerned about the audit women. and from what i'm that i'm joined by our horror. i'm a law student at auburn university and a former gone youth representative to the un. i ship nearly 50 percent of i've got tons, population is women. how worried are they about life under possible taliban influence? well, if we look at the rapids and unconditional withdrawal of the troops and to 1000 of the major troops which all of from a gun. so we can see that this slightest hope for peace was the vanished. and right now there is the wind with mentality on the ground and on are getting more than it
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leaving a lot of people not only room and but all guns. one is worried about what is to go . and now the future of the be process. the future i've got on the ration is it's all in and then big city. it's in question. both i live on is you correct your point out have rapidly advanced across the country from what you was getting. can you describe for us what the situation is, particularly for women in the areas that they control but women right now women living and some of the district, their situation was relatively better sense and to talk. and in one, however, there is a huge gap of opportunity when it comes to urban areas of their religious success and their relative security, their progress that has even in the far as district of again, it was something to be preserved and protected. and right now i'm talking about are
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getting more territory as the government is saying. silent about it and as united withdrawing responsible we it all makes women more fight and of what is to come right now. we are left with no guarantee of any future that we could look forward to. now we are also getting reports that the taliban are being welcomed in some of the areas that they are capturing. what explains this support for the taliban? well, how did this tricks that are right now and a tolerable control over the years when get were, is tried and they were saw what crimes committed by roots out and get them in the international community. it really created this, this sense of peace among people that they could rely on the
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community on the people who are from the community through arriving against the government. but this not particularly the mean or supporting call what you see in the past. when here as a generation was read, born in this conflict, now get you forgot what this word even started at the beginning of the 1st place. and right now they are fighting, even not knowing for what reason. so some of the people are even joining one or another side just for the sake of survival. talk to me a bit about the conservative nature of outcome society. i mean, how much of a priority is go to integration, a women's participation in politics, for example, among the general population. well, it 20 years ago when your night started and you mentioned the condition and i got it. i was one year old born and partial and i returned to i've got
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a 2001 with my family. i was a child, i grew up here, i went to school, i went to the gym at university and you see that back then when everything started from, from the very beginning we were building from the criteria building from the ashes . there was a lot of to me and woman were in the society, but today everything is in question including the future elements indication was concerning, go, oh and the increase by then. but besides, even during the peace process, the language about the human rights and the rights of women in peace against was vigorous. and that was a very concerning for a lot of them and i should put them, we'll leave it there was time being with thank you so much for joining us today. and the verizon of artist, on, has long been seen as having influence over the poly bon for that reason.
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pakistan's involvement in the peace process is seen as crucial to its outcome relation between pakistan and the taliban. go way back. the group itself was formed in the early ninety's, primarily by partially students in pakistan, the mattresses or the stomach religious schools. bucket thought was one of only 3 countries that recognize the thought about when a group of gun is on between 19862001. and in the last few years, artist on has played a key role in bringing the poly bonds to the talk stable more let's at the correspondence there, gilani and katherine pockets on. she's a, aside from pakistan to influence over the parlor. bon, what is driving pockets? i me engagement with the i've gone piece process, bridge the conventional wisdom around the world. is that because of focused on deep involvement enough to understand over the last decade and it's close to the taliban
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thought about and seen as focused on these. but what we're heading now from focused on the army leadership is that they are losing in phones with the thought of on last the, the box on your, i mean you and i was briefing a panel of parliamentarians and they were told that they don't have as much influence the thought of on as people seem to think and there's growing in the but in focused on that if things go haywire, next door focused on will be really difficult time. so we've also heard from other things like the group in washington last week. they are also saying that it may not be as much as we can really think the thing. so it's an open question. how much. 1 can really delta live on, in terms of coming to pete negotiations or renouncing violence. what are the field
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and partis on that if i've gotten it done, does not go down the piece route as it. what will happen? what can be the effect on focus on so, you know, analysts, german lift, think tanks have been thing for for a while now that we are headed for a very difficult period in the region. but now we are getting it from focused on army leadership from political leadership. the biggest beauties thought about getting more and more get it free, eventually taking over cobbler and then focused on also facing a problem in terms of august and becoming more active already the board is. ready evident that focused on dr. next to a $1000.00 bond and other americans are picking up faith and activity. so the big period would be more money to target on and on. and on those
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2 and arky and civil war, there will be more refugees. the country already has 3000000 and there will be people coming across the border. so those are the major. what is the thinking? and bucket bunches does a pockets on believe the taliban should be a part of any intent government in afghanistan for instance, officially focused on the cat. no favorite. it believe that whatever happens in the, on to be on own, on lead. but be know from focused on deep involvement with the thought of on that we delivered on the bond for example, for negotiation, but the us that it would prefer on voting. i mean, we have to recognize it's all a bond or no, an internationally recognized entity, the us agreement with them boxed on iran, india. i've been getting with them and i know most of them so they didn't even
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leave it there for the time. mean, but thank you so much for this update from country partners on and that's it for today, the course more information on the situation and honest on, on our website. they never dot com forward slash a show. and you can actually follow us on social media, on facebook, and twitter as well. we're back tomorrow at the same time, but then about the in the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what does the latest research, same information and contact the corona virus? the 19th special next on dw, in the climate change the africa.
