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people leave the stadiums, are they going into crowded bars and pubs to watch the matches? if this mixing is happening among people who are not fully vaccinated, and there is the presence of the virus that will be cases. this problem isn't restricted to the u. k. finish or authority say at least 300 fans were infected while following their national theme. mostly at the 2 matches in st. petersburg. that's contributed to a sharp rise in new cases at home. but despite these connections between euro 2020 and covey to outbreaks, you wafer is pressing ahead with increased stadium capacity for the semi finals and final, at wembley. and politicians in several countries are furious. german in syria minister host, the whole accused, the governing body of putting prophets over public health issues. i think that you wafers position is utterly irresponsible. absolute for on for
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themselves. and what's more association should say clearly, we don't want it this way and we're reducing the numbers of spectators at wembley on sunday, one group of fans will be celebrating day countries. great sporting success, but without further restrictions in london, fears of a coven hangover will only rise us cable from dr. chris smith. he's a consultant there all the just the university of cambridge oh said presents for they can scientists podcast. welcome to d, w. d u share they w h o, the concerns about the euro's potentially increasing coven infections across the continent. the current of ours is a re spirit tree infection and it spreads by close contact with an infected person and an uninfected person who is susceptible to the infection. and any kind of contact between people will increase the risk of more cases. and so if you have math gatherings, you will get more context between people and you will get more cases. but really,
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the question boils down to what level of risk are we willing to tolerate? and at what point will we regard ourselves a sufficiently safe that we will regard acts and events like this most gatherings for the football matches to be safe? and really that's what it boils down to. and it's up to policymakers to come up with policies that they think of safe then the rest of us follow. it's already down for the football association to come up with the rules. so let's, let's, let's look at that because you sort of bring me onto my next point that you're sitting there in the country with a high rate of vaccination, which is now seeing fewer covert depth. so you have a health accuracy there who says that, given those circumstances, covey should not be treated like something like the the flu is that is he writes, in your opinion, will influence results or spirit tree infection that makes a grand tour of the globe every year. arriving in most countries in line with their
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winter and causing seasonal outbreaks. occasionally, it also causes pandemic. and then those pandemic turned into evolving seasonal outbreaks. after that, we have a surveillance program. it keeps knowing where flu is going around the world and then updates the vaccines. we have to make sure that those vaccines are still current and will work against the circulating strains of the flu. so in many respects it's a really good analog of where we see ourselves with the current of ours going forward. because this is a respiratory infection. it probably will become a seasonal infection. it will search in winter and then disappear in summer for the same reason. the flu does, and it will evolve as it goes around the world. and as it evolves, it means that it may change in such a way that we have to update the vaccine. so i think regarding this as a flu like illness obits at the moment causing us more of a headache the flu does, but in the future, it will probably be less of a headache than the annual flu search is probably a good way to go. and we can use the learning we have from how we cope with flu and combat and control flu and apply that to current of ours going forward. and are we?
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yes, as a point with corona, virus, vaccines where we can tweak it to take in the variance because we are seeing variance and health authorities around the world are worried about these variances concern. the bank seems fortunately oh, very easy to update and change to reflect changes to the virus because of ours is change. and we had anticipated that this one would be no exception and would change over, mutate and it has done. luckily, the vaccines can be changed easily. what can't be done easily is to roll out those vaccines to the 1000000000 people on earth every time we want to update the vaccine . so really the needs to be a real push quickly now to catch up to get as many people protected as possible and drive down the amount of viruses circulating establishing a degree of immunity and protection in the population. and then we top that up on perhaps an annual buy on your policy for 5 yearly basis, depending upon how immunity lost in response to vaccination,
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what the virus is doing to keep the most vulnerable people protected. but at the moment, the vaccines do work, they work incredibly well. and if you look at the, the way the curves, the diverging on the graph between where we were in january with a certain level of cases translating into a predictable number of hospitalizations and deaths. that has now been broken, so a very significant number of cases, but they are not translating into casualties. ok, good. talking to that's very clear. thank you so much. smith consulting. we are ologist at the university of cambridge. israel has seen corona virus case number search by 50 percent over the last week and increase its being blamed on the delta variant. israel was one of the 1st countries to reopen. after locked down and almost 2 thirds of the population has had at least one job. now, authorities according on young people to get vaccinated. in order to avoid the return of coven restrictions, the w that tiny credit report could fall. saba. adam,
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goodbye his taking his daughter's leah and i'm going to get vaccinated more and more young israelis age 12 to 15. and now getting there, jump like here at this small clinic and class saba. not least because of the fast spreading. delta very and, and because many have plans for the summer i think it's really good. it gives us much more freedom and it's nice to find the, you know, coronas of the sand, hopefully. and yeah, i think it's important. it's still not steadily because the countries have still not, not all of the countries have gotten the have gotten up at unity to have the vaccines, but hopefully we'll be able to go 7, don't very and has driven infections to level is not seen in israel since april, mainly among vaccinated people because we still have nice amount of people dictated
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young people that can see here, increasing affects nathan, them. young people that can be vaccinated and was to see a portion of the elderly people and not steal vaccinated for various reasons. some vaccination people also have been infected for now the number needing hospital treatment remains low, although sick as a rising. so we do see people who actually acquired the delta after being immunized and they can transmit it. yet there are chances to be severely ill to be with a live or to die or slim. so we, we definitely see a very important role for the innovation can use railey government is pushing for 12 to 15 year olds to be a not lated. now, with the biotech pfizer vaccine prime minister, enough totally bennett as appealing to young people directly. and you know, that come up with some of the guys that the, i know how much you want to enjoy the summer and you can, i also have full kids,
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your age and they to want to enjoy the summer. we don't want to impose any restrictions on anyone know bands on parties, trips, no bubbles, nothing, or you need to talk to your parents and get vaccinated. so that we have a wonderful summer with no closures. and no restrictions about israel has re imposed an indoor mask mandate and titan controls that the main international airport for good for is relieved that his teenage daughters and now protect it. it was somewhat of a difficult decision because there are a lot of unknowns. but there are a lot of unknowns in parenting. how long do you give them on the i pad? what time should they go to bed? what food should they ate? what i know is that the vaccine work. he's had big problems with the pandemic. and since everyone's got vaccinated over the age of 16, the problems of all but disappeared further restrictions might be imposed just a delta variant continues to spread. but for now,
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israel aims to get most youngsters over 12 fully vaccinated before some of the doses expire later this month. look now at small stories making headlines around the world around the world and reporters that borders has place to gary and prime minister to all back on it's listed enemies of press freedom. the group accuses him of systematically silence and critical voices and dash party power in 2010. other leaders on the list include hong kong chief executive, kerry lamb, and saudi crown, prince mohammed, ben feldman. at least one person has been killed and dozens injured after a massive explosion at a factory making foam and plastic pellets on the outskirts of bangkok, dozens of homes were also damaged. authorities of all the evacuation of the area around the plan to meet face leaking chemicals, could cause more explosions. july has sworn in an assembly to draft
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a new national constitution. it'll be placed the legal framework from the ministry dictator august to say, process was delayed, as protested, clashed with police in the streets of santiago, demanding freedom for people in prison during social unrest. 2 years ago. a criminal gang behind the latest massive ransomware attack is demanding $70000000.00 in crypto currency. this hack is exploited vulnerabilities and management software made by u. s. i t firm garcia. and in fact, that thousands of computers and at least 17 countries, most of the swedish grocery chain co ops, $800.00 stores were forced to close on friday, after the attack blocked access to its checkouts, cybersecurity, experts on lincoln attached to an affiliate of the russian evil guy, which is best known for starting $11000000.00 from meat packet j b s. in may. we can take a closer look at this research upon the chem beula from
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d w. business who's been following the story. welcome at your ponder. so what are these? i must say about right evil is i always a rebel. i think it's pronounced evil. evil. i prefer evil, but we'll go with what you say, reboot well, these regal people holding hostage that companies would pay $70000000.00 to get back. well apparently, cuz they had said that 40 companies were targeted or where actually reached and this attack and essentially what revival or rebel, whatever you wanna call it has done is what they did, or the people affiliated with rebel. they took data from these companies encrypted it and now they are holding onto it. so basically they have information that these companies might need for their, you know, regular runnings and operations and they're holding onto it until they are paid $70000000.00, which is basically the run them. so they are holding onto this data. as you know,
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as like a ha station, right? okay, so, and this is, this is a big deal. so big in fact that you as president joe biden has weighed in on this. let's hear from him and come back to you. the fact is, jackson, tell me deep dive on what's happened and i'll know better tomorrow. and if it is either with the knowledge of and or consequential russia, then we will respond to some serious poundage and bullet. tell us more than about to the people behind this attack. well, it is said to be an affiliate of revel, which was involved in the colonial pipeline attack. and also the g b s one. and in those, both in those run from where attacks, the companies that were involved paid the ransoms. so obviously the next one which is much higher, significantly higher than the $11000000.00 that j b s a paid would be, of course the prize. and so that's why it is attractive,