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what's the people here? what ideas do they have for their future? d, w dot com, african megacity multimedia. click and enter me the quarter of the global population has received at least one dose of a cobra. 1900 vaccine looks good. at 1st glance, the figure hides a serious problem. low income countries are far behind. just 100. have at least one jobs. distribution is slowest in africa. there just aren't enough doses. the world health organization has sharply criticized the lack of action. the world is
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in bytes, you know, but the lack of doses is having serious knock on facts for poor countries in and not enough. vaccines means more people catching the virus more hospitalizations, more deaths, just take kenya, where case levels are pushing hospitals to the brink, especially as they run short of vital supplies. health officials won't the highly contagious delta variance 1st identified in india is responsible for the rise and infections. d w is mario miller visited the hospital in consumer where they're running dangerously short of medical, oxygen screams for more oxygen, the intensive care unit, and consumer hospital. one of the biggest in kenya. yes. nurse nicholas piano has seen a 3rd of his covert patients die. you might think of if you might think the patient is improving. they might talk to you in one second and then they just collapse. and
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the i see you is for a piano and his colleagues overwhelmed, they just lost another patient. the hospital director is worried. they need 5 times more oxygen and far more high flow oxygen machine than they have. and we in africa need those high flow devices. they're very expensive for them. we lose lives that could be saved because these devices are not available. house officials believe the number of crew of ours case is much higher than recorded, especially in villages where people can't afford the transferred to a hospital. you need a new true. well, jennifer, a witty bird. her youngest sister, 2 days ago, it went very fast. says a bird headache, fever, shortness of breath would be greatly it all started on a sunday when you learned church. she felt unwell by the time saturday came,
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it was too much for her to bear. she was taken towards the door and the same day she died. death has come to this village. residents say there's been 50 barrels here in recent weeks. the only oxygen plant in the region has reached breaking point and won't be able to meet an increasing demand. i'm getting so many calls from the person will need to do, will need to be done home to the full of the regular classes possible. then the next few minutes, that's going to be gone back at he sewell hospital. there's some good news. a patient who's been dependent on oxygen for weeks will be released soon. somebody should not. you'll cut out and that is not the thing is really when you want to
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take life, just say to remove whatever they're giving you where you are in treatment, then you feel it's luck was on his side in the health system. so overstretched. luck is what these patients will need and joining us now is director of the africa centers for disease control and prevention doctor john and can go some. thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today. now, before we get to the supply shortages, i just want to go back to a statement we heard earlier from the chief, the w h o. do you agree with him that the world is in, in his was a vaccine apartheid? absolutely. absolutely no way you cannot say the world is in that situation, given the serious disparity in access to vaccines that we are experiencing in africa. where over or just above one percent of the population of 1200000000 people have been vaccinated. and we actually don't know when back seems to be interact,
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continent of scale and speed. so it is a very troubling situation. it's the situation that we haven't seen. it should not be the case for month. but here we, with that situation is personally in the middle of a very aggressive way su, describing yes, extremely serious situation. and youth previously said, africa is not winning against the virus. so what needs to be done and who needs to do? it's to get the continent in a winning position in, in respond and in anticipation of exactly what we agree into. on the 8th of may, we convene an emergency meeting of, or minister of her to actually want to raise an alarm that what was happening in india could actually happen here. if you recall, we said we need to do 3 things. we need what we call enhanced prevention. we need it in hand monitoring. we need it enhance treatment where people actually,
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countries actually stop them set up with oxygen, where we knew where the various were thick, later by conducting surveillance and flushing out the hot spots. and we're having access to back scenes, does that does a common strategy we agreed on the aid of me. so this was anticipated. a was predicted that we may actually begin to suit us with as t calling for partnerships to support countries to fight these very brutal debt with. okay, and we, we saw just in our report that the medical supply shortages, one of the biggest pressure points on health care right now in kenya as we saw or an e c o, p, or africa. more broadly, very broadly. you see that hospice insistence over when health care workers over when we start, we don't have enough health care work as you've hospitalized up to now divert is
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substantial amount of effort and resources to treat in corporate patients. you can very quickly see the damage and hum that is going to cause you in debit diseases under control. and so we're dealing with a situation where the new area and the database is spread and very aggressively transmit over in excess of 40 percent. more than the ordinary, a 1000000000. so that is what is of a women that has that just in kenya. we see that we have a swapped him in zombie or we have team that i had into many african countries to support them. that suggestion is very alarming. across all across the continent. ok, so that's about the spread of the delta. very it making things even more difficult than they normally would have been. but while hospitals ready and if they're still not ready to accept this 3rd wave, what needs to be done and how can they go about it? my advice for just see to see is that countries we need to improvise,
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begin to look at, make ship scenarios where they can actually use open door and outdoor facilities to treat patients like your grandson that we use in sports arena and keep them with make sheep possibly just treat patients because the hospitals are over when you do not view a hospital overnight. we do not develop her system, but need them at the same time you develop them before you need them. so we are completely in immediate situation and you know where we need to improvise and develop make treatment centers. all right, well, thank you very much for your insights. very difficult situation. the africans facing right now, but hopefully there will be some kind of way forward. the has to be dr. john and can get some from africa. c, d. c. thank you very much for your time. thank you. thank you. and now it's the part of the program where we put one of your questions to our science correspondent
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derek williams. paul, can a person with h p, v, or cervical cancer, get the cobra 1900 vaccines. oh, i need to give a little background on this answer to make sense. h. p v or human, paloma virus is a virus transmitted mostly through sexual contact. that can cause wards or lesions and those who contract it, it's actually the most common s t i world wide. and that's also viewed as a risk factor for later developing a range of different types of cancers. about 40 years ago, german researcher holds through holes and proved a direct link between h p, v, and cervical cancer, and was eventually granted the nobel prize for his work in 2008.
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that research laid the foundation for the development of h p. v. vaccines and, and gave rise to the long term goal of eventually wiping out cervical cancer entirely by stopping the transmission of h p. v. so, so now you know enough to go on, let's get back to the question. cancer patients, as a rule have actually been placed pretty high up on priority list and most national back seen campaigns. doctors usually want their patients to get the shots because they're often heavily immunocompromised pence in a pretty precarious place if they do get starz covey to. in fact, research is now showing that far from posing a danger to cancer patients, the big or a is that covert 19 vaccine won't stimulate a strong enough immune response and them to fight off the disease,
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should they be exposed. so studies are also ongoing to see whether a cancer patients might require more shots to achieve the same protective effects. if you have h p, v, or cervical cancer than talk to your doctor, of course before being vaccinated. but, but in most cases, i assume the recommendation will be to get your shod as soon as possible in eric williams. and finally, new york city put on a party hat on sunday for pretty much the 1st time since the pandemic began. the annual macy's fireworks show lighting up skies in celebration of the countries independence day. the show was bigger and brighter than last year's more subdued event fans including cold play performed, and guests were once again welcomed to the show. the u. s. hasn't yet declared its
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independence from the colona virus, though with vaccination. right. slowing president joe biden, telling americans on sunday that getting a vaccine was the most patriotic thing they could do. and that's all for this edition of our cobra. 1900 special more you can check out the cobra, 1906 on our website, c, w dot com. and we'll leave you with these pictures for now until next time. thank you very much for watching and take care. the news. the news. news. news news the in
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the in the news news battery dead. not so i know who that again whose team for lynn startup is old batteries. life the new job
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to today is 90 minute w. in december, 2019 the european counts as a new president show me shows embarked on a groundbreaking mission you jewels to make you the 1st time it's it's just the planet by 2015 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requiring a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power. negotiations minus the fluttering incentives, but best laid plans often go astray who will win the game. diplomatic poker, the entry power plays and lines behind the scenes. the climate
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summit starts august 5th on dw ah mm oh. oh, i can because you know, oh no, no no. i
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ah, ah ah. this is the new life from berlin. football bosses under fire over a surgeon covert 19 infections. health experts ring the alarm as social distancing rules are being ignored, both inside and outside stadium. also on the program, hungary is right wing leader. it takes to germany, the biggest selling newspaper calling for fund a mental changes to the european union. other papers are refusing to publish his message, but the.


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