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perhaps for these companies and gangs to get more, you know, as much as they can in terms of money and they are from russia, supposedly, at least in the 1st cases they were and experts i saying that it is a rush and gang affiliated with rebel that is involved in this attack. of course, it points to the methods used and also the payment be asking for payments in bitcoin, which is similar to what happened about those 2 huge attacks and may as well with colonial pipeline early may and j b s at the end of may give, let's talk about those good. i mean, when you mentioned the colonial pipeline that the j b. s, we've had a whole city of municipalities close down by the cyber attacks. are we seeing more of them and what if so why? well, obviously we rely heavily on computer infrastructure and software, and a lot of that software is in the cloud. in terms of the attack that we've seen, which is affected like 40 comes in 17 countries. what you have is essentially these
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companies are using a software that is provided by k, a r. when these run some of these hackers, basically when they target certain vulnerabilities, that means they can, you know, reach a bigger group of people because of course that or companies that software is not specific to one company. it's specific to more than one user. and that makes it easier. another another reason is, of course, the pandemic people working from home. and then of course, phone rebuild eve. even if you have like an anti virus software on your home computer. it's easy to exploit that because of course, the different networks that are involved as a result of that. so those are all vanderbilt is that are also happening as a result of the pandemic. ok. and she ponder a chamberlain from dw business. thank you. i am staying in the us. her recovery crews have resumed work of the size of a collapse, department tower, and side florida. just hours after part of the remaining structure was demolished,
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authorities decided to bring the demolition forward as tropical storm elsa approaches $24.00 bodies have been found. search crews are still trying to locate 121. missing people. the width carefully placed explosives, demolition teams brought down what had remained of champlain tower style damaged and unstable. after last month's initial collapse, they were fears the structure might not withstand the winds of an oncoming tropical storm. putting rescuers lives at risk undergoing yes, exactly. what happens? it's clean when you re on college was amazing. we were able to get out there really clear for the crew to get back out on the and continue
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rescue efforts had been paused for much of the weekend over concerns about the shaky structure with the building down teams can now search areas that were previously inaccessible. i still believe because of building the building, the hand playing arthur tempered really we were stuck that we couldn't get to a certain part of the tiles. i've heard them say that they think void in this area areas where they'll be search. i'm excited about at this stage, you expect any survivors to be pulled from the rubble, but with work at their site, resumed the anguished families waiting for news of their loved ones may soon have some closure. i saw headlights around the world. now, emergency officials and as by john said massive explosion on sunday, near a gas field in the caspian sea was caused by a mud volcano. eruptions still mouldering off the coast of the city of baqubah.
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authorities say there is no danger to human life or to the areas oil and gas infrastructure. more than a 1000. rescuers are trying to locate dozens of people missing after a massive lunch. 5 in japan, not in flood waters tall through the seaside. the city of a tommy about a 100 kilometers from tokyo. at least 3 people confirmed dead about again says pro francis is alive and well following surgery at hospital in bro, my spokesman said the pope and the gun a 3 hour operation removed half his code on the 1st time the 84 year old. he's known to have been hospitalized since he was elected in 2030. the left face to the son i took as president reggie type heard. one is famously fond of mega building projects. and these recently launched his biggest and boldest, yet, was complete. the stumble canal will run for 45 kilometers parallel to the boss restraints connecting the black sea to the mediterranean and also provide
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a new route for tankers. and the government hopes boost turkish revenues. that's as d w uli hon. reports it's critic say that multi $1000000000.00 project is too costly in the countries economic struggles and it's likely to be environmental disaster. these are the 1st scopes of dirt off a colossal project that could change symbols, geography forever. a man made waterway that will flow through new urban districts would new settlements for hundreds of thousands of people. the canal is symbol is the largest infrastructure project. turkey has ever seen. it's long been a dream of president reggie type out on we're doing today. we're starting a new page and the history of turkey is development. today we are adding a new step to the path of progress for our country and the strengthening of our
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nation. any, anything that i do? but the controversial project is pitting turkeys president against it stumbles. mia? these will not cause she's, we're against it because it threatens is dembo completely. it's water, it's nature, it's security and earthquake safety it threatens life in this case that make the according to polls. that's of you shared by a majority of the cities resident. thank you to see for my future. i say no for my keeps. i say no for my grandchildren. i know that i'm against investing billions of lira and, and such a project that they insist on the canal and we will insist on stopping them. but why is the canal so unpopular and why does ad on want to build it any way to understand why the turkish government wants and you can now you have to look at the
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one that's already that the bus for it's one of the wills, busiest shipping, lanes more ships, transit the ball rose than the susan panama canal, combined to many according to the turkish president. he says a 2nd water way is needed to prevent accidents like these. the 45 kilometer long camel has an official price. take a $15000000000.00. chips like these, the government argues, will no longer have to wait days to enter the boss for us, and turkey will collect fees on them. but critics say president edwin's dream is an environmental nightmare. the canal will cut through agricultural land and forests, often referred to as one of the few remaining green lungs of a stumble. it threatens marine ecosystems and crucial water. reza was like a non washer the canal. we'll start from this lagoon and run through the saddler. dara dam, which is an important source of fresh water for
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a stumble. the city is already struggling, opening new areas for real estate development, bringing new population and destroying everything natural will make the city uninhabitable on how to get to. the president, however, hopes to boost the construction sector, create thousands of jobs, and turn the ideas of an ailing economy. the louder the opposing voices grow, it seems. the more determined he is to proceed. well, d w, correspond the unit hahn in a stumble. tell me more about present was determination to press ahead. while president ad one has long been known for his love of big infrastructure, a massive new airport here is to bowl a 3rd bridge crossing the boss for us. and these projects have defined his legacy. all the credit driven growth and his image as a man of action now can now is symbol is his biggest and maybe his most
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controversial project so far. why did he launch it now? well, one of the arguments is that he is trying to use the project and the promises that come with it. jobs revenues for investment to mobilize his voter base because according to polls support for the president and for his islam is rooted a. p is at his tory globe right now, and this is because there is widespread unhappiness here in the country with the turkish economy. so this is one of the arguments, although i have to mention that elections aren't scheduled until 2023, but they're all calls for snap elections. and the economy is ad. one's weak spot here, your home sports. ben o'connor has one stage, 9 of cycling tour de france both fell short of taking the yellow jersey illustrating and conquered sunday's tough mountain finish on the 2nd in the overall
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standings behind defending champion today. paul gotcha. and today's arrest day i had to stage 10, last year's run up pretty much ro glitch pulled out of the race after falling well behind the main content. this is levine in had been struggling after being injured in a crash early in the week into this. today's magic monday at wimbledon, as players returned to the court in london after the traditional mid told him at rest, a bronze capers use the time to revitalize the grass courts and green spaces that didn't prevent this bit of action on a practice court. whether loses a particularly intense match was subjected to a less than dignified send off by the other place. top seed nova jockey, which you can see here, and the green shorts. i didn't make it through to the next route. and finally, to china, where one determine youngster was intent on not letting nap time interfere with play time. this year. elephant is part of a wild herd. migrating hundreds of columbus to southwest. china just couldn't seem
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to get some badly needed. shots are insisting that they get up and play example. another nudges know rubs around. travelers eventually appears to have the functional curled up from the top of the printer. you know, i have no idea i sent michelle got a picture up to date. nicole further, she will have more world headlines at the top of the our apology as news asia, in just a moment with the news. the news news? the news,
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the news, the the the the aah! was right in front of them. they're all for this one moment. then suddenly we agreed to postpone the game central care with 202421.
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thrown off course. during the qualifying ground. not these for sports. he rose. actually, it was a flap in the face, but now we just have to fight their mobilizing superpowers. fired up and ready. count down during lockdown, the lucky go to tokyo, started july 19, w. o one, continent, 700000000 people with their in person stories. me every day life with what europeans fear and what they help for focus on europe and use w norm provide some women in asia in
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speaking that's me for them all the money and lunch and on the voices. the only way i can be taught to create my own the see their house standing stories, women in asia, this weekend on d, w. the ws a show coming up today. i've gone space uncertainty. as the taliban becomes more to choose, the management group continues to capture district without much of a fight international. meanwhile, carry on with their withdrawal, leaving a security void. we look at the ordinary guns caught in the middle plus a look at the role of neighboring pockets on it has the influence over the taliban
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. but what does it using this influence for the.


